Expectation Management And Tolerating Failure

The weekend just gone has truly shown the world that Celtic FC is indeed a club like no other. Surely no other club could conspire to shoot itself in the foot,turn itself into an international laughing stock-yet still have high profile supporters proclaiming that we are a well run club,pointing to a recent record of success as proof?
I don’t remember many people telling us how good David Icke was as a football presenter when he dived off the deep end all those years ago. Nor,come to that,how good a lorry driver Peter Sutcliffe was. We can argue about whether Peter Lawwell’s tenure has been successful for the club in the past-that particular argument will be aired by me on these pages in approximately one month as he is finally clearing his desk for the last time-but it cannot be denied that the last twelve months in particular have been a disaster.
Indeed,the last eight or nine months have shown him at his worst. Wholly incapable of admitting to the disaster of his own creation going off the rails,and wholly incapable of taking ownership of the crisis while taking steps to rectify it. The ( more than just a) suspicion remains that he “didn’t want to bow to mob rule” at the time. For that,read that he wasn’t the slightest bit interested in the legitimate concerns of the fans,fans who have watched our club for many decades,fans who love our club and know enough about the game to be able to voice our serious misgivings at events.
Our voice didn’t matter,our voice was irrelevant. Because WE didn’t matter,WE were irrelevant. And we still are,at least in his eyes. Though not,of course,when it comes to ponying up the moolah to keep the bailiffs from the door. Witness the Season Ticket renewals dropping into mailboxes all over the world,even as he was wondering how to break the news that his preferred new managerial candidate had told him to take a hike.
That is,I’m sure you will agree,not the action of an honourable man. And yet,as we know,he is still venerated by some people. Strangely,those people seem largely to be drawn from a small enclave of the favoured few,people on the inside of the tent who presumably have him on speed dial.
It’s a different world outside the tent,I can assure you!
As I’ve said before,I have had no faith whatsoever in Lawwell’s ability to deliver since he gave Martin an on loan dud from Wolves as a replacement for Henrik. Although I have had occasion to praise him once or twice since,my general commentary on his actions over the years has led to frequent accusations that my stance is personal. As if. I’ve never met him,and have no desire for that to change. This is not and never has been personal. It is strictly business. And I don’t like the way he has conducted his business,nor that he has made it his business to run every facet of both the Plc operation and the football operation.
Particularly not when he has been such an abject failure so often for so long!
His latest,of course,is the failure to tempt an out of work manager to join us. All this after waiting at least four months-or two years!-too long to begin the search and another three months in the negotiations. Jesus Gil used to hire and fire half a dozen managers in that time scale,btw. But fortunately Lawwell is too smart to put all his eggs into one basket. Oh no,not him. He has a Plan B after all-and I have to admit,I give him credit for that,that he got the name out so quickly after the final rejection from Howe was made public. (A cynic might wonder when that final rejection actually occurred,but that would be beneath me) That even my sports-mad Aussie brother-in-law has barely heard of him speaks volumes for his credentials; that he appears not to have the requisite coaching badges to permit him to take up the post speaks volumes for the depth of Lawwell’s research. The only thing you can say in his favour is that he has a better record of success elsewhere than Neil Lennon has.
That some prominent supporters are taking his candidature seriously speaks for the contempt that they and Lawwell hold us in,and amplifies the success of the programme of “Expectation Management” that we have been subjected to over the last seventeen years. It almost echoes the re-education programmes practiced upon their citizens by the Chinese government,or the near-deification of totalitarian leaders over the years.
It is none of the above. The last seventeen years has not even been about this expectation management. It has been about conditioning us to being used to NOT seeing the best players available to us. About those we had being sold on the cheap. About coughing up for three new jerseys every year. Etc,etc,etc.
But most of all,it has been about getting us conditioned to failure,to tolerating failure and swallowing the myriad excuses for that failure. Almost all of which have been self-inflicted wounds,as I mentioned at the top of the article. We will shortly see the back of him,and please believe me that nothing would make me happier to be planning a well-deserved hagiography of his time with us. A rattling good read of all our achievements during that time. Heck,I’d even open a JustGiving page for a statue.
But sadly the facts read for themselves. And they do not read well for Lawwell and his fan club. The worry is that the damage will take years to repair.

