New Week. New World?


Firstly,thanks to everyone for the contributions to the debate over the last three years nearly,but more importantly the last three days since THAT sitdown chat with our new manager and our new CEO. 

We pride ourselves here on being respectful but critical,and the comments mainly reflected that. Most of us are clearly willing to give the new guys a chance to overturn some serious decline,and will give them the benefit of time. 

And patience. 

That is all to the good. Dom has serious work to do to rebuild the fabric of the PLC,it has been hammered over the last decade and more,as Mr Always Right always got his own way. More to the point,he had his bonus KPIs set by cronies from previous employment or acquaintance,made sure that he had a neutered board who owed their remittance and importance to him,and him only. 

This must never happen again.

The next AGM should see the vast majority,and certainly the NEDs,ousted. They have had their time,done their damage. Dom needs a clean slate. 

(Starting with the chairman,of course. Except I wouldn’t know where to start with him.)

And a start must be made by the appointment of people in oversight positions who are prepared to do their job without fear or favour. I support the new appointment,but he needs to be held-independently-to account. 

Which is the role of a Non-Executive Director. Something sadly a forgotten definition at our club.

AP has a huge job on his hands. I personally will be astonished if he can turn around this disaster of a squad that he has inherited and win back the league at the first time of asking. That,of course,doesn’t give him a free pass. But I will give him time. 

I will give Dom time too. He has a huge job on his hands,as I said. He has to hold a full review of the operation of every aspect of the club. But I’m in a good mood,so I’ll give him some advice,for what it is worth,and for all the good that it will do. 

Start at the top. Clean out the stables. Start looking for alternatives to every long serving director,especially in an NED role. I don’t want you to replace them with your friends,but you can bet that the ones in place certainly won’t be. 

Clean it out,mate. Ask people to replace them based simply on their professional ability. No schmoozing,you are better than that. But…

It needs done at the next AGM. Wait any longer,you will damage any prospects of recovery. You will also damage your own.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Apologies to a well respected contributor,who had sent us something for today. I’ll be in touch about that article. Problems at my end,I expect.

Nothing changes until Timdom hurts sufficiently. None of us want that, but most of us or rather, you who pays for Old Firmism are badly needing it rammed right up yer smug conceited jacksies. Eye yeez ur, or indeed most of Timdom is after being tricked into street partying a period of one horse league domination. But perhaps tricked is taking it too far as most of Timdom are too deeply ingrained into Old Firmism you know who you are 99.99999% of you.

As the excellent Mike In Toronto explained earlier on the last blog, who cares about the stabbings slashings and murders when they give Old Firmism orientated PLC your season book money? I’d say none of you do because all you think about is you and yer day oot. Ain’t that so?

As I say nothing will change until spoiled Celtic season ticket holders feel more pain than just losing the 10 season because last October there was a concerted one day leaking mission for all of 15 seconds on STV Scotland Today News, BBC Reporting Scotland News, and all radio news bulletin’s on the hour the same 15 seconds, all auto cueing the same message “Rangers FC have announced that they’ll need £11 million to see out the season! FIFTEEN SECONDS??? For a major announcement like that given with whats gone on previously with that club!

And the next day almost on cue, by design, choreographed, I’d saw PLC planned, Celtic played inexplicably terrible and lost (I say it was deliberate) the immediate game and CONtinued to malfunction for almost all of the rest of the season. It was as though there was a meeting Lawwellesque at Lennoxtown after the Hun £11 million story broke, and my guess and I stress that it is MY GUESS, that Lawwell told Lennon to baffle the players with stupid nonsensical tactics and team selections, and in effect throw the league in case there’s another Hun administration with Old Firmism and £52 priced Old Firm games out the window for at least another three years with Celtic Park half empty again during that time.

The thing is. Did the Huns get the £11 million that they needed? If so, who from? Or who’s got a spare £11 million lying around during a Pandemic? Was the disappeared Brendan Rodgers money that none of the strangely, all of a sudden, non inquisitive Celts are not ARSED enough to ask about, was it used to bale out the Huns? Is the missing Brendan money ‘planked’ in an account in the Cayman islands waiting to be ‘dipped’ at the next Ibrox crisis?

What about this season coming, if the Huns don’t get into the group stages of the CL and miss out on the much needed money? What? A McKayesque meeting at Lennoxtown to instruct Ange to baffle the players with stupid tactics, and stupid team selections?
Then all the smokescreens about… “Awe its poor Ange’s first season, lets hope he’ll find his way next season!” type of mind numbing guff articles! Where does it end?

Season tickets have cemented unthinking, uncaring, non self respecting, me me me, Celts, to the deepest depths of the toxic, stinking, unbearable, Old Firmism swamp.

