Coming Back To Life


Following on from Monday excellent piece from REBUS67,it may be time to have a look at precedents for a new manager taking over after a dreadful campaign the previous season,paying particular attention to the extent of the overhaul required.

As Jock was only the fourth manager in our history-which was in its 90th year when he was unceremoniously ushered out of the door in 1978-it is only fair to start from there. Jock was famously denied the opportunity to spend a six figure sum by the board,despite our main rivals having done so almost ten years earlier. This simple fact-plus the miserly wages being offered by us at the time-certainly didn’t help the great man when we suffered the most horrendous season of injuries that I can personally recall. Allowed to spend about £60,000 of the £440,000 received from Liverpool for Kenny Dalglish,he manfully tried his best. Jock could work wonders,but sometimes the impossible is simply just that and the lack of self belief from the players-based simply on the results,IMO-was painful to watch.

Jock was well used to planning for the departure of his stars by this time. He was also well-versed in the technique of ushering in a temporary stop gap to cover for the occasional injury. Doing so every week,and in virtually every position was to prove beyond even him. Our double-winning season from the year before flopped across the line and into fifth place in the league,and White was quick to stab him in the back as a result.

Personally I never forgave him for that,but he brought in another legend as a replacement. Billy McNeill had left Celtic in 1975,our most successful captain in history,and he must have been horrified at events that season at his favourites. Probably even more so when he saw the quality of the squad that Jock was forced to choose from. Fresh from a short spell at Clyde then a highly successful year at Aberdeen,he knew the extent of the rebuild required.

He broke our transfer record to bring in Murdo McLeod and Davie Provan,taking his spend to £300,000 with the capture of his Aberdeen stalwart Dom Sullivan. Sums unimaginable to Jock of course,but to put this spend into perspective this was in the same season that Brian Clough bought the world’s first million pound player. (I should add that this is still disputed,as various other “foreigner” players may have been first!)

It was enough to win the league in a crazy season which saw a raft of postponements,resulting in a hectic fixture pile-up and the famous Monday night of 21-5-79. Largely because Billy’s signings were highly effective but also because there was already a strong nucleus of players there,players who had been denied to Jock because of injury. To go from first to fifth in a season looked bloody awful,but to do so in reverse made Billy an even bigger hero!

Billy left with three titles in five years,replaced by David Hay. I doubt anyone gave us better football to watch,with the possible exception of TB. But he was up against it with the emergence of “The New Firm” and the financially doping arrival of Souness at the huns. One title in four years was a meagre reward for him and his players-especially as they were all there for the winning,bar 85 when we blew up in the stalls!-but there weren’t too many gaps in the squad that he inherited. Famously he was denied the right to buy replacements for his problem positions at centre half and in goal for far too long or things may have been different,but the return of Billy for The Centenary Season soon saw that sorted with the arrival of Mick McCarthy for £500,000. How Hay must have wished for money like that when he needed it!

Billy needed a lot more though. We had lost Danny McGrain,Murdo,Provan and our entire front three in close season,and there was a job to do. Well,we all know how that ended,but let’s not take away from those achievements. A rebuild was needed-but again,there was a strong enough core of players there to build around. This was denied to his successor,Liam Brady. A succession of poor signings-with the exception of John Collins-and some truly mediocre promotions from youth saw him really struggling against a financially supercharged hunnery. His own successor fared no better,being denied any funds due to our own financial wasteland.

Welcome to The New Age,with Fergus and TB. The former realised that he had a club to rebuild,but the latter saw that we had a team to rebuild. Fergus wasn’t slow to put his hand in his pocket,with signings like Di Canio,Van Hooijdonk,Cadete,Thom,O’Donnell, Stubbs,MacNamara,Johnston et al. A considerable sum was spent to rebuild a shockingly poor squad inherited from the previous regime,but despite some wonderful football we always came up short. We just couldn’t break that glass ceiling and Tommy was replaced in turn by Wim Jansen.

He in turn had a number of players to replace,whether due to injury or simply leaving the building. He wasn’t slow to do it either,with such as Lambert,Burley,Jackson,Rieper and others joining us for a huge season ahead.

Plus,of course,Henrik.

There were enormous holes to be filled in that squad,but WTT succeeded against the heavily stacked odds. And promptly walked out due to his continuous run-ins with a former football commentator ludicrously promoted to the role of General Manager!

