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The fallout continues from the shocking-if unsurprising-scenes at the weekend in various parts of Glasgow,while the fallout from our wretched season doesn’t look like going anywhere soon.

Let’s deal with the scenes  at the weekend first. To begin with,there was the mass-sorry!-gathering outside the ground before,during and after the match. Should this have been prevented?

Well,rules are rules and the law is quite clear,and there to be enforced. You can bet your bottom dollar that we would have been hammered for it had we attempted it-in fact,it’s not so long ago that Police Scotland cancelled our open top celebration for our Rebel Treble on a far flimsier pretext. The police knew also of the hordes flying in from Belfast on early morning flights,and could have taken steps to ensure that they went nowhere near the ground,or later George Square.

People still have to scan their passports,CCTV cameras are everywhere,and matching up the faces would be the work of a moment.

Prior to George Square,the Rangers players had a wee impromptu singsong of their own,again during an illegal gathering. Bloody hell,we can’t put any more than three people on a bus but they can get pissed up inside? That simple fact seems to be getting overlooked amongst the furore of the singsong itself. Rangers deny the authenticity of the singing,yet no-one seems to have taken them to task for arguably the bigger breach of the law-which,again,is an illegal gathering.

We got hammered over Dubai,even though we had checked with the authorities beforehand about it being permitted!

The third one of course is the one which has brought the attention of the world to what an ugly horrible lot they are. Told beforehand that no march to George Square would be permitted and nor would they be permitted to have a wee informal drinky-poo,they casually ignored that,battering police with barriers intended to prevent access before eventually battering each other as well as a good few innocent bystanders.

Laying waste to the square itself,plus a number of business premises at the time,and from all accounts much of their public transport home too. Again,the country is CCTVed up,and these people should not be too difficult to identify and track.

In the few days since,we have seen some powerful journalism at work in an effort to take them to task. Something that is long overdue. But we have yet to hear of court cases from the New Year game,nor from their first ransacking of the town in March. And frankly I doubt we will hear much about this either. Canon White had 26 different DNA samples from the spit directed at him a couple of years back,and ONE person was charged. The same will happen here. Nothing will change,their immunity from the same laws that we all have to live by will continue. The whataboutery from them is reaching new levels as they insisted it was all the government’s fault for not letting them break the law in the first place!

One way we can stop it of course is to beat them on the pitch! Sod all to celebrate then,is there? Yet while many of us were demanding a new manager as far back as October,September and even May 2019,even though the previous incumbent left about eighty days ago,we are still to hear of confirmation of the new man. 

With the restructuring required in the company,the management set-up and in the playing staff,this is a shameful abrogation of responsibility,and one which I feel will cost us heavily next season. Barring a miracle,European football is unlikely and trophies more unlikely still. At the very least,we should have had a Director of Football in place a long time ago,someone who could begin the rebuild of the management structure. Possibly even a manager who,even if taking a back seat till the season finished,could be working away on identifying the players needed for the mega-rebuild needed over the summer.

At the moment,we have nothing! Just a lame duck CEO seeing out his time and fiddling while Rome burns.

Those scenes we witnessed at the weekend will happen again,because there isn’t the will to stop them. And they will happen next year,because neither the will nor the direction to stop them exists at Celtic Park either. Nearly two decades we have put up with superego and stagnation,barely an improvement in income in that time in a booming industry! And for that,we are meant to be grateful…

Above article by BMCUWP.

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Margaret McGill

Oh look there’s a deranged wee junkie singing fuck the pope and smashing a bottle during covid-19 in George Square. But what about the £1bn ripped off to the British public? Fuck that we hate the Huns. Scotland has got exactly what the majority of its population wants as far as I can make out.

Margaret McGill

It’s a democracy


Another to the point leader Bobby

Putting aside the garbage that decent people and workers had to face on Saturday which was utterly shocking, they should start with the ones who organised the illegal march online whether that be the Union beer bellies or club18-30 or whatever they are called. But as you rightly point out, if history has taught us anything, it’s headed for a sweep sweep moment.

My main focus has always been on Celtic. We have an utterly deplorable departing CEO, who was paid enormous sums and bonuses to leave us in this state, we can’t get a manager without a DOF, we cant get a DOF without the incoming CEO doing so. Most managers will likely look and think “fsck me do i want involved in this mess ?”.

Players who want to leave, no players will want to sign for us until a manager is in place, again that’s even overlooking the fact they have not noticed the shambles we are in just now and thinking to themselves, maybe it’s not the best place to be playing football for the next few seasons.

That manager will need funds (plenty funds) and we will have to wait and see who will buy any of our now cut price departing failures who threw away a league.

