Gone. But Not Forgiven.


Strictly speaking,today is the start of a new era. And also the culmination of a long hard fight to make it happen. But other people can explain that better,none more so than REBUS67 yesterday.


“Today is PL’s last day as CEO. I wonder how much self awareness he has? His immediate legacy is a depleted and demoralised squad, a new manager without his backroom staff, a trophy-less season, an embittered fanbase, an organisational shambles with no head of recruitment and sports science, an under performing scouting system that was thin on the ground to start with, an academy that is shedding its top players to other clubs. Quite an achievement for 17 years of “building”.

Good bye”


An achievement indeed,all those years of unparalleled success that his fanboys are never tired of telling us about.

And yet he leaves us with a similar income to when he arrived in 2003-and that figure is based on the last non-covid accounts,as even I wouldn’t blame him for a pandemic! So,to follow on from Monday’s article… 

He leaves us with our worst and most depleted squad in my recollection. COSYCORNERBHOY might be able to remember a worse one,and a good argument could be made for the one inherited by Tommy Burns in 1994,but I genuinely believe that we need at the very least-whether it be as a first pick or as cover-two full backs,two centre-backs,a winger on each side,three mids including a bruiser,and two front men.

That’s more players than there are starting jerseys. Even the 1994 squad had enough in it to provide a base for recovery.

This one,not so much.

He has also overseen the trashing of our reputation in Europe. No investment from him until he knows which tournament we are playing in,and he habitually set his alarm for a couple of days before the end of the window. Then phoned up Dudu,and maybe a couple of people at various clubs,to see if there was anyone he could get for diddleysquat,people who wanted to leave but nobody else wanted. Leaving the manager with little chance of qualification in the first place,and less time to work with these new players than is clever.

It’s like effing Groundhog Day!

Fortress Parkhead turned into a bloody laughing stock. Quite an achievement indeed.

But let us not take away from Lawwell’s achievements.I am not sure that anyone could have carried it off with the same aplomb as he did. To keep The Old Firm alive,even in the face of the minor difficulty of death!-is,I grant you,a work of genius. 

To then request proof of how it was done,the famous “Give me a smoking gun and I will fire the bullets” and then lie repeatedly to their faces even as he is demanding ever more costly proof? Well,you have to admire his front,doncha?

Screw it,let’s put this utterly divisive and clearly self-interested twat behind us,forget about the micromanaging self-interested self-aggrandisement. Just forget about the whole damn lot. We have to hope,as I said on Monday,that there is really a new broom,a new plan,a new way of doing things.

The transfer window opens today as well,and while AP might not have met his entire staff yet,I reckon he knows who he wants to keep and who he wants to replace. It is vital that he also knows who to replace them with. But not as vital as being backed to do so by his own CEO.

However,our best bit of transfer business in this window is removing our best paid and worst performing employee from the payroll. A long overdue start,our first step on a long road.

“Let the games begin!”


Above article by BMCUWP

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and welcome to July. The beginning of the next chapter then Bobby?

saltires voting for Christmas


Rebus’ post sums it up succinctly.

Someone sent a screenshot of ” termination of the appointment of …..as a Director on 30th June, 2021″

Somehow, sense this isn’t the last we’ve seen. Another 2 years in a made up position and hardly a fekin word on it, except here.

The place needs gutted!

Prestonpans bhoys

There is a phrase in parliament ‘minister without portfolio’ and that’s exactly what Lawwell will pickup at CP. Remember to attain a position in UEFA you need to have a active position in a member club😱😵😯


Happy Canada Day!



Morning all from a very promising-looking Royal Burgh! The Despicable Mr L has an abundance of knowledge on the workings of the Club, unfortunately. Also, he has hobnobbed with the High, the Mighty and the Generally Corrupt at UEFA and has willingly accepted scraps at both tables! Bobby, I’m with you, we only have hope! Everything else was systematically removed by The Despicable Mr L and the equally Despicable Mr D. The real test for Celtic now is for Dominic McKay to resist, insist and prove he is his own man…anything other takes us down this same path of self-destruction whilst empowering the TRFC and the SFA. It’s all down to Dom to stay as strong as he thinks he is and show us the soundbites of “10 Year Plans” and “World Class Standards” are more than platitudes…of course, he needs the Despicable Mr D to be completely on board with his intentions and plans for it to be successful. Here’s a wee tune that fits perfectly Dom’s, and our, predicament…


