Grasping The Nettle


There is little doubt that there has been dirty work at the crossroads at our club since at least the events surrounding the administration and liquidation of our foes in 2012,and quite possibly beforehand in a bid to keep them solvent. There has been much discussion since about the depth of the club’s involvement,and frankly nothing that we have learned in that period inclines me towards a Not Guilty verdict.

Much of it of course revolves around the infamous 5WA,which was pushed through to ensure that some form of club was playing from Ibrox that season,and which everyone at our club has stated they knew nothing about-even going so far as to deny all knowledge of it at an AGM. The treatment by Lawwell & Co of the people behind Resolution 12-not just the four leaders,but also the many shareholders who supported it-is a stain,not just on them but on the club-which will never be cleansed.

This and many other wrongs have been casually brushed aside by our esteemed masters,our concerns and indeed our anger treated merely as an irrelevance. This season has condensed that anger and indeed crystallised it to the extent that fan groupings are strengthening in their resolve to force through change. We all remember how similar feelings forced the old board out in 1994,and many of us are calling for such as a season ticket boycott to do the same again.

After all,it is obvious that the only thing that will make that lot listen is to deprive them of their income,deprive them of our money.

I’m not sure that there is a direct comparison to be drawn. In 1994,the club was in a bad way financially,and run by idiots. We had won nothing for five years and the prospects of that changing were poor. But that was not an irretrievable situation,as the debt wasn’t unmanageable by someone who had the business head to do it.

In 1994,we knew too that there were people in the background willing to do just that! A short sharp boycott could work,and indeed it did.

2021 is different as the club is financially robust and until this season,successful domestically. There is not the appetite for a boycott now as there was then,simply because a large number of the support don’t see the need for one while a large number of those who do understand will have their own reasons for continuing to attend.

Additionally,a Fergus-type splashing out £9m of his own money,with similar coming from the fans not long after,won’t cut it. The club is currently valued at c£130m,and to buy out the interested parties would probably demand a hefty premium in the region of 40-50%.

You don’t have to be a fan of the board to decide that a boycott in current circumstances is unlikely to work. You don’t have to be a critic of the CST to realise that a drip-feed of shares isn’t going to make a dent in a £200m valuation.  Equally,you don’t have to be a genius to suggest that one way of causing damage and getting the point across to a board which has treated us with contempt for far too long is via boycotting the companies which sponsor or partner with the club.

We’ve been suggesting that on here for as long as the question of a season ticket boycott has been discussed. And just at the weekend,the news broke that The Hut Group had withdrawn from their £200m deal with Manchester United-£200m to have their name on training gear,ffs!- due to the threat of being boycotted by their fans.

The Hut Group blinked,that club got a sore one right in the bollox,and I strongly suspect that dissatisfied fan groups throughout the world,never mind only in the UK,will see this as the way ahead. It is similar to the original reasons given against sponsorship on the jerseys of some clubs,that the companies would lose the goodwill and custom of opposing fans.

So,since the reasons for a season ticket boycott will be disputed by too many to make it viable,and even many of those who agree with it in principle will ignore the call for other  reasons,I suggest we boycott the merchandise and products of the club sponsors and partners. There are more than two dozen of them,and I don’t think the board will be so contemptuous of their calls for a response as they are towards the fans.

Take your pick,there’s only one on there that I use enough that it will be noticed by me.

It won’t be noticed by Magners-but it will be if enough of us do it. Same goes for the other companies too. It is them to whom the Plc will pay heed,and this might be the way to make it happen.


Above article by BMCUWP

Notify of

Here’s the list. Take your pick.

Margaret McGill

In the same way as cigarettes’ are a nicotine delivery mechanism Old Parasite Pete has played a blinder in delivering bigot addicts what they want in Scotland for a small fee. Credit where credit is due.


Always good to hear from you,MAGS. I disagree with you slightly-he has traded on our belief and taken us for mugs.

Margaret McGill

Bobby my friend



I’ve had a bloody helicopter buzzing back and forth forth the last two hours,and those things piss me off.

F…..g ridiculous at this time of the morning. But heyho-seems they can’t find me!

Anyway,you and a few others warned about us being in bed with the huns a lot of years ago,while I was busy footling about the edges of Lawwell’s chicanery,warning about his power grabs.

We were both right,from the looks of it,and both of us wished we were wrong. We,the support,were taken for granted and taken for a ride. But as I say in the article,we have actually made the company damn near impregnable due to the value it has accrued through the income from the fans!

