Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide

“I therefore intend to explore measures to mandate greater fan engagement, and in particular measures that will seek to provide for fan consultation on key issues”
Perhaps the most important words ever written about British football almost slipped us all by this week, almost.


The above was part of a seven page letter which can be viewed via the link below, sent by Tracy Crouch MP who is heading up an independent review into football governance. Seven pages can be too much at times but some of the snippets cut straight to the bone, address the issues full on, and make this document HUGE in footballing terms.


The McLeish report was ignored during a more innocent period, some saw the writing on the wall but the actual events needed to kick-start real action hadn’t taken place. Events such as liquidation hitting one of the nations giants leading to the rule book being flung out the window.
Modernization of the game is needed nowhere more than Bonnie Scotland.


At long last a voice with some authority has cottoned onto the fact that unchecked power will usually lead to disaster, Enron and the banking crisis two perfect examples. Before their spectacular collapses, both shunned regulatory oversight , fighting tooth and nail for their independence as it was much more profitable. It’s too late to turn back the clock on the above crises, but football is still there to be saved,,and although it may resist, the lessons of not forcing through regulations are too recent to ignore.
With Barca in financial dire straights, and our rivals self imploding, some of the games premier derbies are truly at risk of disappearing, which might be a case of getting your comeuppance but would surely be a loss for the sport overall.


The Superleague proposal may have been a desperate power grab by clubs losing money year on year, but perhaps it’s most important feature was a 70 percent salary cap. That’s almost an admission from the biggest clubs that help is required on the financial front, that things shouldn’t continue as they are. Given this, those at the top of the pyramid should be open to outside assistance aimed at fixing the sports many problems.


Opening the game up to the people alongside stringent regulations would offer a level of security most welcome in many sector’s. Not only for owners and shareholders of clubs themselves who should no longer be the subject of wrath when 70 % max of turnover spending caps are introduced, but those who rely on the sport most for livelihood could breathe a huge sigh of relief. Bars, restaurants, takeaways, merchandise sellers and all associated staff in any given town up and down the land were all one catastrophic decision away from losing their most precious business asset, the foot traffic associated with stadium attendance.
While some talked of jelly and ice-cream upon a certain club’s death, many jobs were risked, no laughing matter at all.
Providing ordinary folk continued employment may actually be just about the best thing to emerge from that entire episode. A newfound determination to police the national sport better should have emerged but didn’t.


Down south is different however. The recent threat of Superleague was met with real fury and much boycott chatter, which as mentioned usually hurts the common people most, ie the voters.
‘Saving football’ may be the correct thing to do but of course it’s also a vote winner.
Keeping those constituents in long term secure employment should win votes, keeping the tax revenue from the biggest league in the world secure should win votes, and helping football fans have a real say in their clubs affairs should win votes.
There’s more than just the sports affairs on the line here, England would take steps to keep it’s golden goose healthy, and tethered down.


If England takes these steps Scotland must follow. The national sport desperately needs restructuring, a strong but fair guiding hand, and must act when the opportunity presents itself. Our southern neighbours can establish the framework, it needs only to be transplanted elsewhere.
It must, there’s no other choice, bar slow death.


Should clubs below the border truly get their house in order with tangible buy-in for supporters, the impetus falls fully on the domestic clubs to align or be left behind.
And left behind they would be for many a football fan is seeking what is being proposed in that letter.
The lobbying would be intense from the full spectrum of those involved, with many a vote there to be retained by backing the bill or lost by not.


This is an issue every single one of us could get behind, could help push through via every and any means necessary, then together reap the rewards.
An Independent Regulator may just also help make scenes like the yearly George Square trashing and eventual Police baiting, a thing of the past.
Our club of choice has an open goal here, for strongly and vocally backing the adoption off the fresh proposals mentioned could go a long way to help put ourselves at the front of the pack full stop, while offering hope to those disillusioned by the last decades events via a properly run game from this point onwards, scouts honour.
Our rivals might not like the fact they couldn’t run on debt under the new rules, but having gone through one death you would imagine their fans would force the issue.


Once these proposals are tabled in Parliament, not one but two leagues better get ready for major change.
Once this genie is out of the bottle, Scottish football will literally have nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.
By Mahe.

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Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

As usual, I’m going to ignore the original, likely excellent post above, and go dark on you.

This is what happened before BR came to Celtic:

Where were the sainted Celtic board?

This was when eveyone on Celtic Quickford Wives were declaring their undying love for Neil.

Now they uniformly blame him for everything.

