The ‘strap yourselves in’ Season

As Ange begins his first full week in charge of the famous Glasgow Celtic, I must admit that my overriding feeling heading into this season is curiosity.
I’ve never ever entered a campaign without a genuine hint of what is to be expected next year.
Some will find this terrifying and some exciting. We’ve had many famous seasons, the centenary and Lisbon instantly spring to mind,,some infamous seasons like the Dream Team fiasco and the Honest mistakes seasons,,but if ever there was a ‘strap yourself in for it’s gonna be one hell of a ride’ season, then this surely must be it.

Who is around usually gives you a feeling of what style of football might be forthcoming, but as we all know that’s out the window with the squad worse than threadbare. With that in mind the very, very last words we would expect to hear regarding ourselves is Barcelona style football but there you are.
‘Roar-celona’ was a nickname well earned in Melbourne, and given our history plus Ange’s need to quickly get the support onside it’s surely his big ace in the hole, scintillating football being the way to a Celtic fans heart and all.
Producing our best football in decades whilst at a low ebb would be so ironic, so very Celtic-like.
An attendance slump can usually be overcome as we found out post Ronnie, and if there’s an early European exit numbers may not be as strong as many at the Park like, but sexy football would almost be a sure fire way to rekindle interest and get extra bodies through the turnstile. The board are smart in this respect, some dazzling footy will deflect a lot of attention, but they are also letting the genie out of the bottle, and must be careful.
Once the support have been delivered free flowing football, they won’t want to go back to blood and snotters fayre again.
Is it sensible to actually approach Scottish football with Ange’s vision?
Who knows but the boss is about to give it his best shot, strap yerself in!
One of our rumoured top four transfer targets is Japanese which on paper doesn’t work in our backwater, yet Naka had all enthralled and is still is our hearts.
Their silky skills and slight build, plus the unique weather mean they shouldn’t thrive when up against bent referee backed hammer throwers on far from pristine pitches, yet he did.
Gordon didn’t have much to spend at the time and took the gamble which paid off, but it was a much bigger than usual gamble.
Ange would be bigtime gambling spending some of his precious budget on a Japanese player, which again just adds to the mystique of the upcoming campaign.
Should this signing happen and the player be deemed a success, it would make sense to target the country and/or region more in the future.
Then there’s the youth, and the strong possibility we turn to them more heavily than usual. Again this would be a smart move on the new managers behalf knowing we will be a bit more tolerant and lenient towards our own, which gives the gaffer more leeway. However,, let’s say we finally see a man prepared to play the kids in an attacking nature and properly enjoy this, again the genie is out of the bottle and once they have been turned to and we as a club are embracing the ‘if you’re good enough you’re young enough’ philosophy, then we mustn’t shun that conveyor belt if it’s finally in use and producing the goods.
Teams with a spine of our own kids playing Barca style football – that’s a definite strap yourself scenario, and would probably win Ange time plus friends.
Then the bloke himself.
He doesn’t strike me as a soft spoken diplomat, a shrinking violet, or someone who will go along to get along.
He looks every inch his own man with a ton of conviction and determination.
And he’s a foreigner, doesn’t know about the unofficial rules up north, the masons with whistles, the fans with typewriters, the shit show he’s walking into.
With a lot of blokes we can tell the likely response to the above. Neil played the long game and seeking a career in and around Scottish football he didn’t rock the boat. The English based managers simply head back over the border when they get a peak behind the curtains.
An elderly foreigner hastily departs not needing the hassle.
And then there’s Ange, who fits none of the above, and if anything seems determined to leave a serious imprint probably in order to gain a foothold which would eventually lead to England. Somehow I get the impression running home to mummy with the tail between the legs isn’t an option for this guy, yet we all know the rags would love nothing more than to break him piece by piece publically using his and our agony to boost their meager sales.
Australians are fairly straightforward, opinionated, and he will expect a fair crack of the whip. There’s no language barrier to overcome, but there is plenty chips on the shoulder to overcome.
He’s out to make a name, they think they are the big dogs in this backwater as evidenced by one telling Charles Le Vert he had the power to make him or break him.
Hence our press conferences have the potential to become explosive, and his reactions on the sidelines and post game to the referees ‘protection’ should also make for compulsive viewing.
Just like the old Eagles song, this could be heaven or this could be hell, purgatory even. It might go swimmingly and we see attacking football to be proud of, but should the opposite come true the already high levels of fan frustration will probably manifest itself into real on the ground action. It’s basically win or bust, which is totally strap yourself in stuff.
It’s true that following our team is seldom boring, but the sheer number of unknowns are already telling me this will be unmissable. Infact, I’m absolutely dying to see what happens here, the footy of our dreams, the biggest sideline arguments of our lifetime, or more than likely a little bit of everything with who knows what is going to happen week by week for better or worse.
Our own unmissable reality show and soap opera all rolled into one.
Strap yourselves in folks, one hell of a ride coming up.
By Mahe.

