All by myself, dont wanna be, all by myself

I find we as a group spend an excessive amount of time explaining how exactly the PLC pulled the wool over our eyes on several issues, like Res12 and the death of Rangers, but we rarely seem to touch upon the big question of why they reached the decisions the did at the time.
All that follows is mere speculation of course, but understanding the rationale behind these choices will help us possibly forgive some of them and maybe anticipate future decisions based on this past behavior.
The last decade has shown one thing very clearly, we are the green half of a partnership, not a rivalry.
You see a rival would have no hesitation in helping the competitions demise with the aim of stealing their customers, a bigger piece of the market share. Some rivals would even help foster the opportunity to grab a bigger slice of the pie at their rivals expense. Rivals are there to be crushed, before they crush you.
They certainly aren’t your friend.
A partnership though is much different. There may well be a dominant partner but either party never enacts harm on the other, quite the opposite. They help each other out and if one should need assistance the other has their back.
Glasgow Celtic were faced with numerous opportunities to kill off their world famous ‘rivalry’ known as the Old Firm and as one half of the duet had more than enough reason to speak up when it was in trouble, dire straits, then dead.
Our club of choice ignored their death, pretended it never happened while dropping hints it never (49 quid and dropping ‘The’ infront of their name etc) then downsized to help them to a title, whilst never objecting to the use of 55 which totally affects us.
We held out the hand and helped them out of that pit they had dug for themselves.
That’s evident.
Being far from a legal mind certain questions spring to mind regarding what a PLC may or may not do.
For instance, announcing the Old Firm was over to the world would clearly have affected the share price negatively, yet as we now know the option to continue/revive the partnership existed.
When faced with these two options, both legal, one much more profitable than the other (presumably), were the board legally obliged to follow the money of the Old Firm?
Where their hands were tied, required to ignore sporting integrity for the bottom line?
I get the feeling if that was true they would have announced it and hidden behind it.

Forgetting legal requirements for a while, the board clearly took a the view this partnership was in the companies best interest but is this necessarily true?
Could we have went alone, could we thrive out with the dreaded Old Firm?
We may never find out, the famous ‘its just cost us ten million a year’ statement from Peter post liquidation showing their mindset, profit first always.
I suspect many would hark back to the Ronny D years and the drop in sales, the sold out 49 pieces of silver cup game that sold out, and say aye we need them, sorry fact or not.
Looking at the football landscape there’s very few one horse races out there, Cluj being the first that springs to mind,,a club that has cracked onto a successful European qualifying strategy, but also has a much larger native player pool to draw from. Processions to title after title aren’t that interesting sometimes even for the winning teams support.
Our certain two horse race is so successful it’s world renowned, and does keep interest and sales high enough.
Was that a strong enough reason for this PLC to keep the show on the road?
They clearly thought so.
In private I suspect Peter would probably admit to fearing season ticket sales of thirty thousand to be the most important mitigating factor for ignoring their demise, but then this board have never been visionary, would probably see going it alone is a crying shame and lost income opportunity.
I personally would have embarked on a youth first policy supplemented by the finest local experience we could buy, always playing in the traditional Glasgow Celtic way.
A lower entry point for season ticket sales especially for young ones, alongside local groups using the Park as a community hub, and a partnership with a decent food outlet to revamp the day out experience off the top of my head.
But overall an emphasis on becoming a club of the people again, with mostly/only locals aiming to conquer Europe with dazzling football for the second time.
Eventually a new rival would emerge to replace that which was lost, the Dons or Jambo’s more than likely.
We weren’t born the green half of the Old Firm and some at least would opt not to be if given the choice,,yes there would be some drift but an exciting path could retain a lot of those I believe.
To help cement the new vision and get the fans fully involved in the project, the support should have been given the honest facts from day one and probably would have sympathized with the club for the huge dilemma, maybe going the extra mile to show their solidarity.
Peter could have done a roadshow series explaining we are not only ten million down but a one horse race won’t work after a two horse one, plead clemency due to being between a rock and a hard place, and maybe just maybe came away with a large degree of sympathy.
A consensus could have been agreed, such as okay we all accept them back into the top flight under certain conditions such as no claiming previous titles and operating a solid business plan with public accounts that must be signed off.
If the will was there to accommodate them again, something could have been cobbled together, but it would have needed consensus plus strong leadership.
We got neither and were left to our own excitement talking jelly and ice cream only to find out Peter rushed down to London to sign a four Old Firm games per year contract, the perfect shield to hide behind he probably thought.
The board shat the bed and said we need them, gotta have them, and by helping the resuscitation stuck an engagement ring on that clubs finger.
Alone was just never an option for them, sporting integrity and trust be damned.
If the majority of the fanbase honestly believe and accept that Glasgow Celtic needs its rival and world famous rivalry, then our board have been proven correct in their assumptions and some of us need to accept that facts of why exactly events took place like they did, why we never said they died out loud.
If the board really were just delivering what the people wanted, at the known price of sporting integrity, maybe some of the wrath they receive is unwarranted?
Did the board in reality save Celtic from mediocrity and/or the slow ugly demise of a one horse league by reviving them?
Now years have passed and fans in the main have accepted the rivalry again, do the PLCs actions at the time make more sense?