Scouting team, again probably non-existant (more funds not going to the team rebuild)

Early qualifiers again you’re correct, we can wave them goodbye, another Lawwell legacy, we’ll be humiliated again, due to his downsizing.

A trip (or two) around the world might be a good idea to get away from all this.
I’ll set up a goFundMe page and you can all pay for my temporary exile 😎


Don’t blame huns flying in from the illegally occupied 6 counties. I was born and raised in one of the most Protestant streets in Partick Glasgow. There were 2 Catholic families in our street. One of my first memories of hun bastards is 1969. We beat them 4-0 in a Cup Final and our windies got smashed.
I learnt to hate the hun scum when I was 4 year old. How fucking sad is Glasgow?


Goodnight God Bless folks


We won’t have anything to be positive about until Lawwell is off the premises, and DM plus a DoF present themselves alongside our new head coach. Then we can start weighing up the signings and departures. And debating again about buying season tickets.
What action will be taken by the authorities re George Sq etc? Mr Youssef says that there will be more arrests and prosecutions. Let’s see.
Good to see Patrick Harvey nail the equivalence lie re Kenmure St and George Sq.

Margaret McGill

I hear that the UK govt are investing in new technology and earmarking £1bn in the new George Square time warp geodesic dome so that anyone entering gets transported to 1970. Recent tests have been successful. “We have big plans for Scotland “ said Boris.


Patrick Harvie and John Swinney are calling it like it is. It is anti Catholic, anti Irish racism.
Thankfully the leaders of the Scottish pro Independence parties are calling them out.
What have Red Card Red Card Ross, and the Sooside Gangster Sarwar said? Unionist bastards will say nothing. All their voters were in George Square on Saturday.


M McGill
This is possibly my favourite ever song.


This is probably my favourite ever song.
After some reflection there. 😊


Scottish football clubs could be held responsible for fan behaviour, the Justice Secretary has warned.
Humza Yousaf said strict liability for clubs was “on the table” if they are unwilling to tackle issues themselves.

Telt ya. We are going to get dragged into this big time. It will soon be the ‘oul’ bad as each other argument. Note the wording of his statement – ‘clubs’ – not club – unwilling to tackle issues.🤔 What clubs are were discussing Mr. Yousaf? Would you also care to clarify exactly what the issues are you suggest the clubs tackle?

Take note ‘they’ are going to equate our ‘young team’ singing Irish songs of rebellion and waving Irish tricolors at games with en masse law-breaking, racism, bigotry, smashing up public transport, assaulting police officers and members of the public.

Weet weet weet

A man in a hot air balloon realised he was lost. He reduced altitude and spotted a man below.
He descended a bit more and shouted,”Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.”
The man below replied,”You’re in a hot air balloon hovering approximately 15 metres above the ground. You’re between 40 and 41 degrees north latitude and between 59 and 60 degrees west longitude drifting with the wind at about 0.5 metres per second on a heading of 036 degrees.”

“You must be an engineer,” said the balloonist. “I am,” replied the man, “How did you know?”

“Well,” answered the balloonist, “everything you told me is technically correct, but I’ve no idea what to make of your information and the fact is I’m still lost. Frankly, you’ve not been much help at all. If anything, you’ve delayed my trip.”

The man below responded, “You must be in Management.”
“I am,” replied the balloonist, “but how did you know?”

“Well,” said the man, “you don’t know where you are or where you’re going. You have risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise, which you’ve no idea how to keep, and you expect people beneath you to solve your problems.

The fact is you are in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but now, somehow, it’s my f***ing fault.”


Lawwell and Desmond have created this situation intentionally. What else makes sense? Clear as day Lennie should have went ages ago, lawwell’s recruitment was shocking, lack of recruitment now is criminal.

Maestro Fan

No will to stop it is right. The Orange jackboot is back on our necks because Desmond and Lawwell willed it thus. Know your place taig. They really are the other cheek of the same arse and I for one will reward them no longer with my ‘investment’.

This goes much too deep to be placated by a shiny new manager – which will presumably happen at some point… They expect us to be deaf, dumb and blind participants in a corrupt charade, dutifully ponying up the cash at their beck and call. No more. Not until the club is under leadership I believe in.

The huns gaslight us on one side with all BCUW describes. We are gaslit on the other side by the huns partners in crime. The whole thing is a giant con and we’re the marks. Our PLC is rotten to the very core.

The Gombeen Man

We’re in danger of confusing content with context.

The executives decided to cash in on the tribal consciousness of the Old Firm supporters.

