Our season (from hell) in images

The end….

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Getting really difficult to write the articles these days! The club has closed down communication like the old days of The Kremlin,with the occasional wee word here and there from our own version of Pravda.

I feel like Mr Micawber,something will come up! Or maybe Worzel Gummidge,searching for his thinking head…

Mike in Toronto

Sorry … wasn’t ignoring … was out walking Seamus. Let me read back…

A thing of beauty

It should be far easier to organise a boycott in 2021 than in 1994. Tell me why then there is no organised boycott when we have had more time to get organised this season than ever? We are a month past when the season book renewals came out last year and all we have had is the celts for change. There is no other fan group calling for a boycott and if it is done on an individual basis it won’t work. How do you think it should be organised? If the affiliation, the CST, celts shared and the Celtic supporters association are not doing it there is a reason for that. The trust have openly stated it, they don’t want to harm the club. There are a lot of good people with Celtic at heart involved in the trust and they clearly don’t want a boycott. I just can’t see it working.

Saltires en Sevilla


I don’t know why… i wish I did


As Bobby says, Lawwell might be the monkey but he could have said NO! By the time 2012 came around he had been CEO for 9 years. Could easily have resigned and retired or got a job elsewhere. A Celtic supporter? NEVER, no matter what he spouts. You already know my feelings about DD. Loathsome money grabber. Doesn’t even like football never mind Celtic. Hasn’t got the balls to attend an AGM.


Watching the West Ham v Everton game.

I’ve noticed this before, but Duncan ( Bawheid) Ferguson always puts up a number board when Everton make a substitution.

I always thought the 4th Official should do this ???

If not, there’s a job ,at Celtic, for John Kennedy right there !!!!

A, DOB !!!! No, not that kind 😜😜

I meant “ Director of Board”.

HH 🍀🍀

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, im with oglach from this morning, starve them of the oxygen of the season ticket sales, I know ATOB and MCAFF will not agree with me, but the celtic board will do anything to get your money, promise you this promise you that, please ghuys and ghals just for one season dont renew your season books, and I bet things will start happening🙏



Spot on. NO Celtic supporter would have acted as the collaborator Lawwell has…since at least 2012, and probably long before that. Any true Celt would gladly have seen the Ibrox mob go out of business. Who needs them as a partner? Especially since they have turned out to be an abusive partner…acting in consort with the SFA and the enemy within.(The PLC.).

I honestly believe that the Huns* spending is unsustainable in the long-term. Their friends in Alba may we’ll turn a blind eye to their shenanigans, but others won’t. How long before HMRC come calling?

Gaun yersel Hector.

Hail Hail.



I think that PAYE,VAT and Income Tax “holidays” have been permitted by HMRC during the last fifteen months,but those bills have to be paid.

Maybe they can ask for acceptance of payment in kind,like the landed gentry used to do before they discovered trust funds. Have a couple of paintings,turn the stately home over to The National Trust,that kind of thing.

Shares in Rangers will surely keep Hector happy?



The AICSC has already said that its members would consider a boycott. Why are they different from the Scots Celtic supporters groups? One remains silent and one alleged democratic, grouping allowed their chair to state that they would not support a boycott. Sorry, I must have missed the member’s vote to allow him to say that.
Now here is the rub. If the support is content to pay to watch the footballing equivalent of WWE happy in the knowledge that a pale imitation of Celtic stripped of culture, cause, etc still plays at Parkhead then everything is fine and rosy as long as the PLC admit they made a wee whoopsie in the 5WA, deliberately and continuously downsizing the squad, undermining managers, informing on paying supporters to the police, lying to shareholders etc etc etc. We’ll forgive and forget and move on safe in the knowledge that PL has left and Dermot’s new man ‘Dom’, or is it Doom?, is now in control or at least dancing to DD’s fav jig.
As for a boycott damaging Celtic!!! Too late we are holed below the waterline already, deliberately torpedoed by our own PLC, and the supporter’s associations refuse to man the pumps and would rather discuss getting a free ticket for a seat in the lifeboat.


Ironically,the payment in kind method came about because of death duties!

Mike in Toronto


I’m not letting PL off the hook … think he will end up in the hot place for betraying his own people (Dante says the worst level in hell is reserved for traitors).

I just dont get where the ‘no person with any integrity would have done what PL did’ comes into it….

