Where Do You Go To,My Lovely?


Tomorrow sees us kick off the season for real on the back of an uninspiring run of pre-season friendlies. I never worry too much about them,I gave that up when we got beat 5-1 at home by Arsenal in 1987.

We all know what happened less than nine months later,May 1988-my generation’s own version of Lisbon!

No,the results haven’t bothered me. Some of the performances have though-but at least there is a clear attempt by AP to change the mindset of the players,get them playing to a format which might work,might not. That they will have to get used to-or not. To which some will be suited,while others clearly have work to do already.

These are things that this site has been warning about since last October. Well,November actually,when the club declined to use the international break to replace Neil Lennon. We are in decline,AP and DMcK have been brought in to arrest and reverse that decline. Everyone knows where the blame for that decline lies. And it certainly is not at their doorstep.

I won’t be judging them on tomorrow night,and I won’t even be judging them on the trophy count this season. I’ll judge them on whether I think there are changes and improvements,and whether I think those point towards a brighter future.

Canny be any worse than the dismal recent past,so they have a low bar!

They also have a low bar to beat regarding various other aspects of the running of the club. After all,the product on the pitch is why we are there-but what if the club treat the fans with contempt? Well known fact that every pissed off customer tell about ten pals,who each tell another ten pals. That’s over 100 people every time.

But we are Celtic supporters,as the song says. I don’t remember too many songs extolling the virtues and virtuosity of members of the board. There may be a good reason for that-and this site gave you two perfect examples over the weekend,via comments from our contributors.



I too have not renewed my season book which I have held for 40 years. The simple reason for this is I have had enough of the greed of this board.

As a corporate season ticket holder I paid £3800 last year for no access to Celtic Park.

The Club then charged me £980 for the Virtual Pass.

I complained that this was unfair to be charged double than other fans for the same product. I was told tough. Celtic had decided we would pay 25% of our annual cost as our seats were more expensive. 

I’m tired of being treated as a mug. Enough is enough


And from AULDHEID…

There is an interesting article on the same club debate started on Twitter that said

” There is little doubt though that many of those who argue that Rangers are the same club would be arguing the complete opposite had Celtic gone under in 2012 and that lack of objectivity makes honest discussion difficult. It is at https://tirnaog09.blogspot.com if folks ant to read.

In respect of the honest discussion that is difficult, there is a reason for that which is what honest discussion would bring to the surface, so being me I waded in on what the same club myth creates in Scottish football. I cgaf of how Rangers supporters see the issue having being misled up the garden path on the back of the wishful thinking unicorn, but I do have concerns for its impact on Celtic which I led to after bringing in the UEFA factor not looked at in the article, not to minimise the article its very good, but to expand on the consequences of Celtic allowing it to prevail as follows:

Auldheid in reply.
Given UEFA are the ultimate football authority in Europe on what constitutes a club seeking a licence to play & they did not recognise Green’s club had been members of SFA from 1872, then the argument should end there. The Head of Club Licensing at UEFA nailed it https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6uWzxhblAt9ckdxNTU4bFIyNFU/view?resourcekey=0-byE50bwoWBtYUarcKAC1Vg 2nd last para .

Traverso’s authority lies in Article 12 of UEFA FFP. It is there because to dump debt and carry on as before is unfair to clubs who pay their creditors rather than players. Same Article also debunks the idea a club and company can be separated and club continue playing under same licence. UEFA did not get asked if the 5WA, where the idea of separation was created, complied with UEFA FFP.

UEFA do recognise a football company as an applicant for a licence as long as a written contract exist between club & company. However if a company goes bust the licence to play football is lost. If you don’t have a licence you cannot play football so for example if RIFC went bust, assuming a written contract exists between them and the SFA Member Rangers FC Ltd then the latter could not continue as a football club without a licence to play football. At the end of the day Article 12 protects the integrity of UEFA competition. The 5WA removed that protection and continued the moral hazard that has existed in Scottish football in the 12 years preceding the 5WA in 2012.

You will recognise who is paying the price of the risks Rangers pre 2012 took after reading why moral hazard is important.

“Moral hazard is a risk one party takes knowing it is protected by another party. The basic premise is that the protected party has the incentive to take risks because someone else will pay for the mistakes they make.”

Celtic accepted 5WA & are now paying the price.

In response to another tweet saying

There is no legal basis for same club. No separation of club and company. It is not a debate in any shape or with merit.

