Saturdays the day the teddy bears want their picnic

What law said the Union Bears!
The league trophy will be finally hoisted high by The Rangers and we will gather, march, and celebrate our victory!


There will be a pandemic alright, a pandemic of pish flowing through George Square once the blues gather.
Or maybe not.
As one side in blue prepares to enjoy being back where they believe they belong, the boys in blue will see their allegiance and bravery tested should they be ordered to ‘interfere’ with Saturdays ‘festivities’.


It’s probably the last thing the first minister wants about now. Just when they should be riding the crest of an electoral wave, a potential hand grenade gets tossed at them. My heart bleeds, but it’s actually no joking matter at all.


The mob does need to be faced up to at some stage,,their tendency to do whatever the hell they want when they want whether legal or not simply must be confronted, if nothing else for society’s sake.
If not checked whilst possible, it could grow uncontrollable, if it isn’t already.
But that mob equals a lot of votes so any attempt to guide them must be very subtle and certainly not seen as appeasing the other side, which could seriously backfire.


But so could appeasing them. The ordinary folk who had been cooped up for a year or so just want to get out and about to experience a semblance of normality again. With restrictions getting lifted, any given Saturday would see a very busy Glasgow city centre, delightful scenes for patrons and business owners alike considering what we’ve all been through.
Having given them permission to go out again, and opened the hostelries to accommodate them, enforced shutdowns are the very last thing that should happen.
Yet we’re told the boys in blue are insisting businesses around the square close down on Saturday so any party can’t avail of their services.


Upset the mob on one side, upset the public and businesses on the other side.
Rock and hard place for those calling the shots, cops caught in the middle.
And all eyes on the situation ready to judge.
Yep, I’m sure Nicola is thinking I could do without this right now.


Having halted any treble treble celebrations for the Tims, it would be a scandal and vote loser to allow their counterparts that very privilege, especially when images of a trashed square leak through accompanied by unsavoury chants.
Clamping down heavily on the Union Bears leadership, who after all are responsible for the potential illegal gathering, would seem the obvious choice for many, but that could backfire again costing votes and possibly civil disorder.
Ordering the police to completely cordon off the square and/or break up any gatherings is a lot more easier typed than accomplished, given many of the boys in blue are fans of the team in blue, and the mob just doesn’t pay much attention to them, and certainly isn’t cowed by them.


This is a very high stakes problem for the authorities now, a no win situation given that all involved parties can’t have their way, some party is missing out come Saturday afternoon.
Will it be the public, or the bears picnic?


By Mahe

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A vote loser? Surely the clue is in the name – Union Bears.

Nicola with the Greens recently achieved around 49% of the vote.
Surely, on balance, a few hundred/ couple of thousand politically opposed Bears are worth alienating for the greater good.

The Gombeen Man

The Ego on both sides of the Old Firm revels in this type of Drama.

Drama is all it is.

Acres of mock outrage will be typed in an transparent attempt to disguise the buzz that both sets of supporters get from this type of selfishness.

All this is part of the dopamine producing high of Old Firmisim.

It’s a drug. The support are in denial.

They crave this type of theatre. The Orange Walk. The offensive graffiti. It creates an addictive buzz.

It’ll sell Season Books in the East End of Glasgow.
Whatever was said to Scott Brown – sells Season Books.
Whatever clown shouted the remarks as St Johnstone put Sevco out of the Cup – sells Season Books.

Celtic Plc secretly schemed for the return of the Old Firm.
Supporters ignored the warnings and bought the tickets on the empty promise of Domination.

As rules were bent Celtic looked away.

The squad was downsized, coaching was dispensed with.

Celtic caused this. Supported by their Season Book holders.

The support of both sides revel in the Drama.

It’s why they buy the tickets.

There’s no Cause on either side.

Just a simple case of addiction to the Drama and an unwillingness to confront personal demons.

It’s much easier to shout at a Hun, Taig or Politician than to look ourselves in the mirror.

(And yes I’ve got it too.)

