Is it any wonder?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the old saying ‘look after your pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’, or something similar. I got to contemplating the mess our club of choice has created for itself, and that very saying popped into my mind,, if our PLC can’t even get the little things right, and they aren’t, then what chance do the big issues have of being satisfactorily resolved? Little I’m afraid.
Is it any wonder there’s an accusation of being out of touch with the rank and file fan after giving the season tickets just about the only number in that scope that should be avoided, for visuals sake if nothing else.
I wouldn’t let a beer with the numbers 666 in its name cross my lips, it’s an act akin to putting a swastika on a product as far as I’m concerned. We couldn’t have been a little tactful with 649 or 659. It had to be the number of the,, well you know.
How out of touch are this board to ratify such a mistake? Dom at least shouldn’t have let this slide. Perhaps you don’t understand the issue or don’t care, maybe you think it’s a storm in a teacup, let us know below if you lean that way but I see abhorrent business tactics when confronted with such a number attached on something many hold close to their heart.
And speaking of ST sales, is it any wonder the PLC are increasingly being seen for money grabbers when they attempt to hardball the support into renewing with a firm deadline for the first time in yonks, the very season after the support fully stepped up to the plate with full whack for not much? This action takes my breath away, the sheer heartlessness of it.
With the thinnest of skeleton squads, squad players retained giving little excitement, folk who haven’t spent well in a long time asking for funds, with attendance still up in the air,,, to be given a very early firm deadline is a slap in the face and shows a level of disconnect that I never thought would come about at our club of choice.
It’s a low blow, and only helps reinforce the us and them attitude.
They might be forced to eat humble pie on this one, but not the person who ultimately made the call I reckon.
Is it any wonder fans are sceptical of this boards ability to correctly run a top football club when we can just about scrape a team together that might, might, compete in the SPHell, but hasn’t a snowballs chance in hell of qualifying for Europe? Midgetland will be clear favourites to pap us out for a reason.
We must also take into account all outside signings must undergo ten days quarantine,,,
The Scottish Internationals are only starting their summer holidays now, with Calmac in particular needing a prolonged break. This means Ange can’t even begin to get his methods across for another three weeks, approximately one week before the crucial qualifiers.
And we now know away goals will be scrapped in Europe which will ultimately place more pressure on scoring and in particular the goalie to have a good penalty saving ratio, with penalty shootouts sure to happen more often now.
We havent any reliable strikers, nor do we have a clear first choice keeper,,,oops.
So in their infinite wisdom the board will draw a deadline before we get papped out of Europe, not realizing after getting papped out of Europe you can’t open up the ST sales again and expect a huge response. The easy option of reducing prices post Europe defeat would only antagonize those who paid early and earnestly. They haven’t handled ST sales well at all in my opinion, and it’s still ongoing with plenty more scope to mess up more. I wouldn’t bet against it.
It’s no wonder the fans are banding together seeking answers, and no wonder some walk away from season tickets while others ruefully take up their chosen spot.
Finally, being the best, it’s no wonder at all we can all enjoy each other’s company and debate the clubs future without pettiness or insult. Thanks.
Happy Friday folks, from Mahe
Enjoy this tune

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Margaret McGill

Get yer fishul free humble pie when you buy a season ticket!
Sorry Mahe couldn’t resist
I agree with you but ST sales for next season will not deviate the board one iota no matter what

Margaret McGill

Anyone reading this not vaccinated?


Cosy Corner Boy.

Firstly, of what would they be ‘accused’ of that would lead to resignation? Secondly, the major shareholders- they know who we mean- , would not support any attempts to deplete a group who suit their mantra.
Money for old rope, never mind extra kudos like trips abroad are not to be given away easily.
At the 2019 AGM PL denied sight of 5 WA that had been sent to him and Eric Riley as an email attachment for acceptance.

The only way that could be true is neither received it or they did but did not read it.

So PL either a) lied when he denied sight of 5WA or b) did not get the e mail or c) got it but didnt open the attachment. Only in circumstances b)is he free from censure. a) is resignation territory but as he has gone a commitment from the Board never to lie to shareholders at future AGMs is needed. If c) another censure of PL and The Board for gross incompetence is required.

A resolution to that effect placed on AGM agenda would not only go public, it would require Celtic to either accept censure was appropriate and vote for it or justify voting against it by explaining why PL was acting in Celtic’s interests and in what way that censure was not merited.

