Big Al’s Gang

So now we welcome Big Ange to The Celtic Family.


Many of the ‘Foot Soldiers’ on here wish him well and that would absolutely be my view. An extremely interesting life and clearly overcame many early barriers to success. Those life experiences will stand him in good stead now. He will certainly need to draw on them.


Celtic managers must, almost, always overcome adversity to achieve results. From the very Pits of Lanarkshire to the backstreets of Athens… the requirement for intrinsic  inner qualities like self-belief, tenacity and drive are helpful. Hopefully, family will have instilled a sense of fairness, ideas of right and wrong, but most of all humility. 


Good Celtic folk should have humility.


The Family is large and can trace back many generations, origins are important but it matters not that your origins are rooted in Athens, Siberia, Netherlands, Slovakia, Cape Verde ( naturally), Baltic, Balkans, Mozambique or The Gazza Strip ( no, the other one ..) if you come here from Tibet wreathed in red & orange robes, you are welcomed to Paradise, you call it something else… you might have six heavens, or even seven. No matter how you describe your origins, or how you believe, you will be Welcomed. It’s basic stuff. Join the Family.


In The Family we have members who have a particular focus on style of play, trophies, charities, friendships.. opinions can, and do, differ, and sometimes that means we have folk falling out… estrangement can happen and sadly, some are never reconciled. In my experience this is often caused by misunderstanding and lack of communication and therefore, more painful and heartbreaking.


Recently I told one of our hosts that our personal alignment was sitting at 60%, what I meant was ‘I agree with you significantly more then I disagree’, but the gap is significant. I was politely reminded by another poster that “people are entitled to opinions”. As in, ‘you are close to the edge on this, so calm doon’. There was no ongoing acrimony, and that is a reassuring feeling. Vent, by all means, but keep it civil. Especially when engaging with Family.


“Every man kills the thing he loves…” 


from memory WB Yeats was musing about his unrequited love… Scholars will correct my failing memory. When I think on that fragment, I look to my biological family and my wife and reflect hard on those words.. Now considering what he meant was that we sometimes say hurtful things, and moreso to the people we should love the most. We lash out, men are the biggest culprits… in my experience…


One of the many wonderful achievements of our blog hosts, and the backers and tech support guys.. is how courtesies are maintained and observed. There are exceptions, we only see ( and feel) a fragment of this and I don’t envy the efforts the guys have to make to keep it tidy. Their tolerance is to be admired.


Unfortunately, there are members of The Family who are mainly interested in power and money. Further Within our Celtic Family there are folk who are only interested in making money. My late father told me to maintain a healthy scepticism for people who want to make money out of a football club, regular employees excepted or in Sopranos style …” they get a ‘pass’…”


Particular attention should be made to folk who use Celtic for personal gain. 


Why are We a PLC ?!


We have the bulk shareholders who basically run the club like a fiefdom, they think and act like feudal Lords, they don’t even see us as customers. To them we are indentured slaves or more accurately, serfs. Absolutely no Rights but tied to them. 


Where else can they go…chin, chin and cheers!


They are not Family, they are the modern day Robber Barons and they do very,very well out of Celtic’s foot soldiers. They don’t charge peppercorn rents either. Our German cousins laugh at the prices we pay … what is “whit?!” in German?


There are of course parasites that attach to Robber Barons. Think Squire Danaher’s lickspittle foreman.. ” now, now Squire Danaher has the floor..” 


In The Family we have a group who don’t behave like the normal Family members. They have ideas above their station and somehow have it in their heads that they are placed on this earth to ‘lead’ wee  lesser mortals. 


Let’s call them Big Al’s Gang. 


Big Al’s gang operate thus.


 On a day to day basis they move amongst us and we will all know one or more personally. They play the game well. They foster familial confidence and dareisay ‘Trust’ ….


They play at being Celtic fans. They come from families who can afford finer things like a paid education and they expect benefits in life to accrue. To continue to accrueโ€ฆ


They are unlike Family we all know and admire who have worked hard to achieve what they have. There is a completely different mindset.


Itโ€™s how they were educated.


Sadly, they utilise their life privileges for their own advantage. They were reared to think and behave this way. When you and I were crammed into groups of 33 they were straining to reach high C at Vespers or Evensong or whatever they call it. To be fair, many didn’t buy into the โ€˜superiorโ€™ dogma. Not all of them believed they were placed on this earth to lead the poorer papes in the clan. However, enough of them did, and they wormed their way onto the Celtic Board. Then they have placed their classmates (sic) in various influential slots in the wider Celtic Family. 