Happy Canada Day to Rebus, Mike and especially Puff D and all others in the Old Colonial Provinces.
Happy Camera Day to MikeInTVLawyerland…I’ve just had a wee read back from yesterday – I hope you continue to keep well but I suppose the veiled threats of Legal Action against the medics is a useful tool… 😷😁


Mio buon amico Garry Enrique, mi dispiace informarti che la tua fiducia nella tua squadra per gli Europei è molto mal riposta! È ovvio per chiunque sappia qualcosa di calcio che i forti e potenti Azzurri spazzeranno tutti davanti a loro e saranno i conquistatori del calcio europeo per la prima volta in oltre 50 anni… sta tornando a casa, sta tornando a casa, il calcio sta tornando a casa! ! 🤣🤣🤣


Mi buen amigo Garry Enrique, lamento informarle que su confianza en su equipo para los Euros está muy mal. Es obvio para cualquiera que sepa algo de fútbol que los fuertes y poderosos Azzurri arrasarán con todos ellos y serán los conquistadores del fútbol europeo por primera vez en más de 50 años … ¡vuelve a casa, vuelve a casa, el fútbol vuelve a casa! ! 🤣🤣🤣


I wonder what Big Ange thought we he arrived and looked under the bonnet at what he had been sold on the internet. Well run club, internationally respected, etc, etc. No a shambles with a litany of problems. He must have been shocked that a professional club could have been run into the ground to such an extent. Youth leaving, half the squad leaving, sports science non existent……… Yes Peter we won’t miss you.


For any uneducated delinquents out there unable to converse to in anything other than their native tongue a translation is provided below! 😉😁
My good friend Garry Enrique, I am sorry to inform you your confidence in your team for the Euros is very much misplaced! It is obvious to anyone who knows anything about football that the strong and mighty Azzurri will sweep all before them and be conquerors of European football for the first time in over 50 years…it’s coming home, it’s coming home, football’s coming home!! 🤣🤣🤣
Off to work…working outdoors for the last few weeks so really enjoying this spell of weather! Have a good day all, particularly the Canadian Posse…enjoy the poutine, moose patties and beer!! 🐭(sorry, no moose emoji!!)

Craig 76 (3 leopards 🐆 on a shirt )

Apparently the sports science guy left a couple of weeks ago. I’m more shocked that we actually had a sports science guy last season 😀😀


Agreed Craig! That was a surprise to me too!! Anyway, really need to get tae now! Catch up later, hopefully!

saltires voting for Christmas


Some great posts from you recently.

I like your style!


big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, good post bobby, but i wont be satisfied till they are all gone, every last one of them,,and that is a true story👍


After many years in Canada, I became a citizen. I did not want to do it merely as a convenience. I had to balance it with where I came from. As I was sworn in, I stood, with my family, between a red headed Irishman and an Asian family. It seemed to capture the essence of the country.

It is a curious situation to be an immigrant. You do not fully belong either to your new country nor to your old home. Events, people move on and you become a bit of a stranger in your old land. At one point I was accused of jumping ship!

In your new land, you do not have the in built network of friendships made as you you grew up together. Similarly, you do not have your family around you. Your history of Canada begins when you moved there….in the eighties in my case.

I feel very proud to be a Canadian but I see myself as a Scottish Canadian. Whereas my three sons see themselves as Canadian. One hurtful moment many years ago was when one of my sons asked if we were Scottish. You do not realise everything that can happen to you when you emigrate. For example, it was very difficult to spend enough time with my parents as they aged and, finally, passed away. The same was true for my brother who passed away last year. Incidentally, no one was permitted to attend his funeral due to Covid. His life still needs to be honoured.

I remember the excitement at Prestwick airport as we said goodbye to my parents and father-in-law, not realising their pain. When two of my sons left for Sweden and the UK respectively, I understood their pain only too well!

I know that I did the right thing for me and my family by moving to Canada but, in hindsight, I did not fully understand what I was doing. I love Canada with a Scottish heart.

Enjoy your day, everyone!



Beautiful Rebus!👏


Saltires… cheers!!

A Thing Of Beauty

Lovely to hear caityrollercoaster is doing so well. Anyone who has met her knows she will excel. Hopefully we will all get a meet up at celtic park very soon.
I loved your story about emigrating. It gives a real sense of the loss that comes with moving away but also the pride in building a new and better life for your family.

As for Lawwell. He’ll hang around. When your snout is the the trough as long and as deep as his is, you don’t give it up easily. I also agree with McCaff about the inner workings of the club and how difficult it would be to just let him go. The fact that it’s got to this shows how he was allowed to build an empire at Celtic Park. Unfortunately it was built on sand but hey ho, he made sure he looked after himself. Celtic first my a..e


The King is … gone, long live the new King – if he gets it right. Hope springs eternal.