Blog Poll – a simple yes or no please.
Could Glasgow Celtic thrive without Rangers?

Mahe = Yes.

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Who was DD talking to and on what platform?

That is a lot harder to base a case for remedy on than provable bear faced lies to shareholders at an AGM.

That does not mean your point is incorrect but it is hardly a defence DD would put forward to justify lies apart from proof DD did not lie is based on opinion rather than what is provable.

At the moment what is provable is on the Res12 Archive but lost amongst other issues.

It needs to be brought out more. The problem is showing what was said in 2019 and comparing it to what was concealed and misled from, of necessity takes a few pages to detail, but once digested makes a very strong case Celtic lied at the AGM BECAUSE of DD’s thinking on the necessity of keeping Rangers in the game. This has required supporters to not only accept being cheated but the cheats claiming the loot even when they obtained it dishonestly.

Once the detail case is polished more you will see the degree of duplicity at play to keep an illusion of fair play alive, an illusion based on supposed rivalry.


Morning troops and hope all are well. God bless all those with health issues or less fortunate than ourselves.

I thought there would be more no’s tbh. Like CFC2021 I think we would survive not thrive.
The right plan and circumstances could see us thrive though, I think.
But we would need a strong visionary to sell it to the natives and implement the new plan.
Strong visionaries and Scottish football usually don’t belong in the same sentence together.

If the PLC really did see mediocrity and or a slow death without them,,should we understand or cut them some slack?

TGM,,real mediocrity as in 20 to 30k max and 10k max wages. Maybe avoiding that was the goal?

Hail Hail

Oh,,new posters please keep posting


Just got this Email from the club.

As a valued Celtic supporter, we wanted to provide you with an update on a few key subjects.
The Club is working hard to complete the appointment of the new Celtic Manager and relevant football staff and will be doing all we can to confirm this as soon as possible to our supporters.

Rightly there will always be a huge appetite for information from our supporters โ€“ unfortunately we are not able to make regular public comment on this matter, but we fully understand and appreciate the need to complete this process as soon as we can.

We also acknowledge and understand the frustration of our supporters during this process, but our objective of course is to ensure that we secure the best candidate possible to take the Club forward and this is our focus. We will update all our supporters through our Club communications channels as soon as we are able to.
We are now in a transitional period in respect of our Chief Executive handover. Peter Lawwell, our CEO is working closely with incoming CEO Dominic McKay on a successful handover to ensure that we are ready for next season across all aspects of the Club, with considerable planning and preparatory work already undertaken.
Importantly, Peter and Dom along with colleagues plan to have met with all our main supporters’ groups by next week. Engagement and dialogue with all our supporters is crucial to everyone at the Club.

We recognise there are many challenges ahead, but we are all ready to tackle these together, with our aim as always, to give our supporters a Club they can be proud of based on the great Celtic values.
We also aim very shortly to make an announcement on Season Tickets. Clearly there are a number of issues concerning the return of supporters to matches and we hope to give our fans as much clarity as possible in terms of the proposals for next year.

Again we understand that supporters are wishing to make plans for next season so these details will be announced by the Club as soon as possible.

Ensuring that our fans can return to Celtic Park is a major priority and we are working closely with all the relevant authorities including the Scottish Government to be ready, when given the go ahead, to safely welcome our supporters back to the stadium.

Again, Celtic will always aim to be at the forefront of these discussions on behalf of our supporters. We want our fans back with us more than anything to create our special Celtic Park atmosphere and we want to do all we can to make this happen for you as soon as possible.
We have not been able to deliver the kind of season we have become so used to and after such a sustained period of success, we sincerely understand the disappointment and frustration of our supporters – now we make it our objective to return the Club to the top in the shortest possible timeframe.

This is the intention of us all at Celtic, as ever we are highly motivated and aiming to do all we can to bring success back to the Club and we are sure, working together with our supporters that this can be achieved.

We thank all our fans for your fantastic continued support.

We look forward to keeping you updated.

