Mahes Euro predictions Part 1

No one likes constant negativity. While the site numbers continue to climb (thanks everyone) the comments decrease, showing not everyone wants to complain, most folk just want some good news to talk to each other about. It’s fully understandable.
For what it’s worth someday, I can’t tell you when but someday, we will all be sitting on the edge of our chairs with the pulse rising as the Celtic right back goes on another swashbuckling foray up the wing, crowd murmur growing in anticipation.
One day all this talk of Certificates of Competence and failed recruitment will be forgotten and football, the beautiful game, shall justly take precedence.
With that in mind I refuse to pen another critique, not only is it the wrong day but it’s just not wanted. No negative vibes on a Friday my old gaffer used to say.
So instead I shall look forward to the forthcoming festival of football and explain why France will be lifting this summers most prestigious trophy.
At the very top they have The Water Carrier himself, that will old veteran Dechamp still doing it. But it looks to be his last hurrah, which usually brings a group together to deliver. Only a man of his stature could have brought back the once exiled Benzema, he has the strength of character to make the controversial call and publicly stand by it. He’s a character and it will be the games loss when he goes, and off course there’s no better time to go than when at the top with the big trophy under your arm. He will be going all out to win and walk away a legend, off and on the pitch.
Benzema himself is a little under rated by some but that’s not surprising given there’s usually one or two much more glamorous players on the pitch alongside him. His goals have been varied (dynamite with the head) and he’s a big game player, usually on the score sheet come the layer stages. Not playing International football will have helped his body, at 33 he has less miles than many teammates that age.
He’s deadly, and will have a very intelligent player alongside him who is also deadly.
Mbappe is almost the complete striker, I expect him to take Lewandowskis mantle as the world’s best soon, maybe this summer soon. He has exploded onto the scene, and the price tag looks justified everytime Im privileged to watch him.
Barca couldn’t contain him at all, and I contend his current manager blew the chance at Champions League glory with ridiculous team selections for a crucial tie.
The unit behind him and his stroppy but talented strike partner failed to gel and work properly, but the odds of that happening this summer are much reduced.
This team and new partner, plus manager, should bring the best out of him.
Almost perfect up front, in the midfield Pogba in particular should be happy. He also is a big game player, and will be out to impress for his own reasons,,a move or larger contract. He will never have a better chance to show off, behind him the world’s best defensive midfielder, in front of him two of the very best going, Coman on the wing is top tier also. Despite the fact he hasn’t shone at United I expect the lanky Frenchman to grab this opportunity with both hands, which will only add to his mystery. I would hate to manage or play against him, but the boy can play there’s little doubt.
The new improved Deschamp behind him is one he of a player also, best in Europe actually. He was immense when this generations great football miracle happened, probably the most important cog in that Leicester machine that relentlessly ground out the victory after victory needed. He was again immense to lift the Big Cup less than a week ago, Man of the Match in most of the worlds eyes.
He’s not getting any younger, could be his last tournament if truth be told, but Kante is better than ever. He will hold that team together as much as needed.
It’s needed a bit more than usual if truth be told. The keeper isn’t my cup of tea and surely about to call it a day, while the right back is brand new, and Lenglet has had an injury hit season. Kpembe and Varane are excellent though, backed up by the experienced Zouma. It’s not that bad, and many competitors would love such riches, but I’d prefer Desailly, Blanc and LeBeouf like days of yore.
Being weaker than usual at the rear could have it’s advantages. It could encourage a get it forward quick mindset, and with the speed and brains available playing on the counter suits them down to a tee. Of course if I know that others do, but if you sit deeper to help stop the counterattack you simply invite Kante to intercept, give to Pogba who looks up and has three ( if Coman plays) pacey attackers intelligently running into space offering options, forcing decisions. A defenders worst nightmare.
Then there’s the fact they have height so goals from corners should be on the agenda.
Greisman is silky with a point to prove and the enigma that is Dembele (not ours but the world’s most expensive transfer Dembele!) is in the squad also with a point to prove, just like the brand new right back who will want to nail down that spot.
This France teams weak points aren’t that weak, and their strong points are very strong, yet amazingly the bookies have them behind England as I type!?
No one really knows what type of tournament we shall be graced with, whether exhaustion will play a massive factor or not, whether some fans back in stadium at long last will spur the players on?
If you ask me the best players mixed with the best team spirit usually come out on top. Team spirit is up in the air, admittedly the Benzema thing could backfire but you’ve gotta believe his boys in the dressing room pushed this one through, smoothed the deal. You could strangle Pogba at times and the keepers crap, but the French could become more than the sum of their parts, they have in the past and they have the players to damage any side in the world.
They get my nod, and tomorrow I analyze their main rivals. Hope you enjoy.
By Mahe

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Mahe you say the” While the site numbers continue to climb (thanks everyone) the comments decrease,” are you able to tally how many lurkers are on site. Quite often I follow discussions but do not get into posting, also I spend hours catching up just listening to the musical posts. The lead articles are always top notch, the replies and info posted are very informative, and the early scirmishes seem to have been sorted and decorum is the rule. not the law.
As far as a favourite for the Euro ,I don’t have a favourirte team to win it ,but this is my favourite tournament. If the SFA were not involved Scotland would have my backing 100%.