A legal fiction was created awarding Sevco 54 Titles and miraculously a better resourced Celtic slumped to unprecedented levels of onfield and off-field incompetence.

The appointment of a unsuitable Chairman at Ibrox was ignored. Financial skullduggery, bullying and cheating ensued.

The legal system and contracts were ignored.

As shameful as Saturday’s events were, this was an Old Firm Production.

The seeds of this are in the failure to ensure lasting changes were introduced after Rangers fell into bankruptcy.

Why didn’t lasting changes happen?

This is a perfect storm. We have two entrenched tribal mindsets. Dominated by fear and insecurity, justified by victimhood.

Each side with an incoherent and incomplete interpretation of the past.

The Old Firm needs to be dismantled. It is a dead end of misery and generates easy money for the unscrupulous.

To simply focus on the necessary investigation into the events of Saturday temporarily distracts from the deeper entrenched issue. What’s driving egocentric tribal consciousness and more poignantly…

What can we do to begin to resolve it?

The answer lies in engagement with supporters.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks BMCWPS for the article.

Its a real positive having a blog free from adverts,. Where you can post you’re thoughts and not get bogged down in defending them.

Having a gap between seeing your thoughts in print and reading the thoughts of others provides space to challenge my own prejudices and opinions…


The alternative can become a repetitive, simultaneous monologue. Ten guys or so going round in circles.

Till Later


Morning all,

I watched the Brighton v Man City game last night and it was great to see the joy on the Brighton fans as they came back from 0-2 to win 3-2.

They definitely played their part and I for one, hope that I can play my part next year for my team,Celtic.

I also hope that if our next Manager, and it’s a big if, is Eddie Howe, then he has known this for a few weeks and has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, scouting new players.

I can only dream but I’ve gotta be a “ Half full kinda guy “.

Hope I am not the only one thinking positive things about Celtic.

HH 🍀🍀🍀

Noel Skytrot

There’s a report in the online Daily Radar that Lawwell’s car was targeted in a fire bomb attack at his house.

bada bing1

Peter Lawells house was set a blaze last night. They all got out, he is shattered, it was deliberate, someone set their cars on fire which spread to granny flat where his daughter and new baby where in , shocking. Road is all closed. Fire brigade still there and police have blocked the road. It’s a crime scene absolute scumbags.



Absolutely shocking . Heard sirens last night about 1.30 am and thought it strange, at that time of the night.

Thankfully sounds as if everyone is okay.


Absolutely disgusting attack on Lawwell’s home.
Scotland should be ashamed.
In reality it’s only 22 guys kicking a round ball.
That it impacts a countries ability to function as a modern society tells you how much its relevance is overblown.
First step in curing cancer is to remove the malignant part.
Time to dismantle the entire fraud that is Scottish football.


Absolutely shocking attack on Lawwell’s property overnight. I hope they find the basterts who were responsible.

bada bing1

I wonder what Eddie Howe makes of what’s happened in the last few days….


Immediate thought- why now?

Mental rogue Celtic fanatics or
Sinister Diversion from Onslaught on the Huns?

Noel Skytrot

I just saw an image on the Celtic Twitter feed of the damage to PL’s house and yard, despicable stuff. He deserves every bit of vitriol thats went his way but ffs thats way out of line and I hope those involved are caught and hammered. Glasgow is funking sick at times.


Saw the news on ETims and posted this:

Unfortunately I think it’s likely to be a so called Celtic fan who is sickened by where we are at.
That will be a gift to Scottish media and politicians. It will not be that we are associated with “rangers”. The
message will be that we are worse than them. We will be told that police efforts need to focus on this heinous crime so the events of the weekend can fade into the background.

that is not to belittle what has happened. It is horrific and needs to be investigated

bada bing1

There will be plenty of CCTV around PL’s house, need to catch these animals

Billy Bhoy

I’ve just heard the shocking news.

Nipping out to the golf but ill quickly say this. I hope its a disgruntled Celtic fan because if its not there will be reprisals and all hell will break loose. People like Walter and Ally won’t get a good nights sleep for weeks and we could spiral into The Troubles if it escalates into tit for tat.

I always said during the Troubles that Glasgow was Belfast without the bullets. I hope I’m not going to be proved right!


Scary stuff the main thing is no-one was injured, which is better news, but i think I’ll reserve judgement until the investigation is over the Scottish media have a history of blowing issues up (no pun intended), think moralesgate and tampering with brakes. Surely no-one is really _that_ stupid and takes fitbaw to that extent?

Only time will tell

Big Audio Dynamite

Just me that’s sceptical about the petrol bomb story? Mmmm!


