The Greatest Wee Country In The World?


Many of us woke up yesterday to the appalling news about a petrol bomb attack on the home of Peter Lawwell and his family. You don’t have to be a friend of his to be totally disgusted by such a cowardly assault on a man and his family in their own home.

I have little doubt that there will be morons in various places who took a great delight in the news when it broke.  But they are frankly beneath contempt,and I won’t even give them airtime on here. Lawwell and his family have done nothing which justifies such an outrage being carried out against them-and while they slept,at that.

The criminals who are responsible for this are lucky indeed that they are not facing murder charges,that is how serious the attack was. The petrol bomb was hurled at a car on the driveway and parked next to the house. It duly exploded-as anyone with two brain cells could have figured out! This set the rest of the house up,and it took eight units from the Fire Brigade to deal with the resulting blaze.

Make no mistake,this was no minor matter. History is littered with the deaths of innocents caught in some form of feud,and whose death was caused by the use of accelerants on their house. Some of us will remember the deaths of six members of the Doyle family about forty years ago in the so-called Ice-Cream Wars.

Even worse,this is no isolated incident! There have been various reports over the last eighteen months or so of similar incidents in the same area. Even on James Mortimer,as an example,which definitely leads to the assumption that this is not personal against Lawwell but is more of a “turf war” between factions behind certain Glasgow/West of Scotland “businesses”.

That,of course,is purely speculative on my part. But I’m sure it is a train of thought which will be explored by Police Scotland. Not that I’m holding my breath for a breakthrough from them,not when the incidents have been happening for eighteen months now. You have to wonder what these guys get paid for,don’t you? It sure seems that doing their actual jobs is not in their job description!

But I’ll leave all that to Plod. There will be plenty of CCTV evidence from the area to inspect,just as there is from the events in Glasgow on Saturday. I hope they finally identify the criminals and charge them with attempted murder. But I think that we should be careful here not to fall for the squirrel that this was the action of football fans with a grudge against Lawwell. Whether that be fans of Celtic or Rangers,I seriously doubt that will be the case. 

To be honest-and I hope I’m right-I think this is likely to be two smalltime thugs who were too thick to target the correct house in the dark. That is no consolation to Peter Lawwell and his family who have lost their home. Just as it is likely that having Police Scotland investigate events will be of no consolation either.

The first duty of every country is to protect its citizens. The Scottish Government could make a start by investigating the long term ineptitude of its police force.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Margaret McGill

Awe Naw its the Red Brigade!
Awe Naw no the Green Brigade!
Awe Naw no the Boys Brigade anaw noo
FFS! Its the Fire Brigade


Brilliant article again. Well said pal. 100% agree with you. Reckon this is part of the larger extortion/protection racket being employed by the criminal gangs in Glasgow today.


Gie a wee junkie a bag of heroin and a coupla petrol bombs.
That’s how it works in Glasgow today.


Great comments BMCUWP, shocking thing for any family to go through , we are not happy with our teams performance and as the CEO the buck stops on PLs desk . What happened at his home is far bigger than any sporting event , and he should know that we as Celtic fans are totally in support with him and his family at this trying time
On another note I was reading about what happened at the Lowell’s house and another video appeared showing two guys in Glasgow fighting with knives, a woman gets in between them to break it up, if she had not intervened there would have been at least one or probably two dead men. I was shocked at how calm and determined they were to attack each other. I also don’t know how old the video is, but on top of the scenes that took place on the weekend, the fire bomb and then seeing this knife fight I was in a state of shock all day

Noel Skytrot

I’ll be amazed if the chip shop wrapper commentariat don’t roll out pieces that are littered with speculation, express outrage and sympathy but also insert the sinister apportionment of blame at Celtic and Sevco fans.

If its the criminal element, all roads point North.


If there was an equivalent of the OBAF that set criminal parameters for Club Directors behaviour would that be a good thing?

It would depend on definitions of good behaviour, a modern Thou Shalt not….
but does football generally not have to come more directly under the law?