Ye mate, France are my tip too.Always very physical and have pace to burn.if they stay a happy camp they’l be hard to beat.
Re Benzema.i once backed him to be the top goalscorer in a tournie(sure it was a world cup) and from the first game he gradually got worse and worse.i was so pissed off with him iv’e disliked him ever since.He just looked like he wasnt giving a flying…..and tbh i had moments like that with French Eddie last season.

The Gombeen Man

Anyone believe in fate?

A real good documentary from a few years ago ​about our Coach in waiting.

It lasts for about half an hour.

Watch to about 3.25 seconds if you can.


Good to read that the site is continuing to pursue the truth and protect the most precious
: the vulnerable.

There’s not really a lot to be said at the moment in Celtic football terms.

Having said that, there’s always enjoyable reading on here throughout the day.

Good to see Jobo offer his years of experience of running enjoyable fundraisers while enjoying a well deserved rest from the rigours of running them.

There’s plenty of good things going on with the Blog without the tedium of recycled political and other egocentric agendas.

Fair play.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, the gombeen man, thanks for posting that link, seems a no nonsense type of guy, maybe just what we need👍

The Gombeen Man


I hope so too. A no nonsense big fella with a bit of humility.

Fingers crossed we deliver for him and give him a bit of time…and the paperwork comes through.

Fingers crossed.

big packy


St tams

Yor opinion on Scotland mirrors my own. 👍


There was a bit of debate on Twitter based on a commercial announcement that used the term ” real Celtic supporters.” and raised the question who is a real supporter?

It might prompt a bit of discussion here on how we see each other and ourselves – no arguing which is best just our own perceptions.. Here is mine.

I think from perspective Celtic supporters fall into 4 categories.

1. The ones who dont mind knowing the game is bent & spend.
2. Those who dont know how bent it is & spend.
3. Those who do know but will spend anyway & 4.Those who know its bent & out of held principles, they expect Celtic to reflect & stand up for them wont spend until they do.

The latter are not real fans to Celtic, but this category recognise without the other 3 “real” supporters they would have no team to watch and they work for an honest game that the total support can enjoy.


Appears that rumours of Ollie Ns demise were greatly exaggerated and Celtic seemingly haven’t terminated his contract. Could be that AEK, Barkas former club, want to sign the enigmatic, or should that be feckin’ annoyingly lazy, Ollie and are willing to waive any remaining cash due and/or sell on clause from the transfer of Barkas to Celtic in order to sweeten the deal.

Can’t we do an Ollie plus Barkas deal – buy one get one free.



So a ‘real supporter’ is someone who spends money on the football club. Must mean Dermot really is a supporter.

Me I’ll stick with category 4’s – the not real fan type as they are in the main honourable, intelligent and a good to look at a bunch that are also just a tad less gullible than your common or garden ‘real Celtic supporter😏

Cat 4 not real fans association🙄

The Gombeen Man

In seeing what Celtic as they really are, you’re beginning to realise and let go of social, religious and political conditioning.

Much of Celtic’s and the Old Firm’s failings simply mirror our own.

What we see and dislike in the *Rangers supporter is often what we’ve suppressed about ourselves.

We generally spend our lives projecting at others and never really see that much of what we are struggling with.

That’s okay.

Some face reality, others don’t.

People can’t be forced to do these things.

If folk want to pay money and go along for the craic.

That’s fine.

No point in rationalising ‘What is’.

The paradox is that when you’ve faced the internal demon. You often find yourself back at the game but with a more discerning attitude.

The others will follow when it’s time.

Till Later.

Fremitus Coeur

Jim the Tim, Garry
You can blame, or credit, a teacher of mine for the name. She used to refer to me as Fremitus. I had no clue why but now know it wasn’t complimentary. It’s a long story as to why the Coeur was suffixed, though not an interesting one.

From yesterday. Thanks for the response. I’ll address your points, which I have bracketed, in order.

