Celtic 4-0 St Johnstone


Over a month since our last home game,and around another three months until our next one. And I’m not sure that anyone has been missing anything. Last night was a bit special,as it was Broonie’s last appearance at Celtic Park. He certainly gave us something to remember him by with a quite terrific pass for Eddie to score the second. Karamoko Dembele too reminded us the talent that he can be,and I remain hopeful that last night’s cameo role won’t be his last for us.

But in truth,this was a poor side that we faced,weakened by Covid withdrawals. 4-0 certainly didn’t flatter us,but despite that,the BBC poll voted St Johnstone players around 15% higher than our own. Yep,gubbed 4-0 and voted better than the opposition by a wide margin. In fact,Grant Middleton was their POTM,based on those votes.

No,me neither!

The game actually started quite tamely,with Barkas making his return and Adam Montgomery-good Kilwinning name,that!-making his debut at full back. Saints had a couple of early chances,but halfway through the first half,we came to life. A careless handling of the ball from a passback saw us given an indirect free kick just inside the box,and a wee touch to Turnbull saw him drill it low under the jumping wall,Thommo-style-for the opener.

Seconds later,it was two-and I doubt we’ve scored a better one all season. Broonie took possession deep central in his own half,saw Eddie free in his favourite position on the left and launched it. Eddie controlled it with a touch,running into the area,and casually dinked it over the keeper with his second. Eddie,son,all season we have been waiting. You will leave us in the summer and we will have some tremendous memories of your time here. Sadly,tinged with some well deserved bitterness due to this season.

The rest of the game was quite pedestrian,to be honest. Both sides looked at least happy with the score,until our new Player of the Year Kris Ajer stepped up with a deflected shot to make it three about ten minutes from the end. A few minutes later,the wee man,barely on the pitch,took a great pass from Turnbull and slid it calmly under the keeper.

There is little doubt that a number of our side are for the off in the summer. I am delighted that DT isn’t one of them,and I remain a fan of Dembele and hope that he gets his chance to shine. My thoughts on most of our want-aways are no secret. In my opinion,only Ajer has done us a turn this season,while the others have frankly been a disgrace. To us,themselves and their profession. Not for them,a place on the murals which adorn the ground. No chance. They had a chance to be legends and they spat the dummy.

But we are Celtic supporters. Tomorrow is another day,etc. There have been many lows in my 54 years as a fan of this club,and the highs more than make up for that. We will be back,there’s no doubt about that. Dembele,Montgomery and Welsh showed that there is still life in our youth system,Turnbull showed that we can still occasionally sign a decent player. We have one more game to go,and let’s not get angry about this season.

Let’s get even!


Above article by BMCUWP

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Your dad, you and my son and I saw Karamoko in Dublin 5 years ago when he was 13.
We were mesmerized by the wee bhoy. Need to keep talent like him.



Superstar,he has everything in his locker. Could maybe have done with a few Messi-style growth hormones though.

Noel Skytrot

Does anyone know what happened at the meeting with the ‘custodians’ and the various Celtic supporter’s groups including the Celtic Trust regarding season ticket value? I’d take a stab in the dark and say they got short thrift.


From : Celtic Trust Twitter

Supporters meet with Club re ST value

12th May 2021 CST Admin

On the 11th of May 2021, the main Celtic supporter organisations met with representatives of Celtic Football Club to discuss the issue of value for season tickets for 2020/21 given fans have been unable to attend matches. In attendance were representatives of the Celtic Trust, the Celtic Supporters Association, the Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters, the Green Brigade, North Curve Celtic, the Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs, Bhoys and the North American Celtic Supporters Clubs.

This was a follow-up meeting from an initial meeting which occurred between the supporters and the club in June of 2020. Celtic FC had agreed to consult with supporters on the issue of how supporter value would be guaranteed, and it was assumed this would be said consultation. The meeting was opened with a short discussion on the Celtic Trust’s share proposal, with Peter Lawwell making it clear that the club did not wish to discuss this in view of the full meeting but would instead do so with the Celtic Trust privately.As the meeting moved on, the supporter organisations expected to hear of plans, suggestions or ideas that Celtic FC had about how they might meet supporter value, so that we could all air our views on any proposal. Peter Lawwell informed the meeting Celtic FC had no proposals to share with the meeting on how they will meet supporter value.

