Sometimes nothing can be a cool hand,,,

For a suave jailbird with only bluster left, then yes.
For a world famous football club it’s flabbergasting.


The fact we are a bare bones operation has been displayed for all and sundry to see, including potential signings. Wednesday night I pondered the names on the bench and wasnt slow in realizing there’s really nothing much there at all, and certainly no gamer changer bar possibly James. Coupled with a patchwork 11 and its clear we have pretty much nada, bar what quality we buy.


What quality we buy is very much in question. So far the majority of the buys have been prospects, so far the majority of player sales capital hasnt been reinvested.
The manager is on public prompt number 3 I believe, the result of which has been a headline saying big bossman getting involved and a much too late signing pushed through.
Of course Odsonne will be replaced, only when he goes and the money is guaranteed, then another much too late signing shall appear, just one and the fact PSG had a huge sell on clause shall be heard from on high silencing any calls to ‘spend more of the Eddy money’.
In short, anticipate few reinforcements and expect us to run with the bare minimum we need, turning to the prospects a lot.
Any expectations of silverware are pure hope not based in reality.
With many of the undesirables on a salary they wont find elsewhere, cashing in on them becomes nigh on impossible so we shall take the hit leading to less transfer funds available, a vicious cycle not created by the footballing department but they will bear the biggest brunt of it.
We have more than Cool Hand Luke that evening, but not by much.


The relationship between board and support could easily be summed up as nothing. For all the talk of change nothing of note actually happened. In boxing terms after winning the first round, Dom has lost the next two, with confidence in him draining.
In just three days ‘your man’ comes out swinging at you, the big chief starts getting personally involved, and the support is up in arms again with the wish for change being aired almost universally, many old heads saying enough after witnessing that back line going into a European battle.
There’s nothing left to give this board that hasn’t been given before and squandered, there’s certainly no trust to issue, no cause except the team to rally around,,,any operator or board can offer you the match day experience as the bare minimum so we cannot praise them for offering us the chance to watch our team.
Just like Luke, there’s nothing.


What does the future hold?
Does a leopard change its spots? This board has adopted the head in the sand approach to fan anger, and are getting away with it, so we cannot expect change from them to be forthcoming. They throw us a new face now and again,, hide behind the SLO a lot,, stage manage the AGMs,, don’t discard old board members, useful or not,, and sit back safe in the knowledge the vast majority of season ticket holders automatically renew full stop.
And of course they have the keys, possession being nine tenths of the law and all that.
Their business model works, and being businessmen and women if it works they won’t change it.


But we are not a business and perhaps the question of football club or profitable business is at the very heart of this struggle between owners and fans, between that field of play being an arena that produces memories and glory, or profits.
The ‘soul’ of Celtic is to be found within everyone of us, and embodied by many acts and songs, but primarily the beating heart of the club was always the eleven heroes selected to represent all of us, chosen to embody our character on the field of play.
If we now know that pitch is simply a shop window for a procession of potentially profitable prospects, wheres our ‘soul’?
Glasgow Celtic was always about the connection between club and support, a connection that seems unbreakable when strong.
A connection embodied by Tommys ‘they’re there and they’re always there!’ homage.
After 20 years it must be clear to all, the only connection this PLC wants is to your bank account.
Cause, Culture, Calling my arse. The cause of our current malaise was a boardroom culture that heeded only the calling of cash.
I’m afraid those currently seeking the soul of Celtic will find nothing, not a cool hand at all in this case.


Theres zero signs of the big modernization of Glasgow Celtic that Dom noticed and seemed intent on implementing. We were told the club were seeking a successful European model to follow and then once the model was in place the personnel tailored to that structure would follow, words which may sound sensible but the proof was always going to be in the pudding.
Tight finances due to no Europe will be the first hurdle to the appointment, despite the fact the appointment could go a long way to stop falling at early hurdles.
This boardroom collection are never going to hire anyone who rocks the boat, and with a DoF dealing directly with the boardroom it was always in doubt whether a true Director would be brought into the inner sanctum and be allowed to make demands, or simply speak the truth.
On that front 9 in a row is a big shield to hide behind, and when combined with the experience available (Peter ahem), and a desire for the easy life, when I look for any confidence the club shall see a program of modernization, just like Luke I’ve got nothing.


Ironically however, in giving the Tims nothing they’ve given them something, and that is the rationale and impetus to force some boardroom change. A somewhat decently run operation could have divided the support from here to kingdom come with many ‘doing good enough’ voices to help drown out the ‘could be better’ criers.
Left with the worst squad in living memory and the mouths in the trough responsible refusing to budge, there’s not a single ‘doing good enough’ voice left out there to compete.
Its a cacophony of ‘not good enough’ yells out there, which shall only increase if we begin to fall behind in the league table early in the season (not saying title race as that implies we can and will properly compete).
The case for non renewal strictly with the aim of pushing through boardroom change shall only build, and is in danger of uniting the support.
The so called happyclappers and mineshafters are one body now longing for the same thing, change pure and simple.