I responded: Correct but there is no basis under football rules either, yet SFA/SPL in 2012 constructed the 5WA that ignores football rules that they never checked complied with UEFA rules. Problem is Celtic went along with it unless PL told the truth at 2019 AGM that he had not seen 5WA.

I remember the Celtic Company secretary saying to me at a Res12 meeting way back on the lines that ‘Celtic had done no wrong but were being treated as if they had’. I agreed but had I kent then what I ken now, I could have replied “that’s moral hazard for ye, Celtic allowed it to go unchallenged in 2012 so you are reaping what you sow”

Therefore the same club issue is NOT a banter item, it goes to the heart of the integrity of what many are prepared to pay to watch.

It also makes the job of the new manager and CEO much more difficult until the party causing the moral hazard are prevented from acting as they have been since 2000 to make themselves “competitive”, by introduction of a domestic equivalent of UEFA FFP.

No more points deduction for an insolvency that requires liquidation to partly pay creditors, just the consequences are if anyone wants to start a successor club, they start again at the bottom as any new club has to.
They should also be put on notice that acting in bad faith to fellow members is what they will be charged with (a long existing SFA rule) if they continue to act in a manner that jeopardises the integrity of Scottish Professional Football.


These are the problems which the club now faces. We know about the problems on the pitch,they had been staring us in the face for a while,then slapped us into acceptance last season. On-field problems we can deal with. Another line from the song referenced above tells you that-

We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.

Our biggest problems at the moment are off the field. AP has a mountain to climb,and we know that. Most of us will cut him the slack that he needs and deserves-as long as we can see signs of progress. Players too will do the same if they believe that his coaching is developing them as players,and the team as a whole.

DMcK has a much more difficult task. He has a whole business to reform,and a business ethos to change. There can no longer be a Lord God Almighty or The Great Panjandram deciding everything-including the purchase of paperclips-and instead there has to be a chain of command delegated all the way down and up. But how to do that after 18 years of non-delegation,that’s an impossible task to do overnight.

When no-one has been allowed responsibility in their role,no-one knows anymore how to exercise that.

Each of those men have taken on the role at our club for reasons of personal ambition,let’s make no mistake about it. But each of them also realises how much of a task they have undertaken,to the extent that failure could ruin their professional career. 

Bearing in mind what they have inherited,I think they are very brave men indeed.

If we can say in a year’s time that comments like the one from STEPHEN are a thing of the past,that supporters are valued as they should be,that will be progress. If in say three years time,AULDHEID is happy to report a resolution to the resolution problems-!-that will be huge.

I won’t bet the house on it-but I’m confident that in that time Stephen,AULDHEID and myself will be happier under the new regime than the old one.


Above article by BMCUWP

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This season will be a classic rollercoaster.
As impressive as Ange has appeared, expecting him to succeed where so many better prepared others have failed would be folly, he’s not superhuman. He is human though which means he will err, and it’s possible he will be accused of putting out the wrong team tomorrow should it go wrong. However, given it’s his first true game in charge, given he needs to see his charges in competitive action in order to properly access them, given he needs to know if they will sink or swim, he should be fully safe from wrong team accusations.
On Wednesday morning he should be one chap that can’t be blamed.
Brendan didn’t know that collection wasn’t mentally ready for Red Imps, likewise Gordon for Artmedia.
Two local football men got it very wrong which shows how easy it is, we cannot turn on a stranger for the same.

And only fair we look at the opposite side of the coin though, the fact those actually getting the nod should in theory play out of their skin to retain the position. It’s extra true on this occasion now we know youth are fully in with a shout, not just squad fillers anymore but two/three good performances away from becoming a Glasgow Celtic first team regular, their dream come true.
‘Welshy’ can now dish out qualified advice on that front to the potential Hoops.

Between the sticks and both full back berths are there to be fought over, with most only wishing the chance to stake a claim. Those who trained hardest to get the nod did the first and easier part right, Tuesday night is the second part of the big test. Bolingoli is two good performances away from resurrecting his career, and we would put the past behind us if he knuckle down and truly offered something. He should be knocking the gaffers door everyday saying pick me boss and I won’t let you down.