Here we go again,four managers in our first ninety years-and already seven in our next twenty! The next two only lasted a year each too,with different levels of success. Dr Jo gave us Riseth,Mjallby,Viduka and also the type of player we had been waiting nearly thirty years for,Lubo. Be still,my beating heart. Barnes gave us Berkovic and Tebily amongst others. Like Scheidt. Bloody hell…

Martin O’Neill arrived with a reputation and determination,not least of which was to bloody win at all costs. I’m not convinced that he did his homework beforehand. I’m pretty sure that he was unaware of the quality already there in the likes of Jackie,Henrik,Lubo,Stan and big Mjallby for starters. He soon found out,of course,but it didn’t stop him making some signature signings. Frontloading,as AULDHEID might say. His last was the following season,with BBJ joining The Evil Genius and Henke up front. Even though he had also proved adept at getting a star from the bargain bin-Didi Agathe for £50,000?-he had little success with the likes of Fernandes and Laursen. For the latter,he might have been better advised to stick with Mahe for instance. Martin never solved the problem at left back or in goal,but by ‘eck,those were rollercoaster days when we rebuilt the club and its reputation both domestically and in Europe.

WGS then frankly inherited a mess. The nucleus of the MON side were either five years older or already gone. Henke and Big Mjallby were joined by Jackie for instance. Lubo too. Others on big contracts were considered surplus to requirements,and our new CEO was in a pissing competition with our star centre half,amongst others. Which didn’t stop him signing Tommy Gravesen,a superstar in his own mind,and who wouldn’t do what he was asked to on the pitch. Or Riordan,who was supremely talented but frankly not in control of his own mind. Model professionals like Jarosik and Nakamura helped the rebuild,but by this time it was rebuild after rebuild. We swiftly became a selling club,happy to hawk our wares at Harrods,then buy replacements at the local flea market.

Not much helped by the capture of Tony Mowbray,who spent his entire budget on a dud in The Season of Honest Mistakes!

Enter Neil Lennon and the lift off of Project Project. Again,we had a decent enough squad available,and the free signing of Joe Ledley,along with The Wall on loan and Hooper88 for £2m propelled us to eventual success-considerably helped of course by the huns going bust,which gave us a free run at the title for a good few years. Instead of using that time to blood youth,or to even bother building a team,we decided to use this as a shop window,selling our best players at the first sight of a grubby fiver while tightly controlling player wages. And when Ronny Deila came in,mainly as the assistant to our Master Of All Things CEO,we bloody nosedived.

Not RD’s fault,I may add. It was time for a change of direction. We got one in Brendan Rodgers,a top coach who knew his own mind. And one who realised that there wasn’t much needed really-except to do his job! He inherited a 40 goals a season striker-and promptly dropped him in favour of a raw teenager signed for a pittance from Fulham! That takes balls,but again much of the squad was already there. And when he walked out,disgusted at NOT being allowed to do his job,he had won back to back  trebles,a  magnificent seven trophies in a row,and leaving behind a side filled with players who knew how to do their job,and were fully focused on it.

To see that legacy trashed in the two years or so since is shameful. The person inheriting this mess has my utmost sympathy. Likely and confirmed departures will leave us with very few quality performers,even from those who failed us last season. Who will fill the role of goalkeeper,given that none impressed much last season? Right back? We have two centre halves,a newbie and a huge injury prone shrinking violet. A left back who is decent enough,but never anywhere near a KT nor an Izzy.

Our midfield is CalMac and maybe Rogic. Wide right we have the perennial-a problem in itself!-Jamesie while wide left we have nothing. And up front it is Ajeti and Griff,who will no doubt be squabbling over the pies this summer.

I think the above shows that we have come back from disaster before. It’s what we do. But also that we have always been the architects of our own destruction. Who knows,AP may well be the unknown quantity like WTT was,he may even have the pragmatism of WGS,or the fire and drive of MON. He might even be the superb coach that our club has been crying out for since BR left.

Sadly,I think he is going to need to be all of that and more to be successful,given the few cards our departing CEO has offered him to play with. And while I’ll find it difficult to get the smile off my face if he succeeds,I’ll know where the blame lies if he doesn’t.

And so too does every Celtic supporter. Not with the newest recruit,but with its long-serving self-serving and thankfully departing CEO.

Good luck,Ange. You’re gonna need it.


Above article by BMCUWP

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The Daily pieces on here are great reading .
If AP wins the league he will be immortal , maybe he is another Lubo, be a guy who came as an unknown in the big leagues and leaves a hero. Like all our players, managers ,coaches we always hope they are successful, 3 years of proper management and success on the playing field will destroy the Georges Square celebrants.