You can put lipstick on a pig but ultimately it’s still a pig.
While DD holds the reins we will wallow in self created mediocrity.


Happy Canada Day to all our fellow Sentinel Celts. Much to ponder there Rebus, as one who has travelled a bit and lived in Cyprus, Germany, Belgium and England over the years. But home is wherever you are, as well as where your heart lies. With a daughter born in Germany and a son born in England, we are all now, separately, living and settled back in Scotland and following our own paths. Our own individual choices, as it should be.

Maestro Fan

Thank God he’s gone. Toxic.

Big Audio Dynamite

Garry, thanks for the kind words,pal. Flouncing? Nah, just utterly brokenhearted, mate!

Who would have thought a game of football could do this to you, eh?
Good luck to all those renewals, I really hope you get the Celtic football club you deserve!

St tams

Bobby, great read.

He should actually have been sacked months ago for allowing our club to get into the state it is in.

That was something I found curious from DM last Friday speaking about , modernisation, world class and best practice.
Surely afor a club the size of ours with the turnover we have those things should be a given. Should not require a new CEO to implement them in 2021.

Big Audio Dynamite

Happy Canada day to any fellow Canucks


BAD…the Club doesn’t just belong to the guys who have renewed their season ticket! Celtic always has been, and should be recognised as, a Club for all! The behaviours of the Board as was yesterday have given us all pause for thought but should never give us any reason to think the Club is lost to us! The Hun behaviour of the Despicable Mr L, Wankier and the rest of them should not end our love for the belief we all had that Celtic as an entity not a Capitalist machine was something worth believing in!
C’mon You Bhoys in Green!!

Garry Enrique 5665

Good read BMCUW.
Does anyone know how many millions of pounds the parasite Lawwell has extracted from our club?
Bankier, Allison and Wilson must follow Lawwell out of the door, along with the entire playing squad. Start afresh time.

Garry Enrique 5665

Look forward to Spain pumping Italia in the Semi Final.
Spain v Ukraine final, with Espana Euro 2020 Champions.

Garry Enrique 5665

Glad you are still posting. Like you, I have given up my Celtic season book. Will never buy one again. I will, however, attend individual matches of my choosing.

Garry Enrique 5665

Wee tune for B.A.D.


Big Audio Dynamite

McCaff, I hope you don’t think I would have a go at fellow Celts for renewing? Not my style!

I’m well aware of the face we present in public.
To me, it is no longer a club for all, as 000s of us as now lost to the game because of corruption.
I feel like I’m going through the stages of grief right now …similar to losing a family member!
Why do I continue? I really don’t know! But I think my anger is multiplied by the fact my wee Bhoy is Celtic daft, too young to understand and just wants to see his team.
This puts me in a really awkward position.

Do you imagine the club REALLY CARES about guys like me or the position I find myself in?I

Believe when I say, I really want you & your Bhoy to still get pleasure from it 👍

Big Audio Dynamite

Cheers, Garry! Celtic was a massive part of my life ..a deep love affair, but I just can’t stomach the stench pal.
Like I said to McCaff, I hope you & your kids have years of enjoyment still to come from Celtic.

HH Buddy!

Garry Enrique 5665

My granddaughter has asked me to start taking her to Mass every week, her brother, my grandson has no interest in Mass, but has asked me to take him to more Celtic games. I will be doing both going forward.

bada bing1

Today I formally take up my role as Chief Executive of Celtic Football Club and I want to thank you for the very warm welcome I have received so far.

I want once again to thank Peter Lawwell for all he has done for the Club over such a long period of service and for the great support he has given myself in recent weeks.

I also want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for renewing your Season Ticket for 2021/22. The response has been incredible and provides an excellent foundation upon which Ange and I can build.

We have recorded a fantastic level of interest in our Season Ticket renewals and yet again we have the highest number of Season Ticket holders in the country backing the team for the season ahead – a phenomenal figure which is quickly approaching sell-out.

Last Friday saw the most Season Tickets ever sold by the Club in one day, in our entire history!

We are all very much looking forward to welcoming our Season Ticket holders back to Celtic Park very soon, and I’m encouraged by the recent Government guidance that indicates a possible return of fans to football in the coming few weeks. We will of course keep you updated as we get information from the Government and relevant authorities.

The positive impact of having our supporters back at Celtic Park cannot be underestimated as we look to a new era, with our focus firmly set on a return to winning ways.

