Directors Responsibilities and Remedies

Exploring how to heal causes of division in the Celtic ranks via accountable and therefore meaningful AGMs –
A link to this Talk from the Terrace podcast with Jeanette Findlay and David Low of the Celtic Trust explains where the relationship between the Celtic Trust and The Celtic Board currently stands (or more accurately doesn’t stand). It is a must listen to anyone concerned about the future direction of travel of Celtic a football club, necessarily run as a business, but has a special place in our hearts.
The Celtic Trust historically provide the main means of seeking accountability from The Celtic Board by forming resolutions agreed by small shareholders seeking answers to questions of concern to them to be tabled and voted on at the annual AGM.
The current breakdown in relationships cannot stop questions of concern being asked or resolutions presented but no one benefits from an acrimonious relationship and that has to change for the good of Celtic as a whole.
In that respect David Low’s comments about the behaviour of Celtic Board Directors rekindled a question from early this year for me which is what are the rights of shareholders and more important the responsibilities of Directors?
To that end I’m no lawyer but Google is our friend and I thought the information from this site setting out Directors’ duties: Six factors that boards cannot ignore under the Companies Act, a useful starting point and this factor seems very relevant for obvious reasons:
“ The need to act fairly between members. This is old law, but remains good under the Companies Act 2006. The private shareholder with a few hundred shares is entitled to the same treatment as the institution with many millions of shares.
The other factor of relevance in terms of decisions made by The Board in 2012 is this one:
The likely long-term consequences of any decision. Promoting a long-term investment culture was a key objective of the government in introducing the Companies Act 2006. Some companies may find themselves with share registers made up of hedge funds and active value investors who look only for short-term returns. Despite that, the relevance of the long view is something a board is required to consider.
In the case of the need to act fairly between members how would small shareholders know if that was being met given what is deemed to be in the Company’s interest is kept from them, in the case of Resolution 12 to 2013 AGM (don’t groan it’s still relevant in this context) for 8 years and we are still waiting.
Regarding the second point, were the long-term emotional consequences of the Board Decision to accept the 5 Way Agreement in 2012 in respect of impact on small shareholders emotions given any consideration at all? Were any measures ever discussed never mind put in place to stop one of the factors that insults the Celtic supports’ intelligence and is part of the cause of the current divide between The Board and the support?
On the basis that The Board are accountable for much of the current situation and division and individual acts by Board Directors can be shown to be a contributing factor, then using legal processes under Corporate Law to seek remedies is a way to change the dynamics of the whole relationship.
In exploring what form a remedy might take, this stood out from a guide to shareholder remedies

“ As well as those remedies, the minority shareholder can sometimes also rely on a negotiated position in the company’s shareholders’ agreement or articles of association, where, if able, it can incorporate provisions that provide it with remedies” (and includes some samples.)
That got me looking at Celtic’s Articles of Association
It is a long document covering all the logistical aspects of share handling (did Celtic live up to their part is a question the CT might be able to answer given the recovery operation the CT have had to undertake to find lost shares) , Meeting logistics like relevant access to microphones for speakers, that I had to insist on at the 2019 AGM, but what I cannot find is any reference to the responsibilities of Directors to shareholders at such meetings and perhaps the absence of such should be an area of concern to shareholders and supporters alike given the possibility David Low mentioned of either a share issue or a takeover for profit?
Should some assurances to help sale of shares if that were to happen be added to the Articles? Should the Articles be changed to protect small shareholders in the event of an unwelcome takeover?
Are these not the sort of remedies that need pursuing if there is sufficient evidence the rights of small shareholders under the Companies Act have not been observed or that Directors have failed in their responsibilities to deal honestly with small shareholders, particularly at AGMs that are supposed to be where accountability based on honest responses to shareholder Resolutions (like Res12) happens.
A personal remedy to protect small shareholders in the future and to restore the purpose of an AGM as a true means of accountability is the addition of the following under the rules for AGM meetings.
Directors’ responsibilities –

When responding to shareholders Resolutions to justify the voting intention of the Board the shareholders should be told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

That would be a game changer to give an AGM real meaning and purpose, although turning back the global tide of lies is a task for all followers of the Truth.

