Days Of Future Passed


Saturday was that rare occurrence for some of us,but by no means a rare one recently-a sobering event! If it isn’t covid restrictions denying us access to the pub,it’s watching six goals flash past our No 1 custodian.

I say sobering,but then I’ve never understood that term. Anything considered to be “sobering” is usually the kind of thing that drives us to drink in the first place. In my case,it’s the Stagecoach No 10 in Swindon,a bus service so bad,so unreliable,that to check the timetable is a definition of optimism,or of hope over experience.

Still,it’s the only one around,and so it is that I continue to present myself at a bus stop every so often armed with a phone to call whichever mate I’m meant to meet and let him know that I’ll be late,bliddy bus didn’t turn up.

And you know what? It’s a strange thing,but no matter how pissed off I am when a bus finally turns up,I never ever complain to the driver about having been let down by those who were meant to get me to my destination,but didn’t. Not his fault about the other useless buggers who can’t do their job-he’s here to do his!

And so it is with AP and Dom. No point in giving them a hard time about the eejits before them that couldn’t even supply a bus,much less a back seat. Not a lot of point either in complaining that we don’t have an all singing,all dancing and state of the art monster,that we are left with an arthritic oil burner which is in danger of failing an MOT because its brakes are shot,shit or just f…..g hopeless.

Blinkin’ flip,I know how to stretch an analogy,and I reckon you have already figured out where I’m coming from here. So let’s change the subject.

To happier things.

Sentinel Celts is not yet three years old,and while MAHE and I seem to get the plaudits for its success,we are always at pains to remind you that site  was created for us by others at our request,and that it is only as good as our contributors.

One of our go-to guys for IT support is ASWGL,who apart from anything else,changes the background-and I have to say that the latest backdrop is superb. Thank you very much.

The 125 tifo is the best I have ever seen-anywhere-and of course,Lisbon needs no explaining.

There must have been near to 7000 of us over there four years ago,with not even a game on-which confused the locals at first! Thursday was the anniversary of The Great Day,with a special Mass hosted by CONNAIRE 12,which even I attended,then the continuation and fulfilment of The Pilgrimage with a visit to Estadio Nacional.

Many of us had been to the shrine at Fatima the previous day-in scorching heat. I will be 100% honest-as ever-and tell you that I don’t consider myself to be a particularly religious person,but that was an experience I will never forget. My Dad said that the steps to the chapel damned near killed him.

I couldn’t remember any steps,and I’m not kidding either. Weird,still to this day I’ve never figured that one out. And the steps exist-I’ve got photos on my phone to prove it. Yet I don’t remember climbing them,or coming down on the way out. I must have found a fire exit,I reckon…

Not as weird as the following day,when I could hardly climb the terraces at Estadio Nacional,the heat cutting right through me. Recognising the barriers that our Lions had overcome that great day,even before their superior skills could come to the fore to defeat a formidable and superbly marshalled Inter Milan. To run for over ninety minutes at full pelt,total 100% concentration,when I could barely walk along the terracing?

We were there anyway to celebrate their achievements of fifty years earlier,yet I have never appreciated just what an achievement it was,not till I experienced that lung-searing heat.

At walking pace!

It was also the perfect place to be on the day of the funeral of THEBARCAMOLE, and a little private moment as I picked a leaf from a hedge and wished him a Bon Voyage,while regretting so much that he couldn’t be with us.

I was too young for Lisbon 1967,but I’ll never forget Lisbon 2017-especially as it climaxed with our Invincible Treble two days later! We really do know how to do anniversaries,eh? Lisbon was our 80thyear of existence,though of course we rightly celebrate 1888 as our foundation. Empire Exhibition for our half-century,and then the unforgettable Centenary Season?

I didn’t miss too many games in the latter,but what could we do 25 years later? Well,what better than to invite possibly the best side the world has ever seen for a wee kickaround,a team so far that season undefeated-and looking unbeatable?

With some of the best players ever to grace the game,such as Xavi,Iniesta and of course Messi?

The world tuned into the game-who wouldn’t,with such skill and grace on show,and in one of the game’s renowned arenas? They could never have imagined what was to literally unfold in front of their eyes. They tuned in to watch the finest football team ever-what they got was the finest TIFO in history,a tribute to the club,its past,its 125 years-and for that alone,the match would be memorable.

In True Celtic Style,we abused the privilege and beat them into the bargain! We don’t just do anniversaries,we do occasions too.

The Green Brigade are worthy of respect for that night,as is every fan who was there and did their bit. Every player too,just like every fan who went to Lisbon in 2017 when there wasn’t a game on,those in 1967 who went under much more difficult social circumstances. Our players and management on each occasion,and on every other occasion in our long history.

It’s the players who fans like us go to watch-and my Dad will tell you that some of them in his day weren’t worth crossing the road for. But he,and many like him,always did. Even in the lean years,there was a Charlie Tully or a Jimmy McGrory.

Or a relative telling of better days of yore,and promising better around the corner. Because that is what we do,we all have our memories,we have all kicked every ball,we all know that this too will pass.

