The New Breed

Hello everyone, my name’s Mahe and I’ve been a new breed of fan for about five or six years now.
I guess I felt it was best to lay out my tale so that others can see the signs, and if they want may choose another path.
I can’t remember the exact moment it happened to be honest. I do recall after Seville waiting for the reinforcements to secure that top tier level, and I recall the extreme let down at being told slow lane with the main reinforcement being Momo Sylla.
The sleeping giant awakened yet our board opted to put the genie back in the bottle?
I guess the seeds of my new breedishness were sown around those times.
Yes, I was raised correctly and taught to respect my elders, and serving businessmen and women was paying
the bills back then, but I couldn’t help feel disappointed in those calling the shots. Many felt we had peaked and the team should be broken up, I thought we were a couple tweaks away from continuing to be something special, then some smart negotiations away from staying there.
I guess that was the new breed in me coming to the fore.
Wee Gordon dropped the wage bill while overachieving, and giving us some unforgettable memories, but when the wage bill was around base level I wanted us to embark upon a strategy, for instance grow, blood, and sell our own with the majority funds plowed back into the business, always lifting the standards under a Director of Football.
This new breed wanted a plan, instead I seen egos take control and play football manager for real.
New Breed all over the world started questioning on boards, blogs, radios, but were told to respect their elders who were doing a great job!
That was about a decade ago. Since then our sporting rival spectacularly self imploded, the guy who was playing Football Manager in real life continued until we had very little to trade then decided to leave, and the footballing department is in pieces due to this so called strategy.
The main difference is that now it’s not my fellow fans that call me a new breed, as a matter fact most comments I read align with my own. It’s now my teams management that refer to US as a new breed.
I get that’s the crux of the problem, the reason I’m here looking for answers. You see these guys dont want me to question them, dont want to answer little me, ask questions of me rather than willingly provide answers.
They still feel the old non questioning ways apply, that being my elders they are there to be respected, not asked for answers to issues they deem are deem are much beyond my station.
But that’s the thing, that’s where we differ. Yes my station in life may not have been as prominent or as well compensated, but have I ever let millions down? No.
Frittered away a fortune mine or not? No.
Ever been synonymous with a historic collapse? No.
Considered myself beyond reproach from those ultimately paying the wages? Certainly not.
We agree though, there is a new breed of fan.
Ones who dont automatically respect elders or authority not because of how they were raised, but because that trust granted was taken for granted time after time by organisation after organisation until it because incumbent to withdraw automatic trust and respect, doling it out only when earned, if earned.
Ones who aren’t happy to simply accept what they are given.
Ones who want actual answers when things go wrong.
Is the modern fan different than yesteryears? Undoubtedly, however tomorrow’s fan will be different again than today’s. It’s an evolving art, supporting your team, whether vuvuzelas or the Mexican wave, or simply standing and roaring your team forward as we tend to do.
So why are we the new breed, if theres a continuous new breed of fans?
Yes we are internet savvy, but why the disrespect of being labelled anything other than a Celtic fan?
I doubt Neil invented the phrase himself, perhaps it’s used around the building by many, but it displays a sorry mindset.
It displays a terrible ignorance of the modern fan, who they really are these days. Most are educated professionals, I dare say much more educated than our ex manager who would have been concentrating on his forte from an early age. Many have reached prominent positions, positions previously thought beyond their station.
Many being older have also watched more football than Neil, who seems to assume being involved in the game bestows more knowledge of the game.
The new breed deserve respect not contempt, for just like the manager they aspired and achieved. Despite the national sports shenanigans they are still around, that shows they care deeply.
When one of them wrote to Brendan outlining some player data he noticed, the lad got hired, not scorned.
Big big difference in how the two view the modern supporter, despite the fact they aren’t that far apart in age and grew up within an hour of each other.
One is a winning machine, one is a whining machine, yet Neil still thinks his methods are fine.
In being labelled a new breed Neil seems to imply any critique or scrutiny is unwarranted, yet thats not what the evidence shows. The biggest season since the centenary year was the failure of all failures that can never be erased from the history books, yet the support get almost sneered at, a new nickname rather than the ten.
A modern facing, forward looking club would actually be full of employees composed of and delighted to interact with the new breed of supporter,, our clubs mentality regarding them shows the need for a total rethink.
If the old breed were as great as they claim and think, the new breed wouldnt be here or needed, or be considered enough of a threat to be publicly denigrated.
They can invent names, bury the head in the sand, claim we are noise, but at the end of the day actions speak louder than words, and the proof is in the pudding.
When these wise sages of football preside over another farce of a European qualifying campaign again, stumble around the transfer market squandering precious resources again, and watch our rival romp home again reaping the big spoils, will they still call us a new breed for complaining or eventually admit we have a point?
My moneys on the former.