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Celtic Champs Elect

Scotland- Dreadful
Tartan Army – Humiliating
England on Friday -Pile on -3 stealing dosh

Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

MIT, a cheque for the Czechs?
nice try son 😉

Mike in Toronto

Slovakia are moving the ball about well… but playing without a true striker (Duda, their 1 in the 4231 is normally a midfielder, but I guess gets pushed forward in the national team to accomodate Hamsik). Could come back to bite them….

would like to see Lewandowski have a good run in this tournament…. but, at the moment, he looks like he is feeling the weight of carrying a country on his shoulders…. trying to do it all when he gets a sniff.


One thing I noticed about our Tartan crowd today was the variation in size and length of sporrans on display. The old Man Purse size ones seem to have been displaced by long droopy ones.

Is this a sexual display thing?


Poland trying to lull the Slovaks into a false sense of security, back in the game now. RL to make it 2-1.

Mike in Toronto

Poland look energized by that goal.

Would like to see Lewandowski have a good run.

In much the same way, I was glad to see Ronaldo’s Portugal finally got a trophy, and why I would like to see Messi’s Argenina win the World Cup.

I would like to see players like them, who have brought so much enjoyment to the fans, get the trophy their skills deserve.


Poland”s Amaruso sent off.

Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

Wow. First big shock. Well done Slovakia.


I wonder if the second Czech goal was what we might expect to see if we play Ange ball? Does Ange like his keeper to be further up the park to assist in playing out from the back? If Marshall had been on his line or near it, that goal would never have happened…in fact, would probably not be attempted.

Another disappointment from Scotland. I cannot fault effort. Even luck deserted us. In the Wales vs Swiss game, their big striker got in a good header that foxed the keeper. No such moment for Scotland.

As Jack Bruce said, if it wasn’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all. Strange Brew this current Scotland team.


Mike in Toronto

what is worse at the moment… being a Celtic fan, or being a West Brom fan?

West Brom get relegated… their coach resigns… think they have a new coach, but owner intervenes and blocks appointment…

now, technical director resigns….

bada bing1

Lustig, who’s legs had gone 3 years ago, is playing for Sweden v Spain tonight

Le baldy qu’est Jobo

I always thought that the best Scotland would do in our Group was 3rd place and that 3 points would be enough for that. We were given 3 chances to win a game and have passed up on what I felt may be the best of them. But watching Scotland today wasn’t like watching Berties, Walter’s or Alec’s when it was behind the couch stuff; I felt we played pretty well in stages but just didn’t step up when the vital moments came around. I’ve no real fear (yet) of our trip to Wembley. But, should we lose, we then have our 3rd and final chance in a home game against Croatia where, again, we should make a game of it. be good to finish the day now with a game where I really don’t mind who wins, Spain or Sweden. Just hoping for an entertaining game.



