The Downside Of The Rollercoaster


I spent a lovely wee day yesterday with one of my best pals and his girl. They live in Bicester,the obvious place to meet up is Oxford-and blinkin’ flip are the prices a bit out of order. 

Which is never a problem of course if the company is good,and anyway it was hardly a surprise. 

Still a boot in the baws at the best part of fifteen quid a whip. Basterts. 

Anyway,we met up to watch the Scotland game,and probably the Poland game depending on how long the day was. I ended up on a train to Worcester,so I made bloody sure I didn’t miss my stop. 

So,Scotland. Never near good enough but set up strongly in defence and lost to two tremendous goals. IMO,our problem is that to win,it needs to be 1-0. I will trust Stevie Clarke to set our team up to prevent goals-those two today were outstanding-so I can see where the 0 is coming from. 

But not the 1. 

Stevie,to use an Ayrshire expression,can only pish with the cock that he’s got. He can coach the players to be tight at the back,but his choices are very limited up front. And I’m being very diplomatic here. Frankly,we were set up not to lose goals and hope to sneak one. Which didn’t work,as it turned out.

Now,to get back to Celtic,Ange has a similar if not worse problem. At least Clarkie knows his first eleven,and his options. Do any of us know Ange’s at Celtic? 

Should we be surprised if the newbie flounders about at the start,despite his strong personality?

I won’t be. Clarkie doesn’t have options up front,so concentrated on keeping them out. Which didn’t work today,thanks to two wonderful goals. Difficult to criticise. And equally it should be difficult to criticise AP this season.

What happens next season,I’m absolutely convinced will be as horrific as the 1978 season. But we should not hold AP responsible,and I don’t think DMcK should be getting it either. As Clarkie discovered today about appendages in your hand,there isn’t much you can do about that. 

To paraphrase yesterday’s article-buckle in. If a rollercoaster scares the shit out of you,don’t go on it. 


Above article by BMCUWP

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Mike in Toronto

and as far as football, I would say the greatest team I have ever seen … Barca between 2008 and 2011 … the team that destroyed Man U… xavi, iniesta, feeding Pedro, Villa and Messi edges out the team from a few years earlier with Henry, Eto and Messi up front …


This team were pretty good with the Dutch trio of Gullit,Rijkard and Van Basten.

Craig 76 (3 leopards 🐆 on a shirt )

Bit of info for those planning to attend games

Mike in Toronto


I remember that team well … I have lots of Italian pals, and until then used to tease them about ‘boring, cheating Italians’… but that AC team shut me up … you coulnd’t call that team boring (although to wind up my Itialian pals, I used to say that it was the Dutch that made that team great)….

Until Barca, that team with Gullit and Van Basten was the best I had seen … but I still think Barca would take them.

big packy rumenigge

come on my namesake karl heinz, come on franz beckenbauer, paul brietner, gerd muller, get into these frenchies,🤩

Mike in Toronto

the ‘spine’ of a football team tells you a lot about the team, and how good it can be … draw a straight line from keeper to cb, to center mid, to striker…

look at france …

Lloris (good, sometimes great keeper) … Varane (10 years with REal) … Kante (a phenom in the middle of the park) and Griezeman supplying Benzema (an odious thug, but can score) and Mbape (fastest ever?)

vs the spine of the German team…

Neuer (the standard for the modern keeper/sweeper) ….hummels (a mountain with legs) … Kroos (you dont last 7 years at Real without being a bit special) and Muller (not a pure striker, but you dont become the most decorated player in German history unless you are a bit special)

big packy rumenigge

soft yellow there. the ref is a homer🤩


Packy, Awfy disappointed you were not in the Ascot compo! I like to check how both our horses are doing!
Don’t tell me your only doing greyhound races now?
It’s not too late to join in. Ascot’s on tomorrow again, maybe the day after too. With a bit of luck you could still win a prize 🙂

big packy rumenigge

HI JIM im rubbish at picking horses as well you know,,another true story🤩

Sol Kitts Hygge

Anyone else having their enjoyment of the game spoiled by the two muppets commentating on it? 😡😡

big packy rumenigge

offside by a mile, the ref is a homer🤩


Packy, you won a prize last year with Twisty’s comp.



Most people just give the “winnings” to charity anyway. You can donate it to a fund for getting whisky lovers over to that local distillery.

You’d be surprised how many friends you make!

