If you know your history – July 13th

100 years ago 1921

Season 1920/21 had been a disappointment in the league, despite a solid Ne’rday win at Ibrox with two goals from Joe Cassidy. The team had moved to within 4 points of the eventual champions.


Robb, Manderson, McCandless, Meiklejohn, Dixon, Dixon, Muirhead, Archibald, Cunningham, Henderson, Cairns, Morton


Shaw, McNair, McStay, Gilchrist, Crimean, McMaster, McAtee, Gallacher, McInally, Cassidy, McLean

Scorers: Cassidy (2)

Referee: T. Dougary (Bellshill)
Attendance: 70,000 ( note: this crowd was described as “disappointing” The Glasgow Herald reporting this fixture has an article entitled: “Ireland A New Reprisals Policy” giving details of an official army order to burn houses in the area of the Middleton Ambush in Cork last week.

There then followed a Scottish Cup exit at Hearts.

Some solace came in the form of a 2-0 win against Rangers in the Glasgow Charity Cup Final at Hampden with the club retaining the trophy. Goals: McCandless (20, og), McInally.

Close season – and the team are raring to go, following a close season tour that included a poignant visit to the Battlefields of Flanders. The mood was lifted with a few wins in two exhibition games: an emphatic 6-0 against Cercle Athlétique de Paris, and a 2-0 against Newcastle United (both games in Paris ) Patsy Gallacher was in sparkling form and thrilled French fans. The club has accepted an offer to return in due course.

The squad are preparing for 21/22


In other news…

The Southern Ireland parliament convened in Dublin, but only attended by 12 senators and two members of its House.
U.S. Secretary of War Weeks announced the firing of 21,174 civilian employees in order to save over $225 million per year in salaries and benefits.[2]

60 years ago 1961

Another season passes without a major trophy. Losing the Scottish Cup Final replay 2-0 to Jock Stein’s Dunfermline was a sore blow, there was minor consolation in sharing The Glasgow Charities Cup with Clyde 1-1.


Connachan; Fraser, Cunningham; Mailer, Miller, Sweeney; Peebles, Smith, Thomson, Dickson, Melrose
Scorers: Thomson (67), Dickson (88)


Haffey, Mackay, O’Neill, Crerrand, McNeill, Clark, Gallacher, Fernie, Hughes, Chalmers, Byrne.
Attendance: 87,866


We are in the middle of a busy close season with departure of Bertie Auld to Birmingham City in May

Ian Lochhead, Steve Lynch (RB), Rob Paton , Frank Thomson, Tommy Carmichael (OR), Brian Moore (IL), Jim Upton (LB), Roy Sherry (OL) released. Frank Connor was also released and later resigned by Celtic.

Celtic also sacked Jimmy McStay, ex-manager and centre half for Celtic who had been working as a scout for the club.

First team trainer Willie Johnstone severed his ties with the club in May 1961 – he had been first team trainer since taking over from Alec Dowdells in 1956.

On 18th May Bertie Peacock left Celtic to become player-manager of Coleraine


In other news…

Yuri Gagarin surrounded by MI5 agents cunningly disguised as aliens, visits Tower of London on 13th July, 1961- after one look at the plumbing, he politely refuses an offer to defect…

Lech Walesa (17) successfully completes his 2 day induction at Gdansk shipyards….if they only knew…

Everly Brothers -Temptation #1 UK (4 weeks)

Tossin’ And Turnin – Bobby Lewis #1 US (7 weeks)

Lawrence Donegan, Scottish rock bassist (Lloyd Cole and the Commotions & Bluebells) and author, born in Stirling, Scotland


30 years ago 1991

Where to start …Close Season was a like wander through Annie Lennox’ Broken Glass.

Despite a glorious week around Paddy’s Day, when Paul McStay gave us a much needed reminder of why we love the club, this was a fairly hellish period. Despite beating Rangers in an earlier round, we were unceremoniously dumped out the Cup in a Semi Final (replay) 2-4 by Motherwell…. just about summed up our season.

