International Bhoys bring opportunity

It’s fully understandable most didn’t comment on how Stevie Clarkes selection would hit us hard, given he has 6 of the team out there as the spine of this historic Euro squad.
Of course we all understand why this wasn’t automatically filed under Problem, as almost all will enjoy their craft on that esteemed stage, but there can be no denying it just isn’t good for the team.
Ok, six is pushing it as Jack hadn’t been home for a while, but would anyone bet heavily against the player coming home given his form and our immediate needs? Six may not be that far fetched, a second chance once viewed through fresh eyes isn’t that uncommon.
Next year was looking bad enough, it’s truly Murphy’s Law that just when all could do with plenty relaxing beach time before a rigorous pre-season fitness camp getting to know the new gaffer and inevitable fresh recruits, the nations needs will (rightly) come first and hurt club plans.
Those players will need a proper break after their national exerts, and of course we can’t plan for that exactly.
Plenty fancy the nation to escape the group which brings us into July proper, and if not last week of June, then holidays for the half dozen plus Ajeti. Something tells me it’s three weeks post competition as a rule but I could well be wrong on that,,I certainly wouldn’t rush jaded players back, recipe for disaster.
Yet look at the calendar. Rumoured friendly fixture against West Ham on the 24th July, with season 21/22 SPL matches beginning a mere week later. Round 2 of the Champions League qualifiers takes place on the 25/26th of August.
Our loan deals tend to take place late in windows once we determine which gaps need plugged.
Our buys will very much depend on the season ticket take up which is anyone’s guess at this stage. I would cautiously bet 40k based on the fact I expect to get papped out of the Euro qualifiers meaning we will approach the transfer market cautiously aka be frugal because the club realize they ain’t getting full take up. I doubt they get expected income for the wantaways and if Odsonne stands his ground for a free transfer that would really throw a spanner in the works.
Signs point towards drafting the youth in for early preseason, using them to bulk out the numbers, giving plenty of minutes whilst accessing them and the remainers, alongside easing the jaded International spine slowly to full fitness.
Connell and Hjelde may get the big chance they crave, another is young Dembele who has one year left. I don’t think Hazard getting the early preseason nod would surprise anyone.
Oko-Flex, Mikey Johnson, Montgomery, and the long forgotten Anthony Ralston are there to be called upon for the early teams while those who might be back again include Ewan Henderson, Shved, Bayo, and Bolingoli.
I don’t know who the next guy will be, but I know we will see more of the kids. I for one will be very happy when it happens, no point having them if they aren’t going to get a chance and I’m absolutely of the mentality if they are good enough they are old enough. If we get a guy who specializes in bringing them through all the better. The loss of the Internationals should become their gain, therefore our gain.
I’m delighted for the half dozen Tims called to go represent Scotland, but won’t shed any tears if they lose their team place to a youngster who grabbed their chance when presented with it.
Them’s the breaks.
By Mahe.

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Noel Skytrot

I see the Daily Radar are running a story about Mark Walters and the abuse that he received in 1989 when imbeciles in our support threw bananas at him. You’ve got to hand it to the huns they know how to have their friends in the press write puff pieces that are nothing more than a tactic of deflection.

As for the Celtic players in the Scotland squad, good luck.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Noel Skytrot: Daily Retard like Hun followers…. live in the past. Reprehensible conduct now but back then there was some degree of levity and some ‘ Fuxsake that’s out of order!’.
Times and customs and people’s perceptions change, excluding Anti-Irish and Anti-Celtic ones, even in Scotland and the West part especially. The occasional slip up by old codgers like me is met with loud cries of ‘You can’t say that nowadays’ and rightly so.
Have Police Scotland identified the wee shit singing her wee solo? No? Must be having difficulty identifying her.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Bloody ‘Fill in this section’ shit back! Bummer.


I would enjoy the Euros more if Scotland were not in it. Every time I get my hopes up we find someway to disapoint. it gets me down and spoils the joy of watching the rest of tournament. Our players will be home early as usual. As for our loan players and young guys getting a chance, I thought when Ewen Henderson got a shot during the last season he looked really good,I expected to see him in the next game, but no way, hopefully under a new manager we will get some of the young guys getting regular starts.

Sol Kitts

If Plod can’t identify her from the crystal clear video they could try checking through the dental records in Glasgow. Mind you, they’d probably end up arresting Methadone Mick. 😂😂😎😬


In the early 2000s the Record reported the death of Gordon Brown’s baby daughter with the front page headline “Jennifer Dead”. This was the culmination of tit for tat crass reporting over the premature birth of baby Jennifer. A shocking, disgusting, insensitive way to deliver such sad news. That was me finished with the Record from that day.

St tams

I have no interest in International football personally.

I always look on it , as a bit of a distraction and interference to our players and club.

I am actually quite depressed after reading the rest of the article, as it has brought home what a long hard season the next one is going to be.