The tic
All about opinions and my own is that this will be the worst manager ever to walk through the doors of CP.
He won a pub league 2 years ago having failed to win in 12 of the 34 matches. Lost 8 and drew 4.

His team scored the most goals , but conceded the most goals in the top 6.

The following season he finished 9th. I mean 9th in the J league, and conceded 59 goals which was the most in the league with the exception of the bottom 4.

I cannot for the life of me understand this appointment if indeed that’s who it is to be.

Naturally I hope I’m wrong but I suspect he will be gone by March if not around the turn of the year. His teams simply cannot defend and if you feared European nights before, get yersel’ strapped in if we qualify this year.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, bobby great post, didnt think you were old enough to remember that big money signing of colin stein to rainjurs, I do because my rangers supporting pal billy kept reminding me of it😎 billy was a rangers fan but never a hun, he emigrated to australia 45 years ago, so missed a lot of them 55 titles, such a shame😎 another true storyH.H.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Been reading back over last two days….Welcome back Twisty😁😁 Hope the wee hitch is sorted shortly!
Thetic : I agree with you on the leaders… but then I would! The followers/commentators are pretty good also😁

big packy

HI TWISTY, we should not be anywhere near europe IMHO, dont want to see us get humped by the champions of malta 😎


Ty. All looking mighty fine over the last few days.

BP – I’m going to have to find a new place to watch any European matches. Behind the sofa won’t offer enough cover. Shame I’ve gotten out of shape this past 18 months or so. I won’t fit under the bed now.

big packy


Óglach: Cat 4

The question I keep asking myself “why would any self-respecting manager want the Celtic job knowing the monumental, if not wholly impossible, task that lies before him”? No team as such, nae money to buy one, no time to create one capable of winning the SPFL before we start getting on his case – which we will, nae trusted colleagues in the dugout with him just 2 dumb failures sitting beside him. I guess he must be on a shout for a decent wage, I can see no other reason a relatively unknown Aussie in his late 50’s would want it – can you?

Maestro Fan

Lawwell is an absolute fraud. A charlatan. Ran the club for the purpose of making himself rich.

A thing of beauty

Succinct and to the point sir.

saltires en sevilla

Auldheid – thanks

Big Audio Dynamite

What I’d give to go back and relive our centenary year again! Back when I was still innocent to all the chicanery, and thought the Govanites just had wads of cash. You could literally taste the satisfaction. Hampden in 88 isn’t just a great sporting memory mattered way more than that, and I will take that memory to my grave. We still seemed like the good guys then!

Are we really gonna just accept our lot?
Return to the back of the bus, meekly?
Accept there is nothing we can do about other club’s cheating?

We need to rip it up and start again!

Sorry for the repetition, but I can barely remember a time when I have been so frustrated and angry! I really want to walk away, but I have a feeling I’m hopelessly addicted to my love of our club …even though it has broken my heart 💚

I still bleed Green.

Billy Bhoy

Jings! – that was some rollercoaster ride through Celtic in my lifetime Bobby!!

A great read, and it looks like we’re going to have to strap ourselves in for a couple of death defying loops – especially in the season defining CLQ matches!

Surely even the hunniest hun would need to have a heart of stone not to feel sorry for the poor bastard who is going to be standing next to Kennedy and Strachan in the dugout in just a few short weeks.

Big Audio Dynamite

Angelo: I

Winning the league together …beating Sevco forever …Angelo!



Maybe Twisty has a point of sofa not being big enough to hide behind this coming season.
I’m thinking of digging a World War 1 type of trench at the bottom of my garden.
Any other useful suggestion’s will be considered.

bada bing1

Real McCoy- top man

bada bing1

Any details to pay sweep?


I have a real good feeling about Ange Postecoglou. Think this guy will be ideal for our rebuild, if he is given the funds and support of our board.
Leftfield appointments excite me.
Welcome Ange. Think you will smash it in Scotland.
Very optimistic.


Oooooops,seems this comment got caught in our spam filters yesterday.



To those interested the hyperlinks to the site the Directors responsibilities from which extracts taken can be found at

and that on remedies at and Celtic’s articles of association

The latter seem ripe for updating for future protection of the Celtic many grew up to love.

June 8, 2021 1:41 pm


Probably my favourite ever Pink Floyd song, and there is some competition.



I figured you would clock that one!