The Tims will allow their boardroom a large degree of latitude, and even turn a blind eye at times, on the unwritten proviso the club is financially secure under their combined wealth, and ran somewhat correctly.
On the first the boards wealth is no longer of help to the club given it lives hand to mouth and has done for some time, Dermots funds arent needed and to be honest arent wanted.
During times of extreme circumstances such as a pandemic, there was never any indication the club would be bankrolled, it fell squarely upon the support to step up and step up they did. The only ones that season.
The support now know we dont need Dermot, not at all.
And on the second part, we’ve sunk like a brick with not even a token head rolled, got past glories thrown at us and contemptuously labelled a new breed.
Its yet to be determined whether we have hit rock bottom as a club. Fighting for second spot rather than first would be a low that could tip the masses over the edge, and the new manager walking out disgusted could waterhole the entire club and bring the support to the barricades. Neither are truly unthinkable, and an example that things could get worse before they get better.


The famous card game of the title was at least fictional, whereas this is a reality we all must live through. There’s nothing glorious about our having nothing, no angle to be played, no coolness involved. Nothing is the worst hand ourselves and Ange has ever been dealt.
Next summer however, (giving them) nothing might just be a cool hand.

By Mahe, happy Friday folks.
As usual its for any guest articles.

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Happy Friday folks.
Hope all are well. God bless all those with health issues and the less fortunate than ourselves.

Jungle Gerry, a massive welcome to our humble blog. Hope you enjoy.

CFC,,”In our reality DD holds the upper hand and knows it – the collective support are the feeble ones.”
Considering he needs us, we dont need him, I’m not so sure he has the upper hand.

Hail Hail


I believe the big guy in Cool Hand Luke , the boss of the cellblock, died not long ago.



George Kennedy,a terrific actor. Died about five years ago.


Tomorrow night will be a tough one. I don’t know how many huns withoot the bus fares ( as we call them in West Lothian ) will be allowed into Swinecastle. It’s always a hostile atmosphere in a tight ground with the fans on top of the players. I worry for the young boys in defence. Another defeat would have us playing catch up already. On the other hand, a victory would be a much needed boost to moral. It would give some breathing space until the more experienced recruits arrive. It’s madness that the whole season could be hinged on games being played in July. But we knew that this is how it works every year now. It is no use moaning over spilled milk but the level of incompetence is mind boggling.


Which ballot is being referred to? I have had hee haw yet again, 0/4. Becoming ever more ticked off.


Thats a decent article by McGowan.

Craig 76

Some hit from Moffat That Celtic Guy (@TheCelticBook) Tweeted: In case you missed it, you absolutely must see this Owen Moffat goal from the other day. Are you kidding me?


Thanks Bobby, Leggy et al, looking forward to sharing the craic with you all,by my passed lurking experiance i know how much of a great site S C is, H H. JG.

Craig 76


50,000 SB’s suggest the pot is his.

There is a growing, dissenting but disparate supporters group but a) will it galvanise and b) still be enough to effect change.


Craig 76.
What a strike by owen moffat ,just watched it,That kid looks like a super star in the making.
I was really impressed by him the couple of times i watched him play in the pre season games.

Craig 76

Welcome to the blog 👍
Aye it was some hit let’s hope we keep hold of him

saltires en Sevilla

Good enough article by McGowan at a level


he’s simply analysing the consequences and failing to ask, the seemingly forbidden question . why?!

I’m willing to bet he never will, because that would slam shut the door to his source.

That item was simply …’sorry guv’….but I’m going to have to poke you in the eye a wee bit …you know how it is ….blah! Blah!

Normal service and exchanges will resume shortly.


FC Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid CF welcome today’s Court’s decision enforcing, with immediate effect, UEFA’s obligation to unwind the actions taken against all European Super League founding clubs, including terminating the disciplinary proceedings against the undersigning three clubs and removing the penalties and restrictions imposed on the remaining nine founding clubs for them to avoid UEFA’s disciplinary action.

The Court backs the request made by the promoters of the European Super League, dismisses UEFA’s appeal, and confirms its warning to UEFA that failure to comply with its ruling shall result in fines and potential criminal liability. The case will be assessed by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, which shall review UEFA’s monopolistic position over European football.

We have the duty to address the very serious issues facing football: UEFA has established itself as the sole regulator, exclusive operator, and unique owner of rights of European football competitions. This monopolistic position, in conflict of interest, is damaging football and its competitive balance. As shown by ample evidence, financial controls are inadequate, and they have been improperly enforced. Clubs participating in European competitions have the right to govern their own competitions.

We are pleased that going forward we will no longer be subject to ongoing UEFA’s threats. Our aim is to keep developing the Super League project in a constructive and cooperative manner, always counting on all football stakeholders: fans, players, coaches, clubs, leagues, and national and international associations. We are aware that there are elements of our proposal that should be reviewed and, of course, can be improved through dialogue and consensus. We remain confident in the success of a project that will be always compliant with European Union laws.

