The Smallest Gene Pool In The World

What is it with your average Hun/Loyalist? They demand that we all speak “Ra Queen’s English”. However, most of them seem to have a severe problem with basic English, Arithmetic and indeed History.
Take for instance, a simple four syllable word…Li-quid-a-tion.
Now most us know the precise meaning of this word. Death. The end of existence etc. Glasgow Rangers, formed in 1872, died in 2012. In Scots Law, if a company is liquidated, then anything run by said company also ceases to exist. Simple enough. Not for the Huns or the MSSM however…or the PLC at Celtic Park for that matter. Not at all. Thanks to the 5wa Sevco miraculously became the very same club. They are ‘Stull Raingurz’. How thick and out of touch do you have to be to believe all this shoite?
Then there is the small matter of the number 1 being the same as the number 55. Whenever I think upon the morons that believe this shoite, I always picture an American TV Evangelist raising his arms and exclaiming “Praise be, it’s a miracle”. It certainly is. The biggest miracle to happen, in fact, since the last time an Aberdonian bought a round.
Well that’s the theory. Is there any place in Scotland, where these ideas are put into practice? Well, plenty actually, but let’s discuss Larkhall. For those that have not have the dubious pleasure of visiting there, what can be said about this place? Well, it is a place stuck in the 90s…the 1690s. It is a cesspool of racism and bigotry. It is the only place in the world, where 20,000 people can tie for first place in the annual ‘Village Idiot’ contest. Being Huns, the organisers of the event do not give out trophies to the lucky winners. As a shower of dour-faced, miserable feckers, the winners have to settle for a lapel sticker bearing the legend ‘Larkhall Village Idiot’. As you can well imagine, these stickers are highly prized, and are nearly as popular as feckin’ poppies, as year round fashion accessories.
So what about the local Tims? There are more than a few of them. Fortunately, they are barred from the annual ‘Village Idiot’ contest as:

They have an IQ higher than their shoe size.

Have 5 toes on each foot, rather than cloven hooves.

Their sister is not their ma.

Their brother is not their da

They have not married their brother/sister.
The above also applies to all Loyalist area in Scotland. I would not wish to offend residents of other towns, pissed-off at me for a lack of recognition.
I would like to finish this wee bit of whimsy from me, by thanking those that have played their part in facilitating the resurrection of the rangers, thereby ensuring another weekend of mayhem, as Orange bastards cause mayhem in our town once again, in celebration of their teams VERY FIRST major honour. So here’s to:


The most noble of Masonic fraternities, the Lanarkshire Referees Association.

The architects of the 5wa.

Lord Nimmo Smith.

The Scottish Govt.

and last, but certainly not least:

The collaborators, cheats, thieving feckers and all round shower of Hun bastards that glory in the name ‘The PLC’. I absolutely refuse to put the honourable name ‘Celtic’, in front of that disgraceful 3 letter acronym.
Could all of the above please take a flying f**k to yourselves, and don’t let the door hit you on the way oot.
Oh aye, nearly forgot. How much of a total thicko do you have to be, to believe that your team is ‘invincible’, despite having been fecked out of 110 cup competitions… that’s 2 cup competitions, in the parlance of normal people.
Hail Hail to the wonderful family known as Sentinel Celts.


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A tad harsh on Larkhall-THEBARCAMOLE lived there for a while,and there is a damn fine Celtic pub in it. Not that I would know,when I get off the M74,the first stop is Kilwinning.

Speaking of which,people in Swindon have been at me for twenty years to use the Queen’s English. Rather difficult if you come from Kilwinning,and not my fault they can’t understand me. Strangely,they understand me fine well when I use words with a lot of F’s,suggesting directions they might wish to take.

So,with your Larkhall I will raise you a Kilwinning.

To know it is to love it.