Above article by BMCUWP

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What about Dermot Desmond he has overseen the shambles.

Noel Skytrot

If he comes in the support will back him and if he is a success loads of people are going to be eating large pieces of humble pie. For me, it smacks of desperation. The club is a total shambles at this time.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

If ‘we’ are a few short to make 48 entrants and thus run two charity competitions I would buy ANOTHER entry. Two lots having a team is better than one lot having blank,IMO. Mark you, with my luck I’ll get Scotland in both thus getting the equivalent of two blanks😁.
As for the next manager, I think we would be as well sticking a pin in a list of ‘runners’ as my mother used to do every Grand National, and, ‘Naw, she didn’t get a winner either!’.


Morning all & Packy,

Agree with CCB I will take another team if needed to reach 48 entrants, Group A & Group B sort of thing would reduce the amount of ‘blanks’.

St tams

I said a couple of weeks ago, that , if we didn’t get this appointment correct, it would set us back 4/5 years .
It looks as if that’s what’s going to happen



Scary stuff,innit? That’s where being the smartest guy in the room gets you.



I somehow doubt that DMcK will be allowed the autonomy that Lawwell was. Sure hope that will be true!


I can just imagine Peter Lawwell’s dreams in the night. No need to buy players for lots of money on the usual transfers market. Purchase only from Scottish Junior Football clubs. (No offence intended).
Do away with the Youth Academy, costs too much for little return. 20 coaches made redundant.

Managers should be of playing age, so ‘Player/manager’ role the norm. Saves on the cost of one player.

You know it makes sense!

Heated driveway? Peter could install a heated heli-pad at his home.

Maestro Fan

Again, tremendous.

I have always despised Lawwell with a passion. He’s cynical, manipulative, egomaniacal, greedy and useless. He serially aims low and to make us less than we are – I got tonnes of abuse on CQN for describing him as a man defined by his smallness. Mind you, it’s my sport to go over there and bait his acolytes. What a place that has become, populated by Lawwell’s zombies.

He’s been a disaster for us and a fraud. I fear he won’t leave the building tho’. Why else is he in charge of a process he would bear no future consequence of? Expect Chairman Lawwell soon – a very Putinesque manoeuvre.


Maestro, wouldn’t surprise me. Him remaining on the Board in any capacity would speak volumes about Desmond.



I also got pelters over the years on CQN for my opinions about Lawwell

That was one of the factors that led to MAHE and me setting this site up,so that people could say what they liked-subject to certain parameters-without being personally attacked for their opinions.


There are two separate issues being discussed here. One, Lawwell, and two, whether or not Ange is a suitable head coach for our club. If Lawwell leaves the premises, then any discussions about him become moot. If he stays on in any capacity, then we are right to be majorly concerned. A wee statement from DD could calm our nerves here.
How good a coach is Ange? We hadn’t heard of Dr Jo or Wim when they arrived, although their records were available to anyone who did some research. Ange seems to have a successful record in Australia and Japan. We are surely past the stage of simply dismissing people on the say so of our media and mates in Oz. His appointment would be a risk. Who isn’t a risk?
The important thing is that he is given full control of the playing side and is therefore solely accountable for the team’s performance.
I quite like the idea of having a guy from off the radar. By all accounts he takes no shit which would be a good start. If he can get Tom Rogic playing like we know he can, then we have a terrific No 10 playmaker “oven ready”. As a Greek immigrant to Australia, he will know what discrimination and racism is all about. He has been the “other” in a hostile environment, so he’ll identify with our history.
I’m prepared to give him a chance.


I’d like a team, or a chance of one in the Euro sweep.

Maestro Fan


I remember. I come here for sanity. I go there to see what the enemy within are up to.



I said to ATHINGOFBEAUTY last week that the new manager gets my unqualified support,no matter who he may be.

In fact,I’m willing to bet that he will get more support from us than he will from the board!

The problem with Ange is that he seems to be ineligible for club management in Europe. And if that is the case,and Lawwell has indeed released his name to the favoured few as his Plan B,we are in deeper trouble than some may realise.

I’ve always favoured Villas Boas,as you know. Frankly that is a non-starter now,so recently I’ve been pushing for Marco Silva. If we have any ambition,we should try for him.