But, he got paid handsomely to fuck us over. WE PAID to be fucked over…. which do you think shows a greater lack of integrity?

and, we cant say that we didn’t know that was the case….

everyone who was on CQN, and lots more, knew we were being lied to … every time something happened I told people that ‘keeping powder dry’ explanation made no sense, as limitation periods to challenge every decision were being run out… which made no sense UNLESS CELTIC WERE INVOLVED…

maybe we didn’t know in 2012 (although we suspected it), by 2014 or so, there wasn’t much doubt….

but, frankly, people didn’t care (or at least didn’t care enough to do anything) as long as their half of the old firm was winning….

I’m not expecting a standard of perfection…. but what have the fans done? with the exception of a handful…. the square root of fuck all…. pay in the same as every year… go the same cafe before the game….

As Einstein is reputed to have said (although he never actually said it)….’the definition of insanity is doing the same thing, and expecting. different result’


Please dont take this the wrong way, but may I suggest that you have a look at the film, The Corporation. A link is at the bottom. One of the most important books/films of our time… but, criminally, ignored. As Bakan argues, companies are ‘pathologically required to pursue profits’… in order to fulfil that mandate, they need to be alive to make a profit…. so, they dont do things that will lead to their demise…. so, if public pressure results in lesser money, the company will respond….it pathologically HAS TO …

As Chomsky says, companies are only concerned with their shareholders… not their stake holders (in this case, fans) …. so fans need to make the company respond to the fans’ needs….

Until you understand what drives a corporation, you cant determine what is going to drive it in the manner you want….we aren’t going to win a game if we dont understand the rules of the game/the rules by which our opponent (the company) play

so, a company is not going to commit suicide by ignoring consumers if they demand something, and threaten to boycott if those demands are not met …by law it cannot do so… and, pathologically, it cannot do so…

what is seen as its greatest ‘strength’ can be its greatest weakness…if people are willing and able to exploit that …

Now….as you and others on here have suggested, there doesnt seem to be much interest in a boycott….

now… that is the key to everything

the question is why not?

Celtic is being cheated by the zombies… Celtic fans are being cheated by the zombies, and by Celtic ….. so, why did/do Celtic fans not stand up for themselves?

That is the million dollar (pound) question ….

Once people answer that question, the rest falls into place….

Are we going to take the blue pill…. or the red pill?

Mike in Toronto

My point is companies have tremendous power… much more than any one individual …. but they can and will do bad, if left to their own devices …. however, those same forces that drive them can be harnessed to do so much good … IF THE CUSTOMERS HAVE THE WILL TO DO SO.

I’m off for.a Mother’s Day Zoom Call …. will check back in later in case anyone wants to chat further.


Must be kinda brief.
You’ve asked 2 important questions,
Why the groups/orgs aren’t calling for boycott?
What happens if we do?

My take, just that and nothing more.
1, we are too broad a church who rarely come together , so basically there are few important groups or orgs to call for a boycott, and most of the existing ones have their own private issues why they won’t.
The CSA have it in their articles they can’t harm the club, there’s the biggest group checkmated.
The CT aren’t very,,I was going to say militant but perhaps are simply lead by old heads who aren’t in favour of conflict with the club. This may be to preserve their relationship with the club, their own non confrontational nature’s, and/or the fact that calling for a boycott would be a divisive action splitting the organization.
The could simply believe dialogue is the answer to any problem,,I don’t know.
They are taking their own route through articles to be placed on the AGM agenda etc, but maybe if that fails would call for action. They move slowly I think.

Celts For Change and The Green Brigade want major change and have called for it publicly. They need to see if their changes come about before calling for boycotts.

Another poor year with squandering money, bent refs, no clear signs of progression into the modern world etc, would see much more calls for boycott.
Another year of the and I reckon the calls for boycott would outweigh those against.

Simple answer, we are disorganized and it’s the wrong time.

2,,, I believe the STs hitting 40k or so would initiate a process of dialogue/roadshows/meetings between club and support.
Where that goes is anyone’s guess, but you can imagine some type of actions/assurances in order to entice the ten million or so back into club coffers.
They piss the boycotters off, and they certainly ain’t getting it back while in situ.

It’s worth pointing out the less in the park the less the atmosphere, and if the GB stay silent or boycott big games, it will further negate the match day experience, which will in turn hurt sales as the magic is lost. The PLC will be aware of the importance of a full house, a fifth or quarter empty can really be felt in the park and pocket.

We are in no rush lassie, another season is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but could be huge for the support if they dont see their hard earned well spent, and get bitched at by Dermot for whining.

