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My article on Monday morning was aimed at being neither negative nor unduly optimistic. As has most of my correspondence under the new regime at managerial and CEO level. They retain my full support,and my fervent wish is for a clearing of the stables in the boardroom at the next AGM.

I would be delighted of course if we also cleared up the residue of Res 12,admitted our own culpability and promised a more open approach to governance in future. Personally,I think that is inevitable-but is still a long way down the line.

What really piqued my interest though was a comment from GER57,who,like me would have been called a malcontent in days of yore,but is a very genuine guy with his heart on his sleeve. And not just as regards Celtic,as some of us have been lucky enough to discover by meeting him on occasion.


It’s been a weird close season. The Euros, golf and the TdF have all been a great watch, esp with lockdown etc.

Celtic, however, is my main sporting and cultural interest, and I gotta say, I have no expectation of success this season. I’m not too worried about the friendly results, or even the style of play because it’s all about fitness and game time in the players’ legs just now. 

We have no idea what our top eleven will look like in a month’s time, and we’ll be lucky to see 2nd tier European football after then. I can’t get that we are fully expecting to lose to the 2nd or 3rd team in DENMARK.

Have the team’s prospects been any worse in living memory? Thanks, Peter. Your’s is a terrible legacy.

If my passion was golf, I’d pay my subs and play, meet the pals, and enjoy the craic. I wouldn’t be worried about industrial scale cheating, or the governing body being in the pocket of one player.

Fitba’ is a cesspit of venality and corruption, aided in Scotland by the governing bodies whose decision making processes belong in the 19th century, with attitudes formed in the 17th.

Fans are regarded as suckers. Customers who will pay more than the going rate because they have an emotional tie, yet they are not trusted to even be consulted regarding club affairs. Geez yer dosh. We’re special. We have a bond between club and fans. But don’t dare ask any awkward questions. A new breed of supporter, entitled, unreasonable etc etc.

The PLC structure makes the board behave as it does. They deem it essential to be part of the Old Firm for business reasons. Had we played hardball in 2011/12, and forced them under, we would have had wider competition and less bitterness in our game. But our bean counter only had eyes for £10m pa.

Whither now? I’m still a Celtic fan, and I’ll be going to games asap. I want to see changes, but I see no way of forcing the current board to make them. It needs someone who shares my views to win the Euromillions in order to buy out the major shareholders. Not happening.

We can really only hope that Ange is able to mould a decent team capable of challenging for the league. What really hurts is that the Huns are no great shakes at all. They are organised and hard to beat but we should be able to deploy our superior resources to overtake them. 

In Ange we trust.


It’s a hard-hitting critique of where we are,and why. From a fan of sixty years standing-or sitting,as the case may be. That we can no longer trust our board to represent us,or even to achieve our ambitions on the pitch.

Yes,enough will pony up the dosh for the season tickets,the superstores and affiliates will do a roaring trade,we might even sell the pies-though not to me,that’s for sure. But if we have a genuine worldwide diaspora in the region of 10m,if we have a Scottish base of roughly a million,should we really be happy about selling out the season tickets every year?

Well,how else would you measure demand? Success is success,a full house is just that. We cannot improve on it.

My thoughts are that the club is to be congratulated on the sales,as are the fans. As you all know,I would buy a ticket if I still lived back home. But my concern is that little is done to find out why people decline to renew-and I very much doubt that everyone who has declined to renew posts on here!

Ballpark guess would be around 15% or 7k refusals. Celtic FC and Celtic Plc cannot continue to have such a bleed,they need to investigate and recognise the reasons,and they need to act on them. GER57 referenced a few,and I added a couple into the mix myself.

The club cannot hide behind some numbers while ignoring others which are at least as important.

It is the equivalent of a risk assessment in the workplace. Just because there hasn’t been a disaster is no reason to ignore the obvious hazard,it needs to be dealt with.

GER57 trusts in AP,as do I. We both have faith in Dom.

It’s the other basterts that petrify us.

Above article by BMCUWP

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The glorious balance sheet


I suspect that the board will simply attribute non renewal of season tickets in 2021/22 to fans having lost employment/ income during the pandemic. That, for them, is a far more comfortable explanation than the alternative i.e. that they have lost the confidence of large swathes of the support who have been scunnered into giving up their season ticket.