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
I have genuine concerns around the planned gathering this Saturday and certainly won’t be going anywhere near the City Centre. But the answer cannot be to tell the surrounding businesses to close. Time for the police to actually do the job they are paid to do. Keeping the public safe – by ensuring there’s no flagrant breach of the current ‘6 folk from 6 households’ outdoors gathering rules.
As some others have pointed out, Celtic weren’t allowed to have the treble treble celebratory bus tour – and that was before there was the pandemic issues to consider. Instead, the bus just went from, I think, Dalmarnock Station to the Park. Might be better for the Sevco chiefs to propose something similar nearer Ibrox to at least be seen as trying to responsibly dilute the unofficial party plans?
Work calling….time for that 7 step commute 😉


A story about Glasgow Police 1963 maybe things have changed I don’t know, It was a Holiday of Obligation, the Catholic school kids had the day off. I admit what me and my two pals were doing was annoying to the seniors who lived above the shops in Easterhouse. We were playing headers behind the shops and the noise of the bouncing ball was disturbing.We were arrested by two cops and had to have another day off school a couple weeks later to go to court, 4 other guys our age (13) were busted for playing cards on their landing that same day, there was two other guys in court that day, they lived in the area we knew them to see them but not on speaking terms, It didn’t dawn on me until years later. I think they busted us because we were catholics.
If Celtic supporters were celebrating this weekend in the square do you think they would be allowed?

Noel Skytrot

The Gombeen Man, spot on. I’m now at a stage where I simply don’t give a toss what they do and as much as I don’t like the hordes (yes I have that same affliction) its the club and the authorities that have to deal with this. As for those organising it and those willing to take part, wretched imbeciles are always wretched imbeciles.


Good article, morning Bhoys. We live in hope, queue more pics of cuddling police and media cover ups and all good fun headlines. The country is stuck in the 80s and anyone who is forward thinking is shunned or bullied for a brother or sister to take position.

I will not be out the door on Saturday, my work is shut because they cant get a blue nose to work it, obviously Saturday even goes beyond business needs.


Noel Skytrot

unfortunately my job will have me on ground in the city centre when the halfwits are out and about.

The Gombeen Man


I hope you’re well.

Yes – I’ve encountered the type of thing you describe too.

I’m typing away generally here, just my own perspective.

I can remember as a teenager looking at the apparent chaos of the Italian economy and wondering what happened to the organisation and efficiency of the Romans?

It took years for me to arrive at the conclusion that with Emporer Constantine’s call for the First Council of Nicaea in 325. The Roman soldier swapped his armour for the vestments of the Church.

This wasn’t an immediate process. The Desert Mothers and Fathers took off to Middle East to practice Contemplative Christianity.

Patrick arrived in Ireland and developed a traditional form of Christianity in tandem with Celtic Tradition.

The Golden Age of Christianity emerged in Ireland and Ireland’s Twelve Apostles carried the Message.

With the arrival of the Normans in the 12th Century, things changed. We had the introduction of the Religion known as Roman Catholicism.

Things never really recovered.

The Reformation happened. The Penal Laws were introduced and eventually repealed.

Infact, it’s my belief that Roman Catholicism in Ireland was most authentically Christian during the Penal period.

Paradoxically, it was the dispossession of the Church and it’s powerlessness that brought it closer to the message of the Gospels.

Unfortunately after their repeal Catholicism in Ireland set a course that confronted Celtic tradition and often sided with the powerful.

After the English left, the Church here lost credibility.The cases of abuse of power and cruelty are both tragic and startling.

Having lived here for over 25 years, I’ve concluded that, I was probably protected from many of the excesses of the Catholic Church in Scotland.

For the most part I saw the Church that protected the outcast and unwanted.

In an environment of continuing bias against the Irish in Scotland, the Church has a important role to play. It’s kind of a similar to the Penal period in Ireland. The problems here came later, when the Church had virtually absolute power.

Much of Scotland’s woes are tied up in the confusion over what religion is.

If it isn’t Love and is based on power, labels and judgements, laws, possessions. It’s not mature religion. As religions mature superficial differences fall away.

Losing those egocentric perspectives can be a painful journey for the Ego…And it keeps reappearing.

Till Later.

The Gombeen Man

Cheers Noel,

I hope your Da’s well.