(I’ve been taken to task for my contention about the £100m or so swirling about the coffers come the summer. That means that you haven’t been paying attention in particular to some things that I’ve been discussing here for over a year now)

Apologies but I wasn’t aware of previous discussions on this particular matter, and you weren’t taken to task. I merely asked you to elaborate on your £120m number.

(So we have around £20m floating around the bank. We have an additional £11m from Frimpers.)

No and No. Accounts at the year end showed a cash position of £22m. That will have burned up at the normal historical rate of £2m plus per month and when you factor in zero match day revenues on catering sales, plus other revenue streams, windfall, Celtic store sales, advertising revenue etc it will exacerbate the cash burn. There will be less than half of the figures you claim. Potentially considerably less.

Frimpong. We did not bank £11m from that sale. Man City had a 30% sell on fee in the contract and the profit from that transfer would amount to approx £6.5m net to Celtic.

(We should confidently expect the best part of £40m from sales of players who don’t want to play for us anymore. Call it £60m for the sake of argument)

Which players do you expect to be sold and at what amounts? OE, KA, RC, CMcG? The sales of those 4 plus a few peripheral players might realise the amounts you forecast, though if that happens, heaven knows what standard of team we will be putting out there next season given our recent activities in the transfer market.
I’m not anywhere near convinced that the £40m will materialise but as it’s speculation only on both our parts, I’ll concede the point and call it £40m, but to replace the numbers of players departing at least half of that would require significant reinvestment or we will be struggling to finish second.

(Still way short of £100m though,Mick. Where does the rest of it come from? Not like you to come out wi crap like that without proof. And yer still £40m short of your argument)

When you take the proper Frimpong figures and consider the true bank balance as it will be at present, I’d suggest you’re closer to £65m short of your argument.

(Over a year ago,I introduced here the concept of Business Interruption Insurance. And I’ve been told from separate sources how much our agreed claim is. Each gives different if similar amounts,and it is considerably more than that £40m. Much much more)

I’m sorry but this is makes no sense

“ Agreed Claim?”

“ much much more”

How much much more? £60m? £70m? It would need to be upwards of those figures to get anywhere close to your £120m cash position.

It is a moot point though in my opinion because even if Celtic have a valid claim on BI insurance, they would not be able to claim for certain important losses.

Celtic have 3 main sources of income.
1. Season book sales
2. Transfer dealings
3. European prize money.

No business interruption claim will cover points 2 and 3.

You cannot claim for point 1 since Celtic received the money from the supporters. They could perhaps claim back the money they refunded to supporters at the end of last season, but that was around 25% of the total income, which would amount to around £9m.

So any business interruption income would cover none of the main income streams and would be less than the figure you state. Much much less. This is all assuming of course that any such insurance policy is both in place and claimable.

Celtic were quick to insert a clause this season stating no refunds. That would suggest they cannot reclaim that money through business interruption insurance this season even if they were able to claim back a percentage of the loss for last season.

So we will need to agree to disagree on your numbers until such time as we can stop speculating and have the true position clarified. Any income from insurance will show up in the accounts



Heard that song on the radio this morning, first time in many years. It leaves me breathless. It’s almost symphonic esp if you listen to it till the end. The production that went into that song goes beyond Phil Spector.
And yet the lyrics are a laugh!

St tams

Must admit that I lost interest in international football quite a few years ago , I find the majority of it very boring.
I always get the impression that a lot of the players would rather be somewhere else.

As for the SFA football team , couldn’t care less how they get on.

Mike in Toronto

Its only 10 am here, but I think I have just hit the wall for this week…

Big Audio Dynamite

Real fans? As opposed to …..?? Get the support fighting amongst themselves about what a REAL fan is??. So transparent!

The old divide & conquer tactics, well used by parasites.


Come o ye faithful, joyous and triumphant!

So much for positivity on a Friday! Moan away lads 😉

Big welcome Fremitus.

Is he quarantining, signing, leaving, or what? Where’s Ange?

Big Audio Dynamite

If Twitter is anything to go by, a fair chunk of our support aren’t buying this board’s pish anymore.



BAD, never known such frustration levels within the support.
Half ST take up looking likely?
There will be protests soon I’m thinking.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

you want moaning? THIS is Moanin’

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, put me down as a number 4 on auldheids category, jim will be a number 1 😎 only joking bruv,,are you still not talking to me ???? if you dont come on here, ill start telling some true stories 😎

big packy

OK ,true story, my phone was not charging properly,,went to my local phone shop for advice, after 2 and a half hours, came out with a new phone and 5 pounds per month dearer, plus the insurance on the new phone is 30 quid dearer, cant make my mind up if that was a good deal or a bad deal 😎😎


My auld granny who would be 128 years old if she was still alive always told me she was a Celtic supporter, and she never went to one game. And I believe her.