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Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

Excuse my lack of comment on the main article.

I just popped in to say this.

I’ll be back in 14 days to see if you were interested…🤷‍♂️😁

Harking back to the days when being a Celtic supporter was more than spreadsheets and damage limitation.


Folks, regarding the Euro Charity Sweepstakes the PayPal address is
Ten pounds per entrant donation before the end of the tournament please.

The draw was made last night and is as following,,,
Mahe – Scotland
MIT – Czech Republic
TheTic – Hungary
Leggy – Portugal
BMCUWP – Russia
Chalmersbhoy – England
Drew – Macedonia
ATOB – Sweden
Jobo – France
1TimMalloy – Belgium
JimtheTim53 – Austria
Friesdorfer – Slovakia
SES – Turkey
Cosy Corner Bhoy – Finland
Celtic Champs Elect – Croatia
Big Packy – Germany
St Tams – Italy
Granny Mac’s Bhoy – Netherlands
CFC – Switzerland
Garry – Spain
Henrikschip – Poland
Bada Bing – Ukraine
Celtic1member1vote – Wales
Gordon64 – Denmark
Mattybhoy – Germany
Angel Gabriel – Netherlands
The Star Above The Crest – France
Raymac – Russia
CeltsForChange2021 – Finland
Sol Kitts – Denmark
Voguepunter – Ukraine
ASWGL – Czech Republic
Auldheid – Poland
McCaff – Italy
Paddy’s Maw – Macedonia
McCaff Jr – Hungary
Craig76 – England

Good luck everyone.


Fuck the Crown and England.
Scotland are gonnae pump you next Friday.


Viva Espana.
Ya belter 😊


Hope Henrikschip, Auldheid or Mahes teams win.
This summer I am supporting Polska and Alba.
Fuck the rest.

mike in Toronto

one more reason to hope England and Scotland get pumped

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

I get the preference to avoid politics from our good hosts here, but that statement a few weeks ago is an ever bigger warning sign than our lack of a manager.

How dare they attack Celtic supporters for their solidarity with the Palestinians.

That’s the key evidence that they are not like us in any shape or form. They actually try to stifle the support in favour of an horrific monstrous regime.

I can’t actually find the words to describe this.

They are pushing good people away from the club, in an attempt to make it a city cash grab for “investors”.

That is the only logical reason I can see behind what they have done, and what they are doing.

It’s all about long term cash.


There is going to be more talk about the draw for the Euros than your leader, but I am closer to the ages of the Board members than Mahes age, but my feelings and hopes are closer to Mahes
The way the Board threatened the Celtic Trust disgusted me, therefore it is not a surprise now to hear what they call or think of us



Cheers for doing the draw.

I don’t have PayPal, but Mrs L has.

I’ll talk nicely to her and transfer the money over later.

Mon the 🇵🇹

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Mahe – entry fee just sent. Luck of the draw a wee bit kind to me 😉

Maestro Fan

As you say, the Marie Antoinette leadership gave got this back to front. They are the problem. Old men, old ideas, out of time. Lawwell and Lennon just chummy duds. Club complicit in a rigged game, but shut and put up is the message. No mire, not from me.

Óglach: Cat 4

How were the teams allotted? 1st come basis or a draw of those who had put their names forward?

I am sure that I had put my name forward albeit not sure if I would have made the cut given the limited amount of teams available ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just asking for a friend like

PS – seems not – I was number 34 in the original list!! 🤨🤔


Money sent,also included extra payment for a team for my wife if available as I have just noticed Oglachs post,if you get all your teams taken for two pools from the blog just put extra payment to the charity pool.


Another thing..
If England wins the euros you can put my share to the charity…


Morning all…Mahe, cash for mine and Wee McCaff’s teams paid to Paypal account. Good luck to everyone!
Oglach – I think it was oversubscribed and you either got a ‘TEAM’ or a ‘BLANK’ in the draw which was carried out under the usual dubious circumstances ie naebody there to witness it! Mahe’s trying to pull the wool over the veracity of the draw by allocating himself Scotland!! 😁
Well done to Young Mahette for her first foray into the seedy world of Corporate Sport! 😘
Have a good day all!