In close season we discover Liam Brady will be taking over as manager in the forthcoming campaign… the mood was a little bit more positive.


In other news…

Debbie was Supporting INXS along with Hothouse Flowers and Roachford.

General stuff:

Birth 100 BC – Julius Caesar Roman general and statesman (d. 44 BC)
1249- Coronation of Alexander III as King of Scotland
1814 – The Carabinieri, the gendarmerie of Italy, is established.
1956 – The Dartmouth workshop is the first conference on Artificial Intelligence.
1985 – The Live Aid benefit concert takes place in London, Philadelphia, Sydney and Moscow, amongst others.

Note: The very excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. Dedication of the highest order. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- with literally days of enjoyment, free to view, and only a click away.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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This is BRILLIANT!!!!

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM jim, a terrible 24 hours pal, wee joan dashed out in the car after i spoke to you to get me some pills id ordered from the doctors, she forgot her glasses, when she came back she reversed the car into our bay window we have at the front of the house, she was only going slowly but she misjudged the distance, went to the garage this morning, it cant be repaired hence a new tailgate, 1500 quid, she was distraught still is, been driving 45 years never had a bump, but that pales into insignifance when you hear this, our close friend and neighbour dave mcgeachie, one of the few catholics in our village, his wife had to have her leg amputated 8 years ago because of cancer, she was having chemotherapy till 2 months ago, when the doctors told her, her cancer had spread and there was no more they could do for her, they had known each other since school in liverpool ,dave was heartbroken, but she said to dave i dont want to die in a hospice, i want to die in my own home, so dave has been caring for her, me and joan have been going round once a week to say the rosary with dave, joan is not catholic but she is high anglican, anyway we went round this lunchtime, angela daves wife was drifting in and out of consciousness, we had just finished saying the rosary by about 5 seconds, when she suddenly opened her eyes held her arms out so dave could hug her and passed away in his arms, and there is joan and i worrying about a repair to our car, a piece of metal with wheels, and a guy has just lost his wife after 40 years of marriage, it kinda puts things into perspective, RIP ANGELA


RIP Angela

Paddy’s Maw

RIP Angela. What a lovely story. Very sad but she died knowing she was loved

Sol Kitts

RIP Angela. Very sad, but blessed to pass while in the company of loved ones.


So sorry to hear that Packy. But, small comfort, as Sol Kitts says she was beside loved ones. No doubt she will be in Heaven now.

A thing of beauty

RIP Angela, if there is a way to go that would be it.

big packy

CHEERS everyone for your kind thoughts, when dave is up for it ill fetch my laptop over to his house and show him how people miles away who dont know him but still are with him at this sad time, believe me he will be over the moon, when i left him about an hour ago he was still distraught, but i told him if he needs us, we are 100 yards away.

saltires voting for Christmas

Big Packy

Sad, sad news but good to know there are good friends around to console the family. Angela RIP


BP i’m sorry to hear about your friend and neighbour.
God bless and comfort Davie, Angela, RIP

saltires voting for Christmas

Thanks for comments guys, just trying to give our fantastic hosts a regular rest, and happy to share the task if anyone fancies a wee go at it… mid-season break is a difficult one as the team clearly had longer ‘close’ seasons back in the olden days.

McCaff – glad yo got that one-

When Yuri was flying round the planet a few months earlier, he had an interesting exchange with Ground control:

Ground Control – Comrade Yuri we see you are now in orbit and all systems are working well, please report, over.

Cosmonaut Yuri – Comrade Controller thank you, but now it is very dark and I think I might be flying upside down. Over.

Ground Controll – That is strange comrade, because all appears normal on the instrument screens here – why do you think you are flying upside down? Over.

Cosmonaut Yuri – because Comrade Controller, the shit is running out my collar …over and out.

This may not be a true story

Big Packy.

Sad news about your friends passing, RIP Angela.
In our thoughts and prayers.




Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend,mate.

R I P Angela.


Condolences to Davie and yourselves. RIP Angela


Big Jim Packy…heartfelt condolences to you and Wee Joan on the loss of your friend, Angela. I hope Davie finds comfort in knowing that so many strangers have him in their thoughts and prayers.

