And so begins the Age of Ange

“Fear is an instinct, courage is a choice”
A Sioux warrior to a fellow WW2 volunteer
The Age of Ange truly begins with preseason starting today, good luck all the youngsters drafted in, ‘grab that chance with both hands kid’ would be my advice alongside listen and learn.
As the boss slowly attempts to turn the good ship Celtica around, some task, I wonder will he and the players get a sense of the super heightened anticipation levels for the upcoming season?
Why do the support feel that way?
In a way Ange is very much a victim of circumstance, he just happens to have said the right things, and been hired at the right time.
And inadvertently or not he has fed this narrative increasing the anticipation levels, with words and background, plus the confidence exuded.
In general when you’re at low ebb, it’s a safe pair of hands for a slow and steady rebuild. To turn to a Barca style would raise the interest of any teams support, but to a support with attacking football in their DNA it only further raises the hype and anticipation levels.
But I don’t think that’s the biggest reason why we can’t wait.
I believe it’s because we as a fanbase haven’t felt the rays of hope, the raising of the blood, the thrill of the chase in a long time. Around last September or so,feels like a lifetime ago now, a different era.
And in many ways it is, which again only helps raise the interest levels. Only today I heard a chap who had knowledge of big Ange on a Celtic podcast claiming ‘in the title race definite’. Regardless of his knowledge of where we as a club are right now, and he was aware, that shows a level of belief in our new boss that is very reassuring indeed.
Since last Autumn all we wanted to do was fast forward the clock, well it’s here and the unstoppable force meets the incredible mystery in a matter of weeks now. When you think about it, just the act of being in the hunt past October is progress, I hope we all recognize that.
My own anticipation levels are through the roof with the out of the box appointment, allied with the fact the relationship with the PLC is almost at breaking point which will lead to action imo. We should see many talking points, on the field and off the field, this upcoming campaign. The Tims are on the verge of uniting against the PLC, make no mistake. This could be a momentous year on a few fronts.
Of course it’s true many are itching to sit in their hallowed seat again, with that anticipation now raised due to an unknown quantity promising attacking footie, which is nice and all that. But even nicer is a fresh start, a fresh title tussle starting to simmer nicely under the surface.
The European Championships have only helped increase our interest levels for next season, once again seeing large crowds at stadiums and witnessing the tragic unexpected (get well Christian),, to the fully expected to me (Top scorer in the Euros history and still going, I told you he was the best) Ronaldo still gracing the big stage breaking records,,to the very very much expected English hype machine kick-starting into overdrive once they had beaten a decent team.
Seen that movie before.
But ultimately all we want is to be contesting. I know fans of other clubs may roll their eyes at that ‘entitlement’ but I would reply the biggest club should be contesting, as a rule or something has gone truly wrong for in most sectors the largest dominate.
To be contesting again, to have some genuine hope, that’s all we want.
To feel alive again, part of the game by urging our team forward.
To feel the thrill of the hunt again.
Well the hunt starts today.
Good luck big Ange, you’re gonna need it.
By Mahe.

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Garry Enrique

I love you when you are positive bro.
Strap yourself in tight.
The Age of Ange Celticrollercoaster is about to commence.
This is the One! 💪🍀💚

Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe
Óglach: Cat 4

On the dawning of the age of Ange (or will it be Angst🤔) Couple of points that no one has yet clarified, and which leads me back to Bobby’s piece from yesterday where he suggested I was seeking instant gratification in a footballing sense. Err no, I am not, albeit a MO’N style turnaround of our fortunes would be nice – wouldn’t it!
Now all of us can see that the new Celtic manager has a gargantuan task ahead BUT my question is still valid – how much time is enough time to ascertain if he made is of the right stuff for Celtic? If, as expected, we don’t win the SPFL next season and we can’t discern anything that would indicate that at least things are improving tactically and player acquisition has improved do we give him another season irrespective of the number of points we lost the league by just because it wasn’t his fault Celtic were in such a state when he arrived? Just what are the key indicators we are looking for here and just how long are we talking about?
I can suck it up and very grudgingly let Sevco have a clear run at the title for the next few seasons if I can see real evidence that a base for long-term future success is being created.
As a Celtic supporter I wish Ange all the best but try as I might I can not see where the optimism that he will turn out to be our Antipodean saviour comes from. I keep going back to the question – why has this master tactician that has his teams playing a Barcaesque style of football had to wait until his 55th year before a decent-level European team made a move for him? Were we just bloody lucky or damn well desperate as no one else wanted the job – you decide.