Just thinking out loud.


It could well be that the attack on Peter Lawwell’s house was nothing to do with his job at Celtic, more the fact that he lives on a millionaires’ row. Similar attacks have been made against other wealthy individuals nearby.
Whilst policing is a devolved matter, Scotgov’s block grant has been cut in real terms each year since 2010, and these cuts do impact on Police Scotland’s ability to do their job effectively. Usually, wealthy folk and their property are given top priority by plod, so I would expect them to solve this case fairly promptly.
Celtic fans have every reason to be suspicious of the police given their kid gloves treatment of the hordes’ blatant law breaking vis a vis their strong arm tactics towards us. We wait with interest to find out if there are indeed follow up arrests and charges in the wake of the George Sq title “celebrations’. The politicians and police are on trial here. They have called out the anti Irish racism and bitter hatred towards Catholics but will they step up to the plate and charge the hordes with hate crime? If so, we have a chance to make a start in tackling Scotland’s shame. If not, their words count for nothing.




Afternoon all,

Very quiet on here today.

Any sign of a new Manager ??

Naw, didn’t think so. Pretty pathetic really !!!!

HH 🍀🍀


Great summary of where we are with both past and recent events. Also correct to focus on the human side of things.


GER57…so very true. Our Holyrood politicians, including the newly re-elected First Minister, have thrown the first punch in what could turn out to be a very beneficial road for Scottish society. Alternatively, it could be a perdicious road for one or two political careers. The first step gave been taken on a long journey, it will be interesting to see if our devolved Parliament has the stomach for a drawn out battle because sure as hell the hordes and their masters will not take kindly to change!


Usually when I express an opinion,I state that I’m happy enough to be proved wrong. On this occasion,I’ll be very disappointed to be proven wrong if it turns out to be either Celtic or Rangers fans who were responsible.

I firmly believe that this was a wrong target,though I take on board the possibility of extortion.

The big problem,as I said,is the incompetence of Police Scotland for 18 months on this matter and their incompetence overall.

The centralisation of this organisation has been detrimental not just to serving officers but to the general public as a whole.

A spate of firebomb attacks in a localised area over eighteen months,with descriptions which match each time down to the model of car being driven points,in my opinion,to more than just incompetence. And it demands a proper investigation.


Morning troops.
Feeling better thanks 😉

Tbh it doesn’t look like it was a football thing at this point which is better than the alternative.
When the nice parts of town get hit, fuzz usually act hard and fast. Be surprised if something similar happens soon.

As mentioned though, this can hurt everyone in the sport from potential players to potential managers. Another negative headline is the very last thing that’s needed.
Wonder how Dom feels? The Lawells can move far far away but he’s only beginning.

It is very quiet. We need news, positive and quickly pls.

Have a wonderful day no matter where on God’s green and white earth you happen to be.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

quiet on here this am. Usually have a read in the morning while I have my breakfast….but so few responses, it had to be a really small breakfast and now I”m still hungry.


When it was quiet on here The Exiled Tim would always post the comment ‘its quiet today’ and make me smile by stating the obvious.
Haste ye back hound helper.



A well thought out and measured article.


Your question regarding Guy Fawkes from last night…was he a good guy, or a bad guy.?

Personally, I believe that Guy Fawkes, was the only man in history, to have entered Westminster with honourable intentions.

Hail Hail.





Forgot to say, woke up last night and couldn’t sleep so listened to your music tracks.

Spot on by the way.


Guy Fawkes was a genius. Wished he’d done a better job !!!!!!!!

HH 🍀🍀

Just had a look at ” Celtic Star ” and article on ” Our 1956 Scottish Cup Final defeat to hearts ” , main picture Bobby Evans shaking hands with Hearts captain ; that’s not a ” funny ” handshake a la Greig/Wharton is it ? And if it is , they’re not BOTH doing it are they 😉


I’d buy Guy Fawkes a pint

Mike in Toronto

I think JtT’s point is that Guido, while trying to get rid of one Protestant monarchy, was still a monarchist, albeit a Catholic one, and few on here would, I suspect, describe themselves as Monarchists…..