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June 8, 2021 2:32 am

Above with grateful thanks by Auldheid.
Link to the podcast mentioned

June 8, 2021 6:14 am

This lot cannot be trusted to tell the truth, the stringing us all along over res 12 proves this. Real fan ownership is the answer.

June 8, 2021 6:39 am

I watched the podcast last week and was surprised how frank both Jeanette and David were about how they were treated by the Board, it reminded me of old Victorian movies where the Lord of the Manor let the peasants know who was in charge and don’t question or dispute my rules.
Do yourself a huge favour watch the podcast. I said last week DOM has a lot of mending to do , there is no way forward when the Board uses Draconian measures in dealing with the fans reps. This is the first time in my 70 years that I have used the word Draconian, if I had a better vocabulary I would use another word because Draconian isn’t harsh enough

June 8, 2021 6:44 am

I watched the link you provided last week and was absolutely astonished to hear the account of the behaviour of the board when dealing with the ‘standing section’. It then transpired that there had been other instances of similar type behaviour in regard to other proposals. If anyone didn’t see that clip I’d recommend they watch it. Actually, nothing this board does should result in astonishment, yet even allowing for their known practices in the past, that particular action succeeded in raising the level of unethical behaviour.

Conflicts between boards and those that they represent are not exactly uncommon in all walks of life, but above all, in fact it’ll be written into the constitution in most, if not all, that directors must remain ethical at all times.
Ethical – pertaining to right or wrong.

The biggest problem for me, and the major reason we find ourselves in this position is the influence Peter Lawwell has exercised within his time in office. As well as ethics, the other major responsibility of a director is to ensure there is no conflict of interest between them and their stakeholders. Personal gain v shareholder interests. I’d argue that the performance improvement scheme that handsomely rewarded PL was at odds with the majority of shareholders interests. It effectively operates as a commission scheme which favours a bank balance v football success.

One of the safeguards in avoiding this type of unethical practice is already in situ, that being the NED’s. They’re supposed to provide independent judgement on strategy and standards of conduct.
Now the account that Jeanette Findlay provided on at least two different issues demonstrated that those NED’s have also failed in their duties.

So at all levels within that boardroom, the office bearers are guilty of failing in their collective responsibility.

Despite the fact the majority of shareholders, ie the supporters who also have shares, have no power to oust the current board given the share distribution, rendering their vote as irrelevant, I believe they can raise a legal action if they believe their interests are not being protected, and to that end I’d suggest the ones in the firing line should be the NED’s who offer nothing and are grossly negligent in their duties. Perhaps Mike, or BRTH or indeed yourself Auldheid may be more knowledgeable and are able to elaborate on that?

On unethical behaviour though I’d like to add this. I found myself watching that video and thinking there was an element of hypocrisy. I made it clear months ago the jury was out for me in regard to the CT. When they made important decisions relatively recently, I refer to the failure to support to continue the pursuit of the residual effects of res 12, without consulting their stakeholders, that for me smacked of the same board behaviour they now publicly highlight. The “ we don’t consult the membership on every decision” rational stank for me, and on such an important issue should most definitely have gone to the membership.

June 8, 2021 7:48 am


Óglach: Cat 4
June 8, 2021 8:06 am

Leicester City are reportedly closing in on a £15million transfer deal for Celtic striker Odsonne Edouard.🤔
Now let’s see, where’s me abacus? £15mill – £9mill (allegedly cost to sign from PSG) = £6mill. 40% of £6mill profit to PSG = £2.40mill so 6mill – 2.4mill = a grand profit of £3.6 mill from Eddy for Celtic. Have I got that right? Bit of a drop in price from the £40 mill being spoken about a season ago. Now, who can we sign for £3 mill – hud on whit ya mean not all of it will be spent on players🤣😂
In other news the Jack Hendry will he won’t he saga continues, various news agencies claiming Hendry has agreed on personal terms with KV Oostende but thus far both clubs are saying nowt about it?

