Brave New Dawn?


While some of us were whiling away a rather pleasant afternoon in Clydebank-Chandlers,highly recommended!-in the company of fellow Celts whom we haven’t seen for some time,Tom Rogic broke cover and revealed that he intends to spend the summer getting himself fit for the new season. And more importantly,for the new manager whoever he might be.

Will we name the new manager before Rogic finally gets himself fit? Will,in fact,Griff get himself fit before Rogic can break into as much as a trot? Will hell freeze over first? These are all valid questions rather than flippant ones,given the lack of endeavour we have seen from some of our highly paid stars over the last season in particular,and the lack of professionalism shown too by some has been alarming indeed.

Rogic,it seems,has decided to forego the glamour and glory of various trips to South East Asia on behalf of his country in favour of resurrecting a career which probably has at best five years left,and has decided that the best place to do so is at Celtic Park. That’s very good of him,you might say. Where the f..k have you been for the last couple of years when we bloody needed you?

Let’s take this situation back to first principles of market value with regards to football. Tom Rogic is nowhere near as valuable or as marketable as he was two years ago simply due to his performances or lack thereof in that period. On top of which,he is two years older,and has a simply appalling injury record. His optimum value was probably in the summer of three years ago,at the age of 25 and a top performer for both club and country with Celtic and Australia. Of course,he performed up to or near to those standards the following season-the one which proved to be the last under Brendan Rodgers-but it has been very much a downward spiral since then.

For a player of such undoubted ability,he has been far too often a letdown at Celtic-yet he is around 18 months from qualifying for a testimonial! Notoriously injury-prone,yet so vital to the team when he gets up a head of steam. And yet,and yet…

When Neil Lennon was appointed full-time manager again two years ago,I told ATHINGOFBEAUTY that you can forget about building a midfield around Rogic and McGregor. He treated them like crap first time around and he isn’t the type to have changed his opinions just because they’ve proved him wrong by making themselves indispensable to both Deila and Rodgers in his absence. Lennon seemed to have a knack of just dismissing players on a whim,nothing they could do would change that. This isn’t hindsight,I’ve said it here before and also elsewhere. And I’m not the only person to arrive at that conclusion,nor are they the only players to whom that applies.

Check the stats on both players under the three managers if you don’t believe me,you will be surprised-and probably not in a good way.

That is by the by,this piece isn’t being used to slaughter the man-management approach of Neil Lennon. It is simply to point out that Rogic probably realised that he was screwed again when Lennon returned,and he should probably have tried to leave right away. We have seen also the diminishing returns in that period from McGregor too,and I genuinely believe for the same reasons. If Tom Rogic has decided to get himself up to scratch for the new season,put himself bang centre of thinking for the new manager,then I’m absolutely delighted. I hope that players like CalMac and others will also get ideas of a Brave New Dawn,and start being all that they can be again,all that we know that they should be.

Maybe Griff himself might even be tempted to try it-the thought of McBurnie being ahead of him for Scotland should torment him for eternity.

A new manager usually gives a wee impetus to any side. The prospect of working under a new type of manager,professionally focused,that should put another extra spring in the step. If we can get one who inspires the likes of Rogic and CalMac to regain their positivity and professionalism that they had under Rodgers,we are a good bit nearer to getting the show back on the road.

Rogic deciding to work hard over the summer hasn’t made us title favourites,not by any means. But as an indication that a change of manager means a change of direction,it certainly makes me feel more hopeful than I’ve felt for a long time.

Just as long as he isn’t the only player to feel that way!!!