What a stink all the way up the Lawwellesque / Desmondesque / McKayesque / Rebels My Arsesque Way.


Filtered Out,

What needs filtered out is the venom in your post. I shall not be pumping money into the club this season but I respect the decision of others to do so. It does not mean that they have been deceived nor that they support the continuation of a Sevco-like entity.

If people do not agree with your stance, that is not a sufficient reason to disrespect them. What made you infallible?



It’s 9:30 pm Vancouver time , it’s finally a comfortable temperature to come outside and sit on the deck. Vancouver is getting roasted , record temperatures
Lucky for me I can sit in and watch the Euros mid day all this week
Anybody got any good rumours have not had one since Owen Coyles granny’s rumour

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Well you’re back! Welcome once again to your latest nom-de-plume. I had hoped to read some acerbic, witty remarks but once again disappointed. The same old ,same old diatribe, I thought.
But, what’s this? A kernel of wisdom amongst the chaff? Alas, no.’’ Lennon to baffle the players with stupid nonsensical tactics and team selection etc.,’’. Here was I thinking that’s what he did every week, with the exception of the tactics bit!
Not even close never mind a cigar. As a matter of interest, how do you explain the appointment of BR after The Rangers (il) beat Celtic on penalties in the Cup? Was it too soon for the master plan of which you speak.
Btw, I go to watch Glasgow Celtic playing. I don’t care who against. I’ve watched the big, the tiny, the great, the shit ( often we were the shit ), but I’ve never watched the Board.
Have a nice day. The pubs are open.. you can cry into your beer.


Morning all,

Great article Bobby. Totally agree that we need Bankier gone, a new younger person installed, and fresh ideas from new NED’s.

Regarding Ange.

Hope he receives the “Neil Lennon book on Coaching.”

Here’s a song to help you deal with it Ange. !!!

Orange Juice —- Rip it up

Le baldy qu’est Jobo

I see ole Kev’s been on again. At least he’s updated his “£49 Old Firm games” to £52 😉
Hoping I still have use of my current nom de plume at 10pm tonight….

Cosy Corner Bhoy @6:55am

Brendan was brought into Celtic at the same time the Ibrox club with the same price of tickets as before therefore they must’ve been the same club? No? Same club? No? Same ticket prices? No? Same Celtic season ticket subscribers buying the same priced Ibrox club tickets for their Old Firm games? No? Ibrox club resurrected by Celtic season ticket subscribers indifference to Old Firm ticket prices No? Same Ibrox club returned to the top league in 2016 No? Brendan sleekitly deployed by PLC sleekits so that season ticket subscribers wouldn’t be focused on trophy stripping? No? Remember all of those hot air days? No?

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, jim, so mike in toronto is your best pal on here now, ill remember that buddy😎 bobby fine post, but as you know id like the lot of them ousted from parkhead,,another true story,👍


Good Morning all. Good thought-provoking article Bobby. Time will mean so much, as some once sang.

Jobo – you beat me to it: must be inflation, £49 becomes £52.

How much was a season ticket before and after Sevco reached the Premiership I wonder?



cosy corner bhoy

TFFEA: Arithmetic not one of your strengths then? Awareness obviously not another.
Season ticket holders pay a lump sum for a varying number of games which makes the.price of ALL games equal.
For example, for your benefit only a first round Scottish Cup game versus Cowdenbeath is the same price as the game against the Govan Works X1.
Should you wish to pat to be at that game instead of Sky Sports in the pub that will be £49 unless you know it will be more.
Now go back to whence you came, rest up and return when you have a coherent argument to make
Thank you.

cosy corner bhoy

Typed in the bus to golf!
It might have.been more jumpy if I’d been in the pub!!


CCB: wiz that jumpy or grumpy…😉🤣

Enjoy the gowf ⛳

Big Audio Dynamite

The filtered Fenian

During times of universal deciept, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

Seeing the majority meekly accept that it IS Rangers we are still in competion with, is utterly sickening!
Basically being told its the Old Firm or nothing (Oh, and stop moaning about it, your doing everyone’s head in) buy a ticket or STFU!

A friendly bit of advice, from one Tim to another.
Why don’t you find summit else to do with your previous time, mate? Like me, you must now know you are wasting your time? THE PEOPLE want this, and they will pay good money for it! Even though the whole thing is a complete sham, you can bet your last penny it’ll be with us for decades to come. We are in a gunfight with a ghost.

All the best!


Filtered out Fenian

As they say in Chewing The Fat sketches ” you have taken this too far”

However before you reach the extremity of your expressed thoughts, in the centre circle lies something that cannot be avoided called moral hazard.

Definition: Moral hazard is a situation in which one party gets involved in a risky event knowing that it is protected against the risk and the other party will incur the cost. It arises when both the parties have incomplete information about each other.