Óglach: Cat 4
June 8, 2021 8:10 am

Let’s see if the CST and it’s members have the cojones for a proper fight. Dam, I’ll even join up if they do.

June 8, 2021 8:27 am

Morning all from a dull, overcast Renfrew accurately reflecting my mood this morning! I’ve had a few days offline and came back on this morning for a quick catch up of any Celtic news…well, to say I’m still scunnered would be an understatement.
The situation with PL and McKay sharing an office is disgraceful and is hampering the Club’s ability to make the right moves in every aspect of the day to day and longer running of the Club – or is it? It is starting to look like McKay is another Board patsy who will do DD’s bidding at his say so. No CEO at this level should have agreed to his predecessor to being in the building so long after the new man arrives. That tells me a lot about McKay and I’m not sure I like what I’m thinking about him at the moment.
Still no manager! Unbelievable!
Auldheid…a great leader today and I’ll make time to listen to the Podcast but tbh I’m still unsure of David Low’s aims or intentions!
Twisty…great to see you back with typical excellent early morning thoughts and analysis. I hope you’re keeping well and no working too hard!
Arthur…I’ve got 3G’s burning a hole in my pocket…where do I sign…

June 8, 2021 8:32 am

Never in my Celtic supporting life ( over 40 years ) have i been left with this sense of pure anger & disillusionment at the custodians of our club.
Back in the day & the battle with the old board was bad enough but i felt nothing like i do now, i am hurt at the way last season went, to see such a passionless, inept & clueless Celtic on the pitch was shocking, the decisions made by the club to go to Dubai etc a joke, players not fit & want away ‘ stars ‘ is all we got….in our biggest season in a generation, i won’t miss any of the non triers, goodbye.
Whatever went on with Howe doesn’t matter now we didn’t get our man, just as we didn’t get Piccini, Castagne, McGinn & Ivan Toney….oh but we did get Shved, Ajeti & Klimala….( head in hands now )

To the Celtic board: I’ll not be buying a season ticket, i won’t be buying match day tickets, i won’t be buying merchandise from you or any official outlets….until all of you to a man, walk out the door & never come back.

You fell asleep at the wheel, you have cheated the support, you are incompetents!


The Gombeen Man
June 8, 2021 8:38 am

The possibility of a Share Issue to repair the Plc Sheet post Covid was discussed here about 15 months ago.

The introduction of that possibility via the podcast is the most significant point.

It was clear from the international response to Covid that full attendance at matches, last season was highly unlikely from an early stage.

All that’s happened is that the Plc slush fund for Project Old Firm has been seriously diminished.

It’s likely that Sevco will reap the CL windfall and Celtic will issue more shares. The issue will in all probability be underwritten by Dermot.

Dom McKay will introduce forms of modernisation to the business. That will appease many. He’s a good communicator.

The Old Guard melt away, new faces will be introduced.

Banker will move on.

Lindsell Train are also major shareholders with the WWE. This circus is no surprise to them.

They’ll probably buy more shares…

Why wouldn’t they the Old Firm is back?

The monetising of the, ” Scottish Catholic Diaspora” continues.

Great to see Twisty back, kicking off a good morning’s reading.

Till later.

Celtic Champs Elect
June 8, 2021 8:52 am

Morning all

Great to see you back Twist hope you are well

There is no other way to rid this board than empty the park that’s what we all must do going forward

I will never spend a penny until they have all resigned

To think that we are trying to sign up a manager from Australia a backwater for football as cricket is their number one sport says it all for me this board are treating the supporters as buffoons

Maestro Fan
June 8, 2021 9:00 am

The PLC is rotten to the core. The mask has slipped and they can’t be ignored fir what they are any longer. The evidence is overwhelming. Not on my dollar, not any more. I’ve cancelled my SB renewal and won’t be back until there is some acceptable level of fan ownership/ influence.

June 8, 2021 9:10 am

Heartened to read some comments on here that reflect how i feel about this board.
To me it doesn’t matter who we appoint as manager as long as the board members remain in place.
They have brought Celtic to it’s knees, years of bad decisions on transfers, woeful CL qualification record with hundreds of millions lost to the club.
The 5 way agreement ( i didnae see it-Lawwell )
The disdain & arrogance towards our support
Not fighting for the support on issues that matter & never forget Lawwell didn’t want the club to pay the living wage….yet he takes £3m a year?
Ask yourselves what kind of Celtic do we want?