Above article by BMCUWP

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Great well thought out article. What I don’t understand is how a club/business can slip so much in 18 months. Once professional standards have been established at a business everyone in the organization should have the goal of improving on those standards not maintaining or letting them slip
. The hierarchy has to be established , I cannot see hiring a head coach before hiring the Director of Football. We have had the perfect opportunity to have the DOF in place and for the DOF to have had input into hiring the new head coach.
We know the players performance was well below the standards they were capable of achieving our best hope is the players who will still be here next year can raise themselves to their to potential again
However after hearing the reply to the Celtic Trust and their statements about the value added , my heart dropped. Mr McKay has not been able to come in and be his own man, to get out engage and listen to the fans. Mr McKays first mistake was to take the job while his predecessor is still in the building. You only have one opportunity to give a good first impression and his first was a failure, and now he is tagged with being part of the team that replied to the Celtic Trusts proposal and their giving two extra games on video as value added
I am slipping further and further away from Celtic Park

A thing of beauty

You did indeed say that Rogic and Calmac would slip under Neil Lennon. The problem was so did most of the players. As the tic correctly points out, once standards are in place they should not be allowed to slip. Yet it was clear early on there was a different approach at Lennox town. A 4 day jolly to Dublin prior to a trip to ibrox was the start of it and it went on from
there. I know I go on ad nauseum about modern players wanting to be coached but they do and the lack of coaching that the Celtic players were getting from Lennon was evident. They are at Celtic to progress their careers. We might not like it but they are. Once they saw that wasn’t happening the rot set in. A terrible appointment from a CEO who got complacent over a period of over 10 years too long in the job. The seeds of the Huns resurgence were sown the moment he went into the showers at hampden and appointed neil Lennon. Lawwell needs to leave the club and let McKay get on with it. He is holding up progress which now seems to be the only thing he excels at.

Jobo Baldie

Good article, Bobby (not that you need my endorsement!).
You’ve used Tom, Griff and CalMac as examples of players who should be doing better fitness wise and I think that is the main key here. Our current squad of players SHOULD still have been enough to win the title last season ort at least put up a decent fight. Good players don’t suddenly become bad. But even top players do need COACHED, rather than just managed. Surely that coach will be in place soon? Surely….


“Above article by BMCUWP”

Jobo! Sleepy heid, LOL 🙂

Jobo Baldie

jimthetim – I’ll edit my post now 😉


Jobo, apart from that you’re post was spot on buddy.

Maestro Fan

Lennon was a disaster for the club. Regressed years under him. Lawwells a joke.

St tams

Good article Mahe.
I would expect that one of the reasons that so many players wanted out last summer was that , they saw the drastic drop in standards under Lennon.

St tams

As Maestro says. Lennon was a disaster.
But I’m sure that most of us on here knew that was going be the case.

Jobo Baldie

St Tams – today’s article was by BMCUWP. Like me, you were perhaps confused as it was Mahe who put the link up during the night.
Poor Bobby getting no credit 😉

St tams


Angel Gabriel

Celtic PLC rejects the Trust proposal, but are seemingly ok with a £50 voucher and season ticket price freeze .
I’m pretty sure the voucher be for the Celtic superstore !!!
Still no manager.
Still no Director of Football.
Half a feckin team for next season.

Meanwhile our custodians are all still filling their own pockets while the football department regresses.



You available for a wee Market night around 2nd or 3rd July?

Mike in Toronto

Lille coach quits two days after guiding team to League 1 title.

Jobo Baldie

MIT – Yesterday’s CQN Article was about Lille’s performance over the last 10 years. Hmmmmmmm 😉


FWIW, I consider Tom and Calmac to be terrific players. They have both shown they can change lost causes into victories. As ATOB says, they need coaching. Lenny showed that coaching ans set piece practice was not his forte and that getting “tore in” was his preferred mode of encouragement. Sevco has shown that even very mediocre players can be moulded into a competent team if they have a structure to work within.
Lenny’s appointment as manager has proved catastrophic. Gifted players who are not the “getting tore in” type have been left to rot. Im not saying that they shouldn’t give 100% effort, but asking players to play in a style not suited to their strengths is asking for trouble. Jock Stein always said he only asked players to do what he KNEW they were capable of. eg He never asked Jinky to chase back and tackle. Neither did we, but we knew he would always take the ball and run at hammer throwers, knowing he would get kicked. Tom and Calmac are the type of players we should value Im pleased if he wants to fight to retain his place in the new squad.


