Sometimes nothing can be a cool hand,,,

For a suave jailbird with only bluster left, then yes.
For a world famous football club it’s flabbergasting.


The fact we are a bare bones operation has been displayed for all and sundry to see, including potential signings. Wednesday night I pondered the names on the bench and wasnt slow in realizing there’s really nothing much there at all, and certainly no gamer changer bar possibly James. Coupled with a patchwork 11 and its clear we have pretty much nada, bar what quality we buy.


What quality we buy is very much in question. So far the majority of the buys have been prospects, so far the majority of player sales capital hasnt been reinvested.
The manager is on public prompt number 3 I believe, the result of which has been a headline saying big bossman getting involved and a much too late signing pushed through.
Of course Odsonne will be replaced, only when he goes and the money is guaranteed, then another much too late signing shall appear, just one and the fact PSG had a huge sell on clause shall be heard from on high silencing any calls to ‘spend more of the Eddy money’.
In short, anticipate few reinforcements and expect us to run with the bare minimum we need, turning to the prospects a lot.
Any expectations of silverware are pure hope not based in reality.
With many of the undesirables on a salary they wont find elsewhere, cashing in on them becomes nigh on impossible so we shall take the hit leading to less transfer funds available, a vicious cycle not created by the footballing department but they will bear the biggest brunt of it.
We have more than Cool Hand Luke that evening, but not by much.


The relationship between board and support could easily be summed up as nothing. For all the talk of change nothing of note actually happened. In boxing terms after winning the first round, Dom has lost the next two, with confidence in him draining.
In just three days ‘your man’ comes out swinging at you, the big chief starts getting personally involved, and the support is up in arms again with the wish for change being aired almost universally, many old heads saying enough after witnessing that back line going into a European battle.
There’s nothing left to give this board that hasn’t been given before and squandered, there’s certainly no trust to issue, no cause except the team to rally around,,,any operator or board can offer you the match day experience as the bare minimum so we cannot praise them for offering us the chance to watch our team.
Just like Luke, there’s nothing.


What does the future hold?
Does a leopard change its spots? This board has adopted the head in the sand approach to fan anger, and are getting away with it, so we cannot expect change from them to be forthcoming. They throw us a new face now and again,, hide behind the SLO a lot,, stage manage the AGMs,, don’t discard old board members, useful or not,, and sit back safe in the knowledge the vast majority of season ticket holders automatically renew full stop.
And of course they have the keys, possession being nine tenths of the law and all that.
Their business model works, and being businessmen and women if it works they won’t change it.


But we are not a business and perhaps the question of football club or profitable business is at the very heart of this struggle between owners and fans, between that field of play being an arena that produces memories and glory, or profits.
The ‘soul’ of Celtic is to be found within everyone of us, and embodied by many acts and songs, but primarily the beating heart of the club was always the eleven heroes selected to represent all of us, chosen to embody our character on the field of play.
If we now know that pitch is simply a shop window for a procession of potentially profitable prospects, wheres our ‘soul’?
Glasgow Celtic was always about the connection between club and support, a connection that seems unbreakable when strong.
A connection embodied by Tommys ‘they’re there and they’re always there!’ homage.
After 20 years it must be clear to all, the only connection this PLC wants is to your bank account.
Cause, Culture, Calling my arse. The cause of our current malaise was a boardroom culture that heeded only the calling of cash.
I’m afraid those currently seeking the soul of Celtic will find nothing, not a cool hand at all in this case.


Theres zero signs of the big modernization of Glasgow Celtic that Dom noticed and seemed intent on implementing. We were told the club were seeking a successful European model to follow and then once the model was in place the personnel tailored to that structure would follow, words which may sound sensible but the proof was always going to be in the pudding.
Tight finances due to no Europe will be the first hurdle to the appointment, despite the fact the appointment could go a long way to stop falling at early hurdles.
This boardroom collection are never going to hire anyone who rocks the boat, and with a DoF dealing directly with the boardroom it was always in doubt whether a true Director would be brought into the inner sanctum and be allowed to make demands, or simply speak the truth.
On that front 9 in a row is a big shield to hide behind, and when combined with the experience available (Peter ahem), and a desire for the easy life, when I look for any confidence the club shall see a program of modernization, just like Luke I’ve got nothing.