To the non-socipaths amongst us, this will feel a tad uncomfortable.

You can also observe that certain wankers seem to feel no hesitation in attacking Celtic supporters, the green brigade, the players and managers, but for some reason, they are still getting worked up into a self-indulgent frenzy trying to defend Peter Lawell.

Something stank in the state of Denmark…and still does.

Elvis has NOT left the building.

Our wait. What’s that?? I’m getting my info from the media??? And i must be an idiot?? No.
No. No.

What a diabolical anti supporter site that thing has become. You might as well hand control of Celtic to Boris Johnstone, just to curiously observe how these “supporters ” will justify it, in their own version of Celtic Car Crash telly.

These are the kind of cunts that were telling their neighbours in 1945 that unions were bad for industry.

There is no excuse for their behaviour. They make my skin crawl.

My apologies for this, as I know this is a vehicle for friendly debate amongst intelligent Tims, and how we need to stay united..

But I stand by what I say.

There is no excuse for their behaviour. They make my skin crawl. They are the BT trolls of the internet, and are not Celtic supporters imo, no matter how much they share pictures and stories of the past.

This has been Uber Tim, reporting angrily from the last fenian outpost in North Lanarkshire.
Back to you in the studio.

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

BR and NL were thrown under the bus by these fuckers.

I’m disgusted at how easily eveyone lapped it up.

These fellas had their own strengths and made them work.

Yet both are now ostracized because the Celtic board let them down.

Open yer eyes ffs.

Prestonpans bhoys


All with in the need for reform it’s now it’s achieved and I wouldn’t put faith on this sentence knowing the SFA etc
‘If England takes these steps Scotland must follow. ‘

Uber Tim who is STILL Neil Lennon

To summarise, that place is not a source of improvement now at CP. Quite the opposite. I say that as someone who has spent nearly a thousand pounds on it.
Mugged off like many are by the CP “hospitality ” tickets.
And now that site has the cheek to tell us that supporters should keep politics (aka Palestine) out of it.
Aye. Watch me. Skin crawling stuff.

Prestonpans bhoys

Now=how ….too early in the morning😱


Mahe the King says Rangers have no debt. If they are still that delusional how do you expect them to make the change necessary to comply with any kind of new laws or bylaws brought in by the SFA or Scottish Government
We just watched as Robertson got reinstated the other day, nothing is changed or will change as far as it goes with that mob
My money is still in my pocket waiting to see how our new leader tackles the oldest problem in Scottish football, Governance

saltires en Sevilla


I share your enthusiasm for the need for change and soon.

Can’t see any way any government in Scotland will adopt a policy that upsets the Ibrox clubs

The Tic just highlighted ( as have others) – Robertson back with feet under the table, despite his association with old rangers and ripping everyone off for millions and cheating their way to trophies….the sad truth is not enough folk give enough of a fek.

It’s just a game after all…

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
The events of 10 years ago gave us a fantastic opportunity to properly regulate the game up here. Celtic passed up several opportunities to do something to help that and via the 5 way agreement (allegedly) did the opposite. I can’t see anything changing any time soon.


Oh for God’s sake stop with the negatives Moriarties.

If you think nothing will change you give yourself the excuse not to do anything that will bring about change.

There are MSPs who will welcome this initiative and there is a Scottish Football Supporters Association who have reform of SFA as one of their policies who will represent the wider support in pushing for a similar Crouch approach in Scotland.

What possible reason could a Scottish Govrernment give for not carrying out common sense recomendations that will curb the excesses of behaviour arising from poor to corrupt football governance.

Their excuse for not getting involved in football governance matters is always that is not the business of government. Well it is in England, so why not in Scotland.

There are MSPs seriously pissed off at SFA and SPFL who will see the Crouch recomendations as manna from heaven.

Celtic are being pressed to improve communications with supporters after the fiasco of their treatment of the CST on the Celtic shared idea as well as their handling of Res12/11.

There is no argument that things can continue as before and they wont if folk drop the idea that nothing will change. It is self harming.


As a wee example of nudging change forward I contributed to the Crouch research by completing an on line form. I made it clear I was speaking of Scotish football but the recomendations arising from across the board consultations cover England and Scotland because both FAs are corrupt and need oversight.

Please stop thinking nothing will change, everything changes if you stop and look. It just seems to take forever so patience is called for. Love is patient after all and if you love football and Celtic, patience, whilst throwing another starfish back into the water, is key before the beach is clear.

