Going Home or Coming Home weekend?

Each of us have lived through some momentous occasions, the gift of life, witness to some historical act that shall be recorded in the annals of history never to be forgotten. Every ‘where were you?’ moment a testament to the never ending sands of time, a personal memory to get passed on or not.
The Moon Landing,,,The Twin Towers,,,San Francisco earthquake,,,Pearl Harbour,,,Elvis passed away,,,
And last but not least, our own very special ‘where were you?” Lisbon.
Yep, some days just get etched into your brain whether you like it or not.
I think I can safely predict, tomorrow will be one of those occasions no matter the outcome.
At the historical Wembley stadium on Sunday, we shall watch one Nation break hearts, or one break it’s duck.
The last time Italy defeated England on English soil it cost the infamous Boudicca her army and her life. This time it’s 60 million hearts, Southgate reputation, and a knighthood on the line. How desperate can they get?
And just like a wall of Roman Cavalry with shields locked, the continents finest defense will pride itself in it’s ability to not be breached, to repel attack after attack, to stand tall and resolute during what could become one of their finest hours.
The passion for defending still exists in those lands, is still celebrated.
And defend they must, for a blind beggar in Timbuktu could see attacking players with the ball at your feet, taking them on, is very productive and helps put the defender on edge. Driving at that fabled Italian defense at pace via Sterling and friends will surely be the tactic of the day.
They do have a strong bench, can pass, can play with purpose, and would cause any team problems right now.
Never went all the way though.
Imagine the anxiety that would engulf their team, dugout and their sacred ground of Wembley should Johnny foreigner have the tenacity to arrive and actually take the lead in a major final?
Yes they do have a bit of morale I admit and would find some fight, but as a rule Italians only need one goal.
One goal and every trick in the book comes out, every you’ve gotta be kidding me dive, every wind yer neck in broken ankle. The smart possession game is second nature to Italians, tactical substitutions pre strengthening possible attack points par for the course.
If there’s one nation you would bet on to see out a lead it’s Italy, full stop.
Thats surely their basic plan, but if necessary they have a successful penalty shootout under the belt, I dont rate Pickford much and think England sink like a brick at pens, Wembley or not.
Having said all that, it’s only fair we look at the other option.
Wall to wall coverage does not begin to cover it. Should Engerland win, it will naturally take on Brexit connotations.
To walk out of Europe having bested ‘them all’ would only feed more into the growing trend of nationalism.
‘Better than them’, ‘Don’t need them’,
And of course ‘The World Cups next!’ shall become the chant.
I’m not going to be the one to spoil that dream and explain any pale skin, cold weather nation hasn’t a chance in the dessert.
I thankfully wasn’t born during either the Blitz, the Battle of Britain, nor when they actually won the World Cup.
I’m glad I wasn’t.
Whilst once The Empire was indeed a global powerhouse with worldwide vassals, slowly but surely they have cast away their former alliances.
The media in particular are in a quandary in that it’s such a small island with not enough of note happening, yet there is a huge media machine that demands constant information and news.
As a result once a character associated with England gains some type of recognition on the world stage , the press pack go into overdrive.
This can be positive ala Tom Hardy and The Spice Girls,, or as Meghan found out may discover negative stories sell better and see their souls for the filthy lucre.
The famous British press pack are struggling, Covid stopped shop sales, internet has exploded with fan media a major factor, and they could really do with a shot in the arm.
So could the pubs,,the restaurants, the high street.
Engerland winning this competition would be their ultimate manna from heaven.
Pullouts, exclusives from the winning camp, posters for the kids wall, sticker collections, special jerseys designed the lot.
The Winning Whopper? You got it.
The footlong Euro Champ with everything? What kind of bread Sir?
Sir Southgate to Royal Madrid?
The Southgate Stand?
Everything’s on the table, a designer and merchandisers dream come true, if they win of course.
And ‘if’ might just be the biggest word in football.
Forza Italia. All roads lead to Rome.

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Terrific article.

Like it or not,everyone down here is hyped up. I know who I want to win,but that’s because of a wee flutter with Paddy Power at 9/1 at the start of the tournament. England are 13/8 at the moment,so I can lay £30 on it to cover my bet.

Unless it goes to extra time. So I won’t bother.

Most of my friends here are English,and Swindon has been good to me. So should I be glad for my friends that they have a reason to be happy? To celebrate-maybe even buy me a pint for once?

Hell,no. Forza Italia!



Excellent article.

Forza Italia !!!!!!!!


Morning all & Packy.

The moon landing?

Watched it in Tramore Co. Waterford. We were there with the Boy’s Guild summer camp. The campsite’s TV room stayed open during the night to let folk watch it.
I think it was a week later we travelled back up on the bus to Belfast to catch the overnight ferry to Ardrossan(?). On the way up we stopped off at Dublin for a wee visit. I saw the bullet holes on the Post Office building. Another bit of history!

When we got to Belfast we went to a huge Co-op building which had a function area and enjoyed a lovely High Tea.

A pal & me then went for a wander up a long hill, as we approached the top a crowd were gathered and there was a lot of noise. It overlooked what I now think was the Divis Flats. There was so much coming & going, police everywhere. It may be my imagination playing tricks on me but I’m sure there was gun shots! A couple of the locals we spoke to, to ask what was going on, realised we were young Scots lads passing through, urged us to go back to our group and stay away from here.

We excitedly told all to the group leaders, who looked at us as if we were getting carried away! I said you will read all about it in the papers tomorrow!’. Sure enough – front page headlines in the Sunday Mail the next morning.

That was another bit of history for me. The beginning of The Troubles, so far as I was aware.


Thanks for your thoughts Mahe. If they win, they win. Their cringe fest is just bigger than our own ‘Yessir I Can Boogie’ red neck. As you say, The Azzuri will roll it all out if need be so I just hope, for the millions of wee lads, and lasses, watching it becomes their 1970 World Cup. What with that, the Copa final, The Tour, Scottish Open and, most importantly, the Celtic versus Charlton it could be a ‘remember that’ moment.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

You could have been on BMCUWP ‘s centenary Hootenanny to Dublin in 2016! You would have had a great time.



Trip of a lifetime!

Special thanks of course to ALMORE and CLOGHERCELT,and to everyone in attendance.

saltires voting for Christmas


That was a good read buddy.

As I said on here right before the start of this tourney. Italy were an absolute stick on at 9/1. ( I did think v Germany having defeated Scotland in the semis.. doh!)

Both finalists have been guilty of dark arts and downright cheating … nauseating at times.

If Italy don’t win on Sunday the Druid Gods have prevailed over the Roman Gods… or whoever’ turn to manipulate VAR.

I’m away to watch a good clean sport…. Le Tour…. aye!

bada bing1
Cosy Corner Bhoy

Thanks for Scottish Open outlet but unfortunately throwing up Error 404! Nae luck just now

bada bing1

First Half Celtic Side:

Barkas, Taylor, Bitton, Ajeti, Soro, Turnbull, McGregor, Montgomery, Ralston, Welsh, Dembele

Second Half Celtic Side:

Bain, Christie, Johnston, Ntcham, Edouard, Urhoghide, Shaw, Murray, Henderson, Montgomery, Hjelde

bada bing1

Bitton at CB…..I thought those days were gone….


Gday Sentinels,,
Greetings from a slightly hungover Irishman who is wilting in the heat. A night on the Perroni then hand crafted cocktails kicked my arse and my wallets.
It’s forking jam hot here, 45 degrees today, 46 expected tomorrow. The record is 47.

I always thought our midfield combo of Brown and Bitton could become our defense one day.
I’m glad we never witnessed that, or sank that low I should say.

Divis tower block is still there Jim. Mate lives in it actually. If buildings could talk that one would have some tales.

Hail Hail

Sol Chiunque tranne l'Inghilterra Kitts

Essex is already in annoying as feck mode. How unbearable will they be if by some miracle they get a win tomorrow night? Please let Italy restore some sanity.


Cruel Brittania,
Brittania wants more slaves,,,,,

Is there Covid in the Italy squad or not?

St tams

Hopefully after Ange watches Bitton for 45mins, that will be the last we see of him.

The king

Kennedy and Strachan getting kept on.a sign that ange is another yes man in my opinion.they should have been long gone.same old same old
I’m glad I didn’t renew.the biscuit tin is well and truly there for all to see.taking the fans for mugs as per.sad to see!!!



Getting slightly miffed here too with the jingoistic rubbish wi me and the lads having to put up with everyone giving it “coming home”-ironic since they’ve never won it-and trying to tell me I should be,well,you guess.

See my comment at the start of the page. I’ll support who I like. In the 1987 FA Cup Final,I supported Spurs AND Coventry at different stages of the game.

Depended on how my bet was going at the time.

Same tomorrow night. Nothing to do with not wanting England to lose. Just wanting to beat the bookies.


The king,
Hugely disappointed that Ange has not brought in his own back up. I can only give him the benefit of the doubt in that he is desperately in need of local knowledge in the short term. Hopefully he can be as strong a boss with those two as he will need to be with the players.
I would imagine they are on a 1 year rolling contract. They might be gone soon enough once he has drained them!

bada bing1

Hopefully someone buttons that fud Stockley


I think Ange would get the assistants he wants.
If he has opted for Strachs and Kendo to stay he must be happy with them.
Not a big deal imo

Sol Metti in mostra il bastardo linguistico Kitts

Like it. Will use that as my new moniker till after the game.
See the hesgoal link has been taken down 😡

bada bing1

Stockley at it again with the elbows, a total coward


Mahe, hope you’re right. It could that he isn’t that bothered – their influence will be limited to doing what he tells them to do!


Can’t get a stream. Will need to go down to the pub!!! Blast.
LOL 🙂 🙂

Sol Metti in mostra il bastardo linguistico Kitts

Gies a lift.


Sol Kitts – LOL 🙂


Fuxake,that’s joooost showing aff!

Sol Metti in mostra il bastardo linguistico Kitts

Where’s yer shoes?

bada bing1

He seriously needs sorted out


If I log into admin,I lose them. Hopefully sorted.

Big Audio Dynamite

Greg Taylor has to be one of the worst players I’ve ever seen! If he is the answer, WTF is the question?

Big Audio Dynamite

Dembele 1-0

bada bing1

Goal Dembele


I reckon KT would like a shot at that coward in a League Cup game. Only chance of him ever meeting a low level thug like him on a pitch again

bada bing1

Excellent goal Ajeti


Ralston doing something right. Cannot have that can we. He is a better creator of chances than his counterpart on opposite side. Looks up before releasing the ball.

He isnt perfect but not as bad as made out.

Big Audio Dynamite

Ajeti 2-0

Celtic Champs Elect

Us hammering Charlton Athletic from EFL 1

The huns getting pumped by Tranmere from EFL 2

The league is over already FFS 🙂

A Thing Of Beauty

Enjoyed the first half. Dembele is a strong boy. I would pick e him to sign a new deal but the riches are too much elsewhere. Ralston deserves credit for the delivery for the second goal. As auldheid states, a far better delivery than Taylor has managed all game. He is a left footed player but cannot shape the ball in the way a true class leftie can in my opinion and that’s why it nearly always bangs off the first man or is goes like a bullet if it doesn’t.
I see a good player in Montgomery and would be happy with him as a squad player.
As regards strachan and Kennedy. Ange came out yesterday and said he wants to keep them. They are doing as he is asking, he’s happy with their contribution and wants to work with them. He wants to add to the back room staff but in other areas. That needs to be the end of it. Whether he wants them or not he is saying he does and we can’t be saying he’s not being truthful with the support already:


The king.

Of all of the criticisms thrown at a manager I find the one he is a yes man absurd and harmful.

Of course he is a Yes man. Everybody who works for anybody is a Yes man. The idea an employee can join a club & then dictate that club’s policy is just one of many fallacies in football. If anyone is to blame for collapse last season it is those an employee says Yes to.

The yes man idea is an opinion formed and reinforced by repetition so much so that it has replaced reality and so serves no one.

When an event takes place that confirms the original thought it is used to perpetuate something that is unreal in the first place. It’s called confirmation bias.

It deflects from the real issue which is the policies that have put Celtic where we are.

If they were more balanced then we would want a yes man as manager.

A Thing Of Beauty

Ntcham with a sponsor less shirt. Fair enough, sticking to his beliefs. Not so honourable when it comes to stealing a wage for a couple of years.

St tams

Montgomery looks better suited in midfield than fullback.
Taylor very poor and Ralston played well


Ntcham is on.

My confirmation bias wants to run amuck but I must practice what I preach.

C’mon Olivier.

A Thing Of Beauty

I stand corrected about the sponsorless shirt but not about the money 😂😂




Urhoghide looking like the last pick in a 2 Captain’s Tic-Tac-Toe!!!


Typical Jim in the pub 😉

Garry Postecoglou

Liam Shaw looks a great signing already.
Very tall classy player and hard as nails.
I wonder who scouted him?

Garry Postecoglou

Hopefully that is the last time I see Taylor and Christie in a Celtic shirt.

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