Retrospective Punishment

I’m smiling as I type this but I recall my old man going on a one man crusade after suffering what he considered unjust retrospective punishment.
The charge in question was speeding, and he was absolutely livid to receive a photo of himself in his wagon with his speed at the time printed below, popped through the letterbox with a request for a decent amount.
Having not been stopped by the police themselves, but summoned via machine incensed him. But at the same time, there was a recognition that the camera never lies. He did the crime, he just figured getting home without any interference meant getting away with it, how very wrong.
It left a lasting impression, once bitten twice shy and all that. Anytime he spied the dreaded white van, the group text went out, and if one inch illegally parked he threatened the fuzz on them citing safety concerns until they moved on.
It’s the same reason why so many use dashcams now, the same reason cops are being mandated to wear body cams, hell the same reason Tictoc has blew up,,the camera just does not lie.
As cold hearted as a shark it simply does it job.
The United Kingdom is one of the most heavily CCTV nations on earth, a small condensed landmass, and Scotland has more than it’s fair share of cameras.
Given the amount of alcohol on display at the weekend, many of those illegal gatherers would have used public transportation to congregate, again heavily covered by cameras.
There’s also the regular traffic and street cameras, the businesses cameras in that affected areas, plus a plethora of online videos.
George Square also itself has a webcam.
I’ve no doubt those who gathered could if necessary be found. The images are out there, numerous and on occasion horrific.
The police may or may not be lying when they claim they can’t tackle that large a drunken crowd, but on that logic there’s zero defense to not retrospectively punish.
There’s no lack of manpower involved, no question of guilt just like the speeding photo, there only needs to be the will and the envelopes with factual images and a fixed penalty fine drop through doors.
You can’t tackle that large a gathering at the time,,tackle it afterwards through the courts. Fine if you don’t want to hit the average fan who drank,sang, and went home, but there’s hundreds if not thousands of indecent images from urinating in the street to attacking riot police with bollards.
Now of course we have video of that team itself belting out illegal tunes at and illegal gathering, the camera doesn’t lie despite what the Ibrox spin machine claims.
Why would the stewart attempt to censure cameras if nothing unsavoury was taking place?
We have socially accepted retrospective punishment on the roads, sorry dad, and it’s become the norm in the national sport also with a panel meeting weekly to adjudicate on the previous weeks possible injustices.
VAR could be considered a form of retrospective punishment occasionally.
We now have the situation where it’s the safest way to punish an unmanageable crowd of lawbreakers (and a smaller one), all that’s needed is to okay then embrace this step.
After we got hit hard and very publicly with regards to Dubai, Tims quite rightly expect consequences for illegal actions, en masse or not.
This one, uncomfortable as it may be for many in high circles, is very important and there will be many eyes watching what happens here.
They say justice is blind but those cameras aren’t.
How about making full use of them?
By Mahe

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One for my friend Maggie McGill.
This is genius


One of my Happy Place tunes.


Why I never made it big in any job. 😁


Goodnight God Bless folks


Your article has made me more paranoid than I normally am every day. 😁
Thanks 😊


Mahe good article ..

Cops leaders saying that Saturday’s violence was the worst they have faced in over 20 years.

When cops start getting attacked and seriously injured they tend to take the gloves off.

Plenty of those in George Square will shortly be getting a 5am knock on their door.

Cops also calling for anyone arrested to be banned from Ibrox.

I get the feeling that finally this might be a line in the sand and not before time.

Noel Skytrot

The huns are getting battered from all and sundry and I’m absolutely loving it. Its been a long time coming. You reap what you sow, but are we turning a corner? I’m not too sure.

A thing of beauty

Norrie M,
I had a discussion with Paddy’s Maw last night and we agreed that this video will be found to be doctored, they will get an apology and that will be the end of the matter. Scotland cannot deal with that club and their culture being shown to be pervasive not just in their fan base but actually within the bricks of their stadium. Those In power has shown a move towards dealing with the anti catholic bigotry of their support but the police, government and courts will not want to shine a light on the cesspit that is their klub and the individuals who hold sway at ibrox. I am as certain as I was in 2012 that they will get away with it. It’s just too ugly for the country to confront.