Not quite the article title, but close enough.


I’ll be delighted if Rogic stays and gets back to what he is good at.

However it is a team game and he needs players around him who are good at what Rogic isnt.

cosy corner bhoy

CCB announces ‘ There is a doctor in the house ‘ !!
Granddaughter Ailish, daughter of ATOB and niece of Paddy’s Maw and BMCUWP passed her finals at Glasgow University Medical.
Well done! you’re a wee star who will now be getting her own season ticket for Celtic Park!

Jobo Baldie

Pleased I’ll be getting a £50 voucher for last season but definitely not renewing for 2021-22. I’ll take my chances and try to survive with Pay At The Gate and/or Scottish Fitbaw Dot Com 😉
Aff oot… to batter a wee white golf ball, probably 90+ times!


There is a doctor in the house ‘ !!
Granddaughter Ailish, daughter of ATOB and niece of Paddy’s Maw and BMCUWP passed her finals at Glasgow University Medical.
Congratulation Ailish ,I have no idea who you take your brains after :O) I have a bit of a sore back…
…any chance of a panel line ?



Excellent leader. For me, the biggest disgrace during Neil Lennon’s 2nd spell, was his treatment of Scott Sinclair. Not for the first time, the tactical genius-ahem-left me baffled by his decisions. And yet, if a player was his mate, said player would get away with any off-field shenanigans. Perhaps Lawwell has played a blinder here…shower appointment, and all that jazz. Will we look upon ANY managerial appointment, as a vast improvement?


Shades of Win Jansen there? Typical PLC…they managed to feck up one of the greatest moments in our unbroken history.

Hail Hail.


MIT/ Jobo

Lille coach may have left because the club have debts of €225million and they are drawing up plans for a player fire sale. He also stated that he has been contacted by Lyon,Nice and Napoli and will probably end up with one of them. It would be a brilliant piece of subterfuge by our club if they pulled Galtier out the hat at this stage.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, still no manager what a shambles, beginning to think its steve clarke, the celtic board are just waiting for scotland to be dumped out of the euros ,then they can have their man, hope that is just a dream btw.H.H.

big packy

@3-35, meant to say bad dream.

Gandalf The Green

Well, Packy, it looks like Ross County have beaten us to Malky McKay …


Well done Ailish,

Have a brilliant celebration, you deserve it!


Forgot to say…congrats to Ailish and her proud mum.

Check out the ‘Celts Are Here’ blog. Look for the tweet, pointing out the ‘hidden message’ in the latest club announcement.

Very funny and sheer class.

big packy

GANDALF, what a pity😎


Dom McKay new CEO
Lawwell staying on as DOF 😢😢😢

big packy

apologies, congrats to allish.👍


Congratulations to Ailish, never fails to impress: ” is there a Dr in the hoose…” 👏👏

Gandalf The Green

Indeed, Packy.

Isn’t it odd how long he’s been smeared by his words yet the entire Sevco team, the whole dressing room, have openly broken the law regarding social distancing AND been caught publicly singing F*** The Pope and NOTHING GETS DONE.?

That Steven Gerrard hasn’t been hauled up by the SFA and had his name blackened as a bigoted racist forever like McKay did?

Celtic Football Team should do what every other player in the game, in the world, is now openly supported in doing and refuse to take to the field against Sevco until their racism is fully cleansed from the filthy walls of their club forever.

‘Zero Tolerance’ should actually mean ZERO TOLERANCE.

And McKay can go fuck himself also.

Either one or both.

big packy

GANDALF, we are singing from the same hymn sheet.👍 and im willing to bet so is magua,👍

Gandalf The Green

I’m sure we are, Packy, as should the entire Celtic support be.

Can you imagine the international attention such a boycott would receieve?!