Btw,I know you disagree with the second amendment,but I could fair do with a rocket launcher at the moment!!!


Great idea

It was something we thought about before but it did not seem a great idea at the time, but with the fallout from the super league and the Man U fan’s doing it, then it might be back in fashion so to speak.

We were going to have some points why we were going to boycott them,

The rigged game in Scotland because of the secret 5-way agreement that was hidden from UEFA, and them being associated with a club that was party to it.

The Share for value proposal, helping the fans get the 51% same as the Germany model which is fashionable now as well.

Might need Auldheid’s help with the first, and if anyone else has any other ideas please let us know.


This is definitely the right avenue to go down for me. To be taken seriously though it would need to be managed properly, targeted correctly and communicated on a cross blog spectrum. Choose one sponsor, I’d be starting with either of the broadcasters (Sky/BT) and continually drive out a pre prepared statement of cancellation that we can all get behind and that even the digitally challenged can follow. Run it for a set period of time then when we feel the point has been made and perhaps that we’ve reached everyone we can reach we choose another target and repeat the process.

Saltires en Sevilla


Good stuff buddy.

Targeting specific sponsors could work. Indirect Action, would almost certainly raise the profile of the issues. Having the main supporters groups involved, acting in concert, might be a challenge but still possible. The Board might make significant changes to calm it down. So definitely worth exploring.

The biggest weakness in this approach is that the club would still lose money and reading other views it’s clear fans don’t want that, as it gives sevco an advantage. The biggest issue might be that Corporations have long memories, and they all just might start to view the club as being toxic, that is a concern as we may need need them onside if we ever reach the Impossible Dream of 51%. Or some other more realistic model where fans have a meaningful input.

As you know, I prefer to ignore Sevco and to focus on getting our own place in order via Direct Action. I fully accept that for reasons you and others have explained, there is not enough appetite for that at this time.

I don’t know how bad it would have to be for enough views to change.

However, 100% agree we can all strive to keep the debate civil.

Maestro Fan

Agree. The folk running our club are everything I despise. It’s an affront they’ve hijacked the Celts.


If there was a successful boycott of the club’s sponsors, this could do more damage to the plc/club than a season ticket boycott. If sponsors are scared away because of a fan boycott then will not return and that money is lost for ever and would be very difficult to replace as other sponsors would be wary of getting involved. In 1994, the boycott worked and the fans returned and no long term financial harm was done to the club, in fact, the opposite. Also, supporters could continue to support the club but more like Jobo does on a game by game basis. Anyway, who says there’s not an appetite for a boycott? A poll I saw recently on the Huddlboard suggested that only a minority would renew their season tickets no matter what. The vast majority said their season ticket renewals depended on the club’s actions on a new manager, season ticket prices, added value and engagement with fans, etc. A significant minority indicated they would not renew regardless. I believe even just the mearest hint of an organised ST boycott would have the board shitting their pants which is precisely why they keep delaying the renewal notices. I read somewhere that they are already budgeting for 35,000 renewals on a good day so any pressure to push this down further would force major changes at the club like it did in 1994. I’m sorry but any other course of action is a bit of a cop-out.



Good idea. I remember floating the same with SFA sponsors the target.

If bookmakers are on the sponsor list or just operate from inside the stadium then a boycott of them using a rigged game as a reason would send out the message that if they want customers to return then they need to put pressure on to revisit the 5WA, LNS Commission and a abandoned JPDT concerning UEFA licence.

If the SFA share business with the same bookmaker it brings them into the fray.

As has been said yesterday there has to be a good reason to argue for a boycott and an objective.

A boycott of a game because it is rigged and an objective of ending the rigging meets the criteria.


Good article, has anyone considered the idea of a fan owned/organised breakaway club similar to fc United in Manchester. A new club formed by the disillusioned Celtic support with Brother Walfrids charitable ethos at the forefront could do great things in community’s, foodbanks, immigrants welcome ect …..


Wild goose. One such club already exists. St. Roch’s. Disaffected supporters could transfer their allegiances to this fine community club who seem to embody many of the values shared by Celtic supporters.


For those worrying about ‘toxicity’ if we as a supporters group boycott certain companies, that those companies or others might see Celtic as toxic in the future and therefore fail to do business with the club, consider the poisonous, septic behaviour of the Hun who STILL have sponsors (though no line of credit in a bank). Their repetitive, festering behaviour at every level has not resulted in companies ostracising them so I don’t think a temporary boycott by Celtic supporters is likely to have a long term damaging effect on the Club though such a boycott might well focus the minds of the charlatans running the Club at the moment.