Great Lead article hope you are right, and ATOB is wrong, but history has proved to us they tell us that it is under investigation and that’s the last we hear about it. Remember the investigation of the game in Europe a few years ago where there was no fans and sectarian singing was heard from the official party and they started an investigation, anyone heard the results from that investigation?they only had to interview about 50 people, of that 50, 11were on the park and about 10 others as subs or coaching staff, so lets say they had to interview 30 people from the official party ,it doesn’t take years for that many interviews. The team Celebration at the weekend is another easy investigation maybe 75 people involved ,show us how serious you are about tacking sectarianism ,get in there and do your job, or appoint a retired Masonic judge to help with the whitewash.

Why Celtic fans can’t see that Jeanette Findlay should be heading a newly

constructed CFC hierarchy with no PLC or board just JF and

whoever SHE deems fit to be part of a new non capitulating

CFC hierarchy that ends stock market involvement and

shapes our finances based on thrift and shrewd operational habits

I don’t get why fans can’t see that NOTHING will change until

CFC is fat cat free and it can happen over a 6 week period this summer.

Season ticket renewal DELAYED by 6 weeks will force the PLC to

run the club from their own pockets how long do you think it will

take for the PLC cowards to cave in to supporters who refuse to be

mugged off again by this untrustworthy PLC board?

No one is advocating destroying the club only a drama queen

would think such a thing or a twisted deviant no club with

a board with at least 2 billionaires and countless millionaires

would go bust in 6 weeks so get real. 6 weeks forces the issue

onto supporters terrain were PLC will blackmail and beg you

to give them your season ticket money and THAT is were YOU

present your case to Jeannette Findlay and let her drive the case

and JF as an individual NOT on behalf of the CST were any

leverage that you make will be diluted by David Lowe’s back peddling

surrender to his PLC masters and your advantage will be lost.

To be clear NO ONE is advocating a boycott to wreck the club.

I’m proposing a 6 week delay of renewals to make the PLC

lose their psychological hold of the funding narrative of CFC.

Good luck. Off oot.


TEJ I also admire Jeanette Findlay and would love to see her lead us into this campaign with the Board. They would not lead her a Merry dance around the stadium. The world needs more women leaders , and Jeanette would be a great one for us

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Mahe – good article, thank you
The Exiled Junglist – Hi Kev. The flaw in your argument is that Celtic, unlike another Glasgow club, DO have a credit facility with a bank. A delay in season ticket money will inconvenience the cash flow position but will not force any director to dip into his own pockets. Survival will not be an issue as we have significant overdraft facilities, etc. Plus the likelihood of cash from player sales. That’s not to say that I don’t agree with your main point, that our individual decisions to renew or not is one of the few weapons we have. I’ve already said on here that I’m pretty much certainly not renewing, instead just paying at the gate when I can. But I respect the decisions on all individuals to do as they see fit.


Wh is the 2nd billionaire on the Celtic board ??

Billy Bhoy

Another form of retrospective punishment I expect to see is the fans having to endure their first 4 SPFL games being played behind closed doors – if they aren’t going to be anyway!

Around 20,000 broke the law on Saturday. There simply HAS to be a punishment applied here. Otherwise these scenes will be repeated again and again. (Especially if we don’t get our act together!)

The club should be hammered to for their pathetic attempt – or should that be non-attempt to get fans to abide by the rules:
“Where possible – celebrate safely within your own community”
Hmmm 🤔

In my view, a clear attempt to say the right thing but imply otherwise.

Finally, Police Scotland should simply have instructed TRFC to open the gates of Ibrox once Aberdeen had departed and let the fans in. Why on earth did the city centre have to put up with that carnage?


Excellent article in the Scotsman about Saturday.


The Exiled Junglist

Jeanette is very capable but has to work within the democratic rules of the CST and their latest position was not to boycott.

I think a delay itself would do the trick but there would have to be a change of CST policy to go in that direction.

However they did change their mind on ongoing support of Res12 that became Res11 once the difference was clarified, so things do change. In fact everything changes eventually.



I’ve exchanged a few e mails with Andrew Smith and a baseball cap with salt and pepper after he said he would eat his hat if something he said would never happen and it did.

What started off on an adversarial basis mellowed over time and he made a fair stab at reporting the last AGM.