Incidentally…I paid my fees through the Family and Friends option which incurred a small fee of 99pence but also resulted in a reduced amount (£19.78 for a £20 payment) going to Mahe. I have used F&F before and don’t think it incurred a charge. Just for information guys – no big deal!

saltires en sevilla


Dig the New Breed!

Excited about the draw, but I got Turkey and I’m a boring veggie. So, can I have Swedes or will I have to go Hungary?!

But seriously, well done Chalmersbhoy. Great gesture and idea on adding Mrs. I’ll add a tenner to that pot.

Celtic Champs Elect

Don’t get me started today FFS

Charlie Wyke at Sunderland I have watched him a few times utter Shyte and a cart horse no thanks

The Gombeen Man

“Celtic Football Club on Twitter: “Celtic Football Club is delighted to announce that it has appointed Ange Postecoglou to the position of Football Manager. Welcome to #CelticFC 👊🍀 #WelcomeAnge🤝#OneClubSince1888″ / Twitter”

Jobo Baldie

Just read the news of our new manager and watched the video with Ange and Dnow and pretty impressed.. They are both saying all the right things but sounds unscripted and therefore believable. Fingers and toes crossed. HH

saltires en sevilla

Ange – during an Eclipse

Who’d a thunk it …


Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) Tweeted: “We want to entertain our fans and we want to win, these are the objectives which I always set myself and which I now begin work on.”

📺 Watch @CelticTV’s exclusive first interview with the new Boss in full 👇

#WelcomeAnge 🤝 #OneClubSince1888

saltires en sevilla

Mahe PP paid plus One Mrs ( please switch to your charity if not extending group)

Note as info: I used Friends& Family and added £1 to cover cost – but buggers took £1.04!


From a proud member of New Breed CSC that’s a great lead article.
Welcome and good luck Ange.

Óglach: Cat 4

Fáilte Ange Postecoglou, the best of luck to you, think you’re gonna need it cobber.


Now realized that Howe was a red herring all along.
Ange in the video says he has been watching videos of Celtic this past season .
This unfortunately was akin to the witch giving Sleeping Beauty an apple and he fell into an unwakeable slumber and Celtic were desperately trying to contact him.
There’s rumors that the crisis was averted when Scot McDonald visited Ange’s gaffe and planted a kiss on his cheek when he rose from his slumber and finally responded to Peter Lowball and accepted the offer.
Operation Howe to Deflect was finally terminated and Pete sat basking in the glory of always securing his targets.


I’m older than Neil Lennon, have followed Celtic for longer than him, and I consider myself to be a NEW BREED fan. I didn’t want him as coach, but neither did I abuse him. I certainly criticised his methods and was gutted by his results. Yet it’s ok for him to take the MSM shilling to lambast ME? He’s a disgrace.
I like the cut of Ange’s gib. I hope he can build an exciting, winning side. I see many are predicting his demise before the season’s out. Sorry Twisty but I really hope to see you eating some humble pie soon.


Meant to ask CCB. If I invite you to dinner, must I count the cutlery?

St tams

Good luck Ange.
I think you’re going to need it.

When is Kennedy being announced as assistant?



In fairness,it wasn’t him who half-inched them!

Michael Thomas

Mahe another great lead, Thanks’


When the Celtic board interviewed their new Greek / Australian manager they asked where he was born…He said “Athens, I’m Athenian”…The board said “Great the jobs yours”…. 😁

Óglach: Cat 4

Peter Lawwell has revealed Celtic have been keeping tabs on new manager Ange Postecoglou for YEARS.

The outgoing chief executive spoke after the Greek-born Australian was announced as the Hoops’ new boss on a 12-month rolling contract.

Postecoglou joins from Yokohama F Marinos in Japan and has a reputation for playing fast, attractive and attacking football. And Lawwell hopes fans will see exactly that from a coach who is desperate to take the club forward.
Speaking to the club website, Lawwell said: “Ange is a manager we have known about for a number of years and someone who has been prominent in our thoughts for some time.

Aye Pete right you are


Absolutely ecstatic.
Ange is our new boss.
Looking forward to seeing us play like Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United team next season.
Happy Days ahead. 💪🍀💚



Terrific article.

Over the years dealing with Res12, I increasingly found myself making the point to Celtic that you are making about the growing awareness of the business aspect amongst the support, the ability for that experience to be shared on line and in doing so influence the thinking of the support.

The internet brings with it increasing degrees of transparency as information that would then influence the thinking starts to surface.

