The Importance Of Being Earnest


So it seems that we have finally been made an offer for I Wanna which the club deems as at the very least a starting point for negotiations. As things stand,it looks like we will get around £20m for him,with maybe some add-ons and the proverbial sell-on clause.

Knock off the £9m fee-twice what we could have signed him for up until May that year,cheers,Peter-and the PSG sell-on clause and we might have about £6m left.

Not a lot for a guy who gave us so many great moments,a great song-and a t shirt that I binned months ago.

I’ll try to remember him for his great moments,like the winner in the 3-2 game against the huns,down to ten men for so long. My memories though will doubtless be soured by his attitude last season.

Pre-pandemic,we would be looking at double this fee. Now,I think Brighton might be a tad optimistic about his quality and potential. And certainly his attitude.

Hang on a minute,did I just say Brighton? Bugger me backwards-I did! Believe it or not,the only club to have put in a bid for our superstar is that mighty legend of the English game,Brighton And Hove Albion. A team which won The Charity Shield over a century ago,and the square root of sod all since. And nobody knows where Hove even is!

Best known to my generation in fact for briefly employing Brian Clough prior to his disastrous tenure at Leeds. Or even-And Smith Must Score!

Brighton. F…..g Brighton,Eddie. That’s where your petulance last season has got you. Probably on about half the salary you thought you were worth eighteen months ago too. If you had tried a leg,pulled your weight,been earnest in your endeavours,do you think you would be anywhere near the level of Brighton?

Goodbye,good luck-but good riddance. I’d rather see that bloody t-shirt again than a petulant and uninterested player stealing a wage. And wrecking his own career in the process.


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Ah mean, how Eddie could be blamed for last season when there are tens of thousands of season ticket purchasers who live on their knees at renewal time financially supporting the board that these subservient sellouts have backed mediocrity with a PLC stamp all the way through it since the WGS era, yet they glibly blame Eddie who was coached by the downgrade Lennon, simply because these sellouts back the board that brought Lennon back to piss Eddie off in the first place.

But its not just the team on the pitch that’s been downgraded, oh no.

From the steel toe cap boot clad, doc marten clad, housing scheme Jungle tough nut tickets, who won the Hampden riot 1980, and sacked the Kelly’s and White’s in 1994, to the middle aged yuppies with ipads, and 4×4 motors, and owning their own companies with slave labour workers, capitalist c***s wearing Celtic PLC flip-flops, and white soled trainers, and Celtic onesy’s walking looking doon at a £1000 moby phone asking for a mugging, and a PLC board that’s only too glad to dish oot that mugging every renewal time of the year coz they see yeez coming.

Just don’t be blaming Eddie who doesn’t know the history in the way that you do, so why should he give a fuck if no one else does?

You know the the history so that makes you a mass murderer compared to Eddie. Eye it does.

The PLC are murdering Celtic by their old firm obsession, and you know this and YOU do fuck all about it.

Engaging in “Oh look over there at Eddie” fools nobody apart from those who are too cosy to you to call you out and set you straight.

Your engaging in pound shop sleekitry that’ll only fool those who walk on egg shells around you and fake the credentials of the blog.

Just look at the ever expanding spaces between posts but all you’ve got to offer is denial and “Oh look over there at Eddie” as Celtic FC becomes a carcass in front of your eyes, not in front of my eyes, I got out rather than be deceitful and ask people to look over there.

I’m sure you felt no shame about Big NAN’s comments about the cliques on CQN, nah you deceitfully deny that don’t you?

Tick tick Boom!!! 💣💥


“From the steel toe cap boot clad, doc marten clad, housing scheme Jungle tough nut tickets, who won the Hampden riot 1980, and sacked the Kelly’s and White’s in 1994.”

Aye, just the fellahs( I assume your Celtic nirvana is a male dominated environment) that we need leading our Club to some sort of Socialist paradigm that exists only in your head.

You hark back to an era that is long gone, along with macaroon bars n wrigleys chewing gum sold out a box.

Even referring to Yuppies is a dated concept.
Yearning for a lost past will not make it return.

You need to find something tangible in your exhortations- yours are full of sound and fury signifying nothing.
The “boot clad, housing scheme ( ?) mob”Brandishing Pitchforks and flaming torches isn’t going to shift the monsters that lurk in Paradise.

You are in the wrong movie.

The Ubiquitous Tim.