The grey area is what the mssm will focus on with huge dolloping’s of innuendo.
The attack on sevco’s bus and McGregor’s assault by his burd was manna from heaven for them and they had plenty willing accomplices like McCoist to apportion blame to Celtic supporters when it was untrue.
The false accusations and innuendo was never retracted.
Probably headed for a faux summit with the government where their anti Catholic agenda will be disguised.
Scotland has no chance of eradicating this cancer while the toxic and bigoted old firm partnership survives.

Big Audio Dynamite

With cameras everywhere, there will be clear pictures of this happening, surely?


Might be like the Epstein suicide in American custody when Attorney General Barr told the press the camera’s in that area malfunctioned.
A week or two later he then made another statement claiming no one was seen going into the cell yet not one member of the press asked him about his previous statement saying cameras were not working.

Big Audio Dynamite

Fan, all the world’s a stage 😉

Noel Skytrot

Watch the endless speculation being rolled out by us and them of why this has occurred, watch the scenes that unfolded at the weekend simmering down as this story takes the slot and is a perfect deflection from the huns behaviour. Watch social media and witness the futile whataboutery, the endless, boring, banality of Old Firmism. Watch and hear the sickness that pervades this city in its full technicolour horror when it comes to the tribalism here. Footballing myopia at its worse.

Unhitch the wagon

Noel Skytrot

BAD, I’d imagine due to the area being for the well heeled citizens it will have a ton of CCTV particularly on people’s properties.


A couple of tweets saying other cars fire bombed in the area recently.

James Mortimor a Glagow business man mentioned.

So it may not be football related but as football has allowed criminal activity to go unchallenged it is hard to separate one from the other.

If strict liability fairly policed puts an end to this nonsense then it is hard to argue it’s time hasn’t come.

Big Audio Dynamite

Look at what poor Peter has had to endure whilst fighting the cause ..the good fight! Hatred and petrol bombs, that’s what! And for this to happen to a man beyond reproach …well, that’s too much, people.

I think we should build a statue!

Big Audio Dynamite

Yes. There’ll be clear evidence any minute


Morning all, very easy to jump to the conclusion that one of our own is responsible for this, I’ll await arrests before deciding on that but as an alternative theory…if you had someone in your employ who understands the dark arts of NI politics and was an expert in when and how to deflect from your own shitstorm what better time to utilise his skills?


Auldheid that’s correct James Mortimer used to own Victorias nightclub in Glasgow, he still owns club29 and some others, his two cars were petrol bombed in Lanarkshire, as were some other prestige cars including a Bentley nearby, as I said I’ll reserve judgement until true facts are known.

sorry for the sun link 😳

Edit: As an aside Mortimer lives in Bothwell and he’s definitely not a Tim, he’s a sevco fan

Nana Mouskouri

This is where hate and vitriol ends up. Peter Lawell has been demonised by the Rangers support for running Scottish football for the benefit of Celtic and he has also managed to be demonised by a large section of the Celtic support for being not up to the job in their eyes. If the Police only have hate msgs on social media to go on where would they start.


I’m not an admirer of strict liability as it punishes the clubs for people acting in a way they should not, if an individual acts stupidly they should be punished not the club, if it happens again obviously the punishment was not severe enough. The individual(s) should be hammered.

If we punish clubs for stupid acts, what’s to stop me (or anyone) donning a sevco scarf *ick spit hurl puke* and going to their games and chanting vile songs of hatred, or letting off pyro/fireworks etc, looking for a points deduction/stand closure/yadda or vice versa, it just does not appeal to me.

Harsher punishment for individuals should, and should be policed aggressively, change at SFA level would also be required instead of their selective blindness.



The consequence of strict liability will be self policing if an activity is going to have a negative effect on perpetrators, ranging from being shopped by supporters to more physical threats from their own.

If the SFA had been able to announce ignoring lawful advice will see sanctions ranging from points deductiion to title removed, how many would have turned up?

The trick is specifying what activity is sanctionable and independent judgement of incidences.

Let’s not forget that the current extreme climate was spawned by the 5WA and the lies it has given life to and it was all clubs that accepted it, so why should they avoid the consequences of the monster they created?

The 5WA was created by Frankenstein, like him probably thinking it was the right thing to do, but it has created a monster.

Pitchforks to Hampden car park.

bada bing1

James Mortimer has business connections with Willie Haughey, not sure if there’s a link


Maybe it was his heated driveway that caused the fire!!


Well done David Turnbull on making the Scotland team for the Euros


Also I notice the Covid Kid makes the squad, wonder if that will change in light of his 2nd Covid rule breech 🤔

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