Now, we are all facing yet another generation of suffering smug superiority. 


The message to the Celtic Family is to keep your eyes and ears open.. watch the Family Silver  etc.


Big Ange will probably not be aware of any of this, to be fair. No one he has met will have marked his card…yet!

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The above by Saltires En Seville. Many thanks.

Dharma Bam

Good morning,
I’m confused. Is this post directed towards people who comment on here?
It could be my sleep deprived brain but it reads that way to me. I don’t mean the movie reference.
More than happy to be corrected.

To make up for any possible misinterpretation on my part, here’s a song by an underrated Australian band which I hope goes down well if it’s not already known. Sometimes I wonder why they’re not more well known and discussed. Great song from a great album that I fell in love with when it came out.

Big Audio Dynamite

You have to grudgingly admire how those SB’s are sold each summer , regardless of the circumstances …it’s pure evil genuis!

Keep doing what you’ve always done, to keep getting what you’ve always got. Not only do they not fear us anymore, they are practically pissin’ themselves. They know we are impotent!

Rebels? Where?!

saltires voting for Christmas

Dharma Bam

Not directed at anyone on here. Absolutely not.



Like others I have watched the MSM press conference. Is someone able to post a link to the fan media conference and then I can watch them both before posting my thoughts.
Off out on my bike and will check back in this afternoon.
Thanks troops.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, bit cloudy and overcast here today,saltires, very thoughtful post๐Ÿ‘

Dharma Bam

Saltires voting for Christmas en Sevilla, thank you for the reply.

That’s a relief!

Ive reread it again and I think I have a better idea of who it’s directed at. It might be quite useful that someone could harness and direct the energy of disaffected people down dead ends.

Doing some missionary work today! Same band with quite fitting lyrics

And this, from a gorgeous, lush album

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Iโ€™m not one to make early judgements but I saw in yesterdayโ€™s press conference a self confident pair of lhads (and a dumbskull to their left!) who impressed me with their handling of the SMSM.
The press conference also affirmed my belief in that I actually heard the questions and felt the disdain of the assembled hordes, we definitely do not have any โ€˜friends โ€˜ in the Press ranks and I include the media men in that.
I felt also that in Dom and Big Ange we have two men who wonโ€™t take kindly to interference on their โ€˜patchโ€™ within Celtic Park from anyone. The man from Largs, to me, typified your Ayrshire Tim…we donโ€™t sit at the back of the bus. As for Big Ange, he โ€˜ might even have been fifth choiceโ€™ said it all for me. He may fail but he wonโ€™t go down easily.
Welcome to Paradise, Big Ange and Dom! Nil Illegitimi Carborundum as the Romans never said!
On another point, I enjoyed todayโ€™s article and I also welcome guest writers as Iโ€™ve had to listen to one half of the hosts for all his life๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Morning all…ATOB, I’ve not watched yesterday’s Fan Conference yet so I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for! Hopefully it is ..

Craig 76 (3 leopards ๐Ÿ† on a shirt )

Morning everyone
This made me ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿคฃโฌ‡๏ธ
Still Game (@StillGameReacts) Tweeted:


Morning all.
Packy, I agree with you, a good article by Saltires En Seville.

I don’t think the Celtic Boards’ have to work very hard at selling season tickets. You are being too kind in calling them ‘Evil Geniuses’, LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
There are two camps on here on whether to buy or not to buy. There is a huge amount of Celtic fans who will buy because of tradition, history, gut instinct, family & friends, loyalty etc., etc., Nothing to do with the Board. On the one hand that is very admirable but the downside is it leaves us weaker to hold the Board to account. There is no easy answer to that.
One thing we shouldn’t do is look down our noses at those who renew and treat them as fools.

We need to look above & beyond just an all out S/T boycott to disrupt the Board. There are other options, short term and long term, which I’m sure they would engage in.

Big Audio Dynamite

Morning, Jim! I try hard NOT to tell others what to do with their hard-earned ๐Ÿ‘

Big Audio Dynamite

Reading back.
I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the birthday messages, guys!


Wouldn’t win any popularity contests, would ya BAD?