Angel Gabriel

Being ( fairly) disciplined and realistic, when Celtic were dishing out skelpings on regular basis to the new Rainjurz, I resisted any temptation to mention the skelpings to any Orc.
None , surprisingly, apart from 2 who never mentioned fitba for a decade have said anything this season. Fair play.
Unfortunately, a certain number 55 , has had the occasional airing within my earshot, here in Sth Ayrshire. and at work.
The fairy tale tellers are firstly congratulated ,on being the best team this season, then asked if they believe in Santa .
They’re then asked why 3,000 Orcs bought a seat for life , still have their names on it, but the only privilege now is getting an annual letter from the RFC liquidatotors reminding them they are still creditors .
Meanwhile The Rangers FC take no responsibility in giving them their seats back.
I then ask if they know more about Scottish Law than a real former Rangers man Donald Findlay, who states they just can’t be the same club ?
Finally I tell them there was no relegation. Or demotion. The old Rainjurz lost their licence to play fitba , popped thei clogs and no longer exist. The MSSM all confirmed it . They maybe never mention it now, but they’ve never retracted it.
A wee add on that only a numpty would claim 5 if those titles, when the dugs on the street know they cheated like f##k.
The end , ( of the conversation) simples.

This shows the level of cowardice in the press , and in the boardrooms of other clubs.
Scottish fitba is a farce .

Have a nice Friday folks . HH



Chapeau,as the saying goes…

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday from a grey but dry EK.
A couple more to add to the same club myth –
When they ‘sold’ Naismith to Everton why didn’t the club get a fee?
Why did the 2012 fixture list come out with ‘Club 12’ featuring?
Why did they have to play in the 2nd round of the Scottish Cup, despite finishing 2nd in the SPL the previous season?
Why did they need a temporary licence to play Brechin?
Why were they not allowed to fulfil a testimonial fixture against, I think, Kelty Hearts
And on and on and on….



As you know,I double up the weekly charity bet at this end. I won’t be able to do that next week as I will be travelling home. So my suggestion is that you put the tenner on next week,and I’ll do so this week,if that suits.

I was thinking of flushing it down the toilet,for all the good that our charity gestures have done so far-!-but The Good Lord loves a trier.

So,I’ll put a tenner on Leicester City 3-1 Chelsea

You’re on the honours next week,my good man!!!



Oh,the list is endless…

Yet we are expected to swallow this crap,like the bottom scrapers we have sadly become.

Noel Skytrot

Huns and their ethnocentrism, they just can’t help themselves. As for 55, it’s 55 layers of shit that sits atop their rancid club. In saying that we’ve a few layers as well, notably those who run the plc.


33-1 on that. We live in hope,


Great article! To your Larkhall I give you every loyalist town in the 6 counties in the North of Ireland. Because of Pinnochio Pete and co we now have even more flags hanging from every lamp post in the place. Thick over here too, 55 on all their flags hanging beside butcher’s apron of the UK and israel. Neanderthals the lot.



You must stay in Ayrshire! My family are going ballistic about the graffiti especially.

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon


I know and respect the intention to keep politics out of here.

But my relationship with Celtic was successfully killed off by the green Tories in the board yesterday

I do walking away.

The club is finished.

My thanks to Paul67 and Bankiebhoy.

I’ll invest my time where it’s more required, as Brother Walfird would have done.

You have killed our club.

[Shudders and skin crawls while walking away towards Albion Rovers ]

But I’ll always have my memories of the club I loved before it was ruined.



This video makes me cry,every time-no kidding!

I think it applies also to how you and a helluva lot of other Celtic fans feel about the club.


Yep,still gets me every time. Right at the end too.


Morning all,

I’ve got to admit. Larkhall is a dump !!!!!!!!! ( Sorry if it offends anyone ).

From the red,white and blue railings, the Subway sandwich shop changing the colour of their sign from green, the constant destruction of the traffic lights that , god forbid, turn green and the list goes on and on ………………

Not a place I like.

A wee story from long time ago, I represented a golf club who played in the Lanarkshire golf league ( Lower divisions )
and one year we played Larkhall Golf Club.

Well it was the Larkhall home game so me and my friend decided to get dressed up for the occasion.

I had the green polo shirt, green jumper and managed to find a green glove. My friend did the same but he managed green shoes also.

The looks we got when we arrived on the first tee, well just say the locals weren’t that impressed !!!!!!!!

The thing is they couldn’t do anything that would hurt their association with the Golf League.

Great night and we actually beat them also.

