Biting the hand that feeds you

Hair and Tommy Graveson, Rangers and taxes, now trust and Celtic.
Seems some things just aren’t meant to be.
The Celtic Trust just found out the hard way Dermots club wants only one thing from the fans, and it’s certainly not their ideas. Their shares initiative was a good starting point in the expected negotiations surrounding the clubs promise of added value, ticked a lot of boxes so to speak, and would have helped the Trust a lot via gifted shares plus a recognition of their strength being the largest supporters organization.
Whether you are a member of the Trust or not, agree with them on important issues or not, we should all recognize that giving the Trust short shrift sends out very bad signals. I wrote of feeling taunted this week, well this isn’t a million miles from that. The club have, again, went back on their word.
Fool me once etc.
The devotion, sentimentality, and protective instincts shown by the support during the Covid pandemic by renewing whilst not guaranteed admittance fully deserves respect and recognition, starting from the very top followed by all employees helped by those very selfless actions.
The Tims deserve applause for their part.
Instead the board that spectacularly failed urges move on.
It’s well known the head of the Trust publicly stated asking members to boycott was not a road they would be going down. They adopted a dialogue based non aggressive stance and placed a serious proposal on the table. The main supporters org presented themselves and their idea correctly, there is little doubt.
For them to publicly state they are “extremely disappointed that the PLC board has behaved in such a disrespectful and uncooperative way” is a massive stain on the board, who could have formed a working relationship at the very least. Some might think that a given, perhaps it is with other clubs, but not ‘ours’.
It’s an appalling mark to leave upon non confrontational professionals who merely care for their club.
But perhaps this had to happen, the Trust and all of us needed to know if the PLC would deal honestly with a bona fide fans party, the answers a reasoning no.
On Tuesday I scribed taunters only do it when they think they can get away with it. The PLC don’t seem worried at all, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out why. Yes they will always have a solid season ticket base of 30 to 35k to fall back upon at any given time, but with the season tickets promised to be out by end of May, and the last Friday of May being tomorrow, seems obvious the long awaited managerial change shall actually be announced then, with perhaps a few more names like a DoF.
And viola, the Trusts and supporters’ woes are relegated to yesterday’s news at a stroke.
What’s particularly galling is the fact we thought things would change under a new CEO yet wham bam, the old bad c̶o̶p̶ news, good c̶o̶p̶. news routine has been wheeled out in order to control the narrative. We were told Dom had a background in PR, hopefully he picked up more than that dirty trick I consider below our club for the record.
The Trust now have a decision to make.
The diplomatic approach has been dismissed, it’s members must now choose how to respond.
All supporters should be interested as this cuts right to the heart of what exactly the Club is and stands for, and it could easily affect the matchday experience if the Green Brigade get involved.
The AICSC have already expressed concern, the CSA had meetings to express their concerns.
This is no few disgruntled made clear by the fact 30k took refunds, many eyes watch events closely, many have not been happy for quite a while and now their concerns will be heightened.
No one could have scripted the last decade of Scottish football, it’s been a lot to live through, I’ve seen and heard things I never ever thought I would experience.
The national sport can be very thankful it still has a faithful audience after some of the malarkey it has served up, the
Tims the true spine of that audience.
They’ve been faithful through and through, through bullshit and legal wrangling, through verbal gymnastics and blatant tomfoolery.
Then came the empty stadium times and the Tims as usual pony up to a man even though they could only be there in spirit, the promised added value finally turning out to be a sham.
We, the worldwide famous and worldwide Celtic supporters, can literally trust nobody in the game anymore, our clubs board must be included.
All we’ve got is each other, as splintered as we are.
Which brings me to my three main points,,
1,,, Far from it for me, a non member at the moment, to tell the Trust how to respond but they as a body must realize their next move(s) will be heavily scrutinized.
Will they get confrontational is the question on everyone’s lips?
I hope so, nothing else has got anywhere and everyone would march with them on this one. Membership would swell I believe.
2,,, Responding to the renewal forms. It’s each to their own and as usual please dont judge, you haven’t walked a mile in those shoes, but if you can take a little stance please do. Leave it to the last minute perhaps? Tell the telesales you have decided to wait until each weekend and take in whichever game offers the best value, in other words you’re just a football customer now. If not renewing consider giving the club that message.
They treat you like a customer, but yet they would crap the bed if we all acted like one.
3,,, Unite.
No one will be asking you to forgo buying a season ticket, that’s a purely personal choice but none of us should be above a small sacrifice for the cause once in a green and white moon.
Missing out on a single fixture for instance, to take a stand together. A small sacrifice that would have a big impact.
One game for the common good should never be beyond us and would make certain people sit up and listen. Big time.
If it comes to it, see you outside the Park right?
By Mahe
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Another well thought out article. Even ATOB must be having a rethink after the treatment of The Celtic Trust.
I keep thinking I am in a bad dream.
I wonder why they didn’t have a press conference to introduce DOM to the fans?
Honestly if I was DOM I would be calling my old employer to see if they have filled my old position. And if Eddie Howe has not signed the employment agreement he would be advised to do a one eighty
This could get Messi


