Grab that chance!

My phone went last night and the other end said ‘Mahe, it’s Ange. Any of your posters good on the ball by chance?’
Ok, ok, but you know what I mean.
There’s waiting and there’s the opportune moment,,then there’s sleeping in.
At the moment in terms of European qualification, it very much looks as if we’ve slept in.


The much needed reinforcements are still much needed, the disgruntled and departing need flogged, and our native spine is on a much needed rest just when we could do with them learning the new methods.


I hope you feel like me in that there is one single person I absolutely will not blame should we fail to qualify, the new manager of course. He’s very much between a rock and a hard place here, yet he still has a card to play.


There’s one player fully focused on being ready, open to his system, that wants to impress, and will more than likely get the team built around him for these early games.
I fully suspect Tam Rogic will attempt to quarterback the team into the next round, and to make up for his notorious lack of stamina he will probably be okayed to do less work retrieving the ball, but be asked to work magic when receiving the ball.
This offers our Thunder from Down Under a fresh opportunity that will probably suit him down to the ground,,I think he would cover that role.
If he actually looked good there, we could see the position suits him, then he probably will get the nod to remain in the team, a big incentive to perform.
He could reach hero status by dragging us through,,but equally be deemed just not good enough if he is made the teams focal point and fails to take that advantage.
These are actually a very big few months for Tommy Rogic, he should aim to be home undroppable under Ange.


There’s actually a really good chance the team we see take the field in less than three weeks time is totally made up of those currently partaking in preseason training and directly learning their roles.
The eight relaxing right now, should not be thrown straight into the deep end if unnecessary, which would leave the eleven that is slowly coming to the fore right now at Lennoxtown.
It doesn’t make much sense to teach them as much as you can then dump them en masse for relative new learners, more experienced or not.


That’s why I think we will see a mostly fringe first team for this vital qualifier, with most of the play going through Tam.
It’s dicey, it’s unorthodox, but it’s probably the best option right now.


Ange will also realize, as the title states, this is a huge chance for those players.
Mikey Johnson will never have a better chance to impress, to be part of the jigsaw, and should be attacking space as soon as the ball is played to Tam.
Ralston should make the club think twice about signing a big money replacement, Welsh should show he is a solid first choice, and Bain should show that attitude also.
Euan Henderson and Soro could be a solid defensive screen, might actually gel well together and give the gaffer real selection headaches.
If young Dembele has his head in the game he will have cottoned onto the simple fact James beloved right hand side is there to be wrestled away by a pacier more innovative player. If that kid has stardom ahead, solidly grabbing that spot would be a fantastic platform and a fantastic experience for everyone all around.


And then there’s always that one,,that one who unexpectedly shines under the new managers system. I recall young Luca Connell had many a fan drooling,,could his slick passing impress Ange?
Could Bolingoli be given a clean slate and pay us back with a performance?
Could the man with Greek blood bring our Greek keeper out of his shell?


Perhaps the biggest question after seeing Odsonne training with us still and Griff hanging around, are we getting the A-team back together? That duo has done damage before, but has let us down before and looked to be history. Could Ange ressurect their Hoops careers? Stranger things have happened and they both have something to play for, at the moment they will probably face the Danes. A strong showing and they are our starting strikers, will they grab the chance? I wouldnt bet against it.

Now Mikey Johnson’s barber is helping hype the upcoming campaign as if it needed anymore! Who knows if it’s true but ‘after his speech we were about to run through brick walls for him’ sounds about right from what we know.
That’s the Ange we want,the leader we crave. A sense of togetherness is more than called for, could the manager help foster that?
Who knows, but barbers do get the gossip, it’s a well known fact.


That no one at all knows what’s about to happen here also works in our favour in that we can’t be scouted or planned for by the opposition, a rarity we should take maximum advantage of.


I do know what should happen though, we should see those given the chance burst a gut to grab that chance and stay involved.
This really is a big chance for anyone selected and it could help resurrect a few careers ,,, I hope they grab it with both hands.


By Mahe

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Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

Before I read the main article, here’s a tribute to another article.
If you know your history, and the sociopathic nature of this hun wank.
An article indeed.

Not a footballer player. A ned given free reign to disable players in Scotland as much as he wanted.

Super Sally’s player of the year no less πŸ€”
Let history record what these hun arseholes are.

Can someone please make sure Ange knows that this isn’t a one off….before he is told on CQN “welcome to Glasgow”.

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon
Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

These bastards have never won fairly. Never.

Which is why many ot us have our heckles up about the last season and the involvement of a Celtic board that have nothing but contempt for the unquestioning loyalty of 48k supporters.