If I remember, my friend played a young Gary McAllister ( The now Sevco, Hun !!!!!) that night and beat him.

The good old days !!!!!!!



Good morning Bobby and Uber,

I’d forgotten the raw emotional power of that song and its impact on me personally and more importantly, politically in the Thatcher years. Thanks for posting it Bobby and yes, very appropriate now in so many ways.
Uber, take of yourself. The bastards have won for time being but they’ll never take the heart and soul of what Celtic really means to all of us

Mahe BMCUWP can you check your Twitter messages cheers

If you come off at the Larkhall junction on the 74 you’re best to turn left and head up the valley to the home of the Lanimers where your find a far better welcome

The Gombeen Man

Understand Liquidation?

Dermot used the Bankruptcy process to aquire a property in Dublin’s most exclusive neighborhood at a discount of a cool €43.8m.

I don’t suppose Celtic FC will see any of that cash?

It’s hit the Credit Cards and Credit Unions to support the Old Firm.

There’s no Union flags flying from lamposts in Shrewsbury Road, Dublin 4.

If Dermot was a Presbyterian from Larkhall would the SB boycott be such a wrench?

Is he making a killing out of your conditioning?

Or just giving you what you really want?

“Sean Dunne’s bankruptcy trustee lifts legal claim over Shrewsbury Road mansion.”

Mary Carolan, Irish Times.

Updated: Wed, Feb 12, 2020, 20:21

Sean Dunne had paid a record €58 million for Walford in 2005 at the height of the boom under a trust set up for his second wife Gayle. The couple are now estranged.

Seán Dunne’s Irish bankruptcy trustee has agreed to lift a legal claim registered over a valuable Dublin 4 property which was sold for €14.2 million more than three years ago, the High Court has heard.

The agreement by Official Assignee Chris Lehane to lift the lis pendens registered by him over ‘Walford’ on Dublin’s Shrewsbury Road, and to consent to a declaration that a trust set up for the benefit of the children of financier Dermot Desmond has acquired good title to Walford, was made under settlements of proceedings arising from Dunne’s Irish bankruptcy and issues over the ownership of Walford.

Mr Dunne had paid a record €58 million for Walford in 2005 at the height of the boom under a trust set up for his second wife Gayle. The couple are now estranged.

In late 2016, a Cyprus registered company, Yesreb Ltd, of which John Dunne, a son of Seán Dunne’s first marriage, was said to be a director, sold Walford for €14.25 million to Celtic Trustees Ltd.

Celtic is the sole trustee of the Merdon Trust, whose settlor is billionaire financier Dermot Desmond, and which was set up for the benefit of Mr Desmond’s children.

Last week, the High Court was told three separate sets of proceedings, all with some link to Seán Dunne’s bankruptcy and/or Walford, had settled but Mr Justice Denis McDonald was asked to adjourn making orders to allow various complex steps be taken in a number of jurisdictions.

When the cases returned before him on Wednesday, he was told by Bernard Dunleavy SC, with Edward Farrelly SC, for the Official Assignee, the steps had been taken and orders were being sought, on consent, in the three sets of proceedings.

The judge agreed to make those orders, including an order striking out proceedings by the Official Assignee against Yesreb, with Celtic as a notice party, and vacating all previous orders.

He also vacated a lis pendens registered by the Official Assignee over Walford in December 2016.

Rossa Fanning SC, for Celtic, said orders could also be made on consent striking out his client’s separate case against the Official Assignee and making a declaration Celtic has acquired good title to Walford.

In its case, Celtic had claimed it had good title to Walford.

Mr Fanning said the third set of proceedings, taken by Mr Desmond and various members of his family against the Official Assignee and the Insolvency Service of Ireland over the alleged leaking of confidential material to a newspaper concerning an agreement to buy Walford, could also be struck out with no order and vacating all previous orders.

Mr Justice McDonald made all the orders sought.

The settlements came after the judge was told last Friday that Seán Dunne had separately initiated injunction proceedings in New York aimed at restraining John Dunne using funds held by Yesreb to settle the Irish High Court proceedings.