Morning all & Packy.

Thanks for the link last night Garry.

The Board’s response to the Celtic Trust is interesting. The Trust’s softly softly, non confrontational approach has been slapped in the face. Giving the Board respect (unmerited imo) has not worked. Time to get the gloves off. Will David Low have the haw maws for it? Does this interfere with his rumoured dream of a seat on the Celtic Board?

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Time is of the essence! We are told this in no uncertain manner. There are a couple of important games coming up soon. We need the money fast! The Club/Board have to get us onboard to buy season tickets….’ I’ve got a plan ‘ said some not bright spark, ‘ Let’s give everyone a refund for the poor value they got for their commitment last season! We will give everyone a £50 voucher for OUR shop ‘.
This is roughly 1/13th of £666! What is it with our board anyway? Are they all Satanist? I said at the first announcement of the price last year that it was a ridiculous number to choose. One more, one less and the fates might not be tempted! But if they can take on 50000 season ticket holders what’s a wee supposition like the De’il?
Not even choice of £25 cash or £50 voucher! We are still in last place in their eyes….though we might actually be second last to a new manager as we know the price but not the manager.
As a supporter of 78 years and season ticket holder since Fergus I shall be letting them know I am an unhappy bunny! Yes, I know it’s not the same percentage for me, but, my ire covers all ticket holders.
You will be guaranteed a seat at European Champions League games! Do you mean the one we first play and lose? They’re having a laugh and it’s at our expense.
Let them know you are unhappy, raging, beelin’ or whatever, if you are like me renewing. If not renewing, they will get the message anyway😁

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM ,garry as jim just said thanks for the link last night, now down to business, yes jim we need to take the gloves off pronto, the board are treating us with disdain, ill go along with mahes no 3,H.H.


By the way, I spent many years in retail management. The type of merchandise that is sold in Celtic shops have MASSIVE gross profit margins. 100% plus is not uncommon. In other words, take the free gift of a £50 voucher to last season’s ST holders. You would be lucky if this costs Celtic £25. Perhaps even less.
How generous of Celtic!


Tens of thousands of words have and will continue to be written about what’s going on inside Celtic Park and how supporters should react so I will be mercifully be short on what I think:-

a) Renew your season ticket and support the board or b) buy a match day ticket and support the team.


The Dáil has spoken with one voice. Ireland is now the 1st EU country to state Israel has de-facto annexed Palestinian lands and their actions break international law.

The Dail will vote on expelling the Israeli ambassador.

Go Ireland

big packy

M6BHOY definitely B,,👍

The Shugstar

Another £666 for no guarantee of getting into the stadium and no compensation for last season, shove your season ticket!!!!!!


The Celtic Board’s response to the Trust has just unwittingly increased the resolve of the Celtic Trust to put forward a few resolutions at the next Celtic AGM. Two of them are proposals by Auldheid & co. They will make the Celtic Board VERY uncomfortable. Perhaps the SFA also!



Terrific article,mate. I think that the board have decided that they aren’t gonna do anything to persuade people to renew. They’ve decided that renewals will happen-or not!-and there is little they can do about it.

Which kinda makes you wonder why we pay these people the big bucks. It’s certainly not for their outstanding leadership.