The one thing that won’t appear in any figures are those fans who like me held their nose, set aside their serious concerns at how the board run this club/ Res 12/ being complicit in same club lie etc but renewed our season tickets because not to do so would have damaged our financial capacity to rebuild the team and reclaim the title in a season where winning the SPFL brings about automatic entry into the 22/23 CL.

The last day of renewals this season apparently set a record for the most number of celtic season tickets sold in one day ever. I think that reflects that a fair number of fans were torn and on the cusp of not renewing but at the end of the day the pull of “back the team” was strong enough to override concerns about the way the club is currently being run.

saltires en Sevilla


Agree that manager, team and Dom deserve to be supported. Season is in full flow and time for a review is in May 2022.

The Board have yet again pulled off another masterful feat of illusion.

How long can they continue to keep adding fresh fondant and frosted decoration to an old foosty cake?

At first glance, from a distance it looks enticing….it might even pass a cursory sniff test

But whatever you do, don’t dig in.

What lies underneath is unpalatable

Just Another piece of chocolate cake….in a Crowded House

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
When I was agonising in my own mind over whether to renew or not, the biggest argument I had to fathom out was the idea that by not renewing I was depriving the club of the funds required to put a successful team on the park. But I soon got over that after realising that it was really just a ‘cash flow’ issue. Rather than guaranteeing them my £600 up front, I would instead consider a ‘pay at the gate’ approach on a game by game basis (and also, to be honest, only once I felt comfortable going back inside a busy stadium). And in any event, it wasn’t as if the club’s starting point was ‘we have no cash for new players’. Recent sales of Frimpong and others meant there were plenty funds for that.
My decision not to renew will ultimately have no impact, particularly as so many chose to do the opposite – as was their right, which I completely respect. But personally I do feel more comfortable in my own mind that I’m not currently funding a rigged, corrupt game game where ’55’ was rammed down my throat, soon to be followed by their ‘150th birthday’ celebrations.
What I DID do yesterday, to at least guarantee me some live games this season was to buy a season ticket for EKFC. 17 Lowland league games (including a home Boxing Day clash against Celtic Colts 😉 ) and any home cup games, all for £100. Had to spend my work’s retirement whip round on something!
Enjoy the sunshine when it arrives…


Morning all and The GBS from a rudely awakened Royal Burgh citizen due to the current feckin SuperDooperMegaMegaBroadband Installers insist I moved my daughter’s car at 7.00am!!
I doubt the Board will feel there is any need, and I would have serious doubts they have any desire for any explanation for a full uptake of Season Tickets and would use the record sales as a positive rather than a reason to explain past indiscretions. Despite many people’s misgivings there has been another over-subscription and another waiting list. As has been said many times on here there are a group determined to support the team by being in attendance when possible and a group who have decided not to financially contribute. From a business viewpoint the Club have ‘X’ amount of STs to sell, they’ve sold them. They have shirts and merch to sell, I’d wager they’re going like hot cakes, particularly as the £50 vouchers were distributed. CP has reopened and kiosk sales will bring more, welcome, petty cash. Our Bank Account excess pre-pandemic has put us in a better-than-most position to arrive at this point relatively unscathed. Add to that our current and near future transfers out and the Bank Account will surely be healthy again. The ‘lost’ fans, as BAD always talks about are only potential customers to CFC now, just another area to be enticed to buy in. The Celtic Corporation have proven in the past, but more pointedly this past few weeks, how adept they are at extracting our pounds and pennies. There will be no mention ever of fans who have walked away…it just won’t happen.
The required and expected apology for the behaviour of our PLC will come in time. How, when and delivered by whom remains to be seen but this thing ain’t going away and an exorcism of the Board with a full apology is the only thing that matters to many…even to some of those who have renewed on the last day!
A MegaMega song for our Board…


Jobo, good morning, I hope you’re enjoying the freedom of retirement in this stunning spell of weather. Great timing!!
Great to see your supporting your local team, and hopefully the chance to see the Celtic Colts in action make it more than worthwhile, I’d certainly be interested in hearing any snippets of info about young players worth watching.
As far as EKFC are concerned anyone who can afford to buy/start/run a fitba club must have some skeletons in their cupboard so I’d think that it’s not only the shenanigans of the powerbrokers in the higher echelons of the game that need watching…

Prestonpans bhoys

An interesting article on the predicament the supporters are in. We know this board will ignore the fans and bank the cash. I would imagine Fergus didn’t envisage this form of how our PLC works.