Mr Lehane had sued Yesreb here in a bid to recover the proceeds of the sale of Walford for the benefit of the estate of Seán Dunne whose Irish bankruptcy has been extended for 12 years over failure to co-operate with the official assignee.

(Postscript…In 2018, Dermot secured planning permission to demolish Walford and replace it with 17,168 sq ft mansion, more than three times larger than Walford.)

“Sean Dunne’s bankruptcy trustee lifts legal claim over Shrewsbury Road mansion”


Just seen some of the banners on display outside Ibrox proclaiming 55 titles. What exactly is it that stops Celtic coming out and publicly challenging the very idea that a club that was formed in 2012 can claim to have won 55 league titles? It’s not as though it would be that difficult to do especially just before they send out the ST renewal notices.

I will answer my own question. The current custodians inside Celtic Park are the biggest shower of absolute shitebags on the planet right now. They just won’t do anything that might upset their relationship with their business partners, The Rangers. They make me sick to the very pit of my stomach and I loathe and detest them more than I do the huns right now. At least with official huns, you can sort of understand where they are coming from even.

However, I cannot for the life of me understand what motivates the green huns inside the CP boardroom. Are they that desperate to sustain the Old Firm business brand at the expense of everything else the club is supposed to represent? Equally, I cannot understand why any Celtic fan is willing to financially support the corruption inside CP right now. Starve them out. Short term pain for long term gain.

Mike in Toronto

After the meetings, and Dom sharing the tragic plight, I had a few thoughts on how Celtic could raise some money …

they could do one of those commercials… like for Unicef.

‘Hi I’m Dom,

I’m here today to talk to you about a cause that is dear to my heart… and I know to all of you…

(He holds up a picture of DD)

This is poor little Dessie… he and his fellow Celtic Board members are in dire straits and need your help.

Think of the hardship…. If you dont renew, poor little Dessie may not have enough money to … (gasp) pay his caddie, and may actually have to carry his own clubs at golf. Or, he may not even be able to afford to join a properly exclusive golf course, and may even have to play on a public course. Or God forbid, he may not get the tee time he wants, and may actually be forced to watch Celtic….

Dont let this tragedy happen… save poor little Dessie and all the other poor, starving Celtic Directors….

You can make a difference…. for only 12 easy payments of 55pounds, not only do you get a season ticket (sorry about that), but, more importantly, you can ensure that Dessie, and all the poor little Celtic directors can continue to live the life they have come to know and love…

Join now! Become a member of StsCD (Save the Starving Celtic Directors) Foundation. Make a difference to the life of a starving director….

(fade to black)

or they could go the (American Televangelist route …. God will bless you if you donate money to the Celtic Directors….’for only 12 easy monthly donations of 55 pounds, the Celtic ministry will send you a vial of special Celtic holy water straight from the Clyde. and if you do, God will bless you with health and wealth, and more importantly, SPL titles’

Hey, this scam made millions for Peter Popoff ….

or they could try the televangelist Jessie Deprantis line… he was one of the televangelists who told his followers that Jesus told him that he needed a new $55 million private jet to help spread the word…

Hell, if they do this right, they could raise enough to give all the directors their own planes, and maybe even have enough left over to buy a new set of cones for the training ground!


PL and DD’s favorite song

My old friend ‘The Blues’ (AKA Sevco / The Rangers)

Just when every ray of hope was gone
I should have known that you would come along
I can’t believe I ever doubted you
My old friend the blues
Another lonely night, a nameless town
If sleep don’t take me first, you’ll come around
‘Cause I know I can always count on you
My old friend the blues

Lovers leave and friends will let you down
But you’re the only sure thing that I’ve found
No matter what I do I’ll never lose
My old friend the blues
Lovers leave and friends will let you down
But you’re the only sure thing that I’ve found

No matter what I do, I’ll never lose
My old friend the blues
Just let me hide my weary heart in you
My old friend the blues

Gordon64 Celtic Zoom Meeting Thread

‘I would suggest 75% of attendees were sitting in disbelief as to what was being proposed. Forget last season it went wrong oh and gies your money. If you don’t we won’t get players’.

