Our biggest test awaits

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very concerned about our collective ability to handle the massive test about to come all our ways, that of course is being forced to watch another team lift the title for a prolonged spell.
One reason it will be such a bitter pill to swallow is because we went from record turnover with a world class manager to collapse and period of second best in a matter of three years. It’s shocking as Martin was apt to state.
In my supporting lifetime we have never faced this situation, weve always been ‘just’ a couple decent players or good manager away from competing, this does not look like one of those cases at all, it’s a total top to bottom rebuild.
The PLC wasted time, rested on their laurels, failed to invest long term and ‘our’ just desserts await, as usual it’s the rank and file Tim who will feel the pain most.
That’s not to say we are ready though.
I recall my partner in crime talking of regular 20k crowds in the early 80s, of going to the game not in expectation of a victory, but you were assured of banter between the gathered Tims winning or not. The hardcore accepted the bad times with a joke and a smile then, still attended and supported the team as a badge of honour.
True Celtic fans indeed.
But how long ago was that and how much has the support changed since?
I dare say the 70s and 80s was a harder world for most who filled those sacred terraces, with few on the ground options bar the match or the pub, or a blend of both.
Netflix, the gym, the blog, the caravan etc weren’t around back then, the match was literally the only show in town.
Now we have reached very different times and I’m not sure how we will handle repeatedly falling short.
The blogs are busier when Celtic fail to win, that’s a known fact, but it doesn’t mean we like to moan. When we win we can all see with our own eyes how we achieved victory, when we lose there’s a million and one opinions why, that’s why defeats especially see busy blogs.
We are an opinionated, passionate fanbase, by this stage very used to success. And just as Irving Welsh penned, forgiveness isn’t in the dictionary.
I say forgiveness because accepting second best for a while, would take a lot of understanding of just how we got into this situation, but that’s far away. It irks every one of us that we didn’t use our advantages to lay down foundations to dominate long term, I don’t think the PLC wanted to do that at all.
There’s a lot of taunting to come. Yes I’m very fortunate in that regard, but the scenes in George Square and elsewhere look set to be repeated long term now.
Right when the WATP mentality should be confronted, it’s about to feast on the back of it’s favourite outlet’s success, with anti-Catholic behaviour and chants now publicly admitted by some of the nations politicians.
Each embarrassing event regarding the Ibrox clubs support helps make it harder to accept we lost to the worst club in the nation, maybe in football..
There’s also the pile of debt to assemble the league winners to be taken into account. Financially they fly very close to the sun, too close some believe.
We would accept losing to well run club much much better, not a house of debt that needs the top spot and it’s spoils to ensure this iterations existence continues.
And of course these days we all have our favourite outlets to vent in, whereas before it was the Celtic view and your friends and family that seen the benefit of your views.
The internet gives us all a voice, every different Tim under the sun has access, and therefore it’s an explosion of differing opinions and emotions when it comes to the national sport. You can find friends and entertainment online if you seek it, but equally you can find echo chambers and extreme views which do nothing to sooth the soul, usually the opposite.
We’ve reached the stage were many seeking solace or avoidance of extreme views actively avoid the internet after an event, knowing the foaming at the mouth posters will be out in full force raising the tension and blood pressure.
It’s obvious that most of Celtic cyberspace won’t be pleasant reading whilst we play second fiddle, perhaps for a prolonged spell.
Realistically we will be bitter at how that club assembled their title winning squad, angry at how our own club of choice frittered away it’s dominance so quickly and pathetically, angry at the scenes of the Champions ‘celebrating’ fans, peeved off at the goading that will surely accompany these titles we speak of, and then when we go online to get away from things we can expect most comments to be of a negative nature.
There’s also the strong probability we shall see a number of verbal skirmishes with the PLC which usually leads to a verbal ‘slap’ by DD, and does anyone expect the ticketing ballots to go smoothly?
I don’t.
Yup, we as a fanbase are about to go through a massive test, the rebuilding years won’t be easy on us. There will be spats surrounding the correct way forward,, there will be flounces of posters sick to the back teeth of the constant negativity online,, there will some ecstasy at finally getting the nod to return but lots of agony at missing the ballot,,and that’s before we debate the merits of attempting to play attacking Barca style football with a poor squad and cheap recruits.
We have all heard the saying following Celtic isn’t always easy, but it’s always rewarding. Well, that’s about to be tested to the maximum. Many will hope we begin infighting, widening the fissures within the support, start the finger pointing and give the rags headline after headline to divide us with, but we must be wiser and smarter than that.
We must ride this out together, leaning on each other just as those hardy souls did in the early 80s. There’s no getting away from this, it must be faced up to and how we react is very important.
The Tims arent sore losers, this generation must now show that.
While each will handle disappointment in their own ways, please remember the sun will shine again and in the not too distant future you will once again sit amongst friends in the stands with the hair on the back of your neck rising as the fullback bombs up the wing to deliver another cross.
We should stick together through this test and emerge stronger at the end, be resolute in adversity not panicked or volatile.
The song says we don’t care if we win, lose or draw,,well times here to prove it.
You’ll Never Walk Alone my friend.
By Mahe.