“and few on here would, I suspect, describe themselves as Monarchists…..”
Plenty anarchists, couple aristocrats and diplomats, and a couple pacifists no doubt, with the usual smattering of Marxists, held together by piss artists, but we do probably lack Monarchists indeed.
A sure sign they are on their way out 😉

Hail Hail

Craig 76

I’m in the piss artists camp hic 🍺🍺🍺🍻🥃🥃🥂

Mike in Toronto


To be fair, each poster probably checks off a few boxes…and there is probably a fair bit of overlap between certain categories ….of course, not all are easily reconciled….but that is what makes it interesting.

I’d say to keep it simple, people should get three ..

.so, you have two more choices…


I see that PLC dickhe, erm, I mean director, Brian Wilson is publicly defending the Huns, insisting that the scenes in George Square would not have happened, if the Scottish Govt. had adopted the Ibrox club’s suggestion of allowing 10,000 of their supporters into the ground for 4 days in a row.

Have never liked this Unionist bastard, since reading his history of Celtic FC, published in our centenary year.

A load of revisionist pish. Poorly written and constructed…and not a patch on the history of the club, written a few months earlier by Pat Woods and Tom Campbell.

Why are all PLC directors such a bunch of total bastards? Is it in the job description?


Mike in Toronto


My sense was that, at one time, Celtic toyed with the idea of Strict Liability as a stick to beat the Green Brigade with (‘see what you lot are costing the Club?”), but would never seriously want it, as it would make the club financially liable for events over which they see themselves as having little control..

Over the last 48 hours, the First Minister has openly talked about imposing strict liability for the clubs (although, often times that term is misused), and that is what, I suspect, prompted BW to speak out.

Celtic will defend Rangers in this because (i) two divisions of the same enterprise, but (ii) even if not, Celtic would not want strict liability to be imposed on Rangers for this event, as it would inevitably be applied to Celtic in later events.

So, they have to defend Rangers, and place the blame on others (in this case, the Police) to avoid the imposition of strict liability.

At least, that is my initial reaction.


MikeInTVLawyerland…as an ex-Labour MP and Minister Brian Wilson uses his newspaper column to regularly bash the SNP. I’m convinced he removes his Tory PLC hat and replaces it with his Worker’s Flat Cap to alternate between roles. I’m also sure his opinions are based purely on who is issuing the cheque at the time!



Hmmm. Certainly food for thought. But I’m afraid I’ll have to go with my first reaction…that Brian Wilson is a merchant banker.

These eejits have a habit of remaining stubbornly silent, when they should be speaking out to defend the club. Whilst speaking out when they should be shutting their big feckin’ gobs.

Speaking about ‘Strict Liability’ Mike, I would like to see this extended to the political arena. How brilliant would it be, if a whole political party, was held accountable for the behaviour of their M.P.’s/M.S.P.s.

Perhaps then, and only then, could they step into the real world.



MIT @ 3:45 pm

As it’s a wee bit quiet today a bit of controversial topic.

Aren’t the SNP and their support, by default, monarchists?

Frag thrown, heads back to the trench🙄🙄😏

Whit nae feckin’ manager yet CSC🍀


Mahe and MIT…struggling to choose 3 from the list so here goes – in no particular order…
1 Piss Artist
2 Piss Artist
3 Piss Artist!
…and happy!! 😁



The only cap that I would want to see Brian Wilson wearing, is the one that he would wear, as he was being strapped into the Electric Chair.

This is not the site for those types of opinions. Please rein it in.


…maybe a bit extreme, Magua! You weren’t about Thortonhall the other night were you? 😉

Mike in Toronto

And I am breaking another rule here (told myself I was going to stop posting legal stuff about Celtic … twice in one week… fuck sake)…

But these are terms I think you are going to be hearing quite a bit of in the next little while, so here is the really, really, really oversimplified explanation …

Strict liability is a term that has been bandied about. However, what they are really talking about is vicarious liability, or a combination of strict and vicarious liability..

