So Griff got booed.
Wouldn’t have been everyone there but it was clearly audible over the airwaves, the Tims booed one of their own team at home for off field affairs, and it caused some infighting I later learned.
He has gone from 40 goal hero to gtf zero in four seasons, quite a feat but easy if you’re a professional footballer these days.
He got further with us than Riordan, but many could stake that claim.
Money doesn’t change the man, it enables the man to fully display himself.
So can the football pitch.
With two world famous goals against the arch enemy of England, then a 40 goal season tucked under the belt,.the Thumb literally had the world under his thumb, and from that prime position of strength blew it.
I say blew it but who am I to judge? Perhaps the chap has achieved his life’s goals, and certainly has chosen the right profession money wise. He ‘conquered’ the domestic scene and has the forever YouTube goals to call upon on demand.
Not too shabby at all but he stands now a pariah.
It’s at this juncture I must point out a degree of hypocrisy on behalf of the support, at least on behalf of many.
Now, for the record, I would have booted him out the door, upon a third chance which is my creed,,and for all I know his third chance came years ago.
Some people just don’t get either ‘it’ or the bigger picture, are out for themselves, and you’ve got to balance what you get versus what you give as an employer.
He’s a problem employee, whose latest malarkey was just about legal so he’s still our footballer for the minute.
However the very act of booing a footballer for his transgressions clearly states you are held, on paper or not, to a moral standard. Leigh was judged to have failed that standard, and hence paid the price.
I think its fair to say most of that crowd booed, many here virtually booed, some stated they would have booed if attending,,a stance I happen to agree with.
But by the very act of booing Leigh ‘you’ were holding him to a moral code, saying we are more than a club, that when you pull on that jersey you are actually representing a people and a cause. That’s fine, and again I agree.
Player steps out of line,,,crosses deeply held standards,,,,he’s hounded and booed.
Board steps out of line,,, lies and deceit,,,,,,,I’m only here to watch the team.
Given the transgressions that caused the booing on the day were off field events nothing to do with the team,, those that are only going for the team had no business to boo as the team hadn’t been affected.
If theres any moral code surrounding our club of choice then every single person involved better be held to it equally and without fear.
And if holding others to a moral code then one is not simply going for the team, to merely be entertained for 90 minutes as the phrase implies.
I think there’s a large degree of cake and eat it from the support on this one.


Anyhows, he’s Ange’s problem now. He played it straight down the middle, sat right in the middle of the fence when quizzed, handed a player and considered him yadda yadda. But getting booed at home by your own crowd, now that’s something else altogether for him to consider, a game changer if you will.
Morale is on the line.
In this respect, I sympathize with the Aussie, just trying to make his way in a strange environment. This is the last thing he needed, but he will be judged upon his handling of the situation. It cannot under any circumstances become a detriment to the footballing department and if that decision costs the bottom line then so be it, that’s life in football.
If the crowd deliberately won’t raise themselves after a Griff goal, Houston we have a problem.
It could spook and hurt the players, and I admit it’s a very awkward place to potentially be.
The PLC and the manager need to think ahead in this one, be proactive for once rather than reactive, and block off potential avenues of division before they exist.
Make a decision now, ASAP, so everyone is crystal clear on where they stand.
At least that’s what a customer orientated organisation would do, gather it’s heads and find an answer to the Griff question.
Keeping Griff would once again show us the PLC have no morals that align with what the rank and file supporter believes the club stands for, and potentially hurt the team.
However it’s the more profitable decision.
Let’s see if this board opts for money or morals, place your bets below folks.
By Mahe.

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The king

Just step aside bada.your inputs run along boy💩


Cut it out


Great to see Ncham gone.

A thing of beauty

I’ve got to ask. Is Gary Cahill left sided?

A thing of beauty

Agree it’s good ntcham has gone. What a player he could’ve been but he just couldn’t be arsed. Shame but I can’t see him changing his attitude now. Thereare reasons why players of his class end up at Celtic and usually that is the last they are heard of. He’ll not be missed.


Gary Cahill in his 394 P/L appearances

Goals 28
Headed goals 10
Goals with right foot 13
Goals with left foot 4
Hit woodwork 5
He is Right Footed


Cahill would also help the young bhoys.

I file Donati and Ncham together, great players in their mind, rarely on the pitch though.

Prestonpans bhoys

ntcham really gets on my (.)(.)’s someone who thinks he’s special and most certainly is not, he can shut the door behind his arse


Margaret McGill
I hate always being right.
Its a curse not a blessing.