At the same meeting PL also justified Celtic voting against Res12 of that AGM -( to take the case out of SFA judicial process because of a clause in the 5WA Celtic accepted that required matters involving parties to the 5WA had to be dealt with by CAS) – by ignoring relevant information in the Resolution itself.

This information which had been drawn to his attention twice previously by a) Res12 lawyer and b) in person at a meeting with witnesses concerning the grant period he did not nclude in a discussion he said he had that morning with UEFA that focussed on the monitoring period only where sanctions for breaches did not apply to the next season.
In effect the shareholder argument of lost revenue was invalid because Rangers would not have been removed from participation in 2011.

Whilst this was true of monitoring period breaches, the licence was granted on false pretence ie fraud and Celtic had a case to be compensated for lost revenu by SFA who approved the grant without checking the position with HMRC or as a creditor in the liquidation process..

In effect shareholders were not told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but it at 2019 AGM on two counts. This has to be totally unacceptable or there is no point having an AGM if self serving intruthful responses can be made with impunity to prevent accountability.

The case was set out in a six page document and after searching for a while a lawyer was found to look at the merits of the case from a legal perspective.

The response was in 3 Parts.

1. The law firm was too busy to take it on.

2 Proving DELIBERATE lies had been told to shareholders was a very high hurdle to leap and would be very costly to pursue with no guarantee of success and
3 the lawyer did not want to go to that expense with no guarantee of success.

This adviice is what was needed to be established before seeking lots of funding with no guarantee a court would find shareholders had been deliberately lied to.

However what was not said was that the facts presented in the case based on what was reported of what took place at AGM were wrong.

So even if it would be costly to prove deliberate lies were told, what was said leads to logical conclusion was that the responses at the 2019 AGM reflected gross incompetence and negligence by the Celtic Board and so deserving censure.

That advice came too late for the case put to the lawyer and his reply to be discussed at the CST meeting although it was reported at it, but it will be forwarded to CST to consider how to use it to bring the Board to account for a level of incompetence that shareholders simply could not be asked to accept from the Clubs custodians.

Watch this space.for the CST decision in due course on it being used to put it to the Board that such behaviour, deliberate or not, is totally unacceptable to those with a small shareholding in Celtic and seeking assurances it will not happen again.



A few years ago,ST holders were informed that they could purchase via a scheme charging 16.9%

You can imagine how that looked to us all.

I bought a meal for SOLKITTS and his lovely wife at the weekend,it was £16.95. Told my mate he was 5p away from paying that himself.



I posted the mail on the site on 25 January last year. I believe he was untruthful in his answer at the AGM.

I think too that he was aware that we all knew that,but there was eff all we could do about it.



Off to my cot,thoroughly depressed after reading that very accurate article.

Margaret McGill

Bobby alluded to earlier that Bezos of Amazon blatantly admitted that even though tax avoidance may be immoral Amazon have done nothing illegal. The judiciary is set up to encourage corporate lawyers to lie for a living. I don’t understand the whole premise here. A PLC. An accountant. A lawyer. A capitalist. A govt. a corporation. The media. The whole global economy is set up to lie their fucking arses off to the last penny as a legally implemented system. Morality doesn’t come into it. Ever.
FFS! They brought back the Huns for money!!! Then next I’m going to hear well we can’t let the team go defunded. These Phillistines are betting on it as we speak




Puff puff

Hehehe .. funny Senga
Check this out

Puff puff

Sorry that last song was for Garry and his bhoy from Senga.


Happy Friday all,

Mahe, we can only live in hope, but for me the corruption throughout the SFA and the clubs acceptance of the way thing are says more about their greed rather than integrity

Auldheid, your post just backs up the header and the contempt the PLC has for is customers.

We are customer, as we pay the wages and their thought will be, they dont have to pay.

I have no issues with folk buying season books and following their team, if anything I envy them. They only see it as a game of football and the rest doesn’t even bother them.

Some you win and all that, and maybe we should take a leaf and try to get back to enjoying the game. With all the evidence and the power these people hold,it does feel like a losing battle. Or what is now becoming an fruitless endeavor.

I will always have a place in my heart for the efforts the RES12 guys put in, but it could just be time to get back to enjoying the game that you all love so much.