Saltires. Your point about Robertson is exactly why reform is needed, not a reason to accept the status quo.


Morning all & Packy (hope you’re well),

Very interesting article Mahe.
The Independent Fan Led Review is a great starting point for addressing the problems in football. I expect it will be met with huge resistance from those on the gravy trains. We can only hope that there is enough fan engagement with it and some influential, determined spokespersons. Get it some decent media coverage. Step forward eg. Kevin McKenna! Get people talking about the issues.

Who knows it might spread beyond England!

bada bing1

Melrose was a hun bassa,I was at Tannadice one day when he scored, and gave it the GIRUY sign, nearly caused a riot

saltires en Sevilla


Aye, good points. Just frustrated.

The real ‘knitting ripping’ element, right now, is how they can confidently put Robertson up front and centre, yet again. They don’t even have the decency to change the ‘face’.

Simply because they know they can have a good laugh at anyone who complains.

It seems No-one that matters is objecting.


They must have something on the Celtic Board, or an individual on it. No other feasible explanation. The guy was directly involved in criminality, and nobody bats an eye.

saltires en Sevilla


You could be right there buddy.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM,been a horrible week jim, wee joan took ill on monday night, breathlessness and dizzy spells, apparently she has had this for a while but not told anyone, to cut a long story short she went to halton hospital near us for blood and urine tests, we got the results back yesterday, she has vitamin B12 deficiency and her cholesterol level is a bit high, so she is getting injections from the hospital to help with the B12 deficiency, so ive been looking after wee joan as well as cooking wee joans mums meals, so no time for blogging, main thing is wee joan is a lot better, the colour has come back to her cheeks, anyway just thought id let you know, dont worry son ill be back,H,H,

O Sol on me own Kitts

Big Packy
Glad to hear that wee Joan’s on the mend. Mrs Kitts had a similar experience a few years ago, that also turned out to be B12 deficiency. She’s been taking daily B12 tablets since then, and the symptoms completely disappeared. So long as wee Joan keeps her levels up, she’ll be fine. In fact, she’ll have a new lease of life, more energy to keep you under control 😂😂😎.

A thing of beauty

Big Packy,
Glad to hear Joan is on the mend. B12 deficiency is quite common and like sol said now she is getting the meds there will be no stopping her. She might even manage to groom 4 dugs a day now and you can live off her money. 😂😂


Packy, Thank God Joan is getting better. I was worried sick not hearing from you.
Love to you & Joan, take care.


Big Packy
Hope wee Joan makes a full recovery.

big packy

JIM PHILBHOY, ATOB ,SOL cheers for that, just shown wee joan your kind comments, she is over the moon👍 right, time to get wee joans mums shopping,H.H.


Morning troops,

Firstly glad to see BP on and glad Joan’s better.

Auldheid I agree 😉

On the report, we haven’t grasped how big this is. It must cross the border, MSPs will run with it, for it could stop the nation being on the hook and the unsavoury scenes.
Clubs themselves aren’t making money, would approve equal and fair regulation. One club might not like it, one.
The domestic game will lose its customers to it’s southern rival should that setup prove authentic and realigns itself with the average fan giving them a real say in the game and their clubs via golden shares etc.
They really would need to introduce their own version of that new governance framework.

That letter is crucial reading. Jobo on your point about clubs spurning reform the last ten years she said,,

“This situation has arisen under the current regulatory framework, which should in itself be an indicator that the framework is not working. It is absolutely evident from our sessions that the football authorities have lost the trust and confidence of the fans as have, in a number of cases, clubs themselves. We have also not heard from football authorities a single, unified response to the problems of English football. It remains clear that there is currently no single body that is responsible for stewarding the game and that different organisations still have different views about what should be done.

This continuing lack of coordination significantly reduces my confidence in the
football authorities being able to successfully address the problems identified.
The football authorities have also had multiple opportunities to reform – the 2011 DCMS Select
Committee highlighted many of the same problems that have been clear in evidence to the panel and stated that if football did not change legislation would be needed. I and my predecessors as Sports Minister often stood at the Despatch Box and claimed that it was the “last chance saloon” for football to reform itself. It is with some sadness that I note they didn’t heed those warnings and that
therefore it is time now for external assistance”

They had their chance . We all seen what happened. Boom and bust policies.
It can’t continue and now the silver lining has arrived, via England unexpectedly.

Hail Hail


Mahe, Imagine all that involvement from a Tory MP!!!
I bet all the suits at Hampden & Parkhead want her expelled from the party!