Celtic refusing to take to the field because the opposition, led by STEVEN GERRARD, are known and proven racist bigoted scum?

THAT would soon put a full stop to those scum’s shenanigans and their continuous joy in wading in Catholic blood.

Yet instead some will queue round the block to give the PLC their 666 Quid to keep the whole charade going …

To feed the Old Firm beast …

It breaks my heart what they’ve done to our Celtic and they’re doing it with the FULL COLLUSION of the Celtic support.



Great article this morning.

After last season you can only think as a team we will improve.Its difficult when you have no manager and defined structure to say how that will develop but I can only hope as you said that a new manager will give the remaining players a standard they have to aspire to.On this site we have established Celtic have managed our own decline and the board ,specifically Lawell has engineered and manipulated situations that brought us to where we are but we go forward from here.

A new manager professional,strong minded and tactically adept with a decent amount of money to spend who knows?

In a previous article Bobby you said we have done it before and we can do it again and your article today evokes hope and positivity.

I wont forget why we are in this position but I will as always get behind the eleven players wearing the hoops in every game.

big packy

the board are a bunch of tory freemasons, with mr desmond at the helm, rainjurs are one of the great football clubs, aye right dermot, one of the greatest bigoted anti irish anti catholic clubs in the universe,,,but you still like them eh, because they give you the bigot pound ,hope you sleep well knowing that.

Gandalf The Green

Thast very funny, Craig, but if Eddie Howe is the answer we haven’t been asking the right questions.

His friendlies against Charlton, Bristol & Preston North End prove his limited ambition and if he thinks those joke games will prepare the team for Galatasaray he’s as good as useless already.

big packy

GANDALF, would love that but as i have said before, the fans love the 4 games against the bigots from govan,,sorry mcaff not you😎

Gandalf The Green

They do, Packy, sadly they do.

If they didn’t the Oldco would have remained in the unmarked grave where it belongs.

But instead Peter Lawwell & Dermot Desmond had to pull its corpse out of the ground and dress it in the dead man’s clothes and stick electric charges up its arse so we could pay the devil’s sum of £666 to watch the dead man dance …

It makes me sick to my stomach, the disgusting levels of treachery, debauchery and sheer stupidity involved.


Gandalf the Green
Like yourself I’m not keen on it being Howe and I hope that wasn’t the club’s sneaky way of letting us know. As for who our next manager will be,I’m still hoping for the board to pull a rabbit out of a hat


Well done to our sites new doctor. Your family must be very proud of you, as we all are here on Sentinel Celts.


Big Packy@16.34

Yer right there BP. BTW, Mike Maher of ‘The Celtic Star’ site, has been running some excellent articles all week, about supporting the Celts in the 60s, with a particular emphasis on his wee holiday to Lisbon on 25th May 1967. Well worth a look. He’s a Coatbrig Bhoy as well.

Hail Hail.

big packy

when you think of the famous celtic supporters, rod stewart gerrard butler james mcavoy frankie boyle snoop dog billy connoly, for goodness sake could they not put some money in to get rid of dermot desmond ,they must have the money, and they must know the state our club is in,H.H.


Afternoon all, again no argument from me on the leader, hopefully big size 22 boots Tam will prove us all wrong and get back to his best, another shitshow as per from the PLC though no surprise there.

Congrats to Dr aillish 👍‍‍

For all of you who use WhatsApp the fekkers did an update without telling anyone and it allows anyone to join your Group chats, it’s a security risk that will allow scammers and such like to add you to a group, or join your group, so to go your settings and change it.

Go to
and change it back from (Everyone) to (My Contacts).


big packy

MAGUA, you can take the bhoy out of coatbrig, but you cant take coatbrig out the bhoy,,feed the bear the bear he is every feckin where feed the good old yogi bear,,thats john hughes btw for you young ghuys,😎


We all know you are a secret billionaire (Jim told us) time for you to buy Desmond out 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

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