A Club like no other, they got that one right at least. Every day that passes without tangible progress, every piece of bad news, even every rumour, fails to surprise me anymore.
Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail the old motto goes, and right now our club of choice are the prime example of that adage.
Murphy’s Law dictates when it can go wrong it will, that just when you could do with luck it won’t be forthcoming,,so following that theory there’s another few body blows in store for the club and it’s strained faithful.
I totally wouldn’t be surprised if Kris went for peanuts, more than likely leading to a similar deal for Odsonne. Although we could use the money more than ever, we arent in a position of strength, peanuts tasting better than nowt.
Selling on the cheap now could come back to bite us later, we should be careful what kind of precedent we are setting for future players. If all believe they are going cheap when one year left there will be problems.
After the season from hell, we should have known player trading was never going to be straightforward.
Would I be surprised if the very disturbing article regarding the despicable Lawell household attack being football linked turned out to be true? It pains me to say no. That’s a terrible indictment on Scottish society but after reading of dawn raids in England by Billyboy whistling detectives, an actual murder in Ibrox, and an obvious Ulster Loyalist connection within the nations second biggest club, and a whole host more, it’s obvious theres more to Scottish football than meets the eye.
It can be ugly, harmful, costly, sinister, deadly at times, with some sport thrown in.
Hand on heart I hope the person(s) responsible are held accountable for their crimes.
If true it represents a new low, and every football fan should worry. I pray the report is wrong.
Then there’s the angst over Ange and whether he could take up the reigns or not.
Murphy and his famous law would tell you he doesn’t and will fail this test, a large part of me is saying relax we can’t be that disorganized.
However this is the club that,,
bought a player they couldn’t play (Guzman),
bought a player who then walked out with personal issues (Viduka),
spent a whopping five million on a player noone had actually watched in the flesh and who was literally called shite,
accepted a loan player as a favour to an agent (Gershon),
squandered special talent permits on Mizuno and Bayo instead of actual special talents,
And obviously can’t hire a manager, alienated the lifeblood, look set to throw away domestic dominance in the most spectacular fashion yadda yadda.
We used to hope those on the interview list had European experience, played great football, has an eye for a player, will drill them into shape etc.
Now we hope they can legally work in the country?
We are a Champions League club our departing CEO told us all at the last real world AGM, but the search for your next manager should begin the very day your current one inked the contract, especially at a revolving door club like ours with the biggest buyers in the world nextdoor.
I dont agree with the position the club put themselves in regarding Eddie, it’s been a very high profile loss, but the last thing we need is another managerial loss, Murphy can disagree all he wants.
If it’s truly Postacoglu, let’s hope it’s goes through without a hitch to show we actually can do something correctly.
If it falls to pieces though, I will be unsurprised.
I will be unsurprised when the faithful through and through or similar slogans (To the Top, together) get yelled when ST sales tank, unsurprised if we aren’t ready in the slightest for Europe at all.
Finally I will be totally unsurprised when the Tims finally say enough and start the steps of this PLCs removal, probably about this time next year after another shambles.
By Mahe

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I feel your negativity Mahe.
Get Ange in and I reckon we will be happy.
Guy is a winner and Bielsa like.
Will do for me. 👍🍀💚


Song for the new manager of Celtic.
I am delighted it is Ange. A Bielsa disciple.
Our team will be fit and play an aggressive 433 system and be very well coached.


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends, from a dry, warmish already East Kilbride.
Whoever ends up as the Head Coach has to be judged solely on his performance here at Celtic, not on any previous roles, good ort bad. Honestly, if we announced we had prised pep away from Man City I’d still take the news with a bit of ‘let’s wait and see how the first couple of months go’ before assuming anything. So if it is to be Ange then just get him in as quickly as possible and try to get off to a decent start.


I have absolutely no opinion on who we have heard about the last couple of days of who could be our next manager, but I do remember a lot of posters posting that Neil Lennon should not be appointed our next manager both before and after the shower scene if anyone on here has witnessed the performance of anyone mentioned as our new manager I will read with great interest their opinions
Honestly I find the posters are well versed on what is and isn’t good for Celtic and comparing them with our Boards history I will put more weight on the posters opinion than the Boards


Someone, anyone that can instil a work ethic, set up a well drilled formation that the players understand and respond to, have tactical flexibility, be proactive enough to fine tune during games by sensible use of substitutions and subtle tactical changes, get and keep the players fit.
Have a positive body language on the sidelines.
Enthusiasm and encouragement during games , which we supporters actively show , wouldn’t go amiss.

Last year’s three stooges touchline approach was embarrassing at times.