And it will.

But it won’t necessarily be tomorrow.

Above article by BMCUWP,but only because of the wonderful split screen background by ASWGL,to whom any credit is due.

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Guess who?
July 26, 2021 1:29 am

Rangers 56 title
Can Celtic finish 3rd or 4th this season? Wil Rangers beat the shambles from the east end 5,6,7 or 8 nil? Will Auldheid post anything about Celtic ever?
These are the questions that need to be asked at the AGM, I say its’s time for resolution 56 titles.
July 25, 2021 6:14 am

Good Morning all from a beautifully sunny Dundee on the Silvery Tay
Kev – just too transparent…!

Hi Friesdorfer and Auldheid, just posting to point out that none of the above came from me, the real Kev, that you both have accused of posting this guff and judged me on. Maybe if Auldheid would’ve made an instant assessment about his ability to rely on the correspondence of the PLC to back Res 12 and not be chucked under a bus years later then all these years and opportunities wouldn’t have been lost, then again maybe Auldheid was swayed by bmcw repetitive posts to me on CQN that my, the real Kev’s plan to “Sack The Board” 13 years ago would’ve “destroyed the club” which bmcw repeats to this day.

Friesdorfer and Auldheid, your pal bmcw has filtered my CQN name out of appearing on these pages because the sight of my real name gets it right up bmcw, which explains if I type my real name it means then the post will disappear then your pal bmcw will make up a rule then tell you all that I have broken that rule which didn’t exist until my post, this post, appears, such is the sleekitry of bmcw that none of you will understand because bmcw has long ago wormed his way into your minds and that is both of your lookouts unfortunately.

You Friesdorfer and Auldheid jointly dispensing instant justice guided by your partisan judgement of the above post which I have just come across prompting me to type this to you.

Friesdorfer and Auldheid’s reaction to a post that you both assumed was from me, the real Kev, says volumes about both of your clique orientated mindsets.

I don’t know much about yourself Friesdorfer, I only know of Auldheid re his Res 12 campaign, and if Auldheid came across as a clique merchant to Celtic PLC then they would view dependency on a clique as a weakness to be exploited.

Indeed way back many years ago Auldheid offered to meet me up with me, which I refused to do given the amount of clique posters showing an interest in attending any meeting between me, the real Kev and Auldheid, I don’t know those bmcw clique members and I instantly smelt a rat, what I mean is why would I want to possibly get myself a criminal record just to defend myself from bmcw hostile clique none of whom I know in person, only from their I would say evil hostility from their posts to me on CQN, as I say these people don’t like it up them, and don’t like me so I saw no good in such a meeting and became suspicious of Auldheid’s apparent non recognition of the abusive nature of these posters, which suggested a cynical set up imho.

I know that Friesdorfer, Auldheid and bmcw himself would dispute the crescendo of abuse from this bmcw clique back in the days before bmcw’s ar** was deservedly dismissed from CQN, but none of them can deny that Paul67 deservedly gave bmcw his ar** on a plate for the unacceptable levels of bmcw individual sewer of abusive hostile posts to me, the real Kev on CQN, anyway Auldheid telegraphed what he wanted to tell me, that I was misunderstanding Celtic PLC because of my….

“Sack The Board” calls 13 years ago every day on CQN, which prompted bmcw to answer the clique, HIS cliques calls to get rid of the menace of me, the real Kev, so he bmcw distributed ‘lists’ for CQNers to recommend that me/I the real Kev be removed from CQN as I was creating a negative vibe on the CQN blog, maybe you Friesdorfer or Auldheid signed bmcw ‘lists’ for my removal, maybe you didn’t, which for me was all btw, but given your reaction, and indeed, instant judgement, that it was me, the real Kev, who posted the post above that you instantly and partizanly lept to judgement that it was me, the real Kev who posted the above says it all about you and Auldheid don’t you think?

Yeah this “Sack The Board” rallying call from me the real Kev was before we became aware of EBTs etc, and created the environment from which Res 12 was born. Maybe if supporters would’ve followed the real Kev, oot the park, we might’ve had a new rebellious board 13 years ago with a backbone that would’ve successfully prosecuted/supported Res 12, and referred to the Ibrox club in proper terms instead of a PLC that ‘sneakily’ agreed to £49 tickets in 2016 setting Celtic season ticket customers up to stamp with each £49 ticket purchased the status of the Ibrox club as being if not the same status then the same price.

What’s the difference? Why pay the same price if its not an Old Firm club game anymore. The PLC put a poke with a pig inside it on the table, and Celtic season ticket customers, or Green Huns, bought the PLCs pig in a poke for £49.

Supporters with ethics and integrity at their core wouldn’t have fallen for this PLC Old Firm ticket trap. But those so inclined supporters were moved to the fringes as the PLC totally, and utterly, torpedoed any unrest on the back of our SCSF defeat from the Ibrox club before they again became the £49 Old Firm Ibrox club, AGAIN, in 2016 when Brendan Rodgers was introduced as our new manager, and Celtic season ticket customers had been exposed as coveting the return of Old Firm games over Res 12 and trophy stripping. F*** them!