Top tune to accompany a perfect article. 👍


Song for our new manager.

saltires en sevilla


That was a fantastic read and run through of all those Celtic managers and players…days most of us will remember well.

If Ange is appointed manager he will have my fullest support – I’ll not be in the ground or paying any money towards tv options, but that’s not his fault…

In every season you mentioned I followed the adult males and their oft repeated mantra of .. ‘never criticise the players or manager when the season is in full swing’. The time to do that is in the close season. As an boy and adult I’ve followed that as much as possible.

So, as it’s close season and we don’t actually know if he is going to be the manager ( I’m still hopeful that he won’t be…) Ange has a mighty challenge. He will need every ounce of self-belief he can bring to the fore.

We can already hear he is under scrutiny from guys who will be in the ground, he will need a rhino hide and earplugs. I remember having an ongoing spat with two guys on Another channel who were getting stuck into Ronnie Della right from the off.,. One of them went so far as to say he had formed his opinion of the guy before his first match. Both of them weren’t slow to get absolutely stuck in to RD and it remains my view that it was personal with them, because they had lost a bet in our euro qualifying run. Nevertheless, I recall being frustrated as hell with their continued negativity and the way they attacked the guy. He won a few leagues and was cheated out of a Treble – and he wasn’t really backed by his employers when key players started to mess him about by openly challenging his authority.

Not that I couldn’t see his failings, Europe is my Litmus test for any manager or player of Celtic. If you don’t stand up to the test in Europe you aren’t going to make my list of favourites. RD failed miserably in that arena, but he wasn’t backed …literally! My view remains that when a guy is in the throes of trying to get us results he needs the fullest backing of the support.

I felt the same with John Barnes, Lou, Liam and Tony … back the guys during the games at all times! When the season ends is the time to get the criticisms/moaning out into the open with the aim of making positive changes happen …either through a change of direction: policy and/or personnel.

Another thing that gets on my nads is the constant sniping at John Kennedy – what has he done wrong other than to remain loyal to the club? Successive managers have kept him on their staff…. as I’ve said before if Celtic were to hand me a jersey with SeS stitched in ubiquitous fashion… I’d grab it and do my level best, bursting a nut or two to get the results every supporter craves. Who could blame me? The fact that I’d be absolutely mince at the job wouldn’t be a factor for me because if someone who should know better than me keeps handing me a jersey and paying my wages I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to convince myself I’m just going through a tough patch and require a little luck to turn it around. Again, As it’s close season I agree with the view he should go out and manage another club and win something. Come back to Paradise and win the Big Cup … this has happened before, and it can happen again.

My point is that our focus of attention shouldn’t be on the underperforming employees who are simply trying to make a career… something we are all entitled to do… it’s the job of the employers to call a halt and identify the necessary changes and to do it humanely and effectively.

By all means speculate on potential signings and who could do a good or better job, and who couldn’t, and why …that’s a huge part of fitba…however, when we are in the the full on mix, in direct opposition to people who despise us, then we should back our team and manager until the season is over.

For that reason my feelings about those who fried Lenny ( they called him Lennon…) in the last few seasons are best left unsaid. He was being shafted from every conceivable angle. Not a good look for some folk.

It all boils down to focus should be on the guys making the big decisions. That is where the problem has always been and will always remain.

Bobby you are 100 right about the Luck Ange will need in Paradise…sadly, its doubtful if he realises what is in store for him.



Hopefully MAHE will run a separate article tomorrow with the details.


Hope you’ve called it correctly and us pessimists are proven badly wrong.


Welcome back.
I feel that you are looking at this new manager with total negativity. I am very confident and optimistic that Ange Postecoglou is the ideal man for our rebuild. Hope he makes you eat your words.
Exciting times ahead. 👍🍀💚

St tams

Here’s hoping your right


saltires en sevilla

Garry I love your positivity on Ange – hoping you have seen something in the stars

Tomorrow morning there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun (c.10:30 )

Perhaps they will sneak a wee Presser in when everyone is looking the other way…


Saint Tams
Without hope we are fecked.
I am concentrating on the many plaudits given to Ange Postecoglou by his players and peers in the game.
The guy has similar philosophy and style as the man I wanted as Celtic manager, Marcelo Bielsa. If you like the style of football and fitness at Leeds United, then you are about to see similar at Celtic.


A good gut feeling about Ange Postecoglou. 👍🍀💚


Superb writing, an excellent summary from Jock until now.
Laughed out loud on Graveson and Riordan.