The supporter organisations were collectively disappointed by the lack of progress, as it became apparent that this meeting would not be a consultation of the kind that the supporters had expected/assumed. Discussions continued for around 90 minutes, with little headway made. Celtic FC have confirmed that they intend to release season book renewals by the end of May.


Hopefully our new CEO will bring a bright new vision and actually see Celtic supporters as an integral part of the Club.


It will be very interesting to see the different responses all the various Celtic supporter organisations who attended the meeting.

Noel Skytrot

Cheers, Celtic1member1vote.



Bobby, I’ll give you a laugh.

It was cracking day weather wise last Friday, so I decided I would jump on the train at Glasgow Central and head to Ayr for the afternoon and have nice healthy walk along the seafront.

I got on the train at Central and these two females get on and sit opposite.
Now they’d already had a good lunch and a right good few drinks as well.
Then they manage to drink a full bottle of wine each between Glasgow Central and Kilwinning.

They were both laughing getting of the train saying they’d need to sober up quickly as they were going to collect their kids from school !!

They kept everybody well entertained and they certainly new how to enjoy themselves.

Ps. If anyone is ever heading down to Ayr, The Tudor restaurant in Ayr does a great Steak Pie.


So the alcohol ban on scotrail trains is working well then 🤣🤣🍷🍷

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.

Thanks for the match report, Bobby. 2 memorable take away’s from last night’s game for me.

Firstly, the very confident debut of Adam Montgomery. Good decision making and never once panicked over his choice of pass, or forage upfield. I hope he gets another chance to play on Saturday to at least leave me with a small glimmer of hope going into the close season.

The other one being Broonie’s contribution to the 2nd goal – wish I could hit a wedge with the precision and control that he hit his pass for Eddie’s goal. He had an impeccable 55 minutes then a 5 minute spell where he could do nothing right, giving the ball away 3 or 4 times – maybe the occasion suddenly got to him and he possibly knew in advance that he was being subbed on the 60th minute and tried to be too clever in his ‘last 5 minutes’ at Celtic Park? What a captain, what a leader, what a legend.

Off to work…..


Glad we won yesterday, Disappointed in the report of the meeting between the fans group and the CEO , seems like the CEO has no idea what the fans are thinking or planning for next season,
I wonder if DOM was in attendance?


54 years supporting Celtic? Who did you support for the first 21???
Laughing smiley


Morning all…missed the fitba last night as had to go out to look at a couple of jobs. As always I was gutted to miss any ‘Tic game but this season has been crap in so many ways so it culd’ve gone any way and wouldn’t have mattered! As a VST purchaser who has had absolutely NO VALUE from it other than seeing maybe 4 or 5 games which were exclusive to the VST, of which I think I was able to watch one from start to finish without any tech issues, and 2 that I turned off completely due to such poor tech, the news that the Supporters’ groups were dismissed so readily shouldn’t be surprising but by God…how many more times can Celtic shoot themselves in the foot this season! Add in the Palestine display, not to be confused with support for the PLO although the Board seem unable to make the distinction, and we have a Club who have totally lost touch with reality! Even at the arse end of our worst season in God knows how long we still appear to be so out of touch with supporters’ expectations and beliefs.
Busy day ahead so must go, have a good one everyone!

Maestro Fan

Hear hear.


Over my fifty plus years following Celtic there have been lots of times when I have felt a tremendous feeling of pride in the club and been delighted to be seen as part of something recognised by others as being good for the game and the wider society. Chief among these was when the Thai Tims and the The Good Child Foundation were formed and helped generate much needed funds to ensure children with learning disablities such as Downs Syndrome, received a decent education in a rural part of Thailand. For once the club lived up to its billing as “More than a club” even though most of the spade work was done by Paul Brennan, his family and friends in Thailand and ordinary supporters worldwide none more so than the much missed and dearly departed Reamonn Gormley. I still remember with great fondness when the Thai Tims visted Scotland and Ireland to see their heroes, charmed us all with their infectious laughter and fantastic concerts. If you recall that co-oincided with a pretty poor season for the club but served to remind us all that there was actually more to life than football and helped us all feel a bit better about the lack of success on the park back then.