Ironically however, in giving the Tims nothing they’ve given them something, and that is the rationale and impetus to force some boardroom change. A somewhat decently run operation could have divided the support from here to kingdom come with many ‘doing good enough’ voices to help drown out the ‘could be better’ criers.
Left with the worst squad in living memory and the mouths in the trough responsible refusing to budge, there’s not a single ‘doing good enough’ voice left out there to compete.
Its a cacophony of ‘not good enough’ yells out there, which shall only increase if we begin to fall behind in the league table early in the season (not saying title race as that implies we can and will properly compete).
The case for non renewal strictly with the aim of pushing through boardroom change shall only build, and is in danger of uniting the support.
The so called happyclappers and mineshafters are one body now longing for the same thing, change pure and simple.


The Tims will allow their boardroom a large degree of latitude, and even turn a blind eye at times, on the unwritten proviso the club is financially secure under their combined wealth, and ran somewhat correctly.
On the first the boards wealth is no longer of help to the club given it lives hand to mouth and has done for some time, Dermots funds arent needed and to be honest arent wanted.
During times of extreme circumstances such as a pandemic, there was never any indication the club would be bankrolled, it fell squarely upon the support to step up and step up they did. The only ones that season.
The support now know we dont need Dermot, not at all.
And on the second part, we’ve sunk like a brick with not even a token head rolled, got past glories thrown at us and contemptuously labelled a new breed.
Its yet to be determined whether we have hit rock bottom as a club. Fighting for second spot rather than first would be a low that could tip the masses over the edge, and the new manager walking out disgusted could waterhole the entire club and bring the support to the barricades. Neither are truly unthinkable, and an example that things could get worse before they get better.


The famous card game of the title was at least fictional, whereas this is a reality we all must live through. There’s nothing glorious about our having nothing, no angle to be played, no coolness involved. Nothing is the worst hand ourselves and Ange has ever been dealt.
Next summer however, (giving them) nothing might just be a cool hand.

By Mahe, happy Friday folks.
As usual its for any guest articles.

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Puff puff

That’s a long read big man for me .

saltires en Sevilla


The con trick works every Springtime… the research samples on attitudes/behaviour will inform when to pull a Brendan style rabbit out. Could be another few years…

That’s your lot now.


15 years my and my kids had the same seat . This year we walked away but Iv been wanting to ditch those tickets since the John McGinn carry on. It’s the only langue they will understand. I remember the McCann Dempsey days I know what it takes. Blogs and online comments then just handing over your money anyway what’s the point in that? Cut them off . Action not words. I still love Celtic I still watch them on the tv and I still live my life the Celtic way but until we are a force in Europe regularly in group stages and beyond then I won’t share my money with bankier and his chronies. I have a family in need of it more.


It could be argued that the acquisitions of Abada, Starfelt and Kyogo have already been funded by the Frimpong, Klimala, El H, Hendry sales.

The Ajer windfall should therefore be available unless it is to be used to cover for Euro failure.

But I take your point- the scale of rebuild is massive. It’s not ideal as we disastrously witnessed last season , but I expect AP will be told to use the Loan market to make up squad deficiencies.
This tends to happen towards the close of the window , when teams decide who is surplus, so expect nothing for 4 weeks.


In that great movie Cool Hand had the chutzpah, guile ,confidence and desire to wear down a more feeble opponent.
In our reality DD holds the upper hand and knows it – the collective support are the feeble ones.


Yet another Tour de Force – chapeau Sir – again.
When will the support galvanise itself sufficiently is the $64k question (sic)? Hope springs eternal.


Excellent leader Mahe! I think it’s harsh, though, to judge Dom (and Ange) until we’ve settled into the season past the transfer window. I’m as frustrated as anyone about the situation, and Ayrshire Bhoy rightly asked a few ‘what do you expect?’ questions on Wednesday, but fully expect the window to close with us being in a stronger position than now.
The situation with PL in the background is a strange one which will make or break Dom and Ange. It seems they are either tip-toeing roon aboot him at the moment or they’re being hamstrung by him – neither scenario desirable or healthy for them or the Club. The Despicable Mr L needs to be sidelined for the Club to progress!
Here’s a wee tune that appeared in Cool Hand Luke but this version is quite superb. Have a good day all, need to go….

Garry Postecoglou

Great read Mahe.
Plenty of Food for Thought in that article. 👍🍀💚

Garry Postecoglou

Wee tune for The Ubiquitous Tim 😊👍

Maestro Fan

I hope Ange walks away.

