Retrospective Punishment

I’m smiling as I type this but I recall my old man going on a one man crusade after suffering what he considered unjust retrospective punishment.
The charge in question was speeding, and he was absolutely livid to receive a photo of himself in his wagon with his speed at the time printed below, popped through the letterbox with a request for a decent amount.
Having not been stopped by the police themselves, but summoned via machine incensed him. But at the same time, there was a recognition that the camera never lies. He did the crime, he just figured getting home without any interference meant getting away with it, how very wrong.
It left a lasting impression, once bitten twice shy and all that. Anytime he spied the dreaded white van, the group text went out, and if one inch illegally parked he threatened the fuzz on them citing safety concerns until they moved on.
It’s the same reason why so many use dashcams now, the same reason cops are being mandated to wear body cams, hell the same reason Tictoc has blew up,,the camera just does not lie.
As cold hearted as a shark it simply does it job.
The United Kingdom is one of the most heavily CCTV nations on earth, a small condensed landmass, and Scotland has more than it’s fair share of cameras.
Given the amount of alcohol on display at the weekend, many of those illegal gatherers would have used public transportation to congregate, again heavily covered by cameras.
There’s also the regular traffic and street cameras, the businesses cameras in that affected areas, plus a plethora of online videos.
George Square also itself has a webcam.
I’ve no doubt those who gathered could if necessary be found. The images are out there, numerous and on occasion horrific.
The police may or may not be lying when they claim they can’t tackle that large a drunken crowd, but on that logic there’s zero defense to not retrospectively punish.
There’s no lack of manpower involved, no question of guilt just like the speeding photo, there only needs to be the will and the envelopes with factual images and a fixed penalty fine drop through doors.
You can’t tackle that large a gathering at the time,,tackle it afterwards through the courts. Fine if you don’t want to hit the average fan who drank,sang, and went home, but there’s hundreds if not thousands of indecent images from urinating in the street to attacking riot police with bollards.
Now of course we have video of that team itself belting out illegal tunes at and illegal gathering, the camera doesn’t lie despite what the Ibrox spin machine claims.
Why would the stewart attempt to censure cameras if nothing unsavoury was taking place?
We have socially accepted retrospective punishment on the roads, sorry dad, and it’s become the norm in the national sport also with a panel meeting weekly to adjudicate on the previous weeks possible injustices.
VAR could be considered a form of retrospective punishment occasionally.
We now have the situation where it’s the safest way to punish an unmanageable crowd of lawbreakers (and a smaller one), all that’s needed is to okay then embrace this step.
After we got hit hard and very publicly with regards to Dubai, Tims quite rightly expect consequences for illegal actions, en masse or not.
This one, uncomfortable as it may be for many in high circles, is very important and there will be many eyes watching what happens here.
They say justice is blind but those cameras aren’t.
How about making full use of them?
By Mahe

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Nana Mouskouri

I think they will need to bring in a outside Police force to investigate Phonegate to be seen to be impartial. I think they should give it to the Vatican City Police Dept


My auld man always took his hipflask to the games. Maybe he gave me a wee tot to keep me quiet. ๐Ÿ˜

Nana Mouskouri

Garry lol. I have the programme for that game in the house, Nice graphic on the front cover if I ever meet you its yours if you want it


League Cup semi final when ma da couldnae get a babysitter and had to take me to the game.
Would love it thanks.
Very significant day in my life. Saw my first love. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’š

Nana Mouskouri

At least he took you to the game he could have left you outside somebodys door