If we can prove to him that we have any ambition,I think he will bite the hand off us!

Oops,just pointed out the fatal flaw…

Mike in Toronto

Celtic hiring process in 3 easy steps…

Step 1 -To help DMcK ease into his new role, PL and DMcK decide to split up the work… PL will interview the DoF candidates, and DMcK will interview the candidates for manager ….

Step 2 – meeting with potential Director of Football (Fergal Harkins)

FH: Nice to see everyone again. Any developments since we last spoke?

PL Nothing much to report. No developments on the football side …. We are still waiting to appoint a manager before we do anything else….

Step 3 – meeting with potential manager (EH)

EH: Nice to see everyone again. Any developments since we last spoke?

DMcK: nothing much to report. No developments on the football side….. We are still waiting to appoint a Director of Football before we do anything else ….we’ll get back to you once a DoF is appointed…

How long will it take for them to realize?


Squire Danaher

Good afternoon Lhads.

I have taken the plunge and subscribed here after reading, to the point of utter bemusement, the last two days of Lawwell deification on CQN.

It’s like reading the thoughts of working class Northern English people who think Johnson “is their pal and he’s a lad and he’s for the working man”.

I just wanted to say that I have been lurking for a few weeks and am in agreement with most of the above leader article.

Hail hail to all.


Oh well- the CQN bashing and trolling is still a thing, is it?

I have said from the start this site is good enough to define itself not in relation to any other.

I fervently hope that you all believe that. The guys who founded it do.


What a difference a season makes!
I remember talking on here a couple of years ago (?) regarding, if we keep the good run going, bringing £Ms from European competitions, full houses etc, I would have liked to see the Main Stand rebuilt completing the arena, a team bus access built under the stadium to allow European Finals and progress in recruitment.

It seems like a fairy tale now.

Maestro Fan

There’s this media orthodoxy that this summer will bring ‘sweeping changes’. Don’t see it myself. There is zero evidence Desmond shares fans’ view there’s a problem. He said Lennon would be impossible to replace and that he tried to persuade Lawwell to remain. Ergo, there is no appetite for ‘sweeping changes’. As ever with this mob of charlatans it seems to be a PR gloss in an attempt to deceive the fans that black is in fact white.

SFTB – CQN is fair game because it’s part of the problem. It’s not a comment on this site, which stands on its own merits.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, lovely sunny day down here and no midgies 😎 squire danaher, welcome aboard 👍


CQN part of the problem………..i’ve heard it all now.


Maestro Fan

No problem with any poster tackling any other poster on any perceived issue but, word of advice, do it on the site concerned- do not bring it on to another site like a fish wife seeking affirmation.

Sentinel Celts is not the problem
CQN is not the problem
Nor is any other Celtic site.

They are all a collection of people with diverse opinions. All of them deserve participation. Trolling other Celtic sites is best left to genuine huns.

back out to the sun with an ice cream now.

Celtic are still a shambles but they won’t be helped or hindered by me having a wee break.



I admire your resolve in keeping the situation ‘strictly business’. For me however, it is very personal.

This character Lawwell has been putting the boot into the club for years. He may well have been a Tim at some point. Now? Hell no. Quite the reverse. This swine has jumped aboard the Ibrox bandwagon, while still managing to screw a fortune from Celtic. Quite a feat, if you think about it.

As you so rightly point out in your excellent piece, Lawwell has nothing but contempt for the Celtic support. Well, you what? That contempt is returned by us in spades. The treachery of this has-been will never, repeat never be forgotten.

Hell’s bells. I’ve just had a scary thought. What if Big Pete is eyeing up the managers job for himself?

I’m away to lie down in a darkened room for a while.

Hail Hail.