Paddy’s Maw

I haven’t quite worked out how I will reply to the email asking me to pay out again but I will let you know. I think I will borrow the words of ATOB and start it with You’re going to need a bigger banner…
Maybe the pretty women line – one of my favourites – big mistake .. huge! I will also make mention of the government handouts that will have been applied for – furlough being one of them but they will also have received rates rebates and other grants. I had already worked out that a fifty pound voucher for the shop probably costs about half of that and considering the number of supporters who won’t use it at all – bearing in mind we only have till the end of September to use it means they have worked out what percentage of vouchers will actually be used and how much it will cost.
I would have been happy with 10% off my season ticket for the next five years. That would have been half the money back for everyone but over five years and if you don’t buy a season ticket you don’t get the money back. This is a reward for loyalty! Whoever is doing their PR is not doing a great job and must just be sitting in their office with their fingers in their ears because they are obviously not listening to the support.
Sorry for the rant!

Maestro Fan

Great article. Summed up by ‘they treat you like a customer, but would crap the bed if we all acted like one’.

Time we did.



Call that a rant? A rant is you and ATHINGOFBEAUTY discussing it yesterday! Should be interesting to hear the thoughts of ST holders that you know down the Irvine CSC on Saturday.


Haven’t been betting much recently with the Naps Comp being ended. But yesterday Paddy sent me an email with a wee special.
Celtic Empress and Sollar Bay to come in 1 + 2 in that order at Hamilton. 8/1. So I thought well surely a pound on Celtic Empress winning is a good bet!
I won £9 !!!

Paddy’s no daft. They know I’m a Tim with the name of the horses I bet and the jockys’ colours!

saltires en sevilla

This Is beginning to look like DD is in selling up his shares mode!

Everything that matters is on hold…


Afternoon all,

Anniversary today so out with the good lady in Ayr.

In the Market Inn, as recommended on here.

Lovely wee pub and great host Billy.

HH 🍀🍀


Great article Mahe. It would appear that apathy has set in with our Board. This apathy is spreading throughout the club. We are not in a good place today, as a Club.


Great album. One of my favourite albums too.
Kid A by Radiohead is an innovative, genius album. IMO.

Big Audio Dynamite

Sell 50k SBs this summer, and we really can put the big book of complaints in a drawer and forget it! Is it not clear as day now, how they view us? We are just cash machines to these parasites.

Their arrogance and detachment from reality, really is something to behold

Jobo Baldie

Having made my decision not to renew but to instead take my chances on the pay as you go approach then far be it from me to advise anyone else what to do.
However, I see that the deadline to renew is 5pm on Friday 25 June. If you ARE going to renew, please at least ask yourself ‘what benefit do I get be renewing on 24 June or even earlier?’. In recent years the renewal deadline date is usually extended by a week or 2 with that only being announced a couple of days before the original deadline date. Hold your nerve till 23 June. And if the deadline date has been extended by then please hold your nerve till the new deadline date.
Don’t blink first.
Back to workin’ and lurkin’…..

Bobby Murdoch’s Curled-up Winklepickers



Good wee pub,The Market.

Big Audio Dynamite

A £666 SB? Purely coincidental, of course! 😉


Good advice. I will be paying as I go, and be picking and choosing my games to attend on a week to week basis. Some weeks, a round of golf, or going to support Glasgow Gaels GAA in Clydebank, will be my preferred option.
My Celtic Season Ticket purchase days are over.

Big Audio Dynamite

Happy anniversary, Leggy 👍

Personally I’m renewing my season ticket no ifs or buts,Surely we have to back the new manager whoever he is going to be ,I think it’s Martinez and Maloney ,Fans need to remember we won 9 titles and other things so not to renew is really selfish or are you only renewing when everything is rosy,If ever we need to take back the title from Sevco this is the time to stop fucking about spitting out the dummie ,renew if you can afford to ,and as for the £50 I will give to Celtic to put it in the transfer kitty ,

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Happy Anniversary to Leggy and Mrs.Leggy! My uncle was the manager of the Market just after the war for many years……He had a car!!!

St tams

If we don’t get this management appointment correct and imminently. We could be set back 4 or 5 years.

I firmly believe the board don’t have a plan , the same as they actually thought Lennon could turn it around in January


St. Tams
Totally I agree. I now think that everyone on our Board are totally clueless, and are winging it now. Get Bankier and Wilson out of my Club with Lawwell.