It’s natural to assume the new managers buys are automatic starts, which means James Forrest has genuine competition for his right wing slot, at last. He’s good but injury prone, and his best years are probably behind him. Stepping up a gear to match the new kid on the block could bring more injury, but could bring out a renewed player. A Hickey/Abada combo up the right sounds exciting at this stage, an upgrade, but with a pacey direct James in reserve it becomes extra potent. I expect a lot more productivity from the right flank this campaign, while on the left young Henderson starts almost by default.
He will never have a better chance to grab that spot, but I think it would be short term and that will be a position we dip into the transfer market to solve.

All good roller coasters have ups and downs, twists and turns, stomach churning moments and some elation too, most football seasons deliver the exact same over a much longer period of time.
And just like football seasons rollercoasters are different everywhere, you just never know quite how it’s going to ride until you’re onboard.
That’s especially true of the rollercoaster we are all about to step aboard.
We shall see new heroes arrive as old ones leave, some will rise to the challenge while some will flop.
There will be screams and smiles, there will be nerves galore, and before you know it will all be over.
Buckle up folks.

Garry Postecoglou

That was four crackin tunes you posted last night by four female Angelic voices.
Maybe I am biased, but I think the lassie frae Aiberdeen has the best voice of the four.
Four great songs though Jim, that I huvnae heard in ages.
Thanks pal 👍

Big Audio Dynamite

Gordon, Simo, Boyata, Ajer, Lustig, Tierney, Armstrong, Brown, Callum, Eddy and Moussa.

From that team a few seasons back,

To this

Barkas, Ralston, Urhoghide, Welsh, Taylor, Callum, Shaw, Moffat, Turnbull, Montgomery and Ajeti

How anyone can still think this had anything to do with incompetence, is utterly beyond me! The ugly sister was NEVER gonna catch us up, so …..😠

Downsized all the way back to Old Firm ville.




“It just defies any logic, any science of any kind, to [say] 40,000, 50,000, 80,000 cases a day is somehow acceptable,”

“What they’re doing is both stupid in public health terms and stupid in economic terms.”

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Gordon64 – even as Scotland moves to level 0 and retains a number of restrictions, I’m nervous enough with that, never mind just abandoning everything. Just my own, non-political view mind you.
Oh and heard a wee whisper that season tickets for EKFC will finally go on sale later this week. Be good to be going to football matches again 😉

Prestonpans bhoys

Big Audio Dynamite@6:47am

Yes the difference in those two teams deserves another look, shocking.

On a happier note restrictions in England have stopped, so a freedom of the lake ticket on Windermere for me and they are selling booze on the boats🍺👍👏

saltires en Sevilla


Agree. The European trail isn’t the place to judge, for the time being. Ange is certainly not to blame.

Most will agree he has a fair idea on how he wants to set up his team. It’s gonna take time and probably the best we can hope for this term is a recognisable playing style and incremental improvements on performance- then a few results.

So even if by some miracle Ange pulls of a masterstroke, and gets past the Danes. That will be down to good fortune and a fair bit of luck, because we all know if it was that easy to succeed at this game, every bugger would be doing it. Nevertheless, I suspect Ange has a trick or two up his sleeve for the qualifiers- the line ups in the last two games make little or no sense, and the style of play had changed back to previous style. Yes, I know those games are about fitness. Something didn’t add up is all I’m saying.

If nothing else, we should expect to see something recognisibly different tomorrow nite.

Let’s take any positives we can find.

saltires en Sevilla


An interesting analysis on players and some possible permutations – its good to be able to discuss.

For me the club politics and finger pointing is done – for a wee while -and BAD at 6.47 this morning is spot on, of course, saying everything in a few short lines about there we are and why.

Having said that. There are two glaring gaps that need attention and quickly. Ange has an aura about him that comes with age and experience, but it’s mainly an intrinsic quality that cannot be trained or learned. It can be developed tho’ … he has ‘gravitas’ and seems to be the type of coach players will listen to and respond to … or they will be Simon Le Bon.. across and down Comms seem likely to happen well…

The two gaps are probably founded on the upward communications. Is the club listening to him -?He appears straight and economical with is words. Blunt, almost.

Where are his ‘ sandbags’ – every good manager needs them. A few trusted folk to surround you and stop your nice trainers getting wet. Unsuspected surges and the like. Catch that spill for me buddy…

By now I’d have expected to see one trusty lieutenant or ‘wingman’ in beside him – offering some observations and reinforcing his messages to players and technical staff. Someone to sit down with a beer and reflect and bounce ideas. Just one friendly face he can trust implicitly – already tutored and bought into his methods. reliable and honest.