The ball was stottin about the Czech area,literally no reason why Marshall should have been 30 yards from his line.


I see legs have gone lustig is playing for my sweep pick tonight. What a professional but from what I’m watching he’s struggling. Disappointed with Scotland today. Clarke is so dour and his teams reflect that. He could have done a job for us in that we’d have been organised but I think it would have been a hard watch.

Bluegrass Celt

Scotland was the poorest team I’ve saw so far in this tournament. Years behind tactically. Hitting long balls to a lone striker might have worked 20 years ago but not these days .
Just hope we get our act together now that we’ve got the hard one out the way 😳😳


Scotland were woeful today. Poor team selection and tactics by the manager who looked out of his depth


Packy, whilst I’m pleased my team Austria won 3-1 yesterday, truth be told I was hoping to draw Argentina in the Euros sweep!
I once got Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest sweep!

Mike in Toronto

Spain had 83% of the possession… and 419 passes in the first half …. but only 3 shots on target ….and still are tied 0-0 ….sums up a lot of teams these days.

Mike in Toronto

and in spite/because of that … Sweden could, and probably should, be leading … after missing the best chance of the game

big packy rumenigge

HI JIM, im still hurting here, drowning my sorrows with an irn bru and buckfast shandy,,,another not true story🤩

Mike in Toronto

after substitutions, Spain has no striker on the pitch …

think it is time for a new way of thinking … too many teams (inlcuding, it seems, Spain) doing a bad version of Spain/Barca ticatac …

Mike in Toronto

not true … I missed the switch for Moreno … still think the era of bad ticatac needs to end … some coach needs to come up with a new system

Prestonpans bhoys

Atob says ‘Clarke is so dour and his teams reflect that.’ The guy makes Jim Jefferies sound like a comedian😱😵




Rules are up for the Royal Ascot competition.


Stevie Clarke’s limitations as a manager were cruelly exposed today

Mike in Toronto

just my opinion (and I’m sure others will disagree), but that was a terrible game of football … showed all of what is wrong with today’s game …

it was the equivalent of a training offence vs. defence exercise…

Sweden were so negative …. 15% possession, and 1 shot on target the entire game ….

spain … for all its possession and passing didn’t create much …

I am hoping that France team will show the rest how to play the game …

not sure about France’s defence … but a front three of mbape, benzema and griezman, supported by a midfiled trio of Rabiot, Kante and Pogba looks frightening … with dembele, coman, giroud and lemar as substitutes… the talent is frightening…


Big Marsh was at least 30yrds out of position 🤔

ASWGL (Having a fag in Prague)


Covid-19 ——-> 2m
Karens ———–> 3m
FLAT Earthers —–> 4m
Old Relatives ——-> 5m
Religious Nutjobs —–> 6m
Marshall from his goal —————————————————————–> Hauf the pitch

When urr me and MIT getting paid oot, can we cash in ? 🤣



Don’t get lippy,old son. I got Russia,and me and Vlad are old pals.

Pick a balcony wi spikey railings below it if you don’t believe me.

ASWGL (Having a fag in Prague)

I would say something back but your sister scares me.


Clarke’s tactics and formation today were incomprehensible. Hanley and O’Donnell ? No McGregor or Forrest ?



ATHINGOFBEAUTY takes her name from our Dad’s favourite expression after a wonderful move,goal,piece of artistry etc.

She is,in fairness,ATHINGOFBEAUTY herself,and her strongly held opinions can see her become ATHINGTAEFUCKINAVOID!

But I love her dearly,and she does finally forgive me my foibles and more. Which is more than I deserve.

ASWGL (Having a fag in Prague)

Mahe I wish i had your confidence but Ange is a total unknown albeit he’s being bummed up by many from the far east, he at this point doesn’t fill me with confidence, we have a very very long way to go. I wish him the best but he’s not the big name we expected, and i don’t believe it when PL says they’ve had eyes on him for ages, if PL told me it was sunny i’d grab a brolly.