We need more journalists like him to speak out. Tom English surprisingly was very critical of ” Rangers” statements on BBC Sportsound which itself surprisingly did not try to deflect from the key issues.

David Hamilton who is Chair of The Scottish Police Federation made what for me was a telling contribution which called for clubs to set out what they stand for.

John Reid set that out for Celtic at an AGM around 2008 and an equivalent from Rangers setting out their values and ethos would provide a benchmark against which they could be measured.

On John Reid’s statement of what Celtic stand for I ve been wondering if it stands the test of time.


Good morning All,

Hope you are all well!

If the SFA had balls, they could easily punish the Huns with an European ban … UEFA should be alerted to the fact the club has broken its rule against racist / sectarian chants ( players as well as fans) … this is the only way the club can eradicate its toxic identity if they get KO’d and no chance of champions league football…

That my friends would be beautiful karma!

FAO Garry – well done on Leeds beating Spurs … tbh I thought we’d be lucky to get anything from the game … now Kane wants to leave … hey ho … just like Edouard ( without medals) it’s time for players to move on … Celtic and Spurs need fresh blood as well as new managers

Being born in England but growing up in Scotland, I’m looking forward now to the Euros and the England Scotland game …. My hope is seeing a Scotland team that is filled with current and ex Celtic players as well as those who support Celtic … no Huns allowed ( player , ex or fans ) … thank fuck McBurnie and McLean out

Hopefully a squad that includes:
Marshall, Gordon, Tierney , Robertson, McGregor, McGinn, Turnbull, Christie, Forrest, Taylor , Burke and Griffiths … I’m not asking for much am I?!!

HH 🍀

Sol Kitts

That’s quite an article in The Scotsman, hits all the targets that the SMSM have chosen to avoid in the past. Has the look of a long overdue sea-change. Can we now look forward to ScotGov, the courts and the SFA growing a pair and imposing proper punishments on Sevco and its thug fans?

Paddy’s Maw

Sol Kitts.
I would say no personally. They will just keep brushing it under the carpet till we need a ladder!
There’s lots of talk just now about it and I did just email the SFA about the anti catholic shouting from the Rangers bench when St Johnstone scored the late equalizer as I sent an email on 27 April but I’m not holding my breath!


Some parallels on George Square event.