Every Celtic season ticket customer who purchased a £49 ticket, mainly through weakness and, being easily played by the PLC, had just ended all prosecutions against David Murray and the biggest sporting swindle in history, and allowed the, call them what you like, £49 same priced Ibrox tickets, bought by Celtic season ticket customers, effectively ended all same/different club arguments on the spot and, only HamiltonTim has admitted being in the Broomloan Road end during Brendan’s tenure therefore he must’ve bought one of these tickets from the PLC ticket trap.

He bragged about the occasion, wouldn’t have missed it for the world etc, but no, none cognisance about the same club priced ticket that he purchased and CQN and the bmcw clique didn’t even jokingly ask him about his same club ticket deceit, not a whisper as he wasn’t on their menu. These are the Celtic supporters who’ve been the bigget sinners, those who must not be criticized, but they must be canonized when they organize “Hoot Piss ups” and post “The Bobby Sands diaries” which are a good read, but when they serve as instruments that cloud easily clouded peoples judgement, then they are instruments that deceive the easily deceived.

So, Friesdorfer, no it wasn’t me who posted the dodgy post above no matter what judgement you instantly arrive at from your obviously slanted mind, as well as Auldheid and his slanted mind.
How do you both know that it wasn’t bmcw himself who posted the post above?
Why would he do that you’ll ask?
Well read the gist of my post and you might understand why.

But if your mind is ‘owned’ to the extent that you can be instantly swayed to dispense instant judgement then you’ll have a blindspot, both of you, Friesdorfer and Auldheid, leading you away from suspecting bmcw, who’s ‘lists’ behaviour described above must surely place him, bmcw, in a position of suspected partisan activities? No?

Well, a closed mind is a defeated mind and it’ll take a big honest mind to admit to that level of introspection, and I’m afraid I see none of those on here.

P.S. Maybe bmcw himself posted the hun flavoured post above knowing that, or maybe even instructing them, that one of, or a couple of his devoted deciples would instantly misjudge the post above and aportion blame onto Kev, in the hope of getting a stream of reciprocal posts from me, the real Kev, earlier on this morning to get the ominous gaps between posts filled in? No?

In a world full of liars, some who hide behind cliques, who would trust anyone on here or anywhere else?

Apart from JimTheTim53 & Big Packy. 👍 😊

Watch for another post being deleted on Boohoo grounds.

Tick tick Boom!!! 💣💥


July 26, 2021 2:23 am

Bloody hell,Kev. That’s a classic even by your standards. As you know,I tend to leave your (dia)tripe up for everyone to see,even allowing for the personal abuse.

“Friesdorfer and Auldheid, your pal bmcw has filtered my CQN name out of appearing on these pages because the sight of my real name gets it right up bmcw, which explains if I type my real name it means then the post will disappear then your pal bmcw will make up a rule then tell you all that I have broken that rule which didn’t exist until my post, this post, appears, such is the sleekitry of bmcw”

I don’t make rules up to ban or filter you Kev. You wilfully and deliberately break the few that exist. I have no idea where your decade-long agenda against me comes from,and as you might imagine-since you don’t seem to have done any damage yet!-I don’t particularly care either.

Keep on keeping on,son. Keep displaying yourself full-frontal to your ever-admiring public. We all enjoy a laugh.

July 26, 2021 5:32 am

Guess who ?/ Kev

If you have been misrepresented and subsequently maligned then you are entitled to a right of reply.
The “ clique” you refer to may or may not exist.
I have lurked and participated on CQN since it’s inception and more recently on here.
I think you confuse “clique” with a small group of chums who use this platform to chat football and indulge in pally minutiae which isn’t for everyone.
There are a number of good leaders which encourage decent debate but an awful lot of
domestic trivia. It is what it is, so take from it what you will and avoid the rest.

I dip in and out, because occasionally what is discussed strikes a chord with me.

Perhaps if you were to be less aggressively controversial and dogmatic you might find more favour on this site. You have been making the same point for years now.
A suggestion would be to alter your MO and be more constructive?

Paranoia is total awareness, or is it?

Joost coz
July 26, 2021 6:17 am


Ah so be a wee bit more chummy and rip up 80% of who I am and I might get along better with the happy clappers who’ve sucked the soul out of one blog already but it won’t have an effect on this blog. Really? Have you noticed the timespan between posts?
So no more “aggressively controversially dogmatic” just whither on the vine. It might be good for me? Really?
Maybe if there were more aggressively controversial fire starters and less “Let’s wait for Res 12 dreamers” we might’ve had regime change since 2012 because Res 12/11 won’t move an inch if there’s a PLC running the club. Now it’s too late coz Celtic bogs are full of happy clappy dreamers who will never dare ask were the missing £130 million that was removed from the Brendan departure balance sheet has gone to? BMCW fills his pants whenever its mentioned instead of using his position to ask questions about the disappeared £130 million. What if a higher amount goes missing next time? Yeah let’s dial it down a bit and be less aggressive. £130 million disappeared and will be used to offset any fall in ticket sales whilst they lie about selling 48,000 tickets coz they know that it can’t be accurately measured as there won’t be a period were 48k will be allowed in to Celtic Park whilst they whisper about another lockdown already.
Who would believe in 48k from the PLC that told us there were 58k attendance when Ronny half emptied the park?
Happy clap your life away don’t ask me to be like you all.

