The ‘strap yourselves in’ Season

As Ange begins his first full week in charge of the famous Glasgow Celtic, I must admit that my overriding feeling heading into this season is curiosity.
I’ve never ever entered a campaign without a genuine hint of what is to be expected next year.
Some will find this terrifying and some exciting. We’ve had many famous seasons, the centenary and Lisbon instantly spring to mind,,some infamous seasons like the Dream Team fiasco and the Honest mistakes seasons,,but if ever there was a ‘strap yourself in for it’s gonna be one hell of a ride’ season, then this surely must be it.

Who is around usually gives you a feeling of what style of football might be forthcoming, but as we all know that’s out the window with the squad worse than threadbare. With that in mind the very, very last words we would expect to hear regarding ourselves is Barcelona style football but there you are.
‘Roar-celona’ was a nickname well earned in Melbourne, and given our history plus Ange’s need to quickly get the support onside it’s surely his big ace in the hole, scintillating football being the way to a Celtic fans heart and all.
Producing our best football in decades whilst at a low ebb would be so ironic, so very Celtic-like.
An attendance slump can usually be overcome as we found out post Ronnie, and if there’s an early European exit numbers may not be as strong as many at the Park like, but sexy football would almost be a sure fire way to rekindle interest and get extra bodies through the turnstile. The board are smart in this respect, some dazzling footy will deflect a lot of attention, but they are also letting the genie out of the bottle, and must be careful.
Once the support have been delivered free flowing football, they won’t want to go back to blood and snotters fayre again.
Is it sensible to actually approach Scottish football with Ange’s vision?
Who knows but the boss is about to give it his best shot, strap yerself in!
One of our rumoured top four transfer targets is Japanese which on paper doesn’t work in our backwater, yet Naka had all enthralled and is still is our hearts.
Their silky skills and slight build, plus the unique weather mean they shouldn’t thrive when up against bent referee backed hammer throwers on far from pristine pitches, yet he did.
Gordon didn’t have much to spend at the time and took the gamble which paid off, but it was a much bigger than usual gamble.
Ange would be bigtime gambling spending some of his precious budget on a Japanese player, which again just adds to the mystique of the upcoming campaign.
Should this signing happen and the player be deemed a success, it would make sense to target the country and/or region more in the future.
Then there’s the youth, and the strong possibility we turn to them more heavily than usual. Again this would be a smart move on the new managers behalf knowing we will be a bit more tolerant and lenient towards our own, which gives the gaffer more leeway. However,, let’s say we finally see a man prepared to play the kids in an attacking nature and properly enjoy this, again the genie is out of the bottle and once they have been turned to and we as a club are embracing the ‘if you’re good enough you’re young enough’ philosophy, then we mustn’t shun that conveyor belt if it’s finally in use and producing the goods.
Teams with a spine of our own kids playing Barca style football – that’s a definite strap yourself scenario, and would probably win Ange time plus friends.
Then the bloke himself.
He doesn’t strike me as a soft spoken diplomat, a shrinking violet, or someone who will go along to get along.
He looks every inch his own man with a ton of conviction and determination.
And he’s a foreigner, doesn’t know about the unofficial rules up north, the masons with whistles, the fans with typewriters, the shit show he’s walking into.
With a lot of blokes we can tell the likely response to the above. Neil played the long game and seeking a career in and around Scottish football he didn’t rock the boat. The English based managers simply head back over the border when they get a peak behind the curtains.
An elderly foreigner hastily departs not needing the hassle.
And then there’s Ange, who fits none of the above, and if anything seems determined to leave a serious imprint probably in order to gain a foothold which would eventually lead to England. Somehow I get the impression running home to mummy with the tail between the legs isn’t an option for this guy, yet we all know the rags would love nothing more than to break him piece by piece publically using his and our agony to boost their meager sales.
Australians are fairly straightforward, opinionated, and he will expect a fair crack of the whip. There’s no language barrier to overcome, but there is plenty chips on the shoulder to overcome.
He’s out to make a name, they think they are the big dogs in this backwater as evidenced by one telling Charles Le Vert he had the power to make him or break him.
Hence our press conferences have the potential to become explosive, and his reactions on the sidelines and post game to the referees ‘protection’ should also make for compulsive viewing.
Just like the old Eagles song, this could be heaven or this could be hell, purgatory even. It might go swimmingly and we see attacking football to be proud of, but should the opposite come true the already high levels of fan frustration will probably manifest itself into real on the ground action. It’s basically win or bust, which is totally strap yourself in stuff.
It’s true that following our team is seldom boring, but the sheer number of unknowns are already telling me this will be unmissable. Infact, I’m absolutely dying to see what happens here, the footy of our dreams, the biggest sideline arguments of our lifetime, or more than likely a little bit of everything with who knows what is going to happen week by week for better or worse.
Our own unmissable reality show and soap opera all rolled into one.
Strap yourselves in folks, one hell of a ride coming up.
By Mahe.