We are about to embark on a new campaign both domestically and in Europe, and I’m really excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we look to deliver the success that your incredible support so greatly deserves.

I truly believe that in the appointment of Ange Postecoglou as manager, we can all look forward to entertaining, and more importantly winning football in the seasons ahead and I look forward to sharing these moments with you at Celtic Park.

Once again thank you, for your warm welcome, for your unwavering support and for your continued commitment to Celtic Football Club.


Morning all,


Where’s the bit at the bottom that should read

“ And there’s 3 new signings being announced this afternoon “

Nah didn’t think so ………

We can only 🙏


I too received an e-mail from Dom McKay this morning.

How long before he starts to get it in the neck for his smarmy, insincere PR tick-box exercise approach to fan communication?

I give it a week


Hi BOBBY, good summation of the situation we find ourselves in, and a great quote from REBUS67.

I’m a bit split in a way. Some fans refer to the years of success we witnessed under Peter’s leadership I fully agree with that viewpoint. I think it would be churlish to think otherwise. When I found myself in his slightly distanced company when he started eating out with his family occasionally in my local (gastro – yuk!) pub in Eaglesham, the barmaid, who is of the blue-hued persuasion, nodded towards me saying there’s another of you guys over there. I then had the opportunity to thank him for all he’d done and the success he had overseen.

However I think it is also permissable to be underwhelmed in the extreme with the running of the club in the last year or so, much of which has to be laid at the bold Peter’s door. When you consider the role of the CEO in the overall running of the club/company it defies logic (to me at least) that so little was done when it was obvious the season was unravelling and there was still time to do something.

But the real issue, for me, was that so little was done for so long to prepare us for this monumentous season when the prizes available at the end of season 21/22 are ground shaking in their importance. And THAT, I’m afraid. lies squarely at Peter’s door!

Garry Enrique 5665

Griff signs one year extension at Celtic.


Was busy yesterday and only caught up this morning. Lovely tribute to Bertie.
I lived in Brum for 9 years and Bertie was fondly spoken about by City fans, especially the older ones who remembered the Johnny Haynes incident.
During our golden era, Bertie and Bobby Murdoch ran the midfield for the Stein machine against the best in Europe. How spoiled we were to witness the best in Europe being bested by a gallus wee fella fae Maryhill?
All the best to Bertie and family.


I think the Griff is one lucky, lucky Bhoy.

Hopefully he gets the finger out,knuckles down and repays Celtic with plenty of goals.


Garry Enrique 5665

Think Ange will insist on that.


Griff has wasted the last five years of his life. He owes us,he owes himself. He can count himself very lucky indeed.


Griff would be nowhere near a well run club.
Unprofessionalism by one seeps through the squad and those that will remain certainly reinforced that view last season.
Suggest’s there is no money to address glaring deficiencies in the squad.
All our hope is on Ange being the Messiah.
Huge and unnecessary risk for Ange to deal with.

Peter Lawwell spent years giving platitudes to the Celtic support while privately shafting them at DD’s bidding.
So far all we have from Dom is words.
He will be judged by his actions as his predecessors hollow and dishonest words have the supporters rightfully cynical.
Will he be an honest and proactive CEO ?
Time will tell?
Personally i see a smoother operator but there will be no real change while DD pulls the string.


You are an honorable man with an honorable disposition and assume morality exists for various purposes e.g. the reason Celtic exists. Unfortunately, Capitalism has removed morality from the equation and we are left dealing with a bunch of cnuts who hide behind “whats best for shareholders” as a raison d’etre. Its only about money to them. There is no moral hazard for Celtic’s custodians. Its only about money. There is no point in talking about morality here. Until such times as supporters (of any football team) decide to withhold the only thing that now counts i.e. your money. Its just pissin in the wind.,

I agree with you totally that the world tries to bury morality and we pay the price by lost accountability of which Johnson and Trump are but one manifestation.

However whilst moral hazard is itself a consequence of loss of morality it is different in its manifestation.

Morality is defined as: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour.

Moral hazard is a situation in which one party gets involved in a risky event knowing that it is protected against the risk and the other party will incur the cost.

In the case of Scottish football Rangers adopted a risky strategy and others have paid the cost, principly Celtic and Celtic supporters.

That can be addressed by Celtic by adopting some of the measures in my Tweets copied here last night.

That would be the moral thing for Celtic to do as defined under morality.

However they didnt which puts them every bit as much in the immoral camp as Rangers.