Big Audio Dynamite
July 26, 2021 7:56 am

There’s a few questions I’d like to ask our board, especially in any public forum. Id love to hear them attempt to answer how Sevco have magically become Rangers! I wanted absolutely NO association with the huns, never mind a facsimile of the cheating bastards.

Absolute charlatans.

July 26, 2021 8:11 am

Joost coz

Jeez oh. !
My suggestion was not requesting you be more chummy,( you certainly don’t need to do that to contribute- I do not know anyone who posts on here personally, )
but make your point without the anguished rhetoric.
As for happy clappers you are confusing the two blogs. CQN lost objectivity through its creator years ago. It is a very different place to here.

Where do you believe the “ disappeared £130 million” has gone.? How could such a sizeable extra windfall be created by a club operating in this backwater, misappropriated by a malign board but still maintain at least the appearance of a “big” club?

Celtic’s turnover reached a high of £100m , for one year, it is nowhere near that now. The cost base is substantial, how could £13m be trousered let alone £130 million?

Weet weet weet
July 26, 2021 8:22 am

Singing a Capella with over half a billion views


Hallelujah. Stunning

Jobo Baldie
July 26, 2021 8:27 am

Good morning, friends.
Those folk that predict these things are suggesting that today will be the last sunny roaster in Scotland before a drop in temperatures as the week goes on. Enjoy it whilst it lasts.
Leggy – enjoy Ayr races!
My intention was to offer some comment on the early morning posts but words fail me. I suppose one of the potential problems with this site is the ease with which I could suddenly post under another name, just by changing the entry in the box below. But I can’t quite get my heads around why anyone ever would. Ho hum…

July 26, 2021 8:41 am


It’s not quite as easy as you think. He has to change his VPN too.

Yes,you can post under any name you like. But if I bin comments from that VPN, it wouldn’t matter which moniker you put up,or which mail address you used.No comment would come through.

There are two trolls on here who hit us regularly. KEV is one,and both simply use the site to insult other users while somehow being oblivious to how their posts make them look to everyone else.

I know,go figure.

Angel Gabriel
July 26, 2021 9:16 am

Decent article, and perfect analogy.

Kev. Simmer doon and have word with yourself.
If I disliked anyone or anything, to the level that’s in your posts , I would avoid those people or places like the plague.
It’s not an impossible task, to criticise and still show respect.
It costs nothing, and life is too short.

Take care & HH

July 26, 2021 9:17 am

The content, writing style and sense of paranoid suggests a form of mental illness. I’d suggest keV or whoever is posting seeks professional help, I seldom get beyond a couple of paragraphs as I genuinely fear for the state of mind of the writer. To continue reading feels like I’m watching someone on the edge of a breakdown! No joke!

saltires en Sevilla
July 26, 2021 9:21 am


The ongoing drop in quality of our playing staff is stark.

When our faithers and grandparents were being ‘faithful’ watching local lads make the team – folk reared on their own streets and they knew and played with as youngsters – the sense of belonging and being part of something special is what, probably, kept them going.

Dreams that a group of them could get it together long enough to create a team- playing the type of fitba we love- and win a few trophies. Sheer joy at winning and no doubt that sense of giruy to authority, or our perceived ‘ betters’

When the team couldn’t quite click, they still had a Quinn or a Gallacher, a McGrory or a Tully to enthuse about. Memorising line ups from important games – winning the Empire and VE Day … that Coronation Cup … 7-1

Against all the odds!

Now is very different, because we should know and understand more about ‘what gives’ in the corridors of power in the game. We really should.

Celtic have always adopted the role of ‘other’ plucky upstarts, The Heel, Tough of The Track, Alf Tupper …

That was true, at one time. Maybe..

Looking closely at our early days and the success the club had – Cup was dominated and our name is on it unlike some other Glasgow Clubs – we had 10 leagues when Rangers had 5. We were then, the Big Club, and no mistake!! The gate revenues in those days was significant and when we see what players earned the only conclusion we can draw is that serious money was circulating and it wasn’t being spent on a comfortable match day experience either.

The only investment in that regard was to build bigger and bigger pens to cram them in for a sixpence then a shilling.

hundreds of thousands of them paying relatively high admission.

Our club leaders have probably always treated the fans like crap – look at the condition of grounds and toilets and facilities as recently as the 90’s … even now ye can’t go for a Greyfriars Bobby… and decent food .. forget it..

They can’t get away with fekin players about nowadays – but safety for fans is still an issue.

Kick off times – just live with it

Cheating and fixing results .. Aye!

Anyway – the point I’m making is that it’s always been this way.

