The New Jackie incoming?

The next few weeks should see several signings made which always excites, and some departures which sometimes upsets.
I hope Ange believes in the old ‘build from the back’ philosophy, it hasn’t stood the test of time for nothing, and at least he has shown some movement on that front.
One ‘never really given the chance’ right back in Ralston signed for a further year, one promising RB/CB in O’Connor to be accessed in person starting on Thursday, and now we have the very interesting news an approximate 7 million bid has been made for another right back.
It’s interesting for a few different reasons,,

*It’s a lot of money for us to spend before we have any idea of our European status
*At 24 he’s in or around his prime, no project at all
*His stats show he’s very attacking which shows how we intend to play.
*We can’t have real quality on only one side or that would be easy to close down, we need a quality left back also to use the attacking fullback system
*It’s not the cheap lazy local option, and with Hickey probably available it shows real intent to look above him.
*The gulf in quality between first and second choice right back will probably be huge if we sign him.
A seven mill fullback straight off the bat kick-starting the Age of Ange would be one hell of a statement indeed, a real flexing of the muscle act. It would be reassuring to many of the support we are intent to spend heavily on important positions, probably one of the promises made to the new boss.
As mentioned, this also tells me a higher class of left back than Greg Taylor will be first choice, though the new signing Shaw may be given a chance to show his credentials before we look elsewhere. At 21 he has the world at his feet and should have the engine to get up and down the left.
Of course the area the attacking full back vacates needs protecting in their absence, and with them present if double teamed, so what is ahead of our two fullbacks is very important. James on the right can put in a shift, but he’s not getting any younger at 30 now,plus there seems to be desire to blood young Dembele.
Based on this we could go with the more attacking new RB/ Dembele duo against lesser domestic opposition, bringing in James for the harder games?
While on the left Ange will more than likely become the latest to become seduced by Mikey Johnson’s silky silks and at least give him a chance out on the left. That’s probably the last thing our new left back needs, an injury prone, slightly built pure attacker in front of him, but theres no clear other option out on the left. Shved could get a look in but I doubt it. This area could do with a strong fresh recruit, for any manager worth their salt would focus their attacks to come down our weaker left flank. Not sealing the left would leave a strong right hand flank mostly a waste of time.
These are the intricacies Ange will have been wrestling with since he first accepted the position. Strong wings push the play towards the middle which will totally suits us having the combative Turnbull and Soro inside, and attacking fullbacks help stop the opposition’s fullbacks from bombing too far forward and getting caught out of position.
We all love an attacking right back, and with money tight it should be quality over quantity all the way.
Valentin Rosier looks like both. That bodes well.
By Mahe.

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Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

This is the link to the article breaking the news we have bid for him.

Le baldy qu’est Jobo

Good morning, friends from a dry, very bright and sunny East Kilbride.
Good thought provoking article again although my own stance now is to try not to get caught up in ANY speculation, possible signings or departures, etc. I’ll just wait until any actual announcements are made. The old “I’ll only believe it when I see the photo of him with Paul The Tim” type of approach.
Anyway, that’ll be the nights fair drawing in again then…. 😉

Lubo Friesdorfer

Good Morning all. A positive article to start the day, what’s not to like. Slight reservation a la Jobo, I’m kinda wary of clickbait media speculation. If true, and time will tell, it would put down a marker for sure, so let’s wait and see. Have a nice day y’all. Oh, and it’s a beautiful sunny morning in Dundee on the silvery Tay, here’s hoping it is an equally sunny outlook at Hampden this evening.

Squire Danaher

Pardon my cynicism but talk of signing a £7m right back three days before a season ticket deadline seems more than a bit of a coincidence.

By the weekend we will be hearing the usual patter of “we tried our best but couldn’t get it over the line”.


Morning all, summer’s here and Mahe’s excellent positivity and expectation has proven it! The news of Rosier indeed shows intent and if there’s truth in it, even as a deflection for a similar target,it is welcome after last season…but I’m with the cynics on this one – the Saga of Maurice Johnston lives long in my memory. I’ll wait till I see him walk out with the team before I’ll accept he’s ours!
Have a great day all, add oot to work in the sun today!!


