Our season (from hell) in images

The end….

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Can see them on tablet and laptop but not phone. Great waste of time that compilation was!
Mea Culpa folks, first time I’ve went for an image based blog, and last.
Darn it.

A thing of beauty

I can’t see a thing on my iPad either. In all honesty mahe, today’s blog absolutely sums up our season. one shambles after another.


What better image to depict our season than a white flag?
It’s perfect!

Sol Kitts

Mahe, that blank screen sums up our season perfectly 😎

Saltires en Sevilla


The ‘blank piece of paper’ for Dom to work on ?


Mahe don’t screw with me on a digital level, I always think I am the problem and spend hours I will never get back trying to solve the problem. I always say if I ever meet Bill Gates I am going to choke him for the countless hours I spent figuring out how Dos caused me so many problems

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Should have asked Stuart Beaton to draw it!

big packy

MAHE, as fan says that sums up our season, white flag

The Gombeen Man

SPFL? Referees? The Celtic Board?

A Whitewash?

Surrealism Mahe? Genius. Football blogging at another level.

Fair Play, Mahe – you’ve made me laugh this morning.



That white screen made more sense than that shite E Mail Celtic sent out to supporters yesterday.

Well done, your a star ⭐️

The Gombeen Man

Classic Leggy,

The Gobbledygook email.

I’m aff oot.


“Engagement and dialogue with all our supporters is crucial to everyone at the club.”

Or translated into Lawellese – ‘give us yer money ya mug’


Mahe, reflecting on your article can I make 4 points please?



Nice Jim, you must’ve been up early! 😁


McCaff, slept in, didn’t get up until 8.30am. I was up until 2am, I watched 2 episodes of Lewis back to back. Riveting stuff! (Just wait till you’re 67 – this is what you’ve got to look forward to.) 🙂


Hahaha…I’m like that noo at 35!! 😉😁


35? LOL, naughty boy!

Celtic Champs Elect

Good morning all

A bit ruff this morning:-)))

When and where is the hoot being held


CCE, I think i read the 28th of Aug? The problem is going to be ‘where’ I think. Not sure what the restrictions are going to be for an unspecified amount of posters just turning up.


Haha Jim, it’s a while since I’ve been called a naughty boy! 😘


A masterpiece and no mistake Mahe..!

bada bing1

Well done, Mahe! You continue to challenge established parameters of blogging! This is the go to site for alternative views on all things Celtic…and the new, printable reusable article is an excellent idea that will surely catch on!! 😏😂

The Gombeen Man


“A picture paints a thousand words.”

Till Later.



Well done.

You have now joined that illustrious list of celebrities;

Terry Wogan,Les Dawson,Paul O’Grady,David Walliams and Bradley Walsh.

You must be so proud !!!!!!!!



You forgot both of the Chuckle Brothers


You’ve lost me there Leggy? 🙂



Nice recollection of the SMSM’S coverage of the Huns years of cheating 😁

PS Morning All,

Had 2nd Jag yesterday, no side effects 🙃




They all presented a certain quiz show ??


Leggy, LOL 🙂 Sorry my mind went blank!



Was one image this one where the challenge melted away over time?


Andy Pandy 2

Jeez, haven’t been posting for a few days, thought I’d been blocked😳
Nothing sums up our season more than eh……..nothing?
Nothing from the board
Nothing from the players
Nothing in the trophy cabinet.

Saltires en Sevilla


Dom took you up on yer offer?

Seriously, tho’… where the fek is he and that letter to fans is on his ‘watch’

Not good!


Saltires…I’m not convinced the Press Release was McKay’s work – it reeked of Lawwell to me, use a lot of words but tell them feck all! You need to remember that Lawwell is still in charge, McKay is shadowing for the moment so he’s got no jurisdiction. The sooner Lawwell does one the better for everyone.

Jobo Baldie

Reminded me of The White Album
Chalmersbhoy – hope you got my bet selections?

Saltires en Sevilla


I hear you buddy.


Bet is on at4.1/1
Good luck..


Oh what a topsy turvy world of politics we live in.

Hartlepool vote a Tory MP into power due to the introduction of right wing political views regarding the Brexit vote.

Scotland vote in the SNP and the green party to give more credence for and indey2 referendum.

Looking back to the vote in 2014 where only 4 constituencies voted for independence, and not one of these were from where you would expect. The highlands and islands all voted to stay, but are probably the most pro SNP areas in the country and have been for some time. ( cough)

As I said at the start, the complexity of the situation could be classed as baffling, but the reality is that the so called free press and the complete lack of accountability throughout politics tells us all we we need to know.

The rich get richer and the poor get dumber.

It’s all the foreigners fault.( scapegoats)
It’s all the English fault. ( scapegoats )
It’s never our fault.

I dont see things getting any better, the more power our media moguls get and continue to dictate their preferences and keep pushing their own agendas and narratives the longer this farce will continue.

Anyway wheres my manager DOM. The phone is writing that previous statement now, as soon as I type (wheres) it takes over. Cant be good.


Anyone watching Leeds v Spurs ???

The assist for the Spurs goal came from Captain Jack Sparrow,aka Dele Alli. !!!


Whenever i look back on this season from hell the image of ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch will be embedded in my brain 😱


Was that incredible club non-statement yesterday for real 🤔


Talk about embarrassed ffs. Bobby honestly there were loads of images supposed to show up!
Mother’s day weekend here, heading outta town. Take care everyone and remember give that special lady a kiss and a hug while you can.

Hail Hail


If you mean the one that I posted then yes that was sent by the club. What is telling is they did not put it on their twitter page possibly to avoid a barrage of abuse in the comments 🤔

Cosy Corner Bhoy

See Hateley ‘reminiscing’ about the League decider in 1991, where he ‘elbowed the Aberdeen goalkeeper in the armpit’ early doors to let the keeper,( I thought he was a ball boy when I saw him first) , know he was there.’ You always get away with the first one’ he sa

Cosy Corner Bhoy

he said.GOD KNOWS HOW IT POSTED HALF WAY THROUGH! He was right about that but the goalkeeper had an armpit in a strange position if he thinks it was his armpit he hit! Cheating basterts then, before, now and always.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

jimthetim53: No doubt you already know that Gods of Snooker on BBC2 on Sunday at 9 pm.

Mike in Toronto

Neymar signs a contract extension with PSG … rumor is he said, ‘…I had no choice, I wanted to go to Celtic, but they dont even have a manager…..’


Cosy The team that Hateley played for is deid HH


Barca v Atletico Madrid on Prem Sports

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