I think that covered what Celtic had to deal with in 2012 but their failing was to insist the other party stops risky spending (which would have meant a domestic version of UEFA FFP) because ultimately Celtic would pay the price.

However what if it were a price Celtic were prepared to pay? That would explain no insistence on FFP written into the 5WA. Perhaps they did insist but Green threatened to walk away giving Celtic/SFA/SPL no option but to pay his price which as it turned out was continuation of the moral hazard that caused the problem in the first place.

All attempts to keep a form of Rangers in Scottish football suggest Celtic are caught in a moral hazard swamp but have no inclination to escape because they do not have to pay the price, the supporters do, emotionally and financially and apparently willingly, but possibly not knowing that they are paying to watch a game where what happens on the field is dictated overall (it might take a few seasons for the price to materialise), by moral hazard.

A factor at play to keep the idea of moral hazard at bay is compartmentalisation where The Board are put in one compartment in the mind and the team in the other.

This is a denial of the reality that what the Board do in one box has an effect on what happens in the other.

When I set up an office team from scratch I was the Board and the team.

I gathered together a bunch of enthusiastic guys , some of whom were not particularly skilled but I had a few of higher standard. I owed it to those guys to raise the standard of those around them and did it over the course of 2 seasons so that by the third I had a top division team where they ended up in consecutive seasons.

My point is I (The Board) had a direct affect on the team because I owed it to the guys in the team of higher standard to raise the standard of those around them.

The opposite has happened at Celtic in past few years and the way to stop decline is to make the Board change its thinking and in doing so we are really supporting the team and the players in it so that the price of moral hazard does not fall on Celtic but on the reckless rivals.

Short term pain for long term gain, but at the end of the day what we think is what we get to watch, perhaps because we think the price paid is producing what we really really want, a day out with our friends and family with football the reason to meet up, which simply cannot be criticised as wrong and must be respected even if it allows continuation of the moral hazard ( who btw is not a member of the Belgian international team squad).



My response to Fenian (Kev) is the thrust of a blog I would have eventually got around to drafting. Call it premature eblogulation if you like, sorry but it just spilled out. Oh er missus. 🙂



Funny you should say that-because my thoughts on reading were of an article in response to it on Wednesday or Thursday!



Great minds thinking alike has been put under challenge.😀


Don’t worry Packy you are still my bestest mate on here! 🙂

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and MIKE. oh sorry JIM,😎😎 regarding kevj he wears his heart on his sleeve, okay he could probably not say it so as to get people riled up, but he is just fed up with the board and their cheating, arent we all, another true story,,bankier and desmond, please leave parkhead, in fact please leave celtic park, there ive said it🤞

Margaret McGill

“premature eblogulation”

is now my favourite phrase.

Spelling Bee Judge: Spell “eblogulation”.
Small Asian kid: Can I have it in a sentence please?
Spelling Bee Judge: Yes of course. ” It was a premature eblogulation for Celtic fans to expect that £49 would last as long as their grandchildren’s pension dreams but they are now truly getting fucked the whole 52 weeks of the year”
Small Asian kid. Thanks. O….L…..D…. F…..I…..R….M
Spelling Bee Judge. Correct. Next. Spell “Stramash”.

big packy

MAGS, when i first started lurking on cqn about 10 years ago you were on as was awenaw, kevj, hamilton tim, tony donnely, kitalba auldhied, morrisey ,canamalar,, they were the good old days, oh forgot to mention brth 👍

Mike in Toronto

Anyone else on here (old enough to) remember the TV show St. Elsewhere? Amedical drama about the lives of the doctors and nurses at St. Eligius Hospital (a sort of run down hospitla known to all as St. Elsewhere) … it was sort a precursor to ER….

one of the story arcs concerned the autistic son of one of the doctors. the series ended with the kid looking at the snow globe, which contained a miniature version of the hospital… and the picture fades and then shows each of the various doctors and nurses as people from this kids real life ….but they were not doctors …, it turned out that the whole hospital thing, and so the whole six years of the series, was a figment of this autistic kid’s imagination…

anyone else ever think that maybe one day some kids is going to wake up, and look at the snow globe containing a little model of Celtic Park… and it is going to turn out that none of the last 15 years, including CQN, and SC, and PL and P67 and BMWCUWP and Mahe and all the posters never really existed, and we are all just figments of some young Celtic fan’s imagination?

Would make more sense that the ‘reality’….



A fine leader. 1789(Paris) springs to mind. AFF with their heids as they used to say in gay Paris.

I don’t quite buy the idea that supporters will be allowed back, in large numbers, come August. We are not our of the woods yet, as far as Covid goes. Only my opinion of course.