Noel Skytrot

my da’s sound as. Thanks for asking.

bada bing1

I wouldn’t even namecheck that shower of scum



That’s a pretty clumsy article by WW standards.



The problem with the reported “celebration” on Saturday is IMO that hardly anyone elsewhere has mentioned it. By that,I mean that those c…s have done it often enough by now that it is no longer news.

Well,here’s the news-there are laws against this! And as JOBO correctly points out,it’s high time the cops got off their arse,ripped off their aprons,sashes and Rangers scarves and did what they are bloody well paid for.


Oh,and since I doubt that the First Minister will comment on events either before or after,I look forward to the contortionists explaining why,given that she has been very much available for a soundbite on other occasions.


I would let them have a Covid party inside Ibrox, no masks, just as many variants as we can get in there.
I remember in 1969 before the Scottish Cup Final that Der Hun were so confident of winning that their then Chairman, Willie Waddell, said he would throw open Ibrox after the final so that they could parade the Cup. Look how that turned out😂

Paddy’s Maw

Agree. The police should treat them the way they treated us when it was announced we would be at the park protesting ie, send in the police horses! Alternatively they could just apply the law!



Maybe the local Civil Contingency Officer might ask questions,as I assume that will be in their bailiwick. The event is in Glasgow,but people travelling there and back will be on public transport,thus putting at risk the general public.

Sol Kitts

On what would have been Johnny Doyle’s 70th birthday, a reminder that Scottish refs were bassas then, bassas now, bassas forever.
I showed this to my referee friends in Essex, and every one of them was rendered speechless that JD was sent off. All of them slated the ref for poor positioning and a total lack of sense.



I was at that game. We have a strange branch of the family who fanatically support Ayr United,rather than following The One True Faith!

Anyway,my Uncle Billy took me to watch Ayr Utd when Celtic weren’t playing at home. He had a Triumph Herald back then!

No lie,the Ayr fans loved John,knew where his heart was. Everyone around me-I think i’d be 13 then-was raging. I’ve never seen such a ridiculous sending off.

That really was a season from hell. I hardly missed a game. Every game was hurting me-and I couldnae even have a few beers to calm down!

Jobo Baldie

A wee update from Saint Nicola 😁
From Monday across mainland Scotland (except Moray) – up to 6 adults from 3 households can meet indoors. With no physical distancing!! Cuddling only in private dwellings or gardens! No public affection just yet 😁. No mention of any rules relating to George Square.
Back to work.


Morning troops, hope all are well.

Bobby, just found out the states is still on the mandatory quarantine list, and a negative test needed, so cannae book flights as such.
Might if things change, I thought vaccination was getting me through the red tape but no.

The Union Bear leaders should be given a stint in a cell if it goes ahead but that’s unlikely. Those businesses who are just finding their feet must be livid, it’s a forking joke.
Announce a meeting and the place shuts down,,it used to be a bomb warning.

The weather is stunning, will be in the thirties today. Walk your dog early that means.

Hail Hail


Still no sign of a new manager then. FFS🤬🤬
comment image&ct=g


The dogs on the street were saying steady Eddie on Thursday 😉


An inquest has found that all 10 people shot dead during operations by the British army in Ballymurphy in 1971 were innocent and that the killings were unjustified, confirming it as one of the bloodiest atrocities of Northern Ireland’s Troubles.

They said what happened in Ballymurphy was a massacre.

The inquest examined the shooting of the 10, who included a parish priest and a mother of eight, during chaotic scenes in the streets of the small west Belfast neighbourhood between the evening of 9 August and the morning of 11 August 1971.The inquest heard that some of the dead appeared to have been shot by members of the Parachute Regiment, the same regiment that five months later massacred protesters at County Derry on Bloody Sunday.


FFS Gordon!

they are old men (lucky them) who were only trying to prevent a civil war .

Murdering cowardly bastards!