Get the board away from this club!

June 8, 2021 9:35 am

Good Morning all.

Great to see you back posting Twisty, and spot on with your point re Res 12 follow up. Hope your health is improving.

June 8, 2021 10:18 am

McCaff- TGM – CCE- Friesdorfer


I still read the articles daily, well pretty much daily.

Last week I watched Auldheid’s link that today’s article references and was simply astounded at the board behaviour.

The answer guaranteed to see some positive change would be as has been highlighted and discussed to death over a few years now, but we know, rightly or wrongly, that isn’t happening for reasons thst have also been discussed to death over a good few years.

I’ve no doubt the numbers of existing season ticket holders not renewing will have increased, in fact it’s a certainty, but there won’t be enough to make the board react, other than to wheel out the waiting list.

On the CT, I’m in the Oglach camp. I’ve neither seen nor heard enough from them that convinces me they’ll make the difference, and until I do, I won’t be joining. The share proposal they made wasn’t for me. They said it was designed to ensure the club wouldn’t be starved of funding. I’m afraid starving them is the only thing that would see positive action. Even the threat of a recommendation from them would have the self serving bastards on the board sit up and take notice.
It won’t make any difference if the CT recruit 5,000 or 20,000 members when it comes to important voting at an AGM.
The share split will see that as long as the current major shareholders vote in unity to defeat anything they don’t like.

A new modern thinking board that was prepared to take the concerns of the bulk of the support, regardless of the total %of shares that support owned, seriously, and at least engage with them, would be the desire for most of us. That’s never going to happen under this mob.

All in my humble opinion of course.

On health matters , I had my operation 2 weeks ago last Monday. Went great. Only me in the ward. Load of nurses all to myself 😁. Was treated fantastically by all. Anaesthetist, Surgeon, recovery room staff, nurses, aftercare team, all absolutely fantastic.
Little setback this week which has me on antibiotics for 7 days. If that does not clear up the problem, it’s back to the surgeon for a further op but even after only 1.5 days on the antibiotics I think they’re working. So I’m ( reasonably) happy with the outcome, if slightly concerned should the antibiotics fail to remedy the complication. I’m 90% plus certain they’ll work.

June 8, 2021 10:20 am


Re CST past dealing on Res12/11 after 2020 AGM that was a lesson learning mistake which has been rectified at the CST AGM with 2 proposal for Board and SFA reform being accepted for further membership discussion when it becomes time.

In respect of the issues in the podcast there is a general meeting for members on 21stt June where decisions on the CST response will be taken and put to members to vote.

On the suggestion of getting legal opinion on rights and responsibilities that is underway but any views are welcome of course.

June 8, 2021 10:21 am


I hadn’t seen your response when I made my last post.

June 8, 2021 10:26 am

Twisty I clocked that as was posting my comment.

Hope you reach full recovery soon and is there any chance you could get in touch by e mail via Sentinel Celts?
Friesdorfer too.

June 8, 2021 10:30 am

Yes I’ll do so later this morning. I’ve got yer addy somewhere.


Big Audio Dynamite
June 8, 2021 11:01 am

DD & Peter will be over the moon that the majority believe this was all just incompetence. Absolutely creaming themselves.

Wake up, ffs!

June 8, 2021 11:05 am

Auldheid – out and about just now, will email this afternoon.

Twisty – good news re the op, hopefully it will settle down.