Kind regards
Celtic Football Club


Celtic F.C. Limited is a subsidiary of Celtic plc.
Registered Office: Celtic Park, Glasgow G40 3RE.
Registered Number 223604 Scotland.
Vat Reg. No, 653 293 52.

Telephone: 0871 226 1888
Calls cost 13p per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge.

For customer enquiries relating to existing purchases only, please call 0141 230 1967.
Calls charged at standard rate.


Henrik Chips.

Will the realisation that it is The Celtic Board that are and have been cheating shareholders and supporters be enough to change minds and so hearts?

The issue is making the realisation, ie making it real , happen and in my view the AGM process under the shield of the CST is the best way.

There may be other ways but going legal about being lied to twice at an AGM is one that needs consideration based on the evidence.



I pointed out at the time that lying to shareholders at an AGM normally leads to penalties being imposed. Barring from holding office or a directorship being an example.

Lawwell got away with it and I have no idea how.

Mike in Toronto


Its a bit of an Al Capone* thing for me …..some families of people he killed were offended that he wasn’t convicted of murder, but went to jail for tax fraud … and understandably so…

but, at the end of the day, it was better that he went to jail for something than not going to jail…

so, I dont care how the change comes about …. whether it is through Res 12** or a peasant (eer… I mean, fan), rebellion … long as there is change, I will be happy….

I’m at the point, where I dont need or want anyone’s head on the wall … I am happy to mentally give them an amnesty for what has been done in the past …. so, long as there is a recognition that ‘mistakes’ have been made, and a plan put in place to ensure these ‘mistakes’ dont happen again…

*and any suggestion that Scottish football is about as honest as organized crime is entirely …cough, cough…., accidental…

**having said that, if it were to come about through the work you guys have done, no one would be happier than I to see you guys bask in the well deserve credit. As I have said in the past, I likely wont make the next Hoot that is being discussed, but I if you will be attending, I hope you will let me buy your your first drink.


“If the PLC really did see mediocrity and or a slow death without them,,should we understand or cut them some slack?”
This begs the question how do Celtic see them as rivals?
Strong enough to be competitive in their own right on a sustainable basis or rivals who can only compete by dubious means which Celtic are prepared to tolerate to maintain illusion of competition?
To me Celtic play the financial game on which football success depends, on a sustainable basis and our ” rivals” do not.

Logically we either change our sustainable policy to match theirs or get the rules changed that we both operate on a sustainable basis.

If however that meant no more competition because we always win, is their cheating a price the Board find acceptable to pay no matter how much it upsets supporters unless of course we keep winning regardless?



You did indeed point that out and I’ve not forgotten.

How did he get away with?

The capacity to call him out didnt exist. The CST did not have the resources to do so.

They do now and the more who join to call The Board to account, which will be a massive game changer , the stronger accountability will become.

Not dismissing the proposal for Board reform at CST AGM is a start. The proposal came from CST members who felt strongly enough about being lied to. We need many more to make it impossible for the issue to be ignored, but the proposal is on the books and will be dealt with democratically and is our Obi Wan Kenobi.



Al Capone. I was thinking the same. ๐Ÿ™‚


Great question,would love for them to be gone(yes) but don’t know if the league would prosper we might have to join an Atlantic league or something similar.

The Gombeen Man

The point about Al Capone is valid.

It was HMRC that sank Sevco.

The US were shafted by FIFA over the Qatar World Cup. The IRS and Feds nailed the equivalent of the Head of UEFA in the Americas on tax evasion.

He was the late Chuck Blazer.

Chuck got lifted. Sung like a canary and cut a deal.

He wore a bug planted in a keyring, which led to the arrest of numerous officials on each side of the Atlantic. Including the head of PSG and Beckenbauer in Germany.

Multiple guilty verdicts Stateside and time- bar procrastination in Europe.

Between the evidence gathered by Chuck Glazer and the leaks issued via the Football Leaks programme…

(Football Leaks initiated the cases against PSG and City. UEFA didn’t pick up the breaches of FFP).

…there is enough evidence of corruption, money laundering and collusion with officials to discredit the game completely.

The US got their World Cup in 2026 and Infantino is running around trying to patch up the relationship with the US Dept of Justice.

The relationship between all of these football organisations, including the club’s is like a series of Russian Dolls.

The corrupt club-national association-UEFA- FIFA.

Often underpinned by government complicity for a variety of reasons, financial, ideological and plain dishonesty.

Till Later, back to the Irish sunshine.

The Gombeen Man

Oops sank Rangers…

Mike in Toronto

“Not many know what goes on behind the scenesโ€… Shane Duffy’s instagram post on leaving Celtic.

Now, is that a Thank you to the Club… an Apology for his performances … or a criticism of the Club?