Very interesting article about the Celtic Board. It is difficult to make judgements on the character of individual people. Nobody is all good or all bad, but you can look at their actions. The actions of the Board do show their arrogance and distain for the ordinary Celtic punter. Itโ€™s sad that this has happened. In any largely immigrant community there is a natural and justified urge to โ€˜ get on โ€˜. But at what cost? Iโ€™d imagine that the parents of the Board members probably would have sacrificed a lot to get their children a place in one of the posh schools, good luck to them. The children would have had to adopt new accents and manners to adapt to a new class and to โ€˜ advance โ€˜ in society, itโ€™s understandable in many ways. They would have had to conduct their business with the people, who Billy Connolly describes as having surnames as first names. How much of who they are and where they came from was lost along the way? Probably a lot. I can sympathise in a way with the problems of trying to fit in when you change class and to a class which does still have prejudice about what you are and where you came from. It should be celebrated when people advance and are talented and successful in an honest way. However, it is the arrogance and pride of this Board which is truly disgusting. They have taken the ordinary paper as right mugs. They do think that they are above poorer people. they do see themselves as our betters. It is interesting to contrast this shower with Fergus McCann. He was no saint – who becomes rich without being a bit hard and not afraid to sail close to the wind? But in a way he did seem to be one of us. Are there any more Fergus McCanns out there?


On the long term aims, we might be years away from a 50% +1 situation in fan ownership, but there are important milestones along the way:

Minority shareholders’ rights vary depending on the percentage of shares/voting rights they hold in the company, as follows:
At least 5%: right to:
apply to court to prevent the conversion of a public company into a private company;
call a general meeting;
require the circulation of a written resolution to shareholders (in private companies); and
require the passing of a resolution at an annual general meeting (AGM) of a public company.
At least 10%: right to call for a poll vote on a resolution.
More than 10%: right to prevent a meeting being held on short notice (in private companies).
15%: right to apply to the court to cancel a variation of class rights, provided such shareholders did not consent to, or vote in favour of, the variation.
More than 25%: right to prevent the passing of a special resolution.
At just 5% – the right to call a General Meeting & all that entails!

Prestonpans bhoys

Looks like we are launching another third strip, think three in the last 20 months. Green and pink pinstripes with the crest in the middle, bogging……..


B.A.D. Is it your Birthday? I’m really sorry! Many Happy Returns pal. ๐Ÿ™‚

Big Audio Dynamite

Garry, just saw your Bhoy is unwell …wish him all the luck in the world! Being a strapping young fella, I’m sure he won’t need it ๐Ÿ‘

Forza, Ryan! ๐Ÿ’š

Big Audio Dynamite

Danke, Jim! Cheers, bro ๐Ÿ€

Craig 76 (3 leopards ๐Ÿ† on a shirt )

I will be honest and I forget it was your birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚

Big Audio Dynamite

It’s cool Craig ๐Ÿ˜‰ people have more on their plate


Hi guys, I just met the new couple who moved into the big place on Kerrydale St, Ange and Dom! Nice couple, a wee bit of an age difference but they seem nice together. Ange certainly comes across as a no nonsense type, a bit shy maybe but nobody’s fool. His philosophy on fitba seems to be exactly what we need right now – hopefully a Tommy Burns style that gives us something to smile about! But like Tommy, Wim and Dr Jo, and even Brendan and Lennon, it’s all about how well he is supported by Dom and his Board.
Dom was no less than I expected – a young, modern executive who says the right thing at the right time in the right way delivering modern buzzwords with just the slightest hint of a patronising smile…but I did like not what he said but what he didn’t say! This Fan Presser was conducted with one arm tied behind his back – he hasn’t yet officially started the job so has to be absolutely respectful to who and what’s gone before – but there’s a recognition that there’s a lot of hard work to be done to modernise us in every area of the Club (and further across Scottish Fitba).
I’m feeling a bit more upbeat about how Ange and Dom are gonna have our limited squad playing next season!!


Belated Birthday Wishes, BAD! Sorry, I forgot…my BAD!!


Saltires… cracking read this morning but you do yourself a disservice by saying it’s not aimed at anyone on here! It reads very much like most of the people on here and that is in no way a criticism!

Big Audio Dynamite

Can’t for the life of me understand why we would be prepared to sell Ajer at around 12m. Uncapped young players are changing hands in England for WAY more!

His next move certainly won’t be for 10-12m!

So, why always us!?

Big Audio Dynamite

McCaff, VG๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘


Here’s a wee tune for you BAD…

Big Audio Dynamite

Cheers McCaff ๐Ÿ‘ not heard that for a good while!

Btw, hope the young team are still making you proud …regardless of results(know the feeling). My wee guy hasn’t played for months, as he is waiting on a date to go get his knees operated on and doesn’t want anything to jeopardise it.