The Gombeen Man

Dahua are a Club Partner at Celtic, providing a six figure sum and access to a variety of Hi-Tech software.

They’ve not to be confused with Daon, Dermot’s Biometric company, who we’ve investigated before.

Dahua are a Chinese based and partially State owned technology company, who are the subject of Government sanction in the US. Due to the use of technology in targeting of minorities, false imprisonment, physical and other torture.

In October 2019, the US Department of Commerce placed both Hikvision and Dahua on a blacklist that prohibits U.S.-based businesses from exporting their products to the companies over their alleged involvement in human rights violations carried out by the Chinese government.

“The U.N estimates that more than a million Chinese Muslims, many of whom are from the minority Uighur ethnicity, have been detained in the province of Xinjiang, where activists say crimes against humanity and genocide are taking place.

China has denied any abuse and says its camps in the region provide vocational training and help fight extremism.

Research by human rights groups suggests that Chinese tech firms are building Uighur detection systems, using facial recognition to alert authorities to peoples’ whereabouts, and predictive policing tools to identify which to detain.”

As a minimum supporters should be asking why Celtic, a club born out of the Penal Laws, are engaged in a commercial relationship with a company that have questions to answer with regard to the abuse of Human Rights.

It’s worth noting that “backdoors” have been found in Dahua software on a couple of occasions allowing passwords and other data to be accessed from China.

Oh dear, I hope the Plc use snail mail.

“…found a backdoor in the firmware of a surveillance camera made by Dahua, similar to one they’d discovered a few years before in a Huawei router. And the backdoor had been opened: Once ReFirm told their client (a Fortune 500 firm which they won’t name) what to look for, the company’s network operators discovered their Dahua cameras had been sending data out a rarely-used port, right through the company’s firewall, to unknown IP addresses in China.”

“Hacker Heaven: Huawei’s Hidden Back Doors Found – Breaking Defense”


Before any boycott is enacted there needs to be a clear understanding of the objectives and consequences. If supporter groups cannot agree on said objectives then a boycott is meaningless. A boycott of Celtic sponsors will have little impact on the corrupt Scottish game as a whole. What changes are we hoping to achieve by any boycott? More transparency, sack the board, a mea culpa from PL?
The financial structure of the club is a totally different discussion and level of complexity. Buying shareholders out, reinvesting in the club, giving fans, who can afford it, a greater share in the club will not be brought about by a boycott.
What are the potential consequences? Sponsors walk away as contract commitments are not met. Sponsors boycott the club and as SES says, we become a toxic brand. Potential managers and players wary to come because of negativity surrounding the club. You can be sure that any boycott will be spun by the SMSM to maximum negative effect.
Action is needed I am just not sure about the means.


M6bhoy, do they still play at Provonmill Park?


Afternoon all,

Great debate and well done Bobby on superb topic.

I see Coca Cola are one of our sponsors.

That’s it then. I’m starting the boycott.

Straight Vodka from now on.

That’ll teach them 😜😜😜


Bobby good article and is definitely worth exploring as an online protest is the only option open to supporters at the moment as there is no way our supporters would be given a police escort through Glasgow to protest.

The organisation of such a boycott would be a massive undertaking and would need to involve all the fan based groups coming together to determine the way forward and get the message out to all supporters and probably a bigger obstacle to get media outlets to cover it instead of cover it up.

I am sure getting a representative from SC, CT, Celtsforchange, Irish association, green brigade and any other like minded groups to have a zoom meeting to discuss the best way forward would be easy enough but the way forward won’t be so easy as like the season ticket boycott opinions differ.

The consequences of a boycott need to be investigated and what the impact will be on not only celtic but also Scottish football as a whole as all the club’s and associations are intricately linked either by being directly involved in morally and ethically wrong procedures or doing nothing to question these procedures.

The decision needs to be made as to whether all sponsors are targeted at once or pick one at a time and apart from media outlets who else should be contacted to be notified of the boycott and reasons why.

Magners is the only company I contribute to on the list but there are plenty of other ciders out there that are easily accessible and taste better. The fact these companies on the list do not have a monopoly in their specialism and other companies give competition makes a boycott viable but it will be difficult and time consuming.