Paddy’s Maw

I was out last night so just catching up on the news. Read a couple of articles on the “no criminality” and “certain individuals”. I’m not thick but I haven’t got a clue what it is saying. Should police Scotland and the papers not just be telling us what it means for the rest of us. Is the video real? Is the video not real? That’s what the story is; that’s what we want to know and that’s what they should be telling us! If a Philadelphia lawyer or MIT wants to help me out please do!

PS I emailed a reminder to the SFA about the anti catholic language at the semifinal the other day. Will update if I hear anything back and emailed humza too for an update on the video but that was before PS completed their investigation

Maestro Fan

Couldn’t care less about Scotland and I resent all the damage international football inflicted on us this season and is shaping up to do next.

I agree with your wider analysis. The tin eared plc board completely misread their ‘consumer base’. They think the tardy appointment of Howe will allow them to airbrush this season’s relationship management disaster and galvanise the fans’ support.

Add in the unleashed triumphalism of the huns like I’ve never witnessed before and I fear they fail to appreciate how broken the spirit of the club is.

I am genuinely horrified by the attack on Lawwell’s home, but it doesn’t change the fact of the dire straits he is leaving us in. The failure is epic. And worst of all is the total absence of insight or self-reflection within the club leadership. If you don’t recognise there’s a problem you’ve got no hope of fixing it.


Maestro Fan
(The failure is epic. And worst of all is the total absence of insight or self-reflection within the club leadership. If you don’t recognise there’s a problem you’ve got no hope of fixing it.)

Nail on head!!!!
I think while the Raj remains we will be no more than a European minnow wallowing in past glory.



Youth will have its day, not so sure. If Eddy Howe is the new manager he will have been identifying transfer targets and I would expect us to sign several players rapidly. But, then again he could be met with the usual Celtic prevarication and youth is all that we have to play in vital CL qualifying matches. Our fate may be sealed today if Brentford win through, freeing up Eddy Howe to be announced on Monday, if not, the wait goes on for at least another week.
Regarding Scotland, I have very little interest in the national team. To paraphrase, I don’t care if they win, lose or draw. My primary concern is that Celtic players are not injured. The treatment of the Lions and the Huns on the terraces put me off for life, I’m afraid.



I think you might have to log back in again after closing the tab. Keep it open and you should be fine. Update earlier this week seems to have caused it.

Re Walters,there’s no doubt that it happened. But the wider context is that it was nowhere near the unacceptable behaviour that it is nowadays-though that is no excuse. On the other hand,fully twenty years later,huns fans had a huge banner which read Nakamura ate my dog.

I wonder if the record mentions that. Naw?


Morning all,

So, are we all routing for Brentford today with the hope Bournemouth are out the picture, and Eddie Howe can then bring his preferred backroom team with him,when he’s announced Celtic Manager on Monday !!!!!!!!!

Big ask !!!!


Gon the Hibees today. Everyone enjoy your day 🍾🍾


There no tims representing Scotland in my eyes. They are representing the Scottish Football Association, an institution whose primary objective is to sustain one club at the expense of everything else that is fair and honest in the game. Let’s not forget the part they played in the Five Way Agreement which underpins the Survival Lie which was the starting point for the carnage in Glasgow city centre last Saturday. I also remember Celtic players getting booed when they played for Scotland and others such as Billy McNeil, Bobby Lennox and Bobby Murdoch being overlooked and hun players chosen ahead of them. I also remember when Kenny Dalglish wasn’t picked for a match because he would have broken Denis Law’s cap record. I sincerely hope the SFA/HFA get humped in every match, even by Ingurland, such is the contempt I hold for the tartan huns running the game in Scotland. The sooner those masonic bowls club blazeratti are gone from Scottish Football is the day I might change my mind.

bada bing1

Just watched the Invincibles Cup Final, was on BBC last night, what a great team,didn’t remember the game being that good,in tears…..again, one of the truly great Celtic victories.

bada bing1

Met the gentlemen that is Chalmersbhoy yesterday, to collect VP and my own winnings from the score predictor, will give a fair whack of it to the Vogue this afternoon 🍻😁,thanks again CB

bada bing1

Scotland- where singing ‘fuck the Pope ‘ is legal,the best wee bigoted country in the World….


Bada Whilst Police Scotland found ‘no criminality’ nobody is denying the video was real 🤔


Bada Bing 1
Of course it’s legal as It’s the establishment’s favorite song.
The sniggering sleekit backbone of the best wee country.


Rangers are taking legal action against “certain individuals” after police found no criminality in a video that appeared to show players and staff using sectarian language.
Footage posted online allegedly featured an anti-Catholic chant at a title-winning event inside Ibrox.