I dont want to sound harsh, but we all need to stop wasting your very limited time on this planet trying to fix a problem that doesn’t want to fixed.

Hail hail

Squire Danaher


Your final sentence hits the nail on the head for me.

I think my feelings about the whole situation are amplified by the emotions and personal experiences we have all invested in the club.

Some have used the analogy of the abusive relationship in terms of the sales pitch “Give us one more chance”, “We know we’ve let you down” etc.

Your final sentence raises for me the analogy of the tough love involved in leaving someone with an alcohol (in this case Hun) dependency to come to their senses.

Belated thanks BTW to those who welcomed me to the site the other day.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, ive said this before and im saying it again now, desmomd and his cohorts need to be removed from parkhead they are destroying the club ive supported for 60 years, we are a laughing stock,, in desmonds eyes as long as the great glesga rainjurs are ok and competing with us thats fine 2 cheeks of the same arse, he has no emotional attachment to celtic whatsoever, a bunch of charlatans, please leave mr desmond and give us our club back,H.H.

Big Audio Dynamite

“Stop wasting your very limited time on this planet trying to fix a problem that doesn’t want to be fixed”

The whole thing in one sentence 👏


Well said Packy!

big packy

JIM its the truth, catch u later pal, aff oot dugwalking

Maestro Fan

From Tor! The Story of German Football:

“German football has a long tradition of anti-commercialism. The mere idea that someone could actually own a football club was incomprehensible to Germans. That is why the vast majority wholeheartedly supported the 50+1 rule, though it actively discouraged entrepreneurs or benefactors from giving their clubs money.

This deep-rooted idea, that clubs are not meant to be businesses but representative of a community, was and is equally prevalent amongst club officials. Hanze-Joachim Watzke (BvB chairman) – ‘whenever you have investors some kind of corporate demeanour begins to engulf the club. And that’s not our mentality. The German fan wants to have the feeling that he is part of the whole. In England the fan is now basically a customer and can by and large live with that. But if you tell a German supporter he is just a customer, he’s going to kill you. He has to feel connected to the club and that’s only possible through the 50+1 rule, because when you really get down to it, the parent club’s members are still in control’”.

saltires voting for Christmas


The number of folk accepting this racket will steadily fall. Seems the Board have factored this in and projected the impact…choosing to double down. It’s gonna be a long game.

Speaking of Looonngggg games…

No away goals rule probably means more extra time and penalties – more time in the ground buying pizzas and gulps, missing the last ferry, train or bus, or stuck to the goggle box ….watching even more adverts….

St tams

The thought that the guys who were at Euros have one week before Midgie game is frightening.

Great tune Mahe 👍

Óglach: Cat 4

Roll up roll up come and hear Ange’s 1st conference live on Youtube (Dermott and his new CEO have had the opportunity to have fully briefed the Antipodean Guardiola on the right things to say) Was the invite SC received for this wee event?

‘Having arrived in Glasgow only yesterday, new Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou takes his first training session with the Bhoys at Lennoxtown today before holding his first press conference with incoming Chief Executive Dom McKay at Celtic Park tomorrow (Friday, June 25).

All supporters will be able to watch the manager’s first media conference LIVE from 1pm tomorrow on Celtic’s official YouTube channel, and links to the live broadcast will be posted on all of the Club’s social media channels tomorrow ahead of the event.

Fans are reminded not to travel to the stadium and to watch safely from home with full coverage available to everyone, worldwide’

Gie us yer feckin money CSC


Morning all,

Is it just me, or is anyone else quite excited with Ange now that he is officially here and in charge.

Let’s hope the new singings are about to start.

#GlasshalffullCSC 🍀🍀

Óglach: Cat 4


‘NO’ not in the least. Let’s say that I am looking at next season with more trepidation than equanimity. His choice of staff will be a massive indicator, imho, if his tenure at Celtic will be a success as of course will be the quality of the players he signed, or should that be that someone has signed. We have been, allegedly, linked with 2 players thus far and I’m 99.9% certain that Ange will know hee-haw about them. Just who is looking at these players🤔 Lawell junior anyone?


Seen a few suggestions here that the Res12 guys, Auldheid in particular, should maybe set aside their fight for honesty and transparency inside Celtic and Scottish football. I’m sure these were made with the best of intentions and I think I know how the Res 12 campaigners must feel like having been involved and led long-running workplace battles when I was a union rep over a number of years. However, the question I have to ask all those who just want to get back to enjoying the game and support the team is – what exactly is it you are supporting?