What Celtic so far seem to have failed to learn is that observed behaviour changes the behaviour, possibly because until now not enough light has been shed on the behaviour that thinks it can continue to act in the dark and is safe to continue with as long as it produces football success.

Now that works right up to the point success stops and it creates a chasm that is difficult but not impossible to negotiate between supporters and custodians.

Hopefully Dominic McKay and the Board will realise that transparency (and accountability) has to be the way forward because the slow glass since 2013 that has kept the custodians in post is, and has been, releasing what lay behind it since then.

Failure to realise this new transparent world could see our custodians in custody.

For those wonder wtf is slow glass here is an explanation taken from SFM a couple of years ago. It has taken a bit longer than thought at the time of writing but I sense a quickening, leading to a change in attitude that will require an entirely different approach, not just from Celtic but the SFA and SPFL as their behaviour too is being exposed to the light.

From SFM July 2015.

” The conversation turned to transparency and for football to catch up in realising it has to become more transparent in its dealing with supporters.

What football has not realised is that transparency is already here but in a form that makes us slow to realise it.

The medium is social media and the ability to share but contained by Slow Glass.

Slow Glass from a short story by Bob Shaw slows down the light passing through it.

In the story and others you have Slow Glass of different thickness in terms of the time it takes for the light to emerge.

You have Glass a day thick/long to Glass ten years and more thick/long.

Thus the Dundee Utd story was captured by Slow Glass about 3 or 4 weeks thick. Maybe more or less as I don’t know the detail but you get the drift.

The Rangers story will emerge in full over 10 years thick glass.

The LNS story will take at least another year before the truth will emerge that shows it to have been a sham.

Res12 if measured from the Celtic AGM in 2013 will take two years for the truth to emerge.

The thickness/slowness of the glass depends to a large extent on main stream journalist removing the dust of PR that slows the light, but light is inexorable.

It can do nothing but shine.

The sooner authority and not just football realise that transparency is already here emerging via Slow Glass the thinner the Glass will become.
No more waiting years for the truth to emerge, which might just make folk act truthfully and honestly in the first place. It will be an interesting future as social media replaces mainstream as music downloads replaced CDs ( that replaced tapes that replaced records that replaced cylinders)

In the meantime let’s keep our football Slow Glass polished and hasten the emergence of light in our own landscape. ”
Reading it again the forecasts on LNS andRes12 were out in that whilst the skulduggery came out more or less as predicted, the lack of action to challenge has taken longer, but is still coming through the same slow glass medium.


New Celtic song by Scotsman Colin Hay.
Welcome Ange Postecoglou.


No need to be sorry- I hope I am too, but there’s nothing surfaced which gives me belief, nor even hope that I am.
I simply don’t get it.

However, that said, he’s here and gets my full support as he embarks on the journey. A journey which I feel he steps into not only with one hand behind his back, but with a blindfold and ankles shackled, and considering I expect he’ll be shopping to find players to replace the ones already sold or about to be sold, armed with the equivalent of a provvy cheque, you’ll understand my pessimism.

Peter Lawwell at it again today. Keeping tabs on Ange for some considerable time? Aye very good. More disingenuous claptrap from the man who has put us into this position.

I’ll tell you what’s more. I’m now concerned about the job DM is going to carry out. I’d hope when he arrived. If he thinks this managerial appointment will have the majority of the support feeling confident that we can regain the title, and compete in Europe, then he’s very much mistaken.

If Ange as I suggest has a limited budget, and that is historically the case for the greater part of our history, how well does he know the market? Who will choose the replacements? The current incumbents? We know how that has turned out historically.

This is a panic buy following EH refusing the job. When is he arriving? DM can’t say yet. You know what? They’ve surpassed themselves . A panic appointment that isn’t gonna be here for fekk knows how long. They can’t even panic properly.

DM seems to have slipped nicely into the PL role and that worries me as much as the manager appointment.

saltires en sevilla

The shambles that is the Board, and that ongoing focus on them must remain…

In the short-term, we should probably be less worried about how much Ange has to spend, as to what he spends it on. He is long enough in the tooth to realise that his first few signing will be seen as a declaration of intent.

Sadly, we probably won’t know if it’s his signing or a DOF is lurking above him. Unless he declares openly they are his choices. He does seem the type.

Anyway, he has taken on a huge task and deserves until next May before he faces serious questions.