I guess we’ll never know what can be achieved by this generation of Celtic supporters. Sad really that a day out with your mates to watch a rigged game trumps history, heritage, culture, and self-respect. As one well-known poster on here stated, saying I support the team and not the PLC is the same bollocks as Sevco supporters claiming it was the business that died and not the club. But Oh, I forgot we have all moved on now haven’t we, how easily we capitulated. Now it’s Dermot’s new puppets year zero. Dermot had you all sussed long ago.
“The fools. the fools, the fools they have given us their Fenian Bread”
Dermot’s oration at the graveside of Celtic FC

Our ancestors are spinning like PSR J1748−2446ad in their graves.


On Eddie- best for both parties that he goes.
An isolated figure whose languid style is infuriating.
Needs a hardworking foil to compliment his depleting attributes. Perhaps Brighton have that partnership in mind.

With two other lightweight performers up front still on the books reinforcements are urgently required- so expect them at the end of next month!

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Too long a post name!: I assume you at least like to see the Celtic winning, or has even that joy been taken from you by ‘still-attending’ season ticket holders and pay-as-you go visitors!


So what is required?

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

This isn’t a Sovereign State attempting to heal the deep wounds in a torn country and undertake a reassessment of human rights violations.

This is a football club, that exists in a corrupt backwater and through collusion with its great rival tries to remain relevant in the wider football community. We know the Truth.

The world at large doesn’t care, it’s a little local difficulty.

Sevco are right here, right now.

We are choosing to compete and play the game.

What realistically would you do?

Celtic Champs Elect

Well said Bobby a complete imposter now in face he should not play tonight as he was woeful last week

Prestonpans bhoys

I suppose another way of looking at it, if you are at a club which finished 25 points off top spot, then that would dilute attraction from top English clubs, Ajer being another example.

St tams

I don’t think Ajer was ever going to attract interest from any top clubs.
Personally thought £13.5 was a great bit of business.

Agree Eddy should not play tonight.

Garry Postecoglou

I was at the match last Tuesday. It was the final straw for me with Edouard. He simply was not trying. Unacceptable for a Celtic player.
I will be glad to see the back of him.

Garry Postecoglou

Have woken this morning to the very sad news that Saint Simon’s Partick was completely destroyed overnight in a fire. Saint Simon’s was my childhood Parish, and I was in it last week.
It was the third oldest Catholic Church in Glasgow. Only Saint Andrew’s Cathedral and Saint Mary’s Calton were older. Over 150 years of history gone, for a Church that was a focal point for the Glasgow Polish Community. Sunday afternoon Mass being conducted in Polish. Very, very sad.


The dramatic and predictable decline since Lennon was appointed has to be a plan.
When the shower scene happened the decline in some star performers under BR was already showing.
The potential then but subsequent drop in the squads value should have been noticed.
The exodus of some very promising youth should also have set off alarm bells.
Since Lawwell was the all seeing eye then i can only come to the conclusion that short term losses had to be accepted for the sake of the Old Firm partnership.
Though hindsight is easy i posted all of the above when NL was appointed.
If an amateur like me could see the impending disaster i find it hard to believe the highly remunerated professionals who run the PLC had not countenanced such?
Their plan has worked to perfection but partnering with a corrupt cheating supremacist entity is foolhardy at best.

saltires en Sevilla


Thinking about players, mostly always move on and always have. I tend to try and focus on the good times we had.

Totally agree The Eddie situation leaves a bad taste, as you say. His mood or attitude clearly wasn’t right and the obvious thing to do is blame him and his lack of professionalism etc. Whilst I’m sure that element is a factor, there may be mitigating circumstances.

Let’s put the eejits who run the club to one side for a minute.

The ongoing lockdown situation and impacts on health, restrictions on travel etc.have hit us all, to a greater or lesser degree. Let’s face it some of us have lost relatives and friends before their time. How helpless have we felt, frustration and anger spilling over? When I compare my own situation, living with my wife at home in Scotland, short walk to my mum and siblings and friends all around me, it’s been a challenge and some right horrible bad days tbh. However, I’ve always felt that we are all in the same boat and mutually supported.

Then when I look at our kids and nieces and nephews, I see a slightly different picture. Mainly that has been a sense, or feeling about missed opportunities and expectations, aspirations, natural vibrancy and sense of adventure… quite literally clamped, stifled and curtailed. They won’t get those lost days back. The difference between that age group and my generation and my parents generation, is we have had a very, very different experience.

There are attendant risks associated with this situation. We all know what they are!