An event at a meeting with Celtic in Jan 2019 (it’s in http://www.res12.uk ) is when I wondered wtf. They were handed a vital piece of evidence that the UEFA licence was granted under false pretence ie fraud but refused to recognise it or use it on the basis we would not like other clubs digging up stuff to use against Celtic!

Now when a fellow member club has cheated you in 2011 and all of Scottish football from 2000 to 2010 with ebts, it would surely be in Celtic the Company’best interest to see the immoral behaviour of a rival addressed using some of the measures I set out in my Tweets?

Unless of course it is not Celtic who pay the costs in financial terms because they know the support will and the emotional cost to the support just isnt a factor in the Board’s equation.

The season ticket uptake vindicates Celtic’s position. Painful as it is, Celtic can depend on the support bearing it.

I dont believe the majority of the Celtic support are knowingly immoral, this site is testimony to that but I think many are unaware of what they are supporting when they pony up.

If they were they would be demanding Celtic, who were founded on totally moral grounds, act to remove the moral hazard, but first they need to know it exists in order to influence their moral choice, one we are all faced with everyday, which is to make the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour and act in accord with the direction of our own moral compass
This is the uncomfortable position many face now and if the latest poultice does not bring the comfort of old because of the moral hazard that still exists, the discomfort will continue and perhaps increase until the cause of our dis-ease is finally addressed.

I end with this from Gibran on Pain and it goes much wider than football.

Much of your pain is self-chosen.

It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.

Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility:

For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen,

And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears.

“Much of your pain is self chosen. ” that means we can chose different, the choice we each make is the cause of the pain.

A Thing Of Beauty

Completely agree as regards Leigh Griffiths. If he cannot sort his life out in a five year period why would anyone think he can do it now. Still, it’s an indictment of the state we find ourselves in.
As regards DMcK we need to give him a chance.


On tackling moral hazard as well as other things PL did not do I’ll copy over my thoughts originally on Twitter again.largly based on my experience as a manager.

Had I been CEO I would have used the leverage Res12 would have given him had Celtic voted for it to reform Scottish football. Domestic FFP to prevent the damage Rangers reckless spending did to Celtic in particular, look up moral hazard that still exists.

Make refereeing a Service where SFA recruit a and train but clubs asses performance,

Strengthen the fit and proper person test to keep rogues from taking over clubs,

Argue for/advocate season change so that Celtic do not face an unfitness handicap each qualifying year.

I’d protect the integrity of the game and make sure clubs acting under moral hazard policy are excluded from the game after 1 warning.

I’d look at spreading CL income to tackle moral hazard and produce a more competitive league as a result.

I would not sign up to a Agreement that required me to be economic with the Truth at an AGM and

Create an Accord with the support to produce dialogue and not monologue which would include Agreement on what can be discussed in public and what could harm the club if debated in public. The letter from Celtic Comp Secretary to
@TheCelticTrust & their answer shows what happens when such a written Accord does not exist.

You did ask 🙂 but I was a manager for 35 years not an an accountant and OK at 5s in my 50s.

Definition: Moral hazard is a situation in which one party gets involved in a risky event knowing that it is protected against the risk and the other party will incur the cost. . The other party is not Celtic who pay, it’s the support, financially and emotionally. Discuss,

Funnily enough there was nothing but ridicule in replies from the dark side, so deep in the bowels of Plato’s Cave light cannot reach to create shadows.


fan a tic

“So far all we have from Dom is words.
He will be judged by his actions as his predecessors hollow and dishonest words have the supporters rightfully cynical.
Will he be an honest and proactive CEO ?
Time will tell?”

It may surprise you to know I agree with a great deal of that.

I do not need or depend upon regular PR updates from the CEO or Board. It was described , memorably, on another Forum as “birthday card pish.”

Some fans asked for this but it is an easy PR exercise to fulfil. An office junior could write this stuff.

Telling the truth about Res 12 and defending the club against our enemies is more important to me. I suspect that, if he wasn’t prepared to play a similar role to PL’s remit, he would not have been appointed. I don’t equate being slicker with instituting change but I will still let the man show us whatever qualities he does have.


“In the case of Scottish football Rangers adopted a risky strategy and others have paid the cost, principly Celtic and Celtic supporters.”
Was it truly a risky strategy though?
Rangers have shown a preference to cheat and walk away from the bills for decades.
When you know others will pay there is no real risk involved.
Accountability for Rangers does not exist in the Scottish political and football environment.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ,I agree with fan, leigh griffiths should be nowhere near our club, but hey our club is not a well run club,another true story,👍

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