Not clear to me.


In other words Shane is saying it’s worse than you guys know.
But we’re a Champions League club our CEO announced!

Now a PLC holding statement,,some wanted it,,I prefer silence until something to say but it’s understandable I suppose.
We won’t forget this season in a hurry.

Hail Hail


Celtic PLC issue a statement about a forthcoming statement.
Arrogance and contempt.



On Shane Duffy behind the scenes statement. The word to describe it is dysfunctional.


Personally I’d say yes but then I think back to a half empty stadium during their journey and then the queues for season tickets when they eventually got promoted to the spl and my head tells me that unfortunately no we wouldn’t thrive . The amount of fans I know that still call them rangers and refer to games against them as an old firm game is frightening. It seems the wider support would rather have a team from ibrox to hate.

Maestro Fan


The gameโ€™s rigged. The plc want us to suspend our disbelief. Like the old World of Sport wrestling!

big packy

my old man used to talk about the whites and the kellys, this feckin shower could show them a thing or two, just buy your season tickets and when we count the money, we will tell you the name of the next manager, feckin charlatans to a man, make no mistake they are doing their best to destroy our great club,,we must fight them tooth and nail.H.H.

Saltires en Sevilla


Gordon64 Bernard Butler & McAlmont – Yes ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ€



Excellent leader.


We have at least one Champions League level administrator at CP…the Champions League level liar. Worshipful Brother Peter Lawwell.

I will not, and cannot accept the premise that DD, and DD alone, is mainly guilty for the downsizing that has happened for years at CP…stretching back at the very least, to the RD years.

While DD is a total disgrace and absentee landlord to boot, Peter Lawwell has been the day to day DOEFT that happens at CP…or Director Of Ever Feckin’ Thing to give His Maj his full title.

This man has one love, one obsession, above all others. Money. Dosh. Filthy Lucre. As we have seen in other areas of life-politics in particular-such an obsession is harmful for the heart and soul of the individual and leads to the path of greed and corruption.

Let’s look at those two evils in more detail in relation to Blue Peter, Old Firm Pete, that bastard Lawwell, or whatever description seems most apt…your own pet name, if you will.


During his time at CP, this chancer has banked upwards of 20 million smackeroonies. That’s his basic + bonus. Added to that, ask yourselves this? Has Lawwell ever so much as paid for a meal at CP? Has he in fact ever paid to watch Celtic in his life? Oh, he’s very, very generous when it comes to enriching himself. Not so much when it comes to those under his control, however. Living wage for employees? Ring any bells, Lord Peter? Nah, didn’t think so.


As we all know, Pedro’s other love is his Old Firm. You know where you can shove that, don’t ye, ya Masonic Tory bastard?

In order to promote this toxic brand, this disgrace to the Celtic name, has lied to the Celtic support at an AGM in 2019, re the 5wa. Animal should be in the pokey for that alone. He has remained silent this season when the Huns* have got away with everything, from dodgy financial dealings, covid cheating, onfield and off field cheating and a score of other offences that would tie the Procurator Fiscal office up for years, if only they could be arsed doing anything, that is. Fat chance. And last but not least…not one word of criticism for his brethren in the SFA refereeing fraternity.

When this corrupt, thieving, lying fecker leaves at the end of June, I will be a happy man. If he, on the other hand, is permitted to remain in any role, no matter how hands-off, then I will not be a happy bunny.

Just to be clear here. I am not giving DD a pass. Ask any Man U fan. We could end up with a whole lot worse. Better the devil ye know, and all that jazz…

Obviously, total fan control should be our ultimate aim. Given the recent behaviour of the CST though, that is but a pipe-dream at the moment.

Hail Hail



If we ever get around to the trifling matter of getting a decent coach then the first thing he should do is give Shane Duffy a call and get some insight to the cliques and individuals who disrupted our season.

Celtic Champs Elect

People from Roxburgh Eastwood Dumfries should be sent back to Engerland

Land owners = Engerlish

Farmers = Tory

Scum the lot of them RANT OVER

Celtic Champs Elect

Evening all,

A couple of nights ago, a few on here were talking about Joan Armatrading.

Well here’s my story about said female.

In the early 80″s, I lumbered a girl in a Glasgow “Disco” called Roseland, previously The White Elephant , I believe.

I dropped her off in a taxi on the way home ( No invite in for the old coffee !!! ) and asked if she wanted to go out again.

She said yes, and asked if I wanted to go to see Joan Armatrading, who was playing at the Apollo, that week.

Well at that time my taste in music ranged from The Clash, The Jam and Lynyrd Skynyrd, but hay ho, she wants Joan Aramtrading and I’m thinking different type of artist, namely ,Nat King Cole.