Mike in Toronto

another thought … I have heard a few times that Celtic were impacted more than most by not having the fans (the 12th) man there to spur them on to success this season …

two things….

does this mean the fans havent been cheering hard enough during European games these last few years?


if Celtic really does need the fans to take them to the next level (and get the riches that Euro football provides), maybe Celtic should be paying the fans to attend, instead of the other way ’round?

Jobo Baldie

The whole ‘55’ thing is solely about one thing – the continuity myth. Traditionally, clubs will never miss an opportunity to cash in ony any decent merchandising ideas but this tends to be linked to generally accepted milestones – a 10th cup maybe, a 25th league title, hey, a treble treble, etc. But at what point in history did ‘55’ become any sort of notable landmark? Does anyone know anyone, anywhere who, for example, had a big birthday bash as it was their 55th? I doubt it.
No, the sole purpose of ‘55’ is that it gets repeated often enough over the last few years to become engrained into the hard of thinking’s mindset – after all (approaching the argument the other was round) ‘if we have won 55, we MUST be the same club?’.
So, anytime I hear reference to it I challenge it. But our Club, and others, should have done so long ago.

ps Oglach – love that song. Indeed love that album. The lyrics on the first 2 Proclaimers albums don’t get the recognition they deserve. My favourite being ‘This is the story of my first teacher, Shetland made her jumpers but the devil made her features…’ 😉


Just a heads-up for anyone considering heading into town tonight.

A couple of hours ago, I was taking a short-circuit through the Central Station. Bad idea as it transpired. A mob of animals-hundreds strong-had just got off various trains, and were marching through the station, belting out their songs of hatred. Most of them were pished oot their nappers. Despite winning the league, none of them looked in a celebratory mood. Quite the reverse actually. Sullen and aggressive they were…typical Huns in fact. Now, considering that was an advance party, I would expect the town to be hoatching with thousands of these Orange feckers tonight. No doubt, George Square will get another trashing. Fast forward to tomorrow…the sound of silence will be deafening. Worst of all, they will be allowed to repeat the excersise tomorrow, and Sunday. With Grand Lodge(Police Scotland) either looking benignly on, or worse still, actively joining in the fun.

So if yer and about for any reason, be vigilant and most importantly, stay safe.

Of course if the Huns do cause havoc tonight, no doubt the politicians and media will somehow manage to drag us into the affair.


Thanks for putting up my poor musings. I honestly don’t know how you guys do it, day after day, and manage to maintain such a high standard.

Here’s to taking back our league flag next season. Boy oh boy, are those bastards gonna suffer big time… that’s our very own PLC I’m talking about.

Hail Hail.

bada bing1

When we won titles or the QT, never were any pubs or businesses warned to close their doors



Aye,it was an easy and also patronising excuse. Dom will have to up his game from yesterday, or alternatively tell the string puller that he can GTF.



Spot on re the continuity myth… that’s all the 55 is about.

You’re obviously a man with good taste in music. My own Proclaimers fav is ‘Cap In Hand’. Twas a Hibee mate that got me into their music.

Hail Hail.

Mike in Toronto


It seems the same as every year … certainly the same as last year when they called and said ‘this year is different… this year we REALLY need your money to help us win 10’ …. now this year, it is ‘this year is different.. this year we REALLY REALLY need your money to help us …’

and to show up, and ask the fans what they think the club should do? FFS

communication is a good thing, and asking for suggestions is not a bad idea …. but to wait until the new season is about to start… comein with not a single idea about what to do (although that is YOUR job), and then just sort of throw it to the fans and say ‘what should we do?’… so that, when it blows up, they can say ‘well, we did what the fans wanted’… is fucking shameful.

they should be tarred and feathered (and I’m not talking metaphorically anymore)….


My favourite Proclaimers song as well ….



I first saw The Proclaimers on-was it The Tube,C4 on a Friday evening? About 1987,and I thought they were a parody act. You could never tell with that show! But they have released some powerful stuff since and apparently are a tremendous live act.

I wouldn’t know,since they don’t come to Swindon. Canny blame them for that,really…


Morning troops. God Bless all those with health issues or less fortunate than ourselves.

Celts for Change, we aren’t really ones for Twitter messages, the Gmail ( suits way better, but received and understood. Thanks.