Why the working class is turning to fascism.
Umair Haque

The world has a very big problem, and it goes like this: its working classes are increasingly turning to fascism, as a way out of the trap of modernity. Let me explain what I mean — for those of you that haven’t quite connected the dots yet, though I suspect many of you have.
Take a hard look around. What do you see? Britain. America. India. The Phillippines. From corner to corner of the globe, working classes are in the midst of an historic Great Reversal. They used to be a reliable power base — political, cultural, social — for the left, or at least the center. But increasingly, they vote right. Harder and harder right.
Let’s take the example of Britain and America. In Britain, the Labour Party — it’s centre left political side — relied on a “red wall” of working class voters. That “red wall” has been totally, utterly demolished. Working class Brits these days are far, far more likely to vote conservative than they are for Labour.
But not even just conservative, in any ordinary sense. Ultra conservative. Gone are the days of Thatcher’s methodical, pragmatic cost-cutting — which, disagree with it if you like, wasn’t completely malicious, ideological, corrupt, and fanatical, to the bone — which the working class largely opposed.
Modern-day Britain, though, couldn’t be more different. It’s seen a vicious cycle of conservative leaders, each astonishingly worse than the last. The cycle began with David Cameron’s slicked-back greed, a paean to the 80s, austerity redux. But that was followed by Theresa May’s robotic Brexitism, moored in xenophobia, bigotry, rage, resentment, disinformation, lies, and outright stupidity. And that, in turn, has given way to the breathtaking corruption, sleaze, incompetence, and venality of Boris Johnson’s government. Consider the fact that his health secretary gave a multi-million pound Covid supplies contract to…the guy that ran his pub.
You’d think the working class would be upset — even enraged — by all that. Nothing could be further from the truth. Britain’s seen this vicious cycle of increasingly malicious, incompetent, nation-wrecking leaders precisely because the working class can now be counted on to vote conservative, more and harder.
Britain’s working class now looks like this — and if this takes your breath away, it should. The fisherman who voted for Brexit, has no catch, is going broke, can’t support his family — and still doesn’t grasp that Brexit was a Big Lie, and he was the mark…so he just votes even more conservative. The farmer who voted for Brexit, doesn’t have a Europe to export to anymore — exports are down by 90% in many sectors — is literally losing the farm…and retorts by voting even more conservative. The low-level professional who aspires to become middle class, yet who now has to pay for education, retirement, healthcare, and so on — and keeps on voting ever more conservative.
What on earth happened to Britain? Before I answer that question, let’s also consider the example of America.
Biden’s victory is hailed as a triumph of the working class, but it was no such thing. America’s working class did not for Biden as a bloc, sending a message of unity as a social group. Biden was pushed over the top by minorities from across the social stratum, Asians here, Black people there, Latinos here. The working class in America is badly, badly fractured — and by and large, it votes increasingly conservative.
Again, not just any kind of mainstream, middling conservative. But a kind of breathtaking, reactionary, ugly, grotesque fanatical conservative. You know the type by now. America’s working class votes for people like Marjorie Taylor Greene — who seems to literally stalk and harass her fellow members of Congress. Like Matt Gaetz, who’s a creep of the highest order. All that, of course, is because the white working class has become Donald Trump’s personal plaything, his cult, his own movement of extremism, violence, greed, and ruin.
If you think I’m kidding, consider the following. The poorer Americans are, the more likely they are to vote Republican. The same is more or less true in Britain now. And that trend is now spreading around the world.
That’s an incredibly troubling phenomenon. Again, you only have to think of America and Britain to understand why. How did they become failing — or full-fledged failed — states? Because of the results of the toxic vicious spiral above. Working class voters chose conservatives. But of course conservatives then put in place austerity. They privatised everything in sight and then deregulated what was left.
As a result, in America, the average person’s life simply fell apart. Instead of having public healthcare, education, retirement, and so on, because everything was to be privately provided under conservative mantra, prices rose astronomically. Until finally Americans were paying what they’re now famous for — the cost of a home for healthcare or educating a child, their life savings for medicine, and so forth.
Hence, the average American began to live and die in perpetual debt. When I say that to Americans, they give me their famous blank stare — so what? But what they don’t understand is that there’s no more troubling social indicator that exists, period. Why? Just think of the Weimar Republic. How did it turn into Nazi Germany? Because Germany couldn’t repay its debts, a massive depression set in, the average person’s life fell apart — and they turned to fascism.
Why? The Nazis blamed the woes of the average German on long-hated minorities. Jews, famously, but also Poles, gays. Anyone more powerless than the “real” German of true and pure blood. This was a famous, age-old demagogue’s trick. You see, the woes of the average German were real. Their lives had fallen apart. They were unable to pay the bills and make ends meet. What the Nazis gave them was a scapegoat.
And for giving people in such dire positions a scapegoat — people who were breaking down, mentally, socially, culturally, economically, spiritually — they were rewarded with a fanatical, cult like devotion. It wasn’t their fault — the good Germans of the working class. They could breathe a sigh of relief. And then they could erupt in snarling rage. It was the fault of those hated minorities — the woes of the good German, the working class man and woman — and all they had to do was cleanse society of those hated, powerless others.