All the very best to Ange the Athenian Fenian

The Real McCoy

Mike In Toronto
Bobby Murdoch’s Curled-Up Winklepickers
A thing of beauty
Jobo Baldie
1 TimMalloy
saltires in sevilla
Cosy Corner Bhoy
Celtic Champs Elect
big packy
St tams
Granny Macs Bhoy
bada bing1
Angel Gabriel
The Star Above The Crest
Sol Kitts
Paddy’s Maw
Craig 76
The Real McCoy

May 29, 2021 3:43 pm
Gordon 64

Stick yer sweep 🧹
Couldny run a bath 🛀
Is Lawell in charge 🤔
Didnae want tae play anyway.
I’m away tae flounce wi Oglach 💃🏻🕺🏻

bada bing1

A 1 month rolling contract…..

bada bing1

No stewards or barriers required……


Paid up.

Hail Hail Poland mój sąsiad w Gallowgate był Polakiem.

Jest w gwiazdach.

Noel Skytrot

Ange is definitely not everyones favoured manager but we’ve got to back him and hope the ‘custodians’ do similar. If he’s as described, a guy that takes no shit off anybody, it might be just what’s required as we’ve been lacking in that department for too long.

Welcome to our yard, Ange.

I’ve not been on here for a wee while as I’ve been depressed with all the nonsense from the grifters who make up our board, so I hope everyone is in good form and Twists its good to see you around these parts again.

Garry, if he’s like Biesla we’re in for a rollercoaster 🎢 ride.

mike in Toronto

AP this morning:

“I have already had great discussions with Peter, Dom and the board about their ideas and strategy for the future of the club. I know the club’s new modern vision aligns very much with mine and we now look to go and deliver on this. ”

A few random thoughts:

1.This is all fine and dandy, but it would be nice if they maybe shared what that modern vision is with …oh, I dont know… the fans… or maybe the players… cause no one else seems to know…

2. new modern vision?! … is anyone else worried that he maybe spoke to the wrong club by mistake? There is history … rumor was that Celtic mistakenly signed the wrong Bangura from AIK… so maybe he called directory assistance, asked for the Board at the second best club in Glasgow, and was put through to Partick Thistle


Forza Polska .
Bialo Czerwoni 💪🇵🇱
Back Robert Lewandowski for tournament top scorer. 👍🇵🇱


Great to see you back on here mate.
Strap yourself in, we are about to embark on the Ange Postecoglou Celticrollercoaster.
I am buzzing about this appointment.
We will be an extremely fit, exciting to watch team. 👍🍀💚


Song for Ange.
This is the One!


Great article, Mahe. I agree with every word. I’ve been a huge critic of the Board and Neil Lennon’s appointment over on CQN. Like you, I’m now a New Breed fan, I suppose even though I saw my first three games at Celtic Park in 1959. We haven’t been served well by our Board and outgoing Chief Executive and we have the right to say so.

I would now like to welcome Ange to Celtic and wish him every bit of success and good luck possible. I hope he becomes a legend. By the way, it’s great to see so many familiar monikers from CQN. So this is where you’ve been hiding out? You are much missed. Jobo, how’s the weather in East Kilbride?


I suppose conditioning has a lot to do with it. When the Postman first emerged as a candidate, I was shocked. Who? Why? …..these were the questions running through my mind. Since then I , like you, have learned more about our new manager and the shock has abated, somewhat. I still hoped it was a blind and negotiations were cleverly being conducted behind the scenes to bring in a high profile name. But that was not to be……how silly was I to believe that level of subtlety of the Board!

Now we have our man and we are to believe we have been tracking him for years. If so, why not swoop earlier and perhaps salvage a cup in the previous season? Or simply bed him in for this season?

I have some record of believing what people say, simply because they say it, but I am not buying any story other than pragmatism or panic in this appointment. Is he going to be a Viduka….cause a lot of bother, get his Euro licence and hit tge road after a year? Or is going to be an Arzani…impressive for 20 minutes and then unable to perform ever again? Or is he really a Rogic…unavailabe for much of a season and exhausted after 60 minutes of a game? Or could he really be a Croc. Dundee and carry a big knife and surprise everyone with his performance?

Now we have our man, have we contrived to do this in a ham fisted manner? Surely, the DOF position is senior to the coach so why not appoint there first? Then let that individual do their job by selecting a compatible coach? Nope, not the current Celtic way. Unless, of course, the DOF has already been appointed but cannot take up his position until after the Euros. Hand me the envelope, please! And the winner is………

If we are still interviewing for the DOF, then this appointment of Ange is even more bizarre than it first appears.

I wish him luck but I shall continue to do so outside the tent, not inside it.


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