We’ve seen the likes of yourself and McCaff get very unhappy at what they see, but have other motives to continue the routine, which is totally understandable btw. It’s when the likes of you guys reach breaking point, that something will happen.
I think you’ll reach that point by yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day
Pan fried colossal sea scallops here for mother in law, colossal on the wallet for they aren’t that big 😉

Hail Hail


Afternoon all, sack the board !! ..or something…


A boycott to be successful has to have an objective and to get support the reason for wanting the objective has to be clear.

It has to have locus ie those advocating it must have some authority for doing so and they must have evidence of any wrongs they want addressed.

There is a lesson from Res12 in that a myriad of reasons of dissatisfaction were quoted originally but only the suspicious granting of the UEFA licence 2011 gave shareholders locus. After a bit of negotiating on its drafting that issue was given a prominence that still endures 8 years later because the issue has been dodged by Celtic and authorities since.

A case for change has to have something seriously wrong to be addressed and have evidence of that wrong that cannot be easily dismissed.

Such a case backed by evidence needs to reach as many as possible with a couple of questions for buy in.

Does anyone have such a case under construction apart from CST to which JimTheTim has referred.

Pursuing this will not put Celtic’s future at risk, not pursuing it might and so there is almost a duty to put right a serious wrong.

A Celtic Board should never ever agree to any arrangement that requires denial of Celtic’s involvement to enable a false pretence to take hold.

Going back to PLs role, perhaps the hope a secret Agreement would stay secret, let him accept it but he should have refused acceptance if it meant deceiving shareholders for the arrangement to be given life.

Had their been some form of supporter input in 2012 when the 5WA was being created it would never have got acceptance without lines in the sand for accepting being discussed with supporters.

There are remedies to that failing and getting lasting remedies should be the objective of any threat and once those remedies are set out they are likely to get broad support.



I have not posted lately because I feel I am just repeating myself about what I decided to do once I realised what celtic had become and that their morals no longer aligned with mine.

When we were all made aware of what rangers (IL) had done and the creditors list kept increasing my argument to anyone who tried to defend the stealing of someone else’s hard earned money and public funds for essential services was if it was celtic who did this my association with the club would end and I would be embarrassed with their actions.

Initially the jelly and Ice cream was funny as we expected all organisations to do their jobs correctly and follow liquidation processes without fear or favour and all the creditors would get as much back as was legally possible, any criminality would be investigated and punished where appropriate and a new club would join the Scottish league.

When none of the above happened and we found out the meaning of the word liquidation was wrong in every dictionary / thesaurus ever published and people in a position of power were either re-writing history or saying nothing I stopped buying jelly and Ice cream and started worrying about my clubs involvement after taking the moral high ground.

I find it ironic as celtic were winning everything and setting new records I was becoming more and more distant and angry that this seemed more important than cleaning up the Scottish game including Celtics silence and involvement in the charade.

Auldheid what I have learned from people like yourself and the hard work you guys have put in over the years to uncover Celtics involvement made my mind up to stop contributing to Scottish football as a whole but things would have been so different if people had legally, morally and ethically done the right thing from the start (Turnbull Hutton RIP excluded).

I can’t see a solution as there are too many differing opinions among the support and don’t the suits know it with the way they treat their own with contempt.

A thing of beauty

I hear what you guys are saying and the board have screwed us over the 5 way agreement but as I have said before that has been the case since brother Walfrid was forced out and the aims of the club changed. If there was an organised boycott that had stated aims I would not dismiss it but again at risk of repeating myself you are asking season ticket holders to give up their touchstone, the place where we have gathered for years with family and friends because the principles of the club do not meet with your approval. Nothing in pro sport is squeaky clean. MIT is right, it is all about money. The board made the mistake of thinking the money came from the blue pound and they have to admit that so we can all come together again. I’m sorry MIT hat I can’t watch the movie. If it were a podcast I would listen but I don’t have the spare time for 2 and a half hours viewing. Hope you enjoyed the call with your mother. It is also mother’s day in Australia today. Strange how it’s not in line with the mother country, especially with all those old people who still think it’s a British outpost.
Thanks for the support. I sense you may be a season book holder as well. It’s a lot to give up. I don’t want to look back in ten years time or more and say I’m so glad I gave up all that special time with family and friends just so I could let DD know I think he’s a shitbag. I hope in the next year or so to have three generations of my family going to football together regularly. Why does anyone think it’s ok to call me out for not wanting to give that up.


Evening all…here’s an honest question for the Blog;
If a boycott was enacted what would be the hoped for endgame in the fight against the PLC?


Got to say, I don’t agree with some on here who say , “Another season is nothing,in the grand scheme of things”.

I think next season is possibly,one of our most important seasons ever !!!