Thank you,kind sir!

I was really disappointed with Riordan,but particularly so with how WGS dealt with him. I’ve always said that Celtic are a club for a maverick player-my Dad’s favourite is Charlie Tully and mine is George Connelly. Our best player of all time is Jimmy Johnstone!

That’s evidence enough for me,and bearing in mind the internal discipline problems that Gordon had to put up with in his early career I thought he might have had more empathy.

In hindsight,I don’t blame him for how he dealt with Riordan. Total waste of a talent,a brain cell looking for another one to mate with.

Worth remembering that Jock always said that his greatest achievement was keeping Jinky on the pitch for five years longer than he thought was possible.



That was a great read! Oh, the memories! I lost touch in the eighties as I emigrated in 1981 and it was hard in those days to get info on the Scottish game,although the national paper, the Globe and Mail used to publish the Scottish League table along with the English one. Apart from that, it was a struggle with no internet. The introduction of audio coverage by Celtic was like a gift from heaven, especially as the first year was free.

I have blown cold and hot and cold again on the Postman. It could go either way. What I do suspect is that the process to hire a new coach was flawed. On the occasions when DD exerted his influence(MON, GS, BR) the decisions were good. If PL was left to run the selection, it was mainly flawed as he appeared to want choices he could manage. It looks like PL’s finger prints are all over this appointment through his City connection. Applicants were probably put off by the continuing narrative that EH had the job. So the net was never spread wide enough and in the end a scramble occurred to find a coach quickly.

There are similarities with Wim Jansen. In his case, a rebuild was required and, strangely, he also arrived straight from Japanese football. After Celtic, he returned there and that might also be the Postman’s fate.
However, there are important differences, not least is that Wim had a deep knowledge of European football. Secondly, he knew exactly what type of player he wanted in each position, and he knew where to find them. Rieper and Lambert were good examples. It also seems that Postecoglou knows how he wants his teams to play and his focus is on the importance of a high energy press. This is his method of getting the most out of a player budget that is usually lower than that of competitors. The year he won the J League his budget was way less than all of his major competition. However, as we know, there can be problems with this approach. If all parts of the press do not operate together, the opposition exploits the gaps behind and scores a load of goals against you. Ange will inherit a playing squad that amongst other things, is deficient in players who can apply the press effectively. Christie on his game, is the obvious exception but he could be on his way as he is probably sick of getting kicked all over the park.

If Postecoglou wins the league, it will rank up there with Wim’s achievement but I doubt that it will happen. I see an early exit from Europe and an early points gap opened up by Sevco as our coach struggles to get personnel and his plan in place. The fixture list will be critical and I see us playing Sevco soonest.

Bobby, as you said, we are the architects of our own misfortune.


Jobo Baldie

Does anyone know of ANY manager who has been successful throughout his whole career? I don’t. Equally, I know of loads of managers who do fantastically well at Clubs A, C and E but completely bomb with Clubs B and D.
So whilst I have absolutely no evidence to suggest that Ange (or indeed, Jurgen Kloss should he decide to come!) will be a roaring success, equally, I’d never write him off before he even starts. I had no idea who Wim Jansen was. Equally, I was over the moon when we went for Tony Mowbray.
Whoever takes us forward surely has to be judged on how he performs whilst with us. Previous successes and/or previous failures count for nothing in terms of Celtic.
What I will say though is that there’s something appealing about getting in a coach that I’d never heard of who seems to favour a very attacking style, playing on the deck approach. Might be some rollercoaster 4-3 games but football is meant to be entertaining after all!


A fair bit of research and memory mining there BMCUW.

I appreciate the effort put into it and the memories it rekindled.

One of them was, for a reason I cannot recall, I made an estimate of the cost of the transfers and wages that stopped 10iar in 98.

I think I pulled this

together after reading a book about the men who stopped the 10.

The fun is working out the present day costs of maintaining similar quality, if anyone wants to try…..