It seems our fans generally accept the situation and just crack on with playing the Alf Tupper underdog role.
Drilling a few holes out the bike frame to balance the inbuilt disadvantage with the rich kids with their carbon fibre or titanium frames

We are still the poor Paddy’s .., right … right?!


I’m on the Ange bus 💯 until May ‘22- let’s see what he can cobble together and serve up from the crumbs off a rich man’s table.

It’s all we’ve got to hope for.

July 26, 2021 9:41 am

s e S

You either buy into the entertainment provided or you turn your back on it.
This mystical fitba Brigadoon some believe in has always been a mirage.
Professional sport is a remuneration game. It has always been about the money.
The Old Firm, not the old pals together.
A symbiotic relationship between two clubs with very different defining characteristics but the same goal.
The trophies accumulated add value.
Fairly won or otherwise.
It’s what you do with that added value that
sets you apart.

July 26, 2021 9:45 am

Weet Weet Weet

Beautiful rendition of a lovely song.

The singing reminds me of my singing in the shower!!!

Nah ….,.,., 😜😜😜

July 26, 2021 9:46 am

Good morning Kev

If you had had the courage to meet me back then or the courage to do so now, I could inform you of how much you do not know that by the end you would be apologising for being so cowardly and sorry you had not taken up my offer.

Your aim of an honest Celtic might have become closer.

But carry on in ignorance.

July 26, 2021 10:03 am

Saturday was worrying on a number of levels. A system ( inverted full backs) that relies on the whole 1 to 6 being technically good, spatially aware, very fit and intelligent is flawed if it has none ( or very few) of these. If one player is immediately and constantly under pressure so the others are also and the whole six malfunction. It took West Ham ten minutes to work us out and by that time it could have been 2-2.
Yes they have much better players than us and we have a more important game coming up but the gulf was alarming. Quality incoming should help. I thought Soro, Calmac, Abada and Christie did as good as they could, Turnbull struggled and the rest toiled. Ange has got to know players coming in will improve the system.

July 26, 2021 10:12 am

Morning all & Packy.

We got our very first colour television in 1975. I think my mother & father rented it. It was delivered on a Thursday. I was wishing the guy would hurry up installing it, Top of The Pops was due on!
He managed it just in time.

I always remember this song on it that night. It might have been No. 1.

Is that you playing drums Packy? LOL 🙂

July 26, 2021 10:17 am

Off topic and perhaps on topic in terms of comments I just came across this video about forgiveness.

I’ve corresponded with the presenter in the past and the Scottish Government about the education aspect at the end and I’ll be going back to them with the video.

I am reminded of the opening para that I’ve posted before from The Long Glasgow Kiss by Craig Russell

Three concepts alien to the Glaswegian mind.




If Kev is provoked enough to take up my offer he will see forgiveness is at the heart of it.

Big Audio Dynamite
July 26, 2021 10:49 am

So, we are gonna have to overcome the Danes with a very youthful CB pairing? Big club, my ass! I understand why the new man has received a bit of praise, but if he thinks players like Taylor are the standard needed, he is already on the road to ruin.

Btw, huvny seen Mike around …chucked it in? If you’re looking in at any point Mike, drop by and let us know how you’re doing. Take care, pal 👍

BP, good to hear things are ok now. Take care of each other 👍

Big Audio Dynamite
July 26, 2021 11:05 am

Being the technophobe I am, a lot of the jargon used online goes over my head (Maybe I’m just not that interested) But as far as football forums go, what exactly is a “Troll” and how do people know when they are reading a troll? Same as saying agent provocateur??

Genuinely, I haven’t a clue about this stuff 😳

July 26, 2021 11:18 am

I tip Celtic to win on Wednesday, but must fancy PSV in the next round. We then face a play off to get into EL. Group matches at this level will show where we’re at. I want to see us improve throughout the Autumn/Winter months.
We will know if things are on the up. If so, confidence should return and we could be ready to at least challenge the currants. I realise that this isn’t very ambitious, but Ange and DM have a hell of a job to turn things around. Under Pugwash Pete, the good ship Celtic was almost run aground. The new skippers have to organise a refloat whilst assembling a new crew. Not easy.

July 26, 2021 11:25 am

Wtf are you on?
I swapped posts with you a few times back in the day on CQN. Really don’t get where you’re coming from. You choose to remain ignorant on so many things, yet blast away at folk who do know what’s going on. These folk btw, are top class tims. Give yourself a rest and stop insulting good people.