The new guy ,whoever it will be , has to be cut a major amount of early slack.
If that means missing out on CL or EL participation for one season , a season of sea change transition, so be it.
There is only one “goal” next season.

Too much to hope for?

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, so according to some reports maloney is coming, but cant come till after the euros, good god you could not make this stuff up..P.S, could he bring martinez with him,👍


Said it before with the squad pared down to the bare bones with, possibly, all the quality players leaving and likely a pittance for a transfer budget to work with what manager of any repute/experience would want the job also knowing that winning the SPFL next season is a must. It’s a major career crusher in the making.

Squire Danaher


An Australian view of the prospective new man.

This guy still bigging him up but a bit more restrained.


Morning all & Packy,

I’ve no problem with Maloney coming back to be a 1st team coach but I don’t like the idea that PL is recruiting coaches before the appointment of a new manager who might want to bring his own choice of back up staff.


Someone with a point to prove and the balls to carry it off.

saltires en sevilla


It’s looking like there won’t be any significant action by fans.

It’s simply nowhere near bad enough yet.

In ’94 the club were literally minutes from destruction by BOS – it took an leap of faith by a Celtic legend to step up with the hard cash to prevent that axe from falling, and there was an eager queue of people lined up and willing to wield that axe. Reports that £1m was deposited on behalf of Celtic with no strings attached, just a hefty bundle of his personal money with no guarantee he was getting any of it back. Not a lot of folk know this part of the story, although most on here are absolutely clued up and will be fully aware. That man is, beyond doubt, the real Celtic hero of the 90’s … he is in my book. However, he may not have boycotted any games ‘support the team, sack the Board’ – someone can correct me on this, as I would not want to make that assumption and cause unnecessary offence to that man. Ever.

This tells us a lot about the fans. What they are prepared to do when the time comes.

I know I could go out today and ask 10 random Celtic fans of my acquaintance, they wouldn’t know, or would think the £1m was paid by Fergus. Those 10 fans would almost certainly be the same ones who were moaning about The lack of OF games and not being on the telly anymore …admittedly they wouldn’t all be Season Ticket holders… but they would consider themselves to be fans and would take offence if anyone suggested otherwise. Just beat the currants…. Cup Finals and European nites. A wee punt, a good nite in the pub and catch up on match reports on the Record the next day and some ‘banter’ with a few bluenoses… bragging rights etc.

For most Nothing else will matter .. we could run right down to the wire and the majority wouldn’t appreciate the severity of the issues at hand.

As has been pointed out on here, the circumstances are different now, coming off the back of a run of incredible domestic success, with seriously wealthy shareholders. Let’s face it they are the ‘owners’ of Celtic and they are just a small handful of people. They don’t ‘need’ someone to put up a huge wedge to calm the bank down. That angle is well covered.

Also, the support are as fragmented as they are likely to be – back in the 90’s we had the Association and Affilliation dragging their heels, but still notionally supportive ( mainly in private ) of the Celts for Change movement. The prevailing fanzines were lined up behind the guys and of course Fergus and his team and Canadian bucks were hovering.

Now, there are so many groups with a POV and it’s not clear how aligned they are … if there is enough common ground to make a coherent move for change.

Folk rightly ask what are the aims of these groups before any actions can be taken .. this has to be established… debated and redrafted. It all takes a loooonnggggg time. To then be confronted by a Board who will either get the biccies out and invites issued, to open ‘helpful’ discussions… or simply blank any groups with suggestions. Either way We all know where that eventually leads. The evidence is compelling.

The Board have it tied up neatly on behalf of the ‘owners’, that is the primary function of a PLC Board – selling shoes or selling fitba, it’s much the same. The original owner of Clark’s shoes would sit and listen to new ideas and pitches from his ‘bright young thing’ junior executives… he would always ask the same question “your idea… does it sell shoes?” Basically, he knew what it was all about and kept everyone focused on the job at hand. If they were all focused on selling shoes he was happy.. he made a lot of money. Maybe Clarks stopped making money because he was no longer around to ask the important question!

What questions do the current owners of Celtic ask the bright young things at Celtic?

‘Does it sell players???’

Perhaps we could be less cynical and accept that they ask … ‘does it win domestic trophies?!’

Does anyone get the sense that these guys ask about the culture or quality of the footballing experience for fans, that there is a sense of togetherness and engagement. That the values of the club are focused on a wider range of issues that reach out far to the wider community .. values that are specifically not!! just about making money for a few owners?

That warm fuzzy feeling is missing, and it’s clearly not a factor…maybe it never was…

If we are looking for a common goal to realise meaningful change, We could start with one question to the current owners of the club:

Line them up and stream it…

‘Why is our football club a PLC listed on a stock exchange, with its primary focus on shareholder value, providing dividends to owners?’