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Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

Rather than using these times to prove how willingly we can accept the omnishambles that is the way our club is run, why don’t we stand up for ourselves and force change? The next time we feel the sun on our face might be when it’s bleaching our bones in the desert. In the times to come, several historic clubs will wither and die. Right now, we have the ideal people in charge to ensure we’re one of them.

Lubo Friesdorfer

Good Morning all. Excellent summary Mahe of where we are now, how we got here and what we need to do to go forward. The crucial part is to ensure that we carry that through.

Well played Scotland last night.


Craig 76 (3 leopards 🐆 on a shirt )

The Real Moravcik @ 12.00am
I was always ended up in the queue at McLeans bakery after staggering out the Mosset
Their chicken pies were to die for 🍺🍺🍺🍺🥧🥧🥧🥧


I enjoyed that leader this morning mahe. No doubt we are being let down by the plc but we don’t support the plc. I can’t wait to get back to paradise and support my team.
Oglach 1055 last night,
That was a class post.
As for Scotland. I thought Scotland played really well and were worth a point. There were no failures in the team but for me the man of the match was KT. Imperious.
Any concerns I may have had about England winning were removed last night. Unless their opponents all go down with COVID and they have access to the hun vaccine then they have no chance. A team that is less than the sum of its parts in my opinion.
Right off out for a spin round Ayrshire on my bike with my pals.


A spin round Ayrshire on their bikes for ATOB IKEA and her pals is more than the range for some electric vehicles. Buncha nutters!


Copied over

Cosy Corner Bhoy
Just reading back……. I’m with CT on the Billy Gilmour debate and I’m from Ardrossan!
I thought that he was the lightest of our team in terms of winning tackles and also body mass, the first no doubt due to the second. On the ball he is first class, but Man of the Match he wasn’t! He needs to get Bryson de Chambeau’s handbook on muscle building.
Btw, young Gilmour re-visits his primary school, which used to be less than 100 yards from my old house, every time he ‘comes home’. He is a well respected lad but not in the first five of MoM last night for me.
Maybe it’s an age thing with me and CT😁.

June 19, 2021 8:31 am


Morning all & Packy.

Pleasantly surprised last night, the best Scotland match I’ve watched in a while – apart from that wee spell in the game when LG scored 2 goals from free kicks! We could have been doing with Leigh at his best last night.

St tams

Excellent article Mahe.

First full Scotland game I’ve watched in years .
Really enjoyed it and England couldn’t have complained if we had won.
No failures among the players, but KT was immense.
As for England . A lot of talented players. But not a team .
Bit like us last season.


Packy, Starman @ 16.20 is a non runner pal, pick another.
(Loved that song!)


I am of the opinion lawwell and co deliberately fritterered away out advantage. Our team is a shambles and a hibs reject as manager. Celtic plc only care about our money, they are getting no more of mine til they are gone.

The Gombeen Man

The winner last night was the Beautiful Game.

Two teams giving their all without the interference of money, sponsors, politicians, and agendas.

It’s rare to marvel at a game without goals. To be so lost in the game that nothing else matters.

This is really what football is about. It’s beauty can’t be explained by the constraints of rational analysis.

What a joy to watch a game that’s wasn’t controlled by the oligarchs or ruined by fearful cheats.

Fair play to both sides for reminding us what sport really is.

What nonsense we’ve allowed to masquerade as sport in our modern game.

We’ve really accepted second best.

Squire Danaher,

Thanks for the reply.

The movie is timeless. A work of genius really. It works on so many levels.

The Gombeen Man

Good leader Mahe.

By forgiveness we’re usually forgiving our own perception of what happened.

I struggle to accurately remember what happened five minutes ago.

The other half will ask me

“What exactly did he say?”

I’ll say, ” He said something like.”

She’ll say, ” What exactly did he say?”

I’ll say, ” Cannae really remember.”

That’s usually within five minutes of me taking a phone call or having a conversation.


Damien Duff on RTÉ last night before the game. (I jotted these down and sent them to my lad at the time).

Damien Duff, on KT,

“He’s a top, top player. The fastest at Celtic. Probably the fastest at Arsenal too. He didn’t waste a minute at training.
He was heartbroken leaving the club. He loves Celtic. He just wanted to try something else.
I’ve no doubt he’ll be back there one day.
Liam (Brady) told me he’s got a new deal at Arsenal. He deserves it ”

On Callum McGregor, “Another top player. Captain material. He’s like a sponge in training. He picks up things so quickly. It’s like having a Coach on the pitch. He’s so good at passing things onto the younger ones.”