Good point Squire! Just to pour a heavy dose of reality on oor parade!! 🤣

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, garry i do love a whopper, but prefer a big mac with no pickles, jimthetim53 is buying.,another true story😎 😎

big packy



Morning all,

Does anyone have any news on the Celtic Trust meeting which was due to take place last night ?

Just asking,as it could possibly have an outcome on whether I renew my Season ticket for next year. ( 99% chance I’ll renew).

Again like most folk, I am very sceptical about a “ Proposed “ 7 million pound bid !!!!!!!

Anyway, Good luck Scotland tonight.

We can do it. !!!!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


I believe the CST meeting is scheduled for today? I might be wrong but I think that’s correct

The Gombeen Man

Good positive read this morning Mahe and equally salient observations from all the contributors.

Squire Danaher,

I had a quick peek at the other place, last night and saw your posts.

It crossed my mind that it’s like trying to have a dialogue with the Talking Clock.

That’s a pity. Much of any validity of certain posters views is lost, by their use of self-serving, political propaganda.

If I’m at a loose end one day, I’ll tot up how many times the word Cult is used, (the same root as culture.)

It’s use reminds me of the old Unionist mind game of the use of the the term Sinn Féin/IRA.

Fear based manipulation at it’s most obvious.

Clumsy, negative. Never looking for solutions.

In saying all of that – I do smile when the word Cult is so frequently used.

You see, the expression, ‘shower of cults’ come to my mind.

If they had the courage to engage without the tedious political monologue. We might find important common ground.

Fingers crossed for Scotland this evening.

I’ll leave it there…

The Gombeen Man

Going for bust on this morning…

Another word that gives me a laugh…

The Irish word for Accountant is Cuntasóir,

It seems the Irish had that professions number.

Till Later.

Big Audio Dynamite

I love squirrels ..especially expensive ones.

Sb’s not selling so well?

Squire Danaher

The Gombeen Man 9:19

Cheers for your support. You clearly got the drift. It reminded me a bit of The Lion King, with Uncle Scar winding up the hyenas.

However we best not get caught talking in the corridors, walls have ears and corridors have prefects.

The last time I was involved in a discussion on here regarding the other place, one of them popped up within seconds, like a young Broony through a trapdoor in an over stretched midfield, chastising people for talking out of class.

Garry Robert Lewandowski

Rosier being linked with Marseille this morning Mahe.

Garry Robert Lewandowski

Squire Danaher
Good to see you on this site.
Keep up the good work elsewhere.
Saor Alba
Forza Polska



Rosier says he appreciates the interest from Marseille but his agent is dealing with it as his head is focused on his holidays at the moment, but you can’t refuse such a big club. Maybe it’s all agent PR both Marseille and Celtic. Still, better than stories about selling our best players.

bada bing1

Embdae actually think that we will be paying £7 million for a right back?…… neither….

Garry Robert Lewandowski

Normally I would agree with that, but there is not one player in our current squad that I would be overly fussed about leaving.
I feel Ange needs a completely new team.


Cheers Twisty,

Will hold back for 1 day more.( But I fear Les Miserables) on any game changers!!!!!

Mon the Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Squire Danaher

Garry Robert Lewandowski

Thanks for the welcome and kind words.


The meeting was last night. I did not attend due to other commitments so I’ll leave it to those who were there to give an update.
I’m with you. No way will we spend £7m on a right back. There is serious downsizing going on at celtic. We’re not offering Ralston another year and spending £7m on his competition. I predict we won’t sow and kore than £3m on a player for another five years.

Mike in Toronto

28 days until Midtjlylland

Óglach: Cat 4

Celtic’s Irish youth international Armstrong Oko-Flex off to ‘The ammers’ according to West Ham blogs🤔
Oh aye, Leo Hjelde, another promising Celtic youth, apparently off to Leeds🤔🤔🤔

£7 mill defender before we have sold anyone — aye that will be right – liar liar pant’s on fire – I smell smoke🤥🤥
How much input did Postecoglou have about signing a guy he has probably never heard of? Someone else signing players – who’d have thunk it

cosy corner bhoy

Oglach: I’m with Postecoglou… I’ve never heard of the new man in our sights either!!! even though I think squirrel.
We can’t even make up a story about some everyone knows!

bada bing1

5.4million shares of Celtic have been snapped up overnight by Lindsell equity group.[London Stock Exchange]
Who’s selling?

bada bing1

More than 60k allowed at Wembley for semis and final



The meeting was last night, I had 21st down as Tuesday and my birthday as Wed in my head which makes me 75 today.

What was agreed at meeting will be published but I have to seriously rethink if I can continue to urge others to join as I’m having serious doubts about how democratic the process really is.

It’s hard to be of influence when the mechanism filters out or dismisses what might influence members.

A conclusion reached at the meeting, which I agree with as matters stand, is that the only way to influence a change in Celtic’s attitude and make Celtic Board accountable to all shareholders is by amassing votes and as long as folk are patient then it makes sense to sign up or persevere.

However when it comes to playing Celtic at their own game, leadership is lacking and there seems no CST desire to change their thinking.

For me an AGM is where Celtic are brought to account by shareholders and if it cannot be done until a voting majority is reached, then The Celtic Board is unaccountable and we just have to live with it or find a way that changes Celtic’s attitude that the majority of supporters will buy into. Calling Celtic out on handling of Res12 or a accepting the 5WA for example.

Remember my article on Directors Responsibilities? That was given to the CST a few days before SC published here. CST were given first refusal but I copied to SC to be ready to use if CST did not want to.

I might have got a reply from CST before our two dashing white SC sergeants jumped the gun but I half expected not to be replied to and half expected the 2DWS to jump the gun.

That article was intended for CST members to consider alternatives but it either never got past the filter or there was no one available to give it some thought. Similar to the note on the future direction of the CST presented 6 months ago.

Either way there is a democratic procedural problem that needs addressed.

It is quite possible that once the football gets underway and if performances give hope, that the head of steam caused by performance failure will have dropped and the rate of CST Membership growth will decline, postponing equity of esteem day.

I’ve been told I can sell ice cream to eskimos but I cannot sell them blubber by calling it ice cream.

Big Audio Dynamite

I thought wee Bully would have been double jabbed? So, all the players aren’t vaccinated?

Wtf is going on?


At the CST last night a proposal was passed by 69% for a boycott on spending at Celtic. it fell short of a full boycott on ST sales but everything else including the Celtic shops , merchandise etc.

Mike in Toronto


Firstly, and most importantly, happy birthday.


Many happy returns Auldheid! 🙂

Prestonpans bhoys

Eh £7m alleged bids, £50 vouchers landing on your doorstep. Is ST renewals soon😯😱😵

big packy

happy birthday auldhied 👍 and thanks once again for all the work you have put in on the 5 way agreement etc, you are a true celtic supporter, not like the cretins on the board,,more power to your elbow,H,H,


Happy Tuesday Packy! 🙂

big packy

JIM, same to you, ive put a grand on scotland tonight,I borrowed the money off sol kitts, only problem is he wants it paid back monthly at 60% APR whats that gonna cost me,.another not true story

Mike in Toronto

Reports are that Leeds have put in a bid for Celtic youngster, Matthew Anderson, and are also interested in Leo Hjelde.

both seem to be well regarded at Celtic, so, would be another blow to the youth system if one or both leave …



Firstly, congratulations on your birthday 🥳. Have a great day.

Looks like no game changers from last nights meeting which I think is sad.

I will renew because as explained before,I would just miss a good day out with fellow friends who I would possibly not see, apart from the football.

I do detest the Board, but unfortunately, I support the team over them.




That number of shares is about 5%. That’s a worry.

Or it should be.



Welcome to the madhouse!

Took yer time,right enough…




Some going,mucker and still crazy after all these years.

Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

Morning troops, hope this finds all in good health.

Auldheid a very happy birthday.

While I dont like or want a blog of speculation, a click on that link shows authentic European sports journalists with zero leaning towards our club stating we have made a bid for this guy and his price is around seven.

Now call me naive, but as far as I can see our new manager uses attacking full backs a lot, we need one, found a good one and made a good bid. It looks that simple.

Yes it might be ST renewal time, yes Peter told porkies to get the ST money sometimes, but a blind man can see we are gonna sign a right back, the only question is how much.
7 isn’t OMG money and he will probably make a nice profit later. Do I believe we would splash 7 around now. Absolutely for a key piece of the jigsaw that should bring it back and more.
We are cash rich, usually a new manager gets his first couple targets to keep him sweet (Marc Antoine fortune) and the fans need a kickstart.

Even if not this guy, all signs point to a quality right back incoming. The New Jackie?

Oh, Hlejde only has a year left so the club will cash in, more money to spend.

Hail Hail

Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

Squire a big welcome if I haven’t already said so.



If you check transfer markets etc. JJ Kenny has a market value of €7m, so I’d wait until any signing is complete before getting excited, then I’d wait until the guy has played half a dozen games before declaring him the new Messiah or not.

MON’s best value signing was probably Didier Agathe for £27k. That’s probably more likely to be the market we’ll be looking in. We’ll be scouring the Stranraer’s and Stirling Albion’s looking for a future star, or maybe the tapping into the Aussie leagues.



Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin. Looking for victory against Sweden tomorrow.

Celtic Champs Elect

Back in the day my mate big TT and I hitch hiked from M74 out by Lesmahagow on Thursday around 4/5 pm heading to Cubit Town in the east end of London to stay at My Auntie Margaret’s my dads sister and her husband Uncle Max a cockney and to meet up with my cousins John & Tilly Macsweeney

We were 16 dressed like two bay city rollers with the white skinners and tartan turn ups red doc Martin’s with yellow laces and Arthur Black shirts (AB was a tailor in St Enoch square who you went to for your made to measure shirts )

First lift took us right to Liverpool for what I can remember the guy was very friendly and shared his pieces with us although big TT reckoned I ate most of them on the journey:-)

At the lorry park in Liverpool we were then able to hitch another lift right into central London and arrived around I think it was 6.30/7.00am. Off we went looking for the tube that would take us to the east end and then the 39 bus to Cubit town although we were tired I was buzzin at the thought of going to stay at my aunties and meeting up with my cousins who I had never met 🙂

We eventually get to my auntie Margaret’s around 9/10 in the morning and they were all so happy to see TT and I it’s a memory that lives with me to this day as she had tears in her eyes at seeing her youngest brothers son for the first time in real life the hugs were the strongest I had ever felt at 16 they were so kind to us and had a room all ready for us to sleep in

Next day we were up early full breakfast on the table as my cousin John and his wife were coming to pick us at 11 to take us to Wembley to see our Bonnie Scotland

So with a full breakfast and a bingo from Auntie Margaret and Uncle Max off we headed to Wembley it looked amazing in the distance and the nearer we got the better it looked

We got dropped off and wandered around taking in the atmosphere but as we did not drink then the thing I noticed most was how drunk the men of the tartan army were absolutely blotto falling about and staggering around like a stolen motor

We fancied our chances that day we had a great team Bruce Ricoh Don Masson Danny McGrain Alfie Conn
Sandy Jardine and the goalkeeper of the season Stew art Kennedy

The game we got pumped 5-1 Big TT and spent more time laughing at all the drunk men of the tartan army trying to invade the pitch but there was a knee high barrier around the pitch and the guys were that drunk the just fell over as the could not see it TT and were buckled laughing.

The game ends and we get on the pitch as I had always dreamed of climbing the 39 steps were all the captains and teams walked up when they win the cup so we amble over to climb the steps get to the royally box and we hold up our imaginary day cup :-))

Once that was over another memory is the glass case press box getting bottled by all the fans the press had to run for cover as it was wine bottle after wine bottle getting chucked at it

After that we headed to all the supporters buses and were able to get a lift back home on one of them

What an experience for 2 young 16 year olds going to see Bonnie Scotland

Bug TT still calls me to talk about cubit town and the sandwiches I ate to this day

John and Tilly are still living but Auntie Margaret and Uncle Max are up in heaven

Sorry for the long post




I think you’ve got a problem with your spellchecker



Wow,what a story!

Some of us sure went some lengths to be there,and back when every penny was a prisoner.

bada bing1

O’Donnell 6/1 for a card on Bet 365….up against Peresic….bet responsibility

Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

He pulled it out of the hat on loan in Turkey last season and is wanted by a top club in one of the big five leagues.
This kid looks a real player.
And this isn’t speculation, we made a bid.
I’m forking delighted, understand the pessimism, but that’s real intent.
It will be interesting to see how Dom negotiates.

Hail Hail

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