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Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

The final three teams were bought in the sweep, we completed a double buy-in with 48 names issued a team.

Final teams,,,
Mrs SES – Portugal
D R M – Austria
Mrs D R M – Croatia

Many thanks folks

Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

Final list,,,

Mahe – Scotland
Oglach – Turkey
Chalmersbhoy Wife – Spain
Mahe – Scotland
MIT – Czech Republic
TheTic – Hungary
Leggy – Portugal
BMCUWP – Russia
Chalmersbhoy – England
Drew – Macedonia
ATOB – Sweden
Jobo – France
1TimMalloy – Belgium
JimtheTim53 – Austria
Friesdorfer – Slovakia
SES – Turkey
Cosy Corner Bhoy – Finland
Celtic Champs Elect – Croatia
Big Packy – Germany
St Tams – Italy
Granny Mac’s Bhoy – Netherlands
CFC – Switzerland
Garry – Spain
Henrikschip – Poland
Bada Bing – Ukraine
Celtic1member1vote – Wales
Gordon64 – Denmark
Mattybhoy – Germany
Angel Gabriel – Netherlands
The Star Above The Crest – France
Raymac – Russia
CeltsForChange2021 – Finland
Sol Kitts – Denmark
Voguepunter – Ukraine
ASWGL – Czech Republic
Auldheid – Poland
McCaff – Italy
Paddy’s Maw – Macedonia
McCaff Jr – Hungary
Craig76 – England
Maggie Mc Gill – Wales
Valleybhoy – Belgium
The Real Mc Coy – Slovakia
Mrs SES – Portugal
D R M – Austria
Mrs D R M – Croatia

Best of luck


Hey Mahe, ‘Roarcelona’ was Brisbane, mate. Jus’ sayin 😁. I watched his team here in Brisbane and they played some excellent football whilst being difficult to beat. They went on a 36 game unbeaten run at that time, still a record here in Oz. With a better class of player at Paradise, he’ll set the heather alight

Noel Skytrot

Good article as per usual Mahe.

This season can only go two ways, Ange runs a savvy or he bombs, whatever way it runs, its going to be bonkers. Speaking of seasons, I notice people are still bickering about last year’s calamity. We need to unhitch ourselves mentally from that and leave it behind and move forward. Running over who is to blame and what should have been done is irrelevant. New manager, probably a new team, new beginnings are afoot, though its a pity we still have the same board.

Good luck to the Scotland team today but it galls me that if they do well the SFA will be afforded some credit.

The( Hungary)tic

If the new coach bombs at least he will do it with a bit of vim and vigor, not sitting down looking disinterested like last seasons coach’s
The biggest problem he will have is not ending too many games in a tie.
Watching the Euros have not seen any manager/head coach’s sitting during the games

Cosy Corner Bhoy

I agree with Noel Skytrot regarding last season. We forget the outcome, but not the perpetrators!
The main man is gone, the manager is well gone and most of the players will be. It’s a brand new dawn!!
Let’s give the new manager some leeway. If he fights our corner in the media he will do for me. Let’s not forget Gerard’s introduction to Scottish football, ‘ I know referees don’t give Rangers a fair deal ‘! No ‘ bringing the game into disrepute ‘ charge even.
Be what I perceive you to be Ange… Your own man.
I am available to talk to DMK at any time, albeit he’ll be on ‘speaker’ for auld Deefie!!


Strap yourselves in folks, this car is out of control and about to fly over a cliff.