It’s in this context I consider our young players, many away from home and not yet in settled relationships. Their local network here is not as extensive, they can’t balance that equation with access to luxury items or a trip to a fancy club or bar… or they shouldn’t… all of a sudden the trappings of fame and fortune won’t seem to count for much. If ex-patriates are honest, and our group have a few and all seem to be genuine folk, it’s the opportunity to enjoy an improved liefestyle of weather and riches that makes up for being away from home and family and friends. It’s a conscious trade-off. I know from personal experience what it’s like to be away from home, in a strange country when things aren’t going too well at ‘home’ .. back then I could jump on a flight and be there to offer help, support and comfort ( and receive in return ) in under 24 hours…that’s not a viable option today.

When the decision to come to Glasgow was made by our young players, the landscape was very different. The trade-off was viable.

Imagine, you are a French citizen, but your parents/grandparents or their siblings live in Tunisia or Cote d’ Ivoire etc., how are they coping? Are they putting on a brave face when you ask on Skype or Chatrooms…. you can’t really tell from a screen ….you naturally worry about their situation, about access to reliable medical care… you can help of course, by paying fees. However, you know all the money in the world can’t buy resources that simply don’t exist. You feel helpless when you are physically strong with adequate means. How does this impact on your balance/mental health?

Then you lie awake looking around at your nice apartment, warm or cool air, depending on your mood and all available at the touch of a mobile device…. worrying about people you care for, if they have told you everything about Uncle Johnny? Then you have to get up and travel on a bus or plane with all the other guys going through the same situation, some are naturally chirpy and chatty .., others… maybe not so much.

Then you need to get your game head on.

Looking at a few of our lads right now, I can’t help but feel a wee bit sorry for their situation. Especially the guys from foreign climes.

Money can’t buy you love.

St tams

So sad about St Simons. My mum and dads parish when they were young and were married there.


Ed stopped being a team player when we no longer resembled a team.
His isolation was complete during lockdown and with his fellow Frenchman Ollie disgruntled it probably exacerbated his feelings.

Garry Postecoglou

Saint Tams
My dad was baptised in Saint Simon’s Partick.
Today would have been my dad’s 88th birthday.

bada bing1

Eddy and Ntcham gave up on Lennon, there’s your answer, foreign players need to buy into a coach,and how their role will develop within a team,given the shambles of last season, it wasn’t only the foreigners who gave up.

Garry Postecoglou

What was Edouard’s excuse last Tuesday.
Sitting high in 413, I watched him closely. He simply wasn’t trying. Chase him.

bada bing1

Garry- he wanted away last close season, if we did sell all the wantaways then,we would have went mad……hindsight and all that…..


So what is required?

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission?
Not a Commission but a bit of truth from our custodians would go a long way towards reconciliation.


saltires en Sevilla

It takes a great deal of effort to walk in the other guys shoes, moccasins, clogs etc , but that was a very praiseworthy effort.


Ed stopped being a team player when we no longer resembled a team.

Great comment

if Eddie does go, then he leaves with my best wishes, a player worth the admission money.

We are unlikely to see someone at his level anytime soon and he will quickly progress from Brighton.


Afternoon all,

Have to agree that Eddie didn’t look interested last Season. However he was definitely not alone and the players who did,should have a good look at themselves and be thankful fans weren’t in the grounds to see them. You know who they are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still if Eddy does go,I wish him all the best and will still fondly remember his winner in the 3-2 game.

On to game tonight and we may have a wee chance now Bitton is suspended. 😜😜

HH 🍀🍀

A thing of beauty

Quick dip in before I head for the afternoon. Great to read the differing viewpoints on Eddie. I think there is merit in all the opinions but all agree it’s time for him to go.
The record has us linked with Joe Hart. Did Guardiola not punt him because he couldn’t play sweeper keeper. Can’t see Ange going for that myself. I do t hold out much hope for tonight but who knows. Maybe Barkas will finally realise that his hands are for more than smoothing down his Barnet.


Don’t know much about Joe Hart so I looked him up, sounds like a good one!



Very true Jim,

He has a vision and is very switched on 😜😜😜

Maestro Fan

Yes, got to agree with all that. Cheerio Eddy.

FTR, head down to Brighton pier from town and turn right. You’ll be in Hove before you know it!

Jobo Baldie

Good afternoon, friends.
saltires en Sevilla @ 9.47am – that was a great, thought provoking post, thank you.

Big Audio Dynamite

Joe Hart? That’ll get the blood pumping!