Magua many thanks for today’s article and a day off! The north is as bad, as someone mentioned.

Back after coffee
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


I saw them on tour for their first album I think …or maybe it was their second album… but I do remember that it was their birthday, and someone brought a cake, which they shared out


I agree with a lot of the comments on here.

What we all wanted was the end of Pistol Pete. Well he’s nearly away and a new man at the helm. Surely we need to give Dom a chance to see what he can achieve.

Then there’s a new Manager on the horizon. I know it’s taken an eternity but again, when he arrives surely we must also give him a chance.

I cannot give up on Celtic as yet, and will be renewing my ticket. I only hope and pray that we can turn this around and this time next year, we can ram it right up the Huns !!!!!!!

HH 🍀🍀


So the invisible Dom shows up and surprise, surprise has nothing to say we haven’t heard before.
Reminds me of my daughter and friends all celebrating Obama’s election win.
I was reminded of a quote attributed to Mark Twain IF YOUR VOTE MADE A DIFFERENCE,THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW YOU TO MAKE IT.
We may have a different CEO but he’s wearing the same jacket.
The emotional blackmail and threats from the club’s representatives are just a continuation of their consistent behavior.
Until our de facto self appointed owner leaves we are Donald Ducked!

Mike in Toronto


I didn’t want the end of Pistol Pete per se. I wanted an honest club, with or without PL. Frankly, he and DD chose to be dishonest… they could as easily have decided at any point to be honest. But they dind’t.

As I have said, changing the monkey aint going to make much difference if the same organ grinder is playing the same tune.

My concern is that, replacing him, but not changing how the club operates (no plan disclosed), and how it deals with fans (last minute panicked calls to fan groups begging them to convince people to renew), and how the fans deal with the club (fans renew)… like asking the band on the Titanic to play a different song as the boat continues to sink. You might like the song better (or just need a change from the last song they kept playing over and over) … but, If there is a hole in the boat, it is going to keep sinking.


BMCUW and Jobo

I always have a quite chuckle to myself, when I recall a classic Proclaimers story.

After they made it big in the US of A with the release of ‘500 miles’, they appeared on some American chat show.

After the initial pleasantries, the host’s first question was “So tell me, when did you two first meet?”. Without missing a beat, Charlie or mibee Craig replied “In the womb”. The look on the host’s face was priceless.

Hail Hail.



I agree with what you say.

But, I’m here standing in the last chance saloon, Celtic scarf on and Dom Saul is singing this in the background.



Given your profession as a lawyer,and clearly a highly successful one,I can understand your cynicism. I think that in less than three years of existence,this site has made plain its despair of the way that the club/Plc is being run.

However,our clear first goal was the removal of Lawwell,which has been achieved. I doubt I’m the only person here who thinks that he has been almost exclusively to blame for the direction that the club has taken in his time,so I expect a completely different way forward from DMcK.

Naturally,the damage that he needs to repair won’t be achieved overnight. We’ve had eighteen years of that prick holing us under the waterline. Miracles take time. And he needs one.

Also given your previous non-legal background,is there no forgiveness for the sinner?



I was in the pub one day,late 80s,when A Letter from America came on. I turned to my Dad,said that only the English could love a song that they couldn’t understand.

Seems they still can’t.

Mike in Toronto


I think this song is more appropriate… a riff on an old Dubliners tune, but Kate Rusby is much cuter..



I do not buy into the conspiracy theory that Celtic actively wished to preserve a Sevco. There is a difference between that belief and Celtic enjoying revenue because a form of Sevco does exist. However, I have come to the end of the road in supporting the club financially. It has not been an easy decision because of the longevity of my support plus the emotional ties to events and teams of the past. I fully understand the argument that withdrawing support will hurt the club and possibly benefit Sevco. I respect those that cannot take the chance of that happening. For me, the decision making has been so rank bad for years that I want no part of it. These poor decisions, I believe, were made on flawed financial grounds, nothing else. Essentially, decisions like not paying a few thousand extra to get McGinn cost the club millions in lost transfer fees. Decisions like hiring a struggling manager and not providing a reasonable back up team cost the club millions as progress in European competitions was thrown away, resulting in lost millions. Despite seeing the warnings from Cluj, we progressed to Ferencvaros and more lost millions. Finally, a light bulb went on when the ten was lost. The full financial losses associated with the collapse of this season are still to be felt as we could easily be out of Europe in the first qualifying round. Afterall, we have no team and no manager. Even the protracted appointment of a new manager has been built on faulty financial thinking. Why not pay out Howe’s remaining contract and get him in earlier? Saving money there will result in financial losses as we overpay for transfer targets because we are desperate to pull a team together in a short time. Getting Howe in earlier may, just may, have helped as to hang on to players who otherwise will leave. Anyone leaving now will do so for less than we could have got one year ago.

