Hibs 0-0 Celtic


Thank fuck that is over. That game on Saturday was everything that was wrong with this worst of all seasons in recent memory. Controlling the game without actually grabbing it by the scruff of the neck,and nearly throwing it away towards the end as emboldened opposition players realised how piss-poor we really were.

Admittedly,we played fairly well in the first half,and Eddie did manage to put a terrific 30 yard free kick into the net. Willie the wanker though had blown fractionally beforehand for an imaginary infringement in the wall,and Eddie really couldn’t be bothered to do it again.

Other players too had good chances,but they fluffed their lines. As ever.

I can take the needles out of my eyes now,and hope for better times ahead-but it will be a struggle given the problems that any new manager inherits. And by the way,if he isn’t announced by the end of the week,someone should just nip over to Portugal on a plane and hire Marco Silva. I’m fed up waiting,this should be one of the biggest jobs in the game and we are playing bloody amateur hour here.

Well done,Peter. You must be very proud,especially given that it is you yourself who has made the manager’s job toxic with your continued interference. Aye,there might be NDAs in place,but people still discuss things off the record.

Not that they need to,anyone can nip onto a site like this and others,or even read about it in a newspaper. That’s some massive ego to replace,I can tell you. Inflated over the years by people blowing smoke up your arse. You won’t be missed,not by any Celtic fan with two brain cells to rub together.

While we were watching our season “Peter” out,the huns were having a party. A totally illegal party,quite a few of them in fact. There was the one in the Player’s Lounge,which broke every Covid sanction you can think of,there was the one by their fans outside the ground before,during and after the match. And then there was the one at George Square.

Not only an illegal gathering under Covid regulations,but one which had specifically been banned by Police Scotland beforehand. Which saw most of them getting tanked up in a public space on their Thunderbird,vodka and Buckie. Also illegal,obviously.

Once again,the cops facilitated it-even to the extent of wearing bloody Rangers scarves!-until they realised how dangerous these scum are when they gather in numbers. In my experience,any more than three of them are easily capable of starting a riot,but on Saturday night,suitably encouraged by the wreck-the-hoose juice and the general affability of the cops,there were thousands there,just trashing the place.

That riot squad officers were employed was a surprise,that the situation needed them wasn’t! What the hell is wrong with people in authority in our country? Then they issue weasel word statements afterwards,knowing full well that it will happen again-because unless you apply sanctions properly,scum like that aren’t gonna GAF about anything!

Get off your arse and do your bloody job,the lot of you. Whether that be in Bute House or Pitt Street. We are fed up clearing up the mess which is of your making. And speaking of clearing up a mess which is of your making,that applies to you anaw,Lawwell.

The whole bloody lot,sold their souls for a blue pound. While that blue pound despises you all. Makes me wonder in fact who were the bloody morons at the weekend.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Consequences and zero tolerance? Aye,right.


So Lawwell is asking fans to pony up forST’s because we need to keep pace with Sevco? It’s your bastard child Lawwell! Don’t expect the rest of us to fund their maintainance.

Anyone else think moustachioed Hun Loving Criminal is thinking of selling his shares? 🤔 Might explain why we still don’t have a manager 8 months after getting pumped at home by RossCounty.

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I seem to remember Griffiths getting a ban for similar, when he was at Hibs……but this will be over exuberance obviously

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Keep it decent Bhoys, a frustrating time for us all



Zero tolerance, indeed.

They have zero tolerance for the Celtic supporting community, in this country of many cultures.


If any of your advisors read this blog, have a look at the video posted by NorrieM. Members of ethnic minorities, actually belting out racist/sectarian filth. They are tainted by the cancer that emanates from Ibrox Park. That is the reality of your ‘One Scotland, Many Cultures’ pish. Shame on the whole bastard lot of you in Holyrood. Not in my name, you bastard.


Seems I have been a bit harsh on the Police Scotland response on Saturday.

Apparently they were busy breaking up a First Communion elsewhere.

You probably won’t see that in the papers,and I rarely post stuff like this,but I totally trust the person who told me.


Apparently 3 vans and 4 police cars used to break up that communion, i seen it yesterday too.



Throughout Scotland in all walks of life proportionally there is to my mind more individuals who’s hearts and minds are with the Peeple.

In that respect nothing has changed,journalists know there demographic,Police Scotland treat TRFC supporters with kid gloves and CFC supporters with contempt..

Yesterday showed that a mobilised horde thousands strong can do what they want in the knowledge that they wont be challenged.Only when the numbers diminished the Police moved in.The crowds self entitlement and selfless attitude is only going to strengthen their superiority complex.

I despair as to what will unfold in the seasons to come.

Pewter Lawell has weakened our team to the extent that we will be starting the upcoming season with both hands tied behind our back,giving them a huge advantage.We now have a weakened and unbalanced team and Mr Lawell is still on the premises.

