You gotta move it, move it, move it!

First Monday of the new month,the month that sees us play our first competitive match in a couple of weeks. It should also see our full complement of players enrolling at Lennoxtown for the first time after their break.
It will be a huge shock not to have Broonie there,of course. But probably not as big a shock as that time he photobombed one of his team mates in a green mankini. The most blatant example of indecent exposure it has been my unfortunate experience to witness. No Broonie,no mankini. See? There’s always an upside!
More relevantly,AP will finally get the chance to see some of his “better” players up close and personal. For the first time. He has,as we know,a helluva task on his hands. At the moment,he doesn’t know the qualities of the players that he has available to him,so he has to assess all of that. And then,on the back of that,he has to analyse which particular areas need strengthening first.
Then he has to identify the players to sign who might be able to improve in these areas of the pitch-all without proper scouting reports!
Football,bloody hell…
In the meantime,CELTIC TV released a short video of him miked up during a training session and practice match. Admittedly with a lot of players missing due to international duty. It was a fascinating insight into how AP expects and demands football to be played.
The days of players strolling about at walking pace,casually passing the ball about while the opposition reorganise their two banks of four and five? Those are consigned to the dustbin of history,or the museum from which we should never revived such tactics.
Watching Celtic for the last couple of years has been an exercise in keeping the needles from your eyes,and the razor blades from your wrists. Actually,worse. Not just a penance,not even purgatory,it has been hell on earth.
AP says to get moving. Get the ball moving. Don’t give the opposition a breather,be in their faces,push and move,press press press. Take a breather at half time.
Then relax-AND CELEBRATE-at full time!
Lose the ball? Get it back. Got the ball? Do something,run with it or pass it,but do it at speed.
Makes you wonder,really,why other coaches hadn’t figured this out,eh? Give this man the players for his system,make bloody sure they buy into it,and I think we are on a winner. Sure,I still don’t expect him to win the league this year. But that small clip gladdened my heart no end. As,too,did that Stubbs-like pass from a defender to a player on the left wing who simply chested it down,couple of strides,back of the net.
Aye,it was training. I know that. But I’m willing to bet that wasn’t done in training last year.
You’ve gotta move it,move it,move it! To paraphrase the song…
Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman – I Like To Move It (Official Video) – Bing video

Above article by BMCUWP

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Morning all… here’s the missing VT…

Ken Mackenzie

It was interesting I’ll say that. Good coaching though involves conditioning the sessions to make sure the players have no choice but to move it move it move it. Just saying it doesn’t work. Hopefully he’ll be able to pull that off. If not they’ll just get tired hearing it and revert to the dazed and confused lot we had last year.


Ken.. you’re absolutely right but it was a snapshot and nothing more! I feel more positive that at least it’s a step in the right direction that we now have a coach who seems intent on playing the game in a way more akin to what we, the support, expect to see. It may not be right or effective quickly enough for us but if the team plays- or attempts to play – the game at the tempo which Ange wanted in that wee snapshot then I think we’ll be more optimistic in a month’s time than we are now.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
I too was encouraged by the mic’d up Ange clip. For ages I’ve been opining that it’s a coach we need, rather than a manager and the early signs on that are good. The fact that he was taking the session from the middle of the park rather than the touchline was good to see too.
And of course we have 2 games this week to look forward to – Sheffield Wednesday on Wednesday (obviously!) and Charlton on Saturday. Both 3pm kick off’s, both being played at Newport. Wonder if there’ll be any fans in and/or TV coverage?

St tams

I’m sure both games are on Celtic TV


Jobo…no long lie this morning? 😁

Jobo Baldie

McCaff – ha, ha. Strictly, my first day of retirement is tomorrow. I’ve been partially retired for a couple of years and Monday has been a ‘non working day’ during that period. Friday was my last day at work, but it’d have been daft to request that my wages stopped then and pension started on the Saturday – better to get 3 more days of paid ’employment’. Leggy of this parish offered me that advice 😉

Maestro Fan

Genuine question. WTF was Lawwell doing this last year? Sleeping?



Fiddling while Rome burned,if you ask me. But it’s a question that raises the possibility of all sorts of conspiracy theories!

Garry Enrique 5665

Watching that miked up video of Ange Postecoglou, was very similar to a miked up video I watched last year, of Marcelo Bielsa at a Leeds United training session.
We get player recruitment correct, and we are onto a winner with Ange.

St tams

Player recruitment is crucial. But who is in charge of it. Hammond left in March and hasn’t been replaced. It’s 2 weeks until we play the Midgies and we still don’t have a right back.
So far nothing has changed

Garry Enrique 5665

Saint Tams
Agree. I was hoping to have seen more players signed by now.
The fact that we were linked with Ryan and Mooy, suggests that Ange is looking at experienced players he has previously worked with.
I would be delighted if we got Aaron Mooy, a player who has always impressed me.



Looks too like the idea of a Director of Football is a non-starter.



Interesting article. I get his point,but there’s no way I can support England.

Semi final is far enough as far as I am concerned.

Garry Enrique 5665

I am definitely supporting Denmark on Wednesday.

cosy corner bhoy

Despite Gravesen 64’s excellent article I will not be supporting England.
The main but not only reason is their confusion between England an Great Britain/United Kingdom.
Apparently we have a Queen of England on all tv news.
As someone who spent many days and months amongst ex-pats from Engerland
I’m in the ABE camp!!

cosy corner bhoy

On things Celtic.. I like the cut of Ange’s jib!!

Garry Enrique 5665

Me too P.
It will only work for Ange Postecoglou at Celtic, if he is adequately backed by our board in player recruitment. The evidence so far, suggests that he is not.
Two project signings and we play on Wednesday.
Get your finger out Celtic PLC.

Garry Enrique 5665

Reading back last night.
The Lathums are the best band to come out of Wigan since The Verve.
Covid19 arrived at just the wrong time for The Lathums.
I expect them to become huge this year.

Big Audio Dynamite

Garry, good to read your Bhoy is on the mend 👍

Margaret McGill

25% of Scots consistently vote Tory. Why is this? Are 25% of Scots landowners and millionaires?

Naw its because they are fucking huns and as a failed football state because of this fact the huns ARE
the national team of Scotland.
If you know your history you know this is true and know why Scotland are so pish.

The permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace support England not Scotland. The raison d’etre of Scottish hunnery was to obliterate the memory of Jock Stein for 33 years of the 20th century and 12 of the 21st until their own hubris ate themselves out of existence. Banks, the Scottish government and the institutions of Scotland like the police and judiciary made sure that Scotlands hun vanguard came back with a vengeance (and usually with tax paid freebies). Celtic of course are part of this disgrace being run by greedy self serving Tories whose only interested in Jock Stein was the nostalgia buck.

Now here we are at the Euros. Gravesen 64’s link convinces me even more that I dont mind if England win. Maybe kick the other 75% of Scots awake that we have a burning cancer in our culture that needs getting rid of. Unfortunately, not only is the Old Firm a fucking disgrace so is our Scottish govt a fucking disgrace.
All perfunctory technocrats on the take for a wage while their own raison d’etre (Independence) takes a back seat to their shenanigans. A good bit of English Triumphalism might be good for us as we should as a nation recognize it for what it is as we have worse in our own backyard.


Any Tim who thinks anything at Celtic PLC has changed one iota from hun supporting filth is fucking deluded as usual


Afternoon all,

Just home from my holidays in Aberdeen.

Strange place but some real good folk
there with funny accents !!!!! Most hate the Huns which was a bonus.

Must say, they all thought my name was Ken !!!

“ Nice pub” Ken
Nice hotel. Ken
I want Ukraine to win Ken

What is Mr Barlow’s name. — Ken. !!!!

Still great time but glad to be back in old EK.

Any new signings ???

“KenCSC 🍀🍀🍀

The Ubiquitous Tim

“Any Tim who thinks anything at Celtic PLC has changed one iota from hun supporting filth is fucking deluded as usual”
Margaret McGill Calling it straight as the blog used to do

Fighting talk about ‘taking back the club’ from the charlatans utilizing the support’s only feared weapon ‘boycott’ was replaced with a new chant of ‘move on Tim’ it’s for the best, new start, the past is the past. Lawwell is gone so everything is ok now apparently. Unsupported optimism is now the norm whereas a more clinical assessment of what is going on at Celtic is required by the support. Just who is identifying the players and just who is authorizing their signing? It was not that long ago the support would have been raging that players were being signed without any evident managerial input. Does the manager even know where Sheffield is let alone what league they play in or who their most attractive projects are? Where is the anger now the manager obviously has had no input? But then again that is why he is here as he has previous in not getting involved in player acquisition.
I read with interest yesterday that the CST and GB are planning protests against the board and are considering a partial boycott of Celtic retail stores. Does anyone else not see just how absolutely hilarious this is. Having just handed over their Tiger tanks to the PLC, their ST cash, they are now threatening the board with a few BB guns. Little wonder the PLC treats the Celtic support with such open contempt.

cosy corner bhoy

Well Kev J you’re back although your use of ubiquitous Tim is a bit misplaced, if you’ll pardon the pun, as you certainly won’t be at Celtic Park
Where is your evidence that Ange didn’t sign any of our latest players, has shown no interest in previous clubs’ signings and doesn’t know where Sheffield is.
I don’t know if you know where Sheffield is but I wouldn’t claim you didn’t without knowledge of your ‘Cities of England’ book of geography!!
Some among us are temperate thinkers and will give AP a bit of loose rein till we see how he runs.
Why don’t you join us!

Garry Enrique 5665

Ange Postecoglou was Australian manager.
The bulk of his Socceroo team were English based.
Ange knows all about Sheffield Wednesday and most teams in Europe.

St tams

Garry, agree re. Mooy. I’ve always been impressed with him when I’ve seen him. Was supprised he went to China.

The Ubiquitous Tim

And so it starts the blog regulars trying to quell the voices of discontent. In a similar style to another blog may I add.
Again I am not Kev – clear on that now are we. I suppose that the few voices of discontent will now have to refer to ourselves collectively as Kev just to appease the easily placated.
And finally do you really for one moment believe that a manager based in Japan had identified a project in a struggling English championship team as one to watch. His input if any will have been very, very limited. The same goes for the Croatian boy. Let’s not stretch incredulity any more than it has been already.

Garry Enrique 5665

He is on the mend.
Thanks for your kind wishes.

Garry Enrique 5665

The Ubiquitous Tim
Have you used a different moniker before?
Byres Road Bhoy?

The Ubiquitous Tim

I am the one and only Ubiquitous Tim, I think. I may well be at Celtic park, pandemic, and travel allowing, during the season having blagged an ST off a family member

PS Ange Postecoglou was Aussie manager in 2017. He’ll know zero about the Sheff Wed squad let alone a kid they bought from Wimbledon


I know you’re not Kev.
No one will try to quell discontent on here.

I’m not impressed by sly digs at the site and maybe myself so would you care to debate your stance?

Garry Enrique 5665

The Ubiquitous Tim
You underestimate Ange Postecoglou’s knowledge of the European game.
Not that I am saying he was involved in recruiting our Dutch Centre Half.
You don’t know if he was though.

The Ubiquitous Tim

No personal jibes at all and I will defend my stance when I have the time to elaborate further

cosy corner bhoy

Ubiquitous Tim.
My apologies for the mistaken identity !
Far from quelling the voices of discontent , I was inviting you to reply to my queries re your summation of AP’s involvement in signings and lack of geographical knowledge of England.
I don’t think about what other people think and care not what they think. My only thoughts are on evidence when statements are made here.
Lucky you to have blagged a ST so you don’t mind watching the manager and team and mixing with the plebeians as long as it’s free
Look forward to you appearing more often


Another excellent leader BMCUWP

Think our new boss has a pair of baws.

I believe all we can do is give him our support,get behind our team and allow the stench of Mr Lawells tenure evaporate.We cant and should not forget why we are in this situation but providing Ange gets the financial assistance he needs then who knows what can happen?I had written off our chances of winning the league and realistically hoped to win a cup.

On reflection I see an ordinary Rangers team that with their superiority complex fans possibly back in the stadium piling immense pressure on them causing them to wilt previously.
The referees and I know our team imploding made it so much easier than it turned out to be.

Now that the ten has been stopped I am not suggesting it will be a level playing field but the panic to stop us should be less prevalent.

I live in hope and the hoops anyway.

cosy corner bhoy

In light of Mahe’s post may we call Ubiquitous Tim King Tut?


Fair enough TUT

Garry Enrique 5665

I prefer King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut to The Ubiquitous Chip. Better boozer. 👍😊

Craig 76 (3 leopards 🐆 on a shirt )

Evening all
Looks like Bolingoli could be given a chance to redeem himself, he is with the squad as they head to Wales

saltires voting for Christmas

The Ubiquitous Tim

I agree with you 100% that the decision to pay up the season tickets is misguided. At best!

However, it seems 50k Celtic fans have. So, we are hugely outnumbered….it’s not even a contest.

Aye, those Tiger Tanks are no longer parked facing the Boardroom.

Maybe next time.

What I see on the blog is a fair few choosing to exercise their right to purchase their tickets, they have been upfront about that and some have gone to great pains to explain why.

They didn’t have to explain anything. It is admirable that they shared their views. They should be respected.

Most Celtic fans would defend the right of individuals to choose.

I could list the names of the folk on here who have been absolutely clear that they feel buying a season book is – endorsing a disengenious or hapless, or incompetent Board….would accuse the Board of far worse. As have others here.

My view is that as the season is about to start, a new manager has been selected and deserves to be supported… by fans. I’m supporting the manager and his players.

That support will be tacit, as I refuse to give any more cash to their employers.

That’s because I feel they are misusing those funds and are party to a corrupt league set-up.

I agree with you that a few are possibly getting a wee bit carried away … but hey, that’s what fans do. My best mate and I agree never to discuss this now. He has a ticket and thinks we’ll win the league because Sevco are shite and we have a better squad, with a new manager to bring out the best in them.

It’s seems that is a common view. I think that view is utter nonsense, but that’s just my footballing opinion.

Soon we will start playing football again. Folk are going to discuss footballing opinions, but still hold the view that our team is being held back deliberately by a malevolent Board. A Board with an agenda that needs a healthy opponent over Ibrox way.

I’d gauge that +80% on here have complete contempt for The Board. Another group (majority) don’t equate that contempt with holding back financial support… I’ll say it again, I disagree and think that is only endorsing the Board.

+50k disagree with me. I have to live with being an outlier. That’s almost a decade now, without a Season Ticket. I suspected the Board have been grabbing a handful of the reins for far longer… whoa horsey!!! but it took the lack of action by our Board … seemingly playing along with Rangers continuity myth .. then Auldheid et al provided proof!

As soon as the first ball is kicked my focus will be on the actual football and I’ll support our new manager and his players until the season closes in 2022. I’ll support them until the season is over and then comment on their achievements.

As for The Board?!

They will be having both barrels, for just as long as it takes…

Garry Enrique 5665

I will be happy to see Bolingoli given a chance.
He is an Ange style player. Reckon he would thrive under Ange Postecoglou.

Garry Enrique 5665

Excellent post.
I will go to the games home or away that I can get tickets to buy.
I am very excited about the Age of Ange in Glasgow.
My season ticket buying days are over for good though.
I will become a discerning customer of Celtic FC.


SES. Well said.
This was the moment a few dreaded,,,the support, club and league agree to simply move on and forget events of the last decade.
It’s done, over.
To be fair I understand, it’s very tiresome to be upset and ‘yelling’ about the big scam going on,,we are after all just football fans who want to watch the beautiful game.
Many are sick to the back teeth of off field issues and have grasped the chance to put it behind them and just focus on the team and supporting them.

Therefore everyone had to decide what to do, and live with their choice. Not a penny from me, but I’ll stay engaged rather than totally walk, for many reasons and this site is a large one of those reasons.

I think we need some type of unifying action for the entire support. It can’t be on the field of play because some are refusing to engage on that front, they aren’t moving on.

The future is uncertain. For example there’s the rumours DD ordered a deep dive report into the club and wasn’t happy at all,,now Dom is a totally different type of person and I think he will try to improve the club and league,not just his bank balance.
We should see a totally transformed club soon which of course is exciting.

The events of the last decade have scarred us all, and there is scorn and regrets at our own clubs part in the event,,
But holding onto negativity isnt good full stop, those Tims can’t stay angry forever,,no one wants that.
If some need to walk away then fair enough but I would say leave the team but not the Tims for the Celtic family can still bring much joy and goodness.

Hopefully now the bloggers have only on field events to report upon. A period of stability is called for. I really hope this season is straight forward with no major events rocking the league or club.
We cant forget what happened but we can remember how much we love football.

With preseason games this week, it really is time to leave the past where it belongs, as much as I hoped for a different outcome.

We live and learn and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
We don’t enter the Age of Ange united, but we enter it.

Hail Hail


You sure you were not in Dundee ken.😉


Evening all, I had a wee smile at Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream giving a music interview on Channel4 and was asked who were the best double acts or duets that he admired, to which he replied…… well watch the clip.


Tim Horton,

Defo Aberdeen yi Ken. !!!!!!

Jobo Baldie

Good evening, friends.
Despite his failings I actually thing that Boli Bolingoli is the best established left back on our books so why shouldn’t we use him. Would love to think Montgomery would come good this season. he has only played 1 game but was my man of the match. But I could reel off the names of loads of other players who started with a man of the match performance and should then have quit whilst they were still ahead!

Jobo Baldie

That must be the longest first sentence I’ve ever read! 😉



Name call me all you like,and I will leave your post up for everyone to read. Bring my family into it,and it gets binned.