Does any of that sound familiar? It should.
It is exactly — and I mean exactly — what’s happening in Britain and America today. Trump came along, and gave the white working class a scapegoat for its woes — Mexicans, Latinos, Jews, Muslims. The white working class responded in an explosion of fanatical adoration, which allowed Trump to build a cult. He’s used that cult of personality and the working class’s undying devotion to him to purge the Republican Party of anyone that stands in the way of still repeating the Big Lie that the election was stolen — which is now being compounded the the next Big Lie, that there was never an attempted coup.
This is the story of Weimar Germany all over again, in eerie, haunting detail. The woes of America’s working class are very, very real. It’s more or less impossible to live a decent life as a working class American now — you’re not just on the edge financially, you’re sunk, and even for sinking, you’re exploited to the bone. They can’t pay off their debts, ever, period — the social indicator that usually marks the transition to a fascist society.
And yet whose fault is this? It’s the working class’s own fault, for voting conservative to begin with. But nobody likes to be wrong — especially not when you have a demagogue casting a spell of black magic before you, and giving you a scapegoat to demonise for your woes.
Now look at Britain. Exactly the same dynamic holds true. What was Brexit really about? It was about finding a scapegoat. By then, 2015 or so, British working class life was in ruins. Britain had experienced something much like America had — its industrial base had been eviscerated, all those stable jobs were gone, towns were basically left to rot, and the people in them more or less abandoned.
Working class life became an exercise in despair and rage and ruin — just as in America, suicide rates skyrocketed.
But who was to blame for this mess? The working class itself was. It had made the crucial different in electing David Cameron, whose conservatism had put in place austerity, which, by the mid 2010s, had finished the job of destroying the working class’s optimism, faith, solidarity, trust in itself, confidence, possibilities.
Enter the next stage of the cycle of collapse. That is why the working class responded with an explosion of fanatical glee when it was given a scapegoat: Europeans. It’s hard to imagine a more ridiculous scapegoat than gentle and friendly Europeans. Working class Brits, though, were taught to genuinely begin to hate Europeans, as malign and corrupt enemies, dirty and impure aliens, job-stealing immigrants. Britain’s working class erupted in xenophobia, bigotry, rage, ugliness.
Just as in America, the magic trick of producing a scapegoat to blame for the problems it had itself created caused conservatism to soar in popularity amongst the working class. And the end result for Britain has been catastrophic — under Johnson’s government, Britain is becoming a failed state like America, a place without a functioning social contract, where the NHS is being sold off and the BBC privatised. This is going to hit the working class hardest — and yet they are as attached to Boris as America’s white working class is to Trump, with exactly the same level — if not more of senseless, mindless, thoughtless rapture.
That is why Britain and America feel like they are societies which cannot be mended now. The working class has made its choice, and its choice is for xenophobia, rage, ugliness, stupidity, hate. Give them someone to hate, and it seems, they will reward you by turning a blind eye to everything else. Their own lives falling apart. Their own exploitation and ruin. Their own dehumanisation and commodification as mere disposable cogs in a machine of profit.
As long as you give today’s working classes someone to hate, you can get away with anything, and I mean anything. Trump let hundreds of thousands of Americans needlessly die of Covid. Does anyone care? In Boris’s Britain, Brexit has destroyed the economy in a way that’s never been seen in a modern country. Nobody cares, much. Certainly not many in the working class.
Take that trick, and repeat it. And you’ve got Putin. Modi. Duterte. The rising fascists of Europe, the Le Pens and so on.
A modern society cannot function when a working class’s only political and social and cultural priority is to have someone to hate. To blame for their woes. Scapegoats, after all, are easy enough to conjure up. There are many strata below the working class, too, even poorer and more powerless — from minorities to the marginalised to refugees and so on — just pick one. But a working class whose only care in the world anymore is slaking its thirst for hate cannot be the linchpin of a functioning society. Because it will not demand a working social contract, economies in which gains are fairly shared, cultures in which lives have inherent worth and dignity, and it’s not just money that matters.
Only a working class can make a society be modern. That is one of the greatest paradoxes of all. What do we think of as the apex of modernity? Europe, Canada. Places with expansive social contracts which care for all. Working classes made that happen.
So when working classes stop making modernity happen, then the result, too, is predictable. Regress sets in. Modernity rewinds. It goes backwards in time. What does it mean to go backwards in time? Well, you begin with the 20th century’s fascism, and end up flashing back centuries at light speed, until you’re right back at feudalism and serfdom — cheering on your exploitation and dehumanisation by those “nobler” — richer, more violent, greedier, more indifferent — than you, because they give you a small position in a social order which, at least, is above someone else. They tell you are good, that your life has meaning, value, purpose — and all of that amounts to hating someone else, usually violently, for the gain of elites, mostly, who are busy taking everything you have while you’re not looking.
If you doubt me, take a hard look at America and Britain today, and tell me they’re not on that journey now.
The question is whether the rest of us join them.
May 2021