Garry Postecoglou

Maestro Fan
I hope Ange Postecoglou wins the league.
If supported by 5 or 6 ready to play signings, I think he will win the league.
I have written off Europe in my mind for this season.

Garry Postecoglou

Ubiquitous Tim
I would advise you to wipe your arse better.
Maybe buy a bidet.
Then again it could be your breath.
The amount of shite you talk.



Interesting article and much to ponder.

Well looks like 0/4 for me in ballots.


How did you get on ? Please tell me someone from the Main Stand got a ticket 😩


Maestro Fan
Only a catastrophic event causing a financial decline will see change at Celtic PLC.
if Ange walks due to lack of support they will find another patsy to placate fans and secure their undeserved income.
With DD and the Lindsell Train axis we are truly Donald Ducked.
They only care about money and until that supply dwindles there will be no change.
The support can effect change but so far are unwilling to as they see it harm the club.
Yet propping up this PLC is causing lasting damage in the international standing of a club who once conquered Europe.
They have reduced our standing to a European minnow and mere cannon fodder.
How low are the fans prepared to let the clubs reputation and standing sink begs the question?

bada bing1

A Gold Medal for BMX Biking……ever think the Olympics are being dumbed down? If they could get Strictly and LoveI Island on it they would….

St tams

Maestro Fan
I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

bada bing1

McKay needs to step out of Lawwell’s shadow, and start making big decisions quickly, as this is just looking like a continuation of the shambles of the last 18 months. New manager, stuck with damaged goods coaches,projects getting signed from nowhere, do you think AP had heard of the 2 Sheffield Wednesday guys? Who identified them and the others? Who sanctioned signing them? Lawwell? Mark Lawwell? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

bada bing1

Leggy- nothing again, a pal got a ‘restricted view ‘ ticket last week… couldn’t make it up


First post ever, just like to say off the bat that i have been lurking around the site for a whi;e
and love a lot of the input and stories, but also there are a few not so understandable posters.
Just a quick post, I am allways disappointed when celtic get beat, especially by an inferior team but in this case maybe its not such a bad thing to go out of the european compititions early this year in my eyes it could be a blessing in disguise. We really must, MUST concentrate on winning the league this year, let Ange build a team and go from there.
And before any of yea ask NAW AM NO A H.. .JG.


Shambles and Dom needs to start to earn his wage now.

I’m in agreement that Hart will not be AP’s choice, the reason pep got shot of him is because of his lack of passing.

Looking at AP’s style of play he will cause more problems than solutions.


Garry Postecoglou

The Ubiquitous Tim
Hypocrisy you accuse me of?
Could you please explain.

bada bing1

A message doing the rounds saying there was a mistake with the ballot for the Dundee game, new ballot today…


Bada, obviously the corporate never recieved enough tickets then.

Couldn’t run a fucking raffle


It seems to me that no matter how bad it gets, how much shite the plc throws at us there will always be a hard-core of 25-30k fans who will renew their books and really don’t give a shit about the big lie, resolution 12, 5wa etc. They just want a team to watch and a team from ibrox to compete with. As long as this is the case expect nothing to change.

Garry Postecoglou

The Ubiquitous Tim
Care to answer my question to you please?
You accused me of hypocrisy. I want an answer.
Why did you accuse me of hypocrisy?



Not an unreasonable assessment.
In which case the football division contracts to fit budget.

Shameful lack of ambition.

Big Audio Dynamite

Glad to see people aren’t kidding themselves any longer, that this has just been ‘Complacency ‘ or being ‘Asleep at the wheel’
The majority now see what I’ve been saying for over a year now, the club shafted us to save their beloved Old Firm!

You think TFOD are getting one trinket in return for a decade of embarrassment? Think again!

Tell all the Tims you know, that it’s gonna be (?) in a row.

bada bing1

0/4 in the ballot…

A thing of beauty

That’s bad craic being 0/4. We have been successful this time and I am nearly greetin at the prospect of returning to my spiritual home with my family. I understand that will confuse some people
Who have made other choices but I’ve made mine and will continue to support the team.

A thing of beauty

I also meant to say a guy at work got two tickets for him and his boy. That’s twice he came out as he also got West Ham. He told the boy who is all excited then the offer was withdrawn. He’s not happy obviously. Someone has mucked up again.