Thanks for the clip dedicated to maradona. A fitting tribute to the world’s best ever player. That’s set me up for the day. Off to listen to another podcast about how much work Ange has to do. Don’t know whether to be excited or terrified.


Oglach; Cat 4

Time will tell if we were lucky, but I suspect the latter of your alternative scenario :
No one with a reputation to protect in British or European football was prepared to take on the job. That much appears obvious.

In that respect I give my full support to AP.
There is no option, unless negativity is your driver.

As for Mahe’s observation – “just the act of being in the hunt past October”.
We were very much in the hunt at the winter break, until the Dubai trip put paid to our league ambitions.
Admittedly there were very obvious signs before that all was not functioning well, an understatement, but January was a wretched month results wise with a double digit points swing in Huns favour.

saltires voting for Christmas


The problem facing Ange is the lack of physical and mental fortitude of his squad. Basic Skill is also sadly lacking. Mainly we are looking at a period of long and painful restructuring to change a weak mindset that shrouds the club. At all levels, including the support.

They have been so accustomed to watching Celtic playing and winning against teams in Scotland that offer little or nothing offensively (sic), running over the top of hammer throwers and thugs and often doing just enough to achieve that for the last decade.

Anytime they face an organised, disciplined, motivated team with a few above average players they collapse like a jigsaw in a box. The examples are too many to list. Simply look at the European record for at least 15 years .. those glorious exceptions prove the rule.

As soon as Stevie G and his back room team realised they could boot their way into a dominating position and press our players, they won the league.

Celtic have gotten (sp) away with playing at Half-cock for a long, long time. They knew they could win games by giving away the ball and hardly having to do more than jog to get it back…in Scotland.

Europe was sooo different, and they couldn’t lift their game. Some very good Celtic players regressed. The really decent ones were smart and got sold in jig-time by a wiling CEO.

Celtic are Exposed, almost ritually, in the light of early summer every season, by teams with a fraction of our resources in European competition.

Brendan Rodgers gave us a wee glimmer of hope with two draws against a very decent Man Citeh …we could almost start to believe again. But that brace of points was won against an EPL team facing a guy fresh out of EPL who had a basic plan to foil them. Trouble is, he couldn’t replicate and certainly not improve on those early nights in Europe and we saw the consequences in stark relief on too many occasions.

Our players cannot handle being pressed, they are so accustomed to having the ball and knocking it about to little or no evident purpose and wearing very poor, technically inept, teams down, this goes on week after week, season after season. As soon as we lose the ball in Scotland we can almost see our players shrugging, because they know that the opposition will screw up their own brief spell of possession and generally fail to convert their chances. Celtic players, and this squad in particular, know (knew) They will get away with it …. the guys coming in from more astute, physically robust and tactically attuned leagues either think they need to get away pronto, if they are remotely ambitious for their career, or they settle into the torpor of going through the motions and/or sitting on the bench or treatment table seeing out their lucrative contracts.

Those that do get to play, revert to the prevailing team ‘method’ where 70% effort is often good enough to bag the points. They are not being challenged for 90 minutes and consequently they regress. In both technique, fitness and mindset. 1-0 game won …thoughts start drifting to what’s happening in town tonight… harsh, but fair!

Europe illustrates this time after time. Teams arrive here fresh from a sequence of games where they had to press and Be pressed for 90+ minutes. They are tuned and ready for more of the same. Our guys just aren’t…

Is it any wonder so many of our good youth players are jumping ship? the ambitious will move on and the lazy-minded will cling onto the window ledge … for as long as possible.

Ange has to clear all this out as soon as possible… because the prevailing attitude is rife and he will know this or, learn it quickly, or fail.

There is not one player in that squad that can handle the modern 90+ minute game. They might have had it and regain it, or can learn it, but it can’t be at Celtic. Thanks for the memories guys, but the train keeps a rollin’…

Martin inherited winners of the right caiibre and bolstered with some giants, in key areas. Brendan just got some talented players fit and a bit organised to totally dominate in Scotland, but his achievements pale in comparison to Martin.

Ange is inheriting a shambles and he is now looking at a full 2 or 3 year re-build. We need to get used to the idea of Sevco winning 3 in a row, maybe 4… or more

This is where we are.

We don’t know if he is the right guy but we Back Ange for 3 seasons or blink then panic, and see him replaced with Lou or Liam or John or Tony … rinse and repeat, until someone eventually grabs this club by the fucking balls and squeezes tight … doesn’t let go.