We have a fiefdom controlled by a non resident major shareholder, followed by compliant board members. Non executive director’s not doing their governance duties.

The question is, how do you challenge this structure, at the next AGM which has been rigged for the board anyway😈.

Sorry for the depressing post but on a happier note boat day today on the lakes for me🍺🍺

bada bing1

SFTB Sweep, will keep the history of Chalmersbhoy’s Sweep…👍



Donation sent and already set up.

Hope you get as many people as possible entering for a very worthwhile cause.

Well done and keep up the good work 👏👏👏

HH 🍀🍀

Jobo Baldie

Glad to see that I and many others received a ‘group email’ from ole Celticrollercoaster this morning which appears to have been sent to their ‘mailing list’ for the previous CQN predictor competitions, encouraging folk to join SFTBs new one. Hopefully that will generate some further interest. In fact, just checked, and there are 4 more players than there were last evening. Which is nice 😉


There are thousands of Celtic fans conflicted at the moment. They want to watch an exciting, successful side, and contribute financially to the club, but can’t stomach keeping the OF fallacy alive.
But most just want Paradise reopened, and yes, beat Rangers on the park. My dad used to say that the finest sight in fitba’ was seeing Celtic score against them and then half a dozen of them chasing the referee to complain and the other five pointing to each other, apportioning blame. Last season, in 5 games, we only witnessed that scene ONCE. Under BR, we could count on at least 10 goals v them per season.
I’ve no doubt that, had crowds been present last season, NFL would have gone in the Autumn, perhaps along with PL. And if we continue to stutter along in the same fashion this year, even the most ardent happy clappers will find it impossible to continue the Pollyanna stuff.
I was quite encouraged by the game on Tuesday. I know Midtyjlland ain’t a top level side, but Celtic were the better team. I’m confident we’ll win the tie, but I fear the worst v PSV. Love to be proven wrong though.



“I would be delighted of course if we also cleared up the residue of Res 12,admitted our own culpability and promised a more open approach to governance in future. Personally,I think that is inevitable-but is still a long way down the line.”

The opportunity to do that at the AGM will arise if the CST adapt if necessary then adopt a reasoned and reasonable draft resolution put to them by CST members concerned about the way The Board has failed to treat small shareholders with honesty and respect. Hopefully, whether CST member or not, small shareholder or not every Celtic supporter will get behind what emerges.

There is a meeting on Tuesday where it should be brought to attention of CST members attending by Zoom so Zoom in if a member.

That will just be the beginning of what will be subject to the CST democratic process to enable a resolution signed by more than the minimum number of 100 shareholders to be tabled at the AGM.

St tams

I can understand fans being torn between renewing and not. I would happily never see us playing sevco again, but we are and us as fans I can’t see that we can do anything about it. I just want to see and cheer my team on in the flesh and as much as this season is going to be a bit of a rollercoaster I’m really looking forward to it.

Playing a few holes this afternoon, hope it doesn’t get too warm. HH



ATHINGOFBEAUTY and my Aussie former flatmate.

Never turn yer back on an Aussie,folks. You’ll be stuck with him for decades-fortunately!


Happy Anniversary to ATOB & her hubby! 🙂

Garry Postecoglou

Any excuse to play one of my favourite ever songs.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the info last night about Starfelt.
A left sided centre half at last.


Update on the CQN Sentinels Predictor from CELTICROLLERCOASTER.


Good morning folks and for those in tropical Scotland be prepared for another scorchio day. This is when you go from white to a blistering red. Plenty of suntan lotion.

Whilst Bateen Bhoy and myself continue on our sabbatical ( Dont worry we will be back one day!), our good friend, SFTB (Tony) and supporter of our many causes ( just like yourselves) has taken up the mantle and is a running a fantastic competition supporting an amazing charitable cause, Sean’s Trust ( more on this later!)

Tony has registered a closed pool on the Superbru site, which is a Score Predictor game for the SPFL fixtures in 2021/22.The site is http://www.superbru.comand the code for joining is roomuser. Please use your CQN or Sentinel log in name for identification. First fixture is 31st July and your predictions have to be in before kick off on the day. If you fail to make a pick you get the default pick, so you get to play even if you forget.