Legaldo and Oglach

I too am excited by Ange’s appointment and I’m looking forward to the new season.
I have been told that Sean Maloney has been identifying potential targets for a while, so read into that what you like.
Mibbe when Belgium exit the Euros………………………


We could employ Matt Hancock as a talent spotter.



Aye,but a 43yo?



I dont want to sound harsh, but we all need to stop wasting your very limited time on this planet trying to fix a problem that doesn’t want to fixed.
I appreciate the good intent of your post but I do not see the pursuit of the truth and revealing the lies as a waste of my time, I see it as the purpose of my time and in terms of the decent folk I’ve met on the journey through time it has been anything but a waste.

Whilst large numbers prefer to accept a life bedevilled by lies, not all do.

The boy on the beach returning stranded star fish to the sea one by one applies.

As regards the show being putting on today, how can anyone believe a word of what is said?

Basically it is pony up or YOU will suffer.

My response to that is eff off. Give me something to support that I can believe in first.



Employ Matt Hancock.

We would be better with Sheila Hancock 😜😜😜

HH 🍀🍀

Maestro Fan


As ever, hear, hear!

Squire Danaher

M6Bhoy 10:14

I endorsed the comment about ‘trying to fix a problem that doesn’t want to fixed.’

I don’t do so to condemn anyone fighting the fight.

I do so to acknowledge my own feelings of futility about shoving the boulder up the hill and to marvel at the tenacity at the likes of Auldheid.

I will not be renewing this season as my individual protest and realise I’m likely to have little effect.

I have said so elsewhere and do so again that I salute people who have spent years fighting this.



I had you in mind when I was constructing the case in terms of being interested in the answer.

Note it wasnt that the shareholders were not lied to but that proving it was a deliberate lie in court would prove to be very costly without guarantee of a positive result.

That does not mean PL and Bankier were not incompetent or negligent in dealing with the Resolution presented to them in 2019. In fact they dismissed the information provided by the signatories to the resolution in order to state what they did.

Just to be on safe side I’m having the case looked at from a defomation angle so that it can go more public and they can judge if the response in 2019 was a deliberate lie or incompetence.

The important principle at stake is that if resolutions put by shareholders are not going to be properly, addressed as in covering all aspects of the points made, whether deliberately or incompetent/negligently then the AGM is not the vehicle for accountability to shareholders or the support.

In effect there is no point putting a resolution forward if the response given cannot be trusted.

Res12 began in pursuit of making the SFA acoountable on the basis Celtic shared this aim.

That in the passage of time has proven to be false so it’s now about making Celtic accountable. Otherwise they are asking folk to pay to watch a game that constitutes a moral hazard where Celtic pay for Rangers avoidance of the rules.

Óglach: Cat 4


The Maloney rumour does not make any sense. If he were whispering in the CEO’s ear in regards to players that we should be looking at wouldn’t wee Shaun’s expertise be more focused on the Belgium football leagues, you know keeping an eye on emerging talent there. Not sure where a young Croatian or a French guy on loan in Turkey would fit into the theory that Maloney has been advising us. If it were Maloney I’d be looking for a few gems like Vic, Boyata or the next Lukaku

Garry Enrique

It must be difficult to socially distance ride an upper class hooker.
Wonder how Hancock managed that one? 😁

Garry Enrique

I am very excited about Ange Postecoglou.
This is the One.


Squire Danaher @ 11.38

Thanks for your clarification re. Res12 and I too share your admiration for those who have stuck to their guns on this and last season’s cluster-fuck as you have by not renewing. However, I keep coming back to my central question. If people know that Scottish football is corrupt and rigged in favour of one team and they also know that the custodians of Celtic PLC are complicit in this, then what exactly is it that they think they are supporting?

I made my personal choice about 5 years ago when I came to the sad conclusion that in reality Celtic PLC and all of its component parts were nothing more that the green half of the Old Firm business model and I could no longer continue to financially support it. I continue watch with interest to see if things might change which is why I dip in and out of sites such as this. I hasten to add this is probably the best of the more discerning Celtic fan sites around.