Normally, in law, normally a person is only responsible for his own conduct (not the conduct of someone else), and only then, he would only responsible for the conduct if he intended it, or if he was negligent in what he did (careless beyond a reasonable point).

However, there are exeptions: strict liability and vicarious liability being two such exceptions.

Strict liability is a theory that imposes legal responsibility for damages or injuries even if the person who was found strictly liable did not act with fault or negligence. This theory is NOT the norm, and is applied in various jurisdictions (not all), and only usually in very limited circumstances: typical cases include animal attacks, s0ome manufacturing defects, and abnormally dangerous activities. So, if your dog bites someone, you will be liable, even if you had taken all reasonable precautions to prevent the attack.

Vicarious liability, on the other hand, is being responsible for the conduct of someone else. A typical case is where an employer is liable for the negligence of its employee, if he is negligent while acting in the course or scope of his duties.

In this case, the government is talking aobut making the clubs responsible for the actions of the the club’s fans. So vicariously liable. And they would not be able to say, ‘well, we did our best’… this would make the club liable upon the happening of certain events by fans, even if the clubs had, for example, said ‘dont do it’.

The idea is that the clubs are best situated to control behavior, so it is up to the club to monitor its own fans and take pre-emptive action. So, if you know there are bad songs being sung, but do nothing about it, the club can be penalized (with the idea that this will encourage clubs to take steps to clean up the problem, before it gets to the point where the state has to get involved).

Some are going to say this all sounds like ‘passing the buck’… and you would not be entirely right, but wouldn’t be entirely wrong either.



Any SNP activists that were of the Republican persuasion-the 79 Group-in other words, were long ago culled FROM THE PARTY, in an attempt to draw in support from the wider Scottish public.

Those that remained, either had to revise their opinions PDQ, or else hold their tongues.

It is an article of faith for the SNP, that the Queen of England, would remain head of state in an ‘independent’ Scotland.

Eff that. Not my idea of FREEDOM… copyright Mel Gibson.



Indeed I was not, you bounder. I was having a few wee swallies and dipping in and out of SC. Anyhoo, is Renfrew not nearer Thorntonhall than is my own lovely scheme…Ibrox?

Hail Hail.

Craig 76

I’m with McCaff
Piss Artist x 3 😀😀😀

Mike in Toronto

I think it is a given that everyone on SC is, to some greater or lesser degree, a piss artist … so that shouldn’t count against your three…



Or for Huns…piss artists × 165.

Hail Hail.

Craig 76


I’m not a petty minded person but U2 can get to fuck

Tam Sellics son (@TamsellicsonIII) Tweeted:
Never liked they cvnts anyway


C76…are U2 gaslighting, maybe? 🤫🤭



Can’t really say too much about U2 Craig, as I was never into them. Is that gen-up?

BTW, I heard that request on Smooth Radio this morning. Illiterate bastards.

Hail Hail.


Mike in Toronto


I know I take my politics (and a lot of things) too seriously, but …

I think it was ’82.. U2 were supposed to be involved in the New York St. Patrick’s Day parade, but withrdrew after they found out that Bobby Sands was to be the Honourary Grand Marshall … I still saw them later that year, I think it was … but, honestly, never had the same affection for them after that ….and, in spite of them doing a lot of good charity work, I just lost interest in them ….

Nana Mouskouri

God save the Queen. Monarchist faction of Sentinel Celts



Quite right good sir.




I’ve put in a small addendum to your post at 453.

Nana Mouskouri

If you know your history one of the greatest Celts was a monarchist. Club open to all



Addendum not coming up on my phone, a chara. Please advise.


Love this song by an Australian band.

Craig 76

The Dutch DJ Martin Garrix has another song called Animals and he started in 2012 so you could be right 😀😀

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