Craig 76

Let’s start the Friday night music off

AC/DC – Back In Black (Official Video) / acdcVEVO


BOBBY@ 1:18pm
Says it all.

Craig 76

Paolo Nutini – New Shoes (Official Music Video) / Angesagt!


I have very few items on the bucket list but ACDC was one.
So for the Back in Black tour I snag two tickets for the Friday night Vegas show and convince the mate to fly over from Belfast for it.
We were buzzing about this and his trip over.

I woke up on the Monday to an email telling me the drummer fell off stage at the weekend, broke his hand, rest of tour cancelled.
Lost the cash for Vegas hotels, mate wouldn’t visit then pissed off.
Tickets refunded.

Now it’s Axl Rose sings with them, not the same even if he would put on a good show.

RIP ZZ Top. They did it their own way that’s for sure.


I understand there will be 5,000 or so Cousins in attendance. Enough to create a poisonous atmosphere in a tight ground.
Hopefully Starfelt starting will add a bit of experience.
Time for Calmac, Forrest, Christie to man up in Broony’s absence and help the younger lads

Craig 76

Mahe guess who’s back

AC/DC – Shot In The Dark (Official Video) / acdcVEVO

bada bing1

Bitton and Starfelt CBs tomorrow going by that presser


Now Brighton are flush should we expect a quick move for Eddie? Will he play tomorrow in that event?


Bada Bing 1
Would be better off with 10 men than playing Bitton at the back.
Both Welsh and Murray are more deserving of a spot.


Definine playing in Ed’s case?
He has been on the field in last few games but to say he played would be stretching it.
He should not be picked if we have offers coming in for him.
We should not risk injury as we need money to buy a striker and maintain profit for our greedy PLC.
All about priorities.



He is Imposter Grant. !!!!!

No need for specs to see how bad he is???



wish Big Packy was back on.


“Both Welsh and Murray are more deserving of a spot”
Too bloody right they are and it would be a slap in the face to get dropped for Nir, we are usually dropped in it by Nir.
I’m sorry but if Ange goes ahead with that it would be a huge mistake.
Starfelt should be paired with his true partner from the off, which is surely Welshy?
I hope we are wrong on this one, just like I hope Joe Hart is bullshit.


Saw this earlier,

Olympic Rowing results just in,

Australia took the Gold,

America took the Silver

Somalia took the Boat 😂😂😂😂

HH 🍀🍀


I think Murray will be the long term partner.
This kid has something and though raw around the edges with proper coaching and an experienced partner he could be a star.
Welsh probably for now as he has experience but he worries me as a centre back for his propensity to dive in and over commit.
I think he would be an excellent full back or even a defensive mid.
He has a little bit of Davie Hay about him.

St tams

I hope never to see that clown Bitton in a Celtic jersey again.

St tams

From what I’ve seen of Murray, he looks a better prospect than Welsh.


St Tams
Prepare to be disappointed.
I have being saying since RD’s time that i never wanted to see Bitton in a Celtic jersey again.
I used to spar with Mike in Toronto on CQN that he was hopeless and would never make a Celtic player.
Wether in midfield or defense i have never seen a player so consistent in being wrong side of opponent.


Murray and Welsh are the future of that side.
Both are a vast improvement on the great white hope Josh Thompson.
Starfelt will be here three years max.

Gordon64 Cool Hand Luke (1967) ” What we’ve got here is failure to communicate” – (Bankier’s response to Auldheid at the next AGM) 😜



That Auldheid can talk for Scotland !!!!!

But to be fair, it was very enjoyable and I appreciate even more now what has happened since 2012.

As for drinking, yes, did manage a few Magners, on my own 😜😜

Got to say thanks for making this site a very enjoyable read and HH to all fellow Celtic fans ?

What’s the difference between a fan and a supporter ???


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bada bing1

SFTB- posted 👍,well done on all your good work HH



Been trying for a few days to access this,but it keeps coming up with an error.


Bobby just do a Google search for Superbru. You need to accept a few conditions then you’ll need to register. I had the error message a couple of times and successfully registered in minutes.

Gordon64 BREAKING European Super League: Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus ‘will continue with plans’



Just installed it on my phone. Selections sent.



Thanks,mate. I’d been trying to install it on my iPad,but the software probably doesn’t support it.


1990s Discontent
2020s Social Media Discontent


Here’s a song for Ange 🙏🙏

From all Celtic Supporters.

Cockney Rebel – Make me smile 😃

Gordon64 The Celtic support has backed Ange. The board must do the same.

Hold the board to account: Sunday 8 August – 1pm – Celtic Park


Whilst the basis of the article is sound as a pound no one could have predicted at start of last season that we would fall so far. Stuff happened that coalesced into a clusterfuck.

Who is to say that end of this season we might be saying we never saw that coming.

Auld Heid doon, keep gaun.


Tam sellic son (@TamsellicsonIII) Tweeted: Neil Lennon joins our #SPFL show to discuss the state of Celtic.


Re the Lawwell influence: he may have gone but in this article Phil MacGiolla Bain suggests old habits die hard.