If you know your history – July 6th

On This Day…6th July

130 years ago… Close season 1891 was just a wee bit quieter than the current one. The new club, had won The Glasgow Cup v Third Lanark (4-0 o.g., Dowds, Campbell x2) at 2nd Hampden Park ( now Cathkin Park). This was an important milestone and seen as our First ‘Major’ recognised as a very prestigious trophy at the time. It reflects the strong results in the season, against all the Glasgow clubs. Celtic had now ‘arrived’ and their fans in the 10,000 crowd were “voluable” (sic) and increasingly “partisan”. One of the Umpires was a certain Mr MacKay of Campsie.

Results against Vale of Leven & Dumbarton had been a different story, however, and the last recorded game of the season was a 3-0 loss to The Boghead club in the Charity League Cup Final ( 10th June) at Cathkin Park Att. 8,000.

The players are now preparing for a new season, one that will see the club name stamped (forever) on an even more prestigious piece of silverware….we will follow the players on that campaign.

In other news…

Otto von Bismarck and his dugs Tyras II und Rebecca auditioning for The Godfather;

Friedrichsruh, 6. July 1891. Photo by Strumper & Co., Hamburg,

50 years ago in close season 1971, Billy Mitchell was signed from Raith Rovers and the club are looking at signing 32 year old goalkeeper Gordon Marshall (snr.) who was being freed by Hibernian. Both players mustered 1 appearance between them ( Dryborough Cup games don’t count… apparently) and some Folk still complain about that Willo…

In other news-

Knock Three Times – Dawn @ #1 in UK charts. (5wks)

ABBA member Bjorn Ulvaeus (26) weds fellow singer Agnetha Faltskog (21) at Verum.

Iconic jazz trumpeter and singer Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong 69, dies of a heart attack.

White House Plumber’s Unit formed to plug leaks……….

20 years ago in close season 2001, Turners Cross hosts Celtic’s visit to Cork for a pre-season Friendly. (Friday 6th July)


Coach: Martin O’NEILL.

Scorers: McNamara (45), Burchill (62, 80).

Team: Kharine (Gould 46), Tebily, Boyd, Crainey (Goodwin 57), Agathe (Smith 57), McNamara (Thompson 46), Lambert (Lennon 46), Miller (Moravcik 46), Petta (Wieghorst 69), Sutton (Burchill 46), Johnson (Maloney 46).

In other news-

U Remind Me – Usher @ #1 in US charts.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Mr Ariel Sharon, said yesterday he was still committed to peace as he made a brief visit to Europe amid fears that a fragile US-brokered Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire could collapse.

Australian Pat Rafter reached his second successive Wimbledon final when he beat Andre Agassi 2-6 6-3 3-6 6-2 8-6 in one of the great Centre Court thrillers this afternoon.

General stuff:

6 July 1249: King Alexander II dies on the island of Kerrera, in Oban Bay, after a premonition while on board his fleet. The military action dissipates on his death.

6 July 1747: The birth at Arbigland of John Paul Jones, the man who went on to become the first US naval hero of the American Revolution, and in many eyes the father of the US Navy.

6 July 1919: The airship R34, built in Glasgow, lands in the USA after a non-stop flight from East Fortune, near North Berwick.

6 July 1988: The North Sea oil rig, Piper Alpha, explodes, killing 167 men. RIP

Note: The very excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. Dedication of the highest order. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- with literally days of enjoyment, free to view, and only a click away.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Not wishing to appear dismissive of the leader my comment refers to the previous thread.
It appears SC has reached a crossroads, or is it a glass ceiling?
Well intentioned as it is in the content of some of its leaders it is, as I’ve said before, a consensus forum for a few friends to generally agree with each other, debate is very limited, points raised often ignored unless you’re a “name”.
Banter holds sway more than serious discussion.

It is how it was born – pals ( median age profile is clearly nudging 60) looking for an outlet to voice common opinion, within a narrow demographic and it hasn’t developed beyond that. Its limited appeal is reflected in the contributions made.

For a lurker like me it feels one is interrupting a matey chat in the pub.
That’s fine as far as it goes, but familiarity breeds a cosy insularity.

Maybe this was always the intention. A chummy WhatsApp group.


A fine wee dander down memory lane 👍.


As an acquaintance often says, everyone has (not entitled to) an opinion. Ask not what Sentinel Celts has done for you, but…..ken…

Hope you enjoy your day.


A Thing Of Beauty

I think it was established yesterday that Kev J and The Ubiquitous Tim are not the same person. Either way, wishing an early demise on anyone is not within the ethos of the site. I am well aware how annoying the personal attacks of KevJ are but please don’t allow yourself to come down to that level.
We have always agreed on very little regarding the way forward for Celtic but I have always learned from your posts. Please reconsider, I’ll miss your craic. Let’s see what auldheid comes up with and I for one will put my very modest shareholding behind his next move. As ever he is right. Boycotts etc are small fry compared to holding this board to account on a precise matter in a public forum like the AGM. More power to your elbow auldheid

The Gombeen Man

Thanks SES for the article.

Reading through the tail end of the last discussion the overwhelming feeling that comes to mind is inertia.

I’ve held off posting for a couple of days in the hope that the news about Macjay was a false alarm.

The thing about Macjay was – his radically expressed views held up a mirror and exposed the suppressed dark sides of our characters.

That’s why so many of us responded with such fury at his posts. Good Tims aren’t supposed to hold views like that. That’s how we were conditioned.

Instead of looking at ourselves and becoming a little more honest we rationalise and justify by projecting onto the demon…The Hun or the Board or even the Blog.

And what’s perceived as the unacceptable and ugly part of us remains in the dark part of the psyche.

In reality, there’s very little difference between the Tim and Hun.

That primal fear of being alone, losing friends, not being right or in the majority is enough for most of us, to ditch any sense of morality.

If the supporter believes it’s Absolutely Necessary to buy a SB or ‘move on’ – to remain within the safety of the group. He’ll buy the SB or do whatever it takes and convince himself by some rationalisation or justification.

The way out is to have the courage to stand alone and observe the absurdity of group behaviour.

The fear of aloneness is packaged and marketed as a Cause, Calling or Family on both sides of Glasgow.

Like most fears, it’s an illusion.

Macjay proved that by having the courage of his convictions. Not courting popularity and providing us with that mirror.

As a general rule, the bigger the persona, the bigger the shadow.

A couple of days before the news broke about Macjay. I logged onto CQN and somehow found myself on a thread from 2016.

Macjay’s name was mentioned in a post. The overall feeling that came to mind was nothing had changed. Just the same old thing repeated over and over.

Infact I’d read about half a dozen posts before realising it was written in 2016. ‘The Board, SFA, SNP, UEFA, Tories…’

Yada, yada, yada

Inertia, inertia, inertia.

Celtic Champs Elect


Let’s hear your type of music then I will decide thanks 🙂

Jobo Baldie

Thanks for the article, Saltires.
A real pity to read back to last night and see further departures from this site. I feel as if I’ve only just joined and starting to get to ‘know’ the various posters on here. In terms of Celtic sites I’ve only ever actively followed this one and CQN so hopefully the lively, interesting debates will continue on here for a good while yet.


Morning all…
CFC, I’ve posted on here for a couple of years and it was obvious from my first interactions that there is a group of posters/lurkers who were all familiar with each other (some were over familiar! Ooo-er missus!) What attracted me to the Blog in the first place is exactly the reasons you seem to criticise…the quality of the articles has always been good, as has the level of debate which also generally speaking is done without the personal attacks seen elsewhere, the matey banter is a big draw for some (me, for one!) and to its great credit there is a level of respect afforded to just about everybody if you respect the rules of civility shown by the majority.
I’d agree it seems to have reached a point where it is unclear where it will go next – a lot of regulars seem to have decided the support for Season Ticket sales is indicative of a malaise that will continue to go unchecked while The Despicable Mr D and the Board have their wicked way with us. As a relatively new poster I think it is sad to see them go but the site has also recently welcomed new posters who have all contributed in a positive way to the site.
I’m not sure what you want or expect from a blog but from my point of view this one has been a source of enjoyment, entertainment, frustration and as hard as it is to believe a source of virtual friendship for many of the guys on here!
I’d say get involved more…as CCE says ‘Get the tunes on and show us what you’re made of!!’ 😉😁


Bobby/Mahe…just transfer my marketing fee to the usual account, cheers!! 🤣🤣🤣


Trolls only exist to break the site they have targeted. MAHE and I,along with a number of others,built the site from the back of a fag packet less than three years ago. The site has become very successful-more so than we believed possible!-thanks to the quality of the comments from its members.

Trolls only exist to destroy the site that they have targeted. One way they can achieve that is by driving away !the good guys” from the site.

I have no control over whether people post or not. I CAN and will though delete posts which include vile personal attacks,and KEV has a history of them. He is banned from other sites because of this,but changes his VPN etc to get round it on here.

I don’t want anyone to leave because of those posts,nor because of how I decide to deal with them. However,that is a personal decision for everyone. However,every time a poster decides to leave because of that,he and others put a wee notch on their bedposts.

I dunno about you guys,but I don’t like bullies,threats or trolls. Buggered if I’m letting them win.



Tenner heading your way…

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends.
Just a wee reminder that as the Euro Semis start tonight here’s who’s left in the ole charity sweepstake –

Italy v Spain
St Tams / McCaff v Chalmersbhoy Wife / Garry

Denmark – v England
Gordon64 / Sol Kitts v Chalmersbhoy / Craig76

Hoping for an Italy v Denmark final myself 😉



Me too. Canny have England winning a trophy on Sunday and ruining my bliddy birthday!


Right Bobby, set up a Celtic supporters blog. It’s to be open, well presented with civil and well informed debates, but if you dare disagree with my point of view on anything, I’m flouncing off.

St tams

As someone who just joined the blog a couple of months ago. In my opinion this is the best Celtic blog out there. The time , effort and quality of leaders are second to none.
No one forces you to come on here ,. But some can’t help themselves and just criticise for the sake of it , to annoy and antagonise others.

Keep up the good work guys.

Forza Italia

saltires voting for Christmas


From last nite.

Hoping you will find your way back as the season progresses, or more importantly, when Auldheid’s plan bears fruit.

Keep well, and stay safe buddy!




Thanks for the article,mate. Just like the good old days when it was a regular on these pages.

saltires voting for Christmas


Got to agree with most of that critique.

There is a regular ‘virtual’ supporters busload on here, the ones that don’t lurk, and enjoy chatting and challenging opinion. They hail from all over the world.

What I glean your post:

That you seem to want more variety and alternative perspective, maybe from a younger, dareisay, fresher angle. To be honest we could all probably do with a bit more of that. Have you considered jotting down your thoughts, or collaborating with a buddy, to put something refreshing on an article? Just a few lines, it doesn’t have to be a long gruelling chore. I’m sure it will be well received and appreciated, especially by the Hosts. Also by everyone else, whether they are sitting at the front or the bus ….or at the back…will enjoy a wee change.

Just be ready to have yer chain tugged, some of these oul’ buggers can get a bit feisty… but it’s all part of the craic. Everyone will treat you with respect.

E.G. I hope you read McCaff’ reply… although I’m not suggesting He is a feisty oul’ bugger…not at all…


My dads birthday also, 90 not out. Has seen many, many Celtic games and still goes with me.
Have a good one.



Wish him a very happy birthday from me when it comes,please. 90yo and still going strong-and to the matches!-is some achievement!


It’s sad that grown men and women get personal and nasty over trivial matters. Most of the people on this site seem to be a bit older and I like that. People who have experienced life generally learn that everything is not black or white and that everyone has a story that is worth listening to. I appreciate the time and skill that goes into these articles and the responses underneath. Its great free reading. If you don’t like it then set up your own blog and create a better one. I know I’d be clueless about trying to do so. I think the problem is that we are all fed up with covid and the disaster that was last season. Hopefully when the new season starts with our new manager we will stop being grumpy old men😁



Sentinel Celts does not stand in isolation.

It is is part of a web of Celtic sites and is one where ideas and different thinking get a chance to be planted and grow and spread.

It’s a place where the experience of age can be let loose for others less experienced to learn from if they wish.

The fact that the demography leans toward the elder is no surprise, when did anyone listen to their parents in their younger days?

It is also a place of discomfort when some of the ideas tackle our core beliefs, one being Celtic are the good guys and so are the support.

Neither is true and that realisation takes some getting used to. Not everyone is a bad guy of course but some whom appear to be on the side of good but are the same as what they want to change, has been a disheartening lesson.

Sentinel Celts will continue, much will depend on results of course as that is all that matters to many , but if, God forbid, Ange has the misfortune to be on the wrong side of a Beaton , Dallas or Madden decision whilst our rivals get the benefit of non decisions from the same source, then , like kids whose toys have been taken away, they will be looking for mum and dad to come back to because they didnt listen in the first place.


The Gombeen Man

Your mention of human beings wanting to belong to something is spot on.

A few years ago when helping to get the Overseas Season Ticket off the starting block I wrote an article about wanting to belong to Celtic.

Its theme was about the longing to be part of something that seemed to reflect the values we hold in ourselves.

One of those values that I tried to live by, at a cost at times, was doing the right thing. I thought Celtic stood for that and would act from it, even at a cost that would be worth it long term, something my experience had taught me was the case.

Reforming the SFA after the season of honest mistakes seemed to be the right thing to do and I was led to believe by PL in the summer of 2013 that Celtic shared that same objective.

However one by one , over the years like unpeeling an onion, I realised my idea of doing the right thing was at odds with those captaining the good ship Celtic and what happens when you fail to do the right thing is you run aground or worse, sink.

Jumping aboard a sinking ship in order to save it is a bad idea if the reason it is sinking in the first place is not corrected first. It might make matters worse.

Naturally the real Celtic I ran into changed what I longed to be part of and I dont long to be part of it.

My problem is I would like to see Celtic become something that reflects my values and becomes worth belonging to, so I’m hanging in there until the tide changes direction and old captains resign and new ones take over.

They might be prepared to do the right thing, they certainly will if it is in their self interest to do so.


Morning all,

Fully agree with all comments this morning.

I am also part of the “ Grumpy old men” CSC but I think I am a half full guy and I must admit, I can’t wait for the Season to start.

Posters forget that last Season the Huns were an average side,but well organised and coached ,
Each of their players knew their job and stuck to the task at hand.

Remember in “their Invincible “ Season, both St Mirren and St Johnstone,managed to beat them.

I don’t think it would take a big turnaround for Ange to get us in front of them.

Here’s hoping !!!!!!

Optimistic CSC🍀🍀 HH



A resolution is under construction by some CST members, which you should get the opportunity to see at some point in next two months in order to sign up to it as a shareholder whom the CST represent.

The Gombeen Man

Most of us fall into the trap of believing that anything we say or do on any Blog changes anything.

Most are on broadcast only mode – simply engaged in ego inflation. Either at the wind-up, having a rant or running away from reality.

Self-will is the reason people flounce.

We’re just talking ourselves ( the False Self) too seriously.

It’s really about the obsession of being right and never having the humility to type the words, “I don’t know.”

Most of the time we’d be better off posting recipes for shortbread or knitting patterns.

If the Board changed tomorrow. The Government resigned…Or if Celtic had achieved Ten…

…There’d still be the same rancour and flouncing within days.

Accepting the world for what it is half the battle.

The other half is seeing that the fear and anger played out in blogs is merely a symptom of an unaddressed issue.

It matters not a jot what the debate is about.

The problem is the underlying fear that manifests irrespective of the issue. Usually masquerading and legitimised behind politics, causes or religion.

The obsession with being right, is one of the illusory ego’s more subtle ploys.

(And yes I’ve got it too.)

Till Later.


Afternoon all, SES the leader was good, a walk down memory lane is never a bad thing, it helps us reflect what was and what we have now, and for me, every day is a school day, so thank you, although CFC was not being dismissive of the leader it has (for me at least) taken the shine off it, and has diverted the conversation down another avenue.

I’m not sure I agree with CFC, in that, this is a chummy WhatsApp group type blog, sure it’s friendly and bye and large people are respectful of each other when putting their points across, well except Mags, but he’s one of a kind and I wouldn’t have him any other way, he tells it how it is, is one of my favourite posters, and i respect him greatly for his input. (end of).

CFC if you want serious discussion as SES and others have said, get involved. Blog participants come and go, I’ve seen a few “Screw you guys i’m off” bloggers return to the blog, it may not be the current blog theme that caused them to leave, it may be personal issues, sometimes all it takes is a short break.

I find there are many types of bloggers here, myself ? well i’m in the hate the board camp, going back to the Kellys and Whites, thieving horrible basturts, our current custodians none the better (or worse), depending on how hard you want to look.

Like many I was brought up to support Celtic as a boy, I still love watching them, and looking for progress, I am greatly saddened when they lose, especially in Europe where they were once a real force. Like Auldheid the Celtic I thought i knew, seems far different than what i believed. I no longer hand over any of my hard earned to them, haven’t done so for many many years.

I do however understand, that for many that’s just too hard for them to contemplate, however that is their individual choice, and has bugger all to do with me, or anyone else really, so i will not criticise those who still fund a rigged game, everyone should be free to choose their own way in life. I merely hope that in time they can see what others can.

Or even better still, the club become one that I want to fully support again.

Finally welcome to SC

bada bing1

English government just said pubs can stay open till 11.15 pm on Sunday, if the Euro final goes to ET and penalties……..will it happen if it’s Denmark v Italy/Spain?


Criticism is a lot easier way to get a reaction than posting thoughtful opinion.
I often find opinion can be misconstrued or ignored if it does not satisfy the mood of the blog.
I myself am totally disillusioned with Celtic PLC so see not point to discussing them as most fans are happy to give them their money and support.
I will steadfastly refuse to spend money on the team while DD has control.
Will probably start posting again when season begins and can opine on tactics and players and coaches merits.
I agree with some guys that closing the gap is not quite as monumental a task due to the ineptitude of previous coach but Ange needs support.
Will that support be forthcoming is the big question?

Angel Gabriel

Afternoon all.
Interesting weekend, spent in the company of friends that I drank with on a daily basis over 30 years ago in Stepney/ Mile End in East London.

On route down there, I was half dreading the England game on Saturday night.
Meeting old pals , enjoying their company , and the bevy, not only quenched my thirst but any dread over the game.
It helped that I backed a Denmark, England-1 double but it wasn’t the bet that changed my outlook.
I didn’t roar when they scored, but wasn’t upset or angry. We ( a pal went down with me ) just enjoyed the company, and had difficulty buying a drink, as we recounted tales from games at Hackney Marshes , the occasional tear up that we witnessed and many laughs we had together.
The 30 year gap meant hearing of some who had passed away, some now fighting illnesses and addiction, and many that had moved away from the area.
It hasn’t changed for the better.
Many of their kids ( in their 20’s ) were in the boozer, and they did get exuberant when England scored. They sang the 3 lions ditty on a regular basis. None were out of order or even remotely ott. Unlike many boozers in Scotland, no one seemed to be on the marching powder that’s now part of the landscape.
Most actually hail from the Irish/ Jewish diaspora.
West Ham or Spurs supporters.

I really enjoyed my weekend.

If England actually win this thing, I’ve gone from hoping against it , to not giving a Bombay Duck .

If they win , I’ve plenty of friends that will be happy, as will their well mannered offspring.

Worse things can happen than Engerland winning the Euros . Just saying like . HH



Indeed they were well organised but in one of the games they lost, the referee was a late substitute and made decisions I thought were out of step with the ordering offs not made or penalties not given that helped the points difference between us and them grow over the season.

Let’s hope those non decisions were a one off to stop 10iar but with their increasing unsustainable debt and CL entry only way of paying it, the conditions that led to the season of honest mistakes might see us watching a repeat of season 2010/11.

Results are as affected by decisions in the Boardrooms at Ibrox and Celtic Park as those made by players on the park.

The idea that support of The Board can be separated from support of the team with no negative consequences simply defies reality.


Saltires en Sevilla
Thoroughly enjoyed your lead article.

bada bing1

full England cricket team self isolating after 1 Covid case,Gilmour tests positive, no other players self isolate, English Health Board rules in both cases?


The Gombeen Man

Ah the obsession of being right dilemma. It’s a curse.

Is that countered in any way by recognising that no matter how much I think I know, I know that it is dwarfed to less than the size of an atom when compared to all that is to be known in the Cosmos?

The thing about what we dont know is it can turn up out of the blue and turn what we thought we knew upside down.

When I think on those lines I always see Micheal Palin dressed in red cardinal clothes and hat burst into the room shouting ” No one expects the Spanish Inquistion”

(Ye dont get this kind of stuff on other Celtic blogs 🙂



Agree 100%. They got so many decisions that it was actually embarrassing but if anyone thinks that now the 10 is gone,and things will change, think again !!!!

They need the cash big time and the Men in Black will be full throttle this Season to ensure they get all decisions, and win the league .This is where we need, Dom or Ange to come out the first time it happens and make sure everyone knows we’re on to them !!!

Might not make any difference but at least stand up and be counted.

Keep up the good work Auldheid 👍👍

HH 🍀🍀🍀



Interesting post! It certainly stimulated a debate. Does that mean you are now a “name”? Perhaps you were one before, I do not know.

My first reaction on reading it was anger, but I do not think you intended to offend. Anger due to the implied attack that views/opinions are generated by age and friendships only. If the former were true then could I critique your opinion simply because you are younger than the median? No, that would not be fair, would it?

Later, after this volatile old bugger had climbed down from the barricade, I realised that there was more value in your post than first thought. That value centres around the nature of blogs and how they evolve……because they all do. I am thinking of one particular blog that used to be much wider in its content but has now changed into something else. Something that I do not like but others do. So, I rarely post on it. That choice, of course, helps to reinforce what that blog has become! Consequently, I hope you will stay on this blog and state your alternatives.

Remember that those that are above the median age were once below it. The converse cannot be said.



ATOB 7.25am

You’re %100 correct, I regret those comments and apologise to the person and the blog, it was disrespectful and low


The leader uses the phrase “your history”. I wonder how many of you have researched your own history? A few years ago I spent many hours searching for information on my ancestors. What I learned was fascinating. I hoped for some connection to royalty even tho I loath the same. Perhaps, fortunately, no link could be found, although my brother used some of my research to opine that we were descended from the fifth earl of Galloway! The fact that he had no children did not deter him. However, in the 1600-1700 period my family did settle there. We seemed to move back and forth over the border, I guess to find work. Two aspects of my family tree stand out. Firstly, we were descended from Irish gypsies….Whartons who moved back and forth from Devon to Cumbria. Horse trading and basket weaving seemed to be their living. While in Cumbria one of them, Bathsheba, married a farmer’s son, James. Due to the industrial revolution, James got out of farming and started a coal business which eventually established in Glasgow as its main base…..in Partick to be precise. Two brothers ran the business, until my ancestor, who seemed to have a bit of a drink problem, sold out to his older, smarter brother.

What I saw was an ebb and flow of human fortune. Sometimes we beat the odds and prospered, only to be brought down by circumstances. For example, in the first part of the 1900s one relative was a coachman and then a salesman. Somehow he scraped the cash together to send his son to medical school where he became a dentist. In those days, dentistry was as near to a trade as it was to a profession. The NHS would change that and prosperity loomed for my grandmother and grandfather. Then fate intervened and my grandfather, whose name, I carry, died in a routine operation conducted by his friend. That morning three patients, one after the other, died at the hands of that surgeon. There was a public enquiry that determined that the anaesthetic was the cause, not the surgeon’s ability. Whatever, a bright future was replaced by a tough life ahead for my grandmother and her only child, my father.

Knowing who you are is really important. History provides part of the answer as does experience.


Garry Enrique 5665

When I was a child in Partick. Our coalman was Mr Considine from Partick.
A drinking buddy of my dad.
Is he related to you?

Garry Enrique 5665

Celtic have opened talks to sign West Brom winger Kyle Edwards. He is a free agent.

Garry Enrique 5665

Viva Espana!

Garry Enrique 5665

Mike in Toronto
Hopefully it is just a temporary break you are taking from SentinelCelts.
Your contribution to this site will be missed by myself.

The Real McCoy

Afternoon WhatsApp 👋🏻.
I’m definitely guilty of not posting current football opinions. I defer to the guys n gals who still regularly attend/ watch.
Probably best described as a “ spoiled brat” or just a spawny wee tim. Regular attendee from 1965- 1985 then reality ( women/ drink/ music/ drink)probably kicked in.

Witnessed Right Hun Davidson with my own 12 year old eyes at the 1970 Cup Final.
Cheats then. Cheats now.

Have many fond memories of The Lions on and off the park to this day.💚
I definitely fit the demographic in here 😂

Don’t think I know anyone personally.
Bobby and his family and friends from Ayrshire.
Seen McCaff in a vijeo.👏 Rutherglen mafiosa?
Garry with his music. Mags, Awe Naw, Twisty oot east.
Big Jim Packy and Jim the ( Lanarkshire) Tim.
Our overseas Tims 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇦🇺 🇩🇪 etc.
Predictors for football ⚽️ and nags 🐎 🙏🏻
Apologies to anyone I haven’t mentioned. The list is endless.
Only recently Belmont Brian has appeared and I enjoyed his wrestling clip with Les Kellet and Leon Arris. Ha, Leon Arris turned out to be Brian Glover who went on to appear in movies, most notably Kes.
I related to MIT( and others) that Mrs McCoy is from Canada . Turns out her Scots/Irish granny stayed roon the coarner fae Belmont Brian in Coatbrig 😱
I even unwittingly stole Mahe’s identity 😂

The nightshift is a bit tame at the moment but what a godsend during lockdown. 🍺 🎶 😂

What a happy wee bunch we are 👏👏👏
Thank You Sentinel Celts 🙏🏻

Get The Funk Out 😂




In a word, “No”. Was he the owner of the business? If not, he may have worked for us. As I mentioned before my family lived in Rosevale Street. Memory is rusty but we were about two or three tenements down from the pub but on the other side of the road. My memories are that it was a happy street.


St tams

The Real McCoy
The 1970 SC final was my first one . I attended with my oldest brother and late father.
That game was the first and only time that I heard my father swear. Caused by as you say , right hun Davidson .
Cheats then cheats now.

Forza Italia🇮🇹

Garry Enrique 5665

We were 29 Rosevale Street.
My dad drank in the Ettrick Bar in Crawford Street.
Not sure if Mr Considine was the owner, but he drove the horse and cart coal lorry.

Garry Enrique 5665

Great post, and you make an excellent point.
SentinelCelts was a Godsend to me during almost a year of solitary isolation alone in my flat.
Dread to think the effect on my mental health, had I not had the company of you guys on SC.
Thank you all for being here. 👍🍀💚

A Thing Of Beauty

I’ll look forward to seeing what you are putting together. It’ll be spot on, I’m absolutely sure of that.
Well done. If only others could recognise when they’ve let themselves down.



I posted something for you on the last thread.




You have reminded me of a phenomena I observed whilst hosting a web site caring for those needing support whilst going through divorce.

The members were nearly all based on your side of the pond, mainly US and it was a volatile site to monitor given most posters were at the anger stage in their grief. Putting it mildly.

The phenomena I noticed is that when anyone said anything that was judgemental of others I knew it was going to be a busy shift.

Probably without realising it CFCs post came across as a judgement of others and in a sense our sense of self worth comes under attack and we naturally want to defend it. All defence is a form of attack to those being defended against and so conflict can erupt.

I defended myself/blog in my response to CFC without going too ott I hope.

When folk stop making the kind of judgements on others you get a peaceful but perhaps too quiet a blog and I’ve often wondered if what would follow The Last Judgement of the bible would be the very opposite of the fear of hell fire the bible narrative of the final judgement instils in those that believe that narrative.

A long way of me getting around to I know where you are coming from and CFC certainly brought the blog to life. 🙂

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