June 8, 2021 11:12 am

Been off for a few days and have just read the last three articles and comments.
Firstly, the personal attacks on BMCUWP, ATOB and CCB. Shocking. Wtf is wrong with that poster? No Celtic fan could meet three nicer people. I have had the pleasure of their company several times and the poster’s comments are way off the mark. He/she doesn’t want to meet me.
Directors’ responsibilities; company law at present requires directors to act in shareholders’ interests at all times. This has been taken to mean financial interests. Several experts in this field have proposed that company law should be amended so that directors should take account of all STAKEHOLDERS’ interests. These would include customers, employees, suppliers, the communities within which the company operates, other companies operating in the same market and society as a whole. Needless to say, this doesn’t suit corporate shareholders. For example, carbon reduction plans will, in the short term, hurt the bottom line of many companies, whose directors hide behind the duty to shareholders “rules” in order to avoid implementing these plans. The laws requiring attention to carbon reduction are being fought tooth and nail by these dinosaurs.
Imagine if Lawwell and Co we’re legally required to take all stakeholders interests seriously. The 5WA would have been illegal, as would the dodgy TV deals, the European Super League etc etc.
I suggest that fighting for this kind of change would be more productive than a share buying scheme. Directors’ pay and bonuses could be made conditional on satisfactory performance in respect of their duty of care to all stakeholders, not just the bottom line.

June 8, 2021 11:39 am

Welcome back Twisty, you’ve been missed.

“It won’t make any difference if the CT recruit 5,000 or 20,000 members when it comes to important voting at an AGM.
The share split will see that as long as the current major shareholders vote in unity to defeat anything they don’t like.”

Can’t argue with that. However if the thousands of CT members were to begin legal action against the board? As Auldheid alludes to, there are several areas where small shareholders interests have not been met. This Board have not dotted all the i’s nor crossed all the t’s when it comes to corporate law. They might just have to sit up and take notice. Come up with some answers. Or face the consequences in a court.

Oh the publicity!

June 8, 2021 11:39 am

Morning all,

I know I am in the minority on here but I’m 99% certain I will be renewing my ticket.

I intend waiting until deadline day on 25th June to renew but I also will await the Celtic Trust meeting of 21st to see if anything is a game changer that will perhaps change my mind.

That’s not to say I like the Board, far from it. I would boot everyone of their fat arses down London Rd as far as the eye could see. !!!!!!!!!

I just love the weekend camaraderie going to home games, having a few pints before and after the game and debating the up and downs of the team’s performance.

Not yet ready for the trips round Silverburn etc !!!!!!!

Sack the Board, Support the Team.

HH 🍀🍀🍀

June 8, 2021 11:52 am

B.A.D. PL has been accused on here (by me for a start) many times of much more than mere incompetency. For instance an egotistical, selfish, power mad, autocrat! I for one am not as naive as you seem to think.

saltires en sevilla
June 8, 2021 12:24 pm

Auldheid – informative and interesting, as ever.

The principle of Board taking a wider view of all interests is oft debated. Right now, they recognise that the need to prioritise shareholder value permits them to act on behalf of only major shareholders. at CSC this seems to be all about keeping the share price NorthEast – plus paying dividends to those and such as those ( holding the necessary ‘juicy’ shares … how much of initial investment has DD now recouped???)

They will hide behind that imperative.

Values, minority interests… ? Forget it

On the CT, the biggest stumbling block for me is their declared intention to ‘play the game’, gaining a voice by buying shares and Twisty has demolished the general folly of that pathway far better than I could.

The next issue is the CT leadership, and I accept they can be voted out from inside the tent, however, to do this we need to signup and fork out – thereby, fully engaging in a fundamental folly- for me this is Not on! In principle.

Jeneatte ( and HT etc) I would happily follow and pay a notional subscription ( not to buy shares) as I trust those guys. I trust their intentions.
Others, I’m not so sure about and sniff an emerging culture that is aligned more to the current Board style than I’d ever be comfortable with. Who thought up a ‘ re-branding’ of The Trust – adjust and refine to suit (sic) emerging needs ok -but fekin ‘ Re-brand’ …. I smell shoite…

The other issue, and it’s already been adequately dealt with on here, but worthwhile repeating, CT are holding an AGM? on 21st June, days before the deadline #1 for season tickets. How can any resolutions realistically take effect in such a short timescale? We know rules about calling meetings and appropriate notice… what about Emergencies? Where is the urgency in this group – is it being dampened?!. I’m hearing they don’t want to present a representative member to the Board as that would be a conflict of interests. Have they considered nominating 2 Non- Executive members. There would be zero conflict but perhaps we might see some adjustment in behaviours…