The above only covers the NL Mark 2 era but the rot goes much deeper than that and for longer. Think Mowbray, NL Mark 1, and Deila, “a few of the faces are different, but the story is the same one…” as Neil Diamond said. For those that think the club was well run from a financial perspective, I refer you to monopoly theory. Not the game, but the economic one! If you are the only game in town, you cannot help but make money……..UNTIL a viable challenger turns up. We just saw that happen but, of course, our Board ignored all of the signs from the previous season as Sevco stacked up results against us.

I cannot support such a flawed organisation as that….they will only make the same mistakes. Dom’s performance yesterday seems to confirm that sad reality.

If you want optimism, do not read my stuff! Oh, Liverpool won last night so there is hope.


Mike in Toronto


It is pretty clear to me that PL was just the errand bhoy, who was doing DD’s bidding….. If DMcK is not be pushed in the same direction (turned to the Dark Side as was Darth Lawwell), he will need to be ‘helped/encouraged’ by fans to follow the straight and narrow …

show us some good faith … take one step forward…. and the fans will take one step forward… and so on…

they had our faith and trust, and abused it …. it is not unreasonable to now say that it is up to them to do something – to take some real step (dont just come and ask the fans what you want, and then ignore it ….do something ) to prove that they are serious about making things better ….

As for forgiveness…. same thing…

if you go into the confessional, and say ‘bless me Father, for I have sinned…. I am cheating on my wife with her sister ….’ before he will grant absolution, the priest is going to ask if you are still involved with the sister, and if you intend to keep seeing her…. if you say, ‘I feel bad about it, but no I am not going to stop sleeping with my wife’s sister’ you aint going to get your forgiveness… he will tell you that absolution cannot be given unless and until you show that you are sorry … which you cannot do if you intend to keep committing the sin.

Mike in Toronto


Ps.. no slight intended on your choice of music…. LiT often gives me grief, as I have a soft spot for cheesy ’70’s pop songs…and quite like that one!



Given the shite fest that was yesterday’s first opportunity to meet and impress the peasants for Domonic does anything he said leave you with a nice warm furry feeling for the future? All I could think of that it was the same condescending shite coming out of a different mouth.
I agree we have to give him time to try and make the changes required – that is if he is allowed to implement them, but as for 1st impressions and auspicious beginnings go – ‘nul point’ to Dermot’s new bhoy.

Mike in Toronto


My dinner offer still stands….hpefully when the lockdown ends…. but we might have to switch from a steak dinner to pizza or Ethiopian food …something where you and I dont have sharp knives….


Mike in Toronto


since we have already started music…. this song ALWAYS picks my spirits up..not sure what he is saying, but if he is waiting for a miracle, Mr. Dixit may actually be a Celtic fan too …



Letter From America…what a belter.

Incidentally, the Bhoys at Videocelts have an article up today titled ‘Dom McKay Meets The Celtic Fans And Addresses The Elephant In The Room’.

Much as I detest our chunky CEO, surely describing the man as an elephant is bang out of order…and an affront to all decent elephants.



Glasgow and Moray will remain under level three Covid restrictions for at least another week, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced.
Thankfully Ru’glen is in SLC 🙏 🍺

Jobo Baldie

Mike in Toronto

A poster on the other blog (I do still dip in to see what the Board’s position on things will be) is saying that, like Spurs, Man City have agreed to have a fan rep on their Board. I cant find confirmation, but very interesting if true.


Keeping with the cheesy music, this is for all Celtic supporters.

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