TM the original MASH book.

big packy rumenigge

OK JIM, will pick some horses tomorrow,👍


Cheers buddy! 🙂


Sol Kitts,

Spot on !!!!!!

A couple of Ravi Shankar”s doing the commentary.

Sol Kitts Hygge

Tonight’s ref is from Madrid, so won’t referee the really big games in Spain…..said without a hint of irony by Sevco TV commentator Clive Tyldesley. 🤡

big packy rumenigge

fair tackle there and he went down like a sack of spuds, typical french players😎


Sol 836
It’s only allowed up here because we don’t complain loudly enough. Look at the Huns with Collum. They complained and he never referreed them for about a year. We complained about Beaton and he was reffing us within a month. Not exact stats but you get my meaning. It was John Reid who said we didn’t want special treatment but expected parity. Not long after he was gone to be replaced by an insipid place man who only ever speaks when it’s to criticise our support. Iain Bankier must surely be the worst chairman in celtic history.

Mike in Toronto

A good first half …. two good teams who are trying to play (not just sitting back), but are being well defended….

Pogba looks like a different player when he plays for France ….exudes confidence that I dont see when playing for United.

Sol Kitts Hygge

Just noticed your new moniker is an anagram of BIKE TO AA. 😂😂😎

A thing of beauty

Well spotted sol though I’ve noticed yours is an anagram of Ok shitty legg 😜

Sol Kitts Hygge

That’s funny, and the price I have to pay for trying to be smart. 😂😂😂😎


Every day is a school day sol and the school you went to means you’d never get the better of me. Mon the st andies 😂😂

Mike in Toronto

did rudiger actually do a Suarez and bite Pogba? Hard to tell from the tv picture…

Sol Kitts Hygge

Never? Have you forgotten that time when I tied your legs together…….twice? 🤪😁


You’ve tied me in knots there big man. I concede!!


Bobby we now have 2 distilleries so two visits will be required.

If I’m fortunate to win then arcas will be the benefactor who are a great lifeline charity based here.

MIT i agree about that barca team, I regularly won on 5-1 correct score coupons and a lot of the times if they didn’t win 5-1 they won 5-0 or 6-1. They usually lost a goal because they kept attacking which for me is the way football should be played.

Sol Kitts I noticed when the referee from Madrid comment was made the co commentator who has an opinion about everything suddenly lost his voice.

Sol Kitts Hygge

The quiz nights at the High Tide were hilarious, especially when we realised we wouldn’t win and started making up ridiculous answers. Mrs Kitts still laughs at me tying your tights together and your brother “untying” them by melting them with a cigarette. 🤣🤣

Sol Kitts Hygge

Yes, his silence spoke volumes. Probably whispered his response, just quietly enough that no one heard what he said. He has form for that sort of thing. 🤡


The Sevco commentary team also managed to note that the fat Gardner played against the French Manager in what was virtually a Champions League semi final TWICE. Talk about rewriting history FFS.



Sol Kitts 😄 the only thing he has not commented on was that comment.

CT I remember at the time the gutter press were telling everyone that they were going to be awarded the cup for that year because Marseille were cheats and got demoted for cheating, oh the irony.

Chalmersbhoy if I remember right your stag night was the Friday after they were knocked out and the French national anthem rang out what felt like every 5 minutes in the pub and the peepil didn’t find it funny😁.

Mike in Toronto

second half was a bit of a let down… but both teams looked solid, and have depth … the subs were remarkable … would start with most other teams ….


Aye remember that well at the start of the night anyway the rest is a blur..
A 66/1 shot think I will pick no 3s tomorrow..
Gosdens horses not doing to well lately..

Le baldy qu’est Jobo

A wee half hour documentary on Angelo Postecoglou that you might find interesting…

Garry Enrique

The Age of Ange at Celtic is gonnae be good. 👍🍀💚

Mike in Toronto

Erik Sviatchenko returning?


I have been camping in my own Government mandated Health area the last couple of days no wifi or. cell service, after tonight we can travel anywhere in our Province,Times they are a changing.
I watched the Scotland game the two goals were great goals the second was a perfect shot, how often does that happen.I can see McGinn having a short a career with they way his body gets pounded, he certainly puts himself about.I was happy with the teams effort ,we always hope for a fairy tail tournament and always get left disappointed at the end ,but at least we are there.
Honestly don’t expect to beat Croatia or England but the players getting exposed to this level of football can only help improve the players. Like everyone else I respect the players,their families must be proud watching them wearing that strip, but I dislike their paymasters.