ASWGL (Having a fag in Prague)

G64 I worked today so never seen the game, caught the highlight of the 2nd goal only, beautifully taken goal, but deary me Marshall’s position, from hero to zero in one game, though wtf Jack Henry was doing shooting from there instead of playing it wide .. dear doctor.



I said in an article a couple of days ago that PL said we had been looking at this guy for the last four years.

Really? Since we just completed The Invincible Treble?

MAHE and I set this site up with a lot of help only a year later,mainly as a response to Lawwell undermining BR. When BR left,my article on the subject trashed him for his timing,and then laid into the reasons for it. Not a secret that PL and I are unlikely to break bread.

But to come out with this four year thing,bearing in mind 2017 was four years ago,and that he had chucked all the CVs in the bin two years ago?


And yet,he has his legion of-spot the common denominator-well to do members of his fan club. I’ve been invited to many a do in my time,many above my station. I’m not holding my breath for one from him.


Further donation sent for.royal ascot comp.

ASWGL (Having a fag in Prague)

Bobby i’ll take a wild stab ATOB cames from the centenary game Jan 1988 2-0 vs thems when the Maestro almost single handed put Souness’s mob to bed. The McStay Morris Macca move?

ASWGL (Having a stag in Prague)

Better change my handle to stag, i’m forgetting this site is multi-cultural and i might be accused of having a boyfriend, especially when that McCaff one comes on, he could start a fight in an empty hoose. 😳



ATOB wasn’t at that game as tickets were thin on the ground. I had three tickets for it-but my Dad,my Uncle Jim and my best pal came first.

Just the way it goes some times. My mate was coming across from Edinburgh,and he totally relied on me for tickets as he had no contacts then. My uncle was just back from the gulf,and my Dad is my Dad.

Wotcha do?

ASWGL (Having a stag in Prague)

Just watched the Scotland highlights on bbsee, they look like they had chances just bad finishing and bad luck, Clarkes starting 11 hmmm not for me, i’d have had Forrest on from the start, but i’m biased.



Oh,having a boyfriend/girlfriend of the same gender or none is surprisingly prevalent on here,and that’s only from the people that I’ve met.

The only judgement we make really is does the bugger-am I allowed to say that? Sod it,its my blog!-get the beer in. Honestly,I genuinely mean that. No one makes a big deal of their sexuality because nowadays everyone is comfortable,it doesn’t matter. And the last time I was out in Glasgow,Jan 2020,I deliberately invited three friends of mine who didn’t know each other.

I knew they would get on great. But two of them were gay. Which hadn’t actually crossed my mind when I invited them!

Bloody great day. Might have been different,say,1980s. I like it better now,if I’m honest.

ASWGL (Having a stag in Prague)

Bobby yep i agree let people be what they want to be, my sis used to work in a gay club many years ago and she made friends with a lot of the club go-ers, I’ve also met a few of them when I’ve visited her, in the main they’re just pleasant people and always good for a laugh. I’m glad society is more tolerant (if that’s the right word) maybe understanding, of them these days.



Early 90s in South London,when I was meeting my mates I would sometimes bring along some other people I’d met. It’s how you get to know people in a strange place,innit? They were ok with it after a while,to be fair,and I was a pretty good judge of character.

Although I did get the occasional WTF? Oooooops,slight misjudgement!

If they were gay or black,they were fine with it. Buy your round,make us happy to be in your company as mates are,magic

Then we moved to a different part of Streatham,more mainstream. And I missed that

ASWGL (Having a stag in Prague)

Kip time here, gnite SC


Maestro Fan

Sell Eddy to Leicester for £18M and bring in old journeyman Wyke from the English tier 3 on a free. That Dom McKay really has ushered in that promised new dawn righ enough.

Bloody hell,the difficulties we have trying to keep this place half way respectable. It’s practically 24/7.

Apologies for anyone seeing that before I deleted it.