We will all, probably, have trembled to dust by then.

Turkey were surprisingly awfy btw! Well done The Gauls!!


Saltires voting for Christmas

Not much to argue against in your dissection of how we got here.
Previous successful managers have had structural advantages coming to us.
MoN had a squad containing quality players, BR had limited competition.

AP has neither of these, and that is why he is our man in charge. No one else wanted the challenge- huge as it is.

saltires voting for Christmas


Aye buddy. Trying to be positive about prevailing circumstances. Ange deserves to be backed, but he is going to need time to see through his plan.

On your point about being the only guy willing to take the job… I’m sure there are a few out there who would have fancied a tilt at it. We can speculate about reasons why he was chosen, but the one thing that offers some hope is that he will make big changes and try to do it his way.

I’m onside with the need for hefty change.


The( Hungary)tic

It wouldn’t surprise me to see a new management team at Ibrox. They need money and as Gerard has a big reputation in England I can see a team coming in for him
He has a young family who have stayed down south so the job is not ideal for a family man
He did prove himself in Europe , you can only beat what is put in front of you and he was successful as compared to any other Scottish team in Europe this last ten years. If he did leave where would they get the money to replace him, if you have read how much they owe their directors, past owner, HRMC again, and potential Court costs things could take a curve back in our favour, Right now the guy from St Johnston would probably be a candidate, he had a great season, but what would he be like if he was under pressure to win every week?
I wouldnt be thinking it will take us three years to win the league again. , before Jock came you would not have bet on Celtic winning the league next year, but once he arrived ours and the football world changed. I know it’s easy in hindsight but my dad said for years we have to get Jock as our manager
Mr McGrory was a gentleman and a fabulous player but he was not a manager, Ange had an average career as a player in Australia, he had a great career there as a manager let’s hope he can do it again in Scotland, Tim Cahill was a guy I admired as a player he was an honest journeyman, Tim only has good things to say about Ange ,

saltires voting for Christmas

The Hungary Tic

Great post and your point about Jock, that fills me with hope.


saltires voting for Christmas

I guess my point is a manager with a reputation to keep intact or one on the way up would think twice about joining a dysfunctional club in a backwater footballing environment.
But we are where we are.
Like you the hope is he is allowed to do things in his way. From the interviews I’ve seen and read he appears to be positive, focussed and pragmatic. And not afraid of a challenge.

I’m buying a ticket for Garry’s rollercoaster.

saltires voting for Christmas


I agree your point on calibre of manager willing to take the challenge.

Looks like you will be watching some major changes on the pitch.




I think that by the time we play RFCLtd at end August we will have a clear indication of direction of travel.

The points difference if we are behind should be no more than uncatchable in one game.

New signings will be important as it is exciting individual play that provides hope.

The points tally of RFCLtd will either be a cause of hope or despair.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks lads for the replies yesterday.

Good read this morning Mahe and some fine posts to kick-off the day.

It’s entirely understandable that Celtic supporters believe we are a massive club but what metrics are we using?

Turnover? European pedigree?

Prior to Seville we hadn’t made it past Christmas in Europe since 1970. We’ve had a few jaunts into the Group Stages but been very quickly found out, apart from the very rare occasion.

The SPFL is a marginal league. No goaline technology. No VAR. Plastic pitches. Partisan administration – Incompetence and dishonesty camouflaged as Tradition.

Apart from the over-hyped goldfish bowl, of the west of Scotland. The nauseating Old Firm is an ignored irrelevance.

In an Irish context, outwith the heartlands of the six counties, Celtic are only massive in the imagination of the diehard supporter.

It’s vaudeville, pantomime. Talk of tactics, makes as much sense as shouting, ” He’s behind you!” At the Pavilion.

That’s why the Plc have gone the extra mile to re-establish the Old Firm. Deep down I suspect many supporters know it too. It’s easy money and breeds incompetence and nepotism.

It panders to base instincts like Fear by providing the Ego, with the much sought after security and continuity.

That’s why supporters are reluctant to endorse Res 11/12. It goes to the core of the lie. The truth that most people outside of Scotland know . The Old Firm is a myth. The football is poor and of very little interest outside Scotland and expats.

Ange was appointed as Manager. We’ve no Director of Football. Who is going to negotiate transfers? Dom’s immediate background is in a different sport.

The scouting network is questionable (as the bin at Lennoxtown revealed). Senior players are unsettled and the youth have decided that their future lies outwith Celtic.