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

Hoopy Birthday to newly retired Jobo Baldie πŸŽ‰πŸ·πŸ·

Hope you have a nice day with the family πŸ‘πŸ‘

HH πŸ€πŸ€

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Happy birthday to Jobo, the East Kilbride weather forecaster and recently retired β€˜Hector’!


Fair points and as good a rallying call as we can hope for at this time. I have my doubts about Tam’s durability given the agricultural tackles that would fly into him again and MJ’s for that matter but hope you are right. Need that enforcer for SPL games and Mooy may fit that bill. Hope Shaw and Connell can make an impact also. What formation though ?


Morning all
Happy birthday Jobo have a great day/night

This should be a 10 game ban



Brilliantly soundtracked!

Maestro Fan

Our biggest chance of success this season is another hun financial collapse. We have the weakest squad in nearly 30 years and absolutely shambolic handover from that cheap fraud, Lawwell.



Good to have you back,mucker! Glasgow hoot on 28 August,if you fancy it.



We definitely need an enforcer,mate. Just off the phone to my sister there. We reckon we could do with an experienced bruiser right through the spine of the team. It might not be “The Glasgow Celtic Way” but it will give our youngsters time and protection to develop.



Sadly,that is 100% accurate.

Craig 76 (3 leopards πŸ† on a shirt )

Never thought I’d see the ocean on fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Brian Kahn (@blkahn) Tweeted: “The ocean is on fire” is one of those things that you can type and it’s true and yet it doesn’t feel believable

Liking what I’m seeing regards the size of our new recruits , more like what I was hoping for . Still a bit concerned regards our full back positions , we could certainly improve on both those areas , more steel needing added to the midfield also very much required as we are far to soft. maybe I’m looking for to much but a clear out was required and it looks like its not going to happen , hopefully the new coach will see whats required .HH



Blinkin flip! To quote from the comments,

“I know this might sound controversial, but maybe extracting fossil fuels from the seafloor (or anywhere really) is a bad idea”

BTW,no offence-but I hope you don’t win the sweep. It’s my birthday on final day. It’s a long time since I celebrated one,but I’m not ready yet to drown my bloody sorrows!

Craig 76 (3 leopards πŸ† on a shirt )

I don’t want to win the sweep either 🀣🀣🀣(ABE)

Sorry again guys for double post .



Steel through the team,pass it like in training yesterday. Did you see that Stubbs-like long ball yesterday? And the finish?


I know it was only training…

Garry Enrique 5665

I honestly don’t see any of our current squad having a long term future under Ange.
Tom Rogic possibly.
Ralston and Johnston, I don’t rate, and doubt that they will play for Ange.

Garry Enrique 5665

Hope we can sign Aaron Mooy. A player I have always rated highly. An Ange type player.


Happy Hoopy Birthday Jobo. Hope you have a great day.



Your lead article sums up the situation to a tee, but, I suspect, not in the way you intend. There are so many β€œIfs” in it that success is very unlikely. Miracles like that rarely come around.

If Tom Rogic is a key piece of anything then we are in serious trouble, sad to say.

The key to early success was recruitment and smart and quick recruitment. Quick recruitment involves paying over the odds to help players and clubs to make up their minds. In transfer windows, both club and player want to wait and see what their best option is. A very lucrative offer is the only way to combat this. Unfortunately, that is not the Celtic way.


St tams

Interesting article Mahe.
I personally can’t see Rogic fitting in to Anges way of playing. In fact I don’t think many of our present squad will


Is today the day England conquer the world?


Happy birthday Jobo.

Craig 76 (3 leopards πŸ† on a shirt )

Something to sing later folks ⬇️⬇️(if you’re not supporting England)
Ukraine National Anthem English lyrics / VocalNationalAnthems

Gordon64 New Order – World In Motion (ft John Barnes)

saltires voting for Christmas


Admire your optimism buddy.

Definitely see how some of those lads could prosper with the right coaching and fitness programme & a bit of structure.

The idea that Tom Rogic will be utilised by Ange makes sense in short- term as Ange is well short of creative cover. I see Folk think we have enough good creativity in midfield overall, but I see this as a huge gap.

The levels of fitness required by Ange or more importantly, the intensity, he requires, won’t suit Rogic (or Turnbull) I disagree there will be room for a player not to work 100 in Ange system. If he is really going to be relying on TR that is a big risk.

I do agree with your point that Ange might get a tune out of him for a few games in early season. But he needs replaced pronto.

Although the above are the only 2 with real quality in creative or attacking midfield. Maybe the lads you mention can provide it.