Following Celtic is a leisure activity, something we do for enjoyment. For most leisure pursuits, we pay our fee/admission money, and that’s it. The more time and effort we invest, the greater the enjoyment.
But fitba’? We are all armchair experts at fitba’, and can clearly see the shortcomings of the current manager. The emotional tie that most fans have to the club blinds many to the disgraceful way the club has been run. Even if that means accepting poor results. We’ve had unparalleled domestic success for 9 years; what are we complaining about? We can’t win all the time. This seems to be the prevailing attitude amongst most of the support.
If we want to see change, name calling the yet to be convinced is not the way forward. We must hope that the penny drops soon.

The Star Above The Crest

Jungle Gerry

Welcome to the blog HH 🍀

St tams

I really can’t see that Joe Hart would fit into the way Ange wants to play.
Baffling, if true


Particularly this paragraph…

“Burdened by a wage bill of £53m — the biggest in Scotland by some distance — roughly £40m of that cash is spent on first-team salaries. Yet, against Midtjylland, the wages of the starting XI came to no more than £5m.”

St tams

Bobby, I had read this earlier.
Excellent piece by McGowan

Big Audio Dynamite

I want the club to run up a billion in debt …win the CL 3years in a row …then fold and come back as the same club, while sticking 2 fingers up to the world! All ably assisted by the Scottish sports media and the football authorities, obviously!I

Ach, that could never happen, could it!?

Garry Postecoglou

The Ubiquitous Tim
Still no answer?
Ach well.
Confirmed that you are a troll.
Probably a hun.


The first ballot for Dundee was a test event ‘ to see how it would look’. In error it went live. The IT department only realized when fans started saying the had/ didn’t have a ticket. They then wiped everyone’s history and did another ballot. (which was probably the test one).
It was a mistake but is symptomatic of the malaise.
We are zero from eight tickets so far.


The Star Above.
T Y for the welcome Hail Hail.



Great first post,and welcome aboard.

Hope you enjoy the site!



Harsh article-and all of it true. We really are in a bad place,but we’ve come through worse.

Admittedly,not with this board who are the most useless and inept I’ve ever known since I first attended in 1967.


SteveNaive, The IT dept’s expertise is in blocking match streams from Parkhead!


Jungle Gerry,

Welcome aboard.

Just checked E Mails again. Duck egg again !!!!

0/4 and counting.

Aah well, at least I’ve another $16,350 added to my imaginary Bitcoin Account. At this rate, I’ll be able to buy out Desmond 😜😜

Thanks to Jobo and Auldheid for an enjoyable lunchtime. Next time, make sure you two are drinking alcohol 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺



I hope you drank enough for the three of you!


PAUL 716

Sadly true that a lot of people can no longer justify the cash for a season ticket-how can they,given what we have been forced to watch for the last two or three years at least?

And welcome aboard!

Prestonpans bhoys


Take my hat off to you Sir, that was one if the best articles I’ve read in ages, well done👍👏👏

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Well,well! If PaddysMaw is correct and ATOB’s post is correct then I’ve ‘landed’ a ticket for the home game!
Having watched the display on Wednesday night on TV in Irvine CSC, agin busy, it’s a chance to see if we are as useless as we appear/appeared.
Whilst still having faith in Big Ange, his failure to resort to the direct route in last 8 or so minutes diluted that faith a wee bit. A system is only as good as its operators and we we obviously had none! A hopeful launch forward by then was a change which would have been acceptable to all of us watching but would not have meant the system was wrong! Watching the shambles of pass-backs amongst Bain, Ralston and the others at the end was soul destroying as well as heart failure syndrome!
I still think the new players, who better play on Saturday, will be able to do the business for us, albeit not yet fit, whereas the previous incumbents won’t.
Can’t wait for the absurd kick-off time to see if I’m right or only dreaming.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Welcome to JG and excellent article from Mahe. Loved that film!

Prestonpans bhoys

These ballots are great fun so far 0:4, I actually don’t know of a single person who has been allocated a ticket😱are they real or 👻👻👻



Congratulations on a result in a Celtic ballot at last! Means I will have to watch the game on a dubious link,of course-but a small price to pay when a happy man is where his heart is.

8pm tomorrow night,bloody hell. I’m in Oxford tomorrow sampling the local wares with a mate and his lovely missus,so not much chance of me remembering much about the game.

Or the dayoooooot!

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