Taunted Tims

Taunted. That’s how I feel when handed verdicts like the FTP song video. The worst is a matter of personal preference but ‘imperfectly registered’ took the biscuit for me.
‘No criminality proven’ isn’t that far behind though.
If this matter gets airbrushed into history by a combination of the next scandal (one a week on average) and a blind eye from headquarters it will simply become another taunt in a long line of them.
The years of suspect judgements have filled the shock factor but being spoon fed obvious horse rap time after time is taunting an entire club and it’s support.
55 now nothing happened despite the fact the camera doesn’t lie and that gathering broke rules, rules that we got hammered for breaking.
The obvious inequality from ‘neutral as always’ headquarters is a taunt.
Taunting is a passive aggressive form of anger being expressed, carried out for a reason, to cause hurt on a certain level.
Hurt to all of us.
Of course those doing the taunting only do so because they feel they can, apparently unafraid of any consequences.
To date, Uefa have not stepped in and there’s no evidence to suggest they will get involved with our backwater’s intricate affairs.
The clubs, with direct access to headquarters, have never asked them to step in for the common good.
For their safety I would posit.
With zero sign of being reported the SFA and it’s pet have shown everything but humility at the rest of Scottish football, the superiority complex has erupted since 55 became the new 1690, a number which in itself taunts the intelligence.
Headquarters themselves must realize the Tims are faced with a quandary, caught in a trap like the King sang, when it comes to their beloved Glasgow Celtic. Hampden can throw out whatever they want, ratify the daftest explanation not in the book, feed us crap, and they can’t lose.
They won’t be reported for the dubious running of the game to ‘daddy’ and even if they did they would have some friends to try and smooth things such as the Red Hand of Ulster being seen in Israel that time, not to be confused with the Red Stump of Ulster who has a warwound and half for the grandchildren, he bled more than his team for the imaginary 55th.
Why our club doesn’t challenge the malarkey we are subjected to is anyone’s guess, and there’s no point in guessing forever if you’re not gonna be rewarded if hitting upon the truth.
Hampden, I believe, is laughing about our predicament. The Tims can either swallow the national sport served up their way with it’s lies and blind eyes when suits backed by a compliant press, or leave.
And if they do leave it hurts Celtic further opening the door for the establishment team.
It’s a taunt.
Taunting, as the wise know, can backfire, don’t tug the tail of the tiger and all. While a lone appeal for a season ticket boycott would get next to zero traction, there’s an undoubted appetite for some organized way to hit out and back at the suits who ruin the sport, the national sport therefore the people’s sport.
The Trust and Green Brigades ‘Celtic Shared’ proposal to the club regarding shares as an added value bonus for loyalty during the most bizarre times some of us will ever live through has not been forthcoming, I guess nothing will be after hearing the boards ‘move on’ message.
More boardroom waffles and another taunt perhaps?
The Celtic support need to unify for the common good if only one time, a Cup game sounds good, but it’s very important we as a fanbase show some resolve and fortitude in order to at least put some doubt into the minds of those who taunt us.
The groups and factions should come together for common cause.
The Tims should make a stand.
Next season WE should stand outside their Cup games singing and taunting them.

By Mahe

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Great post. I can see that the only way that the powers that be in Hampden will stand up and take notice is by direct action by the fans. What form that takes is a difficult one , boycotting SFA cup competitions would send a strong message but the Scottish media would twist it to Christ knows what. My thoughts are that CFC should threaten not to enter the Scottish cup but have proven in the past not to have the guts for a fight (under this boards directorship)for fear of misrepresentation by the aforementioned Scottish media. Damned if we do and damned if we don’t.


Indeed Tims should make a stand but won’t. Protest against the SFA! FFS most aren’t even willing to confront our club’s custodians who have willingly aligned themselves with those that most Celtic supporters would deem as having hostile intent toward the club and community it garners most of its support from. Perhaps it would be best to concentrate on getting our own house in order first and ensure that the PLC is left in no doubt that they need to listen to us. Polietly asking for handouts from the PLC will not achieve this.
Our enemy is within and without. We, as supporters, at present can do little about the ‘establishment’ bias in the SFA when our own club isn’t even willing to confront the lies and manipulations emanating from Hampden. But we can make a start by focusing our attention on those we can most definitely influence – the Celtic board.

Sadly I am of the opinion we will be having the same discussion this time next season. £30+ million just about guaranteed to the winners of the SPFL title. That being enough money to help a ‘new’ club in financial difficulties one would imagine!

Any news on the new squirrel, I mean manager, yet?

Noel Skytrot

As long as the board sit with their thumbs up their arses its going to be the same old. Boycotting, it won’t be happening anytime soon. This is it, whether we like it or not.

67 in the heat of Lisbon.


Happy Anniversary to any and all involved with the greatest moment of Club fitba…the unprecedented success of a group of wee guys from Glasgow and it’s surrounding area who created folklore, pride and dreams and songs to sing for generations after!
Hail Hail Jock Stein and The Lisbon Lions!


