Jock left us Billy.
Billy left us Choccy.
Tommy left us Jackie.
Dr. Jo left us Lubo.
Wim left us Henke.
John left us Stilian.
Martin left us Bobo.
Gordon left us Scott.
And then Kris was Ronnie’s legacy player.


As finds go, he’s up there. Couple hundred grand development fee was turned into four and a bit years of service followed by one of our highest ever fees paid, fantastic business no matter what way you look at it. I could automatically state a few Ajers in that price group who gave more to the club in terms of goals and charisma, but the sizable return makes him almost the stereotypical kissed frog who turned into a prince, our board’s dream come true.
All boards’ dreams come true in fairness.


I never rated Mr. Deila much, with a middle of Brown and Bitton there wasn’t going to much entertainment value, but the funds incoming for his bargain find couldn’t be more welcome. It’s frustrating we refused to close the deal for another until the contract was signed, surely we knew he was going so could release a portion of the funds in anticipation, but the player he just ‘bought’ and shall be replaced by looks like an upgrade, and that’s only a third of the fee spent.


It’s fair to say Kris could fund three quality players in total delivering the spine of the new look side for years to come,,vital players to Ange and that team.
Has a manager ever delivered a better future nestegg?
Moussa may have brought in a bit more wedge but Kris delivered double the league titles than him, he wins that battle in these eyes.
Aiden and Kieran were sold for more but can’t be filed under any particular managers budget having already been at the club.


Kris is now our benchmark.
Young players from fringe countries can once again see a visible pathway from Scottish giant to English league which can only help our cause, even if we hate our stepping stone label.
Ronnie Deila, thanks a million for the unexpected and now long lasting legacy.


I say long lasting but the reality is Ronnie’s legacy may be felt for around a decade, which is nothing compared to some legacies, why it was this very week we laid to rest a fellow who was part of a legacy that will never die.
There’s two Lions pictures on my wall, one of the starting eleven and Jock which is signed on the back. But across the way sits the fifteen man squad with McBride, O’Neill, Hughes and Gallagher alongside those famous starters.


I had never met the man, knew precious little about him if anything, yet here hangs his picture on a California wall, hung by a man not even from his native land, that collection of men as always a source of immense pride despite the passing of time.


I wonder did Charlie have any inkling his picture would be hung across the globe?
Do his children realize that grown men admire their fathers image and deeds everywhere?
Call me old fashioned but when strangers are hanging up your image to celebrate your achievement, you’ve lived a life less ordinary.
Those who gave us that star above the crest are immortal, it’s that simple.


The challenge for every man and woman employed by the club in any capacity is to make an imprint for the better, to progress the operation in their own way.
This week saw two very different men from different times leave the club their own legacy, just as Ange, Furuhashi, and Starfelt begin the building of theirs.
The cycle continues, as always.
All we can do is offer the platform, it’s up to the man himself what he leaves behind.


Rest in Peace Charlie, You’ll Never Walk Alone,
By Mahe

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I’m with you on that one. Brian Clough always said that it only takes a second to score a goal,which means that Jimmy Greaves only played for about seven minutes in his 15 year career at the top of the game. Gerd Muller was similar,neither of them contributed much to the team,to the build up play,didn’t track back.

It wasn’t what they were there for-they were there to score goals!!!

It’s a ridiculous thing to say,IMO. I only want my keeper getting involved when he has to make a save or marshall his defence. The other nine players in the team can do the water carrying and the pretty passes.

Celtic Champs Elect

2000s remember the bug utter lies




I thought Tommy Coyne was a class act…my best mate couldn’t stand him. Big John Hughes was also someone that split the support in the 60s. Some thought Big Yogi walked on water. My old man for instance. And some didn’t. My big bro, for instance. As Jimmy Greaves once said…strange old game, Saint.

Celtic Champs Elect


A class guy a great book and someone who came back from being hooked on heroin and a phenomenal voice



Tommy Coyne was much better than my expectations. We signed Mike Galloway either on the same day or very close,and he too exceeded my expectations. But by that time,my expectations weren’t very lofty at all.

Our disintegration from 88-94 certainly couldn’t be laid at their door,they gave their all.

Celtic Champs Elect

I will leave all my SC friends with my fav of all time although you should all know it by now :-))

See you in a few days my sons stag do tomorrow wish me luck :-)))))




I never took you for a House fan. Wait till you meet PETEC,he can ask you if you know what he was doing back then…



Best of luck for the stag,and to the Happy Couple on the day.

A contentious choice,but Darkness On The Edge Of Town always pips Born To Run as my favourite Bruce album.

But by ‘eck,it’s a close run thing…



Had the great privilege of sitting beside Mike Galloway, at Ibrox, in the 1994 League Cup semi-final. Against the Dons if memory serves me. The man was Celtic daft.