Angel Gabriel

Interesting article , and as per usual, very decent replies and opinions.
The Gombeen Man , explains how far down the mineshaft of profit before principle, we’ve already fallen.
M6Bhoy & Henrikschip , are bang on , with the complexities regarding a unified voice among the Celtic support in general.
What Mags says , is also poignant. Among our own , there’s plenty Old Firm addicts , the most obvious being those that run Celtic PLC .
The bottom line is , the majority of fans just want a decent team on the park. If it’s able to hump the Newco Rangers, on a regular basis then that’s a fair percentage more than happy.
The day oot, singing the Rebs and having a laugh with family and friends, tics most boxes.
Bringing about any change is extremely difficult.
Remember on here , we’re in a small majority that’s pissed off , by so much.
Most don’t really care about secret 5 way agreements as long as we hump the Huns .

Just saying CSC

Mike in Toronto

The club went along with the cheating. The fans knew but did nothing because we were winning. Now, because we are losing, the fans suddenly decide something must be done about the cheating ….. But the fans don’t want to do anything that will even inconvenience themselves, and instead expect other companies to pay the price and to fight their battles for them.

That is the plan?

we are planning this because Celtic fans wont give up something that they value (paying to go to the games). So why would we expect them to give up something on the list if they also value and use it? Clearly they wont.

Which leaves only those services the fans don’t use.

So ,,, in effect ….the plan is to boycott services we don’t use? That will really hit them where they hurt, and bring them to their knees

This is starting to sound like a Monty Python sketch.😆

Celtic People’s Front vs People;s Front of Celtic



I said in the original article that there is only one of the club’s sponsors/partners which I use. But there are plenty of supporters who use the other companies involved. That might be SKY or BT Sports,it might be Eden Mill,it matters not a jot.

I know I’ve never bought anything from The Hut Group-though strangely I get regular mails from them-and I’m quite sure that most Man U fans are the same. However,the threat of a boycott worked with them,and is a much easier thing to convince the fans to consider than the season ticket boycott which clearly will never happen.

You and others keep telling us that the fans knew all along. WE DID NOT,AND NEITHER DID YOU. You and the likes of MAGS et al had strong suspicions,but I don’t think they really formed much before it became clear that Res 12 was “parked”,to use the words of someone else.

We are all wise after the event,you were clearly earlier to the party than most. But there are only two people I can think of telling us at the time that the huns would get away with it. THE EXILED TIM and my sister.

Now,the article is about perhaps fixing a shocking situation to ensure it doesn’t happen again. It certainly isn’t about-fuxake,it happened and I give up. None of us were brought up to do that,Mike.

The position is not beyond repair,but if we boycott the club entirely they will simply boycott us! Our opinions will have even less traction than before. By continuing to buy the STs but making it clear that the sponsors are being boycotted,we send a strong signal which demands engagement.

By withdrawing from the fight entirely,we give the board the opportunity to double down on the support of those in their camp.


Very well put.


I can empathise with your position too, even whilst agreeing with MIT.



I didn’t even realise that the last of the sponsors on the list WAS Dahua! Reads like Alhua to me.

Interesting post from you,and even more so when I googled the company.




Good to hear from you,and hopefully you can make it on 28 August.

I like to think that we can have strong opinions on here and state them accordingly without falling out. An animated discussion,as I refer to it in the pub when I’m out with my mates,rather than a barney.

By ‘eck,had some legendary “animated discussions” in my time,right enough!

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, some great posts today take a bow bhoys 👍going to throw my hat in with M6bhoy, hurting our sponsors will probably do more harm than good in the long run, but thats just my opinion, maybe wrong, maybe right who knows ,what i do know is if i still lived in glenboig and had a season ticket, I would not be renewing it, but thats just me,H.H.

Mike in Toronto


As you say, we didn’t “KNOW until we saw the email confirming that PL had been sent the 5WA…. but, anyone that was on CQN has ‘known’ for a while. ….I have said many times that, if this was a court action, I had little doubt that anyone could have convinced a jury on a balance of probabilities that Celtic were complicit…. I’m not one of those who saves posts, but I think I started questioning in 2013, and started my own boycott in (I think) 2015 or 2016 …. and everything I knew I put out there … and there were others who knew a lot more than me……

But, unless those sponsors were reading CQN, I”m not sure that the sponsors we are now targeting would have known.