I didn’t see the comments after the game.

Till Later.


Well said John A



Looking increasingly likely. That it was simply incompetence? Nobody can be that bloody incompetent!


Buongiorno a tutti da un più fresco di quanto sperato Renfrew! Mi sto preparando per una partita di ritorno contro i nostri rivali della Coppa di Divisione che ci hanno assolutamente picchiato un paio di settimane fa, quindi stiamo cercando una prestazione migliore e un risultato migliore oggi! Comunque, alla partita di ieri sera…Charlie Gilmour (sic John Collins FFS!!) è stato probabilmente molto più efficace di quanto mostrato in TV, probabilmente spiegando perché stava ricevendo i complimenti che ha fatto, ma la prestazione di tutta la squadra a parte il colpo di testa gratuito di Stone era eccezionale. Ma più di questo lo sforzo individuale che ogni giocatore ha fatto per attenersi al piano di gioco di Clarke è stato immenso, devono aver dormito bene la scorsa notte. Speriamo che lo sforzo, l’adrenalina e l’hype non li abbiano spazzati via per la partita della Croazia!
Forza Scozia! Forza Italia!!
Il Real Moravcik…speriamo di avere un turno di notte stasera…sembra un’eternità da quando abbiamo avuto un ballo di fine anno!!


Good morning all from a cooler than hoped for Renfrew! I’m getting ready for a return match against our Divisional Cup rivals who absolutely battered us a couple of weeks ago so we’re looking for an improved performance and a better result today! Anyway, to last night’s game…Charlie Gilmour (sic John Collins FFS!!) was probably way more effective than the TV showed probably explaining why he was getting the plaudits he did but the performance by the whole team apart from Stone’s free header was exceptional. But more than that the individual effort each and every player put in to stick to Clarke’s gameplan was immense, they must have slept well last night. Let’s hope the effort, adrenaline and hype hasn’t wiped them out for the Croatia game!
Come on Scotland! Come on Italy!!
The Real Moravcik…hopefully get a Nightshift on tonight…it feels like forever since we’ve had a SC Dance-Off!!


Can’t help thinking that the praise for Scotland last night is slightly overblown.
Clarke is a good organizational coach and it showed but the realty is we where playing a very average and predictable opponent.
But without a decent goalscorer we will struggle to win the games that count as we have no forward threat.
Southgate is mediocre and a lot of his players are vastly overrated and overhyped due to the media driven juggernaut that is the EPL where most of the best players are foreign which is ironic considering England’s xenophobic leanings.
Grealish in particular and he is a cheat who must have found a Michael Laudrup video on how to conjure fouls out of little contact.His leg dangling followed by a flop at slightest contact was Laudrup to a tee.
All the Scottish team deserve praise and even Dykes and Adams for effort and workmate.
McGregor who i am not a fan of was very neat ,tidy and disciplined but i wish he would be braver in his passing as he has the skill to create more than he shows.
The mssm had the Gilmour script already written so no surprise but i’m sure they were disappointed Paterson didn’t play as his praise would have been even higher.
Croatia will be a test and i hope we overcome our goalscoring struggles.

Óglach: Cat 4


I, and I am sure many other Tims, would willingly undertake a period of ashes and sackcloth while Sevco run riot if you pardon the pun if we could be assured that a foundation for future success was being laid. But as long as the current PLC structure is in place the one thing that we can all guarantee is that nothing will really change especially while we have a majority shareholder who believes Sevco are Rangers 1872 and who couldn’t care less if we win the league as long as the OF money keeps rolling in. The shambles of Lenny’s appointment along with the all too obvious diminution of player quality will continue Infinitum (and BTW I included the appointment of the current manager as further proof of the reduction in quality) if we, the support, just sit on our arses and do nothing but winge. If only we could unite and deprive the PLC of the only thing they want of us – Hard cash. “But that would damage the club” is the usual response – the reply to which should be – “you mean damage it more than the current custodians are – absolutely feckin’ impossible mate”.

Maestro Fan

It’s when they find £100K to build that statue to Lawwell for delivering this state of affairs that I’ll finally crack!


Maestro Fan, I think that statue will ‘crack’ as well!


Oglach Cat 4…whilst the current TRFC operate under their own set of rules and CFC have the financial upper hand I will never accept a period of sackcloth and ashes! The raison d’etre of FFP and indeed Auldheid and the Gang of Four’s quest to highlight and enforce accountability for our PLC’s failings and shortcomings should be our aim WHILST Celtic continue to dominate domestic fitba. I refer to my post earlier in the week that I approach each new season with the same anticipation…I expect to win the League! This is not an entitled viewpoint it is merely that Celtic should be good enough to win every game irrespective of what the Huns are doing or what the SFA have in store for us.