Morning all,

“ Strap yourself in “. We will definitely have to,but I fear we’re driving a Sinclair C5 ( Remember them !!! ) rather than a super charged Lamborghini.🏎

Come on Scotland let’s get off to a flyer with 3 points. !!!!!!

COYBIB. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

saltires voting for Christmas


That’s a much needed, uplifting start to the week. Cheers.

Legaldo – endorse your sentiments entirely – I’ll take a solid 1-0 against the Czechs today ….please, please, please!

Bluegrass Celt

I wish Big Ange all the success in his time at Celtic. If he has Kennedy and Strachan thrust on him however, I’ll be unbuckling my seat belt and getting out before the journey starts

big packy rumenigge

MORNING ALL and JIM, mahe great post, but for one day only, come on scotland, were on the march way allys army were going to the argentine ,now cant remember for the life of me who sang that song😎😎

Le baldy qu’est Jobo

Mahe, I think you’re right in that we really just don’t know how next season is going to pan out, but the near certain fact is that it’s not going to be dull! Looking forward to regularly placing 20p bets on ‘5 or more goals in the game for both teams combined’!
But, the more immediate thoughts are with Scotland. The 7 ‘support act’ games have come and gone and the main guys are waiting side stage for their entrance. 5 more hours….. 😉

Óglach: Cat 4

Celtic tika – taka football – aye we’d all love to see that BUT are any of the current squad capable of playing like this? – Speed -take the ball in a tight space, pass the ball in a tight space, Speed – take the ball in a tight space, pass the ball in a tight space – repeat – simples really. The problem being our mode of play is to take the ball, look for an easy backward or sideways pass, or more often than not pass it to an opposition player or boot the ball into touch. Too many of our current squad lack the basic essentials of even being able to deliver a cross or head a ball out of defense let alone mesmerize the opposition with silky close control . Who’d want to be in Ange’s shoes 🙄😒

Tika Taka

A thing of beauty

I agree. He’s got a massive job on his hands and I admire him for taking it. Or maybe no one else wanted to take it!! The fact is he’s here and he’s uprooting his family to come to Celtic. Scotland is along way from oz, I can vouch for that so he won’t let anyone derail his big chance. I like that. We may not end up as champions next season but it’ll not be for the want of trying.
I think as others have said we won’t see Ange sitting in the dugout with his feet up watching as players are asked to work it out for themselves. A level of professionalism will be back and that is a good starting point.
The fact that it went away in the first place is unforgivable and Lawwell and Lennon should be ashamed of what they have left as a legacy.

Garry Enrique

A good positive article to start the week.
Personally, I think Ange Postecoglou will smash it in Scotland. He needs the backing of the board, and a clearout of our entire squad. There is no player currently at Celtic, that I would be concerned at losing. The Age of Ange commences now, and I am very excited.
Come on Scotland!
3 points today and a draw at Wembley would do me this week.

St tams

Mahe, that has really got me excited for next season.
Go the Ange


Good morning all & Packy.

I go along with what Mahe says. With one proviso, I await the declaration of who his coaches will be in the dug out. That will tell me a lot!

Garry Enrique

I have a feeling that Bankiebhoy John McGinn will really shine at the Euros.
This is his stage to show his talent.
Thought Kalvin Phillips of Leeds United was immense for England yesterday.
Bielsa has coached that lad well.



Excellent as always. A blog that has “scintilating” in it as if it naturally belongs is grand wordsmithery.

As regards next season:

We’ll see. 🙂



Defo a season of ups and downs ahead,I reckon. So it won’t be boring! We should judge things by the progress we see as we go along.

Of course,I would love to see a repeat of the MON turnaround. And while I won’t dismiss the notion entirely-I can dream!-I will be happy enough with a clear improvement.

Lubo Friesdorfer

Great leader Mahe 👏

F in raging with Bet365 after last night. The My Bets function went points north, and I couldn’t cash out at 2-1 for Netherlands (my bet), or for 2-2 (wife’s bet). Complained, and got the expected mealy mouthed response, even though they acknowledged that there was an issue. Not even refunded original stakes – bustards.