Sorry to hear about your latest troubles,but delighted too that Joan is on the mend.

Look after those ladies,mate.



Fantastic article this morning,and one that gives hope to those who have been pushing for greater oversight on governance of the game.

There is one almighty fly in the ointment though that I can see football authorities north and south of the border using to weasel out of taking any steps towards improvement. And that is the FIFA/UEFA intolerance of politics in footballing affairs.

I don’t think that will work this time,but watch them use it as they wriggle on the hook.


Jim,,doesn’t matter the party tbh, maybe they just decided to get in there first .

Fixing football is a vote winner, a Gov feel-good story, profitable via those hundreds/thousands of taxed players, taxed fan income, thousands employed by the outside trade, and not to mention it gives the serfs an opportunity to unwind and gather, where they can be targeted by advertising. Big brother wants people to have a pastime remember, helps take their mind off the big issues.

It’s in the nations best interests to fix it’s national sport and I believe those at the top are actually realizing that simple fact.
The warning signs are flashing loudly, they have been noticed and the ball is rolling.

Fear has stopped clubs acting sensible, fear of everyone else taking advantage of their sanity, fear of losing their precious place in the big picture to a rival, fear if they play their talented kids the refs won’t protect them.
If everyone must absolutely play by the same rules much fear will evaporate. Proper refs would be half the battle.

The choice of Commissioner/Independent Regulator will be interesting, imo the first few to hold that office must be impeccable in their standing, and somewhat universally accepted.
An outsider sounds likely, less rocking of the boat, less one of them one of us etc.
A strong outsider with no allegiances but a love of rules and order.

Interesting times.

Hail Hail


Would Gov mandating the FAs to bring in financial rules for clubs, and an Independent Regulator be enough to constitute ‘government interference’?
I doubt it.

The English FA is the guinea pig and if it passes there it really will come up north. I have no doubt.

Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

21st Century politics is an intellectual wasteland. Its best not to get involved.


“And that is the FIFA/UEFA intolerance of politics in footballing affairs.”
Yup but I don’t think Gov mandating the FAs is a breach?
I guess we shall find out but,,
Do you think they would go so far only to be slapped down by UEFA or Fifa?
They would have taken on advice on what exactly they can and can’t do as far as football is concerned.
The two parties could always meet and hash our an agreement after all it’s in UEFA/ Fifa best interests to have a strong game with happy fans.
This suits everyone tbh.
Except the bent refs and debt run clubs ,,,, and the bent hacks 😉

Hail Hail


Glad to hear your wife is on the mend.

Craig 76

Good to hear Wee Joan is on the mend
Sports bar in Irvine showing the game so might have to stay for more beer 😀😀😀🍺🍺🍺


Bobby my long reply got lost but I don’t think Gov mandating their FA to introduce certain legislation and open a new overseer position would be filed under politics interfering in sport, and as it’s in the games best interests I expect that particular ‘rule’ to be ignored.

Hail Hail


Beautiful day for game. Ange very vocal from the sideline.
Don’t know who scored but we went ahead early.


Calmac scored. Team looking good but Hammers getting a grip on the game


Odsonne misses a sitter. Shoulda scored with the head. Ffs Eddy

Craig 76

1 all now



I think my family are in the CSC in Irvine,probably about six of them over three generations.


Carved open. 2 – 1.
Barkas maybe coulds done better?

saltires en Sevilla

Some good stuff but too slow making passes – or failing to control them when made. Mainly too slow decision making

Their goal – our two CH had no passing options – eventually a forced pass misshit and poorly controlled – they were all over our back line – horrible to see that- but we should learn

Now 1-2 to WHU blistering pace from Antonio with a free run directly to our unguarded near post


Big Packy

Best wishes to you and Joan. Glad to hear that she is much better.

Hail Hail.



Barkas just doesn’t make saves. Simple as that. You can rebuild the confidence of an outfield player by playing him,involving him,having the people around him helping him every step.

Not with a goalkeeper. Especially one who clearly can’t keep goal.


Penalty the Hammers.
Soro mistake in box.


Of course he couldn’t go the right way.


3 1 down

saltires en Sevilla



Close from Abada, he looks good


We cant play out from the back again.
Ange Achilles heel?


Unfortunately, and it’s a very important part of the game, we do not know how to defend.


saltires en Sevilla

5 pressing our back line – no midfield providing options – where are they my tv doesn’t show where they are standing !!

Maestro Fan

Our defence is EFL League 2 standard. That’s what Lawwell and Desmond have given us.

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