July 26, 2021 11:26 am

Shut thae windaes, is not running at Ayr today. Must have been a joke.
this is when I miss Twisty for a wee tip. 🙁

A thing of beauty
July 26, 2021 11:28 am

It was my misfortune this morning to have to face a plethora of blue noses. That is life in Ayrshire.They are cock a hoop with their new signings. Sakala was described as like a shot from a gun and Lundstrom a big unit. Bassey also got a mention as being another big unit. Nothing has changed really. Gerrard has taken the Walter Smith book of coaching and tweaked it a bit for the modern game but the fact is they have few players under 6ft and 12 stone. They are athletes who all know their role and they will scud everything in sight this season, like last. We will try to beat them by playing football with players who can’t play football. It’s worrying. It’s also a complete dereliction of duty from
Lawwell and his pals on the board that this has been allowed to happen. 3 out of 4 of the back four last season were loans. We have supplemented the team with loans for far too long and I want no more unless there is an option to buy. We also need to sign players who can compete physically with the Huns otherwise they are going to steamroll us. I will give Ange time but unless they sack Gerrard and bring back
McCoist we’ve got next to no chance this year. And no serious football club would do that, would they?😩😩

Big Audio Dynamite
July 26, 2021 11:38 am

Jim 😂 think it’s an age thing, mate! You get to a certain age, then don’t even notice things are going over your head.

Do you not remember the “Do you want a tip for Ayr” joke?

July 26, 2021 11:39 am

B.A.D. LOL 🙂 , I get it now. It’s an age thing right enough! 🙂

Big Audio Dynamite
July 26, 2021 11:44 am

Jim, the really worrying bit is the fact I’m only 22! 😂

Enjoy yer day buddy ..I’m off out on another mystery expedition.

Big Audio Dynamite
July 26, 2021 11:50 am

ATOB, the team needs some men, not 5’6″ , 10st, couldn’t tackle a fish supper types! I’ll be gobsmacked if we even put up any resistance this year!

Big Audio Dynamite
July 26, 2021 11:50 am

Anyway nice, fellow Celts! 💚🍀

bada Bing
July 26, 2021 1:23 pm

I have images of AP,frantically going through last season’s episodes of Sportscene……

July 26, 2021 1:34 pm

Hope yer well.

Not at Ayr today. ( was at Musselburgh yesterday and got Hamilton at the weekend)

If I were at Ayr today I’d be betting Rebel redemption and Coviglia.

Not tips – I just like Rebel redemption chances and Coviglia is due me a turn.

3 and 4 places respectively so I’m hoping an each way double might pay off. As I say – not tips just personal fancies, tempered by the fact i’d a bad day at Musselburgh yesterday. Bookie probably still laughing .

Take care and Gl if ya try them.

(My biggest fancies today are not at Ayr but at Windsor tonight. Outrage and Bird to love.)

Again each way.

July 26, 2021 1:42 pm

A thing of beauty.

Good summation but I think, all things being equal and when we are at full strength, we could beat the Klan and other agricultural SPL outfits with football. Of course we know things won’t be equal and to be on the ball means having to win, play and keep it. Many smaller teams can beat physically bigger teams but not consistently in the fixed SPL. Hopefully Starfelt and Julien (?) form a partnership.

St tams
July 26, 2021 2:30 pm

SteveNaive @ 10.03
Agree with every bit ot that.
If we are going to put up any challenge this season, we need a whole different back 4 from Saturday.

July 26, 2021 3:05 pm

Twisty, Bliddy Nora, I didn’t read your post until 2.30pm so I missed Rebel Redemption. It came in 3rd at 4/1 !!! Never mind I’ve got the other 3 on – good ew bets – 30p ew Trixie = £2.40, so I won’t fall out if I lose LOL 🙂 Besides I’ve got £21.25 in my a/c, I had a 10/1 winner on Friday, won £14 🙂

Good to hear you were at Musselburgh, if I remember rightly you love going to that course.

Hope your mum is well, tell her I was asking for her!

July 26, 2021 3:13 pm

btw, After I won the £14 on Friday, I got a letter from SCIAF on Saturday asking for help towards their mission in Ethiopia, Bishop Toal of Motherwell was backing up the appeal so I sent them my winnings. It’s as if they knew!

July 26, 2021 3:50 pm


Great leader. Was not in Lisbon in 2017, but can almost picture it in my mind’s eye. Good man.


I agree with you that our players have to toughen up. They way I look at it, is that the Huns, whether old or new, have always filled their teams with big carthorses, while we have generally gone for the smaller, more skillful player. That’s the way both supports prefer it. We voted for Jinky, as our all-time greatest play, whereas the the Huns voted for big Greig. Says it all, really. What we should be going for this season is a compromise, similar to the team in MON’S treble year. Big hard-as-nails players-Sutton, Myalby, Joos etc, mixed in with fantastically gifted, traditional Celtic type players-Stan, Henrik, Lubo etc.
Our main problem this season will be the MIBs. Any Celtic player going in hard, early doors, will be looking a a yellow card or worse, whereas the Huns..
well, ye get the point. I only hope that Dom and Ange publicly call out these cheats, using every legal remedy necessary. Unlike the coward Lawwell and his gang.


Auldheid may have made a mistake, but surely you must realise that most of us made the same assumption. If you give it out, you gotta expect some pelters in return. Wee tip for you. Living your day in constant anger cannot be good for you. Lighten up a bit, and you’ll find that more posters will be prepared to engage with you. Just saying like.


Had a wee chuckle at the three things foreign to Glaswegians. First time I’d heard that wan.