I don’t think it’s a quandary , do you want to pay for the WWF SPFL or a clean game, a clean game that also includes fair refereeing. Do you stand by our clubs ethos or jump on the bandwagon of the snake oil salesman
We all have a choice
It’s going to take honest people to take a stand, when you look at the history of the past a few brave people started huge movements
This is the perfect time to take a stand ,probably before the weeks out there will be a new coaching team in place. The new manager will have been promised new players , rightly so, if they want our financial help come to the table, listen to what we have to say ,we can do a lot together or we can close the top tiers,a club is place where people are united for a common cause , or to be entertained, to enjoy themselves, and right now it is not happening


Mahe…it’s taunting to a degree but in reality it’s more than that. Hugh Macdonald’s article from the weekend expressed it better than I ever could but like recent politics – the rise of the Far Right across world politics, the George Square demonstrations after the Independence vote, the All Lives Matter movement, the targeting of Celtic fans using OBAF in a way no other club was targeted, the different ways TRFC are treated in ANY given situation – shows us we are dealing with a bigger monster than we realise.


Qualifying update ⬇️

Moravcik67 (@Moravcik67_) Tweeted:
1. Small update on who will be pumping us in Europe in 21/22. Yeh, I know. We need a manager and players first.

We start in CL QR2, will be seeded, and will play Rapid Vienna, Galatasaray or Midtjylland.

The draw for QR2 is on June 16, with the games on 20/21 and 27/28 July. https://twitter.com/Moravcik67_/status/1396878489215700993?s=20



Bloody hell,that’s who we get after being seeded? Fat lot of good that’s done us.




I know it doesn’t fill you with much hope,especially given we still don’t have a manager and don’t know what players we will have.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Presuywe are seeded due to an event 54 years ago! Certainly not for events of the last season.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Presumably we are etc. ….Doh!

big packy

went to every home game, then watched the final on a wee black and white tv, thank you the lisbon lions, you made a wee 14 year old bhoy proud..H,H,

saltires en sevilla


Another strong condemnation of events.

It’s a real pity that we are forced to consider these things on such a sacred day, but it must be done.

If we look inside the box, the ongoing plan to bring in a guy who has practically zilch experience in Europe, apart from a few cracking tours of Spain in the 70’s with Jon, Chris, Rick & Alan …has he had a face lift and a weave?

What is the fixation with signing guys who manage in England? The guy did ‘good’ at a certain level – but come on tae!!!

Seriously tho’ , if Howe is signed as manager after all this time, there are also valid questions about his commitment to the job ( his contractual issues at previous club could have been resolved far more quickly, with good intentions all ’round). Maybe that was all bollox… to disguise the fact he was still considering other options.

To be positive for a bit – let’s say he has been working away in background and brings a captain type for every department on the pitch – 4 xabsolute pros to the spine of the team. That would be a sign of intent, if they arrive in Early June. Does anyone think that will happen?!

When, or if, this appointment is made, he will get my support, as every man deserves a fair crack in a new job, and if someone handed me the Celtic job I’d give it my best – who could blame anyone for believing in themselves?

However, the rationale and execution around this hire is beyond incompetent. There are folk running the show at Celtic who just don’t get it.

I wonder what a Pride of Lions would have to say… then, what they really, really think…

St tams

You hit the nail on the head with the incompetent statement.
That’s the only way that I would describe this board.
All the managers out there and we have been waiting 3 months to appoint an unemployed one.

We are a shambles of a club from top to bottom.

Happy Lisboa day HH



That’s Steve Howe,ya choob!

Here’s a great example of the great man,though not many realise he is on it. Clue-flamenco.




To have gone backwards so far and so fast is beyond simple incompetence.

St tams

I think there is a touch off arrogance to.


Happy Lisbon Day from gloriously sunny Clydebank.


Anyone spot themselves in the crowd



Craig76 what a difference from George SQ. That’s how you celebrate! Looks like some of the locals looking down, smiling, waving. 🙂

Dharma Bam

In the interests of fairness, should Lorenzo Amoruso not be interviewed at the same time as Mark Walters, to discuss his self confessed racist abuse of a Dortmund player in 1999, a more recent occurrence than Mark Walters?


It has been a quick 4 years since we were all in Lisbon. Great week spent in excellent Celtic company. Memories to last a lifetime.


“You can take us anywhere, we won’t let you down”

Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) Tweeted:
🎶 You can take us anywhere, we won’t let you down 🍀

80,000 #CelticFC supporters travelled to Seville for the UEFA Cup Final 18 years ago today! 🏖

🥇 FIFA Fair Play Award for our supporters 👏🇪🇸 https://t.co/9d0aGpW7OI https://twitter.com/CelticFC/status/1395635474916515845?s=20


I wasn’t there myself but reading about it on CQN at the time it sounded like it was an excellent time had by all


Compare & Contrast.
In 1972 when they won the cup winners cup, the trophy had to be presented behind closed doors due to the behaviour of their fans on the pitch. So after winning a trophy in Europe, they were issued with a two year ban from playing in Europe. (Later reduced to one year).
It was reckoned by the media (outside Scotland) to be the first example of British Football Hooliganism in Europe.

did they learn their lesson? Manchester?