Hot Smoked

Celtic , with 74% possession, penalised by Madden ELEVEN times. Hearts, with 26%, penalised FOUR times.
Put another way.According to Madden, we allowed Hearts two minutes in possession before we fouled one of their players. The obviously very gentle jambos,however, allowed us 16 and 1/2 minutes before committing a foul against one of ours.

bada bing1

ATOB- I would say right sides,main thing is hes an old school defender, attacks every high ball

A thing of beauty

Beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. Maybe I’m asking too much for a left sided centre half who can attack the ball.

Jobo Baldie

Dundee Utd losing by 2 propelled us up to10th. Hibs currently winning 3-2 so if Motherwell lose another goal we will be 9th. Top before you know it!
#farfartooearlytopanic dot com !



Thought you were giving it a Norway “ Nil Poi !!!” In the predictor but see you’ve zoomed up to 1.5 points. 👏👏👏😂😂😂

What about the lowest points total from a Sentinel Celts blogger giving an extra £10 to charity at end of Season.

And a dunce’s hat to go with it 😜😜😜

No pressureCSC🍀🍀


Results just in from Round 1 of the Superbru Predictors and we have a top six of

18 yard Man- 11 pts
Chairbhoy- 10.5
BRTH- 9.00
J McCormick- 9.00
Bateen Bhoy 8.5
& Marspapa- 8.5

Our wooden spoon holder is Park Road 67 with 1 point- onwards and upwards

Nobody predicted the Celtic result though I had declined a late entry from a Robert Madhun who had Hearts down for a 2:1 win

Remember to make your next pick before 12.30 pm on the 7th August and don’t lock your picks- they will lock themselves once a match starts but while they are unlocked you can still change them


Celtic cyberspace getting a little tetchy now.
It’s going to get a lot worse while DD and Lawwell remain in control.
Ange is going to have to be more pragmatic if he wants to succeed.
McKay needs to grow a pair while watching his back.
Kennedy and Strachan are no help.
The refs are against him as yesterday proved.
Media already sharpening their knives.
The PLC will continue to count their ill gotten loot in the bunker and McKay and Ange will be the patsies.

Craig 76

Anyone that picks the Huns to win, should have to donate an extra £10 for every time they do it 😃😃👎



I’ll second that 😜😜😜😜😜

Margaret McGill

ok gotcha!
I fucking hate always being right!

The Ubiquitous Tim.


“The PLC will continue to count their ill-gotten loot in the bunker and McKay and Ange will be the patsies”

Ange perhaps but McKay was handpicked by Lawwell and Dermot. He will be ok, have no doubt about that. But one should really question why Ange took the job. Did he carry out due diligence, did he contact Brendan, did he not question why no European manager would touch it? A 55-year-old manager from the footballing periphery of the J league desperate for a crack at managing an ‘alleged’ big European team, nae deep probing questions asked apart from ‘where do I sign’ i bet
He has already shown his limitations, one-trick pony so far, the high pressing game that isn’t working whereas a more experienced pragmatic manager would have worked out by now that it was not going to work with the players available and would have used another formation.


The Ubiquitous Tim
Can’t disagree with any of that.
McKay is probably a willing patsy who has been promised a job elsewhere if it all goes tits up and he is sacrificed.
I actually think he is just a front for Lawwell based on the evidence so far.
Ange as you said probably wanted a gateway to a European club so was willing to take a chance he could
improve us and enhance his standing.
i have stated he has to be more pragmatic than we’ve seen.
Players like Ed,McGregor and Turnbull make it impossible to press successfully.


Mags Have you ever been wrong 🤔 HH


HH Troonbhoy

Good evening saw your post and SFTB response.

Let me first say, what ever anybody does to help others and run competitions is amazing. It takes time, energy and patience, and sometimes the requirement to bite your tongue So the latest comp run by SFTB is certainly not a CQN comp as was neither any of the previous on CQN, KDS, Celtic minded, Facebook and twitter etc but the sites afforded us and others many opportunities to raise funds for those that needed our help. That is the beauty of the Celtic fans.

Finally, a big thank you to SFTB to taking the baton and setting up the latest comp. I know in these difficult times Linda ( St John Doyle’s partner) who runs Sean’s Trust is overwhelmed that her small charitable cause that helps so many stillborn families will benefit from this latest comp.



bada bing1

Liam Strain,a CB from Shamrock Rovers incoming seemingly

Jobo Baldie

Watching my recording of Sportscene and thinking the Hibs away strip is like a more sensible version of Celtic’s 3rd kit. We do need to drop this obsession with ‘a bit of pink’.


Bada – Heard his sister Grainne Strain is coming too




BTW,couldn’t find a mention of the young fella anywhere,so I presume he will be a signing “for the future”

bada bing1

Sorry, Liam Scales..

Margaret McGill

Ok along with
Ankle Kast and
Hamstring Poole
Who else we getting?



6’4″ left sided defender.


The Ubiquitous Tim.


1 6 7 8