Auldheid – I admit I never watched the link from CT, my blood pressure is probably high enough. Reading your reliable updates, it seems they were ignored and are a bit ‘put out’ because they expected to be treated with more respect. This is their problem, they are trying to play the game and be reasonable – with folk they should already know will treat them with (more) contempt…did they really expect the bassas to rollover and engage? From where I’m sitting on my wee patch of bare earth outside the pow wow tent the Trust are taking a tomahawk to a gunfight … and having being peppered with Buckshot, appear to be oblivious to the damage already done to their cause.

I hope Janette can get in front of them and ask -Why we are a PLC?
Watch them squirm ( this won’t force them to change anything…) but to see them stumble with an explanation, would illustrate to more fans just what the fek is going down here. That image might be worth more than a few million shares. ( The revolution must be televised..)

She can’t tho’ because at this time she is engaging in their ‘game’ and playing by their rules and that means she will lose – surely she has realised this approach can’t ever work? The historical evidence is compelling. You know already this from practical and bitter (sic) experience.

Janette must rethink strategy!

Empty them – I’ve never used that expression before – see it on here. It sits well. Withdraw every source of income and they will about turn quicker than we think. All their pots of reserve money will matter not a jot. They will be exposed and their charade will reveal. Anyone arguing that this potentially gives a free run to the clubs that hate us, is missing the evident reality that this Board have already hitched their skirts and offered the other clubs a straight run to title and euro cash.

Then we start the rebuild – dareisay, a 5 Year Plan

June 8, 2021 12:29 pm

saltires en sevilla, re. ’emergency’ meetings with the CT. They have in fact called general meetings – outwith the AGM – recently with all members able to attend via Zoom.

saltires en sevilla
June 8, 2021 12:32 pm


Thanks buddy – I thought I had seen this before but wasn’t sure.

Do you think they will now do this in the current ‘Emergency’ to get ahead of deadline date?

June 8, 2021 12:42 pm

saltires en sevilla, I’m not sure on the notice required for emergency meetings to be honest.
Yes it is true that it was against the thinking of the CT to boycott ST sales. A step too far. What the feelings are since the major snub by the Board – who knows? I think a proper organised boycott would need to be made known earlier than where we are at this moment for ST renewals. They could of course serve the Celtic Board notice that it will be goer for next season if major changes are not forthcoming.

June 8, 2021 12:47 pm

Meanwhile there is more than one way to skin a cat. Perhaps Auldheid has a cunning plan! 🙂

June 8, 2021 1:32 pm

Thanks. I’ve been missed ? Need to adjust yer aim 😁

Auldheid – sent and received. Thanks. (Will sit down with a coffee later and respond)

June 8, 2021 1:35 pm

“Peter Lawwell finished at 5pm on Friday. Well, at some point on Friday, apparently. I don’t think that’s been formally announced because technically I’m sure his contracts paid up, but apparently, Friday was actually his last day.”

Harry Brady to Celtic Underground.

June 8, 2021 1:41 pm

To those interested the hyperlinks to the site the Directors responsibilities from which extracts taken can be found at

and that on remedies at and Celtic’s articles of association

The latter seem ripe for updating for future protection of the Celtic many grew up to love.

June 8, 2021 2:15 pm

Saltires in Seville

I came up with the term Rebrand the CST because I thought calling it Reforming The CST would looked too much like criticism of them ignoring their past good work and provoke a defence rather than consideration.

I still think change whatever you call it is what is needed but in my experience you have to allow time to unfold to ready the soil in which the seeds of of new thinking can be planted. The field imo was ploughed by Celtic in their response to the CST idea of shares as added value.

There is a story of a statue of Jesus in a bombed out German Church where his hands have been blown away and someone has hung a placard between his outstretched arms saying ” He has no hands but yours”. The message for me is we got on with what we can using what is there to use guided by the thinking of the original messenger.

No one is flawless and if we don’t disregard the flaws (and I’m in agreement that the share purchase policy has flaws) then how can the flaws be removed?