St tams

Am I right in saying that Gilmour comes from a Celtic minded family

Craig 76 (3 leopards 🐆 on a shirt )

St Tams
That was Cosy Corner Bhoys post I only copied it over as it got posted at the end of yesterday’s thread.

I have know idea myself of Gilmours family background

Le baldy qu’est Jobo

St Tams – I think you are correct in that. Not that it matters (to me, anyway) – if any player is Scottish* and good enough then they get my full support whenever Scotland are playing.

* – or qualify through parents, knowing a Proclaimers song and/or going taps aff whenever it reaches 15 degrees

bada bing1

Some Bertie Auld t shirts doing the rounds, saying all money going to Alzheimers charities, it’s a scam,don’t buy them…….scum

bada bing1

I’m sure there was a photo of Gilmour with a Celtic scarf on ,when he was with Sevco


You’re correct Mahe. We didn’t have a blog. We saved our club by mass investment. We had complete involvement. If all we had was a thread, a personal opinion, a nuance of emotion, we’d have gone the same way as the ibrox crowd. We turned up. We supported. We invested. We remain. Join if you will. But it requires more than just words.


Morning all,

Saw this down the rounds and had a wee chuckle 🤭


Portugal completed 850 passes in their match on Tuesday 😳 The only way England could compete with that, is by putting Harry Kane on Mastermind 🤣

bada bing1

The Big Match ITV 4, jumpers for goalposts….marvellous


BADABINGBADABOOM!…I got an email this morning from Tees For TIms promoting the Bertie charity tee-shirts and thought about buying a couple. I’ve bought from this site before with no issues…if that’s the site you’re talking about have you got info that they should be avoided?



You describe the situation that may be staring us in the face for the foreseeable future. It reminded me of MON’s life in the slow lane comment. Rank incompetence, oldfirmism and maybe some corruption have brought us to this point. I believe that we can aim to recapture our crown domestically but it will take a minor miracle for Ange to cobble together the rump of the existing squad, youth and low cost additions into some form of mean green machine, capable of outplaying the financially doped from Govan.
Like others have stated we can support the football side of the club whilst trying to rid ourselves of the charlatans or so called board members. They treat the fans with contempt and try to prevent us upsetting their cosy cabal. They must be stopped.

bada bing1

McCaff- I got this sent to me

Robert Auld sent me this its just shocking he is very angry we need to get this out on social media its a scam and nothing to do with the family


bada bing, Starman is a non runner.

bada bing1

JTT- Thanks mate,is there a table of results?


Not so far, Bobby must be waiting till the end.


BADABINGBADABING!…aah okay! I’ve used Tees For TIms for non-Official tees and badges for the wee guy for a while now. Of course I have no way of proving if their claims that all proceeds from sales of the Bertie tee would be made to charity but likewise I had no reason to believe otherwise! If the family are unhappy I would think twice about buying! Playing Devil’s Advocate if the money goes to Alzheimer’s Charities it’s got to be a good thing!! If the family are unhappy it’s not likely I would buy as Bertie Auld is my most favourite Fitba Personality EVER purely for the times he spends amongst his ain folk at Parkheid, an absolute Legend in every sense!

Craig 76 (3 leopards 🐆 on a shirt )

BadaBing 1
I think Bobby was going to work out the table once he has finished drinking his weight in beer and whisky 🍺🍺🍺🥃🥃🥃 with SolKitts


C76…December?? 🤣🤣🤣


Sorry Bobby…couldn’t resist – it was too easy!! 😁

Craig 76 (3 leopards 🐆 on a shirt )

McCaff 2022🤣🤣



Craig 76 (3 leopards 🐆 on a shirt )

Right I’m off to Irvine for a few birthday drinks 🍺🍺🍺.
Yes that was a shameless plug that it’s my birthday today 😃😃


Enjoy your day…I’m going to get blootered now too – at fitba!! 😮


Happy birthday by the way C77!! 😁

Craig 76 (3 leopards 🐆 on a shirt )

McCaff 👍and long way to go b4 i get near 77

bada bing1

McCaff- cheers


Craig Happy birthday young mhan HH 🍀

Big Audio Dynamite

Oglach, “We have a majority shareholder who believes Sevco are Rangers 1872”

No he doesn’t mate, he just wants us to believe it! Like all people in positions of power, he does what he is told by those who hold more. This was always about much more than mere football …it’s about the division of the city-country.

The game of power is all about keeping us peasants bickering constantly, while the PLC do wtf they like We all know we can NEVER play Rangers again, but that ain’t stopping the PLC from telling you WE ARE! Shameful.

Tell a lie often enough, eh?



” that needs the top spot and it’s spoils to ensure this iterations existence continues ”

Perhaps a clue in there as to why we ” lost ” the ten , and are so unprepared for the coming season 😉

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