Le baldy qu’est Jobo

Tierney injured and not even on bench.
Hendry, Hanley, Cooper, O’Donnell
McTominay, McGinn, Armstrong, Robertson
Christie, Dykes.

Le baldy qu’est Jobo

It’s arguable that we may have a stronger bench than the starting XI! Anyway, COYBIB 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Not been paying much interest in this tournament but keep hearing that Scotland’s squad is the strongest for a couple decades. Just seen today’s starting XI. Granted there are some top players in the midfield but the rest seem pretty average imo. For example is Hanley any better than Duffy? I think this is down to the manager’s ability to make the team stronger than the sum of its parts.


Good save from Marshall

big packy rumenigge

ACH WELL, we will hammer england at wembey, i can feel it in my bones ,another true story.😎


While Scotland under Clark can be hard to beat they carry no forward threat.
Looks like a lot of time on the training ground is spent on holding shape and harrying opponents and little to no time is spent on a forward strategy other than hitting hopeful crosses into the box.


I thought he would freshen things by up by bringing on Gilmour and Cal Mac for Armstrong and O Donnel took off Christie. ?



Sol Kitts Hygge

Holy shit, what a goal

Mike in Toronto

Sol Kitts

After I got the Czechs in the pool, I wanted to make sure my bet got off to a good start, so I called the Czech manager, and said, ‘keep an eye on Marshall … he likes to go for walks…. if you get the chance, shoot from half way’…. as BP would say, a true story.

seriously… if Landon Dykes (12 goals in 42 championship games) is the best striker Scotland have, they should have stayed at home.


Thank God Hendry ain’t our player. He’s gonnae get crucified for having a shot, McFudden has started already. Strange selection after such a good performance against the Dutch. The Czechs are so superior physically.

Sol Kitts Hygge

Dykes missing chance after chance

Sol Kitts Hygge

Calmac still in back pass mode.

Big Audio Dynamite

Hope Ange has the brains to play Callum in his best position. 2 years he has played out of position imo

Mike in Toronto

To be fair, I think that Scotland’s play probably merits a goal (if not a point) …

I dont know enough about Leigh Griffith’s mental health issues except to say that, unfortunately, it seems to have impeded LG’s career …

shame for him that he is not playing, and for Scotland, as they are crying out for a striker like him who could snap up the chances that they are getting around the box.


Sol Kitts
Its’ his only mode.
Scotland are basically a punt and hope outfit so bringing on a guy who rarely creates and when 2 down seems folly to me


McGinn showing exactly why I wanted him nowhere near a Celtic shirt. Embarrassing display.

The English will take about ten off this mob.

Sol Kitts Hygge

Forrest brought on far too late.


Christy is crying in the changing room

Mike in Toronto

After that dominating display, I trust that you lot will simply concede the draw and give ASWGL and I our prize money now.


I just don’t see any game plan other than to make opponents work a little more than they used to have to.
We passed it aimlessly around the back with no discernible shape or outlet in midfield .
Ou chances were all from hopeful punts.
Reminded me of Lennon’s Celtic as they passed the ball around aimlessly and hit hopeful crosses to no one when they finally had no more sideways or backwards passes to make.

Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

Morning troops, hope all are well.

I did watch England begin their conquering of the world yesterday. They will never learn, that’s the worst Croatia side in history they just about managed to beat buy they are going all the way!!

Gav,,,doh! Feel like an idiot now.Great to see you here. Stick around.

Hail Hail


It was the finishing what done us. If LG had been on form & playing, we would have won.



Marshall had four great saves.

Maradona couldn’t have helped Scotland today.

Mike in Toronto


Paddy Power and the like pay our early when an outcome is all but inevitable…

you going to be paying me and ASWGL out early?


C.T. Marshall had a good game. But agreed, Madonna nor Lady GaGa could have saved us today!

big packy rumenigge

oh for a denis law, alan gilzean,,charlie cooke, jimmy johnstone, billy mcneil, wullie wallace, kenny dalgleish, paul mcstay, sadly those days are gone, thank feck for andy murray ,and he supports a team in green and white ,another true story.

Garry Enrique

Forza Polska.
Come on the Polish Eagles! 🇵🇱
Robert Lewandowski for Golden Boot 🇵🇱


chodź w polsce

Deja vu Ecosse.