Would like to see this go to a Court in Scotland 🤔


Bada Well done mhate on winning CBs Score Predictor 👏👏👏 and enjoy your session in The Vogue HH 🍺🍀

Sol Kitts

Reading that Celtic have terminated Ntcham’s contract. Presumably they felt they wouldn’t be able to punt him on for a fee, and it appears they won’t need to pay him up as his contract allows for termination in its final year.

Jobo Baldie

I’m Scottish so want my national team to be as successful as possible. Celtics players make my watching more of a pleasure.
On the head coach front I’d prefer someone who gives youth a chance AND has European experience. Eddie Howe only ticks one of those boxes. Get the ex Wolves boss!

Maestro Fan

Ian McGarry and Duncan Castles saying Howe doesn’t fancy it, wants the Palace job or better in south of England.

One final humiliation from our custodians to put the tin lid on their keystone cops season?



Good you too.
Enjoy your session..


Maestro Fan
I really don’t fancy Eddie Howe.
We can do much better than this loser.



I’m with you. Always want Scotland to win and even more so, when Celtic players are involved.

On the Celtic Manager front, please, please can we appoint someone soon !!!!!!!

HH 🍀🍀🍀


Garry hope your wee one has a great day, and you similar.



Some embarrassing clips in this one!

Which reminds me,the only person to score against us in Europe for three different clubs is Gary Caldwell…



Interesting. I don’t think they would have done that without input from a new manager.


Bobby why not ? Liewell has been doing that sorta stuff behind managers backs since adam was a bhoy


Thanks mate. Just heading out to her post First Holy Communion party.


Also Happy Birthday to Fairhill Bhoy 🍾 🍀 🍾

Gordon64 10th May 1975, Paul Wilson scores this double in the Glasgow Cup final against Rangers.

Wilson’s goals meant he held the unique record of scoring in four cup finals at Hampden that season – Drybrough Cup, League Cup, Scottish Cup and Glasgow Cup. Paul Wilson always seemed to raise his game when playing against Rangers, perhaps that was something to do with the sickening racist abuse that he was subjected to in these Old Firm matches.

The best way to shut them up was to put the ball in the back of the net and Paul Wilson always seemed to save his best performances in a Celtic jersey for games against Rangers.

bada bing1

Cheers Bhoys, Big G might see you later

Jobo Baldie

Surprised to see that it’s a 2pm kick off for todays Scottish Cup Final rather than the traditional Saturday at 3. Something that, I think, we had consistently maintained in recent years. Think it’ll be an entertaining game although due to other commitments I might not catch it live. Hoping for green ribbons on the cup for, what, the 6th season in a row?

Mike in Toronto

On DAZN TV, Victor Wanayama picked best 5 aside team (has to be players he piayed with):

Fraser Forster

virgil Van Dyke

Scott Brown. Sadio Mane

Harry Kane

bada bing1

Brentford v Bournemouth, cracking game


Cosy Corner Bhoy,

Using outdated and offensive language like ‘retard’, even in the context of a pun on a newspaper title is unbecoming of a Celtic man.
I think it was Geordie Young’s cap record Dalglish was breaking but not allowed to. Subsequently did though. Young played for…



Many thanks for running the predictor comp ,that and the naps comp from Twists and bmcuwp
kept a dreary season interesting.
Thanks again bhoys.hh



VP Cracking day yesterday mhate back in our old stomping ground after 8 months away. Hoosebound today cheering on the Perth Saintees with a few Menabrea curers 👍🍺🍀



I’m fekd today big man,will need to build my stamina up :O(


VP Was just remembering the day we ended up in the Hibs Supporters Club after our bus trip to Mussleburgh Races 🏇🍺😂



Aye…not winner among us ,but a cricking day/night oot.


VP Did you not win the Killer Pool competition ? 🤔


G64 ,I did mate, Brian C was raging :O)



You obviously missed this line from COSYCORNERBHOY in the same comment.

“The occasional slip up by old codgers like me is met with loud cries of ‘You can’t say that nowadays’ and rightly so.”


Big Sean puts the Saints 1-0 up


Jobo, I’m Scottish too though I’ve spent most of my adult life living in England. Back in the day, I gave the international football team my unconditional support and well remember that brilliant night at Hampden when Scotland with six ‘tic players in the side beat Czechoslovakia 2-1 to qualify for the 1974 World Cup in West Germany. However, as I got older, I became increasingly aware the role the SFA played in supporting the huns directly through their choice of hun-supporting match officials right up until the FWA. I now find it impossible to draw a distinction between the hun-loving SFA and those they choose to play for their international select XI. I can understand why Celtic players want to represent their country especially if it increases their profile beyond Scotland and helps to boost their future wage demands. No matter how many Celtic players choose to do this ,makes not a blind bit of difference to me. To me, the Scotland football team is an international version of the huns and I will always want them to get beat. I accept, I may be in the minority but let’s not forget that many of the population of Northern Ireland don’t support their national side so my position is not that unusual.

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