One prediction that I will quite happily make is this: For the first game of next season, when supporters are allowed to attend in large numbers-whenever that may be-the board will receive absolute pelters for their performance last season. Banker, Wilson et al will be absolutely bricking themselves at the thought. Perhaps Sir David Murray could invite those fine fellows to his villa in Jersey for the day. Plenty of soup and succulent lamb for our fine fellows of the PLC. Blue Peter will of course be there, if he can tear himself away from his arduous schedule.


You make a lot of fine points. Some I agree with, some I disagree with. Lose the anger. Being in a constant state of agitation is not good for the soul. You will be a better man for doing so. I myself was very bitter and angry over the course of last season. Not a good look at all. I am much calmer now…believe it or not.

Hail Hail.

Margaret McGill

Good point. In Canada there’s a few Native American kids looking at snow globes of Catholic Churches.


Major blunder by Spanish keeper….poor guy.

Garry Enrique 5665

Come on Espana.
The better team here.

Mike in Toronto


I know it is in the news at the moment, but, honestly, I dont have enough knowledge of the subject to speak fairly on the subject. And it is too important for me to give an off the cuff response which might be wrong or disrespectful, so until I learn more about it. I will refrain from commenting.


Evening fellow SC’ers, the quality of daily leaders on here, are on a par to no other. Nice one bobby 👍‍‍

I’m in agreement anyone thinking it will be a sudden turnaround is in for a shock, Time is needed, but you rarely get that being ‘not half’ of the one erse.

I’m in the big packy camp get Bankier and the other empty jerseys on the board TF

big packy

ASWGL, it must be a st augustines thing,👍😎😎


Packy this was the only Protestant school in my neighborhood with saint in front of it’s name

big packy

ASWGL thats a first😎 funny thing is down here in cheshire and probably england as a whole,there are lots of protestant churches and schools with a saints name,,another true story😎


Could be extra time, in this game Spain 3 Croatia 3


Flips sake, I think Spain have got ajer and bitton at centre half. When did it become acceptable for professional defenders to be frightened to head the ball.?


Ajer is not frightened to heid the baw but unfortunately he has a napper like a thrupeeny bit so it’s anyone’s guess where the ball will go.
The Spanish centre half reminded me of Celtic’s ball watching defenders and also seemed inspired by Bitton’s consistency in being wrong side of man.


Sorry fan I disagree. He cannot attack the ball and subsequently wins very few headers. Agree re bitton though

bada bing1

Dembele finish

Garry Enrique 5665

Viva Espana 💪
Performance of the tournament so far.

bada bing1

Brilliant to see Murray on Centre Court, this might be his last hurrah,he probably thought it would never happen again after his surgery, the Greatest Scottish Sportsman of All Time IMO


I’m guessing Garry has Spain in the sooty & but I can’t work out the 5665 can’t be 22, cant be his Bd/Dob that was last week, can’t be minutes since he last had a doobie, that would never do, so fess up DD


Commentator in Croatia v Spain match blaming both Croatian full backs for the goals conceded .
Then credits Enrique Spains coach for spotting it and playing with 2 wide men to exploit their weakness.
Meanwhile the genius that was Clarke played with two lumps of wood through the middle upfront and zero width against the Croatians.
Yet he was an improvement on previous Scottish coaches.
How low can a bar be set?

saltires voting for Christmas


I’m a huge Andy fan … but a bronze for me

King Kenny & Chris Hoy have my Gold & Siller spots.

saltires voting for Christmas


Good shout today and hoping major rejig of Board in next 12 months, but doubt the new CEO will have anywhere near that level of clout.

cosy corner bhoy

Got to say I also think Andy Murray is Scotland’s greatest ever sportsman
An individual sport with possible 5 hour high concentration never mind ability and fitness Never mind marathons think 5 set men’s tennis
A phenomenal young man
Fit as a butcher’s dug!!

Garry Enrique 5665

Date of birth. I share it with my hero James Connolly. Born 100 years apart. 👍🍀💚🇮🇪

big packy

just watching andy murray there, a couple of years ago he would have destroyed this guy 6-0 6-0 6-0 ,now he is into a fourth set and looks to me to be tiring, come on andy 👍


You’re not getting any younger either Packy. When was the last time you tried a new aftershave? Still on Old Spice?


Fear not packy i’ll send you a cheap bottle of aftershave to try called “Midnight in the Gallowgate”

It’s aboot a fiver a gallon 😎


Did Benzema tip his goalie which way to dive before scoring 2 rapid after keeper saved?

It’s no fair so it’s no having a guy like that in yer team.

Brilliant football.


ASWGL, I remember in the early 70s you thought you were the bee’s knees if you ‘wore’ ? Brut aftershave!