Join CQN Sentinels, the Scottish Premiership Predictor league on Superbru! You can find Tony’s pool here

: by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code:roomuser

Players can choose to pay the £20 up front or £10 now and £10 before the first January game. Players can also choose to take part in the game without donating or being eligible for prize money, if they so wish.

The details for payment are:-
o Account name: Walk With Shay
o Account number: 15326765
o Sort code: 80-22-60
o Bank: Bank of Scotland

Hope you see as many of you joining us for a bit of fun and as usual supporting a good cause


Marc (CRC)
ps I like the cut of Ange! I hope the board support him fully.

Garry Postecoglou

Hopefully he is cut from the same cloth as Johan Mjallby 🤞🍀💚



I was in a small minority who thought the world of our Swedish warrior when he first arrived. He didn’t take long to turn the doubters round though-and remember,that included Martin O’Neill at first!

I remember discussing Bobo with my Dad,pub after a midweek game. Bloody hell,that big fella scares me-and he’s on my side! I swear he makes an arse of things in the middle of the park just so he can run after the poor sod who has stolen the ball from him.

Aye,says my Dad. Canny be much fun,running away from Bobo and knowing that Big Johann is biding his time.

Frightening duo,and I reckon they still are!!!!!!

Garry Postecoglou

I sure widnae spill either of their pints.
Don’t like getting rag dolled. 😁


Ahh well,

That’s 0/3 for ticket ballot 👎👎

The delights of Celtic TV again on Saturday.

#GrassyknollCSC 🍀🍀


I’ve got a ticket and won’t be using it. You’re welcome to it if you wish?


Just when you think the battle for fair governance is lost something turns that tells many are concerned about the subject.

Now although it relates to English FA the recommendations are even more apt in Scotland and will cause the SG and SFA problems if they ignore.

I’ve sent MAHE and BMCUW details to consider how to share with you all.



I’ve read that. Blinkin flip,where’s a Philadelphia Lawyer when you need one?

I think though that the intentions are clear. Same as the article I linked yesterday about Barcelona. But then,we all know that we should pay taxes-yet many of the richest don’t. Is this just another charter for lawyers and accountants?

We need to impose a new interpretation of rules. Whether that be taxes,articles of association,whatever.

If it is not expressly permitted,it is not allowed.

NOT the other way round,as things are at present.



Many thanks for the offer. Much appreciated but will pass. Cheers 👍

Waiting to hear how the rest of the gang did ?

HH 🍀🍀


No worries.
I’m sure someone will use it.



I dont think what you read and what I’ve sent are the same thing. 🙂

The document in question is about oversight and reform of the FA.

A lot of it has been sought by us interested in tackling the moral hazard our current governance enables.


Good morning Vietnam,,
Hope all the troops are well on this day of Thor, I do like a Thorsday. Usually toast him later.

Gers comment hurts me, it’s how I feel only I’m not the type to enter the stadium even if there, my own wee protest, no funds and no attendance, no next generation.
I don’t know what the TdF is though?

I’ve also felt helpless in countering the PLC, many times it feels there isn’t much appetite but sometimes the opposite is true, but yes we haven’t got anywhere yet.
One day someone at the club will say things should have been handled differently, but that’s all I expect.
Another liquidation event would really change things, I think that would be too much for all fans of all the clubs including the next Spartans losing their long awaited league spot.
Let’s hope it happens,,how bad is that,,hoping Rangers help fix Celtics problems.

On Peters legacy, how can he and Dom be in the same building? Dom shaking his head at the lack of structure and need for modernization while the cause still lingers can’t be great relationship, or atmosphere.
The bullshit he’s fighting for us in European committees is a very weak excuse since he’s done jackshit for our cause in twenty years, and certainly wouldn’t take on the scum Ajax after their home and away attacks nor the local cops.

The AGM might get interesting and I will be listening out for NEDs leaving or being announced. If there’s zero board movement that would be a very bad sign imo.

A customer satisfaction survey would be admitting we are customers! 😉

And as mentioned last night, for many (Twists) finding out on a Thursday you can go to Saturday’s game isn’t good enough. That has got to stop,,the draws need made in advance with some transparency.