A thing of beauty

Great read back troops. Really good input. For my tuppence worth. I wanted us to get Howe and why we have swung a complete 360 from the big name to someone we’ve never heard of is baffling. It shows for me a complete lack of a plan and structure that we want for the next decade or so.
What I will say is when you read bmcuwp’s article we have rarely gone for a top drawer operator. Only Martin O’Neill and BR would be classed as such. The rest have been celtic men, people starting out or others trying to better themselves. So I suppose postecoglu is more what we’re used to. I listened to Harry Brady on celtic underground and he is adamant it was DD that wanted Howe and Howe called him the day after Lawwells house was fire bombed. He didn’t say that why he got cold feet but we were well down the road and Howe was even identifying players. So something went wrong and we find ourselves back in familiar territory. A relative unknown trying to prove himself. I think there are better managers out there if we care to ask but having been jilted at the altar once I think DD has gone for someone desperate for the job. Worrying, but as Jobo says also exciting because he will tear this place up if his previous MO is anything to go by and I think he might have the cajones to tell us the real story of it goes wrong, unlike others who are still praising their paymasters long after they’ve gone.
Incidentally has anyone heard of any arrests regarding Peter Lawwell’s house. Nope, didn’t think so. Police Scotland – not fit for purpose.

Mike in Toronto

Been a few good reads on the blog of late. That was one of the more enjoyable ones. There has obviously been a fair bit of work put into some of the articles of late, so thanks to the writers. .

Big Audio Dynamite

Yokohama fc lost at home to a 4th division team in the Emperor’s cup.

Better strap in tight, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!



No research at all-if I could remember the content of my lectures back then like I can the Celtic games,I’d be far too posh for the likes of you(!)

I don’t think,in all honesty,that a single Celtic supporter wants this man to fail. I’m not entirely sure how many think that success is possible.

For all that we had a sharp suited man in charge of a very well run club,who was always the smartest man in the room,he has made if you will pardon the expression a complete c..t of it.

He has cost us untold millions by his micromanagement tinkering,and walked away as the highest paid employee ever.

We are in a place worse than I can remember in over fifty years of supporting our club. And while I despise him for feathering his nest at the expense of all we hold dear,we shouldn’t forget that it was Desmond who enabled it.

Sol Kitts

If they had held lectures in the QM bar, we would both be too posh 😂😂😎😎



Ah,happy daze…

Sliding doors,of course. We came out the other side,and if things had gone to the original plans,certain wonderful things wouldn’t have happened.

You wouldn’t be showing off a rather wonderful 25yo Glenfarclas in ten days time,for example. Plus many much more important things.

Bloody hell,even turning down that job in the CSO during The Centenary Season worked out well. Though not necessarily for me! Plus the job in Saudi a year before the original gulf war. Life happens,I’ll just go with the flow.

big packy

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE, yes was going to post that, they were called honda fc. bobby might know them .LOL.


Honda are playing in 4th division because they are banned from playing top flight Japanese football due to financial clout of Honda.
Things are not as they seem. Honda are one of Japan’s biggest and richest clubs.


They’re 2nd in league 4 having won 7 games from 11. They’re maybe rich …..but they’re poor.



I think this is going to be a very tough rebuild.

If we are bringing in an Oz coach with recent Japanese experience, we might get a few talented Asian footballers turning up to give the running commitment that a Pressing game requires.

But it will take time to get them and meanwhile we will have lost a lot of planning time for recruitment and for the coach to get to know the local opposition. Ange is going to need help and advice on recruitment initially because we are losing a lot of big players (Duffy. Laxalt, Ajer, Christie, Griff, Elyounoussi Ntcham and Eddy) plus we may lose some of the youngsters frustrated by lack of opportunity such as Dembele and Okoflex.

The only definite starters I see are Taylor. McGregor, Forrest Turnbull, Soro, Johnston and Jullien, and some of them can easily be improved on as can all our 3 keepers.

You could run a competition as to how many of our first 11 in the new season will be players who are already here. I think it may be lower than 7 and it definitely will be by the end of the Transfer Window.

The only reason I have for optimism is that it is not a high bar that we have to overcome. There are many reasons to be pessimistic just now but only competitive results will affect which of these moods is an accurate reflection of our position and which is unrealistic.

P.S. Davie Hay was betrayed by the Board. We lost a very good manager in Davie by letting Johnston, McClair and McInally all leave at the same time.


Bobby that was a fantastic walk down memory lane, i thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and Saltires en sevilla’s response was equally outstanding. I applaud both of you to-day 👏‍‍ 👏‍‍

Big Audio Dynamite

Garry. My Japanese football knowledge isn’t what it used to be 😉

Big Audio Dynamite

Just hope this result against Honda fc isn’t an indicator of what’s to come. Some will laugh and others will put the boot in.

Does it mean we’re set for life in the slow lane?
Thought Ange would bring a spark ..plug the gaps.
Will it accelerate the appointment of put the brakes on it?
Have the wheels come off already?

We still on the one road …is it the right road?