On your point about not subscribing, one of my suggestions under the title of ” Rebranding” was the establishment of a legal fund using part of the subscriptions . Alternatively in serious cases affecting all supporters it could be by crowd funding to go beyond CST members.

On special meeting an EGM can be called but the number of shares held to give authority to call it plays a part. One for the CST who know what is needed and the difficulties of calling one to explain hence going for the next best thing of a general CST meeting from which the need for an EGM might come. Don’t forget folks there are process that CST must observe under their constitution which as it happens gets a mention in the following.

Here are the suggestions on “re branding” which are a reason to sign up to make it happen given the field has now been ploughed.

The Future of the CST. Thoughts.
The following are some thoughts for CST to consider to help make Celtic more accountable to their support based on experience of pursuing Resolution 12.
1. Suggest CST change name from CST to the Registered Name: Celtic Supporters’ Society Limited Company Number: IP29147R so that it is clear CST is open to supporters and shareholders alike.
2. Give supporters without shares a reason to join more than buying shares to enable CST to speak for them . Make use of technology and harness social media to identify representational issues, seeks views and act on them after gaining consensus.
3. Revisit the CST Constitution to see if it needs changing to reflect what in effect would be a re branding and whatever aims , objectives and roles the rebranded organisation take on.
4. Expand the new organisation to cover many thousands of Celtic supporters, ST Holders, Celtic TV subscribers, etc to give them added authority when raising issues with The Board.
5. Give each member a membership card with a membership number.
6. Be prepared to use the financial investment supporters make in Celtic to challenge what is in the Company’s interest where resistance is being met by The Board with no good reason.
7. Make the Celtic Board more accountable and transparent as a result.
8. Use subscriptions to fund share purchases, set up legal cost fund (you need lawyers to argue your case with Celtic/SPFL/SFA Lawyers) and pay someone to administer /manage the expanded membership.
9. Reshape web site to capture emerging issues, keep track of them and keep membership up to date on issues
10. Invite contributions from Celtic supporters that align with organisations aims for publishing on the web site.
11. Allow for a much expanded AGM and look at how it might be set up, perhaps using same technology as the Open Meeting on Zoom.
12. Encourage volunteers with specific expertise to join sub committees to cover separate issues where particular knowledge is needed.
13. Set agendas and invite Celtic to attend rather than be invited to meetings in small groups and encourage two way dialogue with Celtic as a prerequisite for restoring trust.
14. Disabuse The Celtic Board of any notion the Celtic support are not capable of rational engagement.

Res 12 Lessons.
1. Much bigger support baseline needed.
2. Celtic use the lack of such to ignore pursuing issues
3. Legal fund absolute necessary to establish shareholder rights and Director responsibilities and challenge legal reasons used to obstruct progress.
4. Media are under Celtic’s thumb, many journalists briefed on Res12 evidence, none followed up because it is not in their interests, so a respected presence on Social Media required to get any message out.
5. Make a connection between business issues being pursued and results on the park so that there is a greater understanding of the importance of having a Board that is accountable as symptoms of poor business practice manifest themselves on the field of play.
6. A lot of hard work involved but easier if spread over a larger organisation with a wider resource base to call on..

Mike in Toronto
June 8, 2021 2:57 pm


Good to see you back on. Glad to hear that you are on the mend.

June 8, 2021 2:57 pm

All of the above from AULDHEID.

June 8, 2021 2:59 pm


There is a huge groundswell for change at our club,and a huge groundswell particularly for a change in the relationship between it and the fans.

For far too long we have been treated as a nasty mess that the board stood in,and then scraped off. They know that the residue and the stink is still there,but they can finish that off in due course!

We don’t have to agree with all of the policies of the CST at present in order to realise that they are probably our best chance of presenting a united front. As in politics you sometimes have to hold your nose on some matters while viewing the bigger picture.

They are the only show in town,the best opportunity to have the board listen to a support base. For me,it is better to have one loud voice rather than a number of voices shouting slogans. The more people who sign up,the louder that voice gets.