Oh aye, BMCUW, forgot to say. My background for the site, on my android device is a lovely shade of Royal blue. Flippin’ flipper.

Big Packy

I hope all is well.

Hail Hail

July 26, 2021 4:02 pm

Seems a grim realization that we are a very poor team has arrived?
Preparation is the key word.
Or lack of???
Youngsters unprepared for the first team.
Do we need to reevaluate the coaching structure and systems throughout the club?
I think there is great potential in Welsh,Montgomery,Dembele,Murray and Moffat but do we have the coaching knowledge and system to make them into top class first team players?
We also pretty much know the football calendar at least a year in advance yet we have been consistently unprepared.
Again why?
Soro has been at the club 18 months now yet still looks unprepared for his role.Has the physicality and skill to be a star but lacks surety and knowledge in his position.
Who has coached him in the time he’s been here for his role?
Making McGregor captain shows how unprepared we are as he is a good footballer who seems unsure of his role and avoids responsibility so a poor choice for captain.
Again we have known Brown was leaving for many months yet made no attempt to find someone with the right qualities to lead.
It’s as though our PLC have deliberately created a rudderless ship?
Too early to blame Ange for being unprepared as he has been held back in his preparation by the PLC’S tactic of only allowing a spend after players sold then using only percentage of money received.
McKay has also looked under prepared but understandable while Lawwell prowls the corridors of Celtic park.
Everything about our club smacks of choice as we are way to unprepared for it to have been accidental.

July 26, 2021 4:06 pm


July 26, 2021 4:36 pm

Over the last few months we have pulled in substantial moneys from outgoing transfers: Frimpong, 11.5 million, jack Hendry, 1.75 million, Klimala, 3.5 million, Sved, 0.5 million(?), Ajer, 14-15 million. That is a total of 32.25 million. Of that we have spent 3.5 million on Abada, 4 million on Furuhashi, and 4 million on Starfelt for a total outgoings of 11.5 million. This means we have over 20 million that could be spent on rebuilding the team. This excludes the likely fee for Edouard of around another 20 million.

In addition, there will be significant savings on salaries with Brown, Elyanoussi, Duffy, Laxalt, Kenny all off the books.

There is no excuse for at least another 20 million spend in this window.

Apart from, perhaps, a reluctance on the part of the Board to spend, additional inhibiting factors are the capacities of the scouting system and the negotiating team. The Board will be shocked by the buys from last season. Four to five million for each of Barkas and Ajeti. Somebody screwed up seriously! It looks like Hammond paid the price for that.

If you were to look at Celtic purely as a business, you would conclude that it was being pumped up with liquid assets to make it attractive to sell. Is this on the cards? Could Celtic become one of the MC conglomerate, for example?

Or, is it simply a blundering business that has come apart at the seams due to a disinterested CEO and an incompetent, perhaps ill, manager?

Whatever reflects the truth, it should be interesting to see what emerges in the next season, especially if you can control both your financial and emotional investments in the outcome.


saltires en Sevilla
July 26, 2021 5:38 pm


Thanks for reply buddy – know you are in a different time zone so hope you get this.

I’m starting to wonder which club is the prarasite in the symbiotic relationship – I know what one it shouldn’t be.

The thing about watching entertainment. I can go see a band or a movie, theatre, musical and a comedy show. I expect to be entertained. I’m seldom disappointed, as any live act worth their salt tend to be good at what they do. I love watching professional guitarists make mistakes and how they cover and react. That’s my wee thing.

I expect them to prepare and be focused on their job. But If they cock it up I’m not too bothered.Because I’m not really too invested in a one off event. I’ve seen Dylan mess up, Van the man not bothering his arse, Bob Plant on an off nite when he simply had to be on his game – that one nite was a let down for someone that I really care about, I didn’t mind for me because I saw him in his pomp! I’ve seen Hawkwind about 8 times because I’m a sad bassa and I’ve not seen Paul Weller (x4) enough times. I can sit through jazz in a club but not at a show. I am beyond sad I never saw Bowie live and I had a ticket but work came first- but I saw Al Green from the second row and I saw Bert Jansch play within touching distance. My favourite live gig was FYC at the Barras and I’ve seen Springsteen behind the Iron Curtain. Primal Scream five times and Tom Robinson and Glenn Tilbrook in tiny halls.

My point is I’ve seen a hundred shows and more … seldom been to see anyone more than a few times. I mostly enjoyed myself.

Celtic – I’ve seen them a thousand times – I hope to go again another thousand times.

When I go to fitba – I’m not 💯 sure I’m going only to entertained – I’m going to see how my team match up to other skilful players – how the coaching philosophy matches my ideas of how I like to see my team playing. What I expect is absolute effort from my team. I also expect my manager to prepare his team for the event. I expect the senior management at the club to provide the coaches with the resources to do the best job possible

Most of all I expect the match officials to ensure the rules are followed and to apply them evenly.

I’m not sure I expect much of any of that that from any other form of ents.