Yesterday’s removal of the Palestinian flags from the North Curve was, in my opinion, one of the most shameful episodes in the club’s history which will leave an indelible stain on the club’s reputation across the progressive world for a very long time. It makes a mockery of the PLC claim that is “more than a club” and places the club on the wrong side of history with us supporting the racist apartheld state of Israel and their disgraceful oppression of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza as well as Arabs living inside Israel itself. As I watch the events unfold in that part of the world and see the murder of innocent civilians on both sides, but mainly Palestinians, mount up, I cannot help but feeling complete revulsion towards the current custodians of Celtic plc. I hope they all rot in hell.



Pretty sure clubs are not allowed to display political symbols in the their grounds and are financially penalised for doing so by UEFA.

I don’t believe for one moment that no one in authority at Celtic Park was unaware of the GB display until it was fully completed.

The pictures of the display were all around the world before the club “ordered” it’s removal.

My view only of course..


I really should re-read my posts, but you get the gist.


Score predictor update 13/5/21

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Only one more round remaining and only 6pts the difference who will win??

Most points last week was chalmersbhoy(me)with 7 point’s I will pass the free £5bet to bmcwp our Co host of this marvellous site..
Let me know your bet Bobby soon as..

Last round of fixtures



St Johnstone12:30Livingston



Motherwell12:00Ross County

St Mirren12:00Dundee Utd

Good luck bada/vogue punter..

bada bing1

CB- Thanks for your efforts, HH

The Star Above The Crest

I really want Lawwell to just fuck off. Take his bonus or whatever it is he’s hanging about for and just fuck off. I don’t think I’ve ever despised anyone associated with Celtic as much as him.


Philbhoy, one major flaw in your conjecture that club secretly colluded with GB to allow flags to be erected is their statement afterwards declaring them to be inappropriate. That so just did not happen. If you think it did, I have a bridge to sell in London if you are interested? Anyway, they are not political flags. They are national flags in the same way the Irish tricolour is and they aren’t banned from CP…yet.



Careful a chara or our chairman will be accusing you of Antisemitism. Oh wait, I forgot we are, according to him, “criminally racist” already.



That was a shocking statement from Bankier. One which is still remembered by us all,much to his detriment. I have to be honest,I didn’t agree with the GB hounding of John Reid,nor of Ian Livingston. But none of it was done from any other reason than their own politics.

(Caveat-hounding out John Reid was a huge mistake,IMO. Everyone needs a rottweiller in their camp)

To suggest that the criticism of Livingston was anti-semitic was and is crass. Most of us recognise Israel’s right to exist,we don’t recognise their decision to deny right to existence to Palestine. That isn’t anti-Semitic,that is a simple political statement based on our common humanity.

Bankier is the biggest waste of space our club has ever experienced,quite literally a vacuous knob with no empathy at all for the fans. He can shove his Highland Leader up his arse,bloody undrinkable anyway.


Morning troops, hope all are well.

I note the comments regarding the meeting between club and fan groups. In fairness to the club they need to make the correct calls and not rush anything., so while we want an instant response things really should be done correctly.
With that in mind today 4pm sees another round of talks with the fan orgs. They are asking for our thoughts on the issues before making decisions, which is good.
I say ours because yes we got an invite, a positive sign for I don’t think Peter would have talked to us.
Both he and Ian are not involved in the call today.

Unfortunately today’s talks could now be overshadowed by the flag situation.

Til later
Hail Hail



Questions for today.

1. Any progress to report on Res11 to engage with SFA about the Judicial process they abandoned in May 2020 re non compliance with UEFA FFP regs in 2011 when they decided not to pursue issue with CAS.
2. Do Celtic appreciate that the failure of the SFA to apply their own rules totally undermines the integrity of Scottish football?
3. If they do then how can they seek renewals having such concerns without giving concrete assurances, not platitudes, to ST purchasers that what is preventing the rules being applied, is being addressed?
4. If they do not see an issue because it is not in the Company’s interest to pursue, can they explain exactly what is in the Company’s interest and how can that be separate from the supports’ interests?
5. On flag drama. Does this not point to a fundamental issue of trust on both sides and what steps are Celtic taking to lower the draw bridges whilst encouraging the support not to deepen the moats?


Auldheid, it’s notable that once forced to turn on the hot water and fill up the soap on match days due to Covid, Peter just couldn’t do it and ran 😉

Hope you’re well.
Hail Hail


Mahe, what a flippant response!


Jim, emailed him the official response 😉
Hope you’re well Sir. Don’t go downtown Saturday just incase pls



There are faults on both sides re the Palestinian flag display. The GB should have discussed it with the club beforehand-although admittedly the situation had only very recently blown up-but the board should also have been more tolerant to a matter very close to the heart of many Celtic supporters.