Big Packy@16.32

FFS. The Lawwell fella sure can put himself about…so that’s him selling phones now, is it?…and making a tidy profit into the bargain.

He must have been wearing a disguise, or else ye would have lamped him.

As the old saying goes: At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

Hail Hail.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy @ 432
Serves you right for shopping at auntie Wainwright’s 😂😂😎

big packy

MAGUA and SOLKITTS, thats me telt 😎😎

big packy

another true story, had a delivery to the ford factory near laindon in essex, knew solkitts lived nearby, phoned him up dont worry packy there will be a drink waiting for you here when you come down, anyway gets to sols house rings the bell no answer, but noticed his bmw and jaguar were still parked in his garage, then behind the bin cupboard a celtic mug with a teabag in it with a note, have a drink on me packy, i was flabbergasted, flumoxed cant say anymore, SOL you could have put a decent tea bag in the mug not one from aldi 😎😎,

Big Audio Dynamite

Mahe, real change will only happen if we are represented by people who can be trusted. How that is achieved really is the million dollar question. These people have Celtic locked up tight.

The anger will Peter out (They know this) and the season books will get sold in enough numbers in the meantime. After what they have done, riding it out financially for a couple of years won’t worry them, they would have factored in a backlash, after letting a ghost club back into the game while slipping them aces under the table.

Our part in the last decade of Scottish football will probably never truly be revealed, as it would most likely end any idea of a return to the halcyon days of Old Firm glory, as I don’t imagine our support would be so understanding. Looks like that’s all this country feels it has to offer …the grotesque Old Firm…how sad.

Big Audio Dynamite

Thetic, She was


Packy, I’m having bother with my mobile phone at the moment. Think it must be the microphone, whenever I have used it in the past week folk are saying they can’t hear me.
Probably a blessing in disguise!

big packy

HI jim, wee joan wants me to get a hearing aid, all those years hitting a snare drum has not helped,😎

big packy

and jim, having a tenor sax player on my left ear and an alto sax player on my right ear, did not help my hearing either😎😎another true story,


Packy do you agree with George Phiva @6.33?

big packy

JIM, 100%, another true story😎


Packy, Friday night is music night.
What 7 records would you bring to a Desert Island with you? A solar powered record player is supplied.
(No need to put the links up!)

big packy

OK JIM, in no particular order, man of la mancha,,the impossible dream, T REX get it on, DEEP PURPLE,,a child in time, CREAM, a sunshine of your love, JOHN MILES, music, try playing that as a drummer,😎 FLEETWOOD MAC, oh well part i and 2,,LED ZEPPELIN, whole lot a love,,hows that,😎

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
When I lived in Ardrossan, BMCUWP told me he would run for 5 miles every morning and every night, and at the end of the week he was 70 miles away. True story.

big packy

SOL, I believe every word of that😎😎


This is worth a listen.

Jeanette Findlay and David Low on where matters stand with CST and The Board.

What comes next is discussed and glad to see the question of Directors responsibilities getting aired.

I may have mentioned it in the past and it is interesting territory to look into. Might blog on it in general terms over weekend as next steps will be decided at CST meeting on 21st.

What is needed is to establish specific instances where a line was crossed and either bring those who crossed it to account or make sure it does not happen again.

Boycotting STs isnt the only alternative, setting up a legal fund to be able to fight on equal legal ground has to be the way forward, which I may have mentioned in the past to.


Packy, I like all of those songs. My favourite is John Miles. (By a mile!)

big packy

apologies if ive missed anyone out,get typing.😎

big packy

JIM, its murder to play as a drummer,as you probably know, the time signature frightens me to death😎


Packy, I’d love to know Garry’s Desert Island Discs. He’s very definite about what music he loves. Same with the night shift lads. Bet McCaff would include a bit of Northern Soul!


Packy I agree with 4 of those but picking a few songs is impossible.

If memory serves this one gave rise to a nickname for one of our posters

big packy

JIM, yes no doubt he will be on shortly👍


Frodshambhoy, Unfortunately I agree. I’ve listened to that programme a thousand times. Gave up trying to come up with a list. It changes by the day! I would prefer a solar powered satellite radio receiver.

big packy

JIM, talking about man of la mancha, the impossible dream ,some people try to play it in 12/8, its actually in 9/8, if you feel the count its 123.223,323,123,223,etc.another true story👍


Clever boy Packy!

big packy