Margaret MCGill

Every cult can be described as parasites fucking over the faithful for money. Don’t drink the cool aid

big packy

MAGUA, nice to see you on buddy, hope all is well with you and yours👍 when peter lawwell finally leaves parkhead for good, im throwing the biggest party you have ever seen, jimthetim is paying for it, but he doesnt know it yet 😎

A thing of beauty

I have to say I agree with SFTB. There is no need to say anything derogatory about another site or the posters on it. This site was set up because people felt their views didn’t chime with a lot of what was being written and posted on CQN. It doesn’t mean there are not a lot of good posters and people on CQN and I feel the constant negative references to it smacks of people pining for their ex girlfriend. There are people who post on both and there is nothing wrong with that but as SFTB says, if you have an issue with that site or any other is it not better to say it to their face.
As for the new manager. I feel there is some mileage in Maloney coming in to work under Feargal Harkin. He is untested but seems dedicated and maybe feels it’s time to strike out on his own. Lots of links and praise in various places for AP but for me, it’s just no. If you have a CV like his at 55 years old, questions must be asked why that is? I am also not keen on the Man City link. We seem to do a lot of business with them. I know the link is there with Lawwell’s sn but I had hoped DmcK May have wanted to be his own man. If, as some suspect Lawwell hangs around in any capacity I can see him walking away. You need to fail on your own terms,not someone else’s.

cosy corner bhoy

I think it is highly unlikely that DMcK would countenance a PL in the building never mind in a position of influence .
Let’s be objective here. He had an excellent job where he was, he wasn’t asked to leave it, he is a Celtic supporter but also a ‘family supporter’ so he would not leave SRU for CFC PLC unless he would be his own man.
The handover by PL is normal business practice but as usual our disgust with PL clouds our judgement IMO .
Anyway I’ve got a new saying for the Golf Club!!!
Beats the hell out of the Pope one😀
As for CQN read follow make your own opinions just like here on SC
It’s free country

big packy

COSY CORNER BHOY, think he was baptized a catholic, then changed to the anglican faith.👍,another true story😎


Big Packy

All is well…apart from the obvious.

A party when Lawwell leaves? FFS, that would draw a bigger crowd of Tims in from all over the world…think Seville. Then add on a good few thousand. Pity about covid restrictions.

Keep yet chin up, BP. And keep on sticking it to the PLC.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA, will do pal ,one day we will have our day.👍

saltires en sevilla

PL has done a grand job as CEO, looking after Shareholder value. We know he has met their requirements and expectations because they kept him on for almost 2 decades.

He is also entitled to feel that the supporters endorse him. He will look at the numbers…season tickets with Sold Out notices posted for almost 2 decades. I haven’t checked, willing to bet the average sales/attendances in those 2 decades are higher than any other 2 decades in the unbroken history of the club.

Then we look at another metric… trophies won…. jeezo…it’s another slam dunk

The guy is entitled to feel like ‘The’ Celtic God.

Delivering what just about everyone wants.

By any reasonable measure…

big packy

JIM, are you lurking or watching rupert davies, hey the young ghuys on here wont know who rupert davies was, well as you know my best mate jim is into whodunnits,did i spell that correctly😎 rupert davies played maigret when i was a kid, french detective ,before hercule poirot the belgian one, another true story👍


saltires en sevilla

Any reasonable measure would have to include his record In Europe which is abysmal and has cost the club £30 million in lost revenue each time it failed to qualify for CL group stages. Add to that his piss poor record in player acquisitions where the tens of millions pissed up against the wall on projects would have got the CEO sacked long time ago in any normal business. He leaves the club in a much worse state than when he took over largely down to his incompetence and putting the interests of the Old Firm business model above everything else. That’s what will determine how people judge his time at Celtic.

Mike in Toronto

If we are still a few people short of 48 entrants, can you put Liam in Toronto down for one. I’ll let him know, but I can cover his entry fee.


Packy, never watched Maigret, I remember it being on the telly, I think my father liked it but it was way above my head at the time (early 60s). I probably went out to play or played with my train set! 🙂


Evening all from a beautiful sunny Renfrew. Saltires I’m with you in that it is difficult to criticise the positives of Lawell’s tenure but the question for me is ‘Where is the development of the business? We have been rotten in Europe. Our Youth Development has been rotten apart from Forrest and Tierney. Our recruitment in stead of Youth Development has been to cash out quick without a ready made replacement. All of this without a word about the sellout to ensure TRFC continued as our main rivals only to fail at the final hurdle of what should have been an historic season! Lawell’s review will be full of positives of that there is no doubt but they are mainly corporate successes, our demands or expectations of a progressive fitba club have not been met and for that, in my opinion his tenure can be classed as a fail. We should be unassailable in Scotland and trying hard to compete in Europe – this has not happened and I will never forgive Lawell for it.
The images of TRFC’s 55 campaign and ramming it right up us hurts so much!!