I won’t mention the final, if you don’t. Feck it. I just did.

Hail Hail.

Celtic Champs Elect

Bobby I live darkness but racing in the street fir me is his best :-)))

Me and Pete can talk techno house :/)

Prestonpans bhoys

Mike Galloway was two doors up from me in Musselburgh, remember the day he signed for us. His house was covered in green and white buntings 👍👏👏👏👏👏

Jobo Baldie

Good evening, friends. What a Day!



I’m amazed that you don’t know SOLKITTS,you were both in the same neck of the woods at the same time. Anyway…

Around that time,I went to Mrs SOLKITTS’ Granddad’s 80th birthday. Co-op Halls,if I remember correctly. There was a company van parked outside,belonged to a local joinery firm.

Souness And Boyne!



I thought you didn’t go to Aberdour? Did The Euromillions come up,or summat?



There is always something special about players that give 100%, no matter who they play for. Mike Galloway was one such player.

Another, was Darren Jackson. Kicked us upside down, when he played for the Hibees. Kicked anything that moved, when he played for the ‘Tic. And reverted to type, when he played for the Jambos.

A true professional, and no mistake.

Hail Hail.

Jobo Baldie

Bobby, Just a comment on another gloriously sunshine day here in ole EK, with a few hours on Prestwick beach thrown in for good measure.


Amy Winehouse – The Day She Came to Dingle on BBC Four



I’m about as far away from a beach as it is possible to be in the UK. When I was a kid,our teachers took us across to one to teach us!


And it’s Weston-Super-Mare,which hardly counts. Bloody mud flats.



Seen the Dingle doc,it is terrific.

St tams

I’m ashamed to say that I’d never heard of Christy Dignam. Fantastic voice.

St tams

Meant CCE.
Too may malts


I had a Ford Explorer that lasted 800 miles and under a month.
Drove into Manhattan for a meeting and parked in a car park downtown.
Came out from meeting about 2 hours later and couldn’t see my car or attendant in the parking lot.
Looked in the office and there was a terrified wee Hispanic guy hiding under a desk.
Go in and ask what’s wrong buddy?
He is shaking like a leaf and says sorry they took your car.
Long story short a couple of guys park a transporter just outside lot and put a gun to attendants head and loaded 4 new looking cars onto transporter and left .
Bassa’s pissed me off as i had about 40 cd’s and a great pair of Ray Ban sunglasses in the car.
Cops told me it was already in a container bound for Mexico before i even reported it.
They had no interest in doing anything about it.
A true story as Big Packy would say.



Fuxake,land of the free and home of the brave?

I’ll take my chances in Swindon,thank you.


Reading a smashing book at the minute, ‘The Book Of Seconds’ by Mark Mason, covering a wide variety of subjects, from sports to TV shows, and everything in-between, of those who have came second in their chosen field.

For music lovers among ye:

Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields For Ever-The Beatles, obviously-beaten into 2nd place in the charts, by ‘Release Me’ by The Hump In 1967. I say again-for any Hun lurkers-1967.

‘My Generation’ by The Who. Beaten to 2nd place by The Seekers with ‘The Carnival Is Over’.

‘American Pie'(Don McLean), beaten by ”Son of My Father(Chicory Tip).

and most famously-I always thought this was an urban legend-

‘Vienna’ by Ultravox. Beaten into 2nd by ‘Shaddap You Face’ by Joe Dolce. WTF. I mean WTF.

Hail Hail.



I recall waking up one Christmas Eve to find the gates open and car gone,,I kinda know the feeling.
Ford’s are clearly a mixed bag.

Hail Hail

Jobo Baldie

EKFC begin their Lowland League campaign tomorrow with an away game against Celtic Colts. I was against the idea of admitting the 2 Glasgow Colts teams into the Lowland League as it smacked a wee bit of supremacy to me. Of course there is a benefit to Celtic in being able to blood young players into competitive football. But as I understand it, part of the deal was that neither of the Colts teams can be promoted, even if they win the league.
Therefore I have no hesitation in saying that I’m hoping for an EKFC win tomorrow. And also when EKFC have the return fixture at home on St Stephen’s Day! But I’ll be hoping that the Colts win their remaining 32 games 😉


Is the Colts game on CTV?

Jobo Baldie

Mahe – I doubt there’ll be live coverage of the Colts v EK game. Certainly nothing on the EKFC website about being able to watch it online.




Jobo and Mahe…I’m sure I saw something about a subscription to EKFC TV for the game tomorrow…£5.99 I think!



How many will be dead, unnecessarily, before the September MEGA Lockdown?


Weet weet weet

The highwaymen

Sunday morning coming down