The Celtic Board’s response to the Trust has just unwittingly increased the resolve of the Celtic Trust to put forward a few resolutions at the next Celtic AGM. Two of th em are proposals by Auldheid & co. They will make the Celtic Board VERY uncomfortable. Perhaps the SFA also!
That is only for starters. I’ve one job to complete where its dependent on others but if I get a go for it response, it will be as unwelcome by The Board as a fart from a horse in the bed in a space suit.

No more Mr Nice Guy.



Buy your ST but please know this. The dissatisfaction and disconnect some feel is not because we didn’t win another wee trinket in the rigged game of Scottish football, albeit the manner of the club’s capitulation this season, and not achieving 10IAR was humiliating. Our recent 9 titles against no real opposition, financially or on the playing field, although laudable can hardly be ranked alongside Mr. Stein’s achievements.
I would hope that those that support a boycott of ST and merchandise do so not in the hope that it means more baubles won but in the sincere hope that we, the support, can somehow influence the decisions that are made by the PLC and more importantly the direction the club takes. Where establishment bias and cheating is called out by our club, where the support and the ethos of the club mean more to the PLC than £10 million lost because Rangers 1872 died and where 1 means 1 and not 55.
Sanctimonious shite? Perhaps.


From the Herald today- more damaging evidence for the conduct of the Administrators of Ould Rangers:-

“FOOTBALLER Steven Naismith said the administrators of Rangers rejected an offer for him from an English Premier League Club as they were trying to cut costs as the club financially imploded.

The transfer to English Premier League team West Bromwich Albion would have raised £2m for creditors owed millions through the insolvency of Rangers and saved on his £20,000 a week wages – but he ended up leaving for nothing.”

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, you know what im seriously thinking of driving up to parkhead ive just had a 6 hour drive to penzance, so driving up to glasgow would be a bike ride, ill just sit on the steps with a little placard please give us our club back, then when that fails ill be shouting from the rooftops, get out of our club you shower of tory masonic bassas,,another true story


North Curve Statement asking their members to hold off renewing just now.

Bobby Murdoch’s Curled-up Winklepickers

Basterts are worse than the stasi. Are these the actions of a free and civilised society?


Stop all your complaining, it’s not compulsory to purchase a ST in life.

No one is forcing anyone to renew.

Let them get on with it and see how they end up. Every club has been abusing the loyalty of supporters since the start of time.

Dont be surprised or shocked FFS.

I wonder who the manager will be🤯🤯🤯


Packy, got a funeral Mass at Carfin tomorrow, right besides the Grotto you love. My uncle was a good age & died peacefully, so not too traumatic. He’s at peace.

On top of that I’m meeting some mates later in the afternoon, I haven’t saw them for a while and looking forward to it. a bit of a mixed bag tomorrow! 🙂

big packy

HI JIM, yes love carfin grotto, sorry about your uncle, but as you say he is at peace now,enjoy yourself with your friends tomorrow,👍


God rest your Uncle’s soul. Give him a good send off tomorrow.


Garry I played at the Papal Mass with Pope Benedict in Glasgow. I’m sure Our God Reigns might have been one of the hymns we played.

big packy

GARRY, not as good a bass player as you😎 but not bad and a glasgow boy as well.


It was my most memorable hymn from Murrayfield in 1982, when I was at the Mass of the future Saint John Paul. One of the best days of my life at then 16 years old.


Garry I was there too! I was with the Divine Word Missionaries, pals of mine. John Paul could hardly get a word in at times for the cheering!


Jack Bruce’s dug was probably a better bass player than me. 😁
Some talent he was fae Bishopbriggs.
Great bass solo. 👍


Our school Saint Thomas Aquinas got 600 tickets. 12 coaches left from our school in Glasgow West End for Murrayfield that glorious day.

big packy

I was outside christ the king cathedral in liverpool ,when the pope came in 1982, the crowds were enormous never forget it, to see the holy father close up,.something else👍


June 1st at Bellahouston Park 300,000 attended His Mass. The biggest crowd ever assembled in Scotland before or since.

Mike in Toronto


Sorry to hear about your uncle.


Thanks Mike.


June 1st 1982 was one of the hottest days ever recorded in Glasgow. Sweltering day in Bellahouston Park Glasgow.

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