Hopefully with Ange’s 25 years of experience, he’ll identify short term fixes but also address the medium and longer term deficiencies at the Club.

Do an assessment and plan what and who is required.

What’s needed is humility and honesty. Not deflection.

It will take time to turn things around but we’ll know pretty quickly if we’re beginning to move in the right direction. That’s not so much the results but engagement and detail. A whole different approach.

Meanwhile Dom can get on with addressing the other areas of dysfunctionality across the business.

The approaching court cases are a priority.

Till later.

The Gombeen Man

Reading back I noticed some references to the Serenity Prayer.

In matters concerning the Old Ego or Old Firm the second verse of the Serenity Prayer has some relevance,

“Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.”


A wonderful contribution from arguably the foremost Protestant American theologian of his day, Reinhold Niebuhr.


The Gombeen Man

“That’s why supporters are reluctant to endorse Res 11/12. It goes to the core of the lie. The truth that most people outside of Scotland know . The Old Firm is a myth. The football is poor and of very little interest outside Scotland and expats.”

It is obvious that we are on the same page but so comforting to see my view of reality is held by someone else.

There is a risk of being labled a crank in some Presidential quarters of which there is more to come in due course, but I’m glad to have company.

I have no idea what a game built on the true spirit of sport would look like but my experience tells me our worst fears are never realised , that is come to pass.

Would Celtic be diminished further or are we already at a gutter level where the only way is up?

Will we become a St Pauli with a lower but ethical support or will becoming ethical make Celtic a light in the darkness and so more attractive than we currently are?

Do we have honest leaders to take us into the light or are we all cut from the same cloth of fear chasing shadows?


The Gombeen Man

Ah the Serenity Prayer. It’s the bit about having the wisdom to recognise what I can change and what I cannot that exercise me.

Knowing when to hand over and when to be the instrument.

The Gombeen Man


It’ll unfold okay.
Enjoy the journey.

cosy corner bhoy

What would determine a good season for AP?
We all have different targets and expectations. The whole club is so far out of the picture at the moment that our expectations are so low even the Happy Clappers are despondent! However, our hopes are much higher and our dreams the staff of fairy tales!
For me I think back to the season Der Hun won their ninth successive title and remember cheating Farry and the rest of the shenanigans , but I think we lost the league by about five or six points and Jorge was top goal scorer despite that wee shite Farry
This last season just finished we were in horse racing parlance ‘beaten by a distance’!
So for me AP gets from a distance back to five or six and he is Lazarus resurrected! Win the league and he’s The Big Man made a comeback .
My hope is eternal my expectations fair to middling
He will get my full support till season’s end and a revaluation thereafter.

cosy corner bhoy

I deffo typed stuff not staff ☹️



A good Season for me is winning the league. No more,no less.

I think the Huns are a very well organised team and that’s it. They have one or two “good” players,but the rest to me are very average but know their positions and are well coached.

I don’t think it would take a massive turnaround for us to challenge this forthcoming Season.

So, AP it’s up to you now !!!!!!

#OptimisticCSC 🍀🍀🍀


I never knew Winston Churchill was a Sioux Warrior. 😀

Old Sitting BullShit- Churchill that is



I agree that there is an air of expectation about the upcoming season and I think that is good for the fanbase.

However, I do not agree that AP is the correct appointment at the correct time. This is either a panic appointment, as Deila was, or an error of judgement.

What was needed was a MON or Strachan type of appointment where there could be a reasonable level of confidence that the ship could be turned around quickly. Ange’s career shows that he does not turn things around quickly in his first season. His “method” takes at least a season because he has a clearout of players and then slowly has to get buy in to his style of constant pressing based on improved fitness. So either the Board does not know this or is prepared to let Sevco have the league again for this season. They could never admit that because they would never sell STs.

It is a total gamble and one that we did not have to make. Surely, there are experienced coaches available that could have been hired and in place by now. However, what ever process the Board uses, it seems to be seriously flawed, both in terms width of vision and speed of implementation.

The time to hire AP was after NL’s trial period when there was a successful team in place. Then he could have gradually introduced his style and got his targets in as we sold off Edouard etc from a position of strength. But “No”, the shortsightedness of the Board led us down a path of decline, led by a dysfunctional CEO.

Oglach, I cannot answer your question absolutely. However, I suspect that there will be an initial period of total chaos where we shall lose points at an alarming rate. If this stops within six weeks, AP will survive. I also think we shall go out of the CL at the first qualifier and drop into the qualifiers for the Euro. There the crystal ball gets murky.