If we want to make a difference and I think all on here are agreed with that,we should join a group with a chance of doing so. If some aspects of the CST aren’t to our liking,we can either suck it up or attempt to change them via the weight of the membership.

I am very much in favour of joining the CST,despite some misgivings and I hope as many as possible will do the same.

Mike in Toronto
June 8, 2021 3:06 pm

Rumor is that SC fave, Nuno Santo Espirito, is going to Crystal Palace.

A bit surprised if true… seems like a lateral (at best) move… he has had his teams playing really attractive football … this year was a small step back, but given their terrible injury list, understandable.

I really thought he would get a move to one of the big clubs (not necessarlly in England).

June 8, 2021 3:10 pm

It wasn’t to long ago we were calling “the rangers” fans gullible and laughing at them,what has changed???

June 8, 2021 3:21 pm


Delighted to hear from you again,and especially so that you have finally had your op.

Of course,I know why you are back. Getting your feet back under the table in time for the upcoming competitions at the euros and Royal Ascot.

June 8, 2021 3:22 pm


Grasping at straws,mate. It’s where we are at.

June 8, 2021 3:24 pm

As the Postman seems to be moving closer to the Celtic job, it makes sense to consider the advantages that he might bring to the job. The negatives are well documented, real and fictional.

As an ex-pat Scot, I still keep in touch with Scottish football. Postecoglou is an ex-pat Greek so maybe he keeps in touch with the premier league in Greece. If he does, this may be a potential recruitment market for him. For example, currently there are six players who have scored 11 or more goals in the league. Olympiakos appear to be on track to win the league and they have two strikers in that top six. However, four other teams have strikers in the top six. Our old friend, AEK is one of them. I have not researched these players deeply but Ange may be able to unearth a raw diamond there.

Secondly, in 2019, the average salary of his Marinos team was the lowest in the league. The best paid team in the J league had an average salary almost EIGHT times that of Ange’s team, yet he won the league. Why? There will be many reasons for that but one has to be that he had a team that was greater than the sum of its parts. This is an extremely valuable characteristic to have in a coach. When was the last time that Celtic won against a financially superior team?

Jottings from the bath,


big packy
June 8, 2021 3:27 pm

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, twisty good to see you posting👍 now why all this negativity against peter lawell, the ghuy sat next to me at st patricks high school in coatbridge, a bigger tim than many on here😎 never heard him tell a lie back then, mind you he has told a few since, another true story😎 and you 2, jimthetim53 and mike in toronto ,you have the audacity to question his credentials ,did i spell that right jim 😎 he gave us some memorable nights at parkhead ,cluj springs to mind, so give the ghuy a break, peter luv ya to bits, another not true story😎

June 8, 2021 3:27 pm

Tim Horton where are you based, roughly will do?

Why did you change a medium coffee to be a small? Upsizing?


Mike in Toronto
June 8, 2021 3:41 pm

another rumor….. Celtic did not pick up the option on LG’s contract … again, just an internet rumor at this point …

Mike in Toronto
June 8, 2021 3:43 pm


I could be mistaken, but I think TH has previously said that he is in Brampton/Mississauga area ….

hopefully, when we finally arrange our dinner, we can prevail upon him to join us.

Not sure if there are any other posters in the area, but if so, all would be welcome…

June 8, 2021 3:45 pm


Surprised and disappointed if that is true.

Mike in Toronto
June 8, 2021 3:50 pm


Just a rumor … cant say if it is true or not…

I too would like him to stay … and I think Celtic might need him…. but wouldn’t be surprised if they go for a newer option that is perhaps more reliable and a bit cheaper…

shame, as he is one the most naturally gifted strikers that I have seen at Celtic …in spite of his problems, he still has a decent record…

but, I think he had the God given talent to be one of the all time great goal scorers for Celtic…

June 8, 2021 3:53 pm

Hi Packy, Yip you spelt credentials correctly but got Lawwell wrong. Surprising seeing as he’s your mate! 🙂

big packy
June 8, 2021 3:59 pm

JIM, that was a deliberate mistake ,to make sure you were paying attention😎😎 another true story👍