There should also be 2, or ideally 3 players, one for each key area of the team, who know how to implement his ideas. They don’t need to be world superstars, but 3 of the right types, to pass on his ideas to playes on the pitch. Ange admits they won’t listen to him shouting on the sidelines during a game.

I’m not saying he has asked for any of this and the club have rebuffed him. It just seems strange that it hasn’t happened.

Perhaps soon.

saltires en Sevilla

Jobo Baldie
I realise it’s not Friday but just wanted to share a real gem of a music treat with you. Talk about live, naked and raw and bearing in mind the technological limitations of almost 60 years ago (moon landings, anyone? 😉 ) here are The Beatles from Australia – 25 minutes of nostalgia [note that it’s ‘audio only’ from about 14:30 for 4 minutes and again from 19:10 for about 4 minutes). Apart from that this is absolute live brilliant music at it’s best!



Beatles in Oz- This was a real treat -can’t get the video to transfer

Thanks buddy.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

I’m with Saltires; I hope and trust that Ange has been ‘practising ‘ for the Norwegians behind closed doors and knows his line up. I too, would like a second or wingman, he knows and trusts.
Get past the first hurdle clear out the shit and forward.
As for FF, not for me.Let us down badly by opting for return south. Excellent keeper but shit passer also.
Don’t think first outweighs second.


Morning all & Packy.

Bobby’s opening article and Mahe @ 3.34am, two very grounded opinions from our hosts. Neither getting carried away nor full of despair.
It’s early days and there are question marks everywhere. As Mahe says it could be a roller coaster. Let’s hope more ups than downs! 🙂

bada bing1

PSV/Galatasaray v Celtic/Mitjiland


Saltires…you need to pay attention Bhoy! I won’t be around forever to wipe your arse for you! Is this the video? 🤣🤣🤣

saltires en Sevilla


Haha thanks again buddy

Yes that’s it from Jobo Baldie last night

I can do it … I know I can ….😅


Under normal circumstances Eindhoven would have been a great trip. Recall VP and myself stopping there for a few beers on our way back from Amsterdam and meeting Gearoid and the Belfast Tim Malloys 🍀


No worries, SES! 😁
What device do you use?

saltires en Sevilla


iPad 2 and iPhone 10


Taps aff conditions in G72 ☀️ 😎


Afternoon all,

Anybody else think that tomorrow nights team will be the equivalent of famous “They embarrassed the Hoops “ eg, Dowie,Gibson,Filippi and Munro etc


Angel Gabriel

Top notch article. Bmcuwp . If you’re looking in check your phone. Incoming text


SES…under the video on YouTube there is a ‘Share’ icon. If you want to post a video on here press the ‘Share’ icon it will give you options, choose ‘Copy Link’ and it will save the details for that video. When you’re compiling your post on here the details for the video will be saved (in the background, you won’t see it). When you’ve compiled your post and are ready to add the video to it just tap the screen slightly longer than normal and ‘paste’ should show. Press ‘paste’ and this will enter the details of the saved video…and Hey Presto! now you’re a modern publisher!!! 😁


I’m not confident about tomorrow night but neither am I running scared of the task ahead. They need to hit the ground running this season and what better time to do it than in a Champion’s League qualifier! 🤞

bada bing1

Lose to Mitjiland, we play Czechs FC Jablonec to qualify for Europa League


bada bing1
Huge mistake as in preseason he once again showed his unwillingness to take responsibility.
His penchant for the easy pose and pass sideways was clearly evident in preseason.
Having a rudderless ship though is consistent with the entire club.


Maybe Ange realizes any European adventure would undermine the teams confidence and belief and derail his implementation of a modern football style?
Humpings by even average teams like Sparta and Cluj have negative lingering effects.
We are and not for the first time unprepared to compete in Europe.
Perhaps Ange realizes such and is concentrating on SPL and competing next season in Europe with his own team and tactics?


Calmac has proven in the past that he is capable of playing attractive fitba. The season just finished should be a reference point for the whole Club from which we learn a very hard lesson. If Ange gets his wish we will be playing fast, attacking fitba. For me, that is Calmac’s strength, supporting the play in the last third! Giving him the Captaincy should and hopefully will free him of the shackles of working with Broony where he regularly (always) found himself out of position trying to protect the midfield and covering Broony’s lack of pace and occasional rushes of blood. We also still need quality in the full back/ wings to enable the midfield to concentrate on their own jobs. Ange has no easy task but he obviously sees something in Calmac that he can trust and work with.