I’d love to see their faces …looking down at their shiny shoes…their greedy eyes staring back!

Start from there!!



I read that this morning. As I said yesterday,it is in his favour that he has won things elsewhere than Celtic. Of our managers this century,that is only true of MON and BR. Whoever the new manager is,he will have my full support-but he needs that level of support from the board too.



You’re a knob! You could have sent me that comment for tomorrow’s article!!!

(I’ll need to get my thinking cap on now for a relevant topic of discussion…)



If I’m honest,our title prospects next season are already more in hope than expectation. Even though most of us were delighted at keeping our players onboard for the tilt at the ten,the downside was always going to be the rebuild necessary this summer.

saltires en sevilla


I’d love to read your take on ….

Why are We


Maestro Fan

Another fine piece.

Lawwell is way past the point of taking us for granted. It’s now open contempt. He’s calculating enough of the ‘through and through fans’ will pitch up and will cut costs relative to this ‘base’.

He’s utterly toxic and always has been.

Rumour I’ve heard from a credible source about the attack is that it’s extortion-related. Something to do with player transfers. Hopefully the truth will out and the dangerous people concerned dealt with.



Not sure I’m qualified for that one. Might have to do some research,I suppose…

Maestro Fan

On Ange I’m open minded. Don’t know much about him. What I do know is:

1. Lawwell shouldn’t be in charge of manager recruitment, but is.
2. Lawwell has a rotten record in manager recruitment.
3. This isn’t Plan B, it’s Plan Hair on Fire.
4. Foreign managers are generally given less slack and pressure is applied sooner to them.
5. He’s long in the tooth to be coming into Europe, let alone Celtic.
6. He needs to be a miracle worker given the conditions bequeathed by our celebrated CEO.



In case you missed it.

Saltire in Seville.

If my memory serves me correctly the number of members stated at CST AGM was 1200.

The share purchase route is long term by its nature but events require a more immediate an effective response in order to get to 20k.

A meeting has been set for 21st June which is the notice period required by CST constitution.

What emerges from that will be crucial for CST future. They already have two draft proposals for Board and SFA Reform presented to their AGM for consideration by their membership as a whole.

Events since drafting may change the words to reflect what has happened since but not the intent to bring both bodies to account for the past and the future.



‘ We are a Champions League club our departing CEO told us all at the last real world AGM,’
That is the third porkie told to shareholders at the 2019 AGM that casts doubt on Chairman Bankier’s ” no one was misled” statement at the 2020 Zoom AGM.

saltires en sevilla


I had missed that – thanks for providing a helpful update.

TBH 20k members would be a serious group. Serious leverage.

If the Trust are listening with regard to your experience in these matters, I’d be more inclined to feel reassured.

21st June meeting – sense this is after the Renewal deadline #1


‘ We are a Champions League club our departing CEO told us all at the last real world AGM,’
Our CEO must have been puzzled why we weren’t invited to the recently discussed ‘Super League’





Bobby, You & Mahe have had my sympathy for weeks on end now, having to come up with articles daily when all the news and events is negative. You have both done well despite that.
Who knows, maybe in a months time you will be waiting with bated breath on the latest announcements coming out of Parkhead!

We can but hope!


ST Renewal deadline date #1 is June 25th

saltires en sevilla

ST Renewal deadline date #1 is June 25th


Cheers buddy. I was confusing with EU Settlement deadline date. (21st June)



Thanks,mate. Sadly,our articles too often mirror that negativity. Just can’t put lipstick on a pig,it seems.


You haven’t got much choice Bobby.

btw I agree Saltire’s post would have been a worthy article. Could have given you or Mahe a day off! 🙂


Morning Bhoys and Ghirls,

We still have no Manager and no Director of Football in place yet we have 2 CEO”s, whom I assume are both being well paid ?

Wonder how much that is costing ?????



The CST meeting was the result of the way Celtic dealt with CST shares to ST holders proposal as part of last season’s ” added value” promise.

The date is dictated by CST Constitution whereby 21 days notice is required so no connection to ST renewal date.

I hope that the way Celtic have treated the CST will make them more amenable to the thoughts from those who have suffered similar treatment from 2014 but that is out of my hands.

The Gombeen Man

Ange Postecoglou’s team Yokohama play J League leaders Kawasaki at 11am tomorrow (CP time). I’m not sure if Hesgoal cover the J League?

At the moment Ange Postecoglou’s side are third in the J1 League, 18 points behind the leaders, Kawasaki.

Kawasaki have played 20 games. Ange’s team have played 16…They’re effectively in 2nd position, so tomorrow is a crunch fixture.