bada bing1

So the celebrity dentist doesn’t know if the hun hordes, have caused a superspreader event? How very selective…….been down of gatherings like a ton of bricks previously….


Morning troops,

Billy Bhoy, there has to be something done or it will just repeat as you say. Maybe.
Any title celebrations are a year away, long time to forget. Same scenes this time next year?
I wouldn’t bet against it.

That’s a good article in the Scotsman, but I’ve wondered if the tide is turning too many times to get my hopes up. The next scandal usually moves the narrative. A Celtic manager would be manna from heaven right about now.

Agree with ATOB the team video won’t get punished.

Hail Hail


Retrospective punishment🤔 My take on that would be the SFA and the Scots Gov using Die Hunnen bigot fest as an excuse to introduce strict liability at football games in Scotland. Once more we’ll be forced to deal with the repercussions of what has occurred at Ibrox, and it will happen.

Mike in Toronto


Interesting article. I wasnt familiar with the author, so just googled him. Seems like someone I should have been reading, so will do going forward. Thanks for the introduction.



A fine article.


From my earliest days, I have been very suspicious of authority. Very cynical, in fact.

Now, here’s the thing. Even if the police do their jobs-it’s a big if, I’ll grant you- there are other hurdles to consider, before justice can be done.

The biggest hurdle may be that the rioters on Saturday, may come from many different jurisdictions… despite the lockdown. I may despise them and their team, but one thing I’ll give them, is that they are sneaky bastards. They have shown that they will use any means possible, to follow their team. Legal or otherwise. It’s fair to assume, that most of those present on Saturday, came from outwith Glasgow. There may not be the will to go after peepul from England, North Ireland or elsewhere.

The next hurdle is the PF and Crown offices. Now, we can assume that the Glasgow office, due to the lockdown, is well behind in dealing with cases. The temptation may be to only go after the bigger fish, and put a pen through the rest of the cases. So those guilty of Breach of the Peace, or simple assault will either be given Warning Letters or let off scot-free.

As for those guilty of more serious cases, serious assault/attempted murder etc, they should be tried by Jury at either the Sheriff Court or High Court…under normal circumstances, that is. Given lack of resources, most of these characters will be encouraged to plead out/inform on their mates, in return for reduced sentences.

That leaves only the most serious cases. If they go to trial, and it’s a big if, these cases will more than likely be moved to other jurisdictions in Scotland…and we’ve all seen what an Edinburgh jury is capable of.

Finally we have Sheriff’s/Lordships. With few exceptions, it is practically mandatory, to be a member of the craft, in order to reach such an exalted position in the first place. That refers to men only.

So the fix may well be in at the highest level.

My only hope is that assault on members of the police, tends to be taken extremely seriously by those in authority. So Huns found guilty of that, may well be looking at serious time in the Big Hoose.

These are just some random thoughts. I may be right. I may be wrong. I may have been watching too much daytime telly during lockdown…Matlock/Perry Mason etc.

Time will tell.

Hail Hail.



Thank you for sharing article. Frightening depiction of what has befallen the US ,UK and many other countries. There does not seem to be an antidote to the fascist/ populist rise. Italy has moved away from Salvini but his supporters have not gone away and France could easily vote in a fascist president next year in the form of Le Pen. We know that the media play a big part in supporting the populist rise. In Scotland the SMSM have built a wall around der Hun which has encouraged all of their excesses. This has allowed them to behave with impunity in a societal and football sense. They must be challenged and this may be the time for a Celtic leader to come forward to galvanize the support and force our club to take a different path from our ‘noisy neighbours’ (aye right Dom)

Mike in Toronto

Apparently Karim Benzema to be recalled to France’s squad for the Euros, in spite of the fact that he and Deschamps had a falling out over prior criminal charges against Benzema, who is currently facing trial for blackmailing an international teammate.

Like him or not, Benzema can still score goals. And with a front three of him, Griezeman, and Mbape, France would have an attack that would terrify the toughest of defenders.


Once more we’ll be forced to deal with the repercussions of what has occurred at Ibrox, and it will happen.
Agreed but even worse will be that the new rules when tested will prove, once again, that Scottish football governance is skewed according to the identities of the offenders.


“Charlie Nicholas is total moron”.


Hail Hail.

Mike in Toronto

As some have already predicted would be the case, Calum Steele (wonder what part of Ireland his family is from), head of the Scottish Police union is calling for politicians to tone down the rhetoric after the zombie rampage.

“At this particular moment in time there is no lack of opportunity for conflict in Scotland, there is certainly no lack of opportunity for conflict in the west of Scotland.