It’s been a weird close season. The Euros, golf and the TdF have all been a great watch, esp with lockdown etc.
Celtic, however, is my main sporting and cultural interest, and I gotta say, I have no expectation of success this season. I’m not too worried about the friendly results, or even the style of play because it’s all about fitness and game time in the players’ legs just now. We have no idea what our top eleven will look like in a month’s time, and we’ll be lucky to see 2nd tier European football after then. I can’t get that we are fully expecting to lose to the 2nd or 3rd team in DENMARK. Have the team’s prospects been any worse in living memory? Thanks, Peter. Your’s is a terrible legacy.
If my passion was golf, I’d pay my subs and play, meet the pals, and enjoy the craic. I wouldn’t be worried about industrial scale cheating, or the governing body being in the pocket of one player.
Fitba’ is a cesspit of venality and corruption, aided in Scotland by the governing bodies whose decision making processes belong in the 19th century, with attitudes formed in the 17th.
Fans are regarded as suckers. Customers who will pay more than the going rate because they have an emotional tie, yet they are not trusted to even be consulted regarding club affairs. Geez yer dosh. We’re special. We have a bond between club and fans. But don’t dare ask any awkward questions. A new breed of supporter, entitled, unreasonable etc etc. The PLC structure makes the board behave as it does. They deem it essential to be part of the Old Firm for business reasons. Had we played hardball in 2011/12, and forced them under, we would have had wider competition and less bitterness in our game. But our bean counter only had eyes for £10m pa.
Whither now? I’m still a Celtic fan, and I’ll be going to games asap. I want to see changes, but I see no way of forcing the current board to make them. It needs someone who shares my views to win the Euromillions in order to buy out the major shareholders. Not happening.
We can really only hope that Ange is able to mould a decent team capable of challenging for the league. What really hurts is that the Huns are no great shakes at all. They are organised and hard to beat but we should be able to deploy our superior resources to overtake them. In Ange we trust.



Totally agree. Top post 👍

Don’t think it need seismic change for us to overtake the Huns.

Tomorrow night, might be too soon for Ange.

Here’s hoping CSC 🍀🍀

bada bing1

Griffiths is in the squad for tomorrow night…


Bringing back memories from my disco days.

Here’s a song for Ange if he gets a few more signings in 👍


Ain’t no stopping us now. !!!!!

🍀🍀 HH

A thing of beauty

So Griffiths is in the squad for tomorrow night. Hmm. Unless the investigation proved he did not text a minor and ask for a picture of her then he should not be anywhere near our club. Honestly I am so sick of this guy and the baggage he brings. Chance after chance after chance and he screws it up every time. It’s over 4 years since we talked about him as a player rather than a prick. I think him being in the squad shows how desperate we are. I’m sickened. What message are we sending out about our values as a club?



Agreed. We have sank so,so low it’s actually cringeworthy.

Where does this mess end ?

To be honest, what the F—k is Dom doing ???

Take some leadership and grow a pair !!!


https://mobile.twitter.com/90MinuteCynic/status/1417118162479353856 Celtic football club should adhere to a set of values and principles that promote equality, fairness and above all else respect. It is not adhering to any of the above with today’s comments about Leigh Griffiths. Unacceptable.


I agree but we have very little option at the moment,how bad does it get.

A thing of beauty

Tim Horton,
Id rather play with ten men than play Leigh Griffiths. As the cynic statement says we have lost any values we thought we had. It’s disgusting.



Very difficult position that the club finds itself in with Griff.

I was very much in favour of renewing his contract,but I think now it should be rescinded. He has brought the club into disrepute. That is a simple and undeniable fact,even if the notoriously useless Police Scotland have “found no evidence of criminality”

In fairness to him,there isn’t. But if I asked a 15yo to send me certain poses,criminality wouldn’t come into it. Except when my sisters.my parents,everyone who knows me battered the living crap out of me.

Five years since this guy performed for us. Five years of his career wasted,five years of us…

Remembering five years ago,and ignoring the bloody obvious.

I loved Griff as a player. But he should never play for us again.