By the end of today, we will see how many have followed your example by not renewing their season tickets and get a better idea how many supporters are up for a fight with the green huns inside the boardroom at Celtic Park.



I originally thought that Lawwell had simply been outsmarted and was too embarrassed to admit it. That was a while ago,I would be sued if I expressed my current thoughts on that.



I originally thought that Lawwell had simply been outsmarted and was too embarrassed to admit it. That was a while ago,I would be sued if I expressed my current thoughts on that.
Wait until you see the case. Any suing would be from the opposite direction.

Angel Gabriel

This site / blog / forum , keeps me sane .
Hats doffed to all who contribute.

Auldheid . I’m glad you keep on keeping on , in the quest for ( at least ) some accountability, from those who make decisions , or blatantly lie to the support and shareholders.
I find it very difficult to get excited about Ange. He’s up against it , football ambitions sit way behind profit.

Maestro Fan . The Germans model looks spot on . The club comes first. HH

Squire . Welcome. And thanks for the advice on the propaganda blog . ✅



As I said a few years back,Lawwell picked the wrong guy to piss off.

Mike in Toronto

Auldheid’s ‘limited time on earth’ … Auldheid…I think he is calling you old! Are you going to stand for that!? 🙂

Mahe … one question I would like you to ask for me today is ‘Dom…. can fans use the 50 quid to buy food at a game instead of in the store?’ and when he asks why, say, ‘If you are going to fuck us, I’d hope that you’d at least buy us dinner first’

(oh, oh… I think I’m turning into Mags!)


Garry Enrique

Very impressed and excited with Dominic McKay and Ange Postecoglou.
Get Bankier to fuck out of our club, along with Allison and Wilson. Nonentities.
Bankier is a slimeball.

saltires voting for Christmas

So Lawwell hanging about for another 2 years on a European Committee… great to have his knowledge etc…

Aye, right ye are then Dom


Óglach: Cat 4

Anges’ 1st conference. As expected much ado about nothing.
You’ll have to fast forward to -34mins before it starts. Must say Dom must have gone to the same PR trainer and body posture expert as that Tony Blair did – what’s with all the hand movements Dom?
Oh aye apparently we are in ‘fantastic fundamental shape’ whatever that is!


Good press conference today with Dom and Ange.

Refreshing that fans could actually tune in and watch it live.

Possibly with Dom at the helm, the Club might be moving into the 21st Century in terms of communication.

As always though, it will be the results on the park that will answer all the questions.


I liked this statement:

Ange Postcoglou is then asked about his backroom team and whether John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan will be involved.

“I’ll make those decisions as we go along,” he says. “I’ll trust my judgement above anyone else’s.

“I’ve had plenty of people offer opinions but every role I’ve walked into I’ve backed myself to make the right decisions.

“That’ll happen over the course of the next few weeks with players and staff. I’m pleased with the reaction I’ve had so far but the environment and the way we work will change and we will see who fits in.

“If we need to bring people in to fill gaps we will do that. The club have given me the freedom to do that.”

Óglach: Cat 4

What did you all make of the new CEO’s fulsome praise of his predecessor? Me I was looking for more of a

‘Friends, Celts, comrades, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Lawwell, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with Lawwell. The noble Fans
Hath told you Lawwell was ambitious:
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath Lawwell answer’d it.

But I guess that’d be difficult to do when Blue Peter is still gonna be around😎


The Ange Press Conference was as expected with no great revelations. “We are trying to get players in, we need players for key position quickly”, “We will support Ange financially because we are in great shape due to how we have managed the club during the pandemic” I thought Dom missed a major opportunity when asked about the disconnect between the fans and the club. Dom waffled about we will be reconnected when we get them in here, in the stadium. Really Dom? What about stating that we will be open, transparent with the fans. We will listen to their concerns and address them as a priority. We will ensure that we communicate effectively with all supporters. We will bring them in and explain clearly what our strategy is both at a corporate level and a football level so that we are all on the same page. Our fans, both here and around the world, are the biggest asset that we have and we will do everything we can to reconnect them to the club. This is type of statement I expect from our CEO.

big packy

JIM, just finished watching anges press conference, must admit i like the cut of his jib, only time will tell, but i will give him my full backing for now,,H,H,

big packy

JIM, but bankier looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights, would not trust him as far as i could throw him,another true story👍

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