So, between the three, the club and the fans were much more culpable than these sponsors….

so, in principle, I have an issue with the guilty punishing the innocent.

and I cant get behind the idea of getting someone else to fight our battles… ones that we aren’t prepared to fight ourselves.

there are things fans could easily do … if they cared to … and which would not be so hard to co-ordinate ….

refuse to go in until the 12th minute … or in the games everyone turn away at the 12th minutes… or walk out for 12 minutes at the 12th minutes…. (if you are picking up a sort of a Res 12 theme, that is not a co-incidence)… I like ideas 1 or 3, as they wouldn’t require anyone to give up their season tickets, but 62,000 fans leaving a stadium, or standing outside for 12 minutes, would surely get some media coverage, and draw attention to the issues.

the problem, of course, is that this idea excludes non-local fans…. but I’m not sure how to square that circle.



It was about 2015 when I risked falling out with AULDHEID on CQN about how Res 12 was being treated by the club. It wasn’t pretty,and I said at the time that it was dirty pool and apologised to him-even as I was asking the questions.

TBH,I still feel bad about it,but his answers were pretty much what I feared,and a reminder that you should never ask a question if you think the answer is gonna scare the shit outa you.

That was when my position hardened beyond suspicion and into near certainty,and since then I’ve ramped up the invective against the hierarchy. The problem is that,by then,the damage was done and the rules were set in stone. Turn up,enjoy the game,let us get on with running a duopoly.

It’s a shitshow,and because it is now hardwired it becomes very difficult to overturn. But that doesn’t mean we give up. If Plan A fails,we move on to the next one. No-one ever wins by waiting for the result they want,we win by hitting the spot. The weak spot. At just the right time.




Excellent leader and posts…to many good ‘uns to namecheck.

You are quite right not to find the PLC ‘Not Guilty.’ I personally, would not even give the thieving bastards a ‘Not Proven’.

If it was up to me, the pre-match entertainment at the first game next season, would be a kangaroos court on field, presided over by a judge, and a jury of 15 Celtic supporters, representing all range of opinions among us. As it’s my idea, I will be the judge. I don’t have any legal training, but he ho, that’s life. The defendants of course, would be the PLC traitors, Erm, I mean ‘alleged traitors’. On being found GUILTY on all charges, it will be my pleasant duty to pass sentence. Unfortunately, Lawwell will have to be tried ‘in abstentia’.

So that the rest of you can all join in the fun, what sentence should be passed on those quislings…who sold out The Patriot Game? A heads up for Big Packy. Hanging, drawing and quartering was abolished centuries ago, so don’t even go there. Anyhoo, such a sentence would be too leniant for them feckers.

Hail Hail.



Sentence them to…

A boot in the baws,a Rangers debenture season ticket and a King Billy tattoo. I’m sure they’d comfortable enough with the last two,but can I deliver the first one please?

Got a pretty wicked left foot,and it’s not that long since I checked it was in full working order. Two eejits in Swindon as I was heading home from a day in London with my nephew. Just walked into the bar queue and one of them pushed me,both hands. Still dunno what it was about. Had a couple of pints,went home in a bus. I know they didn’t.

big packy

MAGUA, hi pal, yes that would be to good for them👍



Quite right, good sir. That’s just what those bastards deserve…a good boot in the he-maws. One problem with that, is that Lawwell has been missing a pair since at least 2012, so we’ll have to come up with something special for Blue Peter. Given his pro-Hun proclivities, perhaps he could be named the new Chief Constable of PoliceScotland. I’m sure that oor Pete would clean up the rampant bigotry and corruption in that particular Loyalist organisation. Just a thought.


Sorry for the late reply. What was the site of the Welcome Inn, is now a public space for Calton locals. I passed it recently, on my way to Calton Books. Shame really. Should be some sort of monument on the spot to one of the best boozers ever.


Saltires en Sevilla

Bobby 2:28

“You and others keep telling us that the fans knew all along. WE DID NOT,AND NEITHER DID YOU. You and the likes of MAGS et al had strong suspicions,but I don’t think they really formed much before it became clear that Res 12 was “parked”,to use the words of someone else.”

Above to MIT


I’m understanding you feel issues with the club are centred around Sevco & their liquidation and subsequent, same club..Nimmo.. Res 12 etc.

The issues began loooooong before 2015. You know this and you knew about issues long before then.

A good few of us have been pissed off with this Board long before Rangers Died. There have been issues discussed online long before this on CQN it has been consistent and practically incessant.

