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Tonight sees our team make its first public appearance under new management. While it is unlikely to bear much resemblance to the shambolic unit that we had the misfortune to witness last season,that is more because our better players have only just returned to training after their international duties rather than to the raft of new signings that we desperately need.


Tonight’s match is against Charlton from the English third tier,while on Saturday we play Bristol City from the second tier. Both games are being played in Newport-the one just after The Severn Crossing before you get to Cardiff. Nope,I dunno why either. Having said that,I don’t think anyone from South-east London would have bothered to turn up for the match given that the English national team are playing in The Euros semi final.


So that’s the immediate itinerary taken care of. Our first pre-match friendly less than two weeks before we play our first competitive match of the season against Midtjylland of Denmark. I’m not too sure of how good a team they are,but with a name like that I certainly don’t fancy playing them at Scrabble. If we win the tie,I believe we are guaranteed group stage European football next season.


That’s how important it is.


Yet AP doesn’t know his best team two weeks before such an important match-because neither he nor us has a clue to who he will be able to pick from! He doesn’t know who will be in his squad in two weeks,much less in two months after the transfer window has closed.


Has any manager been dealt such a bad hand at a “well run Champions League club” Oh,how hollow such boasts sound now.


But we have to put that behind us,even if we will never forget who caused this. This isn’t the fabled “moving on” because that suggests that we “don’t give a damn” about the reasons why we are where we are.


We do. But “tomorrow is another day”. Let the blame fall where it must for the problems that AP and DMcK have inherited-and continue to remind certain people of that too. The new guys are gonna have enough problems dealing with the future without having to deal with stuff which is not of their doing.


Tonight,Celtic return to action. AP has already impressed most of us during that miked up training session a week ago. He needs our support,the players need our support. And they will get it.


But AP needs the support of the moneymen too. Somehow he needs to throw together a competitive squad in next to no time,with a dearth of scouting reports,and all the while as he is getting to know the squad and drill into them the new approach. HIS approach.


Apparently,Rome wasn’t built in a day. But he’s gonna have to get a move on regardless!

Above article by BMCUWP.

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Prestonpans bhoys

Remember you can watch the game via your paradise pass, there was a dry run last night to test connectivity.

Good luck today bhoys. ๐Ÿ€

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Can’t help but feel a strong sense of anticipation. Then again, maybe haven’t learned the difference between trepidation and anticipation. Nevertheless, it’s a familiar feeling and it gets the juices flowing.

Agree with your view that Ange is almost hamstrung at this time. Agree the reasons for this situation and those responsible …..grrrr

What should not be in doubt is the Celtic support are completely behind him.

The players too. Someone made a great point yesterday about the risks of a ‘Le Guen’ style backlash, when some players realise what it’s going to take by way of personal sacrifice and self-discipline to shape up to reach the required standard. To reach the standards of fitness, intensity, tactics and technique and not to forget teamwork, we saw last night from Italy and Spain.

Anyhoo….I hope that feeling, whatever the hell it is…. never, ever goes away!

C’mon the Celts!

saltires voting for Christmas

Woke up with a Feelin’ …The excellent La’s

Maestro Fan

Celtic PLC. Exploiting the fans since 2004.

That should be the strap line on all their merchandising ads.



Are we not playing Sheffield Wednesday this afternoon at 3.00 pm ?


Oh dear. I really should do the research on the preseason fixtures! I was talking to a fellow Celt on Saturday who told me we were playing Charlton tonight!

It is,of course,Sheffield Wednesday at 3pm.

Grovelling apologies!!!!


Grateful thanks for the correct info to ATHINGOFBEAUTY by text-who is probably calling me all sorts at the moment! Also to Leggy.


Morning all…I kinda hoped to finish early to take in today’s game but was having second thoughts about taking a half day to watch Charlton! Thank God for Big Leggy!! Hopefully see the Hoops this afternoon now!!
#ProofreadersCSC ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜

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Morning Saltires, no link? Here ye go – although it’s an Old Grey one…

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
It’s Wednesday, and Celtic play Sheffield Wednesday. At 3pm. The Charlton game is this Saturday at 3pm. Denmark also play tonight at 8pm.
Dry and bright in ole EK ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Thanks buddy – i finally worked it out.

The impetus and drive fostered by CFC yesterday … need to freshen up my shit..

Just messing CFC you brought the place to life at a time it was needed with some quality blogging.

Glad to note yer just another oul’ fek tho’ …,

Big Audio Dynamite

Been down music memory lane this last few days. Currently checking back to the 80s!๐Ÿ˜ฏ REM-The one I love

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Superb tune buddy.

Big Audio Dynamite

Been up to Villiers terrace? I drank some of the medicine

Never thought they’d do those things!

Big Audio Dynamite

Volume up!
Joy Division – Day of the Lords

Big Audio Dynamite

The mighty Talking Heads Don’t worry about the government

Big Audio Dynamite

Saltires ๐Ÿ‘

saltires voting for Christmas


Tunes ๐ŸŽถ



My mate JP is getting a slap when I see him on Saturday!


To confirm,it is Sheffield Wednesday today. Charlton on Saturday,and Bristol City a week today.

Totally embarrassing wrong info in the article.

Asking for a friend, does the English National football team have a match today?

Canโ€™t see anything about it anywhere.

Canttakemuchmore CSC



The CLQ is a worry for us this is a must win tie , yet we go into it very much unprepared . Where is the big rebuild that was spoken of and much needed . Where are the full back improvements , the upgrade in central defence ,apart from the big lad from SW , where is the muscle in midfield that we definitely need after losing broonie , and if thatโ€™s not bad enough we canโ€™t get rid of the guys who never tried a leg for us last season and who have made it known they want away . Yes AP needs time the guy is new to the game up here , but his backing group are not ,nor the suits who have let us all down very badly , is it going to be more of the same from them with the penny pinching I would not be surprised , like Christie , french eddy and ajer itโ€™s time they left the building too . HH

Jobo Baldie

This might be a controversial view point but qualification for the Champions League is not high on my wish list. Too many recent memories of hiding behind the couch drubbings. I much preferred playing in the Europa League against teams that are nearer our current level. Long term ambitions are different but for now we need to learn to walk again before we start running.
I do acknowledge that getting through certain qualifying rounds will guarantee us a Europa League spot but that’d be fine for me.
I’ll start caring about the ‘what about the money’ argument once I actually see such money being properly invested in the team.

bada bing1

Jobo- the shambles that AP has inherited, could result in him getting a pass this season, if we can see progress, and a proper team shape,fitness, tactics……Sir Alex in his pomp, wouldn’t know where to start here….



That’s very much the problem. How much progress will be enough to satisfy the support? Or even AP himself?


Morning all,

A new chapter starts today and we should all back Ange and the Bhoys for this Season.

To hell with the Board and good luck to the team.

For me the League is way more important this Season than any European games. Of course if Iโ€™m greedy, Iโ€™ll take both.

OnwardandUpwardCSC ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

St tams

We have lost 3 players from last seasons starting 11. Brown, Elyounoussi and Kenny.
Not one has been replaced yet. We have known for months that these 3 were leaving.
We really are a mess.



Lost Duffy too! Also,no idea when Jullien will return.

Big Audio Dynamite

Me & the wee guy sitting trying to pick a team for today …jeez, it ain’t easy. If ever a team needed a few MEN, it’s this one!

Oh for 3 Roy Aitkens



Could be an interesting starting line up !!!!!!

Iโ€™ll bet thereโ€™s a couple of starters we have never heard of before.

HH ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€



Appreciate the comment. Just trying to initiate a bit of impetus out of the inertia we all feel with the Plc machinations and on field collapse.

Yip, a youthful ol fart, who has experienced the highs and lows like all supporters.

But Love is the Drug as well we know.

Big Audio Dynamite

Leggy, gives me no pleasure speaking negatively about our players, but if guys like Taylor are the standard going forward, alarm bells should be ringing.

All these boys, and they are boys, need supplemented by some first team ready men! Big, ugly, hairy arsed men!!



Your right. I hope Ange has a couple of rabbits he can pull out of his hat.
I hope they are bid strong experienced rabbits that take no shit and give you 100%.

And they can play a bit ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


ASWGL, What’s the story with the new background?

bada bing1

This tells me the boy isn’t chasing the money, maybe been told he’s going to get game time


Jobo @ 10.52am, My thoughts too! ๐Ÿ™‚



What I’d like to know is how pursuing The Celtic Board to rectify gross mismanagement of the past in order to ensure no repeat is going to have any impact whatsoever on the way the team performs? Ok we can move on from the disaster that was last season but not without addressing some of the causes.

There will be no impact on the team if making the Board accountable is done in the right way, and the ONLY way to bring the Board to account is at an AGM.

Res12 has demonstrated this from the off, Celtic HAD to engage with small shareholders, a group of over 100, who drafted and got Res12 on the AGM agenda.

The first few years whilst Celtic pretended to be behind establishing what took place in 2011, Res12 was kept on agenda via joint statements at the AGM providing updates. In 2018 it became clear they had been pretending to support Res12, which resulted in another new Res12 at the 2019 AGM, where the response ignored all the evidence presented that contradicted what was said at that AGM and in Celtic’s documented response, not just on the 5WA but also the justification for voting against that particular Res12.

In 2020 after Celtic rejected a resolution at the last minute after having it for 7 weeks, because it made claims Celtic viewed as defamatory and gave no time to reword, its contents provided leverage under Res11 to get Celtic to undertake to engage with SFA on the abandoned investigation into what did take place in 2011. The CST have taken that on board after an initial, ahem, misunderstanding, and should be asking for a progress report by the same resolution route if they are serious about bringing the Board to account.

That is accountability and if we abandon seeking it from our custodians then what is to stop the past from repeating itself?

My point is lets support the team but quietly but actively go about the business of bringing some form of accountability of The Board that does not backfire on those who want to do it in their own way that can and has been perceived as affecting the team.

There is no reason for a resolution not to be made public and ask all Celtic shareholders, not just those in the CST, to print a copy, sign it and deliver it to Celtic nor ask non shareholders who support the resolution to let Celtic know that they do.

The LAST thing Celtic want, as can be seen from the letter from Celtic to the CST, is transparency because transparency means accountability.

We can do both – support the team and make The Board accountable without one affecting the other.

I hope those who have given up come back, its all hands to the pumps.


Jobo Baldie
Good morning, friends.
Itโ€™s Wednesday, and Celtic play Sheffield Wednesday. At 3pm. The Charlton game is this Saturday at 3pm. Denmark also play tonight at 8pm.
Dry and bright in ole EK ๐Ÿ˜‰
Who are Denmark playing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Garry Postecoglou

I really feel that we have left recruitment too late for European qualification.
It will be the same squad as last season who will line up against the Danes.
I don’t expect to beat them.
Like Jobo, I am more concerned about getting a decent few additions in, before we play Hearts in the league.



Your a very wise man and a like the cut of your jib.

Keep taking the fight to them.

AccountabilityCSC ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€


Big Audio Dynamite

Jim, the background pic has been my phone screensaver for a long time. Been trying to remember where I first came across it and cant.

It’s definitely on of my favourite pictures ๐Ÿ˜


Cheers B.A.D., it looks great!


Afternoon all,

Jim it’s a collection of 3 photo’s i merged into one, The Adidas background and i superimposed the black and white pic into it, thought to have been taken in The Gorbals (but can’t find any real proof of that) then i stitched the bottom cartoon part on “We see things they’ll never see” in reference to They’ll never see a European cup, i guess addressed to the govanites.



ASWGL, clever bhoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Big Audio Dynamite

ASWGL, it looks very much like the houses just off Ballater street in the Gorbals. Think it’s called Norfolk court iirc ๐Ÿ‘


Every time I see pics of Jimmy Johnstone I think back to around 1982 when I had a blether with him for 1/4 hour at Greyfriars in Uddingston. He was doing some voluntary grounds work.



Happy to support , via my token shareholding, any initiative that provides transparency.

Light needs to be shone in these dark corners.

Your relentlessness in pursuit of our craven Board deserves our gratitude and support.


Likewise Auldheid, you can rely on my support as a small shareholder for the resolution.

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