1 To stop the Sevco, bandwagon rolling on and all their WATP nonsense.
2 The small matter of the league winners go straight into Champions League Group stage the following year, and the possible 40 Million goody bag !!!’
3 To restore some credibility back to our great club and try and establish a newer and better rapport between supporters and the Board.

Aah well, I can only dream !!!

HH 🍀🍀



Indeed. Perhaps HMRC could seize the most valuable asset at Ibrox…the one pound coin paid to Craig Whyte by Sir Minty Of That Ilk, for the ownership of Glasgow Rangers(I.L.), in 2011.

As an aside, I see that the Huns are planning another festival of flower power peace and love, in George Square this Saturday. Oh, let joy be unconfined. What these Fascist bastards don’t seem to have realised, is that the times they are a changing. Enough with the 60s references, already.

Now that many businesses in the area have reopened again, it is more than likely that Sturgeon will seek to protect the interests of this community, and throw the Huns under the proverbial bus.

Who knows, perhaps Grand Lodge(PoliceScotland), will be instructed to crack open a few heads for a change…in order to break up illegal gatherings. Might even be worth our time to apply to be Special Constables for the day…but not B-Specials, obviously.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MCAFF, hi pal, it might let the board know we are serious.👍


Pretty clear what tomorrow’s article will be about,then! I’ve got most of it drafted already,just thought I’d better check first that no-one has already covered the points I will try to make.

Well,checking that I’ve not just plagiarised someone’s comment!



On the CT old heads. They set the policy for their membership when the total membership was low, I mean very low.

With 1200 members ie at least 1100 new ones it will be the members who set the agenda using due process.

The proposals for Board Reform and SFA reform came from new members.

The time to an AGM is a valid point but a lot takes place in lead up to AGM where the Board try to find compromise rather than vote down a reasonable proposal.

That is the real politik.

Res11 was the result of Board not liking the original supported resolution at all because it exposed stuff Celtic did not want exposed, so the device under Res11 was agreed where Celtic changed their do nothing position from May 2020, when SFA refused to go to CAS, to saying they would engage with authorities.
The current proposal might not be needed if they have. The new one will most definitely be needed if they dont.

Folk can renew immediately but say they expect to be told of progress on Res11 or make immediate renewing conditional on hearing progress.

It keeps the pressure on now when so much uncertainty exists. This year from May to November is crucial to being listened to.

A thing of beauty

Leggy 7.24pm,
And there in lies the problem. You, me and others like us think about the team and the glory. Others have lost interest in the team as their grievance with how the club is run has taken over. That is not a criticism, I understand people have stronger principles than others but until there is a boycott with a planned outcome its all a mere bagatelle.
I will not give up my season book on the say so of supporters who are disgruntled with the board but don’t have any plan other than, as far as I can see telling people why they shouldn’t go.



I long for such brevity. 🙂

big packy

ATOB, no problem, its all about opinions 👍

Margaret McGill

The CT is a union and the PLC is a corporation.
Corporations see Unions nothing other than pests.
I’ve just seen from afar a recent strike where the union and the company came to a verbal agreement.
All the union wanted was both sets of lawyers to sit down to document the agreement and sign.
The company PLC refused. For 3 weeks this went on until 1 or 2 executives were removed from the picture and the signing done and everyone back at work.
Executives are just lying criminals under the auspices of fair play.
All of you are wasting your fucking time.


By the way, great points from both sides and everyone polite and no shenanigans.


At least I think we can all agree :

F-ck the Huns and all they stand for !!!!!

HH 🍀🍀🍀

Saltires en Sevilla


An honest answer…


51% supporter shareholding.

Elected fan representatives.

The list of Things To Do is long, but it’s not endless.

I’d accept a few years without jam…

Oh! … and live bands every Friday nite … with 50p Furstenburg and buses back to the centre of town.



In a fit of pique, I gave up my ST when Strachan was appointed…and have always regretted doing so. At the very least, I could have farmed it out to a mate. One of the best seats in the house, and reasonably cheap as I was a ST holder from the opening of the North Stand…and for many years before that in the Celtic End.

Each supporter must make the decision they feel comfortable with, and more importantly, not throw mud at fellow Tims who take a different approach.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA ,how ya doing buddy, hope you are well👍



Good to hear from you. We must try to meet up.

The word that came into my head reading your post that covers it is “enlightenment”.

If The Board do not recognise this is an irreversible process then they are not as smart as they think.

The Slow Glass is thinning.


My friends and myself think the same.
Now we don’t have season tickets over here but are members of the supporters club in Brampton.
I feel sorry for MIT and the rest but it’s totally a independent choice and imagine with a lot of heartache,



If Celtic stop treating me for what I personally see as a mug, its gonna cost me money! How much will depend on my domicile.

