Bloody hell,that was close!


Having watched a fair few matches in these Euros Championships,I have to say that I was largely impressed by the quality. International football leaves me cold as a rule. This tournament-as I’ve said before-is the best I can think of since the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea.

Maybe it was because of the crap we had to watch last year as Celtic fans,right enough. Everything pales by comparison.

I had a fifty on Italy at the start of the tournament,priced at 9/1. Nice wee £500 back,less a wee donation somewhere. I would have won a lot more than that if they had won the match in ninety minutes-but they didn’t,and I never cry over a losing bet.

Never bet what you can’t afford,never bet unless you are prepared to lose. And as it happened,I won. Belter!

“The lark’s on the wing;
The snail’s on the thorn;
God’s in his Heaven—
All’s right with the world!”

So I’m heading into town later to have my belated birthday sesh. Yes,I will commiserate a tad with my English friends,and yes,I do feel for the English lads who missed their penalties. It won’t stop me enjoying a decent dayooooot.

Italy were the best team in the tournament overall,though I think Spain deserved to beat them in the semi final. They are worthy winners. That accolade might have been accorded to England,but a goal up after two minutes and hardly kicked a ball for ninety minutes after that? Dear dear…

Forza Italia.

Notify of

Fantastic news re the bet.
There will be an announcement regarding our charity sweep during the week.

It’s often the little things in life that get to me, although my neighbour laughs at my problems and tells me people would love to have only that amount of crap to deal with.

Leaving town Friday during the weekend heatwave here the cat got out, so that’s nagging the back of my mind, he’s never had these temps. Of course he came back fine and I left food and water out but still it nagged.

Then I forgot my shirt, had to go out and buy a shirt quick once there. It was plainish but fine, I wouldn’t usually buy it.

We get to the restaurant on time and theres indoors watching an open kitchen which feels like judging to me, or outdoors under a patio roof with mist sprays, we go for that.
The mist only hit you occasionally, the first half was ok but when the sun hit us we couldn’t stand it and had to move.
Food was great. Perroni on tap was a sign and very welcomed.

Then the Uber to the Speakeasy,,located at the back of a pool hall. Found it online, really looking forward to it and anyone I asked didn’t even know it existed.
Very intimate and I knew the beautiful wife would love it.

Jump in the Uber which was a truck which is never the best in the back, and homie decides to announce that we should check.out the Speakeasy at the back of the pool place. As soon as I heard him go there (being a secret spot the wife doesn’t know and all) I quickly jump forward and start talking about the AC getting cranked up as we are hot.
The wife later admitted she realized that was what’s up as I would not head to a regular pool spot well dressed.
We had a great evening though, truly.
Mezcal and Absinthe cocktails kicked my ass, some rum helped.

Anyway, today Sunday as I type, I started avoiding my phone and news from kick off time so as to watch the game ‘as live’ later when settled.
However as I’m driving home the red Honda in the outside lane starts driving erratically,, I look over and the guy and lady in the car are glued to their phones and as I’m watching they pump their fists in the air. This is in the middle of a California highway and these guys are Hispanic as normal here,,I’m thinking are they watching penalties? I keep pushing it away but what else at that time could make them react like that?
And then I’m thinking, who would a Hispanic naturally support on that situation?
All sorts of thoughts are going but I push them to the back of mind and get home, put on the game.

Now I was well aware their fans had gone lunatic earlier, I am surprised no one died at the event tbh but that shows their character those scenes. What should have and could have been a great spectacle and a positive note seen the ugly side come out.
Now I must state for the record, the crowd was extremely diverse, fair play on that,,the entire nation no matter the creed got behind the team.

Game starts and ShawBerto Carlos scores. My immediate reaction was ‘too early to score’.
Now I hate the phrase and it sounds stupid but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s true and this was one of those occasions.
Scoring that early meant any equalizer swung momentum,,they almost had to score a second or be dragged down. And dragged down they were.

The game itself fair enough it wasnt dirty, but of course there was a maniac on the pitch. When you factor in the pitch invader, the Lazer in Schmeichels eyes, the crowd rushing the stadium and the general loutishness of the support in some pics, and then just Brexit,,, I got a sense it wouldn’t be fair for them to win. Bit like McGregor the night before actually.

Penalties at Wembley it is then and as previously mentioned I don’t rate Pickford. Fair enough he saved two, not on him at all then. What do I know.
As soon as I seen Harry step up I said there you go,,you just effed it up England,,you never send a central defender up for penalties. He took one of the best pens Ive seen, clearly heavily practiced, and can be bloody proud of himself for his performance over the tournament.
He’s starting to turn my opinion of him around, always a good thing.

I thought the demeanor of the young kid Saka walking up wasn’t good, he looked nervous,,and when it was saved the fact he went to pieces tells me he’s the wrong choice for that penalty.
In that respect I say Southgate himself must shoulder some of the blame.

As Bada said his midfield was getting overrun for the majority of the game and he never got to grips with it. His opening tactics befuddled the continental’s, but they worked it out ,,that’s what they do every single week in SeriaA. The trick was to counter them with a new tactic that would hopefully cut them open once before they fixed it but Gareth didn’t have it in his locker.

Glorious failure and I’m surprised there’s been no rioting tbh.
I’ll shed no tears 😉

Sol Kitts

Today makes me feel old, as my daughter celebrates her 30th birthday. 🎂🎂.


Congratulations to your daughter Sol Kitts. Hope she has a great day.


Morning all & Packy,

Packy, hope you & Joan are still on speaking terms! LOL 🙂

Big Audio Dynamite

All the neighbours were out dancing in the streets 😂 Love seeing those arrogant twats lose

Paddy’s Maw

Sol Kitts – happy birthday to your daughter. Paddy will be hitting that milestone next year!


Wonder if Nicola & Boris will kiss and make up in support of Team GB at the Olympics, 11 days from now? LOL 🙂

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
What a way to end my week-and-a-bit long retirement celebrations last night. A game that was totally controlled by Italy from about 20 minutes in and a final result that saves my sanity! Was worried that the ’55’ year gap since 1966 was going to be the final nail in the coffin of a disastrous season but fortunately not.
Time to give my liver a wee break… 😉

Celtic Champs Elect

Thank you Italy

Thought Declan Rice was immense last night I have never saw what all the chat was about him but I have now changed my mind

Bonnuci and Chielini – phenomenal



Miss SOLKITTS!!!!!!!!

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Happy birthday to Miss Sol Kitts… seems like only yesterday I was at her parents wedding 😁.
As PaddysMaw mentioned, grandson reaches said milestone next year. Where have all the days gone?

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Couldn’t believe England sent three boys to do men’s work, but it was obviously the plan as all were late, late substitutes. Obviously not a man among the senior players other than ‘Slabhead’ whose penalty was a humdinger!
Many heads turned towards CCB’s table when Italy equalised… might have been due to a shout out of ‘ Ya’ F’n Beauty ‘!!


Felt sorry for the 3 young kids stepping up to hit their penalties.
Donnurumma is a man mountain who terrifyingly fills the goals.
And the inevitable racist trolls appear afterwards to blame the black kids and retain their own fragile sense of white supremacy.
Hope the police and justice system hands them heavy sentences.
Southgate did well in coaching England an i have to say surprised me.
His tactical adjustments were generally good but Mancini’s experience trumped him
Look forward to an Englishmen touted as the worlds best player and the World champions elect being the reason for triumphalism for next two years as World cup approaches.
Lastly Harry Kane is a total diving cheat with Sterling and Grealish also worthy of a mention.



There was definitely a good call for the more experienced players to be taking the penalties. I’m quite sure that the order was worked out in training,but training isn’t match day,and certainly isn’t a final.

But then,even the best penalty takers can miss. I think that was the first ever miss from Jorginho. No certainties from twelve yards,even if we all think-from our seats!-that they should all be certainties!

St tams

As much as I was delighted that Italy won.
I did feel for the 3 young guys who missed.
Sancho hadn’t even touched the ball and Rashford had only taken a throw in. Very poor from the manager.
As for Kane , never a captain .

Anyway have we signed a right back yet?



Our potential line-up for next midweek is bloody scary!

bada bing1

CCE- England lost any influence in midfield, when Rice went off

Maestro Fan

Thought England were brilliant for first 25 mins. Then they seemed to remember they were England and reverted to type.

Still, best England team in my lifetime.

This position we find ourselves in is a worry , I know I read that lawell had left the building but it sure doesn’t look like it , it’s the same scenario transfer window to transfer window . I can be corrected here but if we don’t beat the Danes then we are out of Europe ,no europa league is that correct . We were told of a clear out and rebuild so far we still have the want aways , the ones who are not good enough , and the ones who went ,But are back because no one wants them , we have brought in two ,one ready for action , the other a bit to go before he sees a first pick . By reading Celtic news now we have been linked with every Tom dick and Harry , and always by these so called Celtic sites we get out bid .or are to late in closing the deals (sound familiar ) . The board once again played a blinder here , we stumped up our cash , now once again they haven’t honoured there side of the deal , I thought after the golf finished that Desmond might pull the finger out but he doesn’t hurt like us when he sees the state we are in . Unless things change rapidly we have more misery heading our way . HH


Buon pomeriggio,



We are consistent in our approach to Europe.
We proudly approach every season with the club motto :TOTALLY UNPREPARED!:
Maybe our board could borrow our partners crest of :AYE READY :and modify it to read :UN READY:
Dominic looks like he’s wearing Peter’s cast down jacket.
Only difference this season is we seem to have an actual coach.


I think ‘brilliant is stretching it. Certainly, for about the first 20 minutes or so, England were in control, but from then on, apart from about 10 minutes in the 2nd half, Italy were dominant. Poor decision imo to have the 3 young guys taking the penalties. Senior players should have been allocated the responsibility. Will they learn the lessons re hubris: naw. They are already hyping up their chances for Qatar.


For you all

The predictor league (sentinel)
Will return,for the punter will decide which charity benefits..
For the season it will £20 to enter,which is less than £1/ wk,you can pay up through the season..details to follow..

New rules…
3 jokers
1 to be played before end October
1 to be played before play offs
Last 1 on the run In..
Prize money..(once participants are known)3
What is raised will be halved to charity and the first 3 in proportion…
There will be an extra £200 in free bets available.this sum again will be given to said charity.
Free bet…if you win..half to you half to charity..
Hoping to raise at least £500…..we can do it!!!
As an incentive1st one who gets a full house (all correct results)will receive £100.
Not from the charity…
Join up till 30th July.. .

Let me know your thoughts on this..please..


Pubs are bloody mobbed down here today!

bada bing1

BMCUW- keep smiling 😁

A thing of beauty

Thank goodness the best team won last night. England were swamped from around 15 minutes on when Mancini put the extra man in the middle of the park. Quite often Italy went two at the back and that gave the extra man. Southgate didn’t counter that and allowed the Italians stupid amounts of possession. Now admittedly they didn’t hurt England with it and didn’t get in behind very often but the mental toll of chasing caught up with England and they conceded a set piece where they were second on three occasions before the ball was put in the net. I agree with Bada that Declan Rice played well which surprised me as I dont rate him and he was definitely missed when he went off but such was the chasing he was doing he was burst. It was a master class in Italian football really. Tactically perfect and two big defenders who would rather die before they’d let you win and as boring as watching paint dry really. If we had not been so desperate to see England lose and Italy had played a final like that against any other team we’d have said how shit it was.
Now to Celtic. We don’t have any defenders like Bonucci and Chiellini. In fact we’re don’t have any defenders full stop. I am sickened by how long it is taking us to do any business with such pressing need for players. Dom McKay better get this sorted. He is going to see his reputation trashed before he even gets started. I can’t believe he’d allow that but I’m at a loss as to how we can’t close deals.

Prestonpans bhoys

Pubs are bloody mobbed down here today!

Good I’m going for a walk, rain is expected in Windermere at 3 pm so pub time, inclined to wear the new away top too. Doesn’t have Celtic on it so could start a pub conversation😂🍺


I did not watch the game as my four year old grandson came over. He is more fun. However,here are some non game comments. Firstly, England had a great helping hand to get to the final. The number of home games, the easier opponents, all speak to that. Their euphoria over beating Germany led to a false sense of superiority which created a toxic atmosphere of entitlement in the media. It was not helpful to their team. Each tournament their media is full of over hype that they are going to win it all. Each time it ends in failure. It seems there is no learning, but it sells newspapers.

England are not as good as their media hyped but they are a much improved side under Southgate. Southgate, himself is a limited coach who would probably be shown up in club football. In fact, he was with Middlesborough! Despite his limitations, he has managed to get a very talented group of players to play near to their potential. However, he can be out-coached as proved by Clarke and Mancini. Given that he was a midfielder, it is here that he has his greatest weaknesses. Both Scotland and Italy nullified his selection of a midfield. Denmark also came close to doing that but they ran out of steam in the latter stages of their game. The English winning goal in that game was an embarrassment to both the ref and those running the VAR, and, ultimately, UEFA.

Now England is left with increased scrutiny from international media, laying bare two blights on its identity. Firstly, there is the storming of the barricades to get into the game……a disgrace, initially denied by the Wembly authorities. This was followed up by the racial abuse of the three lads who did not net their penalties. Will there be a period of introspection? Somehow, I doubt it, but it is badly needed.

Yes, winning the trophy would have been a great tonic for a country that has suffered through a pandemic. However, the truth is contained in the “pan” of that term. Other countries, including Italy, suffered from the virus. Are they not just as entitled to claim solace by winning the trophy? Incidentally, Wembly looked very like a super spreader event to me, in a country that already has a rising rate of infection……more selfish folly.

I suspect Southgate will get his recognition from the nation as it tries to heal its various rifts. He makes all the right noises for the powers that be. He is no Sam Allardyce! Who knows perhaps he deserves it.




I suspect that the delay in signings is due to not being able to sell at the prices we want. I am not supporting that, but I think that is the club rationale. Anyway, it is now too late to bed in new players for the CL game.




I agree with both of you that we desperately need new signings.
However I don’t think money should be an object.
Where is the
Frimpong 11 million
El Hamed 1. “
Klimala. 3.5. “
Bayo. 1.4. “

Plus over 48,000 season tickets sold and lots of wages saved through loanees returning. Add on Scott Brown’s wages !!!!!!

Absolutely disgraceful that we are dragging our feet with new signings and Dom better start getting the finger out.

Seems to be no urgency at Celtic Park to start the “Big Rebuild “.

#GetamoveonDomCSC 🍀🍀

Congratulations Italy 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

Garry Postecoglou

Looks like a fight between us and Reading to sign West Brom winger Kyle Edwards.

St tams

We have lost 3 first team regulars from our starting 11 during the second half of last season.
Brown, Kenny and Elyounoussi.
Soro can replace Brown, but what about the other 2. We have known for months that would need replaced.
I don’t see any changes in the way we operate as a club.
It looks like Lawwell is still pulling the strings.



DMcK has a mountain to climb to reverse the damage caused by Lawwell. I think we need signings,and soon,but I think he also has realised that he needs to walk before he tries to run.

Officially he has been in the job less than a fortnight. Lawwell left an eighteen year scorched earth policy behind him to deal with.

I’ll give him the time he needs,but he also has to give AP the support HE needs.

A thing of beauty

Leggy/Rebus/St Tams,
Agree we need to get a move on and not being able to sell is not an excuse. There is plenty of money to get us started. If we go into Europe with that back 4 we will get scudded. Bitton again. Honestly. He just keeps hanging around as no one else wants him and by virtue of our inability every season to sort our shit out he gets a game.
I can’t get excited about this guy. He’s come from a relegated team that he didn’t seem to play much for and we are fighting it out with Reading. It’s no exactly Nike Friday. Sometimes I hate that I can’t swear on this blog. I am so flipping frustrated I could scream.

bada bing1


A casual sweary or two is allowed. Just don’t abuse the privilege!


Jim Tim
St tam

It might look like PL is pulling the strings but only if the same recruitment process and policy is still in place.

Call it PL’s legacy but it ain’t PL.

It is McKay’s job to understand the process, identify its failings and correct the process.

If part of the problem is money then he goes to The Board and tells them and offers solutions.

First McKay/Ange need to find out the failings which comes from experience. They need time to get that experience and until they do the Lawwell legacy will last.

The problems are systemic and will not be fixed overnight.

One of my musings is to put a football value on a position and equate that value to a wage range.

Top goalie
Top CB
Top CF = top wage

Top MF 1 at Top wage maybe 2 others at Mediim Top wage

Full backs Med Top but if a Tierney turns then Top. In short sod sell on value etc for 2 seasons and build a feckin team that will win football matches in Scotland.


Congrats to the winning posters,,Mc Caff and St Tams I believe.

Im going to assume you both are happy with the winnings to go to charity and on that front will make an announcement later in the week.

Just seen a few very unsavoury videos of England fans attacking each other or anyone really. How sad they are.

St tams

Happy for winnings to go to charity.
Would it be OK if half of mine go to a charity of my choice.


Of course St Tams. Just give us the name

Big Audio Dynamite

Our first thought on winning? What charity shall I help out.

A FANBASE like no other!

Well done, lads 👍

Big Audio Dynamite

Bada, Deja vu all over again. This the the club the SFA have bet the future of the league on?

Imagine trying to explain Scottish football to an outsider.

Big Audio Dynamite

The longer they try and pretend they are really Rangers, (All fur coat and no knickers) the quicker the route to the abyss for the current bunch of crisis actors @Ibrox.

There won’t be enough jelly & Ice cream for me this time.

St tams

It’s called Transverse Myelitis Society.
This charity is close to my heart.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, an illness that I, and I’m sure many others had never heard of . As my consultant said. It’s not life threatening, but will be life changing. The above society has been an immense help to me during the last 4 years.
They do tremendous work to help and assist anyone suffering with this illness.


Big Audio Dynamite

If Huns2 are heading for the knacker’s yard-just like the original mob-just watch the SFA pulling every dirty trick in the book, to ensure that they remain in the top league…just like the last time. Hopefully, supporters of all the other clubs will stand tall against this. It is my fervent hope that this time they will simply die.


A belated happy birthday. What a night. I honestly thought England were gonna win…just to bookend a terrible season for all Tims. Thank feck they didn’t. We would never hear the end of it. It’s been pretty quiet in old Ibrox, these last few days. All noisy neighbours must have fecked off to Belfast, for some celebration or other. Strangely enough, any England flags flying out of windaes have disappeared overnight. Very strange indeed.

Anyhoo, must dash. Away oot for a few celebratory beers. Must keep the party going.

Hail Hail.


CL group stages might take care of “the rangers” money problem …..especially next year if they win the spl this year.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ,sol just came on to wish miss sol kitts a happy birthday wont be on the blog tonight, my sinuses are giving me hell, always get it this time of year, anyway could not let your daughters birthday go without comment,PS. tell jim yes wee joan is taking to me now,😎 take care all👍


Get well soon Packy!

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