An unprofessional club plays an unprofessional player.
No surprise there.
Our previous CEO who was completely unprofessional for over a decade in his dealings with the football department leading to last season’s catastrophic decline was handsomely rewarded for such.
And despite our present predicament is appointed to the already unprofessional and hopeless board.
A Club like no other.



Congratulations for out-cynicing me!

Is that a word? It is now.

Should be cross-referenced with Celtic Plc.


Leaving football for a minute,

I played a wee disco number earlier.

But here’s 4 questions for all you disco lovers from late 70’s in Glasgow

What did the White Elephant in Sauchiehall St, change it’s name to. ?

What was unique about Tiffany’s in Sauchiehall St !

When Ultrateque disco opened what feature made it different?

What was the attraction of “The Warehouse” on a Sunday night ?

For all oldies on here !!!!!!! 😜😜



White elephant became the Roseland, it had an afternoon young sunday disco, had my head split open there one sunday (not as bad as it sounds, i was carrying on in front of a lumber) Tiffanys had a band playing (not like a normal band, but a big band like Glen Miller) then a disco on a sunday night. I remember being in the teque but can’t recall a feature (maybe a laser show) The football players (The Maestro etc) went to the Warehouse


Now Ange asks club via media to move quicker and be more precise with transfers.
Now the Griff may play in the Hoops again!
Just listened to the 20minute Tims say if we lose this tie we need to organize and force out the board,,,they also said Ange walks out on boards that don’t support him, he won’t simply stick around to be made a fool of. Imagine that,,,gulp.

Once again the tension has built and is rising, yet the season hasn’t started.
Last season started poor, this season also.
Same story different year.

Let me guess, Bankier to be the scape goat, that’s why he was kept on.
A Peter style sidestep scape goat or actual scapegoat? Given his age, a golden handshake an made honourary member or something.

Our board are our bane.


Mahe not that I like to give our incompetents any room for excuses, but transfers these days are much different, you can’t just hop on a plane and bring someone back the same or next day, due to Covid, limited travel, then you have quarantine, so i’m not wearing that as a valid complaint.


The way I read that is Ange knows we are trying to sell before we buy.
That’s not his problem, he wants and needs the players, but Dom has stalled wanting the cash in bank from others first.

He is clearly involved, in the know, and now not happy at our strategy by ‘his guy’ who was supposed to be his right hand man.

If what you state was the case,,Covid etc,,then he would be explaining to the fans look it’s a terrible window and things are extra slow.
But he’s saying the opposite.
We arent closing deals, we are lining them up looking to return when someone moves on.
Players returned three weeks ago to training, that was the time to buy.

He had his head in hands yesterday looking at the floor during the interview ,
Today it’s can you close the bloody deals Dom!
Tomorrow,,,,he should get a pass but what will he say if we are stuffed. I didn’t realize he walked out on boards that try to play him.
He doesn’t need us, and can split back down under easily.

High stakes poker game going on, and the new partnership is showing signs of strain.

Hail Hail


Mahe 2 days ago he said.

It’s a ten-day to two-week process, so that’s the challenging part at the moment; we’re not able to get people in quick enough.
“It’s just the world we live in. If we could get on a plane, go over there and do the signing.
“We’d all be taking photos, and we’d be unveiling him here today. Unfortunately, nothing like that happens anymore.

I guess we’ll hear different quotes shown different meanings from various sources.




Not bad 👍

Yes ,Roseland was spot on 👍

Tiffany’s had a revolving stage and as you say, one minute a band next a disco.

Ultrateque had a dance floor which went up and down.

Remember Dancing with a “ A potential lumber”
Went for a drink and ended up the wrong bloody floor !!!

The Warehouse, again spot on, but it was Charlie Nicholas who had all the “Burds” with his suede suit on !!!!

One night, I shouted “Charlie, send your cast offs over here “.

Never did, wee tosser 👎



“It’s a ten-day to two-week process”
That’s a quick transfer for us.
Seems like others close deals in three days,,club accepts bid, next day player jets in and has medical, next day signs and is unveiled.

I admit Covid affected this, and living within the isles helps, but some transfers aren’t stacking up.
Abada was done and dusted in couple days. Within a week he was in the Hoops.

Closing the cheaper deals quickish, but waiting to agree Ajer fee before signing Starfelt?
Looks that way to me even though Frimpong money covered both Furuhashi and Starfelt.

Dom isn’t looking to good here. Griff’s crap doesn’t help one bit.

Hail Hail