We are Celtic supporters,we get behind the team so in reading back,we stand together so 31003 and Pitymevin lifes too short and we are on the same side.With that in mind I apologise to MIT as my last comments were curt and I would hope unlike me the last time I posted.

Mike in Toronto


Just looked in, as I’m trying to figure out how to set up the Sonos speakers… one day they work on the iPad, but not the laptop … now, one wont work on the iPad! Doesn’t help that I am a techno-numpty.

Remember, I fight with people all day, so it takes a fair bit to really offend me. And I appreciate you saying something, but, if I’m being Honest,, I dont remember what you said, so it couldn’t have been too bad! But in the same spirit, if I shot back (again, I dont recall), my apologies too. We’re good, mate.


That video from Ibrox dressing room has totally shocked me. This is a different level of hatred.
I hope the Scottish wider society get to view this abhorrent video, and are as appalled and angry about it as I am tonight.
This is a new low for that Satan’s Spawn of a club.


Barisic and Katic are practising Catholics who attend Saint Peter’s Partick RC Church regularly.
What are they both thinking in that Ibrox dressing room?


MIT just a suggestion but sometimes moving your Sonos speakers from the default channel to another such as 6 or 11 helps, that way no other wireless device is fighting with it for access to your router.

Mike in Toronto


I expect that most of those guys dont really know what they are signing up for (although, any agent worth their salt should give them a heads up ), and once they are there, and they see how deeply entrenched it is, no one wants to take on that fight by themselves, I guess.

ASWGL …. thanks… got them all working, except the Roam… which used to work on my phone and iPad, but not my laptop, but is now working on my phone and laptop, but not my iPad!

When you say ‘moving your Sonos speakers’… do you mean like throwing it? (which is about my level of computer expertise)? 🙂


Big Rory’s new single. New album out today.
It is shit hot record. Guitar, rock album. Love it.
Showing he has more than big ballads.



Not particularly Mike, that’s the final step in failure 🙂


Gnite guys HH

The Real McCoy

Was gonna compare and contrast the different responses to the racist behaviour in differing parts of the country.
“ shameful racism “ – Boris
“ urgent enquiries to identify those responsible and won’t accept such behaviour “ Met
“ no place for religious hatred in British Society “
Boris .
“ Utterly disgusting. There must be consequences “ – Starmer
Suspects traced and arrested within hours.
Now that video of disgust has appeared.
Between sick and angry.
Gonna chill for now.
See you all tomorrow Sentinel Celts.

Mike in Toronto



The Real McCoy

Can’t chill just yet.
Does the SFW Player of the Year feature in that vijeo 🤔


Another shameless plug for my favourite song of May 2021.
Good Irish stock this bhoy.


Mike in Toronto


I have Gil Scott Heron blasting away!


Hopefully it unsettles the Croatian duo, and the Partick Bhoys at Saint Peter’s Mass can persuade them to sign for Celtic.
Two players I rate highly.


LIT is correct. Wish you would listen to yer bro.
You would suit being a spliff smoker. 😜💚


Imagine you were the son of a Celtic player, which would be a huge buzz.
You then decide to become more famous than yer auld man. Gil Scott achieved that.
Love this track.


Mike in Toronto


I dont like anything that makes me feel like I am not in control. So, never been drunk. Got too many skeletons, and was always afraid I might say something!

Switched over musically …. now listening to Caleb Caudle … love this kid’s voice …


From the one time that I have met you, I have to say that the Irn Bru drinker in our company, made a huge long lasting impression on me, and my son Ryan, who still asks after you often.
You don’t need alcohol or blaw. You have intelligence, charm and charisma. Beautiful combination.

Mike in Toronto


People are going to think Im paying you to say that!

All joking aside, much respect for you and Ryan too.


My favourite song from April 2021. Have fallen in love with wee Ellie’s vocal here.



My youngest of my four children has followed my advice that he has two ears and eyes, but one mouth, so use them proportionally.
He loves listening to and learning from intelligent men like yourself. As do I.


God bless the Palestinians.
This is genocide by Beelzebub Netanyahu.
Heartbreaking footage on Aljazeera tonight, for the 7th night of Israeli air strikes. Near 200 dead. Near 50 children dead in 7 days of attacks. What is UN doing?

Mike in Toronto

that situation makes the Irish situation look easy to resolve. not often that I say I dont have a clue … but I haven’t an idea how that is going to resolve


Love this cover version.
Happy Monday folks.



God bless and protect the people of Palestine please.
Goodnight God Bless folks


Noel Skytrot

Now that a couple of days have elapsed since the huns were causing carnage and all the fury on social media platforms simmers down, politicians having their say quietens and the Scottish media does what it does best, how does Scotland attempt to address its anti-Irish/Catholic attitudes? It’ll probably be business as usual now the outrage has subsided.