I hope the game tonight will be as entertaining as last week’s one. We are like a boxer with a glass jaw. Even if we were three up tonight with ten minutes to go I would not be confident of victory. I seriously mean that. Last season you could count on one hand the number of games where we did not give chances to inferior teams. The good thing is that it is glaringly obvious and a good manager with good coaches should be able to sort it out relatively quickly . The game tonight comes around too quickly for a quick fix and it’s going to be a white knuckle ride. In the long scheme of things a defeat isn’t a big issue. It would be good to have some games in some European competition this year if only to give the younger players some experience if a different kind of football and to hopefully prepare for the Champions League next year. Probably the least prepared and weakest squad to choose from in a long long time but thought that the team played better ( take away Biton and the goalkeeper) than the team put out the previous year by NFL. We will blow most of the SPL teams away with our attacking quality and when we toughen up and get a defence together we could become a very good team again. Good coaching and confidence goes a long way. I think we should give the Board a couple of months to see what business is done regarding transfers. If they keep the bulk of the Frimpong, Klimala, Ajer and soon to come Eddie and Christie money then they are really taking the piss. If they have any sense of reality then they must know that the fans are angry and this would be the last straw. Hopefully Ange will be given the funds and freedom to rebuild the team.

Garry Postecoglou

No way are we signing Joe Hart.
No good enough.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, just an update on wee joan,took het to the doctors on monday, he just went through the notes from the hospital, unfortunately they are not doing B12 injections at the minute because of the covid, she wanted to start grooming again yesterday{ tuesday}but the doc said no next tuesday, anyway not seen any games for a while so hopefully watch it tonight, in fact the last time I saw celtic play it was the cup final in 67 against that italian team, cant remember the score, but remember the team,, kennoway.hogg and morrison geatons lyon and patterson delaney mcdonald crumb divers and murphy, think that was the team😎


That sounds about right with the team Packy. LOL 🙂 Best wishes to Joan.

big packy

CHEERS JIM, how have you been keeping good I hope👍 seen your lovely vids thanks👍


Fine Packy, looking forward to the game tonight for some reason! 🙂 I predicted us to win 1-0 last week, and it was 1-0 for much of the game. unfortunately it didn’t end that way!

big packy

JIM thats good to hear, yes thats at least 2,of us looking forward to predictions from me😎


Gday folks,
As a man who believes in giving your all when that’s what your paid to do, Eddie has repeatedly let me down, and the support.
He should go out on that field of play and be the best he can be full stop.

Now that’s not to say our club of choice didn’t fail Odsonne. They failed nearly everyone.
It’s just that I don’t agree with how he handled things. Like SES said there’s a lot we don’t know, but I do know a player who is best elsewhere when I see one.

The biggest question now is which position gets the extra spend? Odsonne will get replaced of course, but after that which position does Ange target?
Another defender or another winger/striker?
Goalkeeper is unlikely unless we shift some out.

Hail Hail


We are a Champions League club, he proudly stated with a straight face.

A back five of Bain or this Barkas, then Taylor, Ralston, Murray and Welsh is lower half Scottish Championship potential relegation fodder imo.

Now go shut me up by holding them to a clean sheet which would surprise us all I reckon.

I do feel there’s goals in the side even without Eddy, who shouldn’t be involved if about to move.

In for another nailbiter folks,,,,the rub of the green would be nice. Speaking of rubbing on green it’s a plastic pitch, gulp.

My preferred,,






Ed’s time has passed.
Good player but he doesn’t suit a pressing style of football.
Three people in Lawwell,Lennon and Ed all share the blame in the decline of his value and reputation.
The club and the player himself are the financial losers.
There’s lessons people could learn from this poorly managed chain of events.
Too much foreskin not enough foresight.



Garry Postecoglou

Song that was written for Peter Lawwell.


CELTIC: Bain; Taylor, Abada, Soro, Turnbull, Christie, Edouard, McGregor, Murray, Ralston, Welsh
Subs: Barkas, Doohan, Ajeti, Rogic, Bolingoli, Urhoghide, Shaw, Robertson, Forrest, Montgomery


Welsh booked


Midfield have done a runner in the last few minutes.

Big Audio Dynamite

If Ralston could just be a bit more consistent, there’s a player there

Maestro Fan

Ralston playing his heart out. Edouard looking to avoid injury.

Big Audio Dynamite

Eddy just doesn’t show for the ball. Taylor is just infuriating

O Sol on me own Kitts

Eddy just not interested, trying to avoid injury by the look of him. Wouldn’t want to jeopardise his dream move to Brighton ffs.


HT 0-0

1 2 3 4