Blinkin’ flip,was it! Absolutely terrific.


There’s one way we traditionally defeat taunting – we taunt them back by winning on the park and by singing from the terraces.



Ah,yes. The famous “I only swear in Italian” incident…

To be fair,I only swear in Scottish. Strangely,it’s about the only time that the English understand me!


I don’t fekin swear in any bliddy language!
(And neither does my pal Big Bliddy Packy).



Great article,mate. The problem as you point out is that it is not just Rangers-the club and fans-who are taunting us,it is everyone. The SMSM,SFA,police,the lot.

As Lions67 says, ram it right up them on the pitch.



Aye,but you’re a good boy.


Bhoy, Bobby! 🙂


Garry, brilliant! That was the one and only time my mother went to see Celtic. My mother & father got the train into Glasgow to see them coming home to Paradise with the European Cup!


I remember cutting out loads of the newspaper photos & headlines of Lisbon and pining them up on my bedroom wall. They remained there for several years until pop & rock stars replaced them in the 70s! 🙂

Angel Gabriel

Another decent article. Thumbs up .
Unfortunately, the Celtic support is miles away from having a united voice , that represents even a majority of the support.
Until our custodians grow a pair , not much changes . Going by previous, a clean game isn’t on the agenda.
Meanwhile, my best pal , that runs the only pub in South Ayrshire where Celtic fans congregate in numbers to watch or travel to Celtic games , isn’t long off the phone.
The Loyalist flags & stickers have surpassed by letters posted to the pub .
The letters have now been trumped by a bullet fired through the window.
He couldn’t understand why there was sharred glass on the gantry and on the floor.
Bullet hole through corner of large front window to the pub .
It’s a Celtic pub on match days, when Ayr fans also use the pub .
Bluenoses use the pub on a daily basis, even sometimes on match days because, they don’t get intimidated.
That’s not enough for the bigoted nuckle draggers that have targeted the pub , when it’s closed.
Police now on the scene.
What a country we live in .


Show the c*nts up at the Euros – Hampden – Croatia v Czech Republic – A few banners over at Hampden. I’m sure any Croats/Czechs would be happy to oblige too. If we ever get home Scottish Cup tie, stand outside the ground for the first X minutes of the game as opposed to boycotting completely.


Angel Gabriel
Is that the black Bull pub you talking about ?

Gandalf The Green

All Out Boycott is the only thing the Hun loving criminals in our boardroom will ever understand.

Give them more money and we’ll never be rid of them, they’ll just keep playing us for mugs.

Every penny you give to Celtic is essentially a penny to Sevco.

They’re all in it together.

Angel Gabriel

Craig76 1.04.

No . The Market Inn , at busy roundabout, rear of the train station. Cracking boozer.


The worst taunters of the Celtic support are sevco’s business partners Celtic plc and they will continue this practice while we continue to fund them.

bada bing1

54 years since we won the European cup for the 55th time.🍀


One year ago today.
Rest in Peace George Floyd.
Burn in hell Chauvin


Your phone isn’t worth dying over people

The only way a business, any business, takes notice of customers dissatisfaction is when the customers don’t pay for the product. So if we really want to change and bring fairness within the Scottish Football business we need to STOP paying for a crooked product….No more green pounds for ALL away games and SFA Competitions….By paying other teams who will not stand up and support fairness we perpetuate the status quo. By all means support our club financially and by attending home games only and let others try and survive without our money….

saltires en sevilla

St Tams – that was as polite as I could muster 😇 HH buddy


Bobby – Classic-al guitar didn’t realise he played on that track… I’m convinced DD is confusing his fitba managers with 70’s Axemen – suspect he wouldn’t know an ES335 from a Frido or mouldmaster ( he called them mogul masters…?)

Enjoy yer visit 😎

Gandalf The Green

No season tickets, no merchandise, pay at the gate only.

Then watch the bastards squirm.

saltires en sevilla

Pre season dates announced – mainly Charlton, Preston and a visit by Hammers

Just nae manager…

bada bing1

Celtic v PNE at Celtic Park 😡
During the nine-day camp, Celtic will play three closed-door matches against English club opposition, offering crucial preparation for the new season:

July 7: v opposition tbc (KO: 3pm)
July 10: v Charlton Athletic (KO: 3pm)
July 14: v Bristol City (KO: 7:45pm)
On returning to Glasgow, Celtic will then meet English Championship side, Preston North End, at Celtic Park on Saturday, July 17 (KO: 5.30pm).

And following the Club’s UEFA Champions League qualifying match on July 20/21, we will then welcome the return of Davie Moyes to Glasgow on Saturday, July 24 (KO: 3pm) as Celtic meet his West Ham United side which has just secured an impressive sixth-place finish in the English Premier League.

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