If you know your history – July 13th

100 years ago 1921

Season 1920/21 had been a disappointment in the league, despite a solid Ne’rday win at Ibrox with two goals from Joe Cassidy. The team had moved to within 4 points of the eventual champions.


Robb, Manderson, McCandless, Meiklejohn, Dixon, Dixon, Muirhead, Archibald, Cunningham, Henderson, Cairns, Morton


Shaw, McNair, McStay, Gilchrist, Crimean, McMaster, McAtee, Gallacher, McInally, Cassidy, McLean

Scorers: Cassidy (2)

Referee: T. Dougary (Bellshill)
Attendance: 70,000 ( note: this crowd was described as “disappointing” The Glasgow Herald reporting this fixture has an article entitled: “Ireland A New Reprisals Policy” giving details of an official army order to burn houses in the area of the Middleton Ambush in Cork last week.

There then followed a Scottish Cup exit at Hearts.

Some solace came in the form of a 2-0 win against Rangers in the Glasgow Charity Cup Final at Hampden with the club retaining the trophy. Goals: McCandless (20, og), McInally.

Close season – and the team are raring to go, following a close season tour that included a poignant visit to the Battlefields of Flanders. The mood was lifted with a few wins in two exhibition games: an emphatic 6-0 against Cercle Athlétique de Paris, and a 2-0 against Newcastle United (both games in Paris ) Patsy Gallacher was in sparkling form and thrilled French fans. The club has accepted an offer to return in due course.

The squad are preparing for 21/22


In other news…

The Southern Ireland parliament convened in Dublin, but only attended by 12 senators and two members of its House.
U.S. Secretary of War Weeks announced the firing of 21,174 civilian employees in order to save over $225 million per year in salaries and benefits.[2]

60 years ago 1961

Another season passes without a major trophy. Losing the Scottish Cup Final replay 2-0 to Jock Stein’s Dunfermline was a sore blow, there was minor consolation in sharing The Glasgow Charities Cup with Clyde 1-1.


Connachan; Fraser, Cunningham; Mailer, Miller, Sweeney; Peebles, Smith, Thomson, Dickson, Melrose
Scorers: Thomson (67), Dickson (88)


Haffey, Mackay, O’Neill, Crerrand, McNeill, Clark, Gallacher, Fernie, Hughes, Chalmers, Byrne.
Attendance: 87,866


We are in the middle of a busy close season with departure of Bertie Auld to Birmingham City in May

Ian Lochhead, Steve Lynch (RB), Rob Paton , Frank Thomson, Tommy Carmichael (OR), Brian Moore (IL), Jim Upton (LB), Roy Sherry (OL) released. Frank Connor was also released and later resigned by Celtic.

Celtic also sacked Jimmy McStay, ex-manager and centre half for Celtic who had been working as a scout for the club.

First team trainer Willie Johnstone severed his ties with the club in May 1961 – he had been first team trainer since taking over from Alec Dowdells in 1956.

On 18th May Bertie Peacock left Celtic to become player-manager of Coleraine


In other news…

Yuri Gagarin surrounded by MI5 agents cunningly disguised as aliens, visits Tower of London on 13th July, 1961- after one look at the plumbing, he politely refuses an offer to defect…

Lech Walesa (17) successfully completes his 2 day induction at Gdansk shipyards….if they only knew…

Everly Brothers -Temptation #1 UK (4 weeks)

Tossin’ And Turnin – Bobby Lewis #1 US (7 weeks)

Lawrence Donegan, Scottish rock bassist (Lloyd Cole and the Commotions & Bluebells) and author, born in Stirling, Scotland


30 years ago 1991

Where to start …Close Season was a like wander through Annie Lennox’ Broken Glass.

Despite a glorious week around Paddy’s Day, when Paul McStay gave us a much needed reminder of why we love the club, this was a fairly hellish period. Despite beating Rangers in an earlier round, we were unceremoniously dumped out the Cup in a Semi Final (replay) 2-4 by Motherwell…. just about summed up our season.

In close season we discover Liam Brady will be taking over as manager in the forthcoming campaign… the mood was a little bit more positive.


In other news…

Debbie was Supporting INXS along with Hothouse Flowers and Roachford.

General stuff:

Birth 100 BC – Julius Caesar Roman general and statesman (d. 44 BC)
1249- Coronation of Alexander III as King of Scotland
1814 – The Carabinieri, the gendarmerie of Italy, is established.
1956 – The Dartmouth workshop is the first conference on Artificial Intelligence.
1985 – The Live Aid benefit concert takes place in London, Philadelphia, Sydney and Moscow, amongst others.

Note: The very excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. Dedication of the highest order. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- with literally days of enjoyment, free to view, and only a click away.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Wow, a fount of knowledge Saltires – thank you.

Big Audio Dynamite

Brilliant, Saltires! Had ate 100 mushrooms before going to that Motherwell SC semi …ooft, it didn’t make the night any better!

Tripping at Hampden on a wet Wednesday night 😱 if I close my eyes, I can still see that Colin O’Neill goal!


Yuri Gagarin surrounded by MI5 agents cunningly disguised as aliens, visits Tower of London on 13th July, 1961- after one look at the plumbing, he politely refuses an offer to defect…💩🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 BRILLIANT Saltires!!! Just made my morning!!


The Auld Firm Double Header roonaboot Paddy’s Day ’91, if I remember correctly wasn’t one of the games played on Easter Sunday? Anyway, both games were a GETITRIGHTUPYE! to Souness and Rangers although ultimately meant nothing in the season. Still sticks long in the memory though. 3 reds for the Huns and 1 for Grant(?) for shutting down a free kick I think. Deflected goal from Hurlock who absolutely lost it that day…as did Walters and Hately…magic stuff! 2-0 and 3-0 in subsequent weeks I think! Happy to be corrected as always from the more knowledgeable or better informed!! Enjoy your day, everyone!


I was also at that semi final v Motherwell along with my brother in law (a Blue Nose, but definitely not a Hun)… Not one of my fondest memories 😢



I remember the 1991 game.

It was indeed St Patrick’s Day and Celtic won 2-0.

Remember after the game, going to a pub called Herartys in South side somewhere and walking in to the boozer someone was selling ,”St Patrick Day Massacre “ T-shirt’s.
They sold like hot cakes. Brilliant pub and what an atmosphere.

Perhaps someone could give more info on the pub ???

Cheers HH 🍀🍀




ULTRA VIRES | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
Search domain dictionary.cambridge.orghttps://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/ultra-vires
beyond the legal power or authority of the person performing an action: The company’s actions in entering into a contract with him were ultra vires, and therefore the contract was void. A shareholder could restrain the company from undertaking ultra vires activities.


St tams

Saltires, a fantastic read this morning



Excellent stuff,mate. As always. Can’t believe the club actually fired Jimmy McStay.


Also,I was fairly lucky when it came to our shambolic state in the early nineties as I was down in London from 89 to 96. Still watched a lot of it on TV,of course.

Garry Postecoglou

Great read Saltires.
What became of Lech Walesa? 🇵🇱

Big Audio Dynamite

Breathless in Ayrshire!

Bully Gilmour reported to be eating out …in a restaurant! No!!!! Really?!

Wonders will never cease.

Garry Postecoglou

Was Delia cooking him dinner? 😊

Big Audio Dynamite

Garry, I heard he didn’t get any pudding …cause he never ate his meat!

Garry Postecoglou

How can you have any pudding, if you don’t eat your meat?
You laddie! 😊


bada bing1

Another of Duhan’s players incoming…..has anything really changed?

bada bing1

Liel Abada will fly in to seal his deal with Celtic in the next 24 hours according to a report in his native Israel.

The 19-year-old Maccabi Petah Tikva forward has been linked with a move, and is represented by Dudu Dahan,



Blinkin’ flip! I was hoping we had seen the last of those days. Next stop,the Man City youth squads.

St tams

Bada Bing 1
As I said yesterday. Lawwell is still pulling the strings. Nothing has changed.

A thing of beauty

Is there any chance we might actually sign some men before the season starts. I don’t want to judge this guy but the list of Dud players that Dudu has provided stretches a long way. Like others have said either Lawell is still pulling the strings or DMcK is not interested in building a team to win this league.


“Dahan has played a role in the likes of Nir Bitton, Rami Gershon, Efe Ambrose, Hatem And Elhamed, Nir Bitton, Beram Kayal, Ismaila Soro, Amido Balde and Stefan Scepovic joining Celtic in recent memory.”


Saltires,excellent stuff.

Same old, same old regarding transfers. In or out we are painfully slow and in the end it costs us big time as we don’t have players available and bedded in when they should. One player, still here, who should play a big part this season is Soro. In a way he is filling the Broonie role but even Broonie wasn’t playing the full role for some time, as age caught up with him and general Celtic squad lethargy. Soro has to step up and try to play more like Ngolo Kanté than SB. He’s 23 apparently but looks much older and he has shown he can tackle but has been careless at times with his passing. A bit like Boligoli who regularly passed to the opposition when under pressure. It will be interesting to see whether he can step and become a regular starter or will he remain an average performer.

Big Audio Dynamite

Garry, shine on, bro ☺

Cosy Corner Bhoy

JimtheTim 1403: To be scrupulously fair to the list you provided, they weren’t all rubbish! Neither were any of them outstanding, though I have a little hope for Soro.
I am still of the opinion that AP won’t sign, or have foisted on him, any players he doesn’t think will suit his system. He said so and I believe him…. until proven wrong.
Red-hot here in St. Eulalia. The non-smoking aficionados have the upper hand. No smoking at OUTSIDE tables in restaurants….. the pavement or nothing.

Big Audio Dynamite

The young player from Watford is called LAWAL! 😱

They’re trolling us 😳😁


CCB, that’s why I C&P the list, because I too thought they were a mixed bag of players!



Thanks for putting up the guest article. As a bit of a Celtic anorak myself, I fair enjoyed it.

Hail Hail.


Afternoon Packy, hope you’re feeling better! 🙂


B.A.D. No more Lawals!!! 🙂


Saltires, many thanks, I love a history lesson and wish I was there for those Paddy’s day games though the oul fella may well have been.

This 19 year old had a great season in a league better than ours, putting him on some clubs radar, but we dont need a right winger.
Does this mean he’s going left or up front?
That’s the only way this makes sense to me.

I hope someone at that club knows what they are doing, for that’s not the impression being given.

Hail Hail


Looking at the ins and outs so far domestically, it looks like Livingston are going through the most player churn.
Martindale really is trying to shape that squad.
Will be interesting to see what becomes of them.

The Dons are also interesting,,Ramirez may be a hit.


St tams

Meanwhile we sign, projects and wonderkids., to loan out to Dunfermline and Falkirk

Big Audio Dynamite

Jim, Dudu has a mobile with just 1 number in it …Peter’s! How else do we explain the amount of business we have done with him? There’s a story in there somewhere 😉

Big Audio Dynamite

Aberdeen appear to be attempting to put the best team they can on the pitch. Good to see, if a bit surprising.


BAD , I don’t mind us taking the cream of the Israeli league, but we aren’t getting the best.
It’s relatively good value.
Red Bull Salzburg have an Israeli international striker who scored against us.
It’s him we should have identified and signed long ago, but as he’s not Dudus I doubt we thought of that. We took Gershon as a favour to Dudu so he could keep his promise to the player, told him come to my stable and I’ll get you a move to Celtic.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dudu has skeletons in the closet. Heard that rumour before.

Big Audio Dynamite

It’s a very pertinent question.

“How many football agents do you think there might be”

Can’t we get any of their phone numbers? Have we not scratched Dudu’s back enough yet?


B.A.D., I watch far too many crime dramas on TV for my own good!
I really wish I had access to the bank accounts of certain football agents and certain Glaswegian FC Directors. Including ‘off shore’ & Swiss accounts!


Come Back Packy Reilly to BallyJimDuff




Still missing Twisty on here 🙁


Yup I miss Twists also.


Call me a big softy but on Sunday night just before the penalties, I was saying to myself, I would hate to be a player – whether English or Italian – who missed a penalty tonight which ended up crucial. Imagine trying to sleep!

To add racist insults on top of that pain is just shite. Scandalous beyond words.


Jim I hope that Saka kid isn’t broken by it. In fairness you could see his manager saying to him ‘just look at me’ which is true advice. If there’s anyone who understands it’s Gareth, and hopefully he focuses on the kids mental well-being after that.
It should never have been a teenager with their career in front of them to get derailed or jeered every ground from now on.
That should have been Henderson imo.

You live and learn, unless you’re Glasgow Celtic FC 🙂


Mahe, you’re right!

This is for you pal:


Saltires I enjoyed that, I do love a walk down memory lane, even if I was there or not. Thanks 👍‍‍


I broke his neices heart once upon a time Jim, true story.




I know I’m a day late with this. Maybe it’s still Monday somewhere?
Do you fancy this drummer Packy?