If you don’t mind a medoly of tunes that hopefully you will enjoy.







bada bing1

Rumour, Griffiths contract terminated




ULTRA VIRES | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
Search domain dictionary.cambridge.orghttps://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/ultra-vires
beyond the legal power or authority of the person performing an action: The company’s actions in entering into a contract with him were ultra vires, and therefore the contract was void. A shareholder could restrain the company from undertaking ultra vires activities.


The late Paul McConvile used that phrase to describe the SFA decision to grant Sevco conditional membership of SFA to play Brechin as Rangers FC Ltd , the name Sevco chose to be known by after buying the assets of Rangers FC Plc, (oldco) who had changed their name to Rangers FC 2012 PLC.

It was a bit like the find the ball under one of 3 cups game in Westerns.

At that time the actual rules allowed for 3 types of SFA Membershio.

Registered SFA Membership granted automatically on gaming entry to a professional football league in Scotland. In Sevcos case the Scottish Football League.

Within 14 days a club had to apply for Associate SFA Membership but Sevco applied to have the Full SFA membership of Rangers FC Plc transferred to them under the 5 WA.

This transfer could not be completed until Dundee got Rangers FC Plc SPL share which did not happen until 3 August 2012.

This meant that when Sevco as Rangers FC Ltd were due to play Brechin the midweek before 3 Aug they did not have any SFA membership, the Registered one having expired, so the SFA invented a new type of Membership which they called Conditional SFA Membership.

Paul McConville considered this Ultra Vires as there was nothing in SFA rules that allowed it.

The conditional part related to the Full SFA Membership being conditional on Rangers FC Plc SPL share going to Dundee.

In spite of this jiggery pokery UEFA did not consider the transfer of Oldco’s share to Newco confered continuity of SFA Full Membership and stated Newco/ Rangers FC Ltd were ineligible to apply for a UEFA Licence until they had been members of the SFA for 3 years. Article 12 of UEFA FFP..

UEFA as Phil McG established were never consulted about the 5 WA.

Well you did ask. 🙂

Garry Postecoglou

Sorry to read your sad news.
May Angela’s soul, rest in peace. 🙏

I love Celtic, however my next favourite sport is boxing.

Please scroll by if this is not your thing.

However you are a a lover of the art of not getting hit, this, I hope this might interest you.






Thanks,mate. Looking forward to watching that.


McCaff, Thank you very much. I was trying to think of a song/hymn. You got it.


Oh Lord I love You, My love above all things, never permit me to seperate myself from thee again. Grant that I may love You always. Then do with me what Thou wilt.

Packy, I love you & Joan.

And your neighbours.


What a lovely but sad story RIP Angela.
IT does put everything into perspective.



Who needs murderous, sadistic, brutal, evil, bastard Catholic teachers, Nuns, Priests, monks etc…..(I experienced one!)
When you have a beautiful singer like this? More a Catholic than the Pope!



wish Garry was on, but wait,

Garry Postecoglou

I have just finished a back shift tonight.
Got my shirt ironed and bits polished for MacJay’s Requiem Mass in the morning.
6 weeks ago I was having great fun with him in Chandlers Clydebank.
Feeling sad tonight Jim.
Kinda thinking about my own mortality.
God bless us all.


Garry, think positive…..


I love you all to bits, but I’m off. Celtic or Crime Drama on 14 July?

Sorry, it’s Vera for me!

Garry Postecoglou

Song for our dearly departed friend John McGowan MacJay RIP


Garry Postecoglou

Ma 4 weans have all been telt.
Don’t play this at my Requiem Mass, and I am no goin to it. 😁


Garry Postecoglou

My favourite Welsh Bhoyos back wi a bang in 2021 wi this new single.
Animal Farm?


Garry Postecoglou

One for Mrs Puff.
My favourite Manchester band are back wi a banger of an album in 2021.
Can’t wait to see James at the Hydro in October.
Happy Mondays support band.
Should be a Glesga Rave. Madchester