I see both Turnbull and Rogic moving on within 2 windows. Players you want to rely on, and fervently hope will cut it, but we know deep down aren’t ever going to be consistently reliable. Genuinely wish that wasn’t the case..

Callum isn’t snappy enough to play at the top level, although I think he needs a good rest and a move might improve his overall game. He holds a ball far, far, far too long and doesn’t look up enough to scope the game in front of him. A great hard working servant, with some absolutely wonderful moments, but suspect a move is best for all.

Christie is a legend in his own mind. Not a team player ( like Armstrong) Hope he gets a good move soon. Or even sooner.

Eddie and Griff won’t be here in 2 windows, we all kinda know this – so ok to utilise short term as per Rogic and Turnbull.

Jamesy is the type of player who can change a game but suspect he will be used sparingly – keep on board until contract is up.

Mickey Johnston – the jury is out.

Ajer needs to find a coach that will find him a position that suits his game. He cannot continue to defend on his arse. Julian is a big Jessie and will be rag-dolled by any player with a bit of dig. Hope he finds a good move soon.

Totally, totally agree that one player, hopefully more, will spark into life under Ange. His enthusiasm will suit a few Got to admit that part is exciting.

It’s all going to be very interesting.

Craig 76 (3 leopards πŸ† on a shirt )

Tune to start Saturday night off πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
The Killers – Somebody Told Me (Official Music Video) / TheKillersVEVO


Kom nu Danmark πŸ‡©πŸ‡°


Tom Delaney scores for Denmark πŸ‘ πŸ‡©πŸ‡°

Sol Kitts Hygge

MΓ₯l for Danmark

Garry Enrique 5665

My grandfather scores for Denmark 😊πŸ’ͺ


It’s funny but I see a lot of younger players in the side to suit the high tempo pressing game.
Will he be pragmatic enough to allow one single ‘luxury’ player only giving 80 percent but capable of killer passes ala Tam or Turnbull?
I think so.

And look at that prospect, a high tempo pressing team
The current champions look good mostly because of their shape. They don’t play like that at all.
It will suit us in Europe I admit (if we get there), but winning the ball back and getting it forward quickly means going toe to toe basically, and look where that got Brendan.

That type of game will crush the rest of the SPL, but could be picked off on the counter by a team with good shape, who then break with pace and purpose. Makes the derbies very interesting, a clash of playing styles.

A lot of players bodies don’t like the work, work, work instructions,,Mikey, Tam, Ajeti, Odsonne and maybe James don’t suit that system.
There could be a lot of turnover with a young average player age.

It’s telling Leicester get a new striker meaning no move for Odsonne, and Ange seemed to be focusing a little on him, trying to form a relationship maybe. He could stay with the aim of going on a freebie, and that means a strong campaign to help sell yourself. Good for the team if not the glorious balance sheet? I don’t think he’s Ange type of player but his goals are the best chance of qualification.

It is all very interesting, we are in full agreement there.
Take it easy
Hail Hail

Sol Kitts Hygge

Danmark ser godt ud 2-0


2-0 πŸ‡©πŸ‡°πŸ‡©πŸ‡°πŸ‡©πŸ‡°πŸ‡©πŸ‡°πŸ‡©πŸ‡°


Sol KH The SC Denmark supporters club enjoyed that first half πŸ‘ πŸ‡©πŸ‡°


Czech Republic have made a great start to the second half 2-1 Schick


6 mins injury time both sides look out on their feet


Denmark into the semi final πŸ‡©πŸ‡° Bring on the Ukraine !

Sol Kitts Hygge

Sol Kitts Hygge ind i semifinalen. Godt spillet Danmark.

Fairhill bhoy

Jobo-happy birthday πŸŽ‰
You share it with my daughter who is 25 today πŸŽ‰
I have renewed both my ticket and my dad’s.
I honestly couldn’t do anything else

Fairhill bhoy

Well done Denmark πŸ‘

Mike in Toronto

I dont really bet, but I understand that PaddyPower will sometimes let you cash your bet out early for a lower amount…. can I still cash out on Czechs in the pool? please and thanks. πŸ™‚

Sol Kitts Hygge

Tense 2nd half, good effort by the Czechs but not quite enough. Bring on Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ in the semifinal.


The Chechs were cashed,,, I’ll get my coat

Margaret McGill

That’s the 4th or 5th yellow card I’ve seen in Euro2020 for players not involved in an incident getting in the refs face. I hope the same is done for our Latin American scum in Qatar. If you want to see what I mean watch a Copa America game like Uruguay v Colombia in 4 hours

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