So I agreed to go.

On the night, I met her at Central Station and we went for pre match, I mean pre concert drinks, in Lauders, Sauchiehall St.

It was packed in there and it looked like they were all heading for the concert.

I went to the bar, ordered drinks and turned round only to see Paul McStay beside me.

Obviously he was going to the concert with his partner/girlfriend, at the time.

Well my bottle crashed and I didn’t say anything to him. As Kajagoogoo, said ” Too shy !!!”.

But as I returned to our table, I thought F–k it, if Joan Armatrading is good enough for the Maestro, she’s good enough for me.

I actually enjoyed the concert but needless to say, Nat King Cole never made a guest appearance, and never saw my date ever again.


Celtic Champs Elect



Leggy… nowadays it’s usual to hear strange names but a burd called Roseland back in the 70s/early 80s would have been a bit of a talking point – in the interests of Political Correctness to nickname her ‘The White Elephant’ is just rude and downright cruel! Nae wunner your Nat King was not up for debate! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
#YouDon’tSweatMuchForAFatBurd CSC

Celtic Champs Elect

This is a classic song for me from back in the day

Remembers me of my father and still brings a tear to my eye when I listen to it

Hope you yall like it :-)))

A thing of beauty

I am think m agreement with the wild goose. I thought we could survive without them but the empty seats prior to BR tell you a large portion of the support could not. I was so determined I would not have any of that lot telling me we couldnโ€™t survive without them that I went to more games than ever. It wasnโ€™t enough. The board didnโ€™t help with a lack of vision and total downgrade on players but mostly the support just became bored.
As for the letter. It suggests to me they have not got a clue what is going to happen. As BP said, this current board would put the Kellyโ€™s and whites to shame.


VP & myself had our first proper ๐Ÿบ or three today in the PV since last September and they tasted sweet ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Celtic Champs Elect

Going back in time right back in for JTT & BP

Celtic Champs Elect
Celtic Champs Elect

Another classic tune in my back catalogue:-))


Some terrific feedback from today’s article,so well done folks as ever!

On balance,I would say that we despise the Plc which has taken over the club,while we want Celtic FC back.

The Plc has destroyed much that we love about the club. It will never destroy our love of the club-but while it is in control,we can no longer love the club as we once did.

Reminds me of that restaurant in Goodfellas…

big packy

CELTIC CHAMPS ELECT, I used to go to the disco in coatbridge and dance to that,.happy memories,๐Ÿ‘

Celtic Champs Elect


Was it the Casanova in the brig ๐Ÿ™‚



Love it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

I couldโ€™ve said her name was Pat and she was clatty but as she was actually Savvy, her name was Tiffany.

#DiscosrusCSC ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

big packy

JIM, if your lurking I met solkitts at lunchtime at mcdonalds at the festival park in basildon, he said lunch is on me, FFS a saver meal 99pence hamburger and a wee poke of chips, I counted at least 8 chips in the wee poke, what about a drink sol, he threw me a teabag, no milk no sugar, that ghuy could peel an orange in his pocket ,another true story,๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

big packy

CELTIC CHAMPS ELECT, how did you know,๐Ÿ˜Ž


CCE, I actually like that song! It might sound a bit corny now but it was a singalong song when you had a few ๐Ÿ™‚


Packy, Really? 99p? Oh dear, poor Sol he must be going through hard times. ๐Ÿ™


Hereโ€™s one for all you Disco boys who thought after a few pints and shorts

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Hope you enjoyed your Happy Meal ๐Ÿ”. Iโ€™m having a wee drink to celebrate being on holiday for a week. Had to buy some Bourbon as I was cooking a pepper steak with a bourbon and mustard sauce, so I bought a bottle of the stuff. Only needed 3 tablespoons of it, and didnโ€™t want the rest to go to waste. Mrs Kitts asked why I needed to buy so much -silly woman ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Ž
Another true story from Waltonโ€™s Mountain, Kentucky.

Celtic Champs Elect


My mate worked on the door Big Presty McGlone ๐Ÿ™‚

Celtic Champs Elect

JTT love it

You must have slow danced to this wee number :-))

I love your genuine posts they make me laugh and feel great about life. The honesty in your posts are phenomenal

Celtic Champs Elect

Selfish or what Mr Rab Zimmerman


If you have 12 minutes to spare …listen to this piece of magic,

Sol Kitts

I would have spent ยฃ1 on BP, but Mrs Kitts cut my allowance after BMCUWPโ€™s last visit to Chez Kitts. Every poundโ€™s a prisoner to the dear lady. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž