The CST Meeting


A personal opinion from FRIESDORFER about the CST meeting the other night.


The following is my take from the above meeting.

After the recent decision of the Celtic Board to reject the proposal from the Celtic Trust re issuing Shares as the “Added Value” from last season, a meeting was called for 21stJune to discuss and decide next steps, with consideration of some motions from the Trust Membership.

A further point of note was that the Celtic PLC Board had corresponded with the Trust Executive Committee (known as Trustees) some 3 hours prior to the meeting and a synopsis of this is to be published to the Membership once the Trustees have had an opportunity to consider the contents.

At the outset, it was clearly expressed  that the Trustees think that the Celtic PLC Board is not fit for purpose, and as a result of the previous exchange regarding the Shares as Added Value proposal, were wholly dissatisfied with the PLC Board’s response which was described variously as inappropriate, dismissive and condescending – I think there may have been other epithets used, but I can’t quite remember…    The Trust’s position now is that the ball is firmly in the PLC’s court, and further communications should be initiated by the PLC rather than by the Trust, who are awaiting whatever proposals may be forthcoming from the PLC.  The Trust is thus not in current dialogue with the PLC Board.

It was emphasised strongly, though, that the Trust do not envisage having a “War” with the PLC, as the Trust’s focus is to improve and enhance share ownership to increase influence with the PLC/Club ultimately for the benefit of Shareholders/Supporters.  There is no appetite to confront the Board – this is considered by the Trustees to be divisive and nugatory across the piece.

Some members, however, believed that it is necessary for leadership to demonstrate that the status quo is not acceptable.  The long term aim of increasing share ownership, while admirable, will not result in improved communications without some intermediate steps being taken – by the Trust – to highlight the legitimate concerns of the supporters in general, not only shareholders.  How this is realised of course remains to be seen.

From the floor, motions for consideration were as follows:

  1. That a protest against the Board (not the Team) should be held prior to the home pre-season friendly v Preston North End.
  2. That a boycott of purchasing any ancillary items (merchandise, food etc) – but not tickets – should be implemented.
  3. That the Shares Sub-Committee should as a matter of urgency contact high profile/celebrity shareholders to establish whether they will be willing to encourage share ownership generally and also proxy their shares to the Trust – or align with their aims.

All of the above motions were voted on and carried by Trust Members participating in the meeting.  How these decisions are to be taken forward/publicised etc is not clear at present, but should become known in the near future.

Another issue raised was in regard to potential funding for provision of legal counsel should this be necessary.  This issue is to be discussed separately with the Trustees and no motion was presented formally nor was a vote held on it.

All of the above is my personal recollection, and should not be interpreted as representing my own views on these matters, which may or may not agree with the information relayed.

As I said

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Le baldy qu’est Jobo

Good morning, friends.
Thanks for that summary, Friesdorfer. IT reads to me as if the Trust aren’t at all happy with the Board but would still prefer that the Board improve things of their own accord, rather than from the threat of any serious actions by the fans. I honestly don’t see that happening.
The needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing along like before….


Well Hungary is eliminated I am back to being thetic
July1 is a big day for me not just because it’s Canada Day, but it’s the day our new CEO takes over , and hopefully he contacts the CST, and turns the ship around before it gets stuck on the rocks
Honestly in these times of fighting for a share of the entertainment buck Celtic are playing a dangerous game alienating the longtime fans, the same fans who introduce members of their family and also friends to Celtic Park

saltires voting for Christmas


Appreciate the summary buddy.

I’ve felt they are never going to do enough to leverage significant change by this Board. The intentions do seem right, albeit ‘playing’ the shares game with a PLC seems to indicate there is a quaint hopefulness, or even a hidden agenda, for some influential members.

What are your own thoughts?

Le baldy qu’est Jobo

Good morning (again!), friends.
Now that the Euro 2020 Group Stages are finished, we know who plays who in the last 16 starting this weekend. Based on Mahe’s post at 2.16pm yesterday here’s how the ole Charity Sweepstake is now set up (I think!)

Wales v Denmark – Celtic1member1vote / Maggie McGill v Gordon64 / Sol Kitts
Italy v Austria – St Tams / McCaff v JimtheTim53 / D R M

Netherlands v Czech Republic – Granny Mac’s Bhoy / Angel Gabriel v Mike In Toronto / ASWGL
Belgium v Portugal – 1TimMalloy / Valleybhoy v Leggy / Mrs SES

Croatia v Spain – Celtic Champs Elect / Mrs D R M v Chalmersbhoy Wife / Garry
France v Switzerland – Jobo Baldie / The Star Above The Crest v CFC

England v Germany – Chalmersbhoy / Craig76 v Big Packy / Mattybhoy
Sweden v Ukraine – A Thing Of Beauty v Bada Bing / Voguepunter

As I could only see 1 name against both Switzerland and Sweden if anyone knows different, please feel free to correct this post!
Back to workin’ and lurkin’…..


Good Morning Saltires. My opinion is that only radical action will achieve results. What that action looks like, and what the intended result might be, is the difficult bit. I understand totally that the Trust is a democratic organisation, with OMOV, and I sense that there is the beginning of a groundswell to become more active, however it will require many more of the membership to participate rather than observe from the sidelines.



Thanks for the review of the other night. I am concerned that the trust seems to have run out of momentum and of ideas.

Although I’m quite glad they haven’t gone down the ST boycott route,their desire not to do anything to really damage the club has brought them to a dead end. I agree with the merchandise boycott,but that was advocated on here about six months ago.

I think they need to do more,flex their muscles considerably,or they might as well do nothing at all. Because the board are quite simply giving them the finger.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, friesdorfer thanks very much for that info, agree with the motions carried,H.H.

saltires voting for Christmas


Yes. Radical action is needed. The Trust seem to have hog-tied themselves in a wee fankle, with the membership-payment stipulation. If the existing paying members won’t actively engage to encourage more radical thinking, it’s difficult to see why anyone else would care to join a group like that.

From my side it’s good to know guys like you and Auldheid are close to the meetings and willing to keep us updated and informed.

I’d definitely support a legal fund to campaign for action. Albeit, with a cast-iron stipulation my money was never used to buy shares.

Sense the Trust is a long way from this position. Looking forward to your future updates.


Cosy Corner Bhoy

Just catching up from Tuesday as ‘golf days’ usually mean ‘knackered on return home’ and I’m sorry to see young Ryan has contracted Covid. Thoughts and prayers with the ‘Big Bhoy’ and similarly with his Dad, Garry, that he keeps Covid clear.
Back to catching up!

Óglach: Cat 4

There will be no rush of Tims wishing to join the CST if the most radical idea they can develop is a boycott of the pies and Bovril and perhaps the Celtic store. I’d imagine most canny Tims boycott the store already due to the prices they charge. Same merch better prices just about everywhere else. But don’t forget bhoys every penny spent in the Celtic store is reinvested in the PLC bonus scheme.


saltires voting for Christmas

Garry – hope your bhoy is recovering well. Stay safe buddy



I was in attendance at the CST general meeting. That is a fair account you have given.
The proposal – carried by an overwhelming majority – to contact & engage with high profile/ celebrity Celtic folk is fine as far as it goes. Might get some press coverage. But, I was the ‘James’ who asked the trust to be more pro active in engaging with Celtic fans & supporters on social media. On sites like this. I made the point of stating long term & SHORTER term aims for the Trust. Jeanette agreed and said the sub committee are looking into it.

The long term aim of fan share holding being significant, is in fact NOT a big recruitment driver. It’s a non starter. We need to come out with here & now proposals for – dare I say it – confronting this useless Board.

For what it’s worth, I do sense a change in the tone of the trustees lately. Not as much as I would like. But the more that join the better. One member one vote. That’s powerful.


Agree entirely. Action required, aspirations will not change the status quo in the short term. We live in hope.


I will not lose my trust (verb) in the Trust (adjective) whilst there are people like Jeanette Findlay in key positions.
There are quite a few posters on here I would love to see involved. The CST will only be as good as the folk who join up.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Friesdorfer for the update. There’s a lot of good people involved in the Trust and there’s always a bigger picture.

Jim the Tim,

From the last thread,

“If the only prayer you say in your life is, “Thank You” that would be enough.”-

Meister Eckhart

Keep it simple Jim.

We’re loved without condition. No matter what.


Sorry to read about Ryan. My boy had Covid, over in Glasgow. He was pretty sick for a while. Even had to ring a Covid Helpline, the NHS sent a van to his apartment and brought him to an Assessment Centre.

He’s back playing football now – but it took a while.

Got his SB last week…So I don’t know, if his reasoning is fully back to normal.

He probably got it in work. His employers were on the phone asking him to come back within a few days.

Anyway, all the best to Ryan and his recovery.

All the best.

Till Later.



That is a good account of what took place.

As I said at the meeting I was on a blog where I was encouraging readers to join the CST but could hardly go back with what was agreed and try and sell the CST to sceptics based on the outcome of the meeting.

What I’d like to know is who came up with the proposals, how they were discussed before the meeting, with whom and how a decision was made to put them to the meeting.

It’s not that I find anything wrong with the proposals but my experience of presenting anything for the broader membership to consider is it fails to surface or is postponed.

The comment about more Trust members becoming more active is a very valid one but how do they know what to become active about.? As far as I can see, but I’ve asked if I’m correct,, there is no transparent mechanism for doing so, which undermines the claim of being democratic.

When Celtic’s dismissal of the CST share proposal was made I put together a case to obtain legal advice about Directors responsibiliities based on the response from the top table at the 2019 AzGM and set about finding a law firm via a helpful Tim intermediary in the legal business to give opinion on the legal merits of the case.

Sourcing took over ten days because most firms found they had had business with Celtic and could not engage. One (another Tim) eventually did, but not until Monday afternoon and I was only able to pass hos opinion at the Meeting.

It was useful advice as in setting out high cost if pursued and the high barrier of proof required that the responses at the 2019 AGM were not deliberate lies.

I will be passing the case and reply to CST again with my thoughts on its use, but if they Trustees decide it is a form of war, without seekin membership input, then what is the point?

There is a wee bit tidying up on the case needed to make sure it contains nothing defamatory before it goes to the CST with my views but my concern is that by accident or design it will not be put to the membership at large to consider before reaching a decision on how to use the information obtained because doing so is going to take a lot of work if a mechanism doesnt exist to make consultation easier.

As I said at the meeting in response to the question of leadership (when I fixed my bloody microphone problem ) unless their is an examination of the system the CST work under due to their constitution they will dwindle into irrelevance as supporters will see that they have no stomach to remove a Board whose gross incompetence and negligence, if proving mendacity is too costly, can be used to justify changes.

The membership numbers rose on the expectation the CST would be an instrument of Board accountability but if their belief is the only route to that is obtaining enough shares to put forward ideas for change that will be voted for, then they will have failed to meet the expectations of the Celtic support at large, having neutered themselves.

In my view their raison d”etre should be to make The Celtic Board as a accountable as possible by as many means as possible using social media and MSM to make the cause of dissatisfaction so prevalent that change has to come.

A justifiable, tough, well worded and legally checked resolution of censure to the Celtic AGM that the media have to report would be a starting point, otherwise The
Celtic Board will remain forever unaccountable.


Auldheid, Like you, I too wondered where those 3 proposals to vote on came from. They seemed to come out of thin air. I reckoned I must have missed something.
Did they just come from the trustees at an unpublished meeting? If so, that needs looking at. They were ok but mild!

I will send an email.


Auldheid, JtT53
Your points chime with my views. I am wondering what the mechanisms are for:
. Notice of Meetings (there was a comment that 21 days is too long, personally I would favour 14 days, with 7 days for an EGM).
. Requests for Proposals to be considered at a forthcoming meeting to be included in the Calling Notice, with say a deadline for submission of 7 days prior to meeting. Any and all Propsals must have a Seconder.
. Once the above steps have taken place, the Agenda, including valid Proposals (or Motions if that is the correct term), should be circulated to Members in advance of the meeting, so that everyone knows what is to be discussed, and therefore making for a fully productive event. Of course, there may also be Any Other Business to be addressed, but that could be factored in too.
No doubt there might be other elements which could be usefully included, but these are my current thoughts.


Thanks to all for the good wishes.
Good news in that both Kirsty and I have tested negative for Covid, and Ryan is much improved today. 🙏


Great to hear Garry 👍


That’s good news Garry, all the very best to you and your family


Friesdorfer & Senga.
Thanks guys 👍💚

Angel Gabriel

Thanks for the update, thanks also to others who confirmed the summing up was accurate.

The Trust have a difficult campaign trying to gain any leverage from this board of directors.
It’s their baw , and it’s their rules . Profit before honesty or ambition.

Garry , I hope Ryan has a quick recovery.

As for the Euros sweep , I haven’t contributed any cash yet .
Bmcuw, I will be in touch to get details on where to send the wonga.
Have a nice one fholks & HH

cosy corner bhoy

‘It’s good news week’🎼🎼🎺Garry and Kirsty negative and Ryan improved!
And Ange has landed!!!
Let’s hope he brings ‘the winds of change’.

The first two proposals about the protest and the no more cash came from the Celtic Shared meeting the week before.


Thank you CeltsforChange.



Great to hear Ryan is improving 🤞

Good luck to everyone who still have teams in the Euros.

I fear Portugal may come up short against Belgium next and “Legaldo” may have to retire 😜😜

HH 🍀🍀

Garry Enrique

Thanks for all the kind wishes.
Was some relief testing negative.
My son has tested positive but with mild symptoms. No cough nor loss of smell or taste.
Mainly a sore throat and tight chest and feeling run down.
Back to my Spanish manager moniker for the rest of the tournament.


Excellent summary nd clarification of the points raised at the meeting. Enjoyed the discussion

Mike in Toronto


glad to hear Ryan is feeling a bit better. i will admit that When you mentioned pneumonia, I was a bit concerned. as others have said, make sure he takes it easy. tell him I say hello.

St tams

Good to hear your boy is doing well Garry.
My son had it in December. He recovered well after a couple of weeks.

bada bing1

Away goals rule scrapped from European football

Scotland the Brave, don't lift ma kilt - Mahe

Good morning troops on this day of Thor.

The Trust,,, I’m delighted they are getting a little tougher, but let’s face it that’s not gonna have the PLC quaking.
They don’t want ST boycotts which is understandable at this time, but theres always,,

delayed entry times with visual and vocal protest outside
A high profile one game boycott

These should be the next rungs on the ladder.
Will the Trust go there? If they don’t it’s curtains, either a new group or a new committee will be established who will go there, and wherever else they need to go.

Have a great day everyone including Canadians
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill
big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, garry good news all round, a wee tune for you pal, that think will be endorsed with all on here,,,

Garry Enrique

Saint Tams
Thankfully your son has made a full recovery.
My son is otherwise very fit, strong and healthy.
Hope a coupla weeks rest from work for him, and he will have similar outcome to your son.

Have passed on your good wishes to Ryan.
He appreciates it. 👍

Garry Enrique

Beautiful song with very uplifting lyrics.
Thank you. 👍💚

big packy

GARRY, glad you liked it ,all the best to you and yours👍

big packy

see no mention of A.P.s background staff, got a feeling it will be the cardboard cut outs from last season, be afraid, be very afraid, another true story,👍

Garry Enrique

I think that Ange Postecoglou will use John Kennedy for his local knowledge, but will continuously be assessing JK in his coaching role.

big packy

chalmers bhoy
byres road bhoy
frodsham bhoy not seen you posting lately apologies if ive missed anyone hope you all are well 👍

big packy

GARRY, hope so, just lets wait and see👍

big packy

apparently celtic have opened talks with hadjuk split defender mario vuscovic,, if true that would be good news, the croatians as seen the other night ,have a wealth of talent👍

Óglach: Cat 4

Ange’s 1st Celtic TV interview. Anyone else thinks he looks more like a dodgy used car salesman than a footy manager?

Has SC received an invite to the meet-the-fans jollies that the new CEO and manager will be hosting? Allegedly all views welcomed and no restriction on questions asked. But the cynic in me has to point out the difficulty of the questions posed will be based on the attitude of those asking them – board-friendly blogs, compliant supporters groups as attendees equate to nada difficult questions.

On players, we have been linked to. I am fairly certain that any player we sign will not have been the subject of interest from a rival club. When was the last time Celtic gazumped anyone in a bidding war? I also doubt any promising young player will want to come to a club that is currently experiencing a veritable exodus of young talented players leaving.

big packy

OGLACH, can see where your coming from, but hope and pray you are wrong,👍

The Celtic Trust doesn’t have the balls and Jeanette Findlay is being ruined by them since her recent vastly played down demotion.

The CSA is as toothless and deceitful and easily played since the days of the bought and paid for plant called George Delaney.

The Irish CSA I don’t know much about.

The season ticket holding base of supporters have over & over demonstrated to the corrupt old firm supporting PLC board that they(season ticket holders) are either indifferent or incapable of forming amongst them a potent threat of financial withdrawal of season ticket investment from the club, not to hurt the club, but to force wealthy PLC executives to run the club without season ticket money from supporters. This will create a crisis at the club for sure, but it is a very much needed crisis.

The crisis, if created, wouldn’t be for supporters to achieve a ‘single’ supporter on the PLC board as that would solve nothing.

But the necessary crisis would be intended to create a board ‘full’ of savvy articulate capable supporters who undoubtedly know their stuff and don’t get caught out with a succession of sucker punches, maybe like I would imagine, Auldheid Jeanette Findlay Canamalar Ernie Lynch off the top of my head, and let these names recruit a new hierarchy which would probably not be PLC or maybe not even board orientated with key positions within the club that have to perform within a new system that makes ‘every’ £ that comes in Celtic FC’s door, work, and much more importantly, be accounted for, and not having a club full of accountants without having accountancy, in a world corrupted, balance sheets and the auditors who audit them can be corrupted, I’m not saying that that is whats happened here, but in a club where everything that is almost inconceivable has happened then who knows? Anyway the desired accountancy like not just managers being sacked for failure but every person involved in a failed project or series of projects being not made richer like it is at Celtic Park now, but being judged and held accountable by clinical decisive minds like, Auldheid Jeanette Findlay Canamalar Ernie Lynch and whoever else they deem fit to be recruited to the hopefully new hierarchy of Celtic FC, not by a faceless multi millionaire clique who consistently cover up for their equally faceless colleagues.

How all of this would come about would have to be conflict based, as in withdrawal of finances to this ridiculously stinking rich faceless clique and by face to face A SINGLE meeting that cannot proceed unless ‘live’ online broadcast is assured where preferably the Auldheid Jeanette Findlay Canamalar Ernie Lynch inform the board that their share value is worth X amount just now, and there will be under no circumstances were ordinary Joe Blogs Celtic supporters will be approached to pony up and raise ridiculous amounts of money to buy the PLC out. So we’ll ask you to move over for the good of only Celtic FC not the old firm and leave right here and now, its not as if any of this faceless clique would have to apply for Universal Credit, that’s not the point but it should be an evaluating factor at the end of the day, and if the PLC don’t leave….then they should be informed that supporters will wage financial anarchy against the club, provisionally to null the value of PLC shareholders financial value for a period of eight weeks.

If after the eight week period when presumably the share value of the club should be rock bottom and the PLC still refuse to do the honourable thing, then Auldheid Jeanette Findlay Canamalar Ernie Lynch, inform the in effect, squatting PLC board, that the PLC executive officers blatant disregard for what should surely by then be tens of thousands of shareholder/Celtic supporters, is putting the club at great peril so…shareholder/Celtic supporters will now perform citizens arrests on every and any PLC employee who continues to squat in the very building that these shareholder/Celtic supporters spent tens of £millions of pounds to build, this action should it be carried out would need the protection in the immediate vicinity of Celtic Park of possibly thousands of supporters to ringfence the entrance to the main door whilst those PLC employees would have to be “PEACEFULLY”escorted off of the premises of Celtic FC’s stadium which the shareholder/Celtic supporters paid tens of millions to rebuild from scratch 75% of the stadium and Celtic supporters money has paid for the minimal upgrading of the other 25% of the stadium, the old Main Stand.

If you want to retrieve Celtic FC from the faceless PLC annexed oppressed puppet appointing version of OUR club, then it could boil down to an ALAMO situation for the PLC executives, in which the shareholder/Celtic supporters MUST BE the Mexican’s.

Or Celtic supporters can continue to live on their knees handing season ticket investment to those who couldn’t give a monkeys **** about any of you.

Good luck.

The Real ( Moravčík ) McCoy

Afternoon SC
Originally planned to pop in and commiserate with everyone knocked oot the cup.
Ala Being Slovakian Is Shite 😂.
Have had to scrap my plans to celebrate with Lubo Friesdorfer on final day 🥲 while counting our winnings 💰.
Birthday 🥳 Wishes to everyone celebrating recently.
As for yon Awe Naw ye can stick yer Germany up yer …… Oh wait, look who they play next🤔
Mon the Huns 🇩🇪 😂
Garry , was gonna joke/commiserate regarding Poland getting beat and my Slovakia getting gubbed.
However, more important things to attend to. Glad you and Kirsty are -ve .
Healing thoughts for Ryan 🙏🏻

Welcome and Best Wishes to AP
Wind Of Change – – –

big packy

KEVJ, great post as usual, you are celtic to the core ,bit surprised your bringing in ernie lynch to the table,he is supposed to be a unionist on CQN 👍😎😎



2 for a tenner!

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