I also think that the Board will be desperate to keep him in place for the full season, saying he needs time to implement his ideas. However, they will bend if fans do not have the stomach for too many Ross County, Livingston results. Beyond that, I cannot be clearer.


PS I hope I am wrong.

Le Baldy c'est Jobo

No matter how well we perform under Angelo this has virtually no effect on Sevcos results against the other 10 teams.
I fear that one if my pet gripes will come to pass- Sevco will win their first 3 games and some Celtic fans will blame Celtic’s new manager!


REBUS67 et al

I would not have had AP as a contender for the job. I think I’ve made that plain. But there is enough in his CV to suggest that he will bring us through a very difficult situation.

Having said that,I won’t call his tenure a failure if we don’t win the league at his first time of asking. IMO,that is too much to expect.

Every Celtic fan is aware of just how far we have regressed in two short years,and at every level of the club.

I’ll be happy with signs of progress next season,and an optimistic view of the one to follow. That,for me,is how far we have fallen.

In two short years.

And I will never forgive the people that I hold responsible for that.


“And I will never forgive the people that I hold responsible for that.”

Quite right Bobby. I blame DD, PL & NL in that order. I cut NL a bit more slack because he should never have been there in the past 2 years.



Accurate spot of the culprits. No shit,Sherlock!



Yes, those in senior positions at the club have a lot to answer for. I feel particularly bitter because at one time I thought the club was well run. In fact, it was the opposite, with opportunities thrown away year after year.

It was only when Sevco poked the bear too vigorously that we saw an inspired reaction……the arrival of BR.

I do not see AP in a similar light but I do wish to be wrong about that.


Prestonpans bhoys

Yes in two short years we have fallen to this debacle. Only one of those in charge at board level has fallen on his sword, pushed more like. Others like £80k pa Bankier remain untouched, a board not fit for purpose

Garry Enrique

We need shot of Allison, Bankier and Wilson asap.
Absolute chancers those three. A cancer in our club along with their big pal Lawwell.

big packy rumenigge

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, some great posts today bhoys cap doffed, JIM agree the whole board should have been chased down london road a while ago, and if A,P, does not get his own backroom staff, that will be a telltale sign pedro has not left the building,,another true story,H,H,


Afternoon Packy. what would worry me more was if the backroom staff is PL’s decision, then AP accepting that would be chronic.
My estimation of him would be kaput from the word go.

big packy rumenigge

JIM, yes chronic is the word, lets just wait and see what happens in the coming days, we will know more then, I hope and pray A,P. is not another yes man of the board, if he is we are doomed, another true story,👍


Dooomed!! ah tell ye! Doooomed!! (In a highland accent)

big packy rumenigge

BOBBY if your on your way to sols house go round the back, he never answers his front door, think his bell might be broke,.another true story,😎😎

big packy rumenigge

YES, jim the guy in dads army, was it private fraser or corporal fraser ?????



The cat flap is round the back. Even I’ll never fit through that.



big packy rumenigge

BOBBY, enjoy yersel 👍

big packy rumenigge

JIM, thought it was👍

big packy rumenigge

BOBBY/JIM, picked up a dog for grooming this morning ,wee joan was in the car with me, the customer said to wee joan is that your dad there in the car with you, GRRRRR im affrotit im flabergasted im annoyed ,dont laugh you lot ,she is only 4 years younger than me, another true story,,SOLKITTS dont you say a thing.😎


The Denmark vs Belgium game is about to start. I hope that the Danes get a result just as a boost to Eriksen.

A draw is possible and that might be enough to get them out of the group.



Packy, the amount of time & effort a lot of women spend making them look years younger, it’s hardly surprising! God bless them!

Sol Kitts Hygge

Big Packy
That’s made my day. Wee Joan done for you when she cut your hair like Mr Burns from the Simpsons.

big packy rumenigge

SOL/JIM, dont no what to say, just might go for a facelift now, watch this space😎😎😎

big packy rumenigge

JIM, got a true music story later if your up for it ???


Go for it Packy! 🙂

Gordon64 Bertie Auld`s family would like all #CelticFC fans and football fans in general to keep Bertie in their prayers as they confirmed today that he is suffering with Dementia. Our thoughts are with Bertie and his family 🦁🏆


It has now been announced that Bertie is living with Dementia – thoughts and prayers are with him, I’m sure his wit and strength of character will be a huge help for him through this journey God bless Bertie and all who support him.

Hail Hail


God bless Bertie and all his family & carers.