I’m not sure if Overseas Season Ticket is still on offer but if it is I’d be buying.

I’m more than happy to share the financial load of supporting but in a way that suits me.

I think every supporter should have that choice, not to be treated as a mug.



Seems the local businesses have already been warned about it,and told to close!


Big Packy

Doing a lot better than I was last Sunday, that’s for sure. Hope you’re keeping well, and getting plenty of excercise walking the pooches.

Went for a pint in a beer garden the other day, intending to stay out for a few hours. Feck me, it was flamin’ Baltic, despite being well wrapped up. So, like the lightweight that I am, settled for central heating and a kerry-oot. KTF.




The CT Decision by their President is challengeable using their Democratic process.

In any event the CT reversed their position on support for Res12 because of enlightenment.

Had there been no change the two proposals for reform would have been dismissed at the CST AGM.

They weren’t because accepting or rejecting them will be a decision for members to take not the CT officials.

I’ve seen this before, folk acting as if nothing has changed until they run into what has.

big packy

MAGUA, good to hear your keeping well, lets hope we get a manager in pronto👍



That is a good analogy but I dont see trying to strengthen the Union as a waste of time if it leads to an improvement in conditions.

A thing of beauty

I hope you can get the result you are looking for and are back supporting Celtic in whatever manner you are able to.
Tim Horton,
I have so much admiration for guys like yourself who make the effort to watch games at all hours of the day and night. But it’s not just about watching the game really is it? It’s the connection and the friendships that are formed through following Celtic that are important. Who knows how crucial that contact is every week for someone who needs support but otherwise may be afraid to ask. Probably more than we think. Celtic is about more than what happens in the boardroom.



My first pint outdoors was Monday 26th April when they opened,

It was freezing in EK but as we had booked a table and
been so looking forward to it we went, thermals on, gloves, scarf, the whole shebang !!!

There we were, at the pub,me and my 3 pals plus a few other lunatics.

It was really windy but drinking actual draught pints made it all worthwhile.

Anyway the wind got up, and 1 parasol skelped the back of a female near us and another 1 hit my pal on the back of his neck.

Did we give a jot, no chance !!!!

As I said that day when the rain came on;

“ God is definitely, not a Tim fae Scotland “.

Would I do it again, you better believe it !!!!!

Here’s to indoors drinking 🍺🍺🍺


Horse racing in the US has long been lax on its drug problem,but they still find positive tests. Like in the recent winner of the Kentucky Derby.


No drug tests for footballers in Scotland,though. Shame,I’m sure they might find traces of stimulants etc in some players,and sedatives in ours.


Big Packy

Well said. Manager in, Lawwell oot.


Aye, I heard that too. Can’t see the business community standing for that. The politicians will be up in arms.

Obviously OK, when the victims of the Huns are mere Taigs…but can’t be having the middle-class inconvenienced. That will not do.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA,id willingly drive up from cheshire in my kia sportage, and take mr lawwell where ever he wants to go, as long as its miles from parkhead,another true story👍😎



Indeed. Be good to hoist a few indoors, in the company of good Tims, while belting out a few of the old numbers. They breed them tough in EK right enough.

Hail Hail.

Fairhill bhoy

I will absolutely definitely without doubt be buying our 2seats in the usual place (LL 416).



Good for you,mucker.

I’ve written tomorrow’s article,offering alternatives to a season ticket boycott. That clearly isn’t feasible at the moment,and I could hardly push for one myself when everyone knows that I’d have an ST if I still stayed back home.

The issue is clearly a divisive one,like much of what is going on at the club just now. So grateful thanks to all for keeping the conversation and debate civilised!

Fairhill bhoy

BMCUWP-anytime you’re up on a match day and you need a ticket. 👍


Auldheid once care homes are fully opened i will be coming over to ek some weekends to visit my mother so if your about would be good to catch up over a few ciders and a curry ( no Indian restaurants here so missing my curries). With the number of ek people on the blog we could have an SC meet up and realise we all know each other 😁.

Although I have been enlightened I wouldn’t ask anyone to not renew their season ticket as it’s their choice. I remember in the 80s breaking an affiliation boycott of pittodrie because I hadn’t missed a game for so many years and our bus went to every game unfortunately or stupidly we took our giant banner to the game and the bus got banned from receiving tickets from the affiliation for a while.

Bobby looking forward to reading your alternative to a season ticket boycott because we definitely need a workable alternative that unites the support and can be taken to the suits.