Afternoon all,

Very quiet on here so what about a wee Limerick competition. I’ll start the ball rolling:

There was a wee man from Devizes,
Whose balls were two different sizes,
One was small, and no good at all,
Whilst the other, it won major prizes 😭😭😭

HH 🍀🍀


Roses are red. Nuts are brown.
Skirts go up. Pants come down
Body to body. Skin to skin
When it’s stiff you stick it in
It goes in dry and comes out wet
The longer it’s in the stronger it gets
It comes out dripping and starts to sag
It’s not what you think
It’s just a tea bag

Sol Keats

There was a Bohemian monk
Who went to sleep in a bunk
He dreamt that Venus
Was licking his elbow
And when he woke up he was covered in perspiration

Sol Keats

The ship’s first mate was Carter
Who was an incredible farter
When the wind wouldn’t blow
And the ship wouldn’t go
They got Carter the farter to start her.


There was a young lady from Bude
Who went for a swim in the lake.
When a man in a punt
Stuck a pole up her nose,
And said-you can’t swim here,it’s private!


Leicester down from 7/4 to 11/10 for tonight?


There once was a man from Cape Horn
Who wished he never was born
And he wouldn’t of been
If his father had seen
That the top of the rubber was torn

Sol Kitts

The boy sat on the burning deck,
His feet were in the water………..



There was a wee man from Begoda,
Who didn’t pay a whore,what he owed her,
I’ll fix him she said,
As she lay down the bed,
And pissed in his Whisky and Soda 😭😭



Check out the book ‘Ballymurphy and the Irish War’ for a detailed account of the Ballymurphy Massacre. All victims-men, women and children-were shot dead by Paras, based in The Henry Taggart base in Moyard, overlooking Ballymurphy, particularly the Springhill area. They simply opened up on anyone entering the killing zone. The only difference in Derry, was that cameras from RTE covered the event. And still, it took 40 years for the people of Derry to achieve a measure of justice. Every one of those war criminals, should be tried by an impartial court of law-so that rules out any Brit court-and banged up for life.


Hail Hail.



Our friend James,The Emerald Prince,will be pleased at the news,even as he continues to grieve for the fallen innocents. Very much the forgotten massacre,but not for those who still live with the scars.

Dharma Bam


You used my favourite limerick, the one I first read in a Not the Nine O’Clock News annual..

That was a great book – it had this one as well, one of my favourite jokes.

What has eight legs and one eye?
Two chairs and half a pig’s head.

That won me first prize of a t-shirt in a joke telling competition.



I’ve got the three NTNON LPs,didn’t realise they had a jokebook too. That one would be too surreal for me back then. Bloody hell,I was daft enough as it was!


And the winner is ;

Sol Keats

Very clever 😜



Aye,he can be a fitty wucker at times.

Andy Pandy 2

Just looked back…late as usual I know, but..

There was a young man from Peru
Whose Limericks never got past Line 2…




Isn’t it fantastic that the police cant uphold the law, or should I actually state, they choose not to uphold the law.

Things will never change in that little back water country you live in.

Be proud of the facts:
No one will lose their jobs.
No one will be held to account.
No one be brought to justice.
No one will question this in the SMSM.

To state that this is a vote loser, is beyond a joke and doesn’t really wash, but what can you do, nothing, nothing at all.

Just smile and be thankful, the people let us exist eh.

What do you think would happen if Celtic supporters decided to celebrate the Q4 the week after next. Outside Celtic park at 12 bells



While I agree with you 100%,there seems to have been a backlash against the planned “event”. To the extent that the huns are now being reminded of the law,and that they will not be permitted to gather.

We await the excuses after Saturday as to why those events still took place.


So Motherwell are giving their fans that bought a season ticket for 20/21 a free one for next season because they could not attend in person.
Can’t see Celtic doing anything remotely similar

big packy

TO SEAN 67, who e-mailed me last night, dont worry about getting taxis when you arrive at john lennon airport ring me im only 20 minutes away, and ill take you to quarry st in woolton where the beatles first started as the quarrymen, then its only a 5 minute drive to menlove avenue where john lennon lived, and then another 5 minute drive takes you to strawberry fields, and would you believe another 5 minute drive and your in penny lane, you americans wont believe how close they all are😎😎H.H.



That’s really a fantastic gesture from Motherwell. No chance,as you say,that Celtic will do the same. No reason either why Celtic should ignore the issue,even if it is,say, a 10% reduction over the next decade.