Not nice,old son. It is a rule on here,as you know,that we do not criticise our Alma Mater. There is a huge difference between that,and explaining why we might prefer to express our opinions elsewhere.

You are wise enough to know that this site does not criticise any other site. We may on occasion make an observation about it. But CQN posters frequently hammer the likes of Phil and JF.

We try not to.


Anyway,SFTB is a damn fine fella. Just the type of bloke at a hootenanny that makes it worthwhile. Funny thing,them. Have a few beers with someone who has different opinions from you,and those differences miraculously dissolve.


saltires en sevilla

M6Bhoy & McCaff I am in complete agreement with both of you. Was my wee attempt at making folk feel at home.

Unfortunately, we know the vast majority of decision makers don’t seem to consider that other tiresome stuff … or if they do, they don’t feel it matters nearly enough to do something about it. Really do something..

I read on another channel ( no, another one…) that there are now 20,000 Celtic Trust members?!?!?

That’s circa £1.2m p.a. in subscriptions (will avoid use of subs….) from subscribers to buy shares that they will never own, to be managed by folk that appear to have been snubbed by a Board that can navigate the overall Share ownership ratios at will. To suit their majority agenda…

Can anyone think of somewhere else this was a ‘thing’ … and everyone thought it was batshit crazy/nuts.

One of the side benefits will be that ongoing Share prices will be ‘active and probably positive’ whilst there are regular ‘guaranteed’ purchases…embdy guess if some folk might realise a wee benefit from this? … a clue… it won’t be the Trust!

On the positive side 20,000 members is a fanatastic achievement.

Absolutely, genuinely impressed.


Rumours online that Ajer is off to Newcastle for 6m this summer



Fair point Bobby. I believe, and have said, that posters should call out Phil on his own site and JF on his (though he is a frequent CQN visitor with his articles) but they are both one man operations. They do not run a blog that lets a whole variety of posters state their views with very light censorship (swearing and legally actionable views suffer in the main).

So CQN and SC have more in common with each other than Phil’s blog and James’s have. Your views and Mahe’s do not coincide fully and put any 3 SC posters into a room and you will quickly get 4 diverging opinions. So there is no CQN view and no SC view though there is, undoubtedly trends and differences between both sites.

Celtic sites are not the problem; our problems lie far closer to G40 and we have a lot of ground to make up from this mess. But or club (as opposed to our Board) have produced magic and miracle in the past and, if we develop on the laying front, we have a few more fights sand victories in us.

Those who think that more drastic change is needed now- I have one small bit of advice to offer. It is not enough to be a back bar revolutionary exhorting others to boycott or produce change. There has to be organisation and shared aims to effect change. Outside of the Celtic trust , I see no vehicle for taking this forward and, if it does go forward and is not just forgotten if we are successful again, it will be a long hard road and I am not sure all the people currently venting have the patience for that.

big packy

MCAFF,how are you pal, cant see any positives from peter lawwell, hope you are well👍

A thing of beauty

If we had acted properly in line with the corporate governance that a PLC of our size should, none of this Eddie Howe shit show would have happened because as soon as Lawwell announced he was resigning he should have been placed on gardening leave. That’s how proper companies protect themselves against ex employees being able to do any damage before they leave. I’ll bet none of DD’s or Lindsell Train’s other big hitters get to hang about and make one last monumental cock up before they saunter off into the sunset. Honestly we are a big business run like a bowling club.

puff puff

BP. McCaff no around he’s down at the summer cottage on the lake sipping pimm’s.

big packy

PUFF PUFF😎 how are you pal👍


Big Jim Packy…how are you pal? I’m no too bad, been busy. Just back from fitba training with the boys, I’ve fired up the BBQ and the wedges are in the oven. Don’t listen to Puff I’m no Pimm’s drinker, I’m on the Portuguese vinho tinto tonight! Saude! 🍷🍷

big packy

MCAFF, as long as your ok thats all that matters, wee joan has missed your e-mails about your dug, hope she /he. is ok👍


Packy, how’s wee Joan’s dog grooming doing? You haven’t mentioned for a while.