Up the East Kilbride 😉

Hail Hail


“Football authorities have “lost the trust and confidence” of fans, she added, as had a number of clubs.”
Tracey Crouch, former Sports Minister, speaking about English football.
Scotland too I may add!


Applied for a job yesterday building roads. Need some boy toys 😉
Hope all good Sir?


Happy Anniversary to ATOB.


Upsey Downsy Mahe!


Slow on here this afternoon.

In fact, slower than sun cream being passed about in a Scottish beer garden !!!!

Well back out to get more redder ☀️☀️☀️

HH 🍀🍀🍀

Happy Anniversary Mrs and Mr AOTB



“Suggested potential reform at the Football Association, the Football League and the Premier League, with a recommendation that at least 50 per cent of the FA board be composed of independent non-executive directors.”

The problem with that one in Scotland would be the ‘Independent’ directors would be Free Masons who obviously have no inclination towards any particular club.


May Mr and Mrs A Thing of Beauty enjoy their special day.

Billy Bhoy

Is anyone else having an issue logging in to the SPFL prediction thingy?

I keep getting” there’s been a problem”



JimThe Tim

Re Tracy Crouch I sent my views to her review and got a letter to The English Sports Minister with her recommendations

Mahe will blog on it as it could be a game changer here. Something the Masons cannot corrupt.

It presents a huge challenge to the Scottish Govrrnment and SFA.


Bad news sports fans, after NZ and OZ pull out of the rugby world cup it’s sure to get cancelled.
I do like a bit of rugger.
Got a signed All Blacks top here, leaving gift from my NZ job when I lived there.

St tams

Billy Bhoy
That’s the message I’m getting



For Lawwell to sit on a European Committee, surely all he needed was some tenuous connection to ANY Scottish club. Why FFS did it have to be the Celts? Has the corrupt, thieving fecker not trousered enough out of the club for two decades? Surprised that the Huns did not give him some cosy wee sinecure, in recognition of Blue Peter’s sterling work on their behalf… ungrateful bastards. The PLC played a blinder there. Let it leak that Lawwell was finished, and once ST monies had been banked, they pulled the old switcheroo. Swines.

Excellent leader and some brilliant posts today.


Have a lovely day.

Hail Hail


Tbh if he is getting a fraction of what he used to be paid ie 60k or so then fair enough maybe that amount is worth it to have someone at the table informing the club of the direction of discussion.
I wonder will his wage be transparent?
I know, I know.
He certainly shouldn’t be at the AGM to show it’s a new regime.

Hail Hail



I doubt very much that the PLC knows the definition of transparency…far less practicing the concept.

I am looking forward to a full CP. Boy, oh boy, the board will be getting it from all sides…nothing that they don’t deserve.

Hail Hail


Auldheid, I was quite impressed with Tracey Crouch’s proposals to be honest, couldn’t believe she was a Tory MP. Looked her up on Wiki and she comes comes across as a left of centre Tory, if there is such a thing! She even hates Fox hunting! 🙂


The current Board does not care what you say or demonstrate inside the stadium, they already have your money.
I have a hope that Ange is his own man and does not weaken his resolve to players or management , someone like that has been needed for a long time
Dom has the unenviable job of cleaning up the mess left behind by PL and the current Board he has to be more diplomatic in his dealings with the Board and gradually clean house. I hope Dom also Diplomatically let’s the governing bodies know there is a new Sherriff in Parkhead and things have changed, that the biggest and best step Dom can make to show me things have definitely changed for the good of Celtic FC


West Ham will be a stiff test. Let’s be honest it’s an expected defeat.
Not what I would have scheduled but hey ho.

bada bing1

Leggy- nothing here,but I know about 10 who did get tickets

bada bing1

Stewart Robertson from Sevco, elected to SPFL Board,the same cretin, who was asked to leave a meeting last season, after accusing Doncaster and SPFL lawyer of lying,and being corrupt………this is one cesspit of a country we are living in, rotten to the core.Celtic have no representation on the Board.


bada bing 1

It is my understanding, that this position on the SPFL board, rotates each year, between the PLC and The Huns. Corrupt to the core.

Hail Hail


Let me guess, he was on the company board , not the club board when they went bust.

bada bing1

I have read that before mate,even if it’s true, he can’t be allowed back,how much did he cost Scottish football in inquiries and legal fees, remember these peepil never apologise. HH

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