Morning all…a wee classic for the idiot in Hun Square who had a firecracker accident…


I urge everyone on here to contact Humza Yousaf today with a clear message that the anti-Catholic singing frm inside Ibrox needs to be acted on.
Here is my email to Humza Yousaf…

“Dear Mr Yousaf
Firstly, please allow me to commend you and the First Minister for calling out the Anti-Catholic behaviours witnessed yet again over the weekend. Despite your statements being long overdue it is refreshing and welcome to finally have our senior politicians putting a name to this offensive and disgusting behaviour and I hope that your comments are the first of many that lead to positive action against the perpetrators of this Sectarianism that will eventually see us rid of it completely. Amongst the many issues I have with the actions of fans of The Rangers Football Club over the weekend – including the disregard for current Pandemic guidelines and regulations and the latest hooliganism and thuggish behaviour in George Square and the City Centre – I was disturbed to see a Tweet which appears to show video footage of a private party in full swing inside Ibrox Stadium.
Like many others I have adhered to ScotGov guidelines with regards to Covid, my wife and my teenage family have sacrificed many of our normal leisure activities with a view to restricting the spread of Coronavirus.
The images from Ibrox Stadium showing The Rangers Football Club players and staff celebrating their success is bad enough but the song ‘Sweet Caroline’ containing the ad-libbed lyrics “Fuck The Pope” is Anti-Catholic and incredibly offensive. Against the recent outrage of The Rangers’ player Kamara allegedly being racially abused in a European match with the subsequent demands by The Rangers Football Club for justice to be served on the opposition player I now call on you as Justice Secretary for Scotland to investigate the players and employees involved in this incident. The irony of the situation has not been lost on me!
For far too long the supporters of this Club have been given free rein to behave as they wish. If the example being set to them by the Club is as seen in the video footage then we cannot be surprised when their sense of entitlement leads to the disgusting scenes of disorder witnessed over the weekend.
I hold little hope of you acting on this complaint but for far too long Anti-Catholic behaviours have been witnessed and permitted by the Scottish Government and Police Scotland and the time has come to call it out for what it is and take any required action to begin to eradicate it.
For your information I copy here the link address of the offending video;
I look forward to hearing from you.”

Paddy’s Maw

Disappointed that the players’ video had “disappeared”. Although it may resurface by someone who had the foresight to save it. Typical Police Scotland response to the first communion. We see that all the time at the park. let’s not challenge the Six foot six guy singing the song. Let’s challenge the five foot nothing 15 year old!

Paddy’s Maw

Great email. I too will write and will “borrow” elements of it. We should all be writing although they will just produce a standard response (as done during the OBAF repeal) so I will make sure to “bullet” my concerns and ask for a response to them all.
Again – great letter McCaff!


Paddy’s Maw, I sent that email last night, I never checked before I posted if it was still up! ScotGov have the resources to find it if they want to. They now need to back up strong words with actions!

Paddy’s Maw

Agree with you and just told ATOB the same thing. They have the link and they have the resources to find it if they care to use them so let’s see if they do


I don’t use twitter very often but the video is still there when I click on the various links that were posted here and on cqn.


Score predictor update.
Final standings..


Winner…Bada.. £50
2nd…vogue punter..£30

Well done bhoys especially Bada who was very consistent since the new year..

Thanks for taking part hoped you enjoyed it as much as i.

See you all next season…



As you stay in ek? I can meet up with you to hand you and Vp winnings…
Get my email from Bobby or post on here..
Get my addy and we will make arrangement for your winnings…
Cheers bhoys…
Once again…well done…

cosy corner bhoy

Remember fellow Celtic fans
At least they didn’t teach us to sing ‘F.ck the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland ‘ at thae Catholic schools!!


McCAFF 818

Outstanding letter,mate.


When you are accountable for nothing you are free to do what you like.

In 2011 Rangers obtained a UEFA licence by deception.

That deception has never been investigated by anyone, not SFA , not UEFA not CAS.

Under Res11 at 2020 AGM Celtic said they would engage with relevant authorities but silence so far.

Res11 or 12 was and is about accountability a principle that if abandoned leads to the world we wake up to each morning, of which what happened in Glasgow on Saturday is but one manifestation of its lack.

Reinstating the principle of accountability is essential for creating a civil society so we must persist in its pursuit.

Does any1 have the email address of the slavia Prague chairman, he will get it sorted with uafa!! Truly horrible behaviour! I remember Terry butcher telling a story of him giving it waldy about the pope and his wife slaughtering him asking him to look in the mirror and how he got lured in2 it as the whole club still has the same values from the 1920s. Does any 1 remember how many games Griffiths got banned for with the Rudy scatchil from hearts carryon??

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