BAD…we’ve a free week this week due to an odd number of teams in the Divisional Cup group which I’m delighted about as we’ve really been poor so far! We brought a few players in last summer and it seems to have upset the balance we had previously. We used to have a great group but lately it’s been a bit cliquey and the boys aren’t working for each other. We got pumped (again!) last week and had to deliver some real harsh truths but also told the boys that they need to decide if the team goes forward to next season, that’s a big decision for them as we will be playing Under 17s next season – where did the years go, it seems only yesterday I was watching them play non-competitive 4-a-side now they’re young men!
Anyway, this week saw a much better attitude and approach in training which gives is a wee bit of hope that we can continue. This is a team and a club that we started so we are keen to keep it going.


Lots of interesting points coming from the meeting Dominic McKay and Ange P had with social media.

Good to hear James Forrest raising the question of SFA reform, not sure Dom has made the connection with Res11 where Celtic undertook to engage with the SFA but he would be best advised to do so.

I was pleased to hear him talk about 2 Way Communication.

I left a definition of what dialogue requires with his predecessor and we know how that worked out.

His predecessor leaves at end of this month, that would be a good time to remind him of both as neither issues will go away.

Big Audio Dynamite

McCaff, sounds very much like our own wee story. At their ages, it don’t take much to upset the balance we work so hard to create. I have always told them we are doing this for our love of the game, but that message doesn’t fit well when losing games by 10 goals lol.

Here’s hoping the lads all pull in the same direction, so that you still have a team going forward …be a real shame if it didn’t, pal ๐Ÿ‘

bada bing1

48k renewals as of yesterday seemingly



Very surprised at those numbers. I also wonder if the โ€œMagicalโ€ 10,000 waiting list still exists and how many will take up the offer of a ticket.

Interesting times ahead.

#SackBankierSupporttheteamCSC ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

Craig 76 (3 leopards ๐Ÿ† on a shirt )

All the best Jack

Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) Tweeted: Jack Hendry has joined @kvoostende on a permanent basis.

We wish @Jack_Hendry2 all the best for his future career. ๐Ÿ€

Garry Enrique

Thanks mate. Ryan although Covid positive has very mild symptoms.
Belated Happy Birthday.
Nobody on here wished me a Happy Birthday a couple of weeks ago either. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Garry Enrique

Good luck to Jack.
Was never good enough to be a Celtic player.

Le baldy quโ€™est Jobo

Having decided not to renew I might just add myself on to the waiting list ๐Ÿ˜‰
I wonder if I’d get notified where I am in the queue?


Garry Enrique…Felicitaciones de cumpleaรฑos tardรญas a Garry Enrique, si tan solo hubiรฉramos sabido…

Craig 76 (3 leopards ๐Ÿ† on a shirt )

Garry a lot of the players last season were not good enough to be Celtic players.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
Belated birthday wishes aswell ๐ŸŽ‚


Jobo, @48k sold I’m sure if you log in you’ll get your own seat back!


Fair play to Jack Hendry for making the most of his disappointment and getting a great move for himself. He’s worked hard to earn it so deserves any success, probably just another wrong time wrong place player at Celtic. His mistake in the Euros to gift the ball to the opposition shows his limitations, though, and I don’t think it’s a bad decision for either him or Celtic.
Good luck in the future Jack!

Garry Enrique

Cheers ๐Ÿ‘
Great tune from my favourite Beatles album.


My pleasure, Garry!


Belated birthday wishes Garry, I must have missed mention of it pal! ๐Ÿ™‚


We need to get ASWGL to add a calendar device to the site which announces poster’s birthdays at 00.01am. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


Good idea Jim or we can add our date of birth to our moniker…๐Ÿ˜‰


Good one McCaff311065, LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m nearly there with 53!

Garry Enrique 5665

Good ideas Jim & McCaff. ๐Ÿ˜

Craig 76 (3 leopards ๐Ÿ† on a shirt )190676(

Wee Saturday afternoon choon

Iron Maiden – Can I Play With Madness (Official Video) / Iron Maiden


Apologies to everyone whose birthday I’ve missed!

Think that’s bad? I phoned my Dad to wish him Happy Father’s Day last Sunday. I told him I hadn’t forgotten to send him a card,it’s in “my” bedroom in his house.

I just forgot to write it out while I was home a month ago!

Still,he could have a look at the one he’s getting next year. Cos it will be the same one…

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