“Whether that is, and I am going to be slightly simplistic here, whether that is Celtic and Rangers, whether that is Catholic or Protestant, whether that is unionist or nationalist, whether that is pro-Palestinian rights or that is pro-Israeli rights, whether that is Brexit or whether that is pro-European, all of these issues are in the melting pot in the general societal activities in the west of Scotland.

“Further to that again, we have better weather, a frustration over months of lockdown and I think we are if not quite at a tinderbox moment, there is a danger we could get there very quickly simply through carelessness.”

HIs first words are ‘Celtic and Rangers’….. typical.

Funny that he felt the need to speak out now …. cos’ I Dont remember him speaking out after any other group’s misconduct.

As others have suggested, I can see how ‘football’s problem’ (the anti-Catholic aspect will be whitewashed) will be used to bring back the OBAFA.



His brains are in inverse proportion to his footballing ability



“Charlie Ridiculous is total moron”.


Hail Hail.
Fixed that for you Magua 👍‍‍





Thank you kind sir.

Hail Hail.


Is it this Charlie Nicholas we are talking about


The same Charlie Nicholas who appeared on stage with the Wicked Witch Thatcher at a Tory party propaganda event. That same prick.


How desperate must you be for attention that you drag Celtic into the events at George Square on Saturday.
I hope he gets told to never set foot inside Celtic Park again



The quote from the copper should have read “I am going to be slightly simple here”.

Hey Calum, you wouldn’t happen to be a close relation to Charlie Nicholas now, would you?

I fear that you may be on the ball re the OBAFA, Mike. Perhaps it could be amended to the OBAFAOMA…Offensive Behaviour At Football And Orange Marches Act…or is that too much of a mouthful? Regardless, as before, it will be the Celtic support that will suffer most.


The joke among Spurs fans at the time, had newly elected (abstentionist) MP Gerry Adams, looking up at the stage and exclaiming:

“Whose that Tory f****r standing beside Maggie Thatcher??”

Hail Hail.



I’m just sorry he never attended the 1984 Tory conference…and stayed on the top floor.

Hail Hail.




Didn’t take long for attempts at deflection to start,did it? Nicholas telling us that Celtic AND Rangers fans were a disgrace on Saturday,top cops telling us that WoS is a powder keg-how about doing yer bloody job?-and BBC interviews bringing up IRA songs. Which we don’t sing,and haven’t done for decades.

Tomorrow’s article is already written,but as has been said already by others,this will all be swept under the carpet.

And doubtless used against us if we as much as stand on a crack in the pavement in future.

Mike in Toronto


More likely to be the Offensive Behavior by a Fenian Act…that way they can still use all the old OBAFA paperwork….


Wouldn’t that be the OBBAFA.
Old Billy Boys Against Fenians Act



Aye, right enough. Politicians in Scotland, do tend to be a wee bit tight, when it comes to public monies. Except of course, when the bastards are fiddling their expenses. Same the world over, I expect.

Hey Peter, see when you leave Celtic at the end of June, you could always stand in the next Holyrood elections. Now given the fact that you are a total bastard, and that no-one with any sense whatsoever, would ever work with you, you could always have Charlie Nicholas as your running mate. I think that’s a winner. Now, what shall Big Peter call his new party? Dunno. If elected, he could always celebrate his 55th year in office in the time honoured manner:

Screwing the working people…sure ye got plenty of practice at Celtic. Ya fecker.

Hail Hail.



I like it, I like it. Past Presidents of the OBBAFA include:

Billy Fullerton

Oswald Mosley

Prince Philip

Donald Trump

…and of course the present incumbent:

Charlie Nicholas.

Of course the first two letters of the acronym, may confuse a lot of Tims. The last ‘A’ of course stands for association.

Hail Hail.


For future presidents we could also add
Neil McCann
Andy Wanker
Blue Peter
The list could be endless 😀



Big Peter may well be to busy in Holyrood, to assume the position…on 2nd thoughts, he is well known for carrying out a number of jobs simultaneously…and very, very badly.

Hail Hail.


The more I see, the more I know, the more I know, the less I understand.



Bloody unbelievable. Wanting special treatment,and the blaming everyone else when they don’t get it!

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