If he comes over and survives the cliques and cut-throat culture of Scottish football. He’ll have a go at putting Sevco “back in their box.” (He talks in interviews, about putting other clubs “back in their box”).

No fool, no media pawn and well respected by players. He stands at the sideline at training and just watches the players. They say they can feel his eyes constantly on their backs.

In Japan he’s the Manager. Fellow Aussie, John Hutchinson is the Head Coach. Another Aussie, Shaun Ontang is the Assistant Coach.

Yokohama FM look to have a much more advanced technical set-up than the present one at Lennoxtown.

They’re 80% owned by Nissan and 20% by the City Group. Nissan are a key partner of UEFA.
City Group are also involved with Melbourne and New York City (Ronny Deila).

Yokohama won the Title in 2019 and finished 9th in 2020…I’m not sure about the inconsistency? Attendances dropped hugely. Covid related?

Who knows?

Anyway, below you’ll find the first chapter to Ange Postecoglou’s book, ‘Changing The Game.’

It provides useful insights into his background and why he’s a tough cookie – He’ll get Celtic and the support will take to him.

He’s known ups and downs in the game. His profile ticks a lot of corporate boxes. Gets on well with players and supporters etc…

Looking at what else is out there and realistically available. If he doesn’t mess about, signs the contract is supported by the Board, in terms of players and staff…

He might be in with a shout of bringing some credibility back.

“Changing the Game: Football in Australia Through My Eyes – Ange Postecoglou – Google Books”



As your comment suggests,it is nonsense to diss the capability of someone about whom we know so little,but what little we do know can either be positive-he has won things!-or negative-he’s hardly set the world on fire in a quarter century of management.

He will have a clean slate from most of us,I reckon. And full support. But as I said,he needs support from the board more than he needs it from us.

Ours is a given. That of the board? Not so much.

Margaret McGill

yeah but what happens when Postecoglou is packing his back like Howe did and decides to call Brendan for one last confirmation and gets the Lawwell KOD.

The Gombeen Man


I’ve no doubt he’ll get the full backing of the support, if he comes.

It’s healthy not having any Old Firm baggage and he’s no mug. Not saying he’s the next Fergie but worth the punt?

A pity that it leaked.

Hopefully we can close the deal before any other clubs scupper any progress.

All we need after that is the Backroom Staff, a new Team and new Board.

The support and their wonga is a given.

The Gombeen Man


I know, I know, I know.

(I was hoping that his contract was with City Group and they force him to come over…)

Without a Euro Licence, John Kennedy can be his Sponsor…



Which subject my kid sis and I were just discussing!

Mike in Toronto

I guess Ancelotti wont be signing for Celtic. He is returning to Real Madrid.

I guess with all the turmoil surrounding the club at. The moment, they wanted a solid, and familiar replacement..someone who knows the place and will be expected to hit the ground running.



Interesting. Howe is a boyhood Everton fan.

Sol Kitts

Just came up on Facebook that William Hill are offering a bonus of 100-1 for England to win the Euros. For those unsure of what this means, if you put on a bet of £10 for England to win, you will lose £10. 😁😎



Better get the local bookies warned to get extra staff on in a fortnight!

bada bing1

Glasgow to Level 2 from Friday midnight

bada bing1

9th in the J League in Japan last season….wow…looks like we’re really lucky to get this guy…..

The Gombeen Man

“Off and running.”

At the last count Real Madrid were €901m in debt.

Maybe they should of held onto Ancelotti instead of sacking him in 2015?

Everton lost £261m over the last three years and were planning a £250m Share Issue funded by their owner Farhad Moshiri to cover costs.

That’s before this year’s lost income is taken into account.

Celtic have their key business partner *Rangers back and all the criminality and shenanigans that goes with it.

Celtic also have strategic alliances with organisations like the City Group.

Reading elsewhere it’s incomprehensible that some folk seem to think we’re talking about a sport that isn’t nobbled.

Panic about deadlines for CL Qualifiers and signing players, is a waste of time.

If Celtic Plc were anyway serious about football achievements we’d be a completely different operation.

This is a cash cow masquerading as football,. Spiced up by delusions about causes, culture and traditions.

You’d be as well subscribing to the Disney Channel.

There again this is a better laugh.



Must admit,the humour of it escapes me.

Margaret McGill

Oh I dont know. I hear that Hindus consider Celtic PLC as sacred.
I couldnt quite make out if its an utter cash cow or an udder cash cow.

Margaret McGill

In Scotland its more colloquially known as “Laughing stock”

Margaret McGill

Personally I think Pesticide Pete is milking it for all its worth.

Margaret McGill

No point in the CST talking to the PLC. It goes in one ear and out the udder.

Say when

Margaret McGill

The GB should be herd and not seen