One poster mentioned chucking Season Ticket when Gordon Strachan was signed. (2005)

There was huge concern over Mowbray (2009) , Willo Food (2009) selling players and not replacing adequately. All of this was discussed in great detail long before Sevco first blinked to life…

The standards in European performances evidenced by the inability of Celtic players to keep the ball under pressure … failure to ‘win away’ in Europe. Refereeing standards, assaulted players, force fed sectarian bile in our own stadium … the list goes on and on and on.

To clarify, I don’t have any issues with Sevco … anything you read from me has little or nothing to do wih them ….they are just another version of Huns, doing what Huns have always done and what Huns will always do.

I hope there isn’t some attempt here to narrow the focus of the debate, because that would be unhelpful!
Let’s keep focus on all the ongoing issues.

Apologies in advance if I have misunderstood your comments.


Magua thanks for that not been in that area for at least 7 years but good the land is being used for community space. It would be fitting if the jukebox was still there and every time you passed families were dancing to Daniel O’Donnell or instead of benches a row of high backless bar stools to fall off 🍀.
As I said to chalmersbhoy in an email the other day I wish I could do something to get everyone of the thieving barstewards jailed and I mean everyone involved from rangers (IL), sfa, spl, celtic and now sevco all intrinsically linked and guilty of destroying Scottish football.

What a bunch of pansies!!!!

The Tummy Ticklers Tantrum!!!!

Just get to the point its so simple.

Tools down – No return until the PLC resign.

If they don’t resign….remember the PLC are squatting in the premises that your money built.

Celtic have been happy clapped to death….who did this and denied all along what they were doing?

Middle aged middle class yuppies have replaced working class street wise tickets.

MIT your the one making all of the sense the rest is just noise me me me type of noise.



Given some of the ahem ‘characters’, that frequented the Welcome Inn on weekdays, I would imagine that the jukebox is probably sitting in someone’s hoose as we speak…along with the big pair of wimmens knickers that used to adorn the gantry at Christmas…don’t ask.



Magua the reason I found the welcome inn was back in the day one of my friends repaired and installed fruit machines and jukeboxes and his company got the contract for welcome inn and installed the jukebox would love to think he has it blasting out from his house.


Evening all & Packy.

Packy I am boycotting Domestos. I heard they have the contract for cleaning the Celtic Boardroom & Director’s offices.

bada bing1

Petition to stop a £200 million boat for Phil the Greek


Mit @ 3.17

“So, between the three, the club and the fans were much more culpable than these sponsors….
so, in principle, I have an issue with the guilty punishing the innocent.
and I can’t get behind the idea of getting someone else to fight our battles… ONES THAT WE AREN’T PREPARED TO FIGHT OURSELVES”

In total agreement a chara.

bada bing1
big packy

JIM im with you pal, no domestos 😎


MMA superstar Conor McGregor has revealed that he wanted to invest in the Celts after being asked whether he could get involved with Manchester United.

“A conversation came up regarding Celtic first to be honest. To acquire shares from Dermot Desmond. I am certainly interested in acquiring a sports team at some stage! Both Celtic and Man United are teams I like for sure. But I am open. I feel I could do big things for a club.”

Imagine The foggy dew played as ‘The notorious’ takes his seat in the director’s box. Or Sevco beat Celtic in a cup game at Hampden- he hears the Hun directors giving it the Billy boys and other ‘cultural ditties – struts over to them then proceeds to batter the shite out of all of them! me likee

PS Even better Conor as CEO and Snoop as chairman – happy days bhoys,



The CST AGM by Zoom had around 100 in attendance.

I’m thinking could SC not have say a once monthly Zoom meeting with in invites based on e mails held where more info could be shared in private than on the blogs?

I’ve used Zoom but only to attend not host an event.

The Zoom app is free and can be loaded on most platforms and once a venue is set fairly easy to participate in.

Do any contributors have experience of setting up a meeting, do a test run for a small number to try out a general meeting?


All being well, I aim to be there on 28 Aug..!

big packy

a while back some posters were complaining, look we got no manager and we have got a champions league qualifier soon, good god almighty we are in the same bracket as hibs kilmarnock dundee united st johnstone, an average spfl team, us in the champions league we would get humiliated, even in the europa league we would get humiliated, do any of you want to see that, sure as hell I dont,H,H,


Big Packy
St Johnstone have won a cup and are in another final don’t think it’s fair to lump them in with us 😃


Not catching your point there Packy, you know none of us want to see this state of affairs?

big packy


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