I doubt many of us would have complained about the display,had it gone ahead. A great number are bloody furious that it didn’t. Another own goal from the board,but in this case I think the GB asked for it.


Sorry Mahe, I should have known better – it was only a humorous, on the surface, reply. I hate to think of any chance Auldheid not getting the respect he deserves.


For Packy,

Margaret McGill

My Lawwell predictor on Aulheid’s 5 questions:
1. Fuck off
2. Fuck off
3. Fuck off
4. Fuck off
5. Fuck off

Anything else I can help you bhoys with?

saltires en sevilla


Questions for today.

1. Any progress to report on Res11 to engage with SFA about the Judicial process they abandoned in May 2020 re non compliance with UEFA FFP regs in 2011 when they decided not to pursue issue with CAS.
2. Do Celtic appreciate that the failure of the SFA to apply their own rules totally undermines the integrity of Scottish football?
3. If they do then how can they seek renewals having such concerns without giving concrete assurances, not platitudes, to ST purchasers that what is preventing the rules being applied, is being addressed?
4. If they do not see an issue because it is not in the Company’s interest to pursue, can they explain exactly what is in the Company’s interest and how can that be separate from the supports’ interests?
5. On flag drama. Does this not point to a fundamental issue of trust on both sides and what steps are Celtic taking to lower the draw bridges whilst encouraging the support not to deepen the moats?

May 13, 2021 2:32 pm


Great Questions – hope there is an opportunity to have them asked.

They already know the answers!!

Suspect they will find yet another excuse to delay answering anything and just turn this around to focus onto another extended Broony leave-fest.

Waiting with baited breath…



https://youtu.be/4TsupnCVmPw acsom Celtic clash with Green Brigade over Palestine display. Can they build bridges ?

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, enjoyed that wee tune jim 👍 didnt watch the game last night I believe we played some good football and some good goals, JIM,ill be honest i cant watch celtic untill that bassa lawwell leaves the building, lets hope a new brush sweeps clean, a new manager and CEO 👍 what have you been up to anything nice,,wee joan cut my hair this morning, and jim would you believe there were little strands of black hair amongst the grey, yes reminded me of my youth small dark and handsome,.well ive got one of the three right😎 wee joan is so lucky to have me,😎 😎 😎 another true story,H.H.



I got my haircut-at last-about three weeks ago. It could have filled a mattress.

big packy

BOBBY same here👍 at least you paid the going rate, wee joan charges me time and a half, another true story😎


Packy, I popped into the pub this afternoon for an hour on the way back from voting in our bi-election. Just me and one of the barmaids – had a great blether. She became widowed a couple of years ago. Wasn’t working because of the lock down. We shared similar stories of sometimes the highlight of the day was talking to shop assistants, bus drivers etc! 😊

You should thank the lord you have wee Joan. And free haircuts! 👍🤣

big packy

JIM, glad you enjoyed your wee blether 👍 what free haircuts.😎

big packy

for JIM and BOBBY,,https://youtu.be/BsF4suwvpsY



Never ask questions you do not already have the answers to. (C) BRTH.


Surely it’s not everyone that hates the Jewish people.


Some very strange posts on here today.

Mike in Toronto


Really liked Nick Heyward’s solo stuff … North of a Miracle is one of my favourite albums from that time, while From MOnday to Sunday is a very good album…

went to see him years ago, and just by chance, happened to be walking into the venue behind him, so he held the door open (he was very un-rockstar like), and we ended up chatting ….and he just seemed like a really nice lad ….


Packy, who would you have voted for in an election. Bessie Braddock (ask Joan) or Ted Heath?

big packy

MIKE, hope you are well, that was only a wee joke for BOBBY and JIM, wee joan is my haircut 100😎


Or lets put it another way. Who would you rather have as Celtic CEO – John Reid or Peter Lawwell?

big packy

JIM, definitely bessie braddock. do you remember that story she was in the house of commons squaring up to winston churchill, she said to winston you are drunk and winston replied and you are ugly, but ill be sober in the morning😎😎.another true story.👍

Mike in Toronto


any time I have listened, ACSOM seem to have good discussions. If was still more enthused about Celtic, I would definitely listen to the show more often.


That’s like asking if you would rather be hanged or shot.

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