I’ll probably not watch the new Brigadoon series as I’m not an Alan Cummings fan and the reviews aren’t kind

I’d always go and watch an underperforming Celtic – expecting that they will begin to improve and get better.

Until the guys that own Celts start ensuring we are playing on a level park I’m going to be watching from a safe distance.

Squire Danaher
July 26, 2021 5:46 pm

The last example of symbiosis we will explore on our imaginary dive is competition—the struggle among organisms for the same limited resources in an ecosystem. Competition can happen between members of the same species (intraspecific competition) and between different species (interspecific competition). An example of interspecific competition in the ocean is the relationship between corals and sponges. Sponges are very abundant in coral reefs. If they become too successful, however, they take needed food and other resources from the corals that make up the reef. Sponges may outcompete corals for resources in the short term, but if too many corals die, the reef itself becomes damaged. This is bad for the sponges, which may themselves begin to die off until the reef is balanced again.

Prestonpans bhoys
July 26, 2021 6:30 pm

I recall when we played Benfica I intended to visit the Estadio Nacional👍

Unfortunately the night before hand Miss Prestonpans was in the pub with me and when it was her round she would buy a voddy & coke. As you know they don’t do measures in Portugal and she was plastered. So much so that the pilgrimage to Estadio Nacional was cancelled😈 the next day due to her hangover.

I never fail to remind her of it……..

July 26, 2021 6:30 pm

Oooh I’m famous I got a menshy 😳

Actually I’m a tad embarassed, I only do a fraction of what our hosts do, they should get all the plaudits,… however a humble (slightly embarassed) thankyou to BMCUW for his mention.

The leader kind of reminds me why our club is special, just every now and then we defy all the odds, no-one gives us a chance, it is only we who have faith, that know something great will happen and at those special times, it usually does.
The 66-74 nine-in-a-row,
67 Lisbon, that season scoring a world record 196 goals,
1988 31 game unbeaten run in the The Centenary year,
Fergus (Yes we paid all our debts),
Road to Seville, Barca, Invincibles, 2nd nine-in-a-row, quad treble, and many others, of course some are distant memories, but who would bet against us doing something special again. ?
Not me for one.


A Thing Of Beauty
July 26, 2021 6:35 pm

Thanks for the replies guys.i am hopeful that we can improve, just not sure it will be quick enough. As Rebus points out we should have plenty of money so there was no reason to wait for Ajer to be sold before signing his replacement. For whatever reason it seems our de facto owner has decided that no competition is bad for business and is determined to throw them the lifeline of one year definite champs league money and two years possibly. Can’t understand why any Celtic supporter would do that but then I also recall the circa 25k empty seats when they weren’t in the league. Did we as a support send the message that we wanted them back. I certainly never. I hardly missed a game under Ronnie yet missed loads under O’Neill but others felt differently and just weren’t turning up. It seems we may have reaped what we sowed.

July 26, 2021 6:36 pm


Oh,you so much do yourself a disservice!

Angel Gabriel
July 26, 2021 6:46 pm

Fan. 4.02 pm

I’m in agreement with the large majority of your post , but I’m on part , my disagreement is total.

Cal Mac , may or may not be , Captain material, but the accusation that he shirks responsibility to moi is baffling.
Yes his form last season didn’t reach the standards we’ve come to expect, but shirking responsibility ?? Seriously?
He’s played more minutes, by far than 99% of his peers , in the professional game. That alone might excuse the accusation, but it’s guaranteed that he’s played when asked to , despite not being totally match fit .
Some players do , some don’t, but his minutes on the park show a willingness, that’s missing in plenty.
No other Celtic player comes close , to the amount of times that Cal Mac makes himself available. Often when closely marked. The way he receives the ball and keeps hold of it is excellent. That’s not just a technical ability, it’s an attitude to help out a teammate, often one under pressure.
After the recent Scotland game against England, Billy Gilmour was given ( rightfully) huge plaudits from all observers.
More than a few sharper pundits also commented on how Callum MacGregor helped make it easier for Gilmour , by always being available to him and his other team mates .
Cal Mac , like all our players, has suffered from the absence of proper structure within the team .

Ange has his work cut out, to implement this again. I’d bet good money, that he’s delighted that Cal Mac is still here and available for selection.

Sometimes we only realise what we have, when it’s not there. I certainly hope Cal Mac is still here for as long as possible.

Only expressing my opinion. HH .

Angel Gabriel
July 26, 2021 6:57 pm

Btw . He might not be able to tackle a fish supper, but that’s nothing to do with shirking responsibility. A good team is made from many different strengths & weaknesses.

As ATOB , has mentioned, we need some bigger dudes, to help the good wee yin’s . Like Cal Mac, imho. HH

Craig 76
July 26, 2021 7:25 pm

Highlights of the Colts in action on Saturday

July 26, 2021 7:34 pm

Dancing shoes on

July 26, 2021 7:39 pm

ASWGL, Ya big sod! I was just about to go out! That